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Jurassic Park (Stern 2019) Owners Club. Welcome! To Jurassic park.....

By Scribbles

2 years ago

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#2804 2 years ago

The biggest problem with the Pro is getting one... (un)patiently waiting. Clearcoat issues have been fixed.

Yes, pro's are currently on the line and are either leaving Stern as I type, or will very shortly.

Quoted from MikeS:

I think the biggest issues with Pros so far have been the Raptor gates breaking and the upper flipper post coming loose as well as clearcoat issues on early run machines.

#2865 2 years ago

For the love of god, close those blinds.

Quoted from Lounge:

Ha - twinsies!!!

#2950 2 years ago

You're out of room and you have to let TZ go? What about that Gilligan's Island? I can't imagine you have room for that over TZ or JP.

Quoted from shane63026:

I'm out of room so 1 has to go.

#2993 2 years ago

Do we have a compiled list or can you link a specific post? It’s a large thread.


Quoted from VindictiveX:

rst of all, I did the mechanical adjustments that were listed previously in this thread by Keith and other posters regarding proper alignment of the T-rex.

#2994 2 years ago

Yah, so , the list is in the other JP thread. Also, we have two threads why?

1 week later
#3180 1 year ago

Replacing every stop in the game is a waste of time and money, but buying one to have on hand just in case with your next pinball order probably isn't a terrible idea.

Quoted from yancy:

Less than 200 plays. Paid a premium to get a premium, did not receive premium parts. Good thing I live 15 minutes from Pinball Life.

#3199 1 year ago

I'm having a hell of a time dialing in the center loop shot, the one with the spinner.

Shots from the right flipper are generally good, ball hits the spinner, goes past the gate and usually ends up on the upper flipper. Not all the time, but most.

However, shots from the left flipper, clunk and die and end up in the pops almost all the time.

I did adjust the gate, i saw that was an issue on some games, but not this one. I flipped the gate up and it stayed in the up position, so I was able to take that out of the equation.

I see very little that will affect this shot. Does it work for anyone? Does anyone know what I can do so that shots from the left flipper make it past the spinner and around to the upper flipper?

#3202 1 year ago

Thanks for the reply. I want the game playing as intended, even if it's not advantageous to my score

Quoted from Breger1:

Why don't you want them in the pops? Most of the time I want it going to the pops...start chaos, backend missile shot, add-a-ball during chaos, amber pops, etc.. This is one of the few games where ball in the pops has absolutely zero risk for a SDTM or bad deflection.

#3208 1 year ago

If it’s happening to everyone, that’s how it is. But it doesn’t seem like the intention.


Quoted from J-Freeze:

I think it is.
Otherwise the only way into the pops would be the smart missle shot, or a sad orbit shot.

#3227 1 year ago

Most of the time, fixing machines is easy. Dialing in a pinball, especially a NIB, is an art and can takes weeks or months depending on how many plays you get on it.

Quoted from MrMikeman:

JP was my first NIB also so I was a bit surprised about the tweaks/"repairs" to do right out of the box but I'm comfortable working on pins so not a big deal for me.

1 week later
#3328 1 year ago

Pro. No brainer. Dino head isn’t great, raptor cage adds very little.

Quoted from atrainn:

So what's the general consensus on Premium vs Pro now that this game has been out a while? I think I'm ready to pull the trigger, leaning more towards a premium at this point, pretty much only for the trex mech

#3342 1 year ago

I'm not being sarcastic, but in what way is the T-Rex phenomenal? It "eats" the ball, moves around a bit and puts the ball on a ramp. Besides the lackluster implementation and the big box for a neck, I guess I don't understand.

And as of right now, the raptor pit is a lot different, but again, it's implementation is more of a secondary objective at this point than a main one.

This game as amazing, but everything amazing about this game is in the pro version. The premium is better, and I went premium because I think this game is that good, but I don't think I'd ever recommend someone go premium over pro on this one.

Genuinely asking, not trying to shit on your post.

Quoted from Riffbear:

The T-Rex is phenomenal - Raptor pit adds soooo much more.

#3362 1 year ago

It's not that the T-Rex is bad, it's just not good. Having the Dino sit there waiting for you to shoot a ball into it's mouth is very meh. The DE Dino was implemented better, at least it actually ate the ball, it didn't just sit there all goofy with it's mouth open. The implementation is strange.

It's kinda fun that the ball is in the T-Rex I guess, but it just sits there like it's at the doctor waiting to get their throat looked at.

Again, for the raptor pit, it's not bad, it's just not good. The raptor pit is just not important enough to care about such a minor difference.

Quoted from dts:

That's interesting from a Pre owner. Do you prefer the flow on the Pro? No stop and go with the Trex head stationary and the raptor pit different? I think the Trex head is very cool, but can see why some don't care.

#3372 1 year ago

You can use bias and alignment interchangeably.

Horizontal alignment (bias) via software, vertical alignment via hardware.

Quoted from WizardsCastle:

I'm a bit confused. You mentioned that I could change the horizontal alignment the same as the vertical. Where's that option?

I can change the horizontal bias, but not vertical.

From the fix tutorial, it should having to actually move the mech.

Did you have to physically move it like that tutorial shows?

2 weeks later
#3528 1 year ago

Is it a bug or not that when you go to start your first paddock the rescue shots you need don’t immediately light? Impatient people like me have to wait otherwise there isn’t any way to know which shot needs to be hit so you can’t double flip to start.

#3530 1 year ago

So, when you activate the first paddock, all the rescue lights that will be available to hit, light instantly? For me they light before the talking is done, but it takes 5-6 seconds I'd say before they light.

This is only for the first one, subsequent paddocks have lit rescue shots immediately.

Here is an example. First paddock, lights blink red but the rescue lights don't immediately light:

Quoted from Scribbles:

They should light instantly. Even before the narrator is done talking about save the staff etc...

#3542 1 year ago

The easiest way to locate at part is to go to the manual of that game, find the part number, and then search Pinball Life for the part number. If they stock it, it will come right up.

Quoted from JediMcMuffin:

Can someone hyperlink me directly to the proper replacement coil stops? Sounds like most folks get them from pinball life. I always find their catalog a little overwhelming.

#3586 1 year ago

The best shots. The best flow. The best rules.

Quoted from dutchi:

what is so special about it compared to other stern machines

#3650 1 year ago

I've owned a Deadpool pro, upgraded to premium. I own a Jurassic Park premium. Both games are some of the best value pro games ever made, if not the two best pro models ever made. The premium is not even close to worth it for either, though it was worth it to me, I'd never recommend it. The pro's are just too good a value.

While both games are phenomenal, Jurassic Park is the game you want. Jurassic Park is the flowiest (not a word) methodical game ever made. Deadpool is pure action. The downside to Deadpool is that to get to the wizard mode you basically have to beat the game twice. Jurassic Park definitely doesn't have that issue. Jurrasic Park has an excellent balance of it all. Deadpool is phenomenal, but it's more geared toward action. If you want a flipfest, Deadpool 100%. If you want a well balanced game to last as long as possible, Jurassic Park 100%

Quoted from KnockerPTSD:

Jurassic Park pro- i havent had many plays but immediately fell in love with it.
Deadpool pro- I hated it at first but over the last year came to love it but i dont get many opportunities to play.

2 weeks later
#3902 1 year ago

This game got a new wizard mode that also doubles as a mini game you can start whenever and it has it’s own high score table?

This is insanity.

By far the most confident I’ve ever been in a pinball purchase.

1 week later
#4017 1 year ago

I have a JP and DP premium right next to each other.

I think JP is the better game but DP does some things better.

JP excels in rules and ramps, but DP excels in action and humor. DP is a lot more approachable, DP has drop targets, DP has better spinner shots.

I think JP is superior, but I could absolutely see someone disagreeing for those reasons. JP is probably the best shooting game ever. I love rules and this game claims to be at 1.0 software but it’s more like 12.0. It’s so fun it’s absurd. It just depends on what’s important to you and what you like.

Quoted from cyberpunk:

Hi, I can't decide for a second pinball jurassic park or deadpool?

#4040 1 year ago

Are these drop in replacements?

Quoted from Olaa:

You hear sounds you haven't heard before. In this machine it sounds better than in other machines. I put in alpine spg-13c2

#4043 1 year ago

Before now, it was a toss up between TSPP and LOTR for the best rules of any pinball. However, I love TSPP but it was a very slow playing game, and LOTR was a very bland fan layout.

This is the first game maybe ever to combine a ruleset that tops those games with a design that is both fast and methodical. Rules this good are rare, playfields this good are rare, together....

And it's not the quantity of rules. Quality, creativity, and immersion are tops.

Quoted from kpg:

Keith, you killed it man. The problem with this pin is he is going to have a tough time topping or even comparing his next game to this one. But something tells me he's only getting started in pinball design and the best is yet to come.

#4106 1 year ago

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get that shot dialed in. People here seem to accept it in it’s clunkyness. It’s by far the worst part of tjis game, seems like the ball should go to the upper flipper with a clean shot but it doesn’t.

Quoted from Olaa:

Does anyone have problems with wobbling ball here. My shot should go around

1 month later
#4358 1 year ago

Just installed a PinWoofer super kit. Holy shit.

#4375 1 year ago

You can test for the opto issue. Go into the test menu and select the left ramp test. it'll count the number of times the ramp entry opto is tripped and the amount of times the ramp exit opto is tripped.

Hit a few balls up the ramp and see if you have more exits than entrances. Start resets as 1/2 bricked shots might trigger an entry but obviously should trigger the exit.

If the opto is the issue, after 10 shots you should have 2-3 entrances and 10 exits.

Quoted from dgilmore80:

It now captures 1 out of 4 shots

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