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Jurassic Park (Stern 2019) Owners Club. Welcome! To Jurassic park.....

By Scribbles

2 years ago

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#4979 1 year ago

Just did it...just bought my first pin! My wife and I are the ecstatic new owners of a NIB Jurassic Park Premium, set to arrive sometime mid June (fingers are crossed, though I'm not getting my hopes up...I swear) at the earliest, but more likely July-August.

At least that's time to read through the rule set a bunch? The waiting is the worst! Happy to be among the rest of you

#4992 1 year ago
Quoted from MT45:

Congrats and welcome to the club. You picked an amazing game for your first! Make room right now for more pins ... not too many folks stay at just one!

Thank you, and oh absolutely! I look forward to having to figure out how else to accommodate more pins

#4993 1 year ago
Quoted from Arcade:

And given your location, it should keep your mind off of the Murder Hornets.

Basically, if I can just never go outside again, that’d be great. The more machines we can acquire, the better our chances, I’d say!

2 weeks later
#5253 1 year ago
Quoted from Matesamo:

[quoted image]

That raptor toy is awesome!

2 weeks later
#5553 1 year ago
Quoted from J-Freeze:

I have the "crushed" explorer under/behind the Rex.

That's fun! Is that a produced product, or did you do the crushing effects yourself?

#5562 1 year ago
Quoted from J-Freeze:

[quoted image][quoted image]

Fits wonderfully! Thank you for the pics and the idea! I may need to add that to the list of mods for when my premium arrives

1 week later
#5662 1 year ago

Oh man, just got word from my distributor that my JP Premium has been picked up...they don’t have updated tracking info yet, so no specific ETA, but...still! Here’s to hoping it arrives within the next 1-2 weeks! IT IS TIME. Will be sure to post if I find any defects in the playfield (machine was JUST made).

1 week later
#5748 1 year ago

My NIB JP Premium just arrived at my distributor from Stern, but my help to go pick it up isn’t available for another 3.5 hours or so...Is this legally considered torture?

#5774 1 year ago
Quoted from Sergeant:

Thought this was a worth while mod I did, and at only $10 bucks and about 45 mins week worth it. Swappable between the Jurassic world truck and the classic jp jeep. Takes about 5 mins to swap over. Much better then the chinsy stock plastic truck.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Do you perhaps have a link to the classic JP Jeep figure you used here? Would love to make that swap on my JP, too!

#5779 1 year ago
Quoted from Mutt:

today my wife mentioned how it's a shame that we can't really see the mezel mods raptor fence. it's dark & you don't necessarily notice it. I pulled the glass & installed a flood. it lights up both the raptor fence & the lookout tower nicely.[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks great, and I agree with the sentiment! Same with how dark the entire middle of the play field is. I’ve been looking around for a good spotlight, but haven’t been sure where to pull the trigger yet. Would you mind sharing where you got that one?

#5780 1 year ago
Quoted from zeldarioid:

Looks great, and I agree with the sentiment! Same with how dark the entire middle of the play field is. I’ve been looking around for a good spotlight, but haven’t been sure where to pull the trigger yet. Would you mind sharing where you got that one?

Did you maybe just order a replacement part from Stern (through your distributor) or something?

#5785 1 year ago
Quoted from Mutt:

It's just the generic flood light from comet pinball & 1 of their power feed twist lamps to juice it up.

Cool, thank you I’ll go that route!

Edit: Damn, they appear to be out of stock =/ Does anyone know how often they seem to restock (I’ve not ordered from them before)?

2 weeks later
#6060 1 year ago
Quoted from STxPinball:

Hello everyone,
I played pinball quite a bit in my youth and haven't really played since then. So move the clock forward about 45-50 years and here I am ready to purchase my first pinball machine. I originally was focused on buying JJP's Dialed In but then started looking at POTC but couldn't figure on paying extra just to get my hands on the game. So I kept searching as my desire to buy DI faded a little and I bumped into Jurassic Park. I started checking out videos and reviews and decided that I was going for a JP Premium, (because I couldn't find a NIB LE version anywhere). So, I placed my order today and am on schedule to get it when the August run from Stearn arrives at my dealer. I am excited and can't wait to get back into form and sure play a mean pinball. I hope to catch a heck of a lot of dinosaurs for years to come.

You’ve made an excellent choice; JP Premium is a fantastic table to get back into the hobby with! This table really makes you wake up and play, and keeps you coming back for more My wife and I, too, are new pinball owners, with a NIB JP Premium being the first pin we purchased (the second we received, though, just three weeks ago), and we have loved every minute of it! Welcome to the club

1 week later
#6268 1 year ago
Quoted from MUGEN_4_LIFE:

I can't stop the urge to play my premium, but Ive Only had it for two weeks this thursday... And ive been modding it out more than playing it. Just need to install my 8 way power board so I can install the JP shooter, Mezel Raptor tower,T-rex gate, and the green led flipper buttons... also really want to swap the Truck for the Jeep but I need to find the correct Jeep.

I just got my Prem on July 7th, and did the exact same thing: Didn't stop playing or modding, emphasis on the modding. The mods are *almost* done now, the last remaining (currently known, who knows what inspiration the future may bring) item being the amber shooter rod, which I ordered through my distro with the machine, and it hasn't come in yet (still).

I just made the switch to the proper JP Jeep Wrangler recently, and got confirmation from another user on this site who made the swap and posted pics to confirm which model (thanks again, Sergeant !), and this is the one that works perfectly: amazon.com link » ebay.com link: p

You may need to adjust where you screw the truck to the bracket once or twice to make sure you have clearance with the right ramp's corkscrew rail, but otherwise, it's fantastic! 1:43 scale is perfect, otherwise, I just wish I could've found a number 10 Wrangler for this truck (the one from the T-Rex chase scene w/ Malcolm in the back), but I could only find 1:64 scale :/ Number 12 will do, though! Additionally, you may want to hot glue the doors shut. I only ended up thinking to do that after the mechanism was already back in the machine, and then just hot glued with it in, but it would've been much easier to do while the Jeep was still out (and probably before attaching to the rod, too).
image0 (resized).jpegimage1 (resized).jpegimage3 (resized).jpeg

#6289 1 year ago
Quoted from Hulkbuster:

That looks great! How does the weight compare to the stock vehicle? Does it effect the gameplay at all? I have trouble enough getting the truck to change directions unless struck very precisely.

The die-cast truck is indeed heavier than the (as you’ll discover) hollow, plastic, basically dog chew toy that came stock with the game (lol), but I haven’t found it to change the shot difficulty at all, and that is 100% something I was interested in monitoring upon receiving the truck and feeling the weight disparity. From my experience with it over the past couple of weeks installed in my game, though, I can tell you not to worry

Quoted from gorditas:

Thanks for those links, I ordered one tonight. I presume you remove the shaft from under the playfield, and remove the factory truck on the bench?

Yep! There is a set screw holding the shaft in place beneath the playfield, you’ll need a tiny little hex key to loosen it, then you just pull the shaft and vehicle as one unit out from the top of the playfield. Note: There is a little bearing washer guy on the top side of the playfield resting between the playfield and the rod, as well as two regular washers if I recall correctly, so be mindful when you remove the shaft from the top to not let those small pieces scurry away! Then yes, the toy truck is attached to the top bracket with a couple of little screws, which you can use to attach the die-cast truck. I predrilled some holes on the bottom of the die-cast truck, and attached it with no issue.

#6341 1 year ago
Quoted from sliprose:

Do the outlane posts do anything in this game? A couple of months ago I lowered the outlane posts, hoping to cut down a bit on side drains, but I was just thinking that it really made little to no difference. It seems the common angles that feed the outlanes miss the posts regardless of position. Has anyone else noticed that moving the outlane posts doesn't change much?

I have found this to be the case on both JP and my SW, that moving the outlane posts in didn't do anything appreciable in the way of reducing direct outlane drains, or really even providing a greater chance of shaking/bouncing the ball out of the outlane.

#6342 1 year ago

Finally got my JP shooter rod in today, through my distributor, so it is the one from Stern. I have heard about fairly poor quality on these (only after having made the purchase, of course), but figured I'd keep the order and see what I got. My initial reaction is certainly twinged with a little disappointment in how the unit looks in-hand and un-lit, though I expect to enjoy it a bit more when it's on the machine and lit up.

IMG_9942 (resized).jpgIMG_9943 (resized).jpgIMG_9944 (resized).jpgIMG_9945 (resized).jpg
#6347 1 year ago
Quoted from gorditas:

What does the back side, where the diodes come through, look like?

See below

IMG_9946 (resized).jpgIMG_9947 (resized).jpg
#6349 1 year ago
Quoted from gorditas:

Thanks. Where do they have that plugging in? The connector looks different than what I was expecting. I have a Modfather rod coming, and I was going to modify my own plate.

My bad! Looks like there was more in the box. There are no instructions, save for which screws to remove to replace the shooter plate assembly, but it would seem to me that this will run over to the board on the left side of the cabinet, plugging into CN15 ("Spare LEDs").

IMG_9949 (resized).jpgIMG_9950 (resized).jpgIMG_9948 (resized).jpg
#6351 1 year ago

Amber shooter rod from Stern is installed, and can confirm: Much happier with it installed and lit up Plus, the lights pulse (at least while in attract mode; haven't started up a game just yet), which is a nice effect!

IMG_9951 (resized).jpgIMG_9952 (resized).jpg
#6355 1 year ago
Quoted from mavantix:

How'd you get one? I've been checking their site for months...

I ordered it at the same time as my JP Premium through my distributor back in May. JP Prem arrived July 7th, shooter just arrived today.

1 week later
#6606 1 year ago
Quoted from dts:

Are the newer playfields still showing pooling and chipping? I’m considering a Pre. I’ve lost track of the progress on this and thought I’d just ask here. Thanks for any input.

My NIB premium has no playfield issues, made June 5th

#6660 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Another video with some new clips

YES. PLEASE! Your TMNT audio package is so fun, and now this?! I was gonna say, you and Tim need to collaborate, and well, here we are in a way You’ve another fan eagerly awaiting the release of this code! Great work!

#6669 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Got my game delivered and set up today!
[quoted image][quoted image]

Welcome to the club! This game is an absolute blast!

#6678 1 year ago
Quoted from tyson171:

Just got my game, was very excited as I didn't have any plunger/auto plunge issues with my game. Installed the amber shooter rod, and now my plunges/auto plunges are failing over all over the place.
Adjusted my ramp, added a washer, removed a washer, nothing seemed to fix the issue. (My game was an August build, it doesn't need the washer. Even though it "looks" a little off, using your finger you can check the alignment of the ramp, washer actually made mine worse.
Happened to look at how the plunger sits on the ball, and its off center by a lot! Shouldn't matter for the auto plunge right? Well the ball sits back on the plunger for a split second during auto plunge, and if its off, it will mess up the auto plunger.
I haven't tried to fix my plunger alignment yet, going to tackle that tomorrow, but just an FYI, check your leveling, and then check your plunger tip to make sure its centered to the ball!

I have noticed the same thing after installing my Stern lighted Amber shooter rod. I haven’t taken the time to investigate yet (been too busy getting destroyed by the new TMNT), but interesting to hear it’s not an isolated issue!

1 week later
#6823 1 year ago
Quoted from Galvez1978:

Hello friends, can i make question? I want reserve a JP Pro but here in Spain are all sold out, my local distributor have only one Premium in stock, he will receive the Pro in the middle of next year, i must wait for the Pro? Or go to the Premium?
The distributor offered the Premium with 10% of discount, side arts and shaker motor for free.
Thank you so much!

Premium 100000%!

#6855 1 year ago
Quoted from mcvetyty:

Question for those who did the jeep replacement mod. I received the new jeep in the mail today and have the old jeep taken apart, but how did you mount the jeep to the hardware? The bottom of the new jeep is very different than the stock jeep and it's not even flat..?

I drilled holes in the bottom of the new Jeep that aligned with the screw positions for the mounting plate, and reused the existing screws to mount it, as I recall. I also had to trim some of the raised plastic off of the bottom of the new Jeep, in the back center portion where there is a large raised section. I took some flush trimmers to it, cut off enough to allow for clearance of the plate (to attach far enough back on the Jeep so the Jeep's grill wouldn't contact the corkscrew habitrail when spinning, as I wanted it facing away from the player), which might've been 1/8-1/4" or so, if memory serves.

I can disassemble and take pictures of mine, if you need some extra guidance

#6859 1 year ago

Here are pictures of the process and result, with some details of the process for attaching the replacement Jada 1:43 scale Jeep.

1. Beneath the playfield, find this hex screw that is holding the shaft of the truck spinner in place. Using a 3/32nd size hex key, unscrew and slide this off, putting it somewhere safe.
E4CB12BE-A89A-4DDB-9C34-5EEB1321E06B (resized).jpegE36F94CD-561C-46F0-9354-C7A8F7A919E7 (resized).jpegE1D50DBC-3407-4E63-8EB0-B48E50D823EC (resized).jpeg

2. Note the two washers between the playfield and the truck; metal washer on bottom, nylon bearing washer on top. Don't lose these!
9E3A5DDA-4C79-4091-9146-13B6AD25F042 (resized).jpeg21A58E21-774A-40A7-A7EF-A7505B9E81B5 (resized).jpeg

3. I pre-drilled some holes in the bottom of my Jeep to make it easier to reuse the existing screws. I lined the mounting plate up to the bottom, stuck a 3/32nd drill bit through the holes to make some marks on the bottom of the Jeep, then drilled where I wanted to mount. You'll notice a few holes higher up, towards the front axle. I initially had the Jeep mounted there, but when I reinserted it into the playfield, found it made contact with the corkscrew habitrail return of the Pteranodon ramp, so I moved it back, which...
FED4B6C8-BF1E-486B-99E7-45E8447820BB (resized).jpeg

4. In order to do so, I had to trim off 1/8-1/4" of the raised plastic portion in the back center of the Jeep. I used flush trimmers to make initial cuts, and then likely some pliers to rip the pieces off, cleaning up as necessary afterward. This enabled enough clearance for the screw on the opposite side of the mounting bracket so I could position the Jeep far enough back to clear the corkscrew habitrail. Note the gap between the raised plastic on the Jeep now and the screw on the mounting bracket, as well as how far back the end of the bracket is compared to the spare tire on the back of the Jeep.
7D81D75F-370C-4E0A-A9DD-EDB4930C0F1D (resized).jpegD1E214DB-AFED-4B18-B58A-CC4C469864B0 (resized).jpeg4C8583DB-1DFC-4190-936B-0D3836FCB303 (resized).jpegCB33115B-E87B-4046-B078-F4F02681C23A (resized).jpeg

5. I highly recommend putting some hot glue in the doorjamb of either car door to seal them shut, otherwise they may open as you play the game, which could interfere the ramp and/or ball. Plus, it looks silly having the doors flung open hah.
22E35218-0920-4B19-B385-A06BC674492E (resized).jpeg

6. Note the distance now between the Jeep at various angles and the corkscrew return.
ADEB95C7-9AED-4A6F-9BF4-7197D991FED3 (resized).jpegA3B15571-1700-4CC8-9A17-A7A16AE0BFC1 (resized).jpeg356686E6-AEC3-4B1C-9C3D-7BD95BF93BB8 (resized).jpegDE3CD3AE-74E6-41D4-AAF4-8D7C5BADAE0F (resized).jpeg183DD002-7AA6-44C0-A813-7E40FE0F66B3 (resized).jpeg

#6862 1 year ago
Quoted from Markharris2000:

I am going to play with the mounting in your Step 4 a bit. While solid initially, I can't help but think that the jeep to bracket stability will change after 1000 whacks. Its metal to plastic which changes integrity over time. The main idea is to get the metal bracket in contact with the Jeep plastic underbody more, and reduce anything hanging in the air. To do so, I may try to drill another larger hole where the dark rod screw is in the center to allow the dark screw head to extend into the jeep, allowing the bracket itself to sit 'more flush'. I may also look at add a few metal washers between the bracket and the body plastic to eliminate the remaining 'air' which is accurately called in the scenerio "wiggle room". Stay tuned...

I'm sure that will be more stable, for sure, though I haven't had any issues with mine since installing it like this over a month and hundreds upon hundreds of plays ago, so I'm not too concerned yet! You'll need to fully remove the big raised plastic portion over the back axle in order to sit the mounting bracket more flush, or instead maybe put some blocks to screw through between the mounting bracket and the bottom of the Jeep?

3 weeks later
#7344 1 year ago
Quoted from Galvez1978:

When i start a game, always starts with M-A of "MAP" illuminate an T of "T-Rex" too. I think is for this the problem of the skill shots, i just revised all the switch and are ok, anybody knows the problem?
Reagards![quoted image]

If I recall correctly, there are settings that you can change for what the game spots you at the beginning, as far as those letters are concerned.

1 week later
#7513 1 year ago
Quoted from IBARAKURO:

once we have validated MAP, and launch PADDOCK.
After. how do we relaunch the MAP?

After you’ve exited a paddock, white-colored shots should automatically be relit around the playfield for you to shoot to complete MAP (it will take more than the initial 1 shot that the first qualification required), which will qualify your next paddock.

3 weeks later
#7917 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Phase 1 is complete - the game is in the house! First impressions are that this games is even more beautiful in person.
Next it's going upstairs and setup will begin tonight.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Hell yeah! Happy for you that it finally arrived! Welcome to the park

#8067 1 year ago
Quoted from Hop721:

When a machine is set to pay-to-play, if that number matches the last 2 digits of your score, you win a free game/credit

It seems to occur when set to Free Play, too! Is a bit obnoxious, but oh well

1 week later
#8342 1 year ago
Quoted from 2manyhobbies:

Brontosaurus just added today let me know what you you all think.
Next is the Pterodactyl and I have to plant some trees[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks great! Thank you for the link

Quoted from 2manyhobbies:

Got it off Amazon here is a link:
amazon.com link »
Also got some wire off Amazon to mount the pterodactyl and brontosaurus. Here is a link for that: amazon.com link »
I will edit this post sometime tomorrow with some pics and details how I mounted it.

#8351 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinball-Pat:

Bonus Question:
At the end of the ball, scenes flash calculating bonuses. The final is a bonus multiplier and mine is always x 1 it seems. I believe this may be a supply drop award? Is there another way to increase this final bonus multiplier?

Capturing dangerous dinos (playing and beating their paddocks) is the main way to increase your bonus multiplier (Dilophosaurus, T-Rex, probably one or two others).

Edit: Looks like Dilo, T-Rex, and Spinosaurus are the three Super Predators that include a +bonus X perk for being captured. These, like other Jurassic Perks, are permanently applied for the rest of your game, I believe, too!

#8418 12 months ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

With the start of a ball resting in the shooter lane there are 2 options:
1) Quick restart by pressing and holding in the start button for a couple seconds until you hear a callout and the game resets. This leaves the ball in the shooter lane for the start of a new game, or
2) Restart back into attract mode by pressing in the left flipper and hitting start. This kicks the ball out of the shooter lane to restart the game.

And of note for option #1: All players in the game must be on at least ball 2!

8 months later
#11574 87 days ago

PSA: The 3D start buttons that SkyKing2301 makes are *chef's kiss*. We got a set for all the machines we have that he currently makes them for (all but BKSOR at the moment), and here is how the JP one w/ orange backing looks when installed.

IMG_4407 (resized).jpgIMG_4411 (resized).jpgIMG_4416 (resized).jpgIMG_4425 (resized).jpgIMG_4452 (resized).jpg

#11576 87 days ago
Quoted from Only_Pinball:

I keep going to order one and get stuck on what color I want.

I know that feeling, ha! Had a lot of trouble deciding on what I wanted for the 7 we ordered, and for JP, ultimately decided to match it to the amber color that we have for the lighted flipper buttons and the lighted amber shooter rod, and I think it came out quite nicely! A red would look great too, though, methinks

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