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Jurassic Park (Stern 2019) Owners Club. Welcome! To Jurassic park.....

By Scribbles

1 year ago

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#1080 1 year ago

Got lucky and found 2 pros on location this weekend. Friday the wife and I enjoyed the first few public games over at Floyd’s arcade in Roanoke IN and then today lucked out to be flipping at Summit City when they wheeled on their pro. Played on it for 2 hours. We are obsessed. This will be the first game we purchase for our home. Just found out that Wizard’s World pinball down the road is getting a premium in the next couple weeks. Pretty lucky to have 3 choices for JP2 within 20 minutes of our house to play on location. Still haven’t gotten the 3 ramp combo’d skill shot or Chaos multiball. Can’t wait to become a better pinball player so I can advance deeper into this game.

A5037370-B268-480C-B94C-2B058A6271EC (resized).jpegA84EC6A5-9AA4-4019-98F3-2B388C4B1E47 (resized).jpeg
#1188 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Anyone else spotted the small black and white photo of Keith Elwin on the display when starting one of the paddock modes (I believe). Looks like hes in a photo on a desk smoking a pipe or But I only caught a quick glance

Yeah that is a nice touch. I also noticed the new code changed the control room mode for the "system boot" sequence. On the dead flip stream I remember thinking it was quite clever when the call out says "This is a SPIKE know this!" Now, if I heard it right on location the other day it has the original movie quote "This is a UNIX know this". Wondering if others have noticed this change too.

#1209 1 year ago

OK what am I missing here.

Watching one of the recent game streams on YouTube and during T-Rex multiball I am noticing they are trapping up with one ball on the lower right flipper, and somehow are able to control the upper right flipper independently to hit the left orbit and tower shots without budging the lower right flipper which is remaining stationary and cradling a ball. In my experience playing on location if I had a ball cradled on the lower right flipper and tried to even momentarily swat at the other ball with the upper flipper my cradled ball flipper would knock that second ball back into play. Is there a secret I don’t know about? Fairly new to pinball so trying to learn some strategy and technique as I go.

It’s at the 2:31:40 mark of this video...

#1211 1 year ago
Quoted from Jahkub:

It's called stage flipping, most games with an upper flipper use two switches at the button in order to have the first switch activate the lower flipper and the next for the upper flipper. Next time you're around a machine with an upper flipper try to slowly press the flipper button and see how it reacts. On a ~half press the lower flipper should actuate, pressing a little more should actuate the upper.

Thanks for the education,

So just to make sure I am following, in a multiball situation on a game with an upper flipper, if I find myself in a situation where I cradle up on the same side as an upper flipper, I should be cradling with a half-pressure flipper button press, and then “stage flip” the upper flipper by depressing the rest of the way down and then returning to the half-pressure cradle? That is pretty sweet if that is the case. Thanks again!!

#1360 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Same, I don't see much value in manual plunging since the nature of the skill shot is how you flip it.

My understanding is that there are a couple other secret skill shots that can be achieved by short plunging the ball and immediately hitting either the control room or the smart missile stand-up at the back of the pops. Attempting to hit those (and failing) is the only reason why I have manually plunged the ball.

3 weeks later
#1887 1 year ago

Came across this DNA Combo rule sheet when the SDTM guys flashed it for a few seconds during their JP2 review video. I haven't seen this before and think it is a useful reference to know which shot combos result in DNA combos to collect. My wife and I had figured out the Gallimimus one on our own, but it's super helpful knowing all of the other shot combinations that get rewarded in the game. Hope that some of you also find this a helpful resource. To date my strategy on location has been to go for CHAOS but I am curious to see what practicing/achieving some of these does to my average score (which is pathetically low by the way).

Capture (resized).JPG
1 week later
#2088 1 year ago

Playing new code for first time. Why is control room now going to a 4th folder with a “?” On it and bypassing the control room modes altogether?

#2158 1 year ago
Quoted from KingHebes:

Yeah we are experiencing this today. Were you in multiplayer? Tilt forums says its a bug in code where players are sharing control rooms. We were noticing some greyed out and unelectable sometimes but couldn't make sense if it. How about the tilt debounce? Has anyone noticed its jacked up? We are tilting super easily and tilt through with delayed tilts. The bob is very loose, top of bob is just below being flush with the ring. I cranked tilt debounce up to max 1500 and its still happening. The tilt was not this sensitive before the .90 code update.

Ok this makes sense. This was only occurring during 2 player games with my wife. Looking forward to the fix. Unfortunately it happened to me the first time I would have ever achieved stacking a control room mode with CHAOS multiball. Hit the control room and then immediately started CHAOS. I was so pissed LOL.

#2192 1 year ago

Recently picked up this mod for my Jeep Wrangler and though I would share a link with the community since this might look cool hanging from your pin's key door. I was able to have them customize this to include info specific to degree and current professional role. I am a HUGE Jurassic Park fan and cannot wait for this to be my family's first pin. Yes I drive a Jeep because of this movie. Yes I got a degree in Biomedical Engineering because of this movie. No I have yet to successfully clone a dinosaur. Happy flipping!!


Park Tag (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2412 1 year ago

I am currently planning to purchase JP3 as our family's first in-home pin once I receive my work bonus check in April (so...far....away...). The only decision that has been up in the air for our family has been pro vs. premium. After weeks of playing pro models on location I finally had an opportunity to play a premium on location yesterday afternoon. Going into the experience I was very excited to see how much new features like the animatronic TREX, dynamic velociraptor cage and rotating helicopter blades added to the overall gameplay experience. Also, since I was never a huge fan of the pro cabinet/backglass art, I was also very excited to see the premium art in person. After yesterday's experience I am surprised to find myself leaning towards a pro model.

Moving TREX Head: Yes this was cool. I enjoyed watching the head moving around in the back. A few times the mouth would open to coincide with the audio roar and the overall effect was impressive. Then the head would lower, mouth would open and would not accept any of the shots. I know that other pinsiders have commented on how adjustments need to be made to increase the probability of putting it up in the mouth, but even when that gimmick did work, I found it somewhat breaking up the flow of gameplay, and missed having the ball race back to the raised in-lane post. I am probably in the minority, but my first impression was that I actually prefer the TREX ramp on the pro model better. A "best of both worlds" scenario IMO would be a moving/roaring TREX head in the back that didn't lower and grab the balls. From earlier thread posts it sounds like something like this might be on its way from the mod community.

Raptor Cage: I was really hoping that the new features in this area of the playfield would wow me towards purchasing a premium. The lowering gate was an improvement, but the lunging raptor effect in the back was minimal even after direct target hits. The pro raptor cage with the backdoor feed to the control room is just fine for me. That being said, I never got to lock a ball in the premium cage and use it as a newton ball. It is possible if I were a better player this would be a big selling point.

Spinning Helicopter Blades: It was neat to see movement in this area of the playfield. What was a surprise was the sound effect of slowing helicopter blades that went along with it. That did add to the experience. I wish that a similar sound effect played whenever a shot hits that ramp on the pro model. If it does, then my memory is failing me.

Art Package: Originally I detested the pro cabinet and backglass, and thought the premium art was somewhat better (especially the left-hand side). Yesterday afternoon I found myself not liking it as much in person. I think it is the composition of the raptors on the backglass that kills it for me. The one full raptor in profile on the right side has such a dopey smile. Ok, now I know I am being overly picky..LOL.

If I needed to pull the trigger today, I would be a pro buyer all the way. I plan on enhancing the gameplay experience with a shaker motor and a sub. Before making the final decision in April however I hope to play on a premium again that has been setup correctly.

#2437 1 year ago

Just a few questions on the rules that have alluded me so far:

- What lights the extra ball?
- What needs to be achieved to get the Replay credit?
- Upon completing CHAOS a second time do you start CHAOS multiball again by the target at the back of the pops?

#2543 11 months ago
Quoted from Jon9508:

The pops on the premium looks like it's just amber caps over the normal plastics on the pro. They made it seem like it was something special.

Good catch. I thought the same. Initially I thought the caps were made with the actual mosquitoes trapped inside similar to the shooter rod upgrade. Now someone in the mod community needs to jump on this. LOL

#2576 11 months ago

For those better players out there than me (so literally everyone on this site)...Is the control room shot able to be hit with some regularity (if at all) from anything other than by trapping up first? For me, any time the ball has any speed coming down the right inlane I can never hit that shot. Closest I come is having the ball rattle around the control room opening. Is it a matter of practice, or can that shot only be made from a trap-up?

#2583 11 months ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

Have you tried lowering flipper power? I had the same trouble hitting it when I first got it but then lowered the flipper power and it was much more makable for me.

Good to know. At this point I am only fortunate to be able to play this on location, but will keep this in mind when I can finally afford my first pro in April. Happy to hear that this can be adjusted. It seems to be the 1 shot that takes me out of the great flow of the rest of the table. Should really help complete some of those control room modes.

1 month later
#3442 10 months ago

Having some fun with Photoshop. How cool would it be to have a nicely sculpted interactive topper for this game with movie-realistic dinosaurs? Something that was interactive and lit/flashed with the various paddocks and game noises. Could be really neat and a great way to showcase all of the dinos in the game. I know I am missing a few in this mock-up but something like this could be pretty slick if laid out and sculpted well. Probably too busy for most, but I would be in on one. Probably should save up to buy the game first though...

JP Topper (resized).JPG
3 weeks later
#3706 9 months ago

Local Jeep dealer has a JP themed Gladiator that looks straight off the pin. George Gomez was onto something...LOL

BED86B31-9F2B-4886-9C6D-3171F8041B2A (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#3973 8 months ago

Could someone do me a solid and measure the dimensions (LxWxH) of the playfield truck? I do not currently own this pin but am already planning my mods for when I put my order in. Thanks a ton!

1 month later
#4308 7 months ago

Anyone in the midwest have a HUO Jurassic Park Pro they would be interested in selling this weekend for cash? Apparently it only took 7 days of house lockdown for my wife to realize how much fun having a pin in our home could be. Hoping someone relatively local can help our family get our first pin. Shoot me a PM if you are interested in selling. Thanks in advance!

#4339 7 months ago

Is there a resource out there that outlines the rules/objectives of T-Rex, Raptor and Chaos multiball?

#4342 7 months ago
Quoted from nullPinner:

Shoot the flashing lights, don't let the ball drain.
And then there's this, which is a little more comprehensive;

This is perfect. Thanks!

#4386 7 months ago

Just picked up a pro last week and am loving it. First pin I’ve ever owned and am enjoying dialing in all the shots. I think I may need to adjust the upper flipper angle as it dips towards the S lane more that I think it should. When playing on location I can hit a fast O shot, hold the flipper up, and the ball will hit the raised flipper coming out of the orbit and shoot back up the O lane to the pops (which I love). On mine, the ball hits the raised upper flipper and goes partway up the A ramp (which I don’t love).

How do you go about adjusting flipper angle on a pin? Thanks in advance!

92386436-4E84-4CC1-9D61-00D2EA9234DE (resized).jpegD4E16DB2-5CFB-4C14-832F-6029EFD2EA78 (resized).jpeg
#4399 7 months ago
Quoted from Prodoshi:

I'm iterested in this too. I see this double loop working on most streams, but not on my pin.
You just can fine adjust this. Reference should be the post. If you ball comes down the O lane, the post should prevent a center drain.
So you dont have much to play with. There is also a small hole next to the post for flipper adjustment, but that point cant be right imo.
EDIT, just found that on the other thread:

Spent the better part of an hour trying to make this adjustment yesterday. This was my first ever attempt at adjusting a flipper’s angle and learned a lot during the process. Apparently I wasn’t retightening the clamp enough because after a few game flips it kept shifting on me. Took about 8 attempts of raising the playfield and adjusting, but I feel a lot more familiar with my pin now.

At first, I aligned directly with post. This took the post out of the balls path though, and I got a lot of nasty center drains. Now I have it so the post barely touches the ball, and it sends it to the bottom of the left sling. I did have a repeatable O shot last night, so I believe I got it.

#4401 7 months ago
Quoted from wheels:

The Virus Attack mode has a new meaning these days. I haven't been able to beat it. Someone needs to beat it on our country's behalf!

Haha. I just picked up this game and have been playing on location since July. Until yesterday I haven’t been able to complete a control room mode or a trex event (did I mention I am a beginner player). Yesterday I did complete the virus attack mode and felt very accomplished. Finally found the groove of hitting that control room shot.

#4475 7 months ago

Looking for some help eliminating 2 areas that are currently causing stuck balls. One area is on the end of the gate into the pops. Seems to get hung up here a lot. In area 2, the plastic ceiling between the control room target and the raptor target seems to sag and really cause stuck balls. Shaking to the point of tilting doesn’t even budge it. Would love to know how to fix both of these. Thanks!

4FFB0D6A-80F9-4B7E-BB0D-4EC2958639A6 (resized).jpegF03D4DDC-9CF6-4921-BA0A-43600A51DDFF (resized).jpeg
#4479 7 months ago
Quoted from Motorcitypinball:

Its advertised on the front page of tilt topper website.
Its 11 inches tall[quoted image]

The Tilt Toppers homepage still shows your model, but if you actually go to purchase one under "shop" you see that the version they are producing now looks different. I would love to get my hands on the version you just received. Really love how that looks with the gate and torches.

Topper (resized).JPG
#4531 6 months ago
Quoted from jacksparrow0112:

Looking for some help eliminating 2 areas that are currently causing stuck balls. One area is on the end of the gate into the pops. Seems to get hung up here a lot. In area 2, the plastic ceiling between the control room target and the raptor target seems to sag and really cause stuck balls. Shaking to the point of tilting doesn’t even budge it. Would love to know how to fix both of these. Thanks![quoted image][quoted image]

Finally implemented a couple solutions to fix these 2 ball-stuck areas. For the Raptor pen, I was able to use this bent paperclip to prop up the plastic between the raptor and control room drop targets. For the amber gate I just taped a flattened paperclip to the bottom of the gate. This keeps the balls from getting lodged in both places.

1A1C1599-CD55-4FC6-BB13-734D7EFA8B2A (resized).pngD6BD88E4-497B-4A1F-80C9-54C792B30A2D (resized).jpeg782D535B-3553-4E9B-B000-A9BE719E96DC (resized).jpeg
#4608 6 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Anyone have an issue with the Jeep not rotating as smoothly as it did out of the box?
If so, what's the solution? Some super lube? If so, from the topside or bottom?

Lift the playfield, remove the set screw clamping down the Jeep assembly and then pull the Jeep assembly off the playfield from the top side. Be careful of the bearing assembly on the playfield side when removing so it doesn’t fall off. I wiped it (The Jeep pole sticking through playfield) with rubbing alcohol and then sprayed with some silicon-based lubricant. Reassemble and good to go.

#4609 6 months ago

FINALLY solved my auto launch rejects from the helipad horseshoe. After trying 1, then 2, then 3 washers in the left fork of the shooter lane I was not having any luck. Still getting rejects 20% of time. Used slow-mo video to see where ball was getting hung up. This allowed me to notice what I assume was a manufacturing defect with my particular pin. The circled ball guide below on mine was tucked between the helipad ramp and the side rail of the game. I checked other forum photos and sure enough, it looks like it needed to be pulled out. Using a small flathead screwdriver I was able to pry it out. Game has never shot smoother, and I’m at 100% success rate. Please check this area if you are having problems. 2nd two photos show what it looks like now.

0E3C5076-30B6-4B7E-8C78-91103F2671A3 (resized).jpeg9B859D77-156D-4664-B53C-617BCAD4E625 (resized).pngAA30CF76-04F0-4753-9BC1-A464036E59BD (resized).png
#4611 6 months ago
Quoted from skogen75:

Good catch. It’s amazing, beyond simple “dialing-in”, how much physical adjustment needs to be done to make the pin play great. I’ve got mine open about every day to tweak something or clean/wax it.

This is my first ever pin, and I am surprised how much fun I am having just getting it dialed in to play exactly how I want it to. It will almost be a shame when everything shoots perfectly...almost.

#4621 6 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Anyone know what flat screw would be the proper replacement, and any comments on improvements after grinding down the current screws?

Exact same question here. Confirmed last night that the ball strikes this protruding screw head hard when riding along the ball guide causing a ton of rattling out shots. Would love to know what flush screw to order.

800A91C6-CF3A-439C-9FFA-215FA2B62FE9 (resized).jpeg
#4644 6 months ago

Installing Pinstadiums for the first time. Got the Fusion set with the Orion’s Belt program module. Anyone out there know the best place to connect all these Alligator clips? I am having a hell of a time trying to figure out where to connect to the flashers for the spinner/pop bumpers/helipad/control room. Any advice is much appreciated. The GI bulbs seem easy to identify and clip into, but it seems like the flashers don’t have similar clip on terminals. What am I missing? Thanks!
image (resized).jpg

#4667 6 months ago

Help please. This weekend I installed a set of pinstadiums and additional trough lighting. Just realized that now whenever I hold down both flippers, the lower right GI turns off. This is the same place where I have the trough lighting tied into. My guess is that somehow I am overloading the circuit, but this being my first pin, I’m unsure (other than removing these mods) how to fix it. I also notice the flippers will now sporadically loose power during my game. Any suggestions how I can troubleshoot this? Has anyone experienced something like this before?

#4671 6 months ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

I would start by unhooking the trough lighting connection and see if the problem goes away. If so, then connect elsewhere.

Ok it is still happening. I de-installed the pinstadiums and the trough LEDs. When I power on the game the lower right GI (under the right sling)will turn on maybe 25% of the time. Now when I start a new game, the lower right GI is turning off. Is this indicative of a loose connection somewhere, or did I mess something up during the install of the mods? Thanks for any suggestions.

#4673 6 months ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

If it's just the bulb under the sling, yes, most likely a bad socket. I have read that the sockets below the slings can be troublesome. Mine havnt had any issues, but I have seen many who did. I believe it's a wedge base bulb. You could try pinching the contacts in the socket together a bit to tighten the connection.
Edit: BTW, it's not a problem unique to JP, it's an issue on many newer sterns.

Thanks. I think you are onto something. I raised the playfield and did a GI test one of the times that the lower right GI was working. I noticed that there are 2 bulbs under the plastic between the inlanes and outlanes that were flickering due to what I guess is a loose connection. I was able to work my fingers in there and just touching them made the flickering stop. Certainly seems connected to this issue because now double flipping isn't causing the GI to turn off. Unfortunately these bulb sockets are directly under the flipper assemblies. Will I need to disassemble those to tighten these bulb connections?

Thanks again. This is the first issue I have had with the game. Glad to know the community has my back

#4705 6 months ago

Quarantine Jurassic Park pinball party in style

166490E6-0006-4811-9314-5B2149263D57 (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#4953 5 months ago

After 2 months of game ownership I finally escaped Nublar!! Such a fun game. Amazingly enough, the game before I missed getting to the Visitor’s Center for my first time ever by 1 shot. God I love this game!!!

DC2E868E-8AD9-451D-BD6B-6A79EA29F29E (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#5249 4 months ago

Ordered some plastic palm trees off of amazon. What is the best way to mount them around the game? Is there a specific plastic connector I can order off Amazon that connects to the tapered end of the tree trunks and easily mounts to existing game screws? Or maybe an adhesive backing that allows these to stand in areas without screw holes. Thanks in advance for the assist!

Trees (resized).JPG
#5268 4 months ago

Decided to follow a few of you and go for the fleece blanket since I was seeing a lot of dust buildup on the glass day to day. My order just arrived this afternoon and looks great. Really happy with how it turned out.

I did use Photoshop to draw in about 10% extra image on both sides so it better fit the area of the fleece since I wasn't a fan of the white or black border. I selected the 30x40 Smooth Fleece (double-sided) on the website, set the background of the blanket project to solid black, the "Photo Fit" setting to "cover all", and played with the photo cropping so that it extended past the "safety zone" provided by the website.

Overall very pleased. Thanks to the others out there who posted this great mod idea!

IMG_2837 (resized).jpgIMG_2838 (resized).jpgIMG_2839 (resized).jpgIMG_2840 (resized).jpgCapture (resized).JPG
1 month later
#5850 3 months ago

Was playing some games tonight and literally after the 3rd game all of the high scores (except the GC) reset your factory! I’m still on 1.0 code but guess I’ll be updating to 1.02 tonight. Is there a setting that can be changed so that table high scores do not reset, or is this some sort of bug? This is my first pin so am not used to all the high scores resetting. Thanks

#5853 3 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Thats normal. Happens after so many games (1000?) By design.

Thanks. Sure surprised the hell out of me.

2 weeks later
#6045 3 months ago

Was watching the movie with our kids last night and thought this animation from the Mr. DNA sequence would have been pretty cool as a 2nd alternative match animation at the end of a game. Instead of a mosquito in the amber, it could be the match number. Even would work with the existing match music.

JP-Match1 (resized).JPGJP-Match2 (resized).JPGJP-Match3 New (resized).JPG
#6130 3 months ago

So I was opening the coin door tonight, and one of my keys broke off in the lock. Luckily my wife was able to pry out the broken half with her nails and it came with a spare key. Wondering how easy it is to get a replacement. Funny enough I’ll be driving by the Stern office on a road trip to Wisconsin tomorrow. Maybe I should just walk in the lobby and request another key LOL.

My coin door locking mechanism seems to be the root cause. It takes a fair amount of force these days to turn the key. Wonder if there is an adjustment I can make to loosen it up.

1 week later
#6302 78 days ago

First time pin owner so pardon my inexperience. Came home from vacation to a noticeably weaker right flipper. Skill shots aimed at left ramp hitting somewhere around the raptor cage. I took a look at the flipper assembly and coil stop and didn’t see anything initially. There is some black powder that I could wipe off, not nothing looked out of place. What recommendations do you have for getting my flipper back to working order? I checked the game menu to confirm my right flipper power is still set to where it was before vacation. Thanks in advance.

29C400EB-424E-467F-9BD8-EC4AACB22186 (resized).jpeg3B251B2C-F3C0-4EA8-8723-1F9916CF305C (resized).jpeg
#6310 78 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

and I thought there weren't any movie clips in the game????
More to come.......

Freaking amazing to see that!!! This opens up so many possibilities for sure. Great work.

#6332 77 days ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Recent Stern titles are notorious for coil stop issues, so best to just swap them out.
I know the feeling of being a first time owner, as I had a flipper issues with my first NIB game, and I felt lost.
So to make things easier for you, grab yourself a few of these:
And a few of these:
I also would personally grab a few of these:
If you're unsure of how to install them, just post here and someone will help out. It might seem daunting, but it's actually super easy.

Thanks for all the great advice everyone. Last night I ordered 3 Stern coil stops from pinball life. Today at lunch I removed the right and left flipper coil stops to have a closer look at the flipper assemblies. My untrained eye didn’t locate any glaring issues/difference between them, and both coil stops did not appear damaged to me. Also both assemblies felt like they had the same level of play/movement before and after the stop removal. I did notice that the end of the coils that slid out of the sleeves appear to be chamfered. Not sure if that is correct or is those are supposed to be ground flat. I’ll try installing the new stops when they arrive and report back.

0115E92B-29C6-4180-B09B-D84D0024DF8E (resized).jpeg2F8AF6D4-D5F9-4E84-9937-A650D9F97C7A (resized).jpeg71E6A9F4-8C68-4D8C-945C-E3B19AAFA06B (resized).jpegA8AE05F3-0251-47B1-8AFE-F3529DF2EE85 (resized).jpegC7725FB5-FF53-4018-9230-A1B737D71E9D (resized).jpegCF46582F-01D8-44FD-A202-0B67C9E749B3 (resized).jpeg
#6334 77 days ago
Quoted from Sjoend:

Is the part that the plunger hits still firm in the bracket or can you move/wiggle the middle part of the coil stop?

Thank you for directing my attention to that. Sure enough, the right coil stop has a slight amount of play where the middle part can be moved back and forth slightly. There is zero play in the left coil stop. Guessing that slight amount of movement is causing the issue I saw. Fingers crossed the replacement fixes the issue.

3 weeks later
#6721 54 days ago

After 5 months of owning our first pin during quarantine I am finally starting to put up some decent scores and escape times. This game has been fantastic to learn pinball basics on. The first 3 months I could never break 200MM. Finally started getting comfortable with the shots but really saw longer ball times after working on nudging to reduce outlane drains. I feel like my first billion game should be right around the corner. God I love this game!!!

B58F6310-5C48-4760-8FD1-CDCC0C94BCFF (resized).jpeg66414F40-427A-4EBC-ADBA-B158D812EC1E (resized).jpeg
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#7021 37 days ago

Just a few random rule questions:

- What qualifies the 3rd control room? I know first Dino caught and raptor MB jackpot are the first two.

- What qualifies the smart missile/super spinner inlane lights?

- What is the point of pteranodon attack? And what is the best strategy to score points?


#7084 34 days ago

Sometimes I impress myself. This...just this...

5EED8EE6-6745-4E18-B600-BE9FBF88ED9F (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#7514 9 days ago

After 6 months of ownership I have finally joined the billionaire’s club! I typically average around 200MM a game, so this was quite the accomplishment. Only my 4th time ever reaching the visitor’s center. Really enjoying the rules and flow of this game. As my first home pin, JP has really helped me learn the basics. Can’t wait for my scores to start consistently being higher. God I love pinball!

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