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Jurassic Park (Stern 2019) Owners Club. Welcome! To Jurassic park.....

By Scribbles

82 days ago

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Post #326 Rules tips and info on some wizard modes Posted by sk8ball (62 days ago)

Post #365 Printable Instruction cards for the pin Posted by PinballZach (62 days ago)

Post #366 The first Full Unboxing Video Posted by ZMeny (62 days ago)

Post #425 Feature Matrix of Pro vs Premium vs LE Posted by Scribbles (61 days ago)

Post #468 How to qualify control room modes Posted by jonesjb (60 days ago)

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#253 65 days ago

I am a huge fan of Iron Maiden, and fell in love with JP at Replay FX. I traded my modded out TRON for a JP Pro today. I plan to do a unboxing video on YouTube, and stream often on Twitch. I'm really excited for this game, and I think will be a homerun for Stern. Great job Keith and crew!

image0 (resized).jpg
#262 64 days ago

Man this game plays great! I had an unboxing party, and we jammed on the game for three hours and had a blast. I filmed the initial unboxing, and am currently uploading it to YouTube. The only issue I had, which you will see in the video, is that the bracket on the coin door that hits the interlock switch needed to be bent in a bit to close the switch. After tonight's session I went around and tightened a few nuts and bolts. Thanks again Randy from GotPinball in FL for the excellent service.

ECYaP7zW4AAtQei (resized).jpg
#265 64 days ago
Quoted from pickleric:

Congrats man, glad you are having a blast! Can’t wait to get mine.
How difficult are the O and S shots? O shot looks a little challenging.

The O is tight, but you find it. S is very manageable.

#278 64 days ago

Here is my unboxing video. We will be streaming the game this WED at 7PM EDT. I tend to stream more often than my weekly schedule when getting a new game, so follow along at https://twitch.tv/owlnonymous. I apologize if I am posting a bit to much. I am just very excited about this game.

Unboxing video:

*Note: The fix for the game at the end of the video was just bending in the coin interlock switch bracket on the coin door. The game is 100% now out of the box.

#280 64 days ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Did you catch a T-Rex that you caged?

You talking about Terry? He's my friend. He came over to help. He couldn't reach the flippers though...

#286 64 days ago
Quoted from Pinballpal:

What is that plastic pice on the back of the head on the game?

A shroud for the wall plug.

#297 63 days ago
Quoted from Flynnyfalcon:

What happened with the 48v?

Interlock bracket on the coin door was not engaging the interlock switch. It just needed to be bent in a bit.

#301 63 days ago

We will be starting up tonight's weekly Pinball stream a bit earlier than normal with 'Jurassic Park" Pro Pinball. Aiming for 6PM EDT - https://twitch.tv/owlnonymous

owl-jp (resized).jpg
#324 63 days ago
Quoted from sk8ball:

If I were you I'd wait until tomorrow

I guess I’m streaming tomorrow night as well Thanks for stopping in tonight.

#361 62 days ago
Quoted from sk8ball:

No prob! To answer a couple rules you guys seem unclear about...
Mini wiz mode King of the Island is at the Spinosaurus paddock. Capturing the T-Rex is not a mini wiz but boosts timers for 2X scoring, Ball save during multiballs, all modes.
Paddock capture difficulty- The green and yellow paddocks require you to only hit the "Set Trap" targets to light capture while the orange and red paddocks require setting the trap AND hitting the helipad to light capture. If you visit the Spitter paddock as your 2nd paddock you must hit the helipad before capture. It's a tough paddock but the reward perk is 2x super spinner. A regular super spinner is 2X lit spinner value so you can stack the spitter perk with 2x playfield and super spinner and max spinner for 8X lit spinner value (roughly 2 mil a spin)
The carnivores have special abilities. The ability of the spitter is to freeze rescues for 5 seconds when it comes within one space of a rescue. This is why a couple of the rescue shots you guys hit didn't award a rescue. You will know when the rescue light turns solid that that victim is temporarily incapacitated.
Other carnivore traits include:
T-rex- super speed
Spinosaurus- can jump from left side to right and vice-versa
Raptor- two raptors are active at once in the paddock, both must be captured
Compys- can't be slowed
Pteranodon- can fly directly to rescue shots
2X playfield scoring is lit via supply drop collect
Escape target is lit via roll-over in the pop area

This clears up a lot of our questions. Thank You.

#363 62 days ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

New code :
V0.87.0 - August 21, 2019
- Match - added Jurassic Park themed match sequence
- Bonus - Rescues scoring increased from 150K to 200K
- Bonus - Dino Captures scoring increased from 500K to 750K
- Bonus - DNA Combo scoring increased from 250K to 400K
- Left Inlane Up-Post - fixed an issue where the post would come up when starting Feed T-Rex Hurry Up when it was not supposed to
- Helicopter Shot - plunged shot filter will now only filter out the first shot
- Attract Mode - updated attract mode looping videos to have more variety and added more beauty shot videos
- Attract Mode - Last Game Scores and Game Over screen have been finalized
- Spinner - scoring base value for spins increased from 5K to 30K
- Super Spinner - multiplier decreased from 3X to 2X
- Super Spinner - perk will now boost +2X instead of +1X
- Super Spinner - activation sound updated
- Super Spinner - super spinner spin sound updated
- DNA Combos - each combo now awards 1M + 1M times number of DNA Combos collected
- DNA Combos - award text for display effect re-laid out and added explanation text
- Smart Missile - scoring increased from 5M to 15M point award until smart missile award functionality is finalized
- Raptor Locks - difficulty adjustments have been finalized
- Raptor Locks - music track has been added when you are one shot away from starting Raptor Tri-ball
- T-Rex Spellout - difficulty curve implemented
- T-Rex Spellout - adding instruction text
- T-Rex Event Ready - added new light shows to draw attention to T-Rex shot on left ramp
- T-Rex Feed Hurry Up - text laid out properly and added instructions to the background for what shots do
- T-Rex Feed Hurry Up - scores have been increased each shot you make a lit shot that resets the hurry up
- T-Rex Multiball - fast flashing insert for multiplier eligible shot is always flashing red
- T-Rex Multiball - added intro animation and sfx
- T-Rex Multiball - added total animation and sfx
- T-Rex Chase - added mode total animation and sfx
- T-Rex Chase - added TIME BONUS information line to mode total
- T-Rex Rampage - now scores 2M for the initial shot of the sequence and multipliers are shown in the awards
- T-Rex Rampage - initial shot now has text to explain details about combo multiplier shots
- T-Rex Encounter - added TIME BONUS information line to mode total
- King of the Island - added more text and UI icons for switch countdown to next award
- King of the Island - fixed an issue where the mode was not resetting it's award values between plays properly
- Chaos Multiball - fixed an issue where background text would disappear
- Chaos Multiball - cannot be started until other multiball's grace periods have expired (no stacking)
- Control Room Select - better selection choreography and wait for intro to complete before starting up-post warning
- Restore Power - initial spinner build display effect added
- System Boot - fixed an issue where the final shot was awarding 0 points instead of the total of all combo shots
- Advance Paddock - M-A-P spellout can now be progressed in timed modes
- Advance Paddock - now Left Ramp arrow blinks to indicate Advance Paddock is lit
- Paddock Bounty - all paddock specific dinosaur capture animations have been completed
- Paddock Bonuty - fixed an issue with the UI screens reporting the wrong paddock bounty score value
- Paddock Map - LCD looping map animation updated along with polished Truck and Path overlays
- Paddock Map - paddock info displayed with both truck's direction choices so an informed decision to shoot the truck or advance can be made
- Paddock Map - fixed an issue with spelling error for Stegosaurus paddock
- Paddock Map - first two possible paddock's helicopter shot will not time out
- Paddock Map - Ankylosaurus and Triceratops now spot the helicopter shot on trap target awards the same as Gallimimus and Brachiosaurus do
- Jurassic Perks - implemented EASIER INLANES perk
- Jurassic Perks - implemented EASIER LOOPS perk
- Jurassic Perks - implemented BOOST TIMERS perk (+8 seconds to Playfield X, mode, and multiball ball saver timers)
- Supply Drop - "Trap Lit" award now also spots the helicopter shot when you are in a paddock that is supposed to spot that shot for trap target awards
- Callouts - added Skill Shot speech
- Callouts - added followup speech for "You're Entering X Paddock" highlighting the number of rescues available
- Callouts - added award speech to all Control Room mode awards
- Callouts - added player (n) is up! speech and nag speech for inactivity
- Callouts - added time is running out callouts for timed modes
- Callouts - added fossil collection speech
- Callouts - added more jackpot callouts for multiball modes
- Sound Effects - many new sound effects added throughout the game
- Shaker Motor - adding more shaker motor events and choreographed shakes timed to many display effects
- High Score Tables - fixed an issue with a Minimum High Score adjustment value being lowered to keep all High Score adjustments in range
- High Score Tables - the above fix will cause all High Score values to be reset to factory default
- High Score Enter Initials - LCD interface updated to add Jurassic Park themed fonts and backgrounds
- High Score Enter Initials - music added during initials entry and sound effects adjusted
- Audits - game audits have been added for all Paddock Enter / Completions
- Adjustment Changes:
- added 'T-REX - SPELLOUT STARTS HURRYUP' - defaults to YES, which will start the Feed T-Rex Hurry Up on spellout completion, change to NO to always allow a choice of which T-Rex mode to start via Truck
- added 'T-REX - SPELLOUT DIFFICULTY' - defaults to MEDIUM, controls how hard and how many times the Truck needs to be hit to award a letter
- changed 'RAPTOR TARGET INIT. COMPLETIONS' - defaults to 1 raptor target set completion to light raptor lock
- System - Updated to V2.33
V0.86.0 - August 7, 2019
- Fixed an issue for european coin door not triggering switches properly
- Fixed an issue with the coin door gi not lighting in attract mode
V0.85.0 - August 5, 2019
- Initial release.

Sweet! I'm working late, but I'll do a stream of the new code some time after 10PM EDT.

#372 61 days ago

‪New Code, Uh, Finds a Way - https://twitch.tv/owlnonymous‬

2EF20031-89C2-43CE-9E1C-F03893319825 (resized).jpeg
#401 61 days ago

Little Shop of Games has both the Amber Shooter Rod and Side Armor up for preorder.


JP-Side-Armor-2-e1564158717469 (resized).jpgJP-Shooter-Knob-e1564157213296 (resized).jpg
#650 58 days ago

Those should be slim post sleeves, minus one regular size to protect the right side of the left ramp.

#906 55 days ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Yes, went with yellow and clear white in the GI added a spot on the right sling. Its fully lit up now. The frosted warm white sucks. Also added some stiprs to the back ramp and Trex
[quoted image][quoted image]

How did you power your spotlight and led strips? Did you tack on to current GI or provide another source?

#986 54 days ago

Let's go hunting! Starting up a Jurassic Park Pinball Stream - http://twitch.tv/owlnonymous

#1152 49 days ago

TONIGHT at 7PM EDT we will be streaming Stern Pinball's new 'Jurassic Park' Pro Pinball. Come get prehistoric! - http://twitch.tv/owlnonymous

Owl-Knebworth-House-225516 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#1390 42 days ago

I will be streaming JP Pro tonight at 7PM EDT with Dan Coyle, one of the best players in FL. Come hang! - https://twitch.tv/owlnonymous

#1412 42 days ago
Quoted from pickleric:

NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted Jurassic Park code v0.88.0 for the Pro model.
HOTDAMN... All Modes - allow both flipper skip of all mode intros that hold the ball!!!
This code contains bug fixes, enhancements and additional polish.
Pro - v0.88.0:
This update and read me files can also be found on our website www.sternpinball.com in the game code library.
V0.88.0 - September 11, 2019
- Bonus - timing for each category during the bonus countup is now at a fixed cadence
- Score Frame - adding 'Player X You're Up' text before ball is plunged
- Score Frame - updated score frame icons to new graphic style
- Raptor Tower - added sound effect when you combo a loop into the raptor tower
- Supply Drop / Super Supply Drop - display text now explains playfield X awards that are being given
- Super Supply Drop - now lights 2x playfield insert the same as the normal supply drop
- Raptor Locks - fixed an issue where raptor 'x gate hits left' video wouldn't end causing up post to stay up occasionally
- T-Rex Event Ready - light show with ramp flasher and left halfpipe spotlight is a quicker pulse
- All Modes - allow both flipper skip of all mode intros that hold the ball
- Feed T-Rex Hurry Up - floor of the award is set to 500K, min value is 20% of initial value
- Feed T-Rex Hurry Up - should not take time / value away when the ball is being returned to the player on the wireform (only happens when 'T-REX - SPELLOUT STARTS HURRYUP' set to NO)
- T-Rex Encounter - mode awards shows more details about multiplied values and where to shoot next
- T-Rex Rampage - changed base T-Rex award from 2M to 10M
- T-Rex Rampage - changed T-Rex award boost from 1M to 5M
- T-Rex Rampage - add scoring to 2X/3X shots of 500K
- System Boot - fixed an issue where the left loop wasn't lighting up to indicate a combo shot correctly
- King of the Island - allow start if the left ramp skill shot is no longer eligible, previously was not allowing until all skill shots were inactive
- King of the Island - T-Rex Event Ready no longer takes priority over King of the Island lit at the Left Ramp
- King of the Island - added current jackpot value and instructional text to display effect background
- King of the Island - fixing an issue where the jackpot value would be incremented too much for spinner, pop, and sling hits
- Super Spinner - fixed an issue with popup showing 'SUPER SPINNER 3X' when award is actually 'SUPER SPINNER 2X'
- Super Combos - fixed an issue where multiplier wasn't being applied properly
- Paddock Map - 'interactive CD-ROM' paddock intro can now be skipped by pressing both flippers
- Paddock Map - adding 'Set Trap' scoring (250K x number of paddocks), was always zero before
- Paddock Map - adding text to 'Helicopter Dispatched' award, scoring increased from 200K to (500K x number of paddocks)
- Paddock Map - added speech and lamp effect when dino insert lands on a shot with a rescue insert lit indicating staff member is in danger
- Paddock Map - fixed an issue with spinner perk text showing '+1X SUPER SPINNER' when award is actually '+2X SUPER SPINNER'
- Paddock Map - 'Dino Slowed' display effect instructional and scoring text added
- Extra Ball - changed extra ball consolation score from 10M to 15M and value is displayed on screen
- Action Button - fixed an issue where the action button would light up when any balls were kicked into the shooter lane
- Speech - added and replaced some callouts
- Diagnostics - fixed an issue where the shooter lane switch / auto launch would make sounds while in switch test
- Audits - fixed 'ESCAPE SAVES' which was reporting 0
- Audits - fixed '2X PLAYFIELD LIT' which was reporting 0
- Audits - fixed '2X PLAYFIELD STARTED' which was reporting 0
- Adjustment Changes:
- added adjustment 'START GAME FROM LOCKDOWN BUTTON', defaults to YES, competition defaults to NO, turn to NO to turn off starting games from lockdown button
- added adjustment 'T-REX THROW BALL ENABLED', defaults to YES, turn to NO to prevent T-Rex from throwing balls, will always drop to the wireform
- added adjustment 'FIRST PADDOCK TUTORIAL' - defaults to NO, set to YES to show tutorial video for first paddock, otherwise it shows "interactive CD-ROM" paddock intro
- added adjustment 'ESCAPE DIFFICULTY' - defaults to MEDIUM, competition defaults to HARD. EASY - Escape is active beginning of each ball, MEDIUM - Escape is active at beginning of first ball, HARD - Escape is only active by hitting the lit standup target
- System - Updated to V2.34
- Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.51.0
- Using LEFT+START to end a game during bonus count could leave game graphics
on screen while in attract mode. This has been corrected.

What great timing! I'm starting up Jurassic Park Pinball stream right now! - https://twitch.tv/owlnonymous

#1423 41 days ago

Archive of last night’s stream on the new code -

Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
$ 25.00
Cabinet - Other
Filament Printing
Sale Pending!
Davie, FL
$ 7.95
Machine - For Trade
La Porte, TX
$ 79.95
Cabinet - Armor And Blades
Little Shop Of Games
From: $ 11.95
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons

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