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Jurassic Park (Stern 2019) Owners Club. Welcome! To Jurassic park.....

By Scribbles

6 months ago

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#158 5 months ago

Put a few games up on a pro - the shots are just so satisfying - as good as any game out there.

If the code ends up being epic, going to be hard to say no to this title.

#170 5 months ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Unless ur done with Maiden ofcourse. I recently got to Battle the Beast and after many close calls its feeling like chooping wood a little so as much as I've enjoyed the game time to go but JP2 will be here Friday and with the right mix of chemicals that should be a great night.

All games get old eventually.

It's whether you get the urge to play/buy them again after a few months or so of not playing them.

Maiden has Run to the Hills for those who have defeated the beast.... which I haven't

#274 5 months ago

Very tempted to pick up a JP2.

Shame the main toy dinosaur just doesn't look that great.

Just a little more detail like this toy would have been a lot better.

Still, Keith is doing the rules and that alone is worth picking one up.

t (resized).jpg
#384 5 months ago

Watched movie last night and glad Stern didn't get all the assets.

Game is much better as it is, and with Keith's coding, is going to be a classic

Didn't like the tilt sound initially but love it now!

Only thing stopping me buying is the playfield issues.

I want a nice playfield, without band aid washers - is that too much to ask?

#387 5 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Couldn't disagree more. Watched the movie recently and it's still amazing. This approach of taking an amazing movie and making your own story out of it is stupid and is just a way for Stern to save money.
Keith designed such an amazing layout it's a shame it's not combined with the assets of a movie classic. The call outs on this game just aren't good neither is the generic art. I actually just bought a DE JP bc that to me is still the true JP pin so if something can be said about this it's that you truly can own both JP pins and not be overboard bc Stern JP is just that in spirit.
That being said I'm still excited to play and own the premium bc Keith did that good of a job and the super light jurrasic park "wrapper" Stern applied is enough for me but to say you're happy it was done this way is absolutely crazy. Maybe you're a distributor too ; ) The shilling game is reaching an all time high recently so wasn't sure!
Btw I really hope this is not a sign of things to come bc combine this with jjp's recent change in strategy of less is more, this just isn't a good pattern for Pinball.

I get those who like the movie are disappointed.

I guess I am so used to Stern cutting costs, that I was trying to see the positives.

I am not a fan of the movies, they are just decent to me.

I do though love Keith's designs and code, and dinosaurs are just timeless aren't they?

It's the shots that sold me straight away on this game. Nothing else comparable really.

I love Maiden but this might shoot even better.

#438 5 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

damn - another one. I'm in on a premium but even I'm second guessing this.


Definitely sitting this out for a while.

Weird how both JJP and Stern have the same issue at the same time.

#465 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I will get one too once i feel good about the playfields. Not anytime soon though thats for sure.


They will be making this title for next 3 years so no hurry.

I want to buy one without washers, and to hear that people are happy with their playfields.

Patience never was my strong suit but I am now forced to be patient!

#585 5 months ago
Quoted from tbutler6:

Is that the flipper post?

Yes, you can see flipper alignment hole.

1 week later
#1137 4 months ago

I just can't my head around why anyone in the world would think pinstadiums on this game make it look better?

2 weeks later
#1643 4 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Thought I would post this here as well. Impressions of the LE:
So l played an LE for almost two hours today. Here are my impressions.
Going in, I already knew I wanted this game but wasn't sure pro or prem/LE. The long short of it is premium/le ALL THE WAY and the PF was perfect - def much less clear on it which seems to be the answer along with no art by posts!
1) Art on the LE is so much better than the pro (in person). I won't revisit my take on the pro considering it's not very positive but good rebound on the LE. I'm not a fan of that JP3 Dino or the car but in the aggregate it works.
2) Right off the bat, you start the game and a glaring difference from the pro is the helicopter. Yes it looks cool but what was surprising to me was the sound it makes which is very loud. It really adds to the overall effect and gets you right into that JP mood.
3) Right after that I was greeted with a HUGE TREX roar that had the toy visibly open it's mouth and it was just awesome. It really got me engaged in the game and instantly took that relatively dull/stagnant corner of the Pro and brought it too life. BAM - toy in your face right in the beginning - loved it. Afterwards it would just follow the ball but in many different directions and it felt organic
4) TREX eating the ball - very cool although a couple things. The shot needs to be basically perfect otherwise it won't work. I also would like stern to close the mouth MUCH quicker as the current delay kind of breaks the effect a little as the REX mouth seems to be on a slight delay. The mech worked everytime when the shot was lined up right. It didn't throw it during any of my games though - hopefully that's still in! I also think the JP DE eating is cooler, but Stern JP throwing is better than the swallow so a draw!
5) Quality wise, the game feels better than the pro. This was in line with my previous experience with LE/prem vs pro - not sure why since Stern hasn't said they differ in build but it felt heavier no question.
6) Sound effects in this game are fantastic. Call outs, especially the main guy with the accent are bad.
7) Raptor Pit - BIG difference on the prem/LE. I knew TREX would be hard to pass on but not this. I was wrong. The gate going up, the effects that play and the way it works makes this shot make so much more sense vs. playing the pro.
8 ) Stern - give the LE guys matching trim on the backbox. Cmon now. As for the powder, I'm not really a huge fan. Could have matched with a diff color.
Overall - I'm def getting a prem and my concerns about pfs has been really helped by this experience.
Stern - job well done.

I was going to get a Pro but p/f issues and the washer version put paid to that.

Now I can wait, and I think I will get a HUO Premium with a good p/f, a year down the line.

LE/Premium does look a lot more immersive and on this title, that seems more important than usual.

2 weeks later
#2091 3 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Noticing some chipping in the shooter lane on day 2. Was hoping Cliffy would have something ready, but since he doesn't, I'm thinking of things to use to protect it for now.
Would a piece of mylar work? I have some small squares that are normally used by the inlane when ball drops from the wireform.
Aside from that... Game is a blast!
Got a new GC tonight, but I have absolutely no idea what I'm shooting for![quoted image]

Get one of these as soon as available.

Means zero wear.


First thing I do on a new game.

2 weeks later
#2447 89 days ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Welcome to my NIB nightmare. Still waiting.
[quoted image][quoted image]

You should be ok as Stern seem to be sending replacement playfields for the 'washer version'.

#2521 85 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

I was talking about JP. People also say this game is too hard. I just made a comparison to ACNC, because it gets the same rap. And I find it isn't fair in that these games are super fun once you adapt with practice. Sorry I brought it up now. Congrats on your new pin!. Hopefully I'll be joining the club next year!

Both are hard, but the shot geometry on JP is way better than ACNC.

Bowen has made the game a ton of fun now though.

4 weeks later
#3051 56 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I think its going to be a long time before this game is ever topped. I'm not sure that it ever will be honestly.

It's a great game but think how many more games Keith is going to design?

People said the same about Maiden.

Apart from prices and QC issues, 2020 is going to see so many great games

#3053 56 days ago

I am not sure if JP is better than Maiden.

Need to re-visit in 6 months after a ton of other new games and JP becomes an old game

But, Keith is now Stern's MVP.

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