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2 years ago

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#6392 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

Well, I played Ninja Turtles pro today along side JP pro. As stated, Turtles has great flow, animations, art and light show all good and it's fun etc.. But no way I'd get it over JP. To me, JP has far more interesting shots and is more fun to shoot. Also, I like the theme far better. So now I know what my next game is going to be if I get another one this year. Elwin FTW!

You sound like me! I was dead set on TMNT - I actually like the theme even better. Have spent some time lately that has TMNT and JP and been playing them both. After a few sessions, I'm leaning more towards JP and think that's what I'm getting next.

#6474 1 year ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Just played a game and noticed all my scores are gone and I have NOT done a software is concerning what would cause all the scores to be gone??

I believe it’s normal for high scores to reset aside from the grand champion score- that’s the point of GC. Did that score reset?

#6530 1 year ago
Quoted from Manny65:

The game was designed for 7 degrees...

Where are you getting that from? Manual says 6.5 degrees.

#6570 1 year ago
Quoted from robey99:

I have noticed on some pinball streams where they can lower the upper right flipper while holding the flipper button with the lower right flipper energized. Any suggestions on how that happens. Thanks.

Not really anything complicated - just push the button in only half way...

#6614 1 year ago
Quoted from seenev:

My June 5th build has issues.


2 weeks later
#6780 1 year ago

Hey everyone! New to the club this week - loving it so far, but have a couple of questions to see if these items are normal as I unfortunately have found a couple defects on my playfield...

1) My ball has gotten hung up on the spinner gate a couple of times - is it normal that the metal rod from the gate sticks way out towards the back of the machine? See image below - ball gets stuck right at the point of the arrow.

2) Often times when the ball is popping around the amber pop bumpers, the gate to the right of them will flap open and the ball will actually sneak out of that gate instead of going out the far right to feed the top flipper - is that normal?

3) Finally, how common is it that a ball shot through the spinner should end up in the pop bumpers as opposed to spinning around to the top flipper? I'd say mine does this more then 3 out of 4 times..
InkedIMG_5916_LI (resized).jpg

#6783 1 year ago
Quoted from MrMikeman:

Those aren't defects. It's pinball. It's a mechanical device (randomness) and not a video game. Things aren't always exactly the same every time.
1> Yes it's normal. Just search this thread for "spinner" and/or "gate" to get some suggestions on how to adjust/fix. Personally I just nudge if I notice the ball going slow around there and I think it may stop on the gate. If you are tilting when you nudge it then the problem is the tilt bob being too sensitive. Nudging is part of pinball. Go look at the pros on Youtube!
2> Yes it's normal the designer himself said "it happens" and is normal.
3> Depends on how clean the shot is. It's a common occurrence. You may find hints on how to make it better once you search for "spinner" - see point #1.

Thanks man! Good to hear these are normal, but to clarify these weren't the PF defects I was referring to.. These were just questions I had to see if things needed to get adjusted/tuned as a result of finding other things wrong with my PF such as pooling in one area and wood grain. Out of curiosity, would you consider the wood grain here a defect or randomness of the pinball hobby?


#6795 1 year ago
Quoted from JayLar:

So I´m having trouble getting the ball to go up the loop after plunging or autoplunge. Had green plunger spring so changed to orange. Also tried one and two washers under left arm on the shooter lane. Still no luck. See this slowmotion-video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpzvgdhhiffl5fj/2020-09-11%2019.36.19.mp4?dl=0
Any suggestions what is wrong?

Hey there -

Never had a problem with the self-plunger going up the ramp, but here's how I fixed my issues with the auto-plunger.. Maybe give this a try to see if it will work? First, make sure the 2 auto-plunger prongs are touching the ball when its resting. Only my left one was initially, so I took a pair of pliers and held the unit still while I used needle nose to bend the right one in slightly until they both touched.

Second, and this one I think had the most effect, is to turn down the power on the auto-plunger coil. It's Game Adjustment 3XX something - I set mine down to 150 and it works 90% of the time. I might even go lower but haven't played around with it yet.

#6802 1 year ago
Quoted from Moelabby:

After a few more quick games , seems that even after i shoot the original ball into play if i press the flippers( either one or both) a few times rapidly, a second ball is put into play autoplunged.

The left outlane is a ball save (labeled escape) - I’d start my troubleshooting with that switch.

#6854 1 year ago

Question for those who did the jeep replacement mod. I received the new jeep in the mail today and have the old jeep taken apart, but how did you mount the jeep to the hardware? The bottom of the new jeep is very different than the stock jeep and it's not even flat..?

#6883 1 year ago
Quoted from Hop721:

Are you saying there’s an audio package available for the pro? I was under the impression it was only for premium/Le owners. That’d be great if so!!

Yes, the amazing audio package put together by Tim is available on all three - you must direct message him timlah79 to get it. The latest one that includes video clips from the movie is only Premium/LE.

Here's the thread for the audio project if you're interested in learning more:

#6914 1 year ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

When you get your game take a ball and pass it by the tower lane over the left side screw, If you can feel the ball touch the screw even fractionally I suggest you remove the screw and grind it down until it doesn’t touch anymore. Makes a surprisingly huge difference in the smoothness of that shot.

Oh man! I get rejected from this shot all the time... Wonder if this is my issue? Can you tell me more about how you ground it down? Did you just sand some of the top off? That didn't impact your ability to get a screwdriver inserted?

#6920 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

For an easy screw "mod" add a couple dozen to your next parts order.

Yes, flat heads seems much better here! A little baffling why Stern would use such a tall/rounded head screw in this placement and the helipad ramp, but one would like to think they have their reasons and know what they're doing...

#6928 1 year ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

Pinball life sells sheets of it that you can cut to whatever size you want:

I've heard they sell it at Michaels, but haven't ever checked.. Lots of interesting ideas here though - I wonder if some of these would also improve the plunger shot going up the helipad?

Also, something I was thinking about today.. Anyone know if Rick Naegele (the code developer for JP) is a user on here? I know he's likely busy polishing up the code for AIQ, but would like to ask if & when co-op is being added to JP.

#7009 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

For those interested, I just created my Titan rubber kit for JP Prem/LE: https://www.titanpinball.com/kits/index.php/browse/mine
It is a mix of orange and yellow along with green for the upper flipper.

I am interested! However, your link isn't working.. It just takes me to their homepage. Do you need to swap it out with one that is public-facing?

#7046 1 year ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

My autolaunches are getting worse to a point it really pisses me off and I do not know how to fix it.
I realigned the shooter fork, did the washer fix and lifted up the heli ramp a littlebit, since the ball sometimes touches it from below.
Yesterday I took alot of slomo videos. One big problem is the thin metal flap on the right side of the shooter lane. Its enough send the ball into the opposite direction, leading to massive rattling. However sometimes the ball launches perfectly straight and it still wont make it up the ramp. Any ideas?[quoted image][quoted image]

Based on your second video it looks like your power is WAY too high. You practically have an airball coming out of the lane! If it's only happening on the auto-plunge, then you know its one of two things: the power of the coil, or the alignment of the fork.

As I mentioned back in post #6795, lower your auto-plunger coil power if you haven't already.. Mine is all the way down to 155 and I rarely have a miss anymore. And then, make sure the auto-plunger forks are both touching the ball at rest. If they aren't, bend one until they both do.

#7105 1 year ago
Quoted from Parkshow30:

I will change the frequency of how often it shows the credits in the loop so we can hear it more.

It plays about a 7 minute song during this, so you might not want that...

#7184 1 year ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

Woof, that thing looks like it would rip up the playfield if I tried to hammer it out. You’ve got to remove two of those to get cliffys in there, as well as remove the entire ball guide. I’m going to hold off and stick with my plastic shooter lane protector for now...

As someone who has installed several Cliffy's in the location you're referring to, its really not that bad.. The playfield is already 'ripped up' in that hole based on the initial installation. At this point, it acts more like a tack than a screw, so you can completely ignore the threading. As someone else said, you simply have to remove the nut on the underside, and tap the screw out. Once you install the cliffy, just line the screw up in the same orientation as it was installed in originally and it will tap right back in simply.

#7208 1 year ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

There is a tiny casting seam on new stern flipper buttons which drove me crazy, like you described.
Grind it down with a smooth sand paper, easy fix!
For faster grinding you can attatch the button with a double sided 3M tape and turn the button while sanding it .
[quoted image][quoted image]

Man, I cannot stand that myself - good to hear I'm not the only one. Are new buttons being sold with the same issue, or no? If I buy these from PBL, will they not have that?


#7229 1 year ago
Quoted from RGAires:

Turn down the trough kickout power?! You can do that in settings?

Yes. Game feature adjustment #306

Quoted from ReluctantPin:

Could you recommend an ideal trough kickout power?

...Just do some testing man. You want the bare minimum that gets the ball out on the first coil plunge without causing any issues. Mine is set to 190, so I guess start there.

#7289 1 year ago
Quoted from JRay23:

Has anyone ordered the JADA 1:43 Jeep on eBay that ships from china? I’m sure its a knockoff, but I have not been able to find one other than that. Just wondering if its decent for a replacement truck or if I should keep searching for a authentic one.

Sure have. Definitely not a knock-off, just straight from the actual production source instead. It's legit and would recommend.

#7366 1 year ago
Quoted from Galvez1978:

Doesn’t work any skill shot!! I just restart the pinball and say this [quoted image]

...That node error is because you have the coin door open man.

#7367 1 year ago
Quoted from ReluctantPin:

Another newbie NIB question (sorry)...
Are these visible circle patterns normal on a NIB pin? Only visible in bright, overhead light and at certain angles. Is it just part of the clearcoat? I'm probs being way too pedantic -- new to all this, so sorry if it's been asked a ton.
They're very fine, appear to be sorta everywhere, kinda. I've seen them on other playfields of course, just didn't know if this is normal for a factory pin.
Photo makes it look a bit more pronounced than it looks in person.
Thanks![quoted image]

Unless you're planning to install a playfield protector on it (which many don't recommend), I wouldn't worry about these - your playfield is about to get a shit ton worse after playing (dimples, scratches, etc.).. This is not a hobby for perfectionists or worriers - just play it and have fun.

1 week later
#7548 1 year ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

I just got a Double Super Jackpot today after Unlocking Chaos after the Raptor Triball Ramps and Chaos...there was so much going on though, I don't know how I did it.. The callout was different and the game actually rumbled...Anyone know the progression rules I got to get that achievement?

Phase 1 - Raptor Tri-Ball: Shoot the left and right ramps once each for a Raptor Jackpot. The second Jackpot is worth double that of the first. The Jackpot value increases with switch hits (by how much?)

Phase 2 - Raptor Chaos: The CHAOS letters will light. Shoot all the CHAOS shots (not necessarily in order) for Raptor Chaos Jackpots worth 1/5 of the Double Jackpot value.

Phase 3 - Raptor Rampage: Raptor Tri-Ball becomes "Raptor Hex-Ball”! (or “Raptor Quint-Ball”). 3 more balls are now in play, but no more than 6. Super Jackpots are lit on the right ramp and upper loop, with the base value of the Double Jackpot, and are multiplied by the number of balls in play. The second Jackpot, once again, will be worth double the value of the first Jackpot. Get 2x Scoring ready during this phase, and watch your score skyrocket! Collecting either Super Jackpot will also award you with a Fossil for your efforts.

#7552 1 year ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

Thanks so much for this info!!! I did get the fossil award too! Really appreciate the detailed explanation

No problem at all, but can't take credit for it.. If you aren't already intimately familiar with this page, then you're going to enjoy reading through it! I'm on about my 30th read now...


#7592 1 year ago
Quoted from gordonshumway:

Been looking at a new NIB. Was almost ready to go with Munster's, then got back on JP and now leaning hard here. I've gotten a little input via a M & JP owner, and thought I'd ask some opinion here.
For less than 2K difference, how does everyone feel about the Pro vs. Premium? Reliability of both? And lastly, I've gotten some quotes from a few Pinside vendors. Does anyone have any smokin' hot places to buy?

Personally the pro was the right fit for me. A lot of people swear by the moving T-Rex, but to me I don't find it worth the additional investment. Additioanlly, I've watched several videos of premium play and feel like the T-Rex grabbing the ball and the raptor gate slow down gameplay too much for my taste.

#7640 1 year ago
Quoted from Motorcitypinball:

I have been practicing for the escape Nublar challenge tournament. I have Played Escape Nublar exclusively for the last 4 days about 2 Hours per day.
I decided to give it a break today and shoot around a little and play a game.
It was my best Game ever.
10 fossils
3.6 Billion Score
30 rescues
495,000,000 Visitor center bonus
Practicing Nublar is making me better at all the shots
BTW my best Escape from Nublar time is 3:36[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Obviously you're playing amazingly even despite this, but I don't believe that's where the top flipper should be at all... That's gotta be jacking up your game a bit.

#7646 1 year ago
Quoted from Gogdog:

Version 1.03 is out! Mainly adding DJ mode.
Though....maybe I'm doing something wrong. To totally kill the current game on newer sterns, can't you hold the left flipper and start button at the same time to go back to attract mode?

Wow... That's all they added?! Weak. I think there goes hopes of seeing things like cooperative play in the future.

#7650 1 year ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

OK - so what is DJ mode?
V1.03.0 - October 27th, 2020
- DJ Mixer - added to game mode menu

Something that's not worth updating for.. It was first released in TMNT - it lets you play the different music from the game without playing the game.

#7652 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballer31520:

Not updating this time . updated my Stranger Things and it erased the custom sound code I had . Keep your DJ mic and I will keep my movie clips !

Yes, anytime you do an update you'll lose any custom sounds you have gotten through Pinball Browser and will need to reload the PB macro to inject the sounds back in - that's assuming Stern didn't block PB from working...

#7681 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Guys, is it cheating to remove the screw so the tower shot is consistent? I’m being told doing stuff like that is cheating. I thought that was pinball tweaking 101. 15+ years in this hobby and I’m second guessing myself.

Not cheating. I removed the flap entirely and never looked back.

#7685 1 year ago
Quoted from Manny65:

the front of the flipper rubber should line up with the PF dot.

Um, do you have a source for that, because I've never heard that before. The two placements I've heard are completely centered with the plastic flipper, or lined up with the top of the plastic flipper, but never the top of the rubber.

I've also seen about a hundred different videos of people playing JP2's, including Keith and I've never seen a flipper that far below.

Don't get me wrong, if you like it there and it makes it easier for you to connect with shots, then by all means you do you.. But, if you're prepping for some tournament that's on location, then I can pretty much promise you that you're doing yourself a disservice because the machine you play on next will look nothing like that.

#7690 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballTilt:

Please not again. I know you think that's rude, but it's discussed on probably every page of this thread

Chill. I know you probably think that’s rude, but you aren’t reading posts before replying. I’m very familiar with the posts your referring to, but this is different. I'm asking for a source that the dot should be lined up with the top of the rubber as IBARAKURO is stating. If that exists in this thread, then forgive me, but from my knowledge all other alignment posts match this one:


Where it calls out that Keith was referring to the top of the plastic bat and not the top of the rubber. The alignment shown in the image above is wrong and I think that should be clarified so that an new owner who comes to this thread doesn't set their machine up based on it.

#7820 1 year ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

Anyone noticed that this is not how the new code is set up, mine is set to 8 as default:

this would could help me to get to escape nublar, but i dont want to change it from factory.
Got a new escape nublar challange record with 3:01 yay!

I hate to break it to you, but the fact that this change is in this release means that this IS "factory" now. You should absolutely change it. It's the equivalent of a balance adjustment to rules that have been released after millions of playtests. This is the new default.

#7877 1 year ago
Quoted from Hop721:

I’m guessing they’re talking about the small numbers that are printed on the plastics. I have no answer as to why they’re there-I have a 17 year old Ripley’s, and they’re on those plastics also. I personally think it looks cheap and unprofessional.

Guys, come on.. These are the re-order numbers and literally appear on every single machine since the 80's. Every machine that's ever built has a prefix, and then every plastic, metal, piece, or sticker within that machine has a suffix so that when you're trying to find a part years later you can intelligently (or not apparently) tell someone what you're looking for.

As an example, Jurassic Parks prefix for any plastics is: 830-1038-XX and the XX is the number you are currently asking about. So if you want to replace the t-Rex plastic over the left slingshot, you'd look at that number (which is -86) and know to ask someone to order part: 830-1038-86 if it ever breaks.

Every sticker on the machine is the same way.

#7881 1 year ago
Quoted from ScottyC:

If you find a distributor to sell individual ones then sure it's handy. Every time I've tried to get a single plastic it's been all or nothing.
E.G. Find me a 830-1034-05 for JP Prem

I think it's handy in lots of scenarios, not just with distributors. If you file a ticket directly with Stern it comes in handy - they carry all of individual pieces for all machines under warranty or that are currently in production. Its handy if you're talking to other owners and trying to troubleshoot something (it's not just the aesthetic pieces of a machine that have this number system - literally every single piece of metal has one going back decades). It's also handy if you tear down an old machine and want to sell it for parts - these are the numbers you should list on eBay, etc.

1 month later
#8832 1 year ago
Quoted from holminone:

Just joined the club! Awesome game. I have a couple of questions and the history in this forum is still not clear.
1) Flipper positioning. According to Keith Elwin, the flippers should align to factory tiny holes where the bottom flippers align to the "middle of the hole". Elwin says specifically- "Correct for the bottom flippers. Top flipper the hole aligns to the top of the bat."
Question 1) Where are the "holes"? There are no holes in the classic B/W sense- but I do see tiny imperfections that can be passed for holes. (see photo). I assume the "holes" are the tiny imperfections that look like clear coated holes at the tip of the flipper?
Question 2). When Elwin says "Top flipper the hole aligns to the "top of the bat". What exactly is the top of the bat? Does he mean the rubber face edge that makes contact with the ball? The plastic face edge of the bat? WHERE EXACTLY should the top flipper be aligned? Where should the bottom ones be aligned?My game's top flipper is aligned such that a completely missed high speed loop shot will direct the ball to the center of the lower left flipper. The ball avoids the post at the tip of the bat. The problem I think with his positioning is the left play field shots feel kind of clunky and the shots not struck towards the tip of the bat invariably go into the captive ball/jeep. What is the correct positioning? Should a missed shot nick the post rubber and deflect? Curious to all your thoughts...
2) Spinner shot slowing down. Kind of feels by design for the ball to not fly through there. Just want to confirm. Here is a good video on found of the actual ball behavior. https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=hRCBeKAZIH4&feature=youtu.be# Looking for confirmation here on if this rattling/slowing down is expected, or if it should be faster.[quoted image][quoted image]

1) Yes, those are them. They are less 'holes' anymore and more just indentations. I see them in your pic - I've highlighted them here.
Screenshot 2021-01-03 143948 (resized).jpg

2) "Does he mean the rubber face edge that makes contact with the ball?" No. "The plastic face edge of the bat?" Yes. "Where should the bottom ones be aligned?" Middle of the plastic part of the bats should line up with the middle of the hole. In my opinion, your top flipper could come down (right) slightly. I've highlighted the "hole/indentation" in this picture. If you decide to follow Elwins positioning, then this hole should align with the top of the yellow bat.
Screenshot 2021-01-03 144540 (resized).jpg

#8839 1 year ago

"For the top flipper is the suggestion that the indent is aligned with the plastic bat face?"


"I assume the rubber post comes into play a bit then on a shot that zips around and doesn’t get hit by the upper right? Is this true too?"

Yes, it will give the ball a bump so that it doesn't go SDTM.

#8900 1 year ago
Quoted from Vitty:

Thanks, I thought this only applied to getting to Escape during a regular game and not the challenge mode.

It applies to both.. Per the Rules:

"Because there was no game beforehand, you are spotted 12 rescues and a default path to Visitor Center (the far edge of the map depending on what direction the truck is already facing)."

#9008 1 year ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

Thx for the info. I noticed it said Helipad near the spinner. A lot of rules to this game. I'm just trying to figure it out.[quoted image]

Shooting the shots that are within the orange banners lights those point lights. Then hitting the spinner cashes in on all of the lit bonuses and resets them.

#9041 1 year ago

Pro owners.. Anyone else get slightly annoyed by how long the T-Rex multi-ball animation (and subsequent ball hold) is? From my experience it doesn't appear to be very responsive to 'skipping' via pressing both flipper buttons in... I assume its built this way due to the Prem/LE animated TREX, but on the pro, I wish there was a way to turn it off.

#9046 1 year ago
Quoted from MrMikeman:

Hit both flipper buttons simultaneously. It skips the animation. I do it all the time.

No, this is what I'm saying.. Both flippers does not seem to impact this animation. It still plays just as long.

#9178 1 year ago
Quoted from Jakers:

In the club finally with a Premium! Love it so far. It came with v1.02 "movie" code on it. Current Stern code is 1.03. Is there a v1.03 movie version yet?

Yes, but you're in the wrong thread: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/stern-jurassic-park-2-custom-code-project

The only way to get it is to send a PM to Tim timlah79

3 weeks later
#9560 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Just drill a little hole and pop the wore in an inch or so.


1 week later
#9608 1 year ago
Quoted from Lounge:

I installed PinMonk’s fan. A bit of a pita but worth it. No problems with heat and I’ve had many hours long nights on JP.

This is a must-install mod in my opinion and the first thing I order even before the new machine arrives.

2 weeks later
#9893 1 year ago
Quoted from Rocanich:

he is doing really nice work

While I would agree the translite and apron look amazing, this is one of the worst websites I've ever seen. For someone who apparently is trying to sell products, they really should put some more effort into making their website more usable.

#9965 1 year ago
Quoted from Drussksu:

Hey Everyone,
The lights near my flippers are inconsistently on and occasionally flicker while playing. Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this? I just replaced a coil stop on the bottom right flipper could I have loosened a wire?

Most likely they've just twisted themselves out with all the vibration. Super simple fix. Just unscrew the 3 screws holding the plastic on and give the bulbs a turn.

1 week later
#10036 1 year ago
Quoted from jhngh41:

I've seen a mod which replaces the middle spinning jeep with an actual Jurassic Park looking Jeep, does anyone have any leads on where to purchase this? TIA

ebay.com link: itm

#10041 1 year ago
Quoted from Markharris2000:

That may be TOO big!!! I think he wants the 1:43 scale jeep.

Yikes!! Didn't even realize they came in different sizes. You're right, my bad!

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