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Jurassic Park (Stern 2019) Owners Club. Welcome! To Jurassic park.....

By Scribbles

7 months ago

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#267 7 months ago
1 month later
#1697 6 months ago
Quoted from bemmett:

Got my LE in today and everything looks great and is working great. Appears to have the new playfield and no signs of pooling, fingers crossed. Such a blast to play even tho I have no clue what I'm doing yet![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That game looks so "world under glass," crikey that's a good looking machine....

#1745 6 months ago
Quoted from BeeGeeMtl:

I went back to my DEADPOOL Pro last night and played it for hours, tons of continued fun, even after almost a year of owning it. Soooo many different things happening in that game, still adore it!!
Am I the only one? Just feels like the "initial high" excitement of the game has gone away and replaced with a HOPE that a big "code update" might make the game a little more fun/exciting. Even some non-pinball friends who come over didn't really go nuts for it because "not much was happening" for them.

Well, if it follows the Deadpool trajectory, it will get at least a couple of big code updates that improve the game immensely. Also, Deadpool is one of the top Stern results ever, so many other pins might seem "just good" by comparison....

1 month later
#2628 4 months ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

Jurassic Park Number 1, top 100. What! Mind Blown. Hopefully it stays there.

In terms of addictiveness, shot geometry and objectives, it's truly an all-time great....can't stop playing it on location.

2 weeks later
#2894 4 months ago

V0.95.0 - November 25, 2019
- Visitor Center - added this new mini-wizard mode which is lit when you proceed through all Paddocks and reach the Visitor Center
- Museum Mayhem - added this new mini-wizard mode which is lit at the T-Rex when you complete all T-Rex event modes
- Secure Control Room - added this new mini-wizard mode which is lit at the Control Room when you complete 3 Control Room modes
- Invalid Frenzy - added this new mini-wizard mode which is lit when you complete all Control Room modes and Secure Control Room mini-wizard mode
- Visitor Center Bonus - when you reach the visitor center there is a bonus applied for Fossils Collected, Rescues, Longest Rescue Streak, DNA Collected, and Paddocks Visited
- T-Rex Mech - now throws left / right during T-Rex Rampage and Museum Mayhem (T-REX THROW BALL ENABLED adjustment is still available to turn throws off)
- Raptor Locks - fixing an issue where lighting lock and shooting the lock shot quickly after could cause the gate to not close and the ball to lock virtually, instead of physically
- Raptor Locks - fixing an issue where lighting lock in the Raptor Pit and starting Chaos MB could allow the ball to be locked during Chaos MB causing it to end early
- Raptor Locks - Raptor Fence Integrity now starts at 50% for the first multiball
- Raptor Locks - when locks can't be advanced all Raptor Target hits will do a negative sound and light effect
- Raptor Tri-Ball - fixing an issue when you have a ball locked and hit the ball to refresh the timer during the grace period of the lock timer the ball will be released early
- Raptor Tri-Ball - added new start light show
- Raptor Tri-Ball - added new light show for Jackpot and Super Jackpot
- King of the Island - don't start music until intro is complete
- King of the Island - added a new Jackpot lamp effect
- Chaos Multiball - removed the Add-A-Ball award from Supply Drop, Add-A-Balls are now only available from Pop Bumper hits
- Smart Missile - Left Inlane Up Post now fires faster when triggering from the left inlane switch
- Smart Missile - fixed and issue with the 'Smart Missile' insert flashing after the time to hit it was expired
- Amber Pops - added a new background light effect on the Pops when this is running
- Amber Slings - fixed an issue where the Amber Slings timer would be paused by the pop bumpers
- Dilophosaurus Paddock - when Staff is immobilized the text on the display effect now shows the number of seconds it will last
- Escape - escape timer no longer pauses for anything
- System Failure - added an expanded light show when you start your first paddock and the system failure video plays
- 2X Playfield - added a new light show when activated
- Supply Drop Lit - adding a new light show when this happens
- Truck Flasher - adding more Truck flasher light shows when the Truck is hit at key times
- T-Rex Chase - added T-Rex mech and light choreography when mode is progressed
- Replay - adjusted the Replay display effect priority so it waits until more important things are shown before displaying the Replay
- Sound Effects - many sound effect have been updated and volumes tweaked
- Score Frame - hide Paddock info boxes when the next Paddock is the Visitor Center
- Enter Initials - now using waterfall background instead of backgrounds relating to each high score
- Mosquito in Amber Accessory Shooter Knob - many more lamp effects added during Amber Pops / Slings / Targets / Ramps
- Attract Mode - adding Rescue Tutorial video into the attract mode loop
- Attract Mode - adjusted GI to full brightness during 30 second light cycling, GI to half brightness instead of off when lamp groups are flashing
- Diagnostics - added a Ramp Opto Test for detecting both optos when shooting the Left Ramp, this can be used to diagnose issues with missing the Left Ramp Entry Opto

- Adjustment Changes:
- changed 'AMBER RAMP TIMER' default from 30 to 50 seconds
- changed 'AMBER SLINGS TIMER' default from 30 to 40 seconds
- changed 'AMBER POPS TIMER to default from 30 to 20 seconds
- 'AMBER TARGETS TIMER' remains 30 seconds
- changed 'T-REX STEP THROW TICKS' to 'T-REX STEP THROW RIGHT TICKS' - used for fine tuning when the jaw releases the ball when throwing right
- added 'T-REX STEP THROW LEFT TICKS' - used for fine tuning when the jaw releases the ball when throwing left
- UTILS -> VOLUME -> BACKBOX SPEAKER TYPE - now set to 4 OHMs on boot for LE machines only
- removed 'MAP - START PADDOCK' - no more cheating since mini-wizard mode scoring is based on paddocks visited

- System - Updated to V2.36
- Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.53.0

1 week later
#3081 3 months ago

Woo-hoo!! Fix that missile, baby....

V0.96.0 - December 4, 2019
- Smart Missile - fixed an issue with an occasional crash when choosing 'Complete Chaos' and hitting the Pop Target when a multiball is running
- Amber Slings - fixed an issue where 2x amber value was being added to the score for each Amber Sling
- Amber Slings - fixed an issue where only half the amount of Amber Value that was added to the score showed up in the total screen
- Amber Slings / Pops / Targets / Ramps - fixed an issue where the Amber Features display effect would show only the 1X value being awarded during 2X playfield multiplier
- Super Spinner - multiplier is now current Bonus X multiplier +1X and still adds +2X for perk (minimum: 2X, maximum: 8x) can still be doubled by 2X playfield multiplier
- Control Room Modes - now default to 45 seconds (up from 40 seconds)
- Control Room Select - fixed an issue where the dino move timer would still count down when you waited to select your mode, timer is now paused at this time
- All Paddocks - dino move timer will now not pause for Pop Bumper hits
- 2X Playfield - timer no longer pauses for Pop Bumper hits
- Super Supply Drop - 'TRIPLE BONUS' award now awards current Bonus score X3 instead of adding +3X to the Bonus X
- Visitor Center Bonus - Rescue is now worth 750K (up from 500K)
- Visitor Center Bonus - Rescue Streak is now worth 1.5M (up from 1M)
- Tilt Warning - Danger and Double Danger text added to display effect
- High Scores - adding T-Rex Encounter Champion
- High Scores - adding T-Rex Chase Champion
- High Scores - adding T-Rex Rampage Champion
- High Scores - adding Virus Attack Champion
- High Scores - adding System Boot Champion
- High Scores - adding Restore Power Champion
- High Scores - adding King of the Island Champion
- High Scores - adding Visitor Center Bonus Champion
- High Scores - adding Secure Control Room Champion
- High Scores - adding Invalid Frenzy Champion
- High Scores - adding Escape Nublar Champion (mode is coming soon)
- High Scores - adding Amber Pops Champion
- High Scores - adding Amber Ramps Champion
- High Scores - adding Amber Targets Champion
- High Scores - adding Amber Slings Champion
- High Scores - fixed an issue with the Bonus Champion not ever setting the high score
- High Scores - increased the high score defaults in general by 2x
- Enter Initials - updated font colors and sizes
- Enter Initials - fixed an issue with strange scaling when 'Q' is entered in either 3 or 10 letter layout
- Enter Initials - fixed an issue with characters lining up with underscores properly for the 10 letter layout
- Enter Initials - added sound effect when a high score champion is presented
- Attract Mode - tournament screens have now been added to the attract mode
- Competition Mode - competition mode screen when holding left flipper in has been updated to better integrate with Attract Mode

- Adjustment Changes:
- changed 'AMBER TARGETS TIMER' default from 30 to 40 seconds
- changed 'AMBER SLINGS TIMER' default from 40 to 30 seconds
- UTILS -> VOLUME -> BACKBOX SPEAKER TYPE - once this setting is overridden by the operator, the bootup sequence will no longer revert it to match the model's speaker type

- System - Updated to V2.37
- Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.54.0

3 weeks later
#3333 3 months ago

Love that premium/LE raptor cage. When you get a pinball trapped in there, it's like you're smacking around a raptor to weaken the fence. However, the pro is still the core experience of JP2, with the same shots and modes....so no worries either way, it's a classic in either form.

1 month later
#3867 51 days ago


V0.98.0 - February 6, 2020
- Escape Nublar - added this new wizard mode which is lit when you have played Visitor Center, Museum Mayhem, and Secure Control Room
- Escape Nublar Challenge - added this mini game
- To activate hold both flipper buttons during attract mode (with credits on machine or free play enabled)
- Select "CHALLENGE" with the flipper buttons and press start up to 4 players.
- Set adjustment 45 to YES to enable Escape Nublar Challenge on start button press always.
- The goal of Escape Nublar is to navigate back through the main gate to the helipad while
rescuing any remaining staff and dinosaurs before the volcano erupts.

- Rescue phase -
Rescue phase consists of collecting rescues by hitting the rescue shots.
Once all rescues achieved hit the trap targets to rescue the dinosaur from that paddock.
If the dinosaur was already captured earlier in the game then this phase is skipped.
Turning the truck during rescue phase rotates the locations of the rescues.

- Navigate phase -
Navigate phase requires you to try to find a safe exit from the paddock by shooting the red arrows.
If the path is blocked by lava then you must find another path.
When a safe path is found the left ramp will light up to advance to the next paddock.
Truck direction dictates which paddock you will navigate to.

- Truck convoy and fuel -
You convoy consists of 3 trucks. Drain the ball or run out of fuel then the truck and it's rescues will be lost.
Once all 3 trucks are lost the game is over. Shoot raptor targets or pop bumpers or collect rescues to add fuel.
Advancing paddock completely refuels the truck.

- Path options -
Taking the path you already navigated on the way to the visitor's will be the quickest escape
from the island but fewer scoring opportunities. (In Nublar Challenge this path is randomly selected for you)

- Sudden death -
If fuel level hits minimum then sudden death begins. All remaining rescues are lost and
you have 15 seconds to leave the paddock before it becomes engulfed and that truck is lost.

- Helipad hurry-up -
Navigating back through the main gate starts the Helipad Hurry-up. Hurry-up value based on
number of rescues, dinosaurs captured and number of paddocks cleared. Shoot Helipad to escape the island.

- High Scores -
Escape Nublar Challenge has it's own dedicated high score board separate from the main game.
Play for a top 3 score or top 3 speed run time.

Tilt ends game!

- Escape Nublar Challenge and Escape Nublar - share the same game rules, however for challenge you are spotted 12 rescues and a default path to Visitor Center
- High Score Tables - added 2 new high score tables specific to Escape Nublar Challenge that track top 3 in points and fastest 3 times
- High Score Tables - Escape Nublar Champion only recognizes natural Escape Nublar scores
- Attract Mode - added video graphics screen for "Locating Pinballs Please Wait..."
- Super Tranquilizer - added restrictions to not be able to use at times when it doesn't make sense, also adding inactive buffer around Control Room select, Auto Launch, and Smart Missile award select
- Super Tranquilizer - lamp effect for Action Button no longer flashes, button is lit green when available to use
- T-Rex Rampage - changed priority of Rampage award so collected value can be seen more easily with other stacked shots
- All Control Room Modes - changed priority of award screens so collected value can be seen more easily with other stacked shots
- All Control Room Modes - final shot now will display the time bonus awarded and the final shot award before fossil collection
- Raptor Locks - in a multiplayer game, when a ball is already locked in the Raptor Pen it is now easier to make progress through the 'sets of target completion' phase
- Callouts - rearranging and adding some new callouts throughout the game
- Mosquito in Amber Accessory Shooter Knob - no longer flashes when Amber / Amber Features are lit, now slowly pulses on / off
- Player Competition Mode - removed left flipper hold to start player competition mode, this can now be performed by holding both flippers and selecting Competition from the choices

- System - Updated to V2.43
- Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.56.0

- Adjustment Changes:
- added 'NUBLAR CHALLENGE ON START PRESS' defaults to FALSE, which will start STANDARD gameplay. When TRUE this will immediately start ESCAPE NUBLAR CHALLENGE instead of STANDARD gameplay.

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