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By Scribbles

74 days ago

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#669 49 days ago
Quoted from teekee:

I am no expert but looks to me like they assembled some playfields before all the layers of clear were cured.

Guy who works in the clearcoat industry was on the TWIP podcast today. He said any properly mixed clearcoat should be cured enough after 7 days to "return to service." In his opinion, any clear that is still malleable weeks or months later didn't have enough hardener in the mix and will never stiffen up. In other words, it's as cured as it's gonna get. That's just one professional's conjecture from seeing photos, but it makes sense to me.

#674 49 days ago
Quoted from teekee:

Makes sense but how do we know how long these playfields actually cured before assembly?

Sorry to drag JJP into this, but using Wonka as an example: if those playfields are made in Germany by Mirco, it's hard to imagine they're installing star posts less than 7 days after clear is applied. At least one person said he could still mark a JJPOTC playfield with his thumbnail months later.

Stern could very well be assembling less than a week after clear, but their issue looks exactly like the recent JJP issue.

#688 49 days ago
Quoted from PoppyCock:

You have to buy premium now. They will definitely have the playfield and other issues worked out by then.

What if they already made LE playfields (with issues), kick them down the road to be premium playfields, and make new, better LE playfields? I mean, probably not, but maybe.

#735 48 days ago

Stern holds their cards pretty close to their chest. They could be scrambling to remake all the LE playfields as we speak. Or maybe it was fixed before those were in the pipeline. Or neither!

#819 47 days ago
Quoted from Lounge:

Is there a left out-lane post that can be closed up a little?

Yes, and that sucker is a drain monster. First two games I played, all six balls drained out the left side.

#824 47 days ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Cant be any worse than my GOTG for left drains.

Borg is a whole other beast.

#889 46 days ago

Stick one of these on the bottom of the truck:

#901 46 days ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

The frosted warm white sucks.

Send 'em all to me.

#912 46 days ago

Maiden also shipped with a weaker spring in the early pros, which was beefed up for LE, premium, and later pros. Which is why I rule at the super secret skill shot on mine but suck everywhere else.

#1011 44 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

We need a much more realistic T-Rex Head to replace this Dollar Store factory toy (with led inside or course).

Ah yes, a realistic dinosaur with light coming out of its mouth. Of course.

#1014 44 days ago

So, not realistic then. Got it.

1 week later
#1317 35 days ago

I fail to understand the infatuation with shaving cream. Yeah, I know what it is in the movie. Still don't want a Barbasol can bigger than the dinosaur on my playfield.

#1322 35 days ago
Quoted from sohchx:

I'd replace that generic looking jeep on the playfield straight out of the box.

I'm gonna put a Batmobile on mine just to fuck with people.

#1355 34 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Did I piss in your Cheerios all the way from here?

There's been a lot of Flynn piss around here lately. Maybe zip it up for a while?

#1426 32 days ago

When LEs start arriving I'll be curious to see if they did anything to lock down the upper flipper post.

#1522 28 days ago
Quoted from Returner:

I hope they don't use any playfield from older batches, and send overseas.

That's a great idea!

#1529 28 days ago
Quoted from Durzel:

How did Bally Williams manage to "diamond plate" (aka clearcoat) playfields with art under starposts back in the 90s without these issues?


#1581 26 days ago

Looks like it'll just perfectly catch & hold an airball. Well done.

#1718 20 days ago

Beautiful game. Premiums can't come soon enough!

#1781 17 days ago
Quoted from JediMcMuffin:

4: Should the ring around the tilt sensor pendulum be level to the ground or the table?

Ground. Your plumb bob hangs perfectly vertical thanks to gravity, regardless of game pitch. You want the ring perpendicular to the rod. And the bob centered in the ring.

1 week later
#2033 4 days ago
Quoted from BeeGeeMtl:

Anyone know when Stern will officially release the JP amber shooting rod (that lights up)?

Right after the Star Wars topper.

#2053 3 days ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

the action button scrolls through rewards, but it is WAAAYYYYYY to fast...... needs a slow down big time.

Play better! The awards are in the same order every time (except for a couple random ones in the middle). You'll get used to what's where and learn how many times to smack the button to get what you need. It's like Indy 500 award selection thing; not supposed to be easy.

choice 1 - Complete Chaos OR Super Supply Drop (when Chaos is lit or started already)
choice 2 - Clear Paddock (when in a Paddock) OR Super Combos
choice 3 - one of the following: +5 Rescues / +10 Rescues / Raptor Multiball / Extra Ball / Fossil / Super Escape
choice 4 - one of the following: +5 Rescues / +10 Rescues / Raptor Multiball / Extra Ball / Fossil / Super Escape
choice 5 - 25M Points
choice 6 - Abort - cancels the smart missile launch to save for later (shoot Truck to re-light inlane)

#2061 3 days ago
Quoted from hawkmoon77:

It seems like it'd be more intuitive to have the flippers "flip" through the award selection, and then the action button lock it in and start the counter.

Maybe more intuitive, but more dead ball time, and more total button presses.

I wish Star Wars multipliers moved like smart missile awards; each button press moves one to the right (wrap around the end). No turning off, moving both ways with flippers, turning on.

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