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Just pre-ordered BoP 2.0 kit!!

By pinlawyer

7 years ago

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#198 6 years ago


any news on BOP 2.0?

March is in a view days, and they told us they deliver in march

i hope they dont waste the time with the dude-pin

#226 6 years ago

its nice that they take our Money, for a product
when it is not sure if they can sell it

#233 6 years ago

i am at a full restoration and my play field is at the best airbrushed here

if i will get not BOP 2.0 i am really pissed off

1 week later
#270 6 years ago

Where is a post thet no BOP will be in BOP 2.0 ?!??!

would be a big xxxxxx if it is true

#271 6 years ago

they offer at the Website......•Easy to switch to the original game

#283 6 years ago

any News?

2 months later
#291 6 years ago

any news?

they told end of april,
that it will be delivered in 4 weeks

#293 6 years ago

mid- to end-June

2 weeks later
#294 6 years ago

any news?

1 week later
#295 6 years ago

here are less updates then on the hobbit thread

never thought it is possible

#300 6 years ago

it was never so easy to communicate with people like today

so why the send not a short email or Facebook update or at this thread ?!?

i have no problems to wait ( i am a Woz owner ha ha)
but i don't understand when there are no news and no answers to emails.

#308 6 years ago

oops Serverproblem ?!?

#309 6 years ago
Quoted from mayuh:

Lol! All I was thinking was who were those 7 guys who ordered before me?
#8 here

recht viel weiter hinten bin sich aber auch nicht Alf!

aka freaktech

#312 6 years ago

its a shame that they send no answers to emails

#315 6 years ago

I go the email too

But inside:
All parts are in the US for Assembling ?!?!

What does this mean for europeans?

and a timleine would be great

the next days?
1 week?

#318 6 years ago

Don't worry about the shipment. The EU order will be shipped to DP The Netherlands and then send from our office in The Netherlands.
Timeline is as soon as possible. Hopefully all parts will arrive soon.

what ever this means

2 weeks later
#321 6 years ago

any news?

2 weeks later
#327 6 years ago

great that we get a sign of life.

Its hard to believe from the outside what parts are so complecate to get

p-roc board
mini pc
Speaker Panel

not realy complicate costum parts

but good to hear from you

#334 6 years ago

agree 100%with you!

1 month later
#341 6 years ago


we are now in september

do you think the preorder time would reach

1 year? i think i order in out/nov 2013

may be we should start a poll

#343 6 years ago

dutch Expo?

in NOV

2 weeks later
#348 6 years ago

barry emailed me that the kits will shipped latest on 3th oktober


#351 6 years ago

we have waited so long

the view bucks for the shipping should be free

#360 6 years ago

at the end of the week we will see if they told the truth (this time)

would be also interested in TBL

but with the infos and chaos with BOP 2.0

i will wait with a order.

#366 6 years ago

barry told me that all parts are already in the NL office now

he have to pack the TBL machines for EXPO
was done yesterday (see the Facebook post)
then they will start to pack the kits and start shipping

#379 6 years ago

and don't forget to post some nice videos of the color screen

the last BOP 2.0 video is from de 2013

1 week later
#387 6 years ago

any new video from the expo?

#391 6 years ago

will the PC run on Windows or Linux?

#395 6 years ago

Hi Scott!

Should we run a backup with Acronis or something for the case of a hdd crash?

#400 6 years ago

Hi Scott!

Will you start shipping in europe this week?

#403 6 years ago

i know

You = the company

barry emailed before expo, when they are back at the 20th the start

#405 6 years ago

they said
we wills hip it at the week before expo, when we have packed TBL for Expo

we will ship it at the week when we are back from expo, it will be the first we will do

so lets see what happens now

#413 6 years ago

a visitor of the expo told me the colordmd should not look very well

the resolution is very low and should look very unsharp !?!?

would like to see a better video then this 10 sec clip
at this video it looks ok for me

2 weeks later
#444 6 years ago

Hallo BOP 2.0 fans!

I am proud to announce that i am the first test-client for BOP 2.0 in europe
thanks barry

my kit is packed and will be shipped out on monday and installed at the end of the week.

DP want to be sure that

- everything is included
- installation for advanced pinballers is possible
- will every mountings fit in the machine ?
- is the manual easy to understand (also when you are not the author )

during this process the next kits will be packed an prepared to ship.

if the feedback is, that everything is running without problems, the first orders will be shipped
end of next week or may be 1-2 days later.

infos will be posted here at the end of next week.

exciting greetings from europe



#450 6 years ago

DP informed me that the kit was shipped today and should arrive
in 2 days.

#452 6 years ago

looks like


#471 6 years ago


#472 6 years ago

whats inside?

#473 6 years ago

first unplug the machine

#474 6 years ago

lets remove the old

-Audio board

#475 6 years ago

install the proc board

-plug in flat cable
-plug in power cable

#476 6 years ago

connect the other cables to the proc

!!! left connector is smaller then the board !!!

#477 6 years ago

connect the power plug to to the main power cable

before the mainswitch!

be 100% shure that the machine is pluged off !!

#478 6 years ago

install the mounting plate of the pc at the backbox

you will Need a good metal driller

#479 6 years ago

connect the violet cable to the "power on pcb"
and also the USB cable

#480 6 years ago

there comes 1 cable with 3 connectors

1 x to proc
1 x to "power on pcb"
1 x to tft

a11.JPG a12.JPG
#481 6 years ago

also to do:

USB cabke from Proc to PC
DVI cable from TFT to PC
audiocable to amp. and Speakers

!!! If the Audio cable is not connected to the pc
the SW will not boot and stops after WIN start

and also!!!

swap the fuse at the pdb with the delivered one.

#482 6 years ago

more Infos tomorrow

#489 6 years ago

yes but at the moment i have a problem

sometimes the ball will stay in lock 1 and no ball search!?!

try to figure out the problem with DP

hardware is running fine, but have to wait for info why this happens.

#492 6 years ago

no it will be detected in the testmenue always right

#494 6 years ago

looks like a bug in the sw somewhere

hope to get feedback tomorrow

#499 6 years ago

i use anti Ghost leds
Bop 1.0 die brightness is normal
Bop 2.0 the inserts are to dark ??
in both games the coil "outhole" will not work in the testmode
but in gameplay in both.

ball search only search 2-3 holes in BOP 2.0
not inc. Lock and skilllock ?!!?
in BOP 1.0 there are all coils (may be not the bumpers)

hope we can figure the problem out.

its definitely not a machine problem
everything was working 100% before we swapped the boards

#504 6 years ago

i l get a update today to fix the led insert brightness.

they are working on it

let you know

#507 6 years ago
Quoted from Jarkko:

By "Bop 1.0" I assume he meant the original game, which I believe is emulated by PinMame using the original ROMs (version selectable by the owner).

Strange, sounds more like a hardware than a software issue to me, unless there's a bug in the emulation.

but this coil was working before, and also working in the game in Bop1.0 and 2.0 without a Problem.

Does this mean that in the original game ("1.0"), when you lock the ball, nothing happens until a ball search is initiated? Again, sounds like a flaky switch in the lock.

No Lock 1 is working always in 1.0

I agree, although it's possible that an older version of the software has been used in the events and shows, and the bug was introduced just recently.

#509 6 years ago

of course!

we are working together to fix it ASAP

Installation and Hardware is running without Problems.
Sound is awsome !!

ist more complete then other 8K brand new machines

#515 6 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Just to be sure.. When you say BOP1.0, you mean the newly installed BOP2.0 kit running the 1.0 emulation. Not your machine prior to the conversion. And the BOP2.0-running1.0 is working fine?


#537 6 years ago

i installed the update now

will provide a video later

#548 6 years ago

looks great now

#559 6 years ago

I used at my original HW the patched Rom
but also many no Ghosting leds

i dont notice any diferrence or ghosting to BOP 2.0

all leds are perfect!

#561 6 years ago

but i am very busy this days.
at the Weekend i have to Mount all cables,...

then i hope i have much time for more Extended games, not just a view testgames

#568 6 years ago

Good news!

The balls search problem, looks like solved.
It was a tricky switch problem at the helmet entry not a sw bug
With the new microswitch i could not reproduced in 4-5 mutliball simulations
looks like the wpc95 microswitches 5 x ok the 6th time or so no contact

so thats great

BOP 2.0 could be played now without a problem.


Sound is amazing also very good in BOP 1.0
Animations looks best in small dots
its now more a space mission pinball and i looks like not to build a woman
may be in other missions theres a transmission or so ?!!?
I don't know if there is something like the methamophises in 2,0 ?!?!
but had no time now to test all missions.

Now i have the full restaurated Bride with new decals new clearcoted plastic
next to a Stern TWD Pro

5 K for which game?

definitly BOP 2.0

BOP 2.0 VS a Stern LE ? may be also 2.0 better sound better display, more at the playfield


#571 6 years ago
Quoted from Cheddar:

kapsreiter can you run a 1.0 game and verify the helmet lights work?
ps. thanks for the updates

yes, i will check it, but i am now not at the machine

i tried some games and have not noticed it ?!

i think it will work.

#574 6 years ago
Quoted from Cheddar:

kapsreiter can you run a 1.0 game and verify the helmet lights work?
ps. thanks for the updates

the lights are extremely dark, not realy noticeable
must be a pinmame problem, will forward it.

#592 6 years ago

the gameplay is great!

i hope that this will be Extended during the next months (more missions, Tournament, more testoptions,..)
there is a lot of potential.

the game itself plays nice, and no pc crashes or hang up.

#594 6 years ago

metamorphosis will be included in the future

wizard mode?

you get modes by the wheel 3-4 different at the moment

#598 6 years ago
Quoted from bobbyconover:

So what was the final decision, is Bride 2.0 coin-operable? I asked about it a long time ago and was told by the DP guys that they weren't sure yet.

at this time there is no coin menu or match

i don't think it is possible to play with coins

also what would happen when you have credit and change to pinmame ? BOP 1.0

#616 6 years ago


already installed?

#621 6 years ago

*I noticed from the other video that when the ball goes into the pinbot area it lights up a letter in the word "pinbot". What happens when you spell the full word?

you get points!

with the next update you will start video mode

*What must be done to make the ball skip the face area and go into the pinbot area?
if lock is not lite, the ball goes to the pinto area
with heartbeat ramp you will lite lock

have to figure out the rest

#623 6 years ago

yes the code is uncomplete!

-what you get is better then the original game
-ist cooler then a new Stern pro

updates will follow soon, or nobody will ever order this or TBL

#643 6 years ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

I am using incandescent bulbs in my machine for the helmet. I tried a few different colors of LEDs, but I just did not like any of them. The incandescent are definitely the smoothest option.

the same here

alle inserts are led
but the helmet is still with lamps looks better

#653 6 years ago

i bought the shuttle in europe at amazon for 4$ !! + leds 2-3$ att he electronic store in my town

yes you can regulate the bass at the amp.

#655 6 years ago

na ja im Kernölland muss gespart werden

#695 6 years ago


right is of course 6 mods (small wheel)
and a multiball

i are this is realy cool

but you are absolutely right it is unfinished

and if this was already so at expo 2013

let see what happens the next week

i and many friends are interested in TBL but we are all waiting what happens now with BOP 2.0

1 month later
#817 5 years ago
Quoted from jackofdiamonds:

Does it include metamorphosis ?

not yet!

#821 5 years ago

i like to see the Pinbot video mode also

any idea how this starts "if you have spelled pinbot"

but where you must then lock the ball

i can`t wait for the update

#866 5 years ago

nice condor, ha ha!

shakes the balls

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