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Jurassic Park (Stern 2019) Owners Club. Welcome! To Jurassic park.....

By Scribbles

2 years ago

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#5601 1 year ago

Welcome to the club! You are going to LOVE this game more and more as you discover features! I especially love the 4-shot super skill shot that awards 75 Mil after only 4 shots! quite satisfying.

Quoted from JellyNeck:

Have almost a week in with my JP pro. I cant be happier with my first NIB purchase. It is so deep and fun. Sorry for being late to the party on gushing about this game but damn it's great.

1 month later
#6090 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Anyone have issues with the ball rattling up the left ramp, and coming back down?
I also have a bunch of dents (dimples) in the ramp flap. I'm not sure if this is from the many T-Rex rejects I get, or from shots possibly rattling off the clear plastic air ball protector.

Yup. Happens about 1 in 20 ramp shots. The ball goes up out of sight, then rattle and return....mostly SDTM. I haven't taken the glass of and inspected yet as I atribute it to a combination of some wierd spin, and/or just a normal rejection rate due to the physics of the ramp.

I'm more concerned with the reject rate for the tower shot.

1 month later
#6794 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Ahhh, all my dealings with them were pre covid and pleasantly easy. Post covid, I can see being a hassle.

I opened my NIB JP Pre back in late April...one of the last off the line before shutdown probably. the main CPU was shot....didn't boot up. I emailed Stern and after a few video's back and forth to troubleshoot, they had me up and running withing a couple of days. Phone CS would be great, but they were very responsive to me.

2 months later
#8393 12 months ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Good point, then I shall remove the screw, leave the metal flap, and put mylar down

I'm having same issue with the rejects due to that screw. I want to just remove it and put some mylar tape on that area. Does anyone know a source for good quality thin mylar tape that sticks reliably?

#8396 12 months ago
Quoted from Markharris2000:

Cliffy made up a special carbon fiber flap with adhesive on one side for the tower ramp entry. Drop Cliff a note. (You might also have him send you a carbon fiber washer for the third flipper end post.) Get the set...

Thanks Mark, I got a set and have installed it already....but at the time I don't think he'd made the tower ramp fix...

#8397 12 months ago
Quoted from freegame450:

I think that removing the screw and “taping” the flap down is a good option, but you may want to consider this option as well.
Take a black sharpie and mark a small dot on the screw were the ball is contacting it. Then remove that screw and use a hand file or dremmel to shave just a small amount off the screw (were the sharpie dot is) on a bit of an angle as shown in the picture. (Leaving enough material on the head of the screw so a Phillips head screwdriver still works) Put the screw back in being super careful to re-engage the threads just as it was before removal......I rotate the screw backwards while putting slight downward pressure. With a sensitive touch you can feel the screw threads “drop into” the existing threads in the playfield. So now the screw will end up being rotated to the same position that it was prior to removal and the small amount that was filed off the screw eliminates the ball hop that caused ramp shot failures.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Actually that looks fairly straightforward. I think I'm gonna give it a try. Thanks!

#8481 11 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Just scored my first 100,000,000 million game . . . wait a minute, everyone else posting has an extra "0" in their number.
Seriously, I'm just starting to learn the rules a little on this game and trying to accomplish various goals. I've never owned a pin with so much to it, and I can already tell it's going to take me some time to fully understand it. I'm really loving everything about this game!

Keep at it! I’ve found that there is so much going on in the game that focusing on your initial strategy of racing thru the paddocks is difficult with all the distractions. The TRex modes, Control room Modes, Raptor and Chaos multi ball etc....are all fun to chase after and pull you away from getting to the Visitor Center. Which I still have not done. I have only logged a high of. 600M+. Still chasing the visitor center. If I could only hit the smart missle shot reliably I think I could clear paddocks a lot faster.
Keeping at it...

#8498 11 months ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

Can someone explain to me what you are supposed to do during start missile attack?

smart missle is a one-shot mode. You have to hit the target up inside the Amber bumpers.
You can control the reward by using the action button to cycle thru them.
Clear Paddok, Award CHAOS, etc.
Check the rule set for the order. I usually try to clear the paddock.

#8529 11 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

The more I play this pin, the more I love it!

Just wait until you get an original movie video and audio hack. Have you heard about that yet?

2 weeks later
#8656 11 months ago
Quoted from Green-Machine:

My Trex was fine out of box.

Ditto for my JP Prem. No issues yet and it gets daily use since April this year, although a rando air ball cracked the corner off the tower hut! I have to 2nd the Raptor Pen coment too. The mech is solid and it is super cool to lock a ball in the pen before and even during raptor multiball.

#8657 11 months ago
Quoted from colbster:

Just put in an order for a pro, it will be my first (non-virtual) pin! Super excited, got the cliffy protection pack as well based on recommendation of this thread. My 5 year old will want to play, are there any settings in the system options to make the game a bit friendlier to new pinballers?

You will definitely want to look at playfield angle to slow the game down a bit for your kid.
Also, break out some tools and move the outlane posts to close the gap a bit...that will help with drains, especially on the ruthless Nedry outlane.

#8672 11 months ago
Quoted from Grossp59:

I’m hoping profiles become standard on pinball machines. Seems like deeproot is starting this trend but I hope all adopt. It would be awesome to play me vs my wife or a “guest” setting with more generous rules. Seems like a no brainer quality
of life improvement for home buyers.

Two thumbs up for this idea. I find that some novices shy away from playing with me sometimes since I have have a far better understanding of the ruleset and usually take a lot longer to play than they do. I have taken to just watching so they can have less wait time. Being able to have profiles would be great. a player could pick a profile (or make custom) prior to first plunge. kind of like handicapping.

#8726 11 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Well, I think I'm just about finished with modding (I am on the waiting list for the T-Rex mod). I may or may not mess with doing something on the raptor tower, and I do have a Brontosaurus on order to install like was previously posted in this thread. I may find something else here or there, but I'm really happy with how it the pin is now.
This is the fourth pin I've owned (it replaced my DE JP), and I've definitely modded all of them significantly. I do lighting mods, backglasses, PinSound hardware and custom orchestrations, 3D printed mods, decal mods, and others which I also make available and sell to other pin owners. I make a multitude of mods for both the games I own and numerous other pins (all of which have come at the request of pin owners who have purchased mods from me for other games). Mod making is just a hobby for me, and I use all of the proceeds to support my pinball and other hobbies.

as a customer, I'm happy with your work! What are my options for replacing the raptor tower roof? a rare air ball hit the corner of the tower roof ...which appears to be 4 pieces...and cracked of the corner of two of the pieces at the back left side. I like the grass-looking mod you made, but understand it only works on another mezelmod roof ( or something like that.) any suggestions?

1 week later
#8829 11 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

I've had several ask about doing a thatch roof for the Stern raptor tower like I've done for the Mezel version. Here is my prototype, and it fits perfectly. Unfortunately, I'm low on the beige filament I use to simulate the straw coloring (it is on backorder), so I'm not able to offer them for sale just yet. I should have enough to print a final version (the prototype shown is printed using a different filament color), which I'll try to do in the next day or two so I can post pics of what it will actually look like.
Attachment will be via a small piece of adhesive on the underside of the roof, and it will install directly on top of the current plastics without any modification to the tower.
BTW, if the pic looks "different" to you, it is because I currently have my raptor pit all torn apart for something custom I'm having done that I will share with the group in the next couple of days.
[quoted image]

Looks great! Put me on the list when you get the design and materials finalized!

#9014 10 months ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

Ugh. Got to visitor center on Ball one, completed all Nublar qualifiers by Ball 3. One shot lit to start Nublar on the left ramp and the slings pitched a fuc#ing speedball to Nedry. Kill me. Still...best game I’ve had so far. Bout 1.9 billion...but still. I would actually like to die now.

F Nedry.

#9142 10 months ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

I don’t think so. Really makes more sense to feed the flippers by getting consistent on the Tower shot.

Second this, although I have hit the ramp from that flipper many times accidentally going for the upper loop and missing. Every single time I've tried to hit it on purpose...fail. it's a gift when it happens most times I guess. Pinball wierdness.

2 weeks later
#9437 9 months ago
Quoted from ScottyC:

best thing I've found is to activate smart missile during a multiball... then with one of the other free ball(s) hit the truck the other direction before making the shot towards the target , or just send all the balls into the pops and hope for a hit, hehe.

When I activate SM during MB, I try to catch the other balls so they don't inadvertently hit a switch after the countdown and before I've shot at the SM target.
You'd have to be pretty lucky to have one of the balls sent to the pops score a SM before another ball hit a switch.

#9484 9 months ago
Quoted from J-Freeze:

A couple thousand games through my premium, haven't had to do a single thing to the Trex.
I love my premium, but the pro is still a fine game, in terms of actual gameplay the only real downgrade is the raptor pit, that pass through is kind of lame comparatively (and doesn't really add any flow) but shouldn't be a deal breaker.
It is one of sterns best pro models and if you do end up getting a pro I don't think you will be dissapointed and I doubt you would wind up upgrading down the line.

same here. no issues with the T-Rex since I bought it 1 year and 3000 games ago. I am waiting to play a pro though, because both models rock.

1 month later
#10066 8 months ago
Quoted from Faust:

My game stopped working, doesn’t boot or anything, just red lights on the boards.
Anyone has a clue?[quoted image][quoted image]

This happened to me last year at about this time. brand new machine, middle of the 3rd game, darkness. Only the red lights. also red lights on the node boards, but nothing else. After sending a video of the cpu board (your first pic) booting up, stern sent me a new one. it was a 5 minute replacement, and all was well.

3 weeks later
#10266 7 months ago
Quoted from PoMC:

I wouldn't buy any side armor for any game. Waste of money in my opinion.
Here's hoping I win the raffle tonight for a Medieval Madness topper.

What Raffle? can you send a link? I won't bid on the MMtopper, promise.

2 weeks later
#10422 6 months ago
Quoted from Lounge:

Ahem..... 5 balls per game.
Adjust the guides that feed the flippers.
Adjust the shooter lane.
Adjust the screw on the ramp shot.
Test your switches and adjust as necessary.
Go back to real rubber on the flippers (if you changed to poly or silicone).

good advice. I'll add to move the outlane posts down to close it a bit.
Also install 'easy' mode. and practice the Pteranodon ramp over and over to guarantee extra ball every game. Try and visualize exactly where on the flipper the ball is when you make the ramp shot from a cradle starting position. Practice shooting, not scoring, it'll come.

2 weeks later
#10581 6 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

With this new wave of JP owners, I wanted to remind everyone that I offer a variety of mods for the pin. Many of my items are listed in the Pinside market, but if you PM me I'm happy to provide a link to all of my available mods.

And I'll testify that his mods are decently priced and good quality, delivered quickly.

#10582 6 months ago
Quoted from whoknowsgoi:

I am sure it has been covered but what are the most have mods for a JP Premium

- Original film audio and video.
- 3D helo
- shaker motor
- orange raptor pen translucent buttons (best ever bang for the buck!)
- possibly the truck upgrade although I have not done that yet.

Most of the rest are decorations.....

oh, and Amber shooter rod if you can find one.

4 months later
#11846 47 days ago

1. Start a Paddock
2. Rescue a staff member
3. Set a trap (yellow arrow standups)
4. dispatch helo.
once you get to this point, the control room mode will light, but consider setting up TRex Multiball, or Raptor multiball before starting a control room mode.
If you can get a control room mode (start with system boot) going during a multiball, you'll have a great chance at a quick 100+M.

Quoted from LeMansFan:

Thank you for the rule sheet, very helpful.
Am I the only one who reads one of those and is completely overwhelmed? For me when I get a new game I like to play it for a while and see if I can get a feel for what it’s trying to tell me to do. Then I will read the rules and try to get a better understanding. It really does seem to require a few months of playing before really getting a grasp on a new game. This one does seem to be pretty deep though!
So far my games have been kinda pathetic, I’m lucky to break 100 million. I imagine it will be like Led Zeppelin though, at first I rarely broke 100 million and now a decent game is at least 400 million.

1 month later
#12301 3 days ago
Quoted from purbeast:

Thanks for all of the suggestions guys.
I'm heading out of town tomorrow and packing up but I'm hoping to get some time later with it and will check out those adjustment settings for the trough kickout power and the slings possibly. I did see the other holes to move the posts and was going to play around with that possibly.
It's just strange when I went to a guys house to check his out and I missed out on buying it, the one game I played was like my best ever and was 225 million. I wasn't getting the random drains or anything like I do now. I'm going to hit him up and see if he remembers those settings.

The outlanes each have posts that can be moved. If you reinstall the posts to the lower pre-dirilled holes, that’ll reduce outlane drains. Also reduce the sling power can help with the frenetic back and forth that is so dangerous.

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