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Jurassic Park (Stern 2019) Owners Club. Welcome! To Jurassic park.....

By Scribbles

2 years ago

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#94 2 years ago

T-Minus 2 weeks for one on location in Jacksonville FL

1 week later
#193 2 years ago

Mine comes by mid next week.
I'll be proud to have this on location.

#285 2 years ago

Now at Keg N Coin in Jacksonville FL!

20190820_162018 (resized).jpg20190820_172048 (resized).jpg20190820_172119 (resized).jpg
#288 2 years ago

***Tech question***
I plugged in a brand new bill acceptor into connector near cashbox but it didn't power on... customers were ready to play so I just put game in its place for now and covered bill slot...

#291 2 years ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

Did you run the power cable (that should have been coiled up in the coinbox) from behind the AC cover in the back box up to the connection near the cabinet node board area on the left side near the coin door?

It wasn't there...

#292 2 years ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

I could be mistaken, because I don't have games on route, but I believe there's a setting in the menu you need to turn on to let the game know you have installed a bill acceptor. Maybe....

Naw it should power on still, but yeah seems like i'm missing a cable to plug into the backbox, ugh...

#329 2 years ago
Quoted from BrianBannon:

Stern no longer ships the cable in the game to carry 120V to the door from the backbox. Your distributor should have some on hand or call Stern and ask them to provide it for you.

Bingo but straight b.s...
Namaste Stern!

#339 2 years ago


So the post in front of the top right fliper has so few threads that it won't stay in place...
You can I guess use locktite but the best and real solution is a post that goes all the way through with a locking washer nut. After less than 2 days on location it popped out last night on location, p.s... I did even tighten it by hand when I put a titan rubber on this post.

On the way to a hardware store...

20190822_104709 (resized).jpg20190822_104753 (resized).jpg
#355 2 years ago
Quoted from pickleric:

What parts are you getting from the hardware store?

A drill bit to put a new wood screwed post into my playfield!

I kid, I'll find a new old stock post to replace it that is long enough to make it through the playfield. I debated hardcore locktite but I'm just going to leave it off of the playfield for. I may put a round mylar sticker over the hole for now.

#557 2 years ago
Quoted from thePLAyNone:

Having stucky's in the raptor area. And then this happened. 29 plays.[quoted image]

In tribute...

#668 2 years ago

So far I've had to adjust me dual leaf switch for the 3rd flipper to work some, but after enough manipulation its fine.

#1009 2 years ago

My post replacement...
Used a Titan post as they are sticky and bouncy.
Sidenote: If you took apart the flipper mech I'm quite certain you could put a locking nut underneath.
This game currently gets 200+ plays a week.
20190831_110341 (resized).jpg20190831_110928 (resized).jpg20190831_111647 (resized).jpg20190831_111702 (resized).jpg20190831_111759 (resized).jpg

#1042 2 years ago
Quoted from pickleric:

Where did you get this post?

I've had it for years in my spare parts, it was either marco or pinball life.

#1066 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

These Stern coil stops are a joke.

Some last a loooong time and some not as long.
My Deadpool has like 10k plays and no prob yet, but a customer's Iron Maiden wrecked kinda quick.

#1067 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Was there enough room for the nut under the flipper plate?

I'm not pulling a flipper mech apart just to check...

1 week later
#1388 2 years ago

It hit over $1000 on location so far at 75 cents a play. My current top earner on location.

#1393 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Not yet no.

Does it balance out the million complaints you must get every day that the assets are used incorrectly?!

I've had zero complaints about no movie assets. Only pinball nerds bitch ever about anything pinball ever.

#1515 2 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

I guess some of us have a “limited edition pro” now. Kind of like my early-run Metallica, snake still has his natural fangs (well, one - the other broke off). As long as it doesn’t develop issues, I’m cool with it.

What is the difference?

#1580 2 years ago

1st toy added...
20190918_165321 (resized).jpg20190918_122606 (resized).jpg
The glory for $1 flea market buys.

#1582 2 years ago
Quoted from yancy:

Looks like it'll just perfectly catch & hold an airball. Well done.

Customer wins a prize if so.
Would've been a cool ball lock feature...

#1589 2 years ago
Quoted from kevindrives:

Can you tell me where you got that mounting plate? That looks handy.

They are common mounting brackets that come with switcher arcade power supplies. To my knowledge thats their own sourcing.

#1624 2 years ago
Quoted from Green-Machine:

Compare this post alignment picture with the about picture. That was the concern I had. The don’t look the same to me[quoted image]

It seems some are shipping with flippers alligned differently. I didn't adjust that flipper it came lined up to the post in the middle.

#1667 2 years ago

Settings I changed...
Ball trough launch as low as possible
Auto launch up 5 power
Left flipper down 5 power
Top right flipper down 5 power
Also slingshots down to 25 power
Just made certain things work better for me.

#1772 2 years ago

I'm getting stuck balls here a lot!
Atleast twice yesterday...

20190927_101446 (resized).jpg

Solution today later will be removing spacer inbetween the plastics as the ball gets stuck tight into them. The cause is air balls from the captive ball but i'm not lowering the flipper strengths.

#1775 2 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Try a removable rubber clear dot used for cabinets. (worth a shot if its a small gap)
Great success through the years....[quoted image]

Its a far bigger gap, its poor design as it wedges inbetween 2 plastics and the ramp, solution being remove area to get stuck as a whole.

1 month later
#2385 2 years ago

The glory of metal washer grooving into a playfield with clearcoat problem...

Put rubber washers in their places.

IMG_20191028_160357_769 (resized).jpgIMG_20191028_160357_770 (resized).jpgIMG_20191028_160357_810 (resized).jpgIMG_20191028_160357_812 (resized).jpg

20191028_205703 (resized).jpg
#2410 2 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

Damn :/
Where do you buy rubber washers?

They are rubber faucet washers, got mine from ACE hardware. Here are others...

20191029_190044 (resized).jpg20191029_190046 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#2996 2 years ago

New body armor on my JP pro!

20191130_121722 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#3430 1 year ago

Problems in my park...

20200102_003514 (resized).jpg20200102_003720 (resized).jpg20200102_003738 (resized).jpg
#3487 1 year ago

Predicting .98 in less than 7 days from .97

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