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2 years ago

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#3735 1 year ago
Quoted from Dantesmark:

Lose the gate.

Just takes a little bending to keep this from happening. Removing the gate makes it not play correctly.

#3739 1 year ago
Quoted from Yesh23:

Which direction do you bend the gate? Any pictures of your gate?

Sorry I am not by my game right now to snap a pic, but as Dantesmark mentioned, just bend it a little towards where the ball gets stuck. Mine will still stay there if I set the ball perfectly in the gap, but with any kind of movement it will not. A couple minutes with a needlenose pliers and you should be golden.

1 week later
#3857 1 year ago
Quoted from beeker3000:

TIP: If your ball has a habit of exiting the pops (the wrong way) through the one-way gate, use a zip cord the limit the gate action.
The ball is able to escape because the gate opens too far. Whenever a ball in the pops bounces off the gate it springs open allowing the ball to pass through. The wider the gate is allowed to open, the more time the ball has to pass through. A zip cord can be used to restrict the gate opening without interfering with it's intended purpose.
I actually have mine tightened down to just slightly smaller than the ball size. There's still enough give that a ball with any speed can pass through from the outside, but the gate will never open wide enough to allow it to exit from the pops side.[quoted image][quoted image]

Nice idea, thanks. That has been driving me nuts on mine and I've been trying to think of the best option. When a ball sneaks out of there, 9 times out of 10 it's going SDTM. They really should have used the same style of gate used in the (pro) Raptor pen...with a piece of spring steel to keep the gate closed.

#3859 1 year ago
Quoted from Alattig:

That gate is designed like that intentionally. Keeps you on your toes. I like it the way it is.

Well, I am certainly not a pinball designer, but I do not think one-way gates are ever designed to intentionally let balls out the wrong way. But if you like it that way, that's cool! We all like different things. I'd prefer it always feed the upper flipper once it's in the pops.

#3866 1 year ago
Quoted from Alattig:

From Keith (who is a pinball designer) on TiltForums:
Current Or Former World Pinball Champion
Sep '19
Also had a number of balls come out of the pops via the lower ‘one-way’ gate, although I assume this should be easily fixed with some manual tweaking.
Keith: That’s by design. Keeps you on your toes

No kidding! Wow..ok...I stand corrected then!

#3906 1 year ago

A couple dino upgrades. Way better than the lizard head original T-Rex. Just have to cover up or hide the old mounting holes on the backboard. Might need to come up with a better mount at some point but for now he holds himself in place really well with no modifications.

312E37BD-8245-484B-893E-586773EAA074 (resized).jpeg4E3EF1FA-7A9D-4D50-B192-B2E27C8F168A (resized).jpeg94BC10C4-B173-40E6-A56F-78603EAE351C (resized).jpegFC5AB282-D01F-4742-B71C-218093CDEEB0 (resized).jpeg
#3913 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

I assume that's the "papo" brand Trex? Looks great!!

Yup! He straddles the ramp perfectly...almost snaps gently in place with the end of his tail fitting through the gap between the backboard and the side. As it is now, he will need to come out to lift the playfield, but he literally just pops in and out of place. He is rock solid during play so far.

#3915 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Sweet! I'll probably order one. I already have the pteradon and the raptor. I think I was probably the first to do the raptor mod way back when. I've been waiting to see a nice solution for the Trex.

Nice! I can't take credit for the T-Rex as I saw someone else in this thread use him (wish I could remember who!), but he cut the tail off and mounted it differently. I was pondering how I was going to mount mine differently when he almost literally fell into place!

The pteranodon I also saw done here first, but already had it in mind since I have had two of them in my Data Easy JP for many years. I also have the Papo raptor in that one, over the kickback. Looks great. I would have done that one on my Stern, but the previous owner already had a different but really nice looking raptor in it.

I just received three boxes full of more goodies for it, so hopefully tonight I will get to do some serious modding. Going a little more crazy on this one than I usually do, but just can't help myself. I freaking love this game and can't see it going anywhere anytime soon.

#3925 1 year ago

I have had a few people contact me asking about where I got the dinosaurs and how I mounted them.

They are Papo brand. Found them both on Amazon.
amazon.com link »

amazon.com link »

Pteranodon I used a piece of piano wire that I bent into shape. Drilled a small hole into his body and shoved the wire in. Kept the fit tight enough to not need glue or anything. Attached to one of the post nuts in the area, and bent the wire to where I wanted it.

T-Rex was way easier than I expected. I ran his tail between the gates and through the gap between the backboard and the side of the cabinet. His legs are perfectly sized to almost snap in place around the ramp. It is surprisingly solid when you get it positioned just right. I might make a better mount for him someday, but for now it is just fine. I will have to take him out to raise the pf, but for how often that is needed it and how easy he goes in and out, that will not be a problem for me.

07685122-4D30-4070-8EBD-43048474C40D (resized).jpeg23F5FCFB-A555-4A71-A9DC-24265ED1127D (resized).jpeg25ECF575-D6C2-4D63-8601-A0C04D273063 (resized).jpeg78B86C99-A24B-4242-98B7-CAE2F4B40446 (resized).jpeg696A0957-B951-445D-89D4-E61F87CD9046 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#3988 1 year ago
Quoted from cyberpunk:

Hi, I can't decide for a second pinball jurassic park or deadpool?
I have a pro metallica pinball machine.

Having owned and truly enjoyed all three, I would honestly sell Metallica and buy both. Both JP and DP are much better games (in my opinion). If you aren't willing to do that, JP is my choice. Every shot is satisfying with a very unique layout...the code is amazing with so much to do and many paths to take. DP is crazy fun, but is overall a bit less satisfying to shoot than JP (other than the super skill shot into the Katana...that's right up there). DP's code, while awesome and unique, is not as deep and could be slightly repetitive, especially in the early part of the game, due to only having three battles to choose from. That's not a rip on DP at all...it's honestly a close call, but JP is just an amazing machine in every way.

Metallica is a great game, but at the end of the day the layout is super standard and "vanilla", especially when compared to JP and DP. The code is great...until you get past the first Crank It Up and keep going towards End of the Line. It becomes get CIU. Then do it again. Then do it again. Then do it again. Then do it one more time. And it's done the same every time. It just becomes a woodchopping slog, especially if you make the mistake of starting Seek and Destroy and really have to start from scratch qualifying shots for items. And that's a shame since S&D is one of the coolest modes ever! Again...really fun code...until you start getting far in the game and realize it's just the same thing over and over and over. I owned it for a couple years and loved it, but now I am more than happy to play it in other people's collections.

Best of luck with the decision! Not an easy choice, but in my opinion the right answer is always JP!

#3993 1 year ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

No, there is enough room to make the shot to the target - the truck being turned doesn't have much of an effect.
If the shot is true it'll hit the target whether the truck is turned or not.
It's the same thought about hitting a shot through the pop bumpers, it doesn't narrow the shot

I love that smart missle shot. I feel like a sniper every time I actually make it. That's one of the things I love about this game....the variety of shot types. It has it all...flowy combo shots, close in your face shots, super long high accuracy shots, flipper tip edge shots, easy feel-good shots, backhandable shots, tight but rewarding shots, a blistering fast repeatable loopshot, etc. It runs the entire gambit in ways most games do not. How many other games out there can make a simple stand-up target feel so amazing to hit when you need it?

#4019 1 year ago
Quoted from Yesh23:

A few $5 to $15 Dino’s from Amazon[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Is that the Papo Ankylosaurus? When you have time, would you mind snapping a pic of it from closer to the player position? Love it...great thinking putting it over the ball launch considering the ball save animation!

#4036 1 year ago
Quoted from Yesh23:

[quoted image][quoted image]


#4107 1 year ago
Quoted from jalpert:

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get that shot dialed in. People here seem to accept it in it’s clunkyness. It’s by far the worst part of tjis game, seems like the ball should go to the upper flipper with a clean shot but it doesn’t.

Took me a little time, but I got mine as smooth as butter. I originally figured it was not curving far enough around into the orbit, so I bent my left ball guide in as far as I could without trapping the ball against the other side. Unfortunately, that ended up making it worse. I then bent it back and using high speed mode on my phone camera, I realized that the ball was actually making the turn too hard and hitting the right ball guide enough to send it bouncing into the orbit guide. So I had to reverse my thinking and actually bend the left ball guide a bit the the left / straighten it out slightly. Now 90% of all shots smoothly orbit, while only the sloppiest ones will still slow down enough to drop in the pops. I believe this is as intended. It took some messing around, but it was definitely well worth it to have that awesome shot nice and smooth!

#4110 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

I was adjusting my 3rd flipper yesterday because the left upper shots seemed way too hard to make. Once I did that, the shots were so much easier to make so that's definitely something that should be taken into account.
Also, I was surprised to see that there were 3x posts that were very loose.. the one right next to the 3rd flipper, and the 2x at the right ramp so I tightened them.
Without going back on this whole thread, is this a common issue with people's JPs? Also, a random small black screw popped out and was on the playfield, but I couldn't locate where it came from lol

Loose posts are unfortunately a common Stern issue lately. I had many loose in JP and GOTG. BK had literally every post loose...some barely finger tight. Had that entire game apart tightening things down.

3 weeks later
#4292 1 year ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

I'm still having problems with airballs. Pitch is 7° and its leveled.
Mainly I'm getting airballs because of the slings. If the ball hits the first sling and from there into the second one, it takes off.
I'm using transparent silicon rubbers, they are causing no problems on my Ghostbusters Pin. And the sling power is turned down to 26.
Sometimes balls jump into the metal rails of the t-rex ramp or the helipad ramp.
The worst airballs i get when hitting the "O"shot and the ball returns right to the upper flipper with full speed and I hit it again with the flipper.
On the flippers i use Titan competition rubbers.
Do you have similar experiences? Any ideas? I'm afraid to damage my PF.
New Highscore, 720.000.000 woot, I really enjoy to figure out alle the modes!
And the the best part are the flippers. I feel like i have so much controll because
of the alignment of the inlane/flipper/sling-combo, microflips are awesome!

Try tightening your sling posts, as well as other posts in the game. I've had a lot of recent Sterns with terribly loose posts lately, and they can cause airballs and other issues, especially around the slings. If that doesn't help, I would try going back to normal rubber just to rule that out...and make sure you are using the correct rubber size.

#4337 1 year ago
Quoted from Lilpro66:

I picked one of these up a few weeks ago in a 4 pin package deal. (TNA, DP PRO, and Stranger Things)
It wasn't one that was on my radar at the time even though I had played it a couple dozen times.
It still took a while to grow on me but now that I have a 100+ games on it I can't quit playing it!

That may be the best 4 pin package deal of all time, and I'm not even a huge TNA fan!

#4351 1 year ago
Quoted from SilverTarga:

I have a JP pro that the bumpers near the flippers only engage in test and not upon ball impact. Unable to open a support ticket due to the shutdown of Illinois business. If someone could give me some tips I would much appreciate it.
[quoted image]

Hopefully just a simple leaf switch adjustment. Hard to tell for sure, but in the picture it almost looks like they switches are closed at "rest"? If so, that would keep them from firing. If not, then they may be adjusted too far apart, to where the ball impact is not enough to get them to fire. Can you get them to fire with your finger?

(Sorry if there are super obvious things you already checked...not sure your experience level, so no intent to offend)

#4362 1 year ago
Quoted from Green-Machine:

Yes, orange is stronger and is also what your JP should have

I think I read that many came with green, but the suggestion was to switch to orange. Not sure if production switched at some point? Mine was changed to orange and is 100% or very close to it.

My problem is the auto plunge. I am no stranger to adjusting auto plungers as I have fought that battle with many machines successfully, but no matter what I do I can't seem to get JP consistent. It will be perfect 10 times in a row, and then I'll get a nasty weak rattle...3 more good smooth and strong, another nasty weak rattle, etc. Tried much fork bending, tried the washer(s) under the left side of the plunger lane rail trick, tried adjusting the strength settings way up and way down, made sure the mech is tight and solid, etc. Always the same thing...about 75% super smooth, 25% total crap with no apparent reason. It's maddening. If anyone has additional ideas, I'm all ears.

#4366 1 year ago
Quoted from per3per3:

I have the green spring and my build date was in late December. I've increased the power of the auto-plunge and raised the left side of the fork as others have suggested with a few small washers. Mine still behaves inconsistently like you are describing, so I guess the orange spring is the only option left. I'd say mine works 80-90% of the time, but definitely auto-plunges weak randomly and it's frustrating for sure.

I have a couple washers under the left fork, but that didn't seem to do much. Maybe a few percent better but not the miracle it was for some.

Your comment about auto being weak randomly is spot on...it doesn't seem to be an alignment issue with how consistent my manual plunge is and the fact that the launch forks are dead on where they should be on mine (and I tried a few different angles). It is really like it just randomly gets limp noodle. Then again that does bring rattling around with it, which makes me think something isn't staying perfectly aligned either. Weird one...I have a feeling I just need to live with it on this one. At least my manual is near perfect.

1 week later
#4566 1 year ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

As Troll bomber in medieval madness?! Tough shot!

LOL...right? I feel like a hero if I can hit the smart missile at all...much less purposely grazing the captive ball on the way through!

#4622 1 year ago
Quoted from jacksparrow0112:

Exact same question here. Confirmed last night that the ball strikes this protruding screw head hard when riding along the ball guide causing a ton of rattling out shots. Would love to know what flush screw to order.[quoted image]

I would have never guessed the ball could actually hit that with how far into the corner that is. Will have to check mine.

#4722 1 year ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Yes it is. Williams IJ is B-list at best. JP2 is A++.

I wouldn't go quite as far as calling IJ b-list (not my favorite, but I can't deny most love it), I was very surprised to see it beat Maiden. I thought Maiden would destroy it honestly.

As for this matchup...JP has to take it. No contest in my opinion.

#4758 1 year ago
Quoted from hugepockets:

Has anyone found a fix for the ball getting stuck in the raptor cage on a Pro? It is getting stuck on the one way gate and the post. I have seen other people having the same issue but no fixes.

Just takes a little bending. Look at how the ball is getting stuck and then bend the gate to not allow it to settle there. I don't remember off the top of my head what direction to bend it, but it should be pretty obvious once you take a good look at it.

1 week later
#4844 1 year ago
Quoted from Dr-pin:

Had the game for one month or so.
Still a bit struggling, esp with the watchtower ramp.
Having a real hard time breaking the 500m score, and still havent reached the visitor center.
Any tips?
Is there some tweakto make the watchtower ramp less clunky?
Liking the game, even if it`s a tad linear and no real side missions/things to do.
For the family, i`d love to see a daily high-score list and a camera.

Linear with no side missions? You must be playing a different game. If you wanted, you could basically ignore the paddocks and concentrate on control room modes (selectable) or T-Rex modes (random after the first), each with their own mini-wizard modes. Or concentrate on CHAOS or Raptor multiball and trying to get deep in them. Or, you can even start the game in Escape Nublar Challenge for what is basically an entire mini-game of its own. Plus, even the map progression itself has path choices at every single paddock. Sorry, I just don't understand how that can be considered linear with no side missions.

#4856 1 year ago
Quoted from ectobar:

The game literally ends after Nublar. That seems linear to me. I love the game for sure, but most of my games do feel very similar.

And how often are you doing that? I'm guessing never since it literally doesn't end after Nublar. There's still a final mode when you beat Nublar and the other mini-wizard modes.

Of course...I'm pretty sure THEN it ends, but I'm not sure since I have never gotten anywhere near it.

In my opinion, having an end to a game doesn't mean it's linear when there are so many paths and unique things to do to get there. Linear means you are locked in to one thing, then the next, then the next, etc. In JP there are choices the entire time. Of course, that's just like, my opinion man.

#4864 1 year ago
Quoted from ectobar:

I have gotten there and it absolutely ends.
The first time I got there I was on ball 2 (EBs on) and thought damn, this is going to be a hell of a game. I had heard about the game ending but it was still surprising.
While there is another super wiz mode (WDRTE) you only get to play it if you complete all the mini wiz modes along the way.
I would say I could get to the VC every game if I took the short route but I'm generally trying to go for broke and capture all the super predators along the way.
I would say my average game I play most of the paddocks, the 3 main Control room modes and a couple Rex modes. Museum Meyham and Invalid Frenzy are the modes I see the least aside from Nublar.
I've only been to Nublar twice FWIW. The second time I was on my way to the WDRTE. Had SCR and VC complete but beefed Museum.

Nice. You are a heck of a player. I have gotten to each of the mini-wizards, but not EN or WDRTE. I didn't realize that you do not get a chance to go back for the other mini-wizards once you get to EN, making it a bit of a road block. I apologize. At either rate, we have different definitions of linear, but I can definitely see your point. Gotta love this game. Those raptors are clever!

1 week later
#4939 1 year ago
Quoted from zaki:

any jp owners own Metallica too? if so, which do you like better? i started a post and poll a week ago, but it didn't get much repsonse. i want to get jp, but afraid to with the playfield issues i read about. wondering if met. is a better move.

Metallica is a fun game, no doubt, but it has a very vanilla layout and the rules get really wood-choppy as you get deep into it heading towards EOTL. JP is 100% unique in both layout and ruleset. I loved Metallica intensely for the couple years I owned it, but do not miss it much, especially since I can play it at a number of other places. That's enough for me now. There is really no comparison...JP blows it away.

1 month later
#5375 1 year ago
Quoted from zaki:

ok gotcha. but tell me if i'm wrong, but it just seems those settings made it to hard to hit the smart missile and the right orbit on the default power. and the loop is too hard to go with the right upper flipper without lowering it.

That's because there are about a million variables making your game different from his. You need to find the settings that work best for your machine how you have it set up. Just like TV calibration settings, rarely can you just copy someone else's and have it be right for you. If they are too weak, bump them up until they feel good!

#5417 1 year ago
Quoted from ShooterMcD:

New JP Pro built in March. About 400 plays and pretty significant post damage. What are my options? I ordered a Cliffy post protector... Is Stern likely to do anything about it?
[quoted image][quoted image]

They will almost surely send you an unpopulated playfield for that kind of damage. Expect it to take a LONG time, but they will eventually. You will almost definitely not get a populated playfield. I do not think they are doing that for anyone anymore.

#5441 1 year ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

i will get a new unpopulated PF for that reason! this is not acceptable!

How long? any idea, because i am waiting too.

Hard to say. It all depends on if they have them in stock or have to wait for a run of them to be made. Plus with Covid, everything is going to be even further behind. I've had a few playfields replaced over the years, and usually it takes a couple months between the initial review time for them to decide if you get one and then the time to actually send you one. One game took extra long as the game was no longer being manufactured at the time, so it was awhile before playfields could be run. I want to say that one took 3-4 months total.

I am currently waiting for one, and its been three months since they confirmed it would be replaced. Of course that's right when Covid hit, so I can understand the holdup. The game is perfectly playable as-is, and I'm not in a huge hurry to do a swap, so I do not mind the wait as long as I know it will be made right eventually.

#5472 1 year ago
Quoted from rickyray:

Just wondering if others who have set the game at 7 degrees, show the leveling bubble to be slightly out of the tick marks on the high side? If you went by the bubble, it would be more in the 6.3-6.7 range for me.

Of all the cost savings measures Stern has done over the years, I can't for the life of me figure out why they still include bubble levels. They are rarely correct, and do nothing but confuse newer owners. Never, ever trust the bubble.

#5538 1 year ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

You can time out a paddock. Once all of the workers have been eaten/trampled by the dino, the dino then 'escapes' and you get to start a new paddock (by spelling MAP).
During this time you can work on TRex (truck modes), progressing towards either CHAOS or Raptor MB, loops, tower shots, Secure room modes.
There is more to the game than paddocks, even the paddocks don't have to follow the same route each game, you can change your route by hitting the Truck.
I would say even for a mediocre player there is plenty to do - for a poor player maybe less so
Each to their own I suppose, but there's a reason that the majority of people think the code is awesome.

Besides all that, which I completely agree with, I have to address the comment that all the paddocks are the same. That's completely untrue. There are distinct differences in how the dinosaurs behave (speed, direction of travel, hunting in pairs, etc...and they are brilliantly associated with the type of dinosaur they are). Different numbers of rescues are required. The capture mechanism gets more difficult as you go (starting with either capture switch and no helipad, to both switches, to both plus the helipad, to both needed in the right order plus the helipad, etc). The amount of time you have to capture them decreases, etc. Each paddock definitely feels different, and there is quite a bit of strategy involved with which path you take through them, which will have ramifications through the rest of the game (not to mention it will affect Escape Nublar should you get that far).

I do understand some of the comments about the game being linear, with only two possible paddocks available at first and they can be difficult to progress through. But once you get some of the shots and strategy down, the game really opens up many different paths and ways to play. Plus, as it was said above, you can ignore the paddocks altogether and still have PLENTY of things to do. Remove the paddocks and this game is still deeper than many popular games!

1 week later
#5619 1 year ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

I think I read that many came with green, but the suggestion was to switch to orange. Not sure if production switched at some point? Mine was changed to orange and is 100% or very close to it.
My problem is the auto plunge. I am no stranger to adjusting auto plungers as I have fought that battle with many machines successfully, but no matter what I do I can't seem to get JP consistent. It will be perfect 10 times in a row, and then I'll get a nasty weak rattle...3 more good smooth and strong, another nasty weak rattle, etc. Tried much fork bending, tried the washer(s) under the left side of the plunger lane rail trick, tried adjusting the strength settings way up and way down, made sure the mech is tight and solid, etc. Always the same thing...about 75% super smooth, 25% total crap with no apparent reason. It's maddening. If anyone has additional ideas, I'm all ears.

Necro-bumping an old post of mine to see if anyone has battled the autoplunge lately and won. Mine is driving me up a wall. I was running with two washers under the left rail for quite awhile. Tried a third, no difference. Tried one, no difference. Tried zero, no difference. Have tried adjusting the power way up and way down, and everything in between, no difference. It is still 75% super smooth, 25% random weak, bouncing garbage. If it was consistent, I could fight it. But there is just no consistency at all. When it does make it, it is with authority...it isn't like it's barely making it. It's solid and "perfect" when it goes...not on the edge of not working. Sometimes it will go 3-4 games with no issue, then one game where every other launch fails. It's infuriating. The ball seems to be settling in to a rest every time before firing, so I do not think that is it. Nothing seems loose other than a bit of typical slop in the autoplunge mechanism. The manual plunger is still almost perfect, only failing super-rarely, which I can live with, so I do think think there is a lane alignment issue. The autoplunger forks are centered and the ball rests on both of them equally. Like I said...not my first Stern autoplunge rodeo, but definitely my most frustrating one!

This is slowly turning into one of those issues that is going to eat away at me until I either solve it or sell the machine. I just can't accept that this is as good as it gets. I've tried every trick I've seen in this (and other similar) thread, but if anyone has any ideas, I am all ears!

#5621 1 year ago
Quoted from gblack:

Check the autoplunge power setting. I turned mine up. On a similar note mine came with a green spring and it's supposed to be an orange spring.

Yup. Turned it all the way to max. All the way down to where it would barely make it. And everything in between. No significant change to the percentage that fails. Lower setting seems slightly happier, but not by much.

#5628 1 year ago
Quoted from gorditas:

It came with a small bracket that is screwed to the bottom of the toy.

I have the same copter (bought it myself for like 1/8th of the non-LED Modfather price ). I mounted mine in the same place but sitting on the plastic so the ball spins the blades on the way through. Looks and works great!

1 week later
#5701 1 year ago
Quoted from kingfishtr:

So I just played a game and did not get an extra ball. Got over 100mil and no extra ball. Here are my settings. Is something incorrect?
Adj 1 Replay Type - Fixed
Adj 3 Replay award- Extra Ball
Adj 4 replay levels -3
I set them at 100mil, 300mil, 500mil
Replay Boost-Yes
Adj 17 Extra Ball Percentage-25%

Double check that you have extra balls on and set high enough that you hadn't already collected enough of them to reach the max? I think most games default to 5 extra balls allowed, but not sure on JP. Also check to make sure it's not on tournament settings. That usually means no extra balls.

2 weeks later
#5899 1 year ago
Quoted from medic7000:

I just got a used premium with under 200 plays. Is it normal to see streaks on the playfield? I’m assuming it’s from the ball. Only notice it if a light shines on it. I’m new to pinball so not sure if it’s normal or if I should do anything about it. Thanks
[quoted image][quoted image]

That looks like someone buffed it too hard with something too aggressive...possibly with a wheel with how circular the marks look. You might be able to polish it back out with some elbow grease, but be careful not to make it worse. With a newer machine like that, there's no reason to use anything stronger than Novus 1.

6 months later
#9363 10 months ago
Quoted from ProjektPat:

I need to finally get around to adjusting the launch fork ramp, it's really having issues getting up the starting ramp. Also I checked my machine with a level and it seems like it's properly leveled but the ball just repeatedly gets suck up at the top of the game in the pops area and near the spitter gate. idk

That gate is a pretty common hang-up that can be adjusted easily. Rest a ball on it and see exactly how it is getting stuck. Then just bend the wire gate so that doesn't happen. But I would verify that you are level and at the right pitch (at least 6.5, but 7 is probably better for this game) before doing that. Same thing for the raptor pen gate.

Good luck with the ball launch. That can be a bear. Besides any physical tweaking to the forks and ramp itself, you may need to play with the autoplunger power adjustment. It sounds counterintuitive, but in some cases turning down the power helps. But it varies from machine to machine.

#9365 10 months ago
Quoted from ProjektPat:

It's both the auto and manual plunger

Yeah...not a surprise with this launch design. Make sure your manual plunger is centered on the ball, both horizontally and vertically. Make sure your plunger rod end rubber is seated all the way down and not worn. Beyond that, experiment with how far you pull the plunger. If you find that it's more successful with a shorter plunge, maybe try a weaker spring. If full plunges barely have the power to make it around, try a stronger one.

#9374 10 months ago
Quoted from pinhi:

I'm on 1.02 code and can't seem to find any settings for an autoplunger power adjustment. Where is it?
or do I need to get on 1.03 code?

Sorry I no longer have my JP, but it was definitely there when I had it, and most other modern games have it. For example, my AIQ has it under Adjustments - Game - #188 Auto Plunger Power. I would assume JP's is around the same place.

1 week later
#9443 9 months ago

Editing my first response a bit as I probably sounded like I was ragging too much on the premium/LE upgrades. Not my intent.

I am personally team pro on this machine. I do not find the upgrades to be worth it to me. The moving T-Rex looks a little funny to me, but I do admit it's a neat gimmick. The raptor pit is a bigger change in my mind, but even that does not change the shot enough to be worth it to me. I do like that it can trap a ball behind the gate though, and act as a captive ball. That's cool.

Overall, the pro to premium upgrade is not enough of a game changer, and the gimmick quality is not enough to get me to want to spend the extra money. I am happy that some people find them to be though, and we have that option. If money truly wasn't an issue, I would love a LE as I think it's a beautiful machine. The premium art mostly does not do it for me, though I like the pro art quite a bit.

When I had my pro I did not feel like I was missing anything, and if/when I buy another one, it will most likely be another pro (unless a fantastic deal on a LE falls in my lap, which I am not holding my breath about).

Opinions definitely vary, so best if you can play them both yourself and see if the upgrades are worth it to you.

2 weeks later
#9614 9 months ago

Happy to be back in the club! I left my last one go too abruptly. I was hot on something new and shiny, and ended up talking myself into selling JP and justifying it by saying I didn't find it very satisfying. I managed to keep believing that for six months. A few weeks ago I posted in a TMNT vs JP thread, and at one point made the comment that while I prefer TMNT, and mentioned some negatives about JP, I felt like I was talking myself into giving it a second chance. Well guess what? Not even three weeks after posting that, JP is back in the house, LOL! I am definitely re-honeymooning with it, and questioning why I left it go in the first place. Yes, I still think paddocks are a bit of a slog, but lately I have been focusing more on keeping a good rescue streak and even trying for perfect paddocks and that has kept my interest much higher. T-Rex modes are heart pumpers...maybe some of the best modes in pinball. Love em.

I had stated that JP isn't a very satisfying shooter. I was wrong (and honestly trying to help justify letting it go). It is a difficult shooter for sure, and if you miss it can feel clunky. But when you are on and hitting them, it's pretty awesome. Very unique shots, and they do feel great when you hit them. I think part of my problem is it isn't the style of playfield I usually gravitate towards. I generally like tons of flow, somewhat easier shots, Steve Ritchie/John Borg style. JP is much more of a sharp-shooter game. The flow and combos for miles are there, but it takes real skill to hit them. I especially struggle with the upper flipper shots, but nailing them feels so good. And honestly, what other game can make a single stand-up target feel more satisfying to hit than the smart missile when lit. So sweet. And picking off the set trap targets is pretty cool too, especially with the twist of the truck position making them more difficult. Just great placement and use of space.

I had picked up an A:IQ while JP was gone. Honestly that game went a long way to making me miss and appreciate JP more. I do prefer A:IQ overall...it has some of the same feel with very unique shots and tons of combos available, but I find it to be a (mostly) easier shooter leading to much more obtainable flow. But you can tell they have the same DNA (no pun intended?). They make a great 1-2 punch, and I really hope to add an Iron Maiden to complete the KME trilogy at some point. It's funny how his shots and rules make you hungry for more. It's hard to believe he has only designed three games so far and they are all this good. I can't imagine what he'll be doing with more experience under his belt.

Long story short, I am glad to say I have come to my senses and it's great to have the dinos roaming in my basement again. I think it will be a very long term resident this time. Now to rebuy all the friggin mods I sold with the first one... LOL

#9622 9 months ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

I finally finished this game and man what a rush that was. Everything was on factory settings. I ended up getting 3 extra balls that really helped me reach the end. The game lasted around 40 minutes long and I didn’t even have flipper fans. Great pin!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Awesome! I still haven't done it. Close, but haven't put it all together yet.

But you do have one more goal...When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth! That's one I do not expect to ever see, but I'm glad to know it's there just in case!

#9628 9 months ago
Quoted from Lounge:

Yes - it’s a threaded stop under the coil with a jam nut to lock it. Takes 5 min tops. You’ll be mad at yourself for waiting so long to fix it.

This. And definitely fix it ASAP. The JP I just picked up had the post in the back spinner/loop about a half inch low. Unfortunately it shows a decent amount of wear from being like that for quite a few plays before I fixed it. 5 minute fix, if that, to not only play right but also save playfield wear.

#9643 9 months ago

Installed the Stern art blades the other day and thought I would share since I could only find a few pics of them installed. I had the Tilt Graphics blades in my old machine and liked them quite a bit, but I really love how these look.

1EBBDF0A-4406-47A7-A04E-BBFC0FC5B10C (resized).jpegB75B1628-9D0F-4881-805A-5E4550538180 (resized).jpeg17206E15-A087-4BF4-B47B-BEB80F048B3F (resized).jpeg
#9646 9 months ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Thank you! I have a set on order with my Prem but had not seen them installed. I like!!

There is a lot of detail I didn't manage to capture well in the pics. If you look close at the eye, a part of the image from the LE backglass is reflected in it. It's a nice little touch that I had no idea was there.

Now my big question...is it a T-Rex or a Raptor on the blades? I mostly hear it referred to as a T-Rex, but I'm not sure...

#9648 9 months ago
Quoted from J-Freeze:

Its a raptor on the blades but the reflection in the eye is a T-Rex, which is a cool detail i didn't know was there until I saw them in person.
I put a different set on but I might still buy a stern set just to keep for "someday maybe".
Those look good.

Yeah sorry if I wasn't clear...it's definitely a T-Rex in the reflection, but I wasn't sure about who's eye the reflection is in. I am leaning towards it being a raptor also, but I've seen it called T-Rex multiple times so wasn't sure. I'm going to stick with raptor. They are clever after-all...

#9655 9 months ago
Quoted from per3per3:

Can anyone confirm whether the current stern shooter is decent quality? I know there were a lot of complaints that the bug inside was crap. Curious if this was remedied.

I think mine looks great. Pics do not do it justice.

FF4CF95B-474A-4BE1-90F9-A34F5005CBD6 (resized).jpeg
#9666 9 months ago

I'm no entomologist, but I'm pretty sure mine is real. I won't be smashing it open to find out though.

Even if it is fake, it looks awesome and I love it.

1 week later
#9881 8 months ago
Quoted from Markharris2000:

Requoting my previous:
"That third flipper post is crazy hard to work on, but I found a mechanics open ended standard ignition set of mini wrenches works great. Mine was a Craftsman set (part number 9-44778), but with Sears gone, you will have to find a similar set on Amazon. Those wrenches are thin enough to just slide under the flipper assembly to hold the locknut while you tighten from above (playfield raised). In addition, I added a hard nylon washer (about 14mm diam, .8mm thick) to that post, between the playfield surface and the flat steel washer Stern supplied. I then tightened it up while centering it in the playfield graphic circle.. Took some patience but you really WANT to spend this time as you will damage your playfield if you let that post spin and wiggle and do any movement at all."

I wonder if they changed on different runs, because mine is a t-nut. There should be no need to hold anything from the bottom when tightening.

#9887 8 months ago
Quoted from J-Freeze:

Correct, it was changed from a t-nut to a through post with a nylon lock nut after the first run.
My Nov. 6 2019 premium has the lock nut on the bottom.
I believe everything after the first run of Pros should have the lock nut.

Ahh...that makes sense. Mine is definitely an early run pro with the art still under the posts. Learn something new every day.

1 week later
#10013 8 months ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

Sorry. Maybe my post wasn’t clear. I started Visitors Center, captured both raptors and got to the victory targets part.
When I got back to one ball, the Visitors Center was still pulsing and there weren’t any white shots. There wasn’t anything to do.

There would be no white shots because you finished the paddocks. From there you have to finish the rest of the goals (all the control room modes and all the T-Rex modes) in order to reach Escape Nublar.

#10016 8 months ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

Gotcha. Makes sense. I assumed you could go back through the paddocks you didn’t do on the way to the visitors center.
How are the control room modes lit? From what I saw, capturing the first dinosaur lights the first one. What would I need to do light them after the first one with no paddocks lit?

Control Room lights with each of the following:
Capture one dinosaur
15 Tower shots
Spell CHAOS a second time
Raptor Multiball Jackpot

After playing the third one, Secure Control Room will light immediately.

Invalid Frenzy lights by completing the fourth qualification. I am pretty sure it is first after Secure Control Room, but I'm not positive on that. Invalid Frenzy can also be awarded by the Smart Missile.

#10018 8 months ago
Quoted from Manny65:

Can you get Invalid Frenzy twice? As in if you got it with a SM, does it still light when you get the 4th qualification - I assume it would but does anyone know?

No idea. I have only gotten it once from Control Room modes, so I definitely do not have much experience getting that far, LOL.

1 month later
#10280 7 months ago
Quoted from splitcms:

Hi everyone. I just got a JP premium tonight and the T-Rex doesn’t work. It just makes a loud grinding sound when trying to make movement (and doesn’t move). Has anyone seen this issue before? Thank you.

I do not have a premium, so no experience with the mech, but do they come from the factory tied down or anything to prevent movement in shipping? I have had a few games where a zip tie or something had to be removed before playing. Just a thought. I hope it is something simple for you!

1 week later
#10387 6 months ago
Quoted from blazingsaddlz:

I fired up my JP pro yesterday, and I'm wondering if the jeep is working as intended. When I played it in the past, a hit to the newton ball that did not rotate the jeep to the other side would register a hit, and build the TREX letters. Now it seems that I only get a letter when I hit the ball, and the jeep does a full rotation. Which way is it supposed to work?

I'm pretty sure it depends on how deep into the game you are. If memory serves (and please correct me if I'm wrong), the first couple modes you can get away with a light hit, but the later ones require a full rotation to award the shot.

If that isn't your problem and it is now requiring a full rotation all the time, I would take a look at the switches that register the position and make sure they are both working correctly. If one died, I could see the game needing a full rotation to know the Jeep moved at all.

#10389 6 months ago
Quoted from shaub:

The TILT Forums rulesheet says that "TR" can be collected by hitting the newton ball, but "EX" must have a full swing of the truck. BUT, this is adjustable, so you could look at the game adjustments for the relevant one and see what it's set to.

Ahhh...that is probably what I was thinking of. I knew there were times when a partial worked, and times a full was required. I should have double checked the rulesheet before posting. Thanks!

1 week later
#10459 6 months ago
Quoted from Lucxor:

I finished some mods on my jp.
I also working on a cage but until know I couldn't finish it.
Hope you can get some inspiration.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Great looking T-Rex, and the Pteranodon cage is a really interesting concept. Can't wait to see how it comes together. Well done!

This has to be one of the most fun games to mod. So many great marketed mods and so much that can be done personally. Fun stuff. I had my first JP pretty modded up before I sold it, but haven't gotten around to doing much on the playfield of my new one. I should really do that one of these days.

1 week later
#10564 6 months ago
Quoted from untamedinc:

I just purchased my first pinball machine, Jurassic Park Pro, that arrived three days ago. On day one, everything was working normally. Yesterday, I noticed that the upper right ramp was not registering any shots (photos below). The long metal lever switch does not seem to be doing anything any longer. I took the glass off when the ramp shot was lit and flipping the gate or metal lever did nothing. Not sure if something isn't connected here, but no matter what you do (lift, push, flip) nothing registers. Anyone have this happen or any ideas what to do here? Thanks for any advice.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Hard to tell for sure in those pics, but it almost looks as though the switch is stuck down? Do you hear the click when you pull up on it slightly? It could just be a matter of readjusting the arm of the switch. It should be "unclicked" at rest, and click when the ball goes through the gate. That is one nice thing about microswitches like this...you can (usually) hear if they are physically working.

#10572 6 months ago

If anyone has an extra Matchbox Mission Chopper, please let me know. Thanks!

2 months later
#11290 3 months ago
Quoted from Markharris2000:

Ok, folks are going to be hating on me, but my first JP-Prem needed all the fixes mentioned throughout this thread to hit the half-pipe and tower ramps consistently. My second JP-Prem didn't need anything! I get 99.9% off the shooter in manual and auto, and never fail the tower if I make a good shot.... AND I have not done anything to either area. No washer adding or spring-swaps, nor screw gringing. Nothing but factory. Am I jinx'd now?
Don't hate me! 8-)

You shouldn't have said that out loud!!

#11324 3 months ago
Quoted from shaunpurslow:

Thanks for the advice! I checked the up post and it feels flush against the PF. For me it's when I use the right flipper and the ball has some speed to it. Instead of going around the orbit smoothly it bounces back and forth against the sides and instead of passing by the upper flipper it comes out of the orbit at an angle towards the center of the PF. Not sure what's causing it to bounce around so much in the orbit lane.

I have owned two JPs now and both needed some tweaking on the left guide rail of the spinner shot to make it smooth. If memory serves there isn't much if any adjustment in the mounting points, but there is enough metal past the mounting points to bend fairly easily. Remember small changes can make a huge difference. You may have to experiment a little to see what direction yours wants. My old machine actually needed to be bent out (left) slightly, which was counter-intuitive to making the ball transition to the back rail smoothly, but for whatever reason it worked perfectly. My new machine needed to be bent in (right) a bit. It may take a few tries, but you should be able to get it pretty smooth. That said, this is one of those shots that will never be 100% smooth, and will sometimes bounce around a bit on the way through. It's just too sharp of a transition to be perfect every time with every shot angle.

#11331 3 months ago
Quoted from shaunpurslow:

This is huge! Thank you. So did you take out the guide rail completely before bending it or did you leave it in place. I don't have much experience with this and I don't want to screw anything up. I will take any guide rail bending best practices you have.
Thanks again!

No problem. I bent mine in place. Taking it out would be easiest, but a lot more work pulling it in and out to check it. You will need to take the plastic off, but then should be able to get a needle nose pliers on it. Wrap the pliers jaws in electrical tape or put a rag or something around it if you are afraid of marring the rail up a bit. Then just be careful. Don't scrape the playfield! It might help to loosen the nut under the playfield that holds the closest attachment point. That will let the whole thing "rotate" a bit more. Just remember to tighten it back up. A tiny bit can make a big difference. Make sure the gate doesn't get hung up or difficult to move. Do not bend too far or the ball will get stuck between the rails (ask how I found that out, LOL!). And if going the way you think you need to go doesn't help, do not be afraid to try the opposite way. Like I said, sometimes it's counter-intuitive. Since the ball will never perfectly "merge" into that lane, you are looking for the angle that causes the least amount of bouncing around. Ideally one smack into the back wall and then smoothly around is what you want. My first machine I actually had to angle it towards the wall a hair to get that bounce right, which seemed wrong, but smoothed the shot out a ton.

Best of luck, you can do it! Like everything with pinball, it sounds daunting at first, but it really isn't hard once you dig in.

#11333 3 months ago
Quoted from shaunpurslow:

That absolutely did the trick! Thanks so much for giving me the confidence to adjust it myself. It's amazing how that tiny of an adjustment makes a huge difference on the way the ball behaves.
Thanks so much!

AWESOME! Congrats!

#11375 3 months ago
Quoted from Lounge:

Go into switch test and make sure all the raptor pen switches are working.

Yup. I would say especially check the one all the way in the back of the pen. That one is required to actually start the multiball...can't just bounce around the outer angled targets. Gotta go all the way in.

#11393 3 months ago
Quoted from cwmoraes:

Sorry. [quoted image]

There's your problem. You are missing stuff. There should be a disk like thingy attached to the bottom of that shaft that blocks those optos. Right now it isn't interfacing with the switches at all. Do you have anything laying in the bottom of your cabinet?

#11395 3 months ago
Quoted from cwmoraes:

I found this piece.[quoted image]

That must be it. Others that I have seen have been more of a disk...and I admit I haven't had to mess with mine, but it sure looks like what you need.

4 weeks later
#11686 70 days ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

This fell out of my raptor pit when trying to get my raptor out… any idea where it goes? [quoted image]

It's the "plastic protector" for the front edge of the pit. Goes under the front of the "roof" plastic, post to post.

1 month later
#11941 35 days ago
Quoted from rrath03:

Well - just love this mode now after hating it for a while of think 50MM on it was about tops. Fun to start off a game so big.
Built the hurry up to 5.6MM, got the control room and left ramp first to get the multipliers and then only got a few shots in the second wave of lights. Def can go a lot higher.
[quoted image]

T-Rex multiball is pure rules genius. For the quick/easy "gimme" multiball to have such deep scoring potential is absolutely amazing. Just super well thought out to be able to satisfy complete beginners as well as the most seasoned tournament players.

3 weeks later
#12216 11 days ago
Quoted from purbeast:

Oh speaking of Tilt Toppers, does anyone know the height of it?
My basement ceiling is not very tall and once I get my JP setup I want to measure to see if I have the space for it or not.

It's about 11.25". Maybe allow 11.5" to be safe.

#12265 6 days ago
Quoted from purbeast:

As a home user I don't really have any interest in the IC stuff. It's not an even playing field so the scores aren't even really comparable. People can "cheat" so easily if they want to be at the top of the leaderboards. I just don't have interest in it as a home user.
I just spent nearly $7k on this and they are basically nickel and diming me to now get this other mode. I just find it pretty crappy.
I'm also getting a Tilt Topper because they look 100x better than the official Stern ones and they are less than half the price.

I agree that score based comparisons aren't really valid, but I do find the achievements to be interesting, as well as stuff like "who can capture T-Rex fastest?". It's a good concept, and it will be interesting to see how it develops. I'm not loving stuff like Goat Mania and Can I Play With Madness (for imdn pro) being a part of it, but at the same time it's a lot cheaper than buying a topper or upgrading my IMDN to a premium if I want those modes. Double edged sword for sure....and will likely lead to more "DLC". I do not hate DLC on principle. If a game is 100% complete and not "missing" anything, I am all for adding additional stuff later that would have never been there otherwise. But if things are purposely held back in order to charge for it later, that sucks. In pinball terms I guess I would be ok with paying for stuff like the challenge modes, but if say the Control Room modes were held back and charged for as an upgrade later, that would suck. I'm torn on things like Goat Mania. It really isn't crucial to the game in any way, and was pretty obviously an add-on, so I guess of all things to be treated this way, that's not terrible. I don't know...again it will depend on how this develops.

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