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Jurassic Park (Stern 2019) Owners Club. Welcome! To Jurassic park.....

By Scribbles

76 days ago

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#730 50 days ago

I was going to buy a JP pro this week, but holding off after hearing about all this. My dist also mentioned they have been getting calls about playfield flaking right out of the box. I was also going to buy a new Deadpool pro that would be coming from the Stern Factory, do you think there is a chance of a newer production dead.. pooling?

1 week later
#1292 38 days ago

Got my pro on Friday! I've been pretty sick, but finally felt good enough to unbox it last night. Noticed no pooling out of box, after about 10 plays i can see pooling on lots of posts. Will get some pics tonight.

Btw is that decal that came with the owners manual just for personal use? Or does it have a place on the machine somewhere?

#1293 38 days ago

So my code update keeps failing. Ive copied the two files from the unzipped folder into a usb drive. There are 4 options. Quick/verify yes/no and full/verify yes/so. I tried full verify/yes and unoacking failed. Tried the first Option quick verify/no. Unpacking failed. Tried the other usb port on the machine. Failed. Tried the other spk file on the stick which only has 2 options full verify yes/no. Got invalid spk error. The manual nor the readme give any info on these different options. Maybe ill try a different usb stick. Any tips?

#1295 38 days ago

It is taking a really long time to download these files from sterns website. Maybe they have an issue on their end.

#1303 38 days ago

It finally installed. I downloaded again on chrome via windows the second time. First time was on mac and chrome. I also reformatted the usb stick on windows. Initially i just deleted everything on it, but it was already fat32 formatted. My guess is the reformat helped. I just did quick verify/no. Whats the difference between these? Quick and full? No info i can find on it in the manual or sterns website.

#1311 38 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

because it's not related to stern's work.
quick just means it writes the new file system on the disk and doesn't bother going and removing or validating things. It's just setting things up to say "ok, new table of contents.. we'll just ignore any existing dirt and just write new chapters/files when we need to". A 'full format' would go through and wipe out all the old files and try to clean the disk.
No need to do anything but a quick w/o verify unless you suspect disk corruption problems.

How is the code update not related to sterns work? I think you thought I was talking about formatting the USB. But in a earlier post I mentioned the multiple options there are on the pinball machine when you try to load new code off the USB. There are 4 options when installing the code, quick or full, both with verify yes/no.

Yes it came with big washers under the sling posts. But I see minor pooling on many different posts all over. The post by the upper flipper looks strange like the art might be flaking? I'll have to take the glass off for a closer inspection. I also got a green plunger spring in mine, so a full power plunge only sometimes makes the halfpipe. The button launch doesn't always make the halfpipe either though. Ordering an orange one tonight off PBL and some back up coil stops. Seems to be a pretty fun game though so far! I've only scratched the surface, but I think this has the best skill shots in a game to date?(Haven't made that 3rd combo yet; I hope it keeps going after!).

#1346 37 days ago

Im 30 plays into this game(gf and neighbor played some of those). I can say this is an awesome game with lots of unique shots. Still figuring out what to do, and what stuff does, but that's what keeps me hitting the start button again and again. Unfortunately i broke my raptor gate too.(i blame the raptors) i never even really shot for the raptor cage, was focused on all the other stuff. Since i took the glass off to pull this off the playfield i figured its a good time to take the regular look at my backyard pool pics.

Couldn't get a good picture of a few other pools, but the left out lane adjustment post has pooling. Post left of supply drop target and the side rail above supply drop target have pools as well. This machine has August 15 on its backside. My deadpool has August 22 on the backside and no pooling.

With that said the pooling isn't super noticeable unless you're looking for it. Had it not been such a known issue i may have not noticed. The slings have big washers on the front posts and show no pooling.

This game will be routed next week, so we will see if it can survive the crucible.

All in all, great game, given ive only had it for a few days i think the pooling scare is quite overblown compared to how it actually looks in real life, i guess the counter argument of whether pooling is only the beginning of a bigger issue is still against the time clock so we will see. Game play is not affected by the pooling. My upper flipper post seems tight still also. My only concerns here are having the wrong plunger spring installed at factory(what else might not be correct?) and this weak ass raptor gate. Also i have heard and have seen coil stops fail on new sterns unexpectedly fast, ive got some back ups on the way if i encounter that.

If pooling is the only thing stopping you from buying this one, id say buy it. But don't take my advice! Wouldn't hurt to give it a couple weeks either.

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#1368 36 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Have any strategies to share besides "play better"... or are you just cheering from the sidelines?

Biggest runs I've had was virus control room or paddocks stacked with chaos. I think i saw 40 mil on one control room shot. Its hard to see what is scoring though in that chaos MB. So many balls. My score jumps a few hundred mil sometimes when i stack those though. Pretty sure 2x playfield was running too. But again its chaos. So many lights. Does the action button have any uses yet? I haven't found any.

#1420 35 days ago

Is it just me or did chaos multiball get notched down to 3 to start? I swear with .87 it was a 6 ball multiball to start. Maybe i just had excessive pop action before?

#1450 33 days ago

Does anyone elses speaker on the bottom sound blown? Mine sounds crackly like a blown speaker sometimes during some sounds. But its not constant. Wondering if its a speaker issue or just a really bad sound clip.

#1476 32 days ago

I noticed this jaws pro sticker in my Jurassic park today.

Does anyone have a drained ball sometimes get stuck in the drain and not sense the ball has drained? It seems they are supposed to naturally slide to the right, and sometimes a ball gets stuck on the far left and not roll down. A little nudge gets it moving, still annoying though, especially if you had a ball save going.

20190915_025009 (resized).jpg20190915_025552 (resized).jpg
#1516 31 days ago

Btw i put the Orange plunger spring that the manual suggests in, instead of the stock green, and my full power plunges still are not %100 up the halfpipe. Def more consistency than with the green. It almost seems like too much power sometimes. Maybe the spring strength in between Orange and green would be perfect? Could just be a halfpipe flaw or ball trajectory. But i think that's why there are secret skill shots, incase it fails.

#1619 26 days ago

Here are fixes I've had to do during first week on location. About 180 plays at home before location. Just over 300 when i went to repair. Not sure if flipper resets when you reset audits, but right flipper was around 12k. Left flipper no issues and around 9k. Raptor target was getting stuck on left rubber ring. I just loosened the screws on the target mount and realigned it properly then tightened down, simple. Will make sure to check if it slips out of position. Right flippers became sluggish. After investigation, both right coil stops had blown out. Replacing those restored power to %100. Luckily I've read this is common so had some back up coil stops ready. I did adjust the eos switch a bit before discovering the coil stop and received a message upon power up saying something like node board 8 overenergized. Not sure what that means. Pooling has started and pretty significantly on the left sling with large washer. Other pooling spots don't seem to be progressing.

20190919_150226 (resized).jpg20190919_155504 (resized).jpg20190919_160719 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#2009 7 days ago

I had a screw break on the lower right sling post, the bottom most post bolt/screw. Can anyone please identify what bolt/screw I need to replace it? It's the double ended threaded type with a build in nut under the top threads. I'm sure it's a standard part but I could not find it in the manual. The game still works as only the top portion broke off, so I can't pull it out and measure it. Thanks.

#2070 5 days ago

You guys are reading it wrong. It will light chaos if chaos isn't completed. IF chaos is lit or you are already in MB then you get the super supply drop.

My raptor gate broke after 30 plays. The replacement didn't look different and broke after 1 day. My 3rd gate is a slightly different design and has been over a week, no issues yet. Will be going in today to install the new update!

#2151 2 days ago
Quoted from jacksparrow0112:

Playing new code for first time. Why is control room now going to a 4th folder with a “?” On it and bypassing the control room modes altogether?

Yeah we are experiencing this today. Were you in multiplayer? Tilt forums says its a bug in code where players are sharing control rooms. We were noticing some greyed out and unelectable sometimes but couldn't make sense if it. How about the tilt debounce? Has anyone noticed its jacked up? We are tilting super easily and tilt through with delayed tilts. The bob is very loose, top of bob is just below being flush with the ring. I cranked tilt debounce up to max 1500 and its still happening. The tilt was not this sensitive before the .90 code update.

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