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Jurassic Park (Stern 2019) Owners Club. Welcome! To Jurassic park.....

By Scribbles

2 years ago

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#49 2 years ago

In on an LE, though I swore I'd never buy another LE.

This game just looked too good!

Can't wait to see what Brian Eddy is up to!

2 weeks later
#348 2 years ago

Have any LEs shipped?

1 month later
#1825 2 years ago

Just got news that LEs should be hitting Canada very soon!!!


1 week later
#1943 2 years ago

Paid the balance on my LE today and got to play a Pro for the first time.

I haven't enjoyed a new release like this in a very long time!

#1995 2 years ago

Loving this game so far! Some really satisfying shots, and definitely some difficult ones.

IMG_20191008_175104 (resized).jpg
#2089 2 years ago

Noticing some chipping in the shooter lane on day 2. Was hoping Cliffy would have something ready, but since he doesn't, I'm thinking of things to use to protect it for now.

Would a piece of mylar work? I have some small squares that are normally used by the inlane when ball drops from the wireform.

Aside from that... Game is a blast!

Got a new GC tonight, but I have absolutely no idea what I'm shooting for!

MVIMG_20191012_003601 (resized).jpg
#2096 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Get one of these as soon as available.
Means zero wear.
First thing I do on a new game.

Does it have an adhesive backing? Is it mylar?

#2097 2 years ago
Quoted from Vino:

Yes, buy a roll of it or cling vinyl and cut a good shooter template. Cheap and works great.

Do you have any images of templates you've made before? Curious to see how you've done it.

Also, if I decide to take mylar off, how difficult is it on new games?

And where do you buy you rolls?

#2100 2 years ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

Have you turned your VUK from the trough ball eject to it's lowest setting in the system menu... That may help prevent further damage

Yes, but it's still slowly indenting the lane.

Also, can anyone with an LE confirm if I'm missing a bolt and nut on the helicopter blade?

IMG_20191012_142202 (resized).jpg
#2104 2 years ago
Quoted from hawkmoon77:

Looks like mine. I think it's supposed to create an uneven weight.

Quoted from KnockerPTSD:

Just a guess that you are not and it is weighted to always return to the same position.

I think it might be missing a nut, because I found one in the box after I took the game out!

#2110 2 years ago

When I start raptor MB, the ball in the cage get caught up on the lip of the opening. Is this intentionally done? I usually just shoot at the ball to release it.

#2164 2 years ago

So I get to the third dinosaur on the map, but have no idea how to complete or end it.

The other two seemed to end when I got all the "rescue" shots.

Is it different on the third?

#2174 2 years ago
Quoted from Breger1:

that is correct, again you have to reshoot helicopter if you haven't trapped in a specific time frame

Is that for every dino on the map?

#2176 2 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

After the first couple of dinos, yes.

any way to time out the mode so that you can move on to the next dino? I'm just looking at that map and thinking it's going to be impossible to make it to end!

#2184 2 years ago

In the billion club!

Almost got to Visitor Center.

Game is awesome!

IMG_20191016_214044 (resized).jpg
#2185 2 years ago

Is Visitor Center coded yet, and would that be considered the mini-wizard?

#2232 2 years ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Amber rods are in stock, was a little glitch. Order away.

Still showing sold out when you go to checkout.

#2248 2 years ago

I can smoothly post transfer from left to right, but the right flipper just doesn't pass it regardless of how gentle or hard I press.

Any suggestions?

#2293 2 years ago

Can someone help me understand the rules for progressing through the map?

I hit two white shots, then hit a bunch of rescue shots, and then sometimes I move onto another dinosaur, or sometimes I'm unsure what to shoot.

And this seems to get more confusing as o progress past the second dino.


#2306 2 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

From the Tilt forums rulesheet:
“Playing Paddock Modes
Overview: Try to capture the dinosaur(s) in the Paddock, while also rescuing park staff. The sequence to capture the dinosaur is: rescue a certain number of staff -> set trap target(s) -> shoot Helipad (higher level paddocks) -> shoot the yellow capture arrow.”
Then repeat the MAP -> start Paddock sequence.

I feel like I've completed the first two without all those steps, or am I just so busy trying to keep the ball out of the outlanes?!?

Also, I have the game at 6.5 on a digital level, and bubble in the middle of the lines. When the ball goes to the side, there's like an 80% chance it's draining. If it hits the top of the slings, almost guaranteed it's going out.

What level are you guys at? And do you find this game heavy on the drainage?

#2371 2 years ago

Got to Visitor Center tonight, but there didn't seem to be much there.

Is it not programmed yet?

#2381 2 years ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

It is not programmed yet. I haven’t played mine in weeks, or even updated the code yet, done all I can really do in the game for now.

How about Museum Mayhem? Or is that after completing Visitors Center?

#2393 2 years ago
Quoted from wesman:

Posting this in a few topics, feel free to share.
I was concerned about Cliffy, due to his relative proximity to the current California fires and power outages, and he replied as such.
"I’m sorry but nothing going out right now as power has been cut, no internet, no way to print shipping labels. We are smothered in smoke and surrounded by fires and non-stop 50mph winds. Please let everyone know cliffys is down right now and could be a few more days without power
Sincerest apologies."
Thanks everyone!

Too notch guy. Hope he's ok!

#2421 2 years ago

Anyone happen to know when Stern is restocking the Amber shooter knob?

And for those that got it, what are your thoughts? How was the installation?

1 week later
#2570 2 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

I have had the same issues in Chaos multi ball.
Happened more than once.
Only during Chaos multi ball though.
I thought it was a code issue, maybe not though.

Same issue here on my LE. Happened twice. Can't recall what MB I was in, but it ended before all balls drained.

#2611 2 years ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Just curious, why not trust the bubble? That's what it's there for. If the floor is level, and your playfield isn't warped or something odd like that, shouldn't the bubble do the trick for front to back pitch? I've always centered the bubble, and my games play great. I'm not disagreeing, I'm curious for the reasoning. I've seen multiple people say this.

To take this a little further, a digital level or phone app will also show different angles depending on what part of the pf you place it on. For example, you might get 6.3 down by the flippers, and 6.7 up near the top of the pf.

I spoke to David at Stern about this, and his response was: "I usually try to find a straight reference on the art of the playfield, somewhere right above the slings".

I've also heard many say that they take 3 measurements (bottom, middle, top) and then take an average.

Out of my 7 games, only 2 of them measure pretty much the same from bottom to top, so for me, I take an average, and also follow what David said above, and try to get a good flat area above the slings.

#2634 2 years ago

Getting pretty much complete rejects on the T-Rex shot on my LE.

Seems to be hitting the bottom of his chin.

Any suggestions on correcting this?

#2643 2 years ago

Great ball 1... Then pinball happened!

IMG_20191109_221405 (resized).jpgIMG_20191109_221550 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2755 2 years ago

I guess that's it for now! Really sucks because I had 3 balls left. When you get this game flowing, it's pretty epic!

IMG_20191117_234741 (resized).jpg
#2763 2 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

So currently as the code is now... the gsme endd at visitor center? Does it reset and the island over, or are you stuck in limbo with nothing more to do?


As far as I could tell (with three balls) you're stick in that mode. I kept working on more raptor and Chaos MBs until my game was over.

Hoping they do something amazing for this mode.

#2779 2 years ago

Whoa that might have been one of my best balls ever...

IMG_20191119_212048 (resized).jpg
#2788 2 years ago

F'ng pinball!

After getting 464M on the very first ball, I crapped the bed on the next 3 balls and ended at 530M!

#2797 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

My friend @lawnboy came and set a 1.5 billion score on his first game on my pin the other day. Gonna take us a while to knock that one off the top.

Your first problem is you need to stop referring to him as "friend". Haha

House rule #1... If you're about to put up a new GC, I will pants you.

1 week later
#2979 2 years ago

Went to install code and got this message...

Anyone know what this means?

IMG_20191128_235411 (resized).jpg
#3048 1 year ago

I like what Keith did with Visitor Center. Anyone know how many shots needed to complete it?

Also, what follows? Is it Museum Madness and then Nublar?

#3060 1 year ago
Quoted from J-Freeze:

Visitors center starts at the rightmost 2 shots and moves counterclockwise one shot for every one you make, they can also time out and regress a shot, I beat it the other night but I cant remember if you end on the raptor pit or if you have to hit the trex shot after the raptor pit.
Museum mayhem is started by going through all 4 of the "T-REX" modes.
Secure control room is started by going through all 3 of the control room modes.
Nublar after all 3 I think.

So, just starting the modes, or completing them?

#3073 1 year ago
Quoted from Munsters:

Well this happend to all modes. 5 of the 10 times the ball returns. I did not have this in the beginning, only the last two days.
So no need to calibrate?

Same thing happening to me. T-Rex barely ever grabs the ball anymore, and this I can't start the modes.

Is there a fix to this that can be done just from the menu?

#3118 1 year ago

The jaw of my T-Rex is leaning a bit to the left on the ramp.

Can I change the bias to correct this? If so, how? There Is a setting for left and right, and then + and -.

I'm very confused!

Why not just have T-Rex alignment and then give one option to go left or right?!?

#3133 1 year ago

Can someone clarify... To start a Control Room mode (like system boot), do you just spell CHAOS once?

I'm pretty sure it spelled CHAOS three times, and didn't see the Control Room insert light up.

#3135 1 year ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

as per rule wiki
Control room modes are lit by:
Catching your first dinosaur
Spelling CHAOS twice
Starting Raptor Tri-Ball
15 tower shots

Is that the requirements for the Control Room insert beside Museum Mayhem?

Or is this just to start a mode like "system boot"?

I'm pretty sure I did all 3 modes (system boot, virus attack, etc) without spelling CHAOS 6 times!

Please clarify.


#3136 1 year ago

Also, got here last night again, but never make more than 4-5 shots. Anyone know how many are needed to finish this mode?

IMG_20191208_004739 (resized).jpg
#3139 1 year ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

If you do any of these things:
Catching your first dinosaur
Spelling CHAOS twice
Starting Raptor Tri-Ball
15 tower shots lights control room, not just spelling Chaos will start Control Room.

That makes sense!

So start the 3 modes, and that lights the Control Room insert?

#3142 1 year ago
Quoted from ectobar:

Foo listed the requirements.
There are the 3 main control room modes. Once you beat those Secure Control Room is available. After you play SCR, Invalid Frenzy is still left. It's the ? Mode and you need to unlock it. Most likely it'll be the 15 tower shots you have left.

I think you mean "play" the modes, not "beat", correct?

So after playing the 3 modes, the SCR insert will be lit?

How do I start it? And what is Invalid Frenzy? Is that a requirement to Escape Nublar?

#3158 1 year ago

Anyone know when Stern might be restocking the Amber Shooter Knob?

Been "out off stock" for weeks.

#3176 1 year ago

The post by my upper flipper is super loose.

Is this just an easy tighten from the bottom fix, or something else?

1 week later
#3321 1 year ago
Quoted from sk8ball:

I wouldn't spend too much time looking into it. This is addressed in the next code update.

Is there anything in future updates that will address the issues with T-Rex not catching the ball?

I've tried any adjustments, and still an't get it to work 100%. The first T-Rex mode (multiball) always works, because even if it does not get caught, just hit the T-Rex in the jaw will always register. So couldn't the same thing be applied to all other T-Rex modes?

I've had countless games where I am trying to start T-Rex modes, and after multiple attempts, I end up draining the ball. Really sucks the fun out of the game to be punished for a shot you're clearly making.

#3346 1 year ago

I have an LE and two months later, I can't get this T-Rex working right. Hoping Elwin does something that allows the game to recognize the shot being made without it going into the mouth. It's such a buzzkill being on the last T-Rex mission, and you're making clean shot after shot, and it just keeps bouncing out.

Feel like Stern is just slapping these things together and getting them out quicker than they should be.

#3364 1 year ago

Followed one of the T-Rex fix tutorials I found in this thread, and although it helped center the T-Rex, I think the vertical alignment is way off.

Here is a video showing the jaw slamming down on the ramp so much so that the screws are shaking loose.

Is Stern not looking at this stuff before the put a game in a box?

Anyone know what I can do to fix this?

#3371 1 year ago
Quoted from heyitsjoebob:

Couple things I noticed from your video...
First, you definitely need to tighten your ramp post screw. Shouldn't be jumping around, does not look like it's holding anything at all. That ramp has an entry opto, and each of the post screws have a small black spacer on them. Make sure everything is set and secure so that when you hit the shot it registers and flows smoothly.
In your adjustments, you should also have a vertical adjustments option, which you should work with exactly the same way you did the horizontal. I was able to get my Trex sitting pretty with just a small horizontal and vertical change. Perhaps yours got jostled in shipping more and needs more. Looks like you're close though.
Finally, since you asked multiple times, yeah I do think Stern just throws these together and puts them in a box and ships them without looking at them. Their entire manufacturing process is done by blind people as part of a community outreach project in Chicago.
Dude don't get frustrated. This machine will require tweaks and maintenance and love for it's entire lifetime. Metal ball crashing into plastic and whatnot. Things are going to happen. These two JP threads are full of great information and people to help you out when something goes cattywampus.

I'm a bit confused. You mentioned that I could change the horizontal alignment the same as the vertical. Where's that option?

I can change the horizontal bias, but not vertical.

From the fix tutorial, it should having to actually move the mech.

Did you have to physically move it like that tutorial shows?

#3383 1 year ago

FiNALLY got my T-Rex aligned properly, and wow, what a difference.

A few games in, and I got to Museum Mayhem for the first time (was hard to do when 90% of T-Rex shots were rejecting).

SPOILER ALERT: here's a quick video of Museum Mayhem being completed.

I'm wondering about a couple of things though... First, I had the "Secure Control Room" insert flashing after playing all 3 control room modes. Did I just need to make that one final shot to qualify that against Nublar Escape? I feel like it stopped flashing after a while, and because I wasn't able to make the shot, I decided to just go for Visitors Center.

In Visitors Center, all I wanted to do was run down the time to get back to shooting for Control Room, but it didn't seem to time out. Do you have to play it all the way through???

#3386 1 year ago
Quoted from Freakyguy666:

Just curious what power levels you have your flippers set at....they seem to be much lower than mine.

Factory. Maybe my coil stops are wearing out.

#3396 1 year ago

Does anyone know if you can run down the time the mini-wizard modes?

Getting to Nublar whilst having to complete or lose a ball in these modes seems pretty steep.

When I play TWD, sometimes I'll just run the clock on Horde to get back to collecting walker kills.

Wondering if the same applies in JP. I like having the option to risk and get points, or abandon the mode and go for the finish line.

#3403 1 year ago
Quoted from sk8ball:

Getting to Nublar you simply just need to play those modes. Beating the mini wiz mode awards a fossil and causes that insert to strobe. If all 3 mini wiz modes are beaten when you get to Nublar a completely different ending is enabled if you escape Nublar.

That's brilliant! I like that you can get an alternate ending for finishing them.

But what if you just want to reach Nublar by starting the modes rather than finishing. Is there a way run the clock out, or do you have to lose you ball to end it?

#3405 1 year ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

I can tell you from experience that Escape Control Room times out...

Does it show the time running down? I cradled the ball for a very long time when I was in Visitors Center, as I was hoping to run the clock so I could start Control Room and get to Nublar.

1 week later
#3568 1 year ago

Having issue with manual plunge being too weak to make the horseshoe.

I installed a Cliffy protector on my shooter lane, so not sure if that changed anything, or of it's weakened from usage.

Anyone else have this?

#3572 1 year ago
Quoted from JMK:

You could try a stronger spring.
My example came with a green one which worked fine (once I installed a couple of washers under the left fork).
I believe others have had more success with changing to an orange spring.
Player 1 should likely have these in stock if you don’t have any on hand.

Yup, mine is green.

I'll give orange a shot.


#3605 1 year ago

What is the setting to adjust so that the T-Rex always drops the ball on to the ramp?

As much as I like the random throws, I'm not sure how well the pf will do over time.

#3611 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

What is the setting to adjust so that the T-Rex always drops the ball on to the ramp?
As much as I like the random throws, I'm not sure how well the pf will do over time.

Think I got it. Changed the setting to "NO" for T-Rex ball throwing.

One more thing... Can you change the intensity of the shaker, or just the amount of use? I see it see at MAXIMAL as default. Can I have it work for everything in the game, just at a lower degree?

Trying to find things to do with the game since we T-Rex is currently out of order, and I'm waiting to see what Stern is going to do to help me out.

#3615 1 year ago

Were the flipper strengths changed at all over the last couple of updates?

I swear the game was snappier when I first bought it. I changed out the coil stops, bit still feels weaker than when I first started playing it.

3 weeks later
#3905 1 year ago

I'm all about the wizard modes, and this one is definitely epic.

This game has been coming together so nicely that my Batman 66 is now sitting collecting dust. It just shows how good Keith's code is, when you start looking at a game like BM66 as boring.

1 week later
#3991 1 year ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

If you have another ball in play, you can hit the truck to open the Lane before the missle fires AFTER you trigger the shot with the other ball... If you just have a single ball going, the open truck shot will be on Super Spinner and not Smart missle

So when the truck is turned to be a tighter shot, do you just shoot for the spinner and hope it makes it in the pool bumpers to register the missile shot?

#4067 1 year ago

Had my best first ball and game yet!

I had everything qualified for Nublar, but needed to run down the clock on TRex Encounter.

I blew a ball in Visitor's Center and Control Room wizard modes. Does the time run down on these modes? If so, might just be worth it to trap the ball if you're low on balls and close to Nublar.

IMG_20200221_215739 (resized).jpgIMG_20200221_221032 (resized).jpg
#4085 1 year ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

Geez...I can only dream of that score right now.. Takes me 3 balls to get your one ball score

You'll get there. Trust me, most of my games look NOTHING like this one! I usually get a decent score and progress going when I can time the multiballs to bring into collecting Dino's for Visitors Center. To many risky shots to do on single ball.

Quoted from trk12fire:

Love the new code. Best game ever! Should be number 1 on the top 100. AFM & MMR don't compare, IMO.

This game is definitely one of the best ever designed. sk8ball put together a masterpiece here. And he seems to have a real passion for this when you look at all the little details he puts into design and code. I don't think we've ever had a designer like this. To me, not only is the game arguably the best of all time, but Keith is the Michael Jordan of pinball.

As for MM/AFM, I have to politely disagree. The game appear simple compared to.some of these new games, but they are timeless. The shots, code, dot, sounds are all perfect. I won't play them as much as JP, as there is so much more to play for in newer games, but when I do play, I'm always smiling.

#4099 1 year ago
Quoted from accidental:

There is a new ultra wizard mode called “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth” that was added in the latest 1.0 code IIRC. It’s awarded upon completing every other mini/wizard mode.

Starting or completing?

#4177 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

Any news regarding a topper yet? After BKSOR topper I’m curious to see what Stern come up with!

And what about that shooter rod mod? I can't believe they're unable to satisfy demand on this.

1 month later
#4606 1 year ago

Anyone have an issue with the Jeep not rotating as smoothly as it did out of the box?

If so, what's the solution? Some super lube? If so, from the topside or bottom?


#4620 1 year ago

Anyone know what flat screw would be the proper replacement, and any comments on improvements after grinding down the current screws?

3 weeks later
#4894 1 year ago

Had something weird happen, and not sure if this is a bug or not.

I had T-Rex encounter ready, but can't recall if it times out because I did not hit it.

At the same time, I started Visitor's Center, and finished it. When I got back out to normal play, I bashed on the Jeep, and when I started the mode, it was T-Rex Chase!?!?

Is there away to miss Encounter, or even miss starting Museum Mayhem, and then you have to go back to earlier T-Rex events?

Sounds like something got mixed up here.

Maybe sk8ball can chime in.

#4934 1 year ago
Quoted from thescottiep:

manny65 It was easily over a hour! My mom wanted to play two players and she decided to go play ACNH after seeing me play for longer than 10 minutes. She came back and was like “Oh, are you done now?” lmao!! // jdroc Thank you!! Some key pointers: Pteranodon Attack can be HUGE (e.g. capture the Pteranodon for the additional 10x reward and keep building that multiplier before cashing out) - Try to get at least 50/60 mil for that wildcard fossil!), Make sure to save VC for last - that way you can maximize your fossil count and combos prior to cashing those in, and one solid raptor MB may be all you need to get close to breaking 1bil by itself. 2x PF (+ 1 ball relocked) = 4x + (x5/x6 from balls in play for stage 3) — a 20 or 24x Super Jackpot on this can be mind boggling!

I don't understand how you guys get these fossils. I'm a decent player, and I've been one shot away from EN, and had only one fossil. 90% of my games, I don't even collect one!

#4965 1 year ago

Anyone know if you don't hit the T-Rex before it time out to start Encounter, would you lose the chase and have to start back at the first T-Rex mode???

#5012 1 year ago
Quoted from gblack:

Make sure your slope is 7deg and try flipper power of 235.

At what spot on the playfield are you measuring? I currently have 6.3 between slings, and 6.6 near upper flipper.

1 week later
#5096 1 year ago

I know I've read here that Keith suggested 7 degrees, but manual and sticker on game say 6.5.

I'm finding the outlane drains absolutely brutal. Anyone else?

#5098 1 year ago

Alright, this is the second time it has happened and now I'm confused. I start T-Rex Rampage, and drain. The next T-Rex event I start is then Chase.

Isn't it supposed to be Museum Mayhem???

#5100 1 year ago
Quoted from metallik:

Museum comes after all the T-Rex modes are played. The order of the three single-ball modes is random after the initial feed T-Rex multiball - hitting the truck changes the mode. Rampage isn't necessarily the last mode.
Museum will lite when its ready.

I thought it went in order Feed, Chase, Encounter, Rampage?

#5107 1 year ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

I'm not sure, but I think competition/tournament have a set order to them. Here's what it says on the Tiltforums Rulesheet: "On default settings, Feed T-Rex is always played as the first mode of the game, and the other three modes cycle with shots to the truck. On Competition Install settings, the first available mode will not necessarily be Feed T-Rex, and the Feed T-Rex mode will not start immediately on spelling completion at the captive ball."

is there anything on the screen that tells you how many of the encounters you have completed or played?

#5133 1 year ago

What's the consensus on the plastic washers on the T-Rex ramp flap. Keep them or toss them?

I'm getting quiet a few rejects on clean shots, and I'm getting about 50% shots not registering to go into the T-Rex mouth.

In the adjustment instructions, it says that the T-Rex jaw should just barely touch the ramp. Mine seems to hit it pretty solidly even though I've raised it as high as it can go.

I'm getting pretty frustrated with this. I've been trying to get this game working smoothly for months, and it just doesn't seem to play right.

#5137 1 year ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

For mine, I took the spacers on the ramp cover off but then I seemed to get a lot more clean shot rejects from the ball hopping up and hitting the cover so I put them back on and it worked better for me with them on. I think some people have left them off and been good with it that way though. It seems to me as though dialing it in is a combination of a few variables and changing one can have an effect on the others, so like you said it can be a bit frustrating dialing it all in. Assuming everything else with the T-Rex is okay (no screws loose/missing, mouth opto working correctly, and jaw opening to touch the ramp) it seems like the main factors are pitch, flipper power, the ramp cover spacers on or off, and doing a fix to the ramp entrance opto (tape fix or Stern opto cover part installed) so it still registers when the ball hops up. I wish I could point out one main thing to check but it seems like it can be a combination of factors.
What's happening on the rejects? Does it seem like the ball is going into the mouth to a position where it should be held by the T-Rex and then rolling back out? Doing slow motion video on it helped me diagnose mine. When T-Rex was ready to hit I used my phone camera to record the shot so I could see how the ball was hitting it. That's how I confirmed that the ball was entering the mouth but not being held, and in my case it was the ramp entrance opto not being triggered to fire the magnet. Seems like some people have also had issues with the mouth opto, so if yours is being caught initially and then released it could be because the mouth opto isn't registering a ball there and the magnet turns off after the initial catch. Hang in there. It's frustrating now but it'll be worth it once you get it resolved and dialed in so it catches consistently

Thanks for all that. I'll take your advice and record a slow motion video to see if I can figure out what is going on.

#5146 1 year ago
Quoted from moTiv8:

Try to loose the upper and lower parts holding the T-Rex Assembly.
Move the upper part of the T-Rex as high as you can and then hold the position and fix it with the screws.
Move the lower part down as much as possible and then fix it.
This solved my problem after months of frustration (my T-Rex lower mouth was also often blocked by the right wireramp at beginning of the T-Rex event).
Hope this will help.

I did remove the 4 nuts and move it up.

Can someone who has successfully done fixed this, explain how much the jaw is touching the ramp. As in, does it lightly rest against it, or does the jaw open and whack the ramp?


#5159 1 year ago

Took some slow-mo vids of me taking shots at the T-Rex.

I've also noticed I've been getting a surprising amount of failed shots to the ramp when the T-Rex head it out of the way. Seems to either rattle at the opening, and not make it all the way up and roll back down for a guaranteed SDTM.

I have my game set at 6.5 degrees, and I've also replaced my coil stops. I also have the ramp opto fix from Stern installed.

Not sure what else to do here.

#5162 1 year ago
Quoted from gblack:

Have you messed with any of these in the latest code?
- T-Rex Adjustment Descriptions:
-- General --
"T-REX JAW HOLD POWER" - hold power of the Jaw coil each time T-Rex opens it's mouth
-- Drop or Throw Sequences --
"T-REX STEP KEEP JAW OPEN TICKS" - milliseconds the jaw is kept open after the Left Ramp opto is broken
What is your flipper power at? Being at 6.5 and not 7 with a high flipper power may be hitting it too fast? I feel that after I went to 7 deg and all flippers to 235 it made shots smoother.
Maybe just some things to try since you seem to be stuck.

Thanks for the reply.

I feel like the power is lagging at default settings since a lot of shots to the ramp seem to lack juice to go all the way up, or they rattle and roll out.

So turning down power seems like it would make it worse, no? Also, the right flipper is already 235 as default. Left flipper hit the right ramp nicely.

Is turning the hold coil power fine to use, or will it burn out the magnet?

And what is the jaw open ticks setting all about?

Thanks again!

#5164 1 year ago
Quoted from Lounge:

Double check that ramp opto piece installation - it looks like it’s misaligned (0:20 in the first video) - that could be causing a lot of your problems.

What do you mean by misaligned? Can you share a photo of yours?

Also, should the T-Rex by shaking around like mine is when it gets hit?

Can anyone else confirm if theirs shakes like this, or is more sturdy?

#5185 1 year ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

Great videos! I'm probably putting way too much thought into this, but here's my take on the shots from the videos:
1) Video 1, shot 1 - seems to hit the right edge of the ramp just before going into the mouth and then hops more up and hits the front part of the roof of the mouth vs. going into the mouth. Mouth seems to close after the entrance opto is crossed on the way out and then opens up again when the mouth opto says no ball there.
2) Video 1, shot 2 - rattler
3) Video 1, shot 3 - hits right side of mouth and again seems to hop up and not really make it much past the front part of the mouth opening. Again seems like the mouth closes when the entrance opto is crossed on the way out and re-opens when the mouth opto says no ball there.
4) Video 2, shot 1 - looks like a clean shot but with normal speed video it's hard to tell for sure if it goes into the mouth or hops up to hit the front part of the roof of the mouth. Seems like it went in but wasn't caught though. And again the mouth closes when the entrance opto is crossed on the way out. This one is very similar to the missed catches I was having on mine before I put tape over the lower half of the opto opening.
5) Video 2, shot 2 - again a solid shot but again seems to hop more straight up and hit the front part of the roof of the mouth vs. going into the mouth. I think this one's again iffy as to whether or not it should have been caught. I still occasionally have some shots like this that hop up and aren't caught.
6) Video 2, shot 3 - ball doesn't hop up when entering the mouth and rolls nicely in and is caught.
So, my look at it is that you seem to be getting some hop up into the front part of the roof of the mouth on some shots that aren't being caught. I'd think those misses would be due to one or two (or a combination of both) things: 1) the ball isn't catchable because it's hopping up and hitting the front part of the roof of the mouth, or 2) those ball is catchable but your entrance optos aren't triggering. If the issue is the hop then it might be corrected by adjusting pitch and/or flipper power. If it's the opto I'd think it might be corrected by aligning them or test adding tape to the bottom of the opto opening to see if it helps.
To me everything else looks like it's setting up the right way for it to work. Jaw seems to be resting nicely on the ramp when it's open. Still frustrating for you I know, but with these videos it seems like there's a couple things to try adjusting in order to get it dialed in. Hope it helps.

EaglePin @prodoshi Lounge thank you all for trying to help me out here.

Took some photos and hopefully this gives you guys more to comment on. The Stern ramp fox seems to be installed properly, but you guys tell me.

Also, I raised the T-Rex assembly behind the backboard. Maybe that is why it wobbles so much? Where do you guys have yours set?

And is the upper flipper aligned right. Definitely doesn't line up with the hole, but other pics I've seen, it looks off too.

Thank you all again! Really hoping to get this game working so I can enjoy it.

IMG_20200602_225825~2 (resized).jpgIMG_20200603_222915 (resized).jpgIMG_20200603_222925 (resized).jpgIMG_20200603_222956 (resized).jpgIMG_20200603_223007~2 (resized).jpgIMG_20200603_223035~2 (resized).jpg
#5190 1 year ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

1) I haven’t put the Stern opto part on yet. I’m still rolllin’ with the tape fix. Hopefully someone who’s put it on can comment on yours.
2) I don’t think you had any issue at all with wobble on yours. Your videos looked the same as mine for that. I just took pictures of my screw positions. First pic is the right side screws. 2nd pic circled in yellow is the upper left screw. Lower left is blocked by wires so I couldn’t get a pic of it.
3) Your upper flipper is in the same spot mine is in, and it’s correct. For that flipper, the hole is supposed to line up with the top of the bat. Yours looks perfectly lined up with the yellow top edge of the flipper bat. Here’s a link to a post by Keith Elwin confirming flipper alignment with the holes:
Hope this helps.
[quoted image][quoted image]

You're an awesome dude! Appreciate all the pics and help.

Any chance you could post a pic of your two.lower flippers, so I can see how they are lined up.

#5243 1 year ago

I'll just say this... EaglePin is a freaking awesome guy, and that Stern topper is a total piece of sh#t!

I was also considering a TMNT, but with the fact I'm still working out problems on Jurassic after 6 months, Dwight and his code debacles, and most importantly, all this greediness that Stern is trying to pull off with toppers and other junk, I'M OUT!

I'll wait to see what JJP puts out next, or I'll go back and buy some older games that I have had on my list.

Vote with your wallets! Don't sit around complaining about a company that cuts corners and gouges their loyal customers, and then give them your hard earned money.

#5262 1 year ago

In the lowest vertical position should the head of the T-Rex sort of sit between the sides of the ramp so that it cannot freely move left and right without hitting the ramp?

Also should the assembly in the back rock back and forth this much?

#5264 1 year ago

And if I'm in position 66 in the vertical test, and I press the interlock, this happens...


#5266 1 year ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

Yeah, I don’t think you want to do that When the vertical test starts the first thing that happens is the head moves side to side to check its home position. So I think when you pulled the interlock while the test was already teed up in the menu and the head was low it started its normal side to side check but was blocked because it was low. I’m not positive about it but that seems like what was happening there.

Why would they allow you to go into that position, and then if you let go of the interlock, and press it again, you're pretty much stuck.

I just played a few games and seems when the T-Rex event is started, the head lowers and is always in a slightly different position. Sometimes centered, sometimes slightly left or right. I think because the jaw touches the ramp before the head stops moving, it affects the final resting position.

Nothing I can do about that either, as I've jacked the assembly up as high as it can possibly go.

Anyone else have this issue?

Did anyone has to jack the assembly in the back all the way up like this photo just so the T-Rex could open it's jaw?

IMG_20200604_235318~2 (resized).jpg
#5269 1 year ago

Anyone know how I can fix my truck so it sounds freely. Now only budging when you make a perfectly placed shot to the center of the stationary ball.

#5321 1 year ago

Played again tonight and T-Rex isn't catching again.

Looks like the jaw drops and hit the ramp initially, then after a few seconds, it closes and reopens slightly to the left.

Also, the jaw occasionally stays half open, so that the ball gets lodged under it.

Can anyone identify the problem from this video? Best to watch it in slow-mo.

#5326 1 year ago

One other thing I've noticed us that my post passes seem weak. Either it's a small skip that barely makes it over to the other flipper, or it falls short and hits the tip of the other flipper.

I'm pretty good at post passes, so it's not that. Also, all my other games like Maiden, Batman, TWD have nice strong passes.

Anyone else experience this and know how to fix?

#5328 1 year ago
Quoted from MrMikeman:

Yep same. I don't know how you do your post passes but if you leave the receiving flipper down, let the ball bounce and roll up a bit, you should be able to trap it on it's way down. I know my son does his passing with the receiving flipper already up and it often doesn't work on JP.

The problem is, sometimes the passes are so weak, that up or down on the receiving flipper won't really matter.

No other game feels like that. All my other games are either super strong passes, or just right.

Anyone else have this issue with JP or any other Stern, and know how to fix it?

I've replaced the coil stops and coil sleeves on both flippers. I've used the spacer tool to ensure there is some up/down play on the flipper bat. Just feels like this game is off.

#5330 1 year ago
Quoted from jdroc:

I can consistently and easily pass from left flipper to right. My right to left doesn't have enough juice (or just doesn't bounce "right") to bounce up the left flipper so I can trap it - R to L lands about 2/3 of the way down the L flipper so my only option is to let it bounce once then shoot for the A, O, or S shots. I'm not sure what I could tweak to make this more reliable (without changing the alignment which I think is dialed in)

I'm just confused why other recent games like my BM66 and Maiden feel nice and strong on passes, but JP just doesn't.

Hoping I can find an answer to this.

#5335 1 year ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

from time to time i have had problems with the right pass, but now it works perfectly.

Are the flipper bats on this title supposed to be dead centre with the holes, or slightly lower?

#5337 1 year ago
Quoted from ectobar:

The lower flippers yes, the upper one no.

And left power should be 255, and 235 on the right?

#5351 1 year ago

Still having issues making post passes due to these weak feeling flippers.

My Maiden and Batman pass with lots of power behind it.

You'll see this one barely makes it to the top of the other flipper while it's down. When I try to catch it on the right flipper, it either hits the tip and goes down the drain, or I hit it right into the slings.

Anyone know what I can do about this?

#5356 1 year ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

1. Angle of playfield? should be 7
2. Replaced flipper rubber recently? Try new red flipper rubber
3. Have you changed flipper power from defaults? Left should be 255, Right 235
4. Are your coil stops bad, I replaced mine after a couple hundred games as the ones from stern were blown out
5. What kind of sling rubber do you have, I have found anything but titans and real rubber give a dead bounce
6. Leveling, is your table level from left to right at top and bottom of playfield
7. Are your guide rails tightened?
These are all subtle, but tweaking each one could give better results, the biggest difference were coil stops, leveling left to right and at 7 degress and new red rubber from Pinball Life

Coil stops, coil sleeves, and springs all replaced.

I'm at 6.7 degrees and perfectly level side to side.

Stock power settings and red rubbers.

I noticed on one of the Stern streams, they were using black rubber. Did some games ship with black?

#5370 1 year ago
Quoted from roar:

I didn't know it was between the flippers you measure to, cause at the flippers I get 6.5 middle of the playfield I get 7 and towards the top I get 7.5. Maybe it's science or maybe I need a new level

Mine is the same. 6.7 degrees 3/4 way up the pf, and 6.2 between slings. I think slightly raised inserts can also change the level slightly when you measure.

#5371 1 year ago

So it's sounding like Stern is randomly sending some games with black rubber, and others with red?!?!

Anyone with a fairly new build get black rubber?

#5376 1 year ago
Quoted from gblack:

Pro has black. Prem and LE have red. It’s in the Stern pics on their site.

The premium in the Stern streams has black.

#5382 1 year ago

Yup, now it definitely seems like it's random. I think I prefer the way black plays, so might change that out now. Maybe it will improve the post passes... Let's see!

#5387 1 year ago

Red is softer, so the bounce will be different. I think I've become so used to playing with black standard rubber, that I just like the feel.

On another topic, does anyone know if there is a setting to register a TRex hot once the ball crossed the ramp opto, just like on the first TRex event (Trex Fed)?

I figure this might quell my frustration over TRex rejections. Nothing worse just needing to make that shot, and the Trex just isn't catching balls.

#5400 1 year ago

Anyone know what setting allow the Trex to register hit by the ramp optos, rather than needing to catch? (Just like on Trex Fed event)

#5445 1 year ago

Spoke to someone at Stern, and they have confirmed that red flippers should only be on LE games, and also, that the pitch of the game should be at 6.5.

I know people say KME says 7.0, but directly from Stern, they're still saying 6.5, which makes things more confusing, like the fact that red flippers should only be on LE models, yet, other models still get them.

3 weeks later
#5715 1 year ago

Love the code on this game, but one thing that I hope Keith will add, is something that tells you how many T-Rex encounters you've been through. Because they are random, it's really hard to keep track of where you are with them, especially with everything else going on.

Maybe a screen in the info that tell you "1 out of 4" or something like that would be helpful.

Also, no matter what I have tried, the T-Rex is still not catching balls consistently. I have the T-Rex assembly jacked up as high as I possibly can get it, and when the head lowers in the bottom position, it slightly hit the right side of the ramp, and slides off of it to the left.

Is this normal?

#5772 1 year ago

What a killer ball! Very first ball, got two T-Rex events, 1 control room, and made it to Visitors Center and drained.

Come on sk8ball we need a T-Rex event count on the screen somewhere!

IMG_20200710_010259 (resized).jpg
#5804 1 year ago

Is the truck ball always in the closed/right position when you start your missile shot?

#5806 1 year ago

I swear I've had it start with the ball rotated on the left, but my memory is poop.

Anyone know if it's supposed to always start with the ball on the right, so the shot is tougher to make?

#5819 1 year ago

If you bought a motorized T-Rex assembly from Stern, could you get it to work on a pro?

#5870 1 year ago

Nothing added to the screen to keep count of what T-Rex event you're on?

DNA combo extra ball is noooooooice though!

2 weeks later
#6086 1 year ago

Anyone have issues with the ball rattling up the left ramp, and coming back down?

I also have a bunch of dents (dimples) in the ramp flap. I'm not sure if this is from the many T-Rex rejects I get, or from shots possibly rattling off the clear plastic air ball protector.


#6087 1 year ago
Quoted from dudah:

This is my first Stern NIB. My 3D printed flipper aligner shows the lower flippers are both offset.
Despite the tool, the straight edge held up to the lane guide shows it's off.
Are these misaligned from the factory or is this how the geometry on this/Stern games is?
[quoted image][quoted image]

Did yours come like that? I've had to replace my coil stops, and when I put everything back together, I lined the middle of the tip of the bats to the hole.

Yours looks like if you drew a line down the top of the bat, it would connect to that alignment hole?

For example, yours looks it's where the red line is, but I have mine adjusted to the green.

Can anyone else confirm if theirs is like this? Should it be like the red or green when it comes from the factory?

JP_flippers (resized).jpeg
#6091 1 year ago
Quoted from StoneyCreek:

Yup. Happens about 1 in 20 ramp shots. The ball goes up out of sight, then rattle and return....mostly SDTM. I haven't taken the glass of and inspected yet as I atribute it to a combination of some wierd spin, and/or just a normal rejection rate due to the physics of the ramp.
I'm more concerned with the reject rate for the tower shot.

Did you remove the two black plastic spacers?

Also, can someone who has not adjusted their flippers from factory setting, share a photo from above, and one from a side angle, to get a better idea as to where they're set.

In my photo above, from birds eye, it looks like it's droopy, but from the side, it looks dead on with the center of the tip of the bat.


#6141 1 year ago
Quoted from Saddath:

Just read 2 posts below the post you linked.
Keith clearly confirms:
Middle of the flipper to the middle of alignement hole.
The top flipper: top of the flipper to the alignement hole.
I think thats pretty clear.

Can some share a photo from a side angle (hard to tell from directly above) showing where the hole is lined up with the bat.

Obviously someone who has not adjusted it from factory setting.


#6178 1 year ago

Does these flippers look aligned correctly?

Also, is there any other fox for the shooter problem other than the washer under the left side of the fork?

I have issue with both manual and auto launch. Actually almost reached Nublar tonight, and sadly lost my game to a bad launch that threw the ball SDTM

IMG_20200805_004126 (resized).jpg
#6186 1 year ago
Quoted from Manny65:

I think that might be just the camera position, which seems more over the top of the left flipper and creating a slight parallax error ... just hard to tell

Here's a couple different angles...

IMG_20200806_015451 (resized).jpgIMG_20200806_015522 (resized).jpgIMG_20200806_015551 (resized).jpg
#6188 1 year ago
Quoted from Manny65:

The first pic it would seem to be marginally lower than the hole but again I think this is more parallax error, as the 2nd pic shows they are aligned or that close to it. I'd be happy with it and even if it is out by a faction of a mm, your brain/body will learn the timing of your game to make the shots.

I think that's just it... the flipper can look off from looking above, but perfectly aligned when looking from the sides.

So, should it be aligned with the hole while you look from straight above, or from the side?

#6198 1 year ago
Quoted from Manny65:

I don't believe that this degree of accuracy really matters, as there are so many other variances in each machine. Owners will tweek the PF pitch and flipper positions according to their own preferences and their individual machine to fine tune it to their liking. But there is no right or wrong answer as you'll just get used to how your individual machine plays - as long as it's physically possible to hit all the shots, which is why Keith has indicated the game was designed with droopy flippers to be able to make those wide shots.
I, for example simply look down from above in aligning mine. My biggest issue has nothing to do with the machine itself ... but rather my own playing skill

Agreed, there will also be slight variances from the factory since these are hand assembled.

Can someone who has not moved their flippers from the factory setting, please take a photo from above, and also from the sides.

Thanks so much!

#6200 1 year ago
Quoted from ectobar:

Can you make the shots?
If so, stop worrying about it. It doesn't matter. Your game isn't ever going to play exactly like anyone else's.

Not worrying

Just looking for some pics for comparison.


#6245 1 year ago

I recall seeing a post about adjusting the shooter to ensure the ball was being hit dead center to fix those launch issue.

I'm getting about a 50% fail on auto and manual plunges.

Anyone find a fix for this?

#6248 1 year ago
Quoted from finnflash:

It looks like mine has one from the factory, would that be correct? Or should I put another one under there?

Can you share a photo of how it came from the factory?

#6260 1 year ago

Interesting... This is how it came to you from Stern? No previous owners?

#6261 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

I can't remember if it was this thread or another one but I mentioned bending in and out the claws of the shooter mech individually to dial in your auto plunged balls and someone wanted to see what I meant. Here is a picture of my Deadpool that was shooting the ball into the left rail constantly. By bending in the left tab just slightly inward it now protrudes ever so slightly further than the right tab (against the ball) and thus pushes the ball slightly to the right at launch. Because it now counteracts whatever was making it shoot into the left wall it now goes nice and straight.
My tip for getting a straight shooting autoplungers is to always start with those two tabs perfectly level across and centered on the ball. Watch the path of the ball real close (ideally in slow motion) to see what it may be hitting to get it off center. Then adjust the tabs to push the ball slightly the other direction. This has worked really well on all my games with this design of the shooter claw. On the older version (that doesn't have the cross brace) it didn't work as well as the tabs wouldn't hold their position very long.
Worth a shot for those that have a really bad auto plunger but the manual plunge works well.[quoted image]

How does this look?

IMG_20200810_142552 (resized).jpgIMG_20200810_142559 (resized).jpgIMG_20200810_142609 (resized).jpg
#6271 1 year ago
Quoted from finnflash:

I am the second owner, but I was under the impression he did not do anything to the game. I will find out.

As far as I know from talking to Stern, they are not doing that. But definitely look into it a d report back.

#6283 1 year ago

Here's what's happening 50% of the time with my auto and manual launch:

Everything looks centered to me in the photos.

Anyone else have this and get it fixed?

IMG_20200810_142552 (resized).jpgIMG_20200810_142609 (resized).jpg
#6291 1 year ago
Quoted from Manny65:

I've not seen a trough kickout protector do that before. Did you install the protector as new or is this a 2nd game? Was it sitting perfectly flat with no overhang?
Also I'd suggest removing it as the way it is it may damage your PF and balls

Never saw a kick out do what?

And what are you suggesting may damage balls and pf?

I'm the only owner, so Cliffy was installed by yours truly.

And just realized the slow motion setting on the video wasn't saved as I edited, so the failed shot is at full speed

#6297 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Never saw a kick out do what?
And what are you suggesting may damage balls and pf?
I'm the only owner, so Cliffy was installed by yours truly.
And just realized the slow motion setting on the video wasn't saved as I edited, so the failed shot is at full speed

Yes, it is flat.

I am going to try the washer trick, and see if that works. Next thing I need to figure out (aside from the T-rex that still misses a significant number of shots) is the truck. Mine only rotates on a perfectly placed shot to the center of the stationary ball from the lower flippers.

#6313 1 year ago
Quoted from jacksparrow0112:

First time pin owner so pardon my inexperience. Came home from vacation to a noticeably weaker right flipper. Skill shots aimed at left ramp hitting somewhere around the raptor cage. I took a look at the flipper assembly and coil stop and didn’t see anything initially. There is some black powder that I could wipe off, not nothing looked out of place. What recommendations do you have for getting my flipper back to working order? I checked the game menu to confirm my right flipper power is still set to where it was before vacation. Thanks in advance.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Recent Stern titles are notorious for coil stop issues, so best to just swap them out.

I know the feeling of being a first time owner, as I had a flipper issues with my first NIB game, and I felt lost.

So to make things easier for you, grab yourself a few of these:


And a few of these:


I also would personally grab a few of these:


If you're unsure of how to install them, just post here and someone will help out. It might seem daunting, but it's actually super easy.


#6375 1 year ago

So, was watching a Buffalo Pinball stream last night, and noticed that when Kevin was post passing, it had significant power like all of my other modern Sterns have.

Now I realize there is definitely something off with my JP. When I post pass, it seems to hit the slingshot post hard, and then lose power getting over the the other flipper. The lack of power, doesn't allow the ball to hip up enough to catch it on the other side. It just barely gets to the tip of the right flipper, and you're forced then to flip the ball away, as catching is impossible.

Watch this at 0.25 speed to see what I'm talking about.

Does anyone know what could be causing this. I watched a few more stream today, and it's very clear that something is off here.

I've replaced both coil stops, so not sure what else to do?

#6381 1 year ago
Quoted from DudeRegular:

Try to swap your flipper rubber back just to see if it as any different.

Quoted from MrMikeman:

Have you lowered flipper power from default? I haven’t. (JPLE also).
Also i find that the flipper pass timing on JP is different than my W/B games. Delay your flip a fraction of a second more. I also changed flipper rubbers because the red ones were creating a lot of red debris. I got perfectplay rubbers. Shiny and green lol.
On my game left to right works ok. Right to left is so-so.

Red rubber was even worse. Black improved, but barely. I probably get it across to the right 30% of the time enough to actually catch it.

Rest of the time, it's just a weak-ass pass that I have to immediately flip or it's a drain.

What could be causing this? Anyone?

I'm considering rebuilding the entire flipper, which is insane for a brand new LE game.

#6383 1 year ago
Quoted from gorditas:

I feel like my left flipper reed needed adjustment. It engaged with the slightest depression of the button, which also means that contact isn't broken unless you completely remove your finger. This might be happening to you as well, and since the contact is never fully open, you are only getting the hold section of the flipper coil, and thus a seemingly weak flipper.

So you widened the space of the EOS switch, or the flipper button switch?

#6388 1 year ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

you can try loosening the bottom sling post and push it in one direction when tightening it again, the same with the inlane metal guide.
i think in your case the problem is the angle of the ball hitting the sling post. a little can make much difference.

Interesting thought. I'm going to look at where that post is compared to my Maiden.

#6406 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Can't speak for all your post pass but the one in your video was not the fault of your flippers. It was improperly timed for a post pass. The ball hit the left side of the star post in that video which threw it more up the left lane loosing all it's momentum. For the post pass to work properly the ball needs to hit just slightly to the right of that post center point. Your ball took the yellow path I made below. It needs to take the blue path.
Post up a video of the ball in a cradle shooting the spinner and right ramp. Seeing that will tell if the flipper is lacking power or not. One other thing to look for if you hit the timing right and it still doesn't work. Make sure that post is tight without the tension of the rubber. If it's loose it will absorb a lot of ball momentum.
[quoted image]

I've tried the post pass so many times, that I can confidently say it's the game and not me. I can go over to ay other machine and do it successfully almost every time, but almost never on JP.

Lots of great input from all of you great people as to what may be causing it, so need to figure out what I should try first.

Can someone take a close up photo of their lower star post, so I can see if the position differs from what I have on my game. I will also make sure that mine is tightened properly. Once I figure out if the post is positioned properly, I will move onto checking the switch gaps.

Thank you all again!

#6415 1 year ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

gonna bump this had no responses...am I the only one that has a T-Rex that has seizures on a regular basis?

Is it getting caught on the wireform? Mine would do that in the lowest position, and when I raised it, the problem stopped.

Unfortunately, it still does not catch most balls. Still working on that, and a list of other things.

Looking forward to the day when this game plays smoothy like the other games I have.

#6419 1 year ago

If anyone has a moment, can you take a quick photo of the lower slingshot post on the left side (that the ball would hit off of if you were doing a post pass).

Thanks so much!

#6420 1 year ago


IMG_20200817_230733 (resized).jpg
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Quoted from seenev:

Did they start making these with different colors? Mine looks more brown.

Good eye... Looks like earlier runs might have been green, and now they've gone brown.

IMG_20200818_003606 (resized).jpg
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Quoted from seenev:

Bummer. I kind of like green better. Oh well.
What are you doing there?

Swapping out my defective one, with one that hopefully does work. Spent 4 hours trying to fix my list of issues tonight, and at the end of it, I didn't even turn the machine on to test it out!

Will try tomorrow and hope it all works finally!

#6430 1 year ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

Here you go, I removed the rubber for you. the image is also taken from high aboth the machine so you dont get confused by camera angles.
You really can move that post quite much, remove the rubber first... you just have to loosen it up from the top, no need to lift the PF.
zoom in for better quality
[quoted image]

I really appreciate you doing that. I actually adjusted mine last night but I pushed it slightly to the front corner (4 or 5 o'clock of we were looking at a clock).

Looks like yours is sort of pointed at 9 o'clock.

When I get a chance today I'm going to fire up the game and see how it's playing after I made all of these adjustments last night.

We'll report back.

#6493 1 year ago

No idea how 85vett is putting up those insane scores, but had my very best single ball of pinball EVER!

Didn't seem like I could miss a shot on that ball. Got to Museum Mayhem, got to the last paddock, and had 2 T-Rex events done.

I was on my last T-Rex event, and had everything else finished in order to Escape Nublar. Just couldn't keep it together!

My T-Rex is also still acting up, so had a few close calls when balls would reject and drain back down.

Finished with 1.3 billion.

IMG_20200821_010736 (resized).jpg
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Quoted from Snailman:

Nice game!
Over on tilt forum, I did an approximate score breakdown from my best game ever on JP where I did all the things. Copy/pasted below:
******* http://tiltforums.com/t/stern-jurassic-park-rulesheet/5644/690 ********
My best at 8.7B was simply playing through the whole game: completing modes (getting fossils), going through all paddocks, keeping a long rescue streak going, good bonus, EB’s, and big payoffs at Visitor Center, Escape Nublar, and When Dinos Ruled the Earth. I also had an epic Secure Control Room that game of nearly 600M.
Rough point estimates (at base value – no 2x PF):
Good modes: around 100M for completed ones. T-Rex Rampage is uncapped, and can get around 200-250M. There are seven, so sub-total of 700M.
Finishing modes leads to Fossils, and wildcard fossils to fill in the gap. All fossils = 900M
Rescue Streak: If you choose the Right side first dino, if you get a Streak of 25, then you’ve scored close to 200M from your cumulative Rescue scores alone.
Dino captures, and some perfect paddocks. Around 60M for Dino bounties, and if I got Perfect Paddocks on around 2/3 of them, then that’s an additional 80M, for 140M.
Visitor Center bonus: if you’ve gotten a lot of Fossils, Rescue Streak, and decent DNA combos, along with max paddocks, then you can get 1B from just the initial bonus.
Secure Control Room: It’s typically only around 150M for me if I complete it, but I was on fire with 2x scoring running, and got almost 600M.
Escape Nublar: I wasn’t focused on time, so I went through more paddocks than needed, getting over 1B.
When Dinos: played it well for 1.4B.
Bonus: if you go through Super Preds, your BonusX and natural bonus from all the Rescues, Fossils, etc can add up to 200M per ball. Let’s assume 100M bonus on average, and I’d played a total of 6 balls, I believe, for 600M.
Using those rough estimates, that accounts for 6.6B of the score.

That's insane. I don't see myself ever reaching WDRTE. Even when I'm on the doorstep of Escape Nublar, I still have like 2 fossils captured at best.

Not exactly sure how you can control the ball enough to complete every mode in the game, as well as finish all the mini-wizards. Don't seem humanly possible, but then again, I'm not a competitive player and don't really aspire to be.

Curious to know what your ranking is. I imagine only those with super high rankings will ever see WDRTE, and that's probably what Keith intended.

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Quoted from 85vett:

Let's just say, he's won a Pinburgh Championship
snailman - Sure am looking forward to you kicking my butt on the regular again some day. I think I miss those monthly league days more than the actual tournaments.

Now I don't feel so bad. Sounds like you're not too far from a Pinburgh title yourself!

#6512 1 year ago
Quoted from Snailman:

I'm not evasive about who I am. https://www.ifpapinball.com/player.php?player_id=10903
85vett was merely being respectful about online anonymity when talking about others.

17th place... Not bad.

My ranking has 5 digits, so I'm just going to tell myself that the higher number is better

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Quoted from Snailman:

You've hit the nail on the head. The way that Elwin has designed the tight shots in this game, and the rules for finishing modes, if you're not playing controlled pinball, then it will be incredibly difficult to have games where you succeed at completing multiple modes and all three mini-wizards in the same game.
You need the full arsenal of flipper control moves in Jurassic Park -- except for loop passes.
I think that the toughest mode/multiball to complete (and earn the Fossil) in JP is Chaos MB. Thank goodness for wildcard fossils!

Why don't you guys record these games and pop them on Youtube?

Karl does a lot of videos and you learn a lot from watching them, but you also realize you suck haha.

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Quoted from Lounge:

In one of KME’s interviews he stated that he designed the game to be set at 7.0*.

Does anyone have a link to this? Email Stern and ask them, and they'll tell you 6.5 all day long.

I've had my game at 6.5 from day one as I do with all my games, and the side to side action is super challenging to control. I set my game to about 6.8-7 this past week, and I find it significantly easier to play because the side drains are easier to defend.