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By Scribbles

76 days ago

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#241 58 days ago

Grabbing mine tomorrow!

#277 57 days ago
0D0742C1-7790-4028-A74F-811EB593D090 (resized).jpeg
#298 56 days ago

So my one way gate in the raptor pit broke after about 4 games last night...anyone else had this issue?

I've emailed Stern already and I'm sure they will take care of it, just curious if it is a common thing or if this was a bit of a freak incident.

pasted_image (resized).pngpasted_image (resized).png
#300 56 days ago
Quoted from pickleric:

Wonder if it got hung up and then a direct impact destroyed it?

Quite possible. Just next thing I knew it was laying in the center of my playfield.

#347 55 days ago

My game has been on location for about 48 hours, I'll go down after work and check on the post. I believe I have some locktite in my tool kit though so shouldn't be too hard to solve.

#391 54 days ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

So, total amateur question here, but if I have a brand new SD card ready to go, what's involved in updating the code? Layman's terms, I'm no computer guru

Well put SD card away and get a USB stick with like 8GB, files are smaller than that but may as well be safe, and it is super easy. Download code, move two files to the usb stick, turn off game, put in stick, turn on game, follow display instructions

#622 51 days ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Well seems like a fun time but haven't had a large chunk to get into it yet.
For those keeping score my Raptor pit gate broke on the 4th play.
EDIT: WTF is this thing made out of? Doesn't feel like a normal gate...or live as long

We are twins with game 4 gate breaks! For what it is worth sent picture and serial number to Chas at Stern and he said one would be in the mail...but in all honesty I kind of like how it plays without the gate.

#626 51 days ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

If it plays well without the gate, what exactly was the gate there for? I understand it's a 1 way gate, so the ball would enter and not roll back out. What does the ball do now? Does it still feed to the left flipper?

It just makes it so that it can exit straight back down sometimes instead of hitting that gate and going to the C/Control room area. Makes it a bit more like Sparky, but since the reality is most shots at the Raptor area don't get all the way to that back target typically it doesn't have a huge impact on how it does shoot. I have had it happen twice where I hot the C/Control Room shot and it actually turns into the pit area and returns via that path.

#640 51 days ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Right there in the middle of the playfield, glaringly obvious from all angles

I've heard of a few people having this issue. Damn Stern and their evil rubber bands!

#712 50 days ago

Here is my best so far...what are people using for scoring strategies? The game seems really well balanced to me in both scoring and what it makes you shoot all over the playfield. Although I think I've only started raptor tri-ball maybe like 2-3 times.

JP score (resized).jpg
#715 50 days ago

Yep the T-Rex truck mode I know I've scored over 100 million in. A lot of the other things seem to come from a stacked Chaos with 2x scoring. I'm definitely trying to capture at least 2 dinosaurs before I start a Chaos since those dino awards stick around the rest of the game.

#822 49 days ago

Yeah I don't feel this game really has any unfair drains in it, seems pretty normal with factory set up, but yes the left outlane could be more closed if you wanted to adjust a post.

#836 49 days ago

I think there are build up rewards for shots to the tower ramp, not sure what they are but they seem to build up

#1108 43 days ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Darn, been checking the FWPinball site to see if any showed up yet. It isn't listed yet at Summit or Floyds. I know where I'm headed this week!
Thanks for letting the Indiana guys know where some are out in the wild.

Lafayette has one as well, and I'm pretty sure Indianapolis should have 2-3 on location from what I've heard.

#1109 43 days ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Wonder if it's the ramps or just the inlanes?

It is the ramps, the spinner works kind of similar to the spinner on Nine Ball, build value then collect. I also realized T-Rex multiball has levels kind of like Tropper on Maiden. I put up 74 million in the T-Rex Multiball last night, and later jdoz2 told me the jackpots are worth even more if you hit them from left to right on the playfield so I'm going to give that a try later tonight.

#1181 41 days ago

I got to Visitor Center last night and nothing seemed to happen...Is there nothing coded in for that yet or was I just not seeing the lit shot or something?

#1183 41 days ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I read Visitor Center hasn’t been coded yet.

Okay that makes sense then, thanks.

#1198 41 days ago

My game is just set up factory. I got there again today. It really isn’t too tough of a game but strategy on maxing our score is where it gets interesting. Finally put up a billion tonight

#1216 40 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

I'd love to hear other people's strategies for playing and getting 500+M scores.
Listening to Elwin the other day on h2h what stood out to me was he said (paraphrasing) that the paddocks weren't even what you go for.. its the kind of stuff that just kind of happens as you go.
I've been playing paddocks almost exclusively... with Chaos coming as the shots are available vs timing of what was happening in the paddock at the moment (like trying to get that final capture, etc).
For me right now, 300-400m is pretty common... but my high is about 650. Getting over 350+ is uncommon.
The raptor pit I didn't see great reward on...
I find it hard to get a good spin on the truck, making t-rex modes a little harder.. and haven't seen huge points there
So far it seems chaos+good jackpots is the biggest boost.
What are the other ways people are chasing points?

I'm always trying to stack a paddock mode with t-rex or control room mode whenever possible and occasionally bring in chaos as well. Also double scoring combined with a mode stack and chaos seems to really blow it up if played well. The t-rex modes other than the multiball one seem to be pretty valuable to me. The paddocks themselves I don't think are worth a ton of points but their perks I think really help your score grow.

#1283 38 days ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Can I officially ask for a picture of someone's raptor area one way gate PLEASE. Got my replacement but it's still not working well.
I was excited to get to the Visitor's Center tonight...until I remembered nothing happens

I got mine too. I haven’t installed it though

#1380 35 days ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Harder dinos need more rescues to light traps, they also will need both traps. Then the yellow lights are lit to bag and tag them suckers. Now, I know I've hit the helipad ramp when lit and not have it do anything, so I avoid it if other shots are lit in yellow.
Now the timing that is a good question. I imagine too many incapacitated workers would end it? Or maybe not hitting get yellow shots?

There will be a callout that says you need to refuel the helicopter if you haven't captured the dinosaur soon enough after hitting the helipad shot the first time. I did also notice one time when I definitely shot the helipad shot while it as lit though and it didn't register, I assumed it was just a switch error of some sort but not certain.

#1467 32 days ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

So, how does one go about lighting the clear "escape" insert in the left outlane? I've done it multiple times but I dont know how I'm doing it.

Over switch to upper left of pop bumper area to get it flashing at target on lower left side. Shoot target while flashing to light escape.

#1566 29 days ago

Finally had a ball get stuck under the truck last night. First time in about 500 games on the machine so not bad.

3 weeks later
#1967 8 days ago

I heard of someone being sent a playfield repair kit from stern for their playfield damage...has anyone else heard about this at all? Has anyone heard back from Stern at all when sending in pictures of your damaged playfield?

#1993 7 days ago
Quoted from floyd1977:

My left ramp shots don't register when I hit it solidly. Is it possible the ball is going over the opto beam, or is that just crazy talk? I need to find a magnet and drag a ball across the top of the plastic that covers the ramp to see if that is even possible.
Anyone else have that issue?

My opto there got disconnected at the board under the playfield. It was an orange connector and the wiring was very tight I loosened it up and haven’t had issues since.

#2028 6 days ago
Quoted from tonedef131:

I've tried downloading the pro code 3 times and it keeps saying invalid when I try to open the zip file. Anyone else having this problem?

I tried twice on my desktop computer and it kept having issues, tried it on my laptop and it worked fine. Not sure what the difference was but I got it installed on my machine on location last night and played a few games. Biggest thing I noticed immediately was the light show differences, they really stood out. Also the smart missle feels so much more important/useful now. Enjoying the hell out of it. Long live Elwin!

#2181 9 hours ago

We installed the update at location and now the raptor multiball doesn't seem to be starting at all. The switches all work in test mode. Anyone else experiencing this?

#2183 9 hours ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

Double check you have the right code.
This happened to me and I was trying to put the LE code in a pro.

You sir are correct... dammit...thank you

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