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#137 4 years ago
Quoted from shock_me:

the Mantis is working good, but quite a lot more rejects after I installed it. Makes the shot a real challenge which is ok by me. Just make sure that it is installed tightly to the front of the hole. I had to re-adjust mine to be tighter. Zero wear on the wood though.

have some pictures?

#138 4 years ago
Quoted from capguntrooper:

have some pictures?

Mudflaps, any reports on that mantis protector?

1 week later
#148 3 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Here's the Mantis after moderate home play. My Cliffy is pretty beat up but the scoop seems to be holding up okay. A few rejected shots but not as many as the Cliffy.

Thanks, I slipped my cliffy under my play field protector and it plays beautifully now

#156 3 years ago
Quoted from Kramer:

You don't have to remove genes head to put the spinning disc decal on. The whole assembly will unplug and un screw from below the play field. I installed one myself back in the summer and I have never taken the gene head apart since I have had the game. Dave

what he said

1 week later
#179 3 years ago

I absolutely love my LE. With that being said, it took me MONTHS to get it where it is right now, not so much with the mods, but with repairs, defects and assembly line screw ups with this pin. Anyone who has remotely glanced at my thread on KISS LE #151 would concur that if an average joe or first time buyer received my pin, they would have had to send it back. I do not know of any other pin with so many KISSUES than this one. HECK, when Stern tech support references my threads here on pin side on how to fix a known issue with its game and does nothing to resolve it, the very least would be to stay on top of the code issue. I can understand why people are buying those "Where's The Code Stern" shirts. I apologize, I do not mean to come off as a whiner or bashing Stern, I am just getting a little tired of having to resolve so many KISSUES of late. PLEASE! DO NOT STOP PINSIDE! Continue to message me about all your KISSUES and I will do my best to assist anyone with their KISSUES RESOLVED. I am here to help out anyway I can. I have no doubt, once I receive my GOT LE I will be assisting there as well. No worries KISS owners, when the code update arrives I will be more than glad to assist anyone with future KISSUES. I just wish Stern would throw me a friggin bone with an early code update....LOL!


#185 3 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

after 5 months of Walking Dead pin down, now my kiss le is down. 2 weeks now, I was sent a new memory card, that did not work waiting for a fix. the game is frozen only shows stern on the display. my pin kiss le has also had numerous issues I have had to repair. it should have never shipped imho. I cant see how it passed "inspection".
hope to get a code update, the game was getting very stale before it broke.

Make them send you a new spike board, I wonder if wwe has this many issues

#189 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Still dealing with my spinning disc motor problem even though they sent another. I refuse to accept one with the first run rubber disc that shits all over the playfield. Mine came with an upgraded disc and that's what I should get. Been 6 weeks and Stern's emails have stopped. Don't usually like taking issues public but if you're gonna jerk me around I'll tell everyone I know.

Contact Chas as he has been a big help with me.

Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

Two quick questions:
1) My disk spins but the ball just kind of dribbles out of there...Is it supposed to or should it be firing out with some speed?
2) Got the Mezelmods KISS backglass mod...AWESOME. But, it is very choppy as it fades out since its LED...Any way to make the fade smoother?

Might be the brand of LED Mez uses, not sure how you would make a fade option since the lighting is either power on or off. How is it choppy? My version is not choppy at all

#190 3 years ago

Maybe OP should change title to "NO RAGRETS" again, love my LE, but this pin made me work to get it bullet proof.


#204 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

As the backbox KISS 'fade' out it isnt super smooth...Its choppy...Kind of like a strobe. LED Strips can have different intensity levels making it appear to fade out. I assume thats what they did.
Do you have the MEZ version?

Ok I see what you mean. That has nothing to do with the LED's. If you look real closely at your left targets you will notice they do the same thing. This is Stern's attempt to to do a fading pattern with LED's, not perfected yet but I am guessing it should be addressed in future code updates. I have a version of the back box lighting kit I have made myself. I have a dark game room and when you walk by a KISS with the MEZ kit the KISS lettering is blacked out because of their shadow box. I wasn't keen on that look so I developed a version that does not do that that. I still think MEZ makes quality stuff, I just went a different route.

3 months later
#255 3 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Any one with an LE pick these up? How well do they match the lock down bar?

They are perfect and WAAAAAAAAAY more SWEET!


#258 3 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Alright, boss wants to pull the trigger on those after seeing your pic. Thanks.

You won't regret it.


#261 3 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Not too difficult. You have to loosen the box hinges. Right side a little tricky with the power supply right behind the hinge bolts.

What he said

1 month later
#291 3 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

I paid for a low-play HUO yesterday. I have a guy picking it up for me in two weeks! I can't wait to join the club!

SWEET, now for some more kick ass mods from you.....he he

1 week later
#296 3 years ago
Quoted from DrMark12PA:

I'm having an issue with my right ramp diverter (Love Gun multiball) on my Premium.. I've been in contact with Stern about it and Chaz has on order a new assembly for me. Originally, he sent out the wrong plunger mechanism and a new one has to be assembled since they don't normally stock this part.
In my case, 9/10 times cannot get the plunger to drop down yet the coil is firing because I can hear a click. When I physically attempt to push the ramp diverter metal rectangle down it's sometimes physically difficult to do so and I have to wiggle the piece and then I can push it down.
Stern didn't have a good answer as to why this might be happening but at least it doesn't sound like I'm the only one having the issue.

Try adding a few drops of lubricant on the pins connecting the rod on both the bottom and top where the pins connect it

#301 3 years ago
Quoted from DrMark12PA:

What lubricant might be safe to use in the diverter plunger rod mechanism?

Any skate lubricant or CLP. If you look in GOT threads people are having to do this for the battering ram, most have done this for their got pins. Just do not call it oil here or you will make some one cry about it lmfao

8 months later
#397 2 years ago

my topper

IMG_1201 (resized).JPG

4 weeks later
#403 2 years ago
Quoted from konjurer:

Help! A ball keep getting stuck to the left of the "S" target in the STAR area. The ball gets lodged between the standup target, the rubber from the sling and an LED between the Star Child area and the left orbit.
Anyone else having that problem? Any ideas to prevent this from happening?

You need to push the "S" over to the right and make sure you tighten the bracket holding that letter from Nader play field. With enough hits targets can shift left or right on play fields of all games

#405 2 years ago
Quoted from RobF:

Hi all,
I have had my Kiss Pro for about 9 months ago and I really enjoy it. I have a new issue that I was wondering if anybody has seen before. It seems the opto sensor in the demon head no longer register. This means that no song, d-e-m-o-n lights, or bass guitar shots are counted. It will however register for the a virtual lock if the lock light is lit. Are there two separate ball sensors under the head?
I thought maybe the opto sensors became loose and misaligned. After poking around under the head, it looks to me like they are in there pretty solid. Besides the sensor going out, what else could cause this? I have had a node board go out on me and one of the insert RGB LEDs go out. The machine has about 2000 plays on it.
Also, is there a good write up somewhere that explains how to remove the head? It looks like this is required in order to get to the opto sensors.
Thanks for any insight,

A lot of info here at this thread https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/kiss-le-151-kissues-and-mods I would however try some canned air first and a cutip before taking apart the head. I had a an opto wire come unsoldered once, other than that no issues with that.

#407 2 years ago
Quoted from RobF:

Thanks for the link. I am working my way through all the great info. What do you mean by "cutup"?


3 weeks later
#420 2 years ago
Quoted from RobF:

I don't think it is a QC issue, but rather an electrical/mechanical design flaw. The way the wires are routed from under the PF and basically looped all the way around the opto boards to be soldered in place just invites stress breaks at the solder point from the kind of vibration the machine sees. The wire gauge is too small to take that kind of punishment in my opinion. That is why I added a dab of hot glue between the top of the opto board and where it solders through. That should be enough strain relief and vibration absorption from happening again.
It is certainly possible that this specific failure didn't show up in their in house testing, or if it did wasn't root caused correctly. I sent my thoughts to Chas so perhaps it keeps their eyes out for similar problems in the future.

Chas is great and he has passed off several of my fixes to no avail. Saucer eject fix-add two washers move coil eject back a hair, NOPE, Stern doesn't want to pay money for two washers. Wires being run through magnet belt fix- run on outside and zip tie to side, NOPE, Stern doesn't want to football for a zip tie and so forth and so on. I can go all day.

2 weeks later
#434 2 years ago
Quoted from Scot0308:

When working on this machine can someone give me advice on how to keep the playfield elevated at about 90 degrees? The popout on the VUK needs to be re-soldered and I'm not too familiar with newer Sterns. In old bally williams I am able to lift the playfield and use the metal rod to prop it up against the cabinet head. Neither of these options appear to be available on this machine. I purchased second hand. Maybe my machine is missing a part?

Blanket jacket box and lean it on they, just make sure to pull playfield all the way forward d to where it stops on rails

1 month later
#439 2 years ago
Quoted from finnflash:

I need some help with my flipper, i have a thread started about it but not getting much info. So i decided to go to the other members of this club.
Does anyone know if this is the board that would run the flippers? I thought i had a bad board, so i swapped it with another in the game, and it is still having the same issue. So thought i would make sure this is the correct board.

It aint your board then, It is probably a bad fuse, coil or soldered connector broke. try there

3 weeks later
#454 2 years ago
Quoted from Stones:

Just got off the phone with JJ @ game exchange. Just ordered a NIB Kiss Premium! I'm in da club! Anything I need to watch for when unboxing?

Get the star child plastic protector....and kiss back glass mod coming soon

#459 2 years ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Back glass mod!!?? Something that hasn't been done before?

I had been developing a prototype for months but a vendor beat me to the punch, then there was my whole deployment that took me away for over a year. Now I have something nearly half the cost incorporating a simpler design. See previous link below.


#460 2 years ago

Ready to ship Target mods at this time!

1 month later
#472 2 years ago
Quoted from Chnillapoil:

Quick question. Is it possible to put a Kiss topper on a shelf. I mean without a pinball and get it animated?

Looking to put a spot light on your shelf?

2 months later
#516 2 years ago

Don't forget about the LED lighted back glass mod, watch the vid in link. A mod that should have also come factory as the the original KISS pin has it.


#523 2 years ago

Done forget to get slot protectors. The ramp returns drop right on the switch which will wear over time. If you guys are worried about the play field why not get a play field protector?

2 months later
#593 1 year ago
Quoted from SpecialK-33:

I started a separate thread yesterday but maybe should have started here as you all are my target audience. How much is a nice KISS Premium going for that's heavily modded and has the Stern topper? Just a ball park figure/range. I've only gotten two responses so far- one Pinsider said in the 4's (maybe he thought I had the pro because that seems awfully low to me) and the othe Pinsider said in the mid 5's. Help please

If you have a lead on a PREM thats heavily modded with topper and NO ghosting please point me in that sellers direction if you don't pick up the game.

1 month later
#615 1 year ago
Quoted from Silkenone:

Just to update: Reducing Demon Eject (#8 on adjustments) from 32 to 28 seems to have done the trick. Thanks!
Weird for it to spontaneously become overpowered but there you are.
Funnily enough, during the same game that finally proved all was ok with the Demon, my left flipper decided to have a problem of its own. Went weak all of a sudden but it seems to be intermittent.
Pinball eh? Seems a bit early for a rebuild.
After a largely flawless couple of years, I think it’s determined to give me a couple off Kissues to sort before the final code arrives.
Still, Capgun Trooper’s Starchild protector arrived in post today, so it’s not all bad!

Get that protector installed before that plastic cracks! If you have any questions about installation feel free to contact me anytime!

#624 1 year ago
Quoted from jorge5240:

My Kiss LE arrives on Sunday. I can't wait!

make sure you get protected

#632 1 year ago

Last batch finished, got about 50 left and I think that will be it for these puppies. Get protected while you still can!

1 month later
#635 1 year ago
Quoted from Pickle:

Got any left and where do I go to buy the protector?

Send me a PM I will send you detailed instructions on how to order, I still have some left. After this batch is gone I will have to reorder materials paint and recut. Metal costs have gone up so the price on next batch will go up.

1 week later
#641 1 year ago
Quoted from headwedge63:

Hey Brain trust,
Just took delivery of an lightly used LE, I think something may have shook loose during transport; Upon power up, the solenoid that kicks the ball out of Gene's mouth fires like every 3 seconds, (see photo) like it thinks there is a ball there that needs to be ejected. Unable to start game during this....After about 20 attempts, I get the operator error message "Demon Lockup Device malfunction". The game will then sort of play, and it it will load balls toward Demon multi ball, but won't eject them.
I'm thinking there is a switch that became out of position that is triggering this, but a bit intimidated by disassembling the entire Demon head.
Any thoughts? Appreciate any advice. -Paul

I also see that starchild plastic is not protected as well. That will be an issue for ya later on down the road.

1 week later
#659 1 year ago
Quoted from DrMark12PA:

Just received the plastic protector made by Capguntrooper. I am considering adding an LED or LED pad to either the back of the flames or even under the metal to add a bit of an effect. Any thoughts or opinions?

If you put under the metal the balls will destroy the leds, FYI.

5 months later
#745 1 year ago
Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 12.22.29 AM (resized).jpegScreen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.37.45 PM (resized).png
1 week later
#746 1 year ago

This should be my last batch for a while, don't let this happen to your PREM/LE. Half off protector when you get the back glass lighted Target MOD. See below for descriptions.



a14158c7ace02179558624cb67755182792f11e4 (resized).jpg
4 weeks later
#763 11 months ago

Monster kiss code drop

V1.40.0 - November 29, 2018

- City Combos now contribute to the end of ball Bonus.
- Changed the criteria for when "2,000,000 + Backstage Pass Lit" is
available as a Backstage Pass award.
- Fixed a bug in Love Gun Multiball where the Starchild Motor returned back
to the home position while carrying a ball. This occurred upon collecting a
Triple Jackpot (which collects the ball and starts carrying it over to the
Starchild area) and simultaneously draining the remaining balls. Now the
Starchild Motor will continue traveling all the way to the Starchild area
before returning back to the home position.
- Fixed a bug in Heaven's on Fire where the STAR target progress was
reset upon lighting/collecting a Super Jackpot. Now the STAR target
progress is saved upon lighting/collecting a Super Jackpot making it
easier to complete the targets for an add-a-ball award.
- Reorganized some of the default High Score Champion initials.
- Bonus X is now displayed in the instant info page (when applicable).
- Added a Heaven's on Fire Wizard Mode High Score Champion.
- Added adjustments to support Heaven's on Fire Wizard Mode High Score
Champion (default score threshold, type of award to give, # of awards to give).
- Added Heaven's on Fire Wizard Mode Champion to the attract mode.
- Added Heaven's on Fire Wizard Mode Champion to instant info.
- Added a Kiss Army Wizard Mode High Score Champion.
- Added adjustments to support Kiss Army Wizard Mode High Score Champion
(default score threshold, type of award to give, # of awards to give).
- Added Kiss Army Wizard Mode Champion to the attract mode.
- Added Kiss Army Wizard Mode Champion to instant info.
- Added a Rock City Wizard Mode High Score Champion.
- Added adjustments to support Rock City Wizard Mode High Score Champion
(default score threshold, type of award to give, # of awards to give).
- Added Rock City Wizard Mode Champion to the attract mode.
- Added Rock City Wizard Mode Champion to instant info.
- Added/Changed the award for starting KISS/ARMY combos via a
return lane -> target shot . Now, in addition to starting a KISS/ARMY
combo via a return lane -> target shot, you also are awarded an end of ball
Bonus X multiplier. Previously the additional award was a BackStage Pass.
- Fixed a bug where, if the Starchild drop target was disabled, the Starchild
targets would stop scoring Starchild lane awards.
- Fixed a bug where the background lamp effects for Super Targets and Super
Spinner were still active during the end of ball Bonus sequence.
- Added logic to the game to make score awards above 1M more readable, i.e.
1.2M instead 1200K, etc.. This is seen in switch/target/spinner awards that
have been multiplied multiple times causing their score values to be greater
than 1M.
- Added lamp logic to the Spinner stage of Rock City to show when the spinner
value is increased by a combo/shot multiplier.
- Added lamp logic to Super Spinners to show when the spinner value is
increased by a shot multiplier.
- Fixed a bug where Super Scoring count down speech was not being heard/played.
- Added logic to Super Spinners allowing the award to be multiplied by a
combo and a shot multiplier (in addition to Playfield Multipliers). The
right mini mars lamp will strobe when Super Spinner is available and
blink rapidly when a combo is available/timing out.
- Changed the scoring values for Super Targets and Super Scoring to be
equable with the other "Super" mode awards.
- Changed the Super Scoring background display effect text to be more readable.
- Fixed unreadable text that was displayed during the Super Scoring
"Time Extended" display effect.
- Reorganized the game logic that handles floating boxed scores to be consistent
within all the modes/multiballs that use this feature.
- Removed Double Scoring as a BackStage Pass award.
- Removed unused audits.
- Added "Shot Multipliers Lit" as a Backstage Pass Award.
- Fixed a bug where "2,000,000 + Backstage Pass Lit" was available as a
Backstage Pass award during tournament/competition games. It is still
available as an award during multiball but no longer part of the
tournament/competition sequence of awards.
- Added some changes to the audit text making it more readable.
- Added "2,000,000 + Backstage Pass Lit" as a Backstage Pass award.
This Backstage Pass award is given when:
1) A multiball is active, and
2) The multiball ball saver is active, and
3) Backstage Pass is lit and hasn't already given this award
This award solves the problem where Backstage Pass would normally award an
add-a-ball during the early stages of a multiball, i.e. it is less desirable
to have an add-a-ball award when the ball saver is already keeping balls in
play and more desirable to have this award when the ball saver has timed out.
- Fixed a Super Spinner scoring bug that maxed out the award score too soon.
- Fixed a text message on the Super Pop Bumpers background display effect where
text appeared partially off screen when awards were multiplied by 5X.
- Added additional arted score boxes, i.e. 205K-1MIL, 1M+. These are required
due to playfield multipliers raising the max arted score box. These appear
during Love Gun Multiball, Super Pops, Super Spinner, Super Targets and the
Pop Bumper & Starchild target stages of Rock City.
- Added new sound f/x and crowd sound f/x to the Kiss Army Wizard Mode Jackpot,
Double Jackpot & Super Jackpot awards.
- Added a new Shot Multiplier Lit sound f/x.
- Added a Virtual Locks adjustment to virtually lock balls in the Demon.
Default = NO. Now tournament directors can add this adjustment change to
make their tournament games more deterministic.
- Modified logic that determines how quickly new balls are kicked into play
once a ball is locked in the Demon head. Previously when the game couldn't
kick a new ball into play it would kick a ball from the Demon too early.
- Added logic to turn off the right ramp diverter upon entering the Diagnostic
Menu System. Previously the diverter would turn off once it timed out.
Additionally, upon exiting the Menu System, the right ramp diverter is put
back into the correct game state instead of waiting for the first
flipper/switch state change.
- Added crowd cheering sound f/x to the Rock City Instrument Stage & Kiss
Army Stage awards.
- Added shaker f/x to all the Rock City Stage awards.
- Added artwork/logic to the Rock City background/award screens to show
progress during the Instrument Stage, Kiss Army Stage, Pop Bumper Stage,
Demon Stage, Continents Stage & World Stage.
- Added artwork/logic to the Rock City Wizard Mode award display effects to
transition to the next stage upon completion.
- Added a new Rock City Super Jackpot animation for completing the mode.
- Now the left scoop/eject will hold the ball until the Rock City Super Jackpot
presentation is finished.
- Reorganized all of the Rock City Artwork and added additional artwork to the
Rock City Wizard Mode display effects.
- Added crowd cheering sound f/x to the Rock City Super Jackpot award.
- Added an underline to the mode names on the mode select screen.
- Added logic to the mode background display effects to show the number of
mode shots made/remaining. The shots are represented by a line that
appears under the name of the mode, i.e. the line is filled in as progress is
made towards completing the mode.
- Added logic to the mode select background display effect to show the
number of mode shots made/remaining.
- Made the Combo Awards Instant Info screen more readable.
- Now the Demon Multiball background display effect shows the amount of time
remaining for locked balls.
- Added 2-Way, 3-Way, 4-Way, 5-Way and 10-Way City Combo Instant Info pages to
show which unique combos have been completed.
- Cleaned up intro speech/fx.
- Added sound f/x to Playfield Multiplier 2X/3X/5X awards.
- Added sound f/x to Shot Multipliers lit/awarded.
- Added a new "timed out" sound effect to Super Scoring.
- Added abbreviated intro speech .wav files.
- Added City Combos to Instant Info.
- Added 15 Unique City Combos. Combos score 1M x number of
shots in the combo. The 15 Unique City Combos are:
1) Chicago: Left Ramp -> Right Ramp
2) Pittsburg: Right Ramp -> Left Ramp
3) Seattle: Left Orbit -> Left Scoop
4) Portland: Left Orbit -> Starchild Lane
5) Los Angeles: Right Ramp -> Left Ramp -> Demon
6) Houston: Right Ramp -> Left Ramp -> Right Orbit
7) New Orleans: Left Ramp -> Right Ramp -> Left Orbit
Atlanta: Left Ramp -> Right Ramp -> Left Scoop
9) Orlando: Left Ramp -> Right Ramp -> Starchild Lane
10) Mexico City: Left Ramp -> Right Ramp -> Left Orbit -> Left Scoop
11) Tokyo: Left Ramp -> Right Ramp -> Left Orbit -> Starchild Lane
12) London: Left Ramp -> Right Ramp -> Left Ramp -> Right Ramp
13) New York: Right Ramp -> Left Ramp -> Right Ramp -> Left Ramp
14) San Francisco: Left Ramp -> Left Ramp -> Left Ramp -> Left Ramp -> Right Orbit
15) Detroit: 5 sets of Left Ramp -> Right Ramp
- Added logic for City Combos to light Extra Ball.
- Added a City Combo Extra Ball Adjustment, default = 5 Cities to light Extra Ball.
- Added Super Scoring count down sound f/x.
- Reorganized the Back Stage Pass Awards & competition sequence.
- Removed Deuce HurryUp as a Back Stage Pass award.
- Added Super Scoring time out speech.
- Fixed a bug where Super Scoring count down speech was not be heard/played.
- Added countdown speech to Super Scoring.
- Added flipper blowoff to Super Ramps/Targets/Spinner/Pops/Scoring.
- Added logic for Super Scoring to run without it's own music.
Previously the "Deuce" tune would play when Super Scoring was
active. Now Super Scoring adopts the music currently in play as the
music that is heard when Super Scoring is active.
- Added Super Scoring Start artwork & intro display effect.
- Added Super Scoring Start sound f/x.
- Changed the Super Scoring switch hit display animation sequence to make it
easier to see the awarded score.
- Added a Super Scoring Rule (which replaces the Fast Scoring rule). It has the
same look/feel as the other "Super" awards.
- Restructured the Mystery rule to be more memory efficient.
- The Back Stage Pass Super Scoring award now has the same weighted criteria as the
other "Super" awards.
- City selection/speech has been removed from the mode select screen as the
speech/awards are now associated with combos.
- Fixed a problem where balls dropped behind the drop target during Love Gun
Multiball would momentarily reset the drop target.
- Added a City Combo Champion.
- Added adjustments to support City Combo Champion (default score threshold,
type of award to give, # of awards to give.
- Added City Combo Champion to the attract mode.
- Added City Combo audits.
- Added City Combo speech and award sound F/X.
- Added iconic game start speech and sound f/x.
- Changed the Super Targets switch scoring animation to make it easier to see
the awarded score.
- Added an exposition animation to the Super Targets award sequence.
- Added logic to Super Targets, Love Gun Multiball and the Rock City Multiball
Starchild stage to distribute the displayed awards more evenly across the
entire display. Previously the awards tended to cluster around the center of
the display.
- Restructured the Super Targets background lamp effect to be more NODE
board efficient.
- Added logic to pause the HurryUp countdowns in Love Gun Multiball
when balls are in the Demon/Starchild/Back Stage Pass ejects.
- Tweaked the timing on the logic that raises the Starchild drop target
as a ball passes over it en route to the Star targets , i.e. reduce the
probability of the drop target pushing a ball into the plastic
enclosure above it.
- Restructured logic to control the Starchild slings during Love Gun Multiball.
- Fixed a bug where shot multipliers could be lit and collected via the same shot
into the Starchild area.
- Added logic to the Starchild entrance switch to score mode/multiball/instrument
shot awards and advance progress towards Love Gun Multiball. Previously
these rules only used the STAR targets/eject to score awards.
- Restructured logic that locks/holds a ball behind the drop target during Love
Gun Multiball. This fixed a bug where Front Row and Back Stage Pass add-a-ball
awards were adding too many balls back into play.
- Changed the lightshows that are seen when balls are kicked out of the Demon to
focus on the Demon Head.
- Restructured the Demon/Starchild/Back Stage Pass eject lamp effects to be
more NODE board efficient.
- Fixed a problem where Love Gun Multiball was not awarding an add-a-ball upon
hitting the Starchild drop target. The problem occurred when the Starchild
HurryUp was ready to expire.
- Fixed a multiball bug where Front Row could fail to add the correct number of
balls back into play if the trough was busy keeping balls in play.
- Changed the right orbit spinner display animation sequence to make
it easier to see the awarded score.
- Restructured the Super Ramps background lightshow to accommodate
combos, i.e. the lamps will blink faster to indicate a combo is available.
- Added logic to extend the ball saver time during the first HurryUp stage
of Love Gun Multiball to insure the player gets time to minimally play a 2
ball multiball.
- Cleaned up outlane ball save logic to make it more readable.
- Fixed a Back Stage Pass display effect problem where the Bonus X
award text was not being displayed correctly.
- Added graphics/scoring for each pop bumper hit during the pop bumper stage of
Rock City.
- Added Star animations & scoring for each Starchild target hit during the City stage
of Rock City.
- Added Starburst graphics/scoring for each spinner hit during the USA/spinner
stage of Rock City.
- Added Starburst graphics and larger text to the spinner rule display effect making
it easier to see the awarded score for each spinner hit/rotation.
- Added ticket dispenser to diagnostics menu.
- Fixed a bug in the Match display effect that was not displaying numbers correctly.
- Added logic to briefly ignore switch closures in the Starchild area when
Starchild is dropping off a ball, i.e. the dropped ball could knock down and
score a drop target hit from behind.
- Added a Starburst animation sequence to the Starchild target/sling/eject switches
during Love Gun Multiball.
- Changed the KISS and ARMY HurryUp rule availability criteria, i.e. now the HurryUp's
are no longer available during any of the 3 Wizard Modes.
- Now the Starchild targets, upon completion, contribute to the Love Gun Multiball
HurryUp Jackpot value.
- Fixed score messages that were not appearing correctly due to the new internal
score structure change.
- Changed the Instrument rule availability criteria, i.e. Instruments are now
available when KISS ARMY is ready to start.
- Changed the internal score structure to allow for scores that are greater than 4B.
- Updated Mode/Multiball/Wizard Mode display effects to show the multiplied
award correctly, i.e. Base Award * Shot Multiplier * Combo Multiplier * Playfield
Multiplier(s). Note: When Playfield Multipliers ( 2X-3X-Colossal, Demon
Multiball lock multiplier & Double Scoring) are active at the same time the
resulting Playfield Multiplier is created by adding up the constituent playfield
- Moved text around to make the Love Gun Multiball background display effect
more readable.
- Added a new Love Gun Multiball intro lightshow that syncs with the movement
of the display/ball.
- Reworked the Love Gun Multiball Jackpot, Double Jackpot and Triple
Jackpot award display effects to show the awarded score sooner.
- Added DMD graphics to Love Gun Multiball of Starchild moving across the stage
as the Triple Jackpot award.
- Now the Starchild Spot light stays on during Love Gun Multiball to help
with general illumination.
- Fixed a Love Gun Multiball background lamp effect that was turning shot
arrow lamps ON/OFF incorrectly.
- Fixed a Love Gun Multiball ready lightshow that was blinking the Star Flash
Lamp in the Starchild area, i.e. Love Gun Multiball can only be started by
shooting the right ramp.
- Added a Love Gun Multiball HurryUp ready lightshow directing the player
to shoot the lit Starchild shot/arrow.
- Restructured the Super Spinner background lamp effect to be more NODE
board efficient.
- STAR lamps now blink ON/OFF instead of strobing at game start.
- Changed the rules/scoring for Love Gun Multiball. Now Love Gun
Multiball starts as a 2 ball multiball with 1 ball held captive if started in
the Starchild area. Shoot the captive Starchild ball to collect a Love Gun
Hurryup award and add an additional ball into play.
- Added logic to keep the drop target raised (and/or keep the ball in the
Starchild eject) until the Super Jackpot (and Rock City Wizard Mode Advance)
display effects are finished.
- Fixed Love Gun Multiball Super Jackpot being awarded prematurely when
Starchild drops the ball off at the drop target.
- Fixed a Love Gun Multiball double jackpot lightshow that ended prematurely.
- Changed the criteria for when Demon Multiball is available, i.e. now Demon
Multiball is available to start if KISS ARMY wizard mode is lit/ready to start.
- Fixed a bug where some of the STAR targets were not awarding a lit shot
- Changed the rules/scoring for Love Gun Multiball. Complete all of the
Jackpot/Double Jackpot shots to light the right ramp for a Triple Jackpot.
Complete the right ramp to light a Super Jackpot HurryUp at the Starchild shot.
The ball is carried over to and dropped off behind the Starchild drop target.
Hit the drop target to release the ball and score a Super Jackpot. Previously
the Super Jackpot was collected at the Starchild Eject.
- Added logic/graphics/scoring to the Starchild target/sling/eject switches during
Love Gun Multiball.
- Fixed a bug where the word "INVALID" would momentarily appear on the
background screen in place of the name of the current mode/tune.
- Fixed a bug found in several modes where the game state was not being saved
properly for multi player games, i.e. upon draining the next player's mode may
not operate properly.
- Changed the Detroit Rock City mode rules to always pickup where the mode
ended upon draining. Previously the mode could restart with all the shots lit.
- Fixed a bug in Detroit Rock City where the game could set the Right Orbit as the
2X blinking arrow shot.
- Fixed a mode/tune selection bug where, upon selecting a mode, the
corresponding lit arrows that appear in the mode selection presentation change
to something else. This was most noticeable when a mode was partially finished
where, upon draining, at the start of the next ball the player is allowed to pick
another mode/tune.
- Changed the rules for Black Diamond, i.e. previously an alternating Right Orbit/
Pop Bumper shot moving centric mode. Now one shot stays lit upon completion
and only moves to a new position via a pop bumper hit. Scoring is based upon
shot difficulty. Make 8 shots to complete the Mode.
- Changed the Hotter than Hell mode rules to always pickup where the mode
ended upon draining. Previously the mode could restart with the KISS targets
lit as the next shot.
- Changed the rules for Love it Loud, i.e. an Outside/Inside shot centric mode.
Now complete the 2 (Outside) orbit shots to light the 4 (Inside) shots.
Completing a lit Inside shot relights the remaining 3 Inside shots. The mode will
always pickup where it ended upon draining. Previously the mode would restart
with the 2 (Outside) orbit shots lit.
- Changed rules for Rock and Roll All Night, i.e. a combo/flow centric mode.
Shooting a lit shot will, upon completion, light additional shots that are in line
with the next flipped ball. This allows you to combo/finish the mode quickly.
Additionally, the mode picks up where it ended upon draining.
- Changed the Shout it Out Loud multi level mode rules to always pickup where
the mode/level ended upon draining. Previously the mode could be reset back
to the first level.
- Colorized the auto launch full playfield lightshow that is seen at the end of
mode select, i.e. RGB lamps in the sequence now match the selected mode
- Changed the criteria for when Heaven's on Fire wizard mode is available,
i.e. now Heaven's on Fire is not available to start if KISS ARMY or ROCK CITY
wizard modes are lit/ready to start.
- Fixed a bug where mode select was available during the grace period of
Demon Multiball where a player could shoot the left scoop for a Back
Stage Pass add-a-ball award to restart the multiball.
- Decreased the amount of time the left/right orbit switches are inhibited
from scoring when a ball is auto-launched from the shooter lane. This
allows the player to override the functionality of the auto plunged event
and shoot/collect lit left/right orbit awards.
- Left justified one of the display animations that appears during a
Deuce Award to solve the appearance of being cropped off.
- Now the Kiss HurryUp (started by completing the KISS targets) is available
for 20 seconds .
- Now the Army HurryUp (started by completing the ARMY targets) is available
for 10 seconds.
- Added Kiss HurryUp award lightshow, shaker effects.
- Added Army HurryUp lightshow, shaker effects.
- Now shot multipliers are available/lit by collecting a set of HurryUps (KISS and
ARMY). Previously they were lit by completing a mode.
- Changed the default settings for the # of song completions that are required to
advance the playfield multiplier. Default = 1.
- Changed MAX playfield multiplier, i.e. Colossal Bonus is now worth 5X.
- Fixed a problem where the game would reset the playfield multiplier at the
start of a ball even if the adjustment was set to retain earned multipliers.
- Added new kick out sounds to the Starchild eject.
- Added Rock City Start crowd cheer sound effects.
- Removed Instrument lights (PowerOn, Starchild, Spaceman, Demon, Catman)
from Instrument shot award lightshows to make it easier to see the next available
Instrument to collect/shot.
- Added a Rock City mode completed/total display effect.
- Added a Rock City mode completed "Keep Flipping" display effect.
- Added Rock City Multiball post final shot speech while the balls are draining.
- Added a more dynamic background lightshow to the Rock City Pop Bumper Stage.
- Added a more dynamic background lightshow to the Rock City Starchild Stage.
- Fixed a bug with the Continents stage of Rock City where the right orbit shot
was not being initialized correctly.
- Fixed a bug where the Final Shot display effect in Rock City was not being
shown as the balls drained.
- Fixed a bug where mode select would start prematurely when shooting the
left scoop to collect the Final Shot in Rock City.
- Added a twinkle effect to the pop bumper lamps during the Pop Bumper
Stage of Rock City.
- Fixed a problem in the DEMON stage of Rock City where multiple shots into the
Demon were not being scored properly.
- Increased Rock City Ball savers that occur between stages/levels.
- Now there is no Ball Saver as you enter the final stage of Rock City as there is
only 1 final shot to make.
- Now the Instrument stage of Rock City requires 4 instruments. The right ramp
POWER_ON_INSTRUMENT will spot a lit instrument.
- Added Balls Draining artwork (used by the Rock City Completed display effect
when multiple balls are/were in play).
- Now Rock City, i.e. the final wizard mode, ends differently. If multiple balls are
still in play after making the final shot the flippers are momentarily
turned off. While the remaining balls are draining you are shown the total
points collected before returning you back to 1 ball play.
- Changed the default settings to Save Love Gun Multiball Progress, default = YES.
- Added/Changed Rock City audits for each level/stage of completion.
- Added "Rock City Completed", "Rock City Completed-Keep Shooting"
display effects, lamp effects.
- Added logic to raise the left 4 bank drop targets at the start of the Rock City
Kiss Army stage.
- Now each stage of Rock City has it's own background display effect along
with information indicating requirements needed to complete the stage.
- Now Rock City multiball continues to play when there is only 1 ball in play.
- Changed the rules for Rock City, i.e. the final Wizard Mode. Previously
you were required to make each shot 4 times before lighting a super jackpot
at the left scoop. Now Rock City is a 3 ball Multiball with 7 levels/stages
to play/advance through:
Stage 1 = collect lit instruments, each scores 1M:
Stage 2 = collect lit "KISS ARMY" targets, each scores 2M
Stage 3 = collect lit pop bumpers, each scores 300K.
Stage 4 = spell "DEMON" via the Demon shot, each scores 4M.
Stage 5 = collect lit Starchild shots, each target/sling/eject scores 500K.
Stage 6 = collect lit spinners, each scores 600K.
Stage 7 = collect lit arrows, each scores 7M.
Stage 8 = Final Shot lit for 100M, collected at the Left Scoop.
Note: the 6 shots (Left Orbit, Starchild, Left Ramp, Demon, Right Ramp, Right Orbit)
can be multiplied via combos and the multiplier rule.
Completing a stage will add-a-ball back into play if 3 or less balls are
already in play.
- Fixed a bug where the KISS target rule/scoring logic was different between Pro/LE/Premium
models. This was most apparent during Grid Multiball (Heaven's On Fire).
- Reorganized the order in which features are awarded via the KISS targets, i.e. all models
(Pro/LE/Premium) now collect awards in the same order.
- The components that advance the Bonus score are no longer available during Rock City.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes no music would play at the start of a ball if Rock City was lit.
- Changed the Kiss Army ball save timer default/min/max settings. Default = 40 seconds.
- Changed the Rock City ball save timer default/min/max settings. Default = 40 seconds.
- Changed Mode Select criteria, i.e. Mode select is no longer available if Rock City is lit.
- Added Rock City award sound effects.
- Added Rock City award display effects.
- Fixed a problem with the KISS targets completed lamp effect.
- Revised standup target lightshows (KISS, STAR, Demon, ARMY).
- Fixed a problem where a shot into the Demon was being scored twice, i.e. once
by the entrance switch and once by the eject.
- Changed the min/max/default adjustment settings for Heaven's On Fire to have
a longer ball save, default = 40 seconds.
- Added speech to the Kiss Army wizard mode start sequence.
- Added speech to the Rock City wizard mode start sequence.
- Elongated the blink rate sequence when showing multiple awards on a blinking
arrow, i.e. the arrow will now show/blink each color longer before switching
to the next color/award.
- Added logic to kick a new ball into play quicker when locking a ball in the
Demon lock.
- Colorized the full playfield lightshow that is seen when awarding a Demon
lock, i.e. RGB lamps in the sequence are now green.
- Improved and colorized the full playfield lightshow seen when starting Demon
Multiball, i.e. RGB lamps in the sequence are now red.
- Colorized the Demon Multiball full playfield lightshows (Jackpot, Demon Jackpot,
Super Jackpot, Double Jackpot, Super Double Jackpot), i.e. RGB lamps in the
sequence are now red.
- Colorized the Instrument full playfield lightshows (Power On, Instrument Collected),
i.e. RGB lamps in the sequence are now orange.
- Colorized the Love Gun Multiball full playfield lightshows (Jackpot, Double Jackpot,
Super Jackpot), i.e. RGB lamps in the sequence are now magenta.
- Added a lightshow for balls being kicked out of the Demon Mouth.
- Cleaned up code in Kiss Army Multiball that was needlessly saving the game state
from ball-2-ball.
- Colorized the Kiss Army Multiball full playfield lightshows (Jackpot, Double Jackpot,
Super Jackpot), i.e. RGB lamps in the sequence are now lime green.
- Colorized mode full playfield lightshows (awards, 2X awards, 2X+ awards),
i.e. RGB lamps in the sequence are now the same color as the mode arrows.
- Reworked mode award lightshow presentations to be faster.
- Added more dynamic mode award lightshows for the right/left ramps, left/right orbits,
Star Child shot, Demon shot (when shot lamp arrows score 1X, 2X, 2x+).
- Tweaked rgb palette lamp colors and added functionality to allow colorization
of lightshows.
- added Kiss Army award sound effects.
- removed the Extra Ball insert light from alternating lamp lightshows.
- Added logic to award Demon multiplier, mode awards, instrument and "Spell Demon"
to both the Demon Entrance & Eject switches in cases where the Demon Entrance
opto was broken and/or working intermittently. The remaining awards require
a shot into the Demon Eject. This fixes the problem where a song multiplier
and instrument were both lit at the Demon but only the multiplier was being awarded.
- Fixed a bug where combo shots were not being awarded/multiplied correctly at
the Demon shot.
- Fixed a bug where multiplied awards were not being multiplied at the Demon shot
when the award was given at the Demon entrance instead of the Demon Eject.
(This happened when the ball was restricted from entering the Demon Eject).
- Fixed a problem when there are no balls in the trough to instantly serve the
right outlane ball save. If this happens the game will now wait for the ball
to arrive at the trough and serve it back into play.
- Fixed a problem when a ball was kicked out of the Demon's mouth and exited the
game via the left outlane while the "Front Row" ball save feature was lit.
Under this circumstance, the system "Ball Save" takes precedence and tries to
immediately serve another ball into play, if possible. Otherwise, the game waits
for the ball to travel to the trough at which time a new ball will be kicked
back into play. The problem that occurred was that under these circumstances
the Ball Saver timed out between the time the ball exited the left outlane and
entered the trough.
- Changed the Demon ball saver criteria to better handle cases when existing
ball savers (or multiballs that are maintaining ball counts) were set to expire.
- Added a BackStage Pass Add-a-Ball Ball Save Timer Adjustment.
- Added translated text to the Demon Ball Save Timer Adjustment.
- Added translated text to the Grid Multiball Ball Save Timer Adjustment.
- Added a "Demon Ball Save During Multiball" adjustment, Default = NO.
- Removed unused adjustment and associated logic.
- Renamed the Rock City Multiball Ball Save timer adjustment.
- Renamed and added languages to the Grid Multiball Ball Save timer adjustment.
- Fixed text in the Love Gun Multiball Ball Save timer adjustment.
- Fixed a problem where balls were not kicked out of the Demon Lock at game over
if the Match adjustment was set to OFF.
- Changed the default volume to approx. 75db
- Changed the default ball save settings on China games.
- Changed the criteria when speech & sound FX are heard while pressing the
flipper/start buttons during the attract mode.
- fixed several lamp attributes that were mislabeled.
- Fixed a problem with the roving shot award during Deuce. Once a roving
shot has moved the original shot/position is still available for a short
grace period. The game was incorrectly making a grace period shot/positon
available during portions of the mode when the shot was not roving.
- Fixed a lamp function that was not turning on the correct number of lamps.
This would occur during whole playfield lightshows.
- Fixed a problem where mode select was still active after the player plunged
the ball and inadvertently switched the selected song upon pressing a flipper

- Update to nodeboard firmware v0.28.0
- Added LIFETIME count to Standard Audit #16 "Total Plays".
- Added JAPAN_3 Coinage 1/YEN 200.
- Added UTIL->VOL adjustments for minimum and maximum master volume level and
minimum and maximum headphones volume level. This will limit the selectable
volume range from the service menu Plus and Minus keys and the headphones
rotary dial.
- Added support for 6th coin switch.
- When entering UTIL->VOL, the first sub-menu adjustment is selected, previous
behavior would select the last displayed sub-menu adjustment.
- Added Standard Adjustment "START GAME ON CREDIT". Settings are:
"OFF" - Do not automatically start a game or add a player when inserted money registers a credit
"FIRST ONLY" - Automatically start a game when inserted money registers a credit
"ALL CREDITS" - Automatically start a game or add a player when inserted money registers a credit
Adding multiple credits simultaneously, via a bill acceptor, will only start
a one player game or add a single player.
Default setting is "OFF"
- Removed unused obsolete Standard Adjustments: "FLASH LAMP POWER", "COIL PULSE POWER",
- Added USA_13 Coinage 1/$1.00, 7/$5.00
- Added adjustment to scale GI, Insert, and Flasher LED brightness, range
is 25% to 100%.
- Added adjustment to limit GI, Insert, and Flasher LED Max brightness, range
is 64 to 255.
- Enhanced center channel clarity.
- Added bass frequency filter selection options: 125Hz, 250Hz, and disabled.
- Added treble frequency filter selection options: 4kHz, 8kHz, and disabled.
- Added adjustments for backbox and cabinet speaker types to the service menu
UTIL->VOL. Supported speaker types are "8 OHM" and "4 OHM".
The amplifier power curve is appropriately adjusted for the selected speaker type.
- Updated AD_TILT_DEBOUNCE minimum value to 750ms to avoid overly conservative configurations.
- DIAG->NODE->COMM test would occasionally falsely report address collisions,
this has been corrected.
- Extend TIMED PLUNGER adjustment range to DISABLED or 1 - 300 seconds
- Correct minimum firing time for flipper coil when an EOS switch is inconsistent
or poorly gapped
- Improved LED refresh rate and blink consistency.
- Improved reporting of shorted General Illumination bulbs and sockets.
- Added AD_TILT_DEBOUNCE adjustment in ms for tilt bob debounce
- Changed debounce logic/timing to prevent double start button detects.
- Added USA_12 Coinage 1/$0.25, 5/$1.00
- Added audit for total number of one, two, three, and four players games
that have been played.
- Improved sound processing
- Interactively update the backbox brightness while changing Attract Mode,
Game Play, and Service Mode adjustments in the service menu
- Reworked boot time displays for node board firmware update and locating node
- Added boot time display for overcurrent detected (shorted coil or LED) on
node boards.
- Added support for dynamic detection and isolation of overcurrent coils or
LEDs. Previous behavior would disable all coils and LEDs for 1/2 second each
time a short was detected. New behavior will determine the short coil and/or
LED and disable only the offender.
- Added tech alert for overcurrent coils and LEDs on node boards. New
diagnostic test to retest node board and report with coils/LEDs are drawing
too much current. Excessive current draw could be the result of a shorted
coil, an incorrect replacement LED/incandescent bulb, shorted light socket,
et cetera.
- Every 15 minutes during attract mode overcurrent coils/led will be rechecked
and returned to service if operating correctly.
- Added adjustment for "GAME PLAY B.BOX BRIGHTNESS"
- The deprecated BILL VALIDATOR adjustment has been removed.
- Updated Norway coin door to 1/5/10/20 Kr for left/center/right/4th
- Updated Sweden coin door to 1/5/10/2 Kr for left/center/right/4th
- Added Sweden 3 credit pricing 1 credit for 10 Kr.
- Updated Sweden dip switch setting (0x0B) default to Sweden 3 pricing.
- Replaced hardware version number with OS version number on diagnostic
- Added a message LOCATING NODE BOARDS. This will display if a required
node board is not discovered, previously it would incorrectly state
UPDATING NODE BOARD and UPDATE FAILED. The node board number(s) of
missing boards will be displayed and updated as boards are found.

4 weeks later
#775 10 months ago
Quoted from Pizza-Bob:

Hi I’m look for a topper for my pro , anyone selling one ? Thanks

You really want a KISS on top of another KISS? Why not get a KISS led back glass mod so the letters light up when you hit the target like the original 78 pin did.


1 month later
#817 9 months ago

You gotta plug your machine into the band for optimal sound and playability. Guaranteed to boost scores on newest code and protector installed for LE/PREM models.

50661386_1077904665724439_1220436401930108928_n (resized).jpg
1 month later
#819 8 months ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

After turning my KISS on for the first time in a few weeks I've developed an intermittent chatter on the left flipper when I hold it. I cleaned the switches contacts...they weren't dirty. Tweaked the EOS switch on the flipper button. Checked for loose wires and connectors. Coil lug wires are solid. Strange thing is the chatter disappears when I lift the playfield. When I lower it the chatter returns. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

loose connection on one of your node boards, unplug then reseat them and you should be good.

#828 8 months ago
Quoted from thundergod76:

Reseated the connectors on Node 8. Still having an intermittent chatter. Any other ideas?

Reload code, then try resoldering coil connections

2 weeks later
#841 7 months ago

Gotta have the band in there

IMG_1670 (resized).JPGIMG_1680 (resized).JPG
3 weeks later
#866 6 months ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:


It's strange how games differ. I have had various issues with my game but a ball has never ever got stuck in the demon head.
Had locks not register from time to time.
It is a great playing game now but if a game has faults it ruins the experience

Every Kiss I have serviced with STDM issues I have fixed. It is literally fine tuning the leg levelers most of the time, I had only one that needed the head screws loosened and retightened while twisting the head clockwise. You will however get the random STDM from the rotating disc, but if you are quick with a nudge your saved, this is a 1-10 occurrence. For first time adjustments, it could take you an hour or so to tweak it just right but that is the price of perfection.

3 months later
#942 3 months ago
Quoted from JustEverett:

Has anyone replaced the standard black rubbers with other colors or clear? I need to start swapping some out and I am considering putting on come reds and clears from Titan. Tired of the constant black trails always needing cleaned up. They just stick out like a sore thumb.

RED polyurethane and done

IMG_1661 (resized).JPGIMG_1680 (resized).JPGIMG_4413 (resized).JPG
1 month later
#957 50 days ago

I think it's hilarious that the SS logo of the name gets grief from people/governments. Now, take into consideration both Gene and Paul are Jewish and if that were not enough, Genes parents survived the Nazi concentration camps. Gene doesn't let that hold any power over him, in fact HE OWNS IT, trademarked and all!

3 weeks later
#1013 25 days ago

Is it mint if you do a complete play field swap with no plays? What if you add a protector on day one and a ball never touched the play field? Personally I like pepper mint paddies

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