Kickback not kickin'

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#1 3 years ago

I have an old Williams Laser Ball and the right kickback is not working. This being my first and only pinball machine, I'm fairly new at this. After examining the corresponding coil, I found it had melted somewhat and the coil sleeve was frozen. I replaced the coil and sleeve and I replaced the corresponding transistor (T8 I believe) that was clearly crispy.

Unfortunately, it still does not fire. It's not locked on and I don't see any blown fuses or other obvious damage to the board other than some cold solder joints which I touched up tonight. Still no kick though. What's my next step?

#2 3 years ago

Pre-driver transistor. If your TIP1XX transistor was toasty, then you should inspect the pre-driver transistor as well. Highly likely it was shorted out as well. You can check this by testing for DC V on the collector pin of the pre-driver while the machine is on. Zero volts would indicate a short.

#3 3 years ago

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll check it today and report back...

1 week
#4 3 years ago

Ok sorry for delay but was busy at work for the last week. Finally have some time to devote to my poor pin. So, while waiting, I ordered a new pre-driver transistor from mouser and I'll swap that out tonight. Also got my new pop bumper parts in (yoke was broken on one so ill rebuild all 3) and I'm looking forward to that project too. I'll snap a few pics of the repair cause everyone loves pics.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that this fixes my kickback problem.

#5 3 years ago

Here's a shot of the old burned up coil. image.jpg

The non working kickback. image-673.jpg

Here's the driver board being repaired. image-630.jpgimage-253.jpg

And success!


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