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KISS CODE! Someone Convince Me its Good

By hank527

4 years ago

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#109 4 years ago

Black Diamond REALLY needs to be dropped. Replace with Do You Love Me. Def replace Dr Love with God of Thunder..

#116 4 years ago

What difference does the code make with the STDM Gene head shot?? Worse thing Ive ever seen on a game.

#120 4 years ago

The ball save doesn't help on the multi-ball. that's how pretty much all of my multi-balls end with a Gene STDM. just awful. I have taken the head off and adjusted everything that can be adjusted including feet and eject settings. Absolutely ruins the game. Would trade a simpler code to get rid of that awful game killing feature.

#124 4 years ago

Mine is always a bullet STDM. Adjusted everything possible.

#132 4 years ago

The Gene head is all over the place. The others Ive played are OK. Mine is just awful. just kills the game. Obviously no QC at Stern.

#134 4 years ago

Bought mine NIB. Gene is 100% perfect STDM. On Demon multi ball all 3 go STDM EVERY TIME. One of the outlane switches weren't working and the opto for the starchild enter has never worked. My machine had 3 problems right out of the box. QC cant be much. Was dated less than 3 weeks earlier when I opened it.

1 week later
#208 4 years ago
Quoted from MT45:

Have you tried this? Mine was same as yours .... my fix described below was the answer:
Gene's "Demon Head" was a major issue with delivering STDMs just about 99% of the time. With just ONE game adjustment, this has been reduced to just 10%! Make this adjustment in the "Adjustments" menu area, the "KISS" sub-menu area. Find the "Demon Lockup Power" I set it to 22. Factory setting is 32. When set at factory, I got STDM almost every single time. The other setting is called "Demon Eject Power". The factory setting is 32 and that is what I have mine set to. I know this reads like I have it backwards, trust me - I don't (you can always set this back if you don't like the result).

Works like a charm. Ball kind of dribbles out but it really makes a difference. The multi ball lasts much much longer.

To everyone waiting for a new code-I have this sitting next to my old Bally KISS. Just night and day as far as fun to play. Ill always have a soft spot for the 79 model but its a bit dull anymore...

#252 4 years ago
Quoted from Duff:

I agree. Pin browser is your friend. I have all live tracks from alive and alive II in the game. Makes a huge difference to me. God of Thunder for Demon MB, Fire House for HTH, Cold gin for Black Diamond, Strutter for Deuce, Duece for Lick it up, and Shock me for Love it Loud.
Now on the code update, who knows. It's funny being the last day of the year people are now saying Jan. Time to just tune it out. The new songs will hold me over for awhile but once that shine is off and no code; the game will go. This coming from a huge KISS fan up to about 1980..

How did you do this?? I would love to put the original versions of these songs in the pin. You an replace songs????

#280 4 years ago

I don't think this is tarnishing the KISS image. Ive let many huge KISS fans play mine and none of them have complained about a code. Ive gotten many many compliments on it.

#318 4 years ago

I just played one in the wild. The Gene head. Just absolutely awful. Perfect STDM every time. Must be factory settings. I messed with the settings on mine and now it just kind of pathetically dribbles down to the right flipper but seeing one in the wild going STDM over and over was just heartbreaking. I would much rather this awful physical problem be fixed before anything else.

#324 4 years ago

Change the music. Black Diamond is a mood killer. They are using the remakes from the 2009 Sonic Boom xtra disc. Replace Black Diamond with Do You Love me and why oh why doesnt Demon multiball play God of Thunder??

#326 4 years ago

Tron-like spinner-the spinner on the right side that blocks a whole lot of shots? The original Bally has the same thing.

#345 4 years ago

Will doing that void the warranty? Can it be put back to factory?

#355 4 years ago

Love KISS but the versions they use are just awful. They are uninspired unoriginal re-recordings by the new line-up that were released as a bonus disc with the 2009 Sonic Boom Wal-Mart only CD. Always wondered why they did this. No comparison to the originals. Listen to Detroit Rock City on Destroyer then listen to this new flat version. Lick it Up is really rough as Pauls voice cant hit the high notes like the original. I would be happy just switching out for original recordings. Oh yeah and dropping Black Diamond.

2 months later
#461 4 years ago

I don't think stern makes physically good machines. TWD comes through the bumpers and STDM just like KISS. The right ramp is too tight and the left orbit is too tough with the bumpers. I know of 3 in the wild locally and don't think they are doing well at all. the average player doesn't want a machine like this. As usual the STDM Gene is just awful.

I pre-ordered mine hoping it would play well. Ill never never pre-order a game again. Lesson learned.

#473 4 years ago

KISS makes much more money touring now than they ever did. I could find some links. They definitely do OK.

#474 4 years ago
Quoted from Bing_Party:

Well I was excited to see something new for Kiss but like I said I was just disappointed after playing it. Yes I am a newbie but that's because I rarely look into buying games for my basement. I got a life. Rather be a newbie then a hipster lol. Code is late? Trying looking at it from a a business point of view. They are going to ride the Kiss name but you being a hipster, you think you are always right. Meanwhile I been selling in the tech sector past 20 years and what would I know?? I know on sales alone they will work the code on Gb and make is destine to be a classic, it's all about sales and the more they sell the more budget it gets. So yeah I will be very happy with GB 6-9 months out. Glad to go with my gut on this, it's never let me down when it comes to deals

Prob not a good idea to come on a board and insult every single person. In your opinion what can I do so I "have a life" like you do? Please clarify.

#486 4 years ago
Quoted from Bing_Party:

I cant win
Rennlist = I have a huge weakness for carsz06_(resized).JPG

So if I buy a yellow car I will have a life?

#492 4 years ago
Quoted from Bing_Party:

nah when you stop trolling, maybe. But cars certainly does help

I see. Im the troll. So if I buy a sportscar in your opinion I will have a life?? Anything else?

#493 4 years ago

The original KISS doesn't so much play like a turd as much as its just dull. Put old and new next to each other and see which one is more appealing visually. With that said I think the 78 is just a beautiful machine. I put frosted natural white LEDS throughout mine and it makes the artwork just pop.

#502 4 years ago
Quoted from Bing_Party:

Zzzzzzzzz wake me when you figure it out. Not gonna explain it to you on a thread. Email me if you need better understanding but no a car won't help you sorry.

Thanks. Glad you could clarify.

2 months later
#527 3 years ago

Just played for the first time in a long time. Still getting the awful bass glitch. Just killed my game cause it was all I needed. I hit it 3 times.

4 weeks later
#549 3 years ago
Quoted from Twilliams:

After many emails and complaints, a factory tech visit to my house... Stern finally sent me a new Gene head. Now I got to find time to install it and hope it helps. If not, Im going to be drilling the crap out of the holes on the old head.
It looks like they have allowed more room for adjustment of the head by slotting the holes in the mounting brackets. It proves they do listen to feedback... and they knew there was a problem... you just got to argue to get them to do anything. I don't want to even add up the number of hours spent on this pin. Would it have been better to have held this pin back for more testing??

The gene head absolutely ruined this game. I have to take mine apart AGAIN cause its not finding the ball. Absolute loser. They should recall all of them and redo them.

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