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Just made it to Roll Out Mode on Transformers!! What a game!!

By thedarkknight77

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

Alright I know many of you hate TFLE, but I love it. The rules may be simple, but the action gets you shaking and sweating while you go through the modes. I finally made it to Roll Out mode tonight and I am still shaking from it. I have come so close so many times but always blow it on Optimus Prime...........Well not tonight. I got 2 Decepticons done, almost making it to battle for Cybertron! New Grand Champion 159M. Do I not sound like a 5th grader who just hit a home run???

#2 9 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

Do I not sound like a 5th grader who just hit a home run???

Well... yes! But that's what pinball is all about! Great job!

#3 9 years ago

What is "Roll Out mode"? I love TFLE, great game, way underrated.

#4 9 years ago

I'm a big fan of TFLE, i wish it was generation 1 artwork but other than that I found the pin to be a lot of fun and immersive

#5 9 years ago

I was very close to purchasing a TFLE at release, it was the art that stopped me. If someone made a G1 kit and pf, I would buy one today.

Oh ya...congrats

#6 9 years ago

I played this for an extended period of time a few weeks ago and had a lot of fun. I tried it a few times when it first came out and found it kind of meh, so don't know what if anything has changed since then.

It's kind of a lost opportunity, though, in that it's a Transformers game but none of the toys actually...transform.

Anyway, fun game. Unfortunate that AC/DC came out right afterward and overshadowed it.

#8 9 years ago

That's awesome!

Now go for All Hail Megatron by playing the Decepticons first to keep those GC scores balanced on both factions

Good job!

#9 9 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

What is "Roll Out mode"? I love TFLE, great game, way underrated.

Roll Out is the mode available at the All Spark after completing (lighting solid) all of the Autobot inserts. This requires winning (completing) the 4 modes and earning the SJP for Optimus Prime multiball.

Similarly, there is All Hail Megatron for doing the same types of objectives with the Decepticons.

When in either mode (RO, AHM), the Sentinel Prime insert lights which is why the 1/2 way point is referred to by some as Sentinel Prime.

#10 9 years ago

great game, great rules, great flow
love mine pro...

#11 9 years ago

TF is awesome. And yes it's a quite a workout cause the game is fast, in your face, easy but deep! Good job TDK!

#12 9 years ago

Yep, Steve. Gotta agree with ya. An underrated pin around here, but that makes me like it more. Thanks for parting with yours, taking good care of it!
Lovin' HULK too, as is Tracelifter. Two Gomez games that get too many thumbs down around here. But what ya gonna do...

1 week later
#13 9 years ago

Awesome pin. Congrats on your achievement.
No need to start a post with I know people hate it. Lots of people love it so your not alone.

#14 9 years ago
Quoted from pinballnut:

An underrated pin around here,

TF is an AWESOME Pin!!!!

#15 9 years ago

You guys make me want TF LE back again which would be the 5th time. Yes I've had it 4 times.

#16 9 years ago
Quoted from coasterguy:

You guys make me want TF LE back again which would be the 5th time. Yes I've had it 4 times.

This is the one game I keep thinking of replacing as well.

#17 9 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

The rules may be simple,

Simple in one way (i.e. the path through the game is clearly defined), but full of strategy too when it comes to maximising points... for me that's a winning combination... if the rules are too complex the player can feel lost in what to do... I don't like to have to think TOO hard when playing pinball... it would feel more like being at work!

2 months later
#18 9 years ago

I think the only think I was not thrilled with on TF is the playfield photoshop artwork. Yes, I even like the Ironhide playfield. Rules are easy to follow making the game highly addictive.

A toy that trasnforms is not realistic (or useful) in a pb game, but callouts from Wheelie and Brains would have been awesome (even better than Optimus).

#19 9 years ago

That is an absolute rush. I was one shot away from 'Roll-Out' last night myself. I'm cheating though, I have the game set to 5 ball and unlimited EB's and I play one long game every night to try to get to Cybertron. If it weren't for Optimus and the Decepticon Mode that uses the right outlane as a qualifier for a random shot, it would be too easy. Even with the easy setup, I've only hit Cybertron twice and did not beat it either time. My game plays so fast, it's almost ridiculous....lot's of stuff just flying off the pops and down the outlanes. I swear there's more juice in the outlets during winter.....everything feels like it's that much snappier when it comes to pinball.

#20 9 years ago
Quoted from John-from-PA:

If it weren't for Optimus and the Decepticon Mode that uses the right outlane as a qualifier for a random shot, it would be too easy.

Do you mean the right orbit instead of right outlane? (outlanes are drains)

Devastator mode generates a random shot.

In Devastator mode, hit the right orbit, ball falls into pop bumpers thereby moving the next shot. The next shot depends on last pop bumper switch. After that shot is made, hit the right orbit etc.

#21 9 years ago

I will never see what you did but I will keep enjoying this very fun and underrated

#22 9 years ago

I own the game since friday. Had doubts but i like it even more then my LOTR. What a game! fast. Great light effects. Great sounds!. New fav machine for sure! and i have owned good games.

1 week later
#23 9 years ago

Cool. I just made it to battle for cybertron for the first time with a ball to spare. Played as autobots. Sure was fun

#24 9 years ago

I played for first time today. I do not understand why this game gets bad reviews. I had a ball.

#25 9 years ago

If you like great sound and great light shows this is a keeper as well. The new rules give the player a chance. It gets bad reviews from a lot of original owners who were disappointed for various reasons. Tying open the mini play field gate is a must to dramatically improve prove play.

#26 9 years ago

I still have this game after 2 years. My wrists actually hurt after a game.,..so much flipper action...fast, fun in your face game. This game makes you a better player...hard game to say the least.

#27 9 years ago

I got through roll out the other night for the first time. Got 28,600,000 on it. Got over halfway done with the Decepticons too, but that's where I stalled. TF is fun, the big knock on it is that the modes are basically all the same. To get through it, it is a lot of doing the same thing over and over and over. IMHO, it is a great location game cause I like to play it a couple of times when I see it, but I don't think I would want to play it a ton if I owned one because of the repetition.

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