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#862 1 year ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Here are three things I learned from the Head 2 Head pinball podcast with Keith that I thought sound great:

-The Raptor and CHAOS multiballs have three levels of progression.

-The T-Rex on the Premium/LE will follow the ball around the playfield. This was supposed to be implemented in the original JP, but wasn’t due to a patent for this feature with Rudy from Funhouse.

-The direction you make the truck face will control whether the orbit directs to the loop or the pops.

Such a deep level of detail and nuance in this game.

Agreed. I've added a bunch of info from that podcast to the wiki rulesheet, the games I've put on it, and some of the streams that have been published (mainly DeadFlip's game launch stream with KME playing): http://tiltforums.com/t/stern-jurassic-park-rulesheet-wip/5644

I love the return of the Data East-like multiball rule where the Super Jackpot values are multiplied by the # of balls remaining in play. (Raptor MB Phase 3)

#979 1 year ago
Quoted from djreddog:

You don’t want the plunge to make the ramp. You want to short plunge for the secret skill shots!

Are there other ones you've found besides these? And do they award something other than just the higher points and similar ball-save added time?

Secret Skill Shots
Short plunge, and shoot the:
- pops standup for 10M + 3 seconds ball save.
- “C” lane for 6M + 3 seconds ball save.
- Right orbit “O” lane for 8M (+ 3 seconds to ball save?)

#1120 1 year ago
Quoted from swampfire:

At one point I heard the callout “Amber Ramps”. I hit the ramps but didn’t notice anything.

The Amber XXXXX features aren't separate modes, just a way to increase your Amber Bonus faster (besides the pops)

From the rules sheet on Tilt forums...

Amber Bonus
Pops build your Amber Bonus. Collect the Amber Bonus at the pops standup. Capturing Dinos provides a one-time multiplier to your next Amber Bonus collect. If you capture multiple Dinos between Amber Bonus collects, then the captured Dino Amber multipliers stack.

Amber Features: Each Super Supply Drop awards an Amber Feature to grow your Amber Bonus faster by increasing it with each successful shot/hit:

Amber Slings
Amber Targets
Amber Ramps
Amber Combos

#1223 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

I'd love to hear other people's strategies for playing and getting 500+M scores.

Scroll down to the Strategies section: http://tiltforums.com/t/stern-jurassic-park-rulesheet-wip/5644

In addition to what I wrote there... I've noticed that there is a LOT of big scoring that adds up in the background, namely: Rescue Streak and Pteranodon Attack, the latter with a large Pteranodon multiplier.

And of course, use 2x scoring whenever possible -- but I've found that 2x scoring often begins unintentionally, so it's somewhat serendipitous whether you have 2x scoring running at an opportune time. But the good news is: in multiball, you've got a great chance of bouncing around enough into Supply Drop icon standups to qualify your first Supply Drop, which not only adds a ball, but lights your 2x Scoring standup.

If you've got a good Rescue Streak going, and you went RIGHT on initial Paddock, avoid the Spitter and even moreso the T-Rex paddocks. If you go T-Rex paddock, just plan on the T-Rex chowing down on at least one Staff.

I see *completed* modes typically scoring (base, not with Double Scoring):
Control Room: 60-100M
T-Rex: 40-70M
I doubt that most player's TYPICAL Chaos MB or Raptor MB scores are that high, thus the critical strategy of always having either Control Room or T-Rex going PRIOR to starting a multiball.

Last: King of the Island MB scoring gets BIG, in a hurry. As it should -- it's difficult to get to.

#1353 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

They boil down to 'make sure you stack'.. well, duh

Lol. I’ll be sure to spend the hours of my uncompensated time tailoring a completely free rulesheet to your exact needs. Your post that expressed your inability to get past a certain score thresholds included admissions that you were focusing on only one particular strategy. In which case, those “duh” strategies would be perfect for you. I even went into a bunch more detail in my reply on this thread.

Spend more time reading carefully —and playing the game — and less time doing your keyboard complaining shtick.

1 week later
#1585 1 year ago
Quoted from yancy:

Looks like it'll just perfectly catch & hold an airball. Well done.

lift off from the helipad

#1746 1 year ago
Quoted from BeeGeeMtl:

I played about an hour a night and after 5 weeks, I realized that my overall score is BARELY improving (550M), I've hit the Raptor multiball only twice I believe, and even the CHAOS multiball I get, once a night or maybe twice. The T-REX multiball finishes too fast and 2 balls are not enough.

Basically, I'm kinda bored.

First: 550M is a pretty good score!
Raptor: try backhanding the dead-end target, live catch the feed, repeat (to get to Raptor more often). Raptor is a great challenge to get to Phase 3 when 3 more balls are added to play. And then the further challenge of hitting the two supers while lots of balls in play, due to the multiplier based on # of balls still in play.

T-Rex MB: focus on trying to get a big Hurry-Up value before starting the MB. Hit your jackpots from left to right to watch your Jackpots get big. Pair with 2x Scoring and T-Rex MB goes through the roof.

See what you can do with Pteranadon, by not cashing in the R ramp, and focusing on switch hits only. Then starting it again with 2x Scoring running, and a multiplier that carried over.

Get to, and play, King of the Island MB.

Try maxin out your Control Room System Boot, and T-Rex modes by hitting combos.

See how far you can stretch your Rescue Streak, and watch your points/Rescue get really high (avoid the T-Rex paddock!)

See how many of the Mr DNA combo's you can get in one game.

Plus, there's a bunch more of the deeper code still yet to come: Visitor Center, T-Rex mode mini-wizard mode, Control Room mode mini-wizard mode, Fossils, situational awards from Smart Missile.

1 week later
#1904 1 year ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

Playing tonight I had an instance where the right ramp was lit for both the "A" and the extra ball shots. I made the shot and only got credit for the "A" and had to hit it again for the extra ball instead of getting awarded both for the first shot. Any thoughts on whether or not that's by design or if it's a bug? I hope it's a bug. At my (limited) ability level I need double awards as often as I can get them

I haven’t had that happen. Weird

1 week later
#2169 1 year ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Small update. Fixes some bugs. That’s about all I know at this point.

I’d guess it’s mainly to fix the multiplayer bug on Control Room progress carrying between players

#2171 1 year ago
Quoted from anathematize:

short plunge to:
"C" target on the left
Amber target in the pops
"O" target on the right orbit
all three seem to be valid secret skillshots. i think its just a standar points + ball save (more than the normal skill shot?) time from what i've noticed but i'm usually not watching the screen at that moment.

It would be cool if the standard skill shot sequence also included a super duper skill shot of L ramp, R ramp, upper L loop, L side ramp. I've done that once, and it felt sooooooo good.

#2175 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Is that for every dino on the map?

After the first couple of dinos, yes.

1 week later
#2300 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Can someone help me understand the rules for progressing through the map?
I hit two white shots, then hit a bunch of rescue shots, and then sometimes I move onto another dinosaur, or sometimes I'm unsure what to shoot.
And this seems to get more confusing as o progress past the second dino.

From the Tilt forums rulesheet:
“Playing Paddock Modes
Overview: Try to capture the dinosaur(s) in the Paddock, while also rescuing park staff. The sequence to capture the dinosaur is: rescue a certain number of staff -> set trap target(s) -> shoot Helipad (higher level paddocks) -> shoot the yellow capture arrow.”

Then repeat the MAP -> start Paddock sequence.

#2307 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

I feel like I've completed the first two without all those steps

Correct. The Level 1 paddocks are easier: after only one Rescue, only one Set Trap target required, and no shot to Helipad ramp required. And one shot next to the Dino green arrow is also lit for your capture (so you have two capture shots available).
I believe Level 2 paddocks require a shot to the helipad to light the dino arrow flashing green/yellow for capture.

Quoted from WizardsCastle:

If it hits the top of the slings, almost guaranteed it's going out.

Yes, the outlanes are very drainy, particularly the left one for me. Notice how narrow the gap is between the inlane post and slingshot to feed the inlane -- it's designed to drain you. JP3 will be good to train everyone: any time the ball hits the top of the slings, upward nudge to get the ball completely out of the in/outlane area.

9 months later
#6344 5 months ago

I find that the order of the list of DNA Combos in the Instant Info isn't as helpful as grouping them by their starter shot. So I made a new list. Thought it might help others, too:

Five DNA Combos begin with the Spinner:
Gallimimus: Spinner > Truck
T-Rex: Spinner > Tower ramp > Truck
Compsognathus: Spinner > Tower ramp > 2x Scoring target
Stegosaurus: Spinner > Upper loop > Supply Drop standup
Spinosaurus: Spinner > Upper loop > Tower ramp > Helipad ramp > Left ramp

Three DNA Combos begin with the Left ramp:
Triceratops: Left ramp > Amber/Pops target
Brachiosaurus: Left ramp > Right ramp > Supply Drop standup
Raptor: Left Ramp > Helipad ramp > Raptor Target

Three DNA Combos begin with the Helipad:
Ankylosaurus: Helipad ramp > Control Room
Spitter: Helipad ramp > Left ramp > Right loop
Pteranodon: Helipad ramp > Left ramp > Right ramp

#6467 5 months ago
Quoted from RobbyIRL5:

I hardly knew what the pterandon attack was, other than it looked like it would crack the glass on my LCD every now and then. So 4 times starts the mode, then don't collect it, just build the multiplayer? Where does it show the multiplier, and when would I want to collect the reward (at what multiplier)? Obviously after seeing a 6Bn score from the pterandon, it's a good way to build up points, so need to learn.

Pteranodon attack can indeed be a good way to build up some massive points, but it is a GRIND. It's not necessarily the most fun to get there, but it sure is satisfying to hit the eventual collect shot and see the obscene amount of points you just got in ONE shot. Getting 6 billion on it was an anomaly, even among the games I was focused laser-like on P-don attack. When I mean focused, I mean not paying any attention to catching dinos (other than T-Rex, for his extra ball and +8 second timer extension), using multiball to only go for R ramps and then spinner, etc. It's kind of boring. But that sweet sweet multi-billion payoff is pretty cool.

I believe I had my P-don multiplier up to 200x when I finally cashed it in (with Double Scoring running as well).

#6500 5 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

No idea how 85vett is putting up those insane scores, but had my very best single ball of pinball EVER!

Nice game!
Over on tilt forum, I did an approximate score breakdown from my best game ever on JP where I did all the things. Copy/pasted below:
******* http://tiltforums.com/t/stern-jurassic-park-rulesheet/5644/690 ********
My best at 8.7B was simply playing through the whole game: completing modes (getting fossils), going through all paddocks, keeping a long rescue streak going, good bonus, EB’s, and big payoffs at Visitor Center, Escape Nublar, and When Dinos Ruled the Earth. I also had an epic Secure Control Room that game of nearly 600M.
Rough point estimates (at base value – no 2x PF):

Good modes: around 100M for completed ones. T-Rex Rampage is uncapped, and can get around 200-250M. There are seven, so sub-total of 700M.
Finishing modes leads to Fossils, and wildcard fossils to fill in the gap. All fossils = 900M
Rescue Streak: If you choose the Right side first dino, if you get a Streak of 25, then you’ve scored close to 200M from your cumulative Rescue scores alone.
Dino captures, and some perfect paddocks. Around 60M for Dino bounties, and if I got Perfect Paddocks on around 2/3 of them, then that’s an additional 80M, for 140M.
Visitor Center bonus: if you’ve gotten a lot of Fossils, Rescue Streak, and decent DNA combos, along with max paddocks, then you can get 1B from just the initial bonus.
Secure Control Room: It’s typically only around 150M for me if I complete it, but I was on fire with 2x scoring running, and got almost 600M.
Escape Nublar: I wasn’t focused on time, so I went through more paddocks than needed, getting over 1B.
When Dinos: played it well for 1.4B.
Bonus: if you go through Super Preds, your BonusX and natural bonus from all the Rescues, Fossils, etc can add up to 200M per ball. Let’s assume 100M bonus on average, and I’d played a total of 6 balls, I believe, for 600M.
Using those rough estimates, that accounts for 6.6B of the score.

#6510 5 months ago
Quoted from Lounge:

Why are you guys being so evasive about who you are and what your ranking is....

I'm not evasive about who I am. https://www.ifpapinball.com/player.php?player_id=10903
85vett was merely being respectful about online anonymity when talking about others.

#6511 5 months ago
Quoted from ectobar:

Complete: SCR, MM, VC, EN. Still very difficult

Agreed. When Dino's isn't on par with RTTH... it's a nice cherry on top of an already awesome sundae.
To me, the most difficult aspect of the 4 elements needed for When Dino's is completing Secure Control Room -- it's single-ball mode without a very long ball-save, and unlike Museum Mayhem, requires making all the difficult shots once.

One of the key elements that's helped me get better at SCR is realizing that there's a longer timer than you think for each shot of SCR (30 seconds, and 38 sec if you captured the TRex). The music, hurry-up value countdown, and lights do a great job of building panic and anxiety during SCR, inducing a brick-fest if you don't keep yourself level-headed and in the flow.

#6513 5 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Not exactly sure how you can control the ball enough to complete every mode in the game, as well as finish all the mini-wizards.

You've hit the nail on the head. The way that Elwin has designed the tight shots in this game, and the rules for finishing modes, if you're not playing controlled pinball, then it will be incredibly difficult to have games where you succeed at completing multiple modes and all three mini-wizards in the same game.
You need the full arsenal of flipper control moves in Jurassic Park -- except for loop passes.

I think that the toughest mode/multiball to complete (and earn the Fossil) in JP is Chaos MB. Thank goodness for wildcard fossils!

#6543 5 months ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

If you want to help your boys close the outlanes

My personal opinion is to never "close" outlanes (assuming you meant to rubber band them completely closed -- vs. changing to narrowest opening is a good idea here) even for the most beginner and young player. It's important for players to get used to the geometry of the game, and the cause/effect of drains happening from going out the sides.

Instead, for beginner/young players, I prefer to put the initial ball-save at max time, and also increase the # of balls per game to max.
Just another option to consider.

#6575 4 months ago
Quoted from RC_like_the_cola:

They are designed to be staged.

This. There are some pins that don't have the switch constructed this way, and it's impossible to stage the flippers.
There are even modern Sterns that differ depending on which flipper (right or left). If I'm not mistaken, TSPP is like this: R flipper can stage the main PF upper flipper and living room R mini flipper, but the living room L mini flipper does not stage.

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