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Jurassic Park (Stern 2019) Owners Club. Welcome! To Jurassic park.....

By Scribbles

81 days ago

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Post #425 Feature Matrix of Pro vs Premium vs LE Posted by Scribbles (60 days ago)

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#91 75 days ago

Just following because I'm hoping to get one by Halloween

#103 75 days ago

I can see people putting in a Raptor, pteranodon, dilophosaurus and new helicopter or jeep but obviously there will be plenty of fish tank plants and other cheesy looking add ons. The raptor is the only must swap on the pro imo.

#114 73 days ago

New Lego set. Complete with Malcom's chest

20190810_135649 (resized).jpg20190810_135720 (resized).jpg20190810_135714 (resized).jpg
#133 70 days ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

There in and I might have my Pro tomorow. Oh yeah.

Do you know if Player one is bring a JP to the CNE?

#179 69 days ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Give it enough time and its easy to fall back in love with it. That will ceratinly happen with Maiden and theres no way I won't own it again. But probably a Pro next time around.

I've had my pro for about 7mo and it has more than 2x the plays of my Metallica that I bought 15mo ago. I play it almost every day. That is not normal for me. I dont see it leaving my house for a VERY long time. You'll buy one again
Pro is still more than great btw

#201 68 days ago
Quoted from Coindropper:

Some apron cards, no additional text.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I like what you've done here. If you get a chance I would like to see what you could do for a Maiden pro and a Metallica pro. I made some myself that just have the designers, programmers and artist with basic release info. Nothing special though. I feel like instructions are unnecessary in the home as my friends can just ask me what to do.

#203 68 days ago

These are what I made. Good enough for now for a guy who doesnt own a PC. Made them on my phone.

20190126_163633 (resized).jpg20190126_165304 (resized).jpg
#207 68 days ago
Quoted from PinballHelp:

sometimes you might accidentally start a mode while you're trying to do something else, then you're stuck being forced to go in a different direction.

"Play better" -Steve Ritchie

#208 68 days ago
Quoted from PinFever:

got mine yesterday[quoted image][quoted image]

I never noticed it had white buttons before

#254 64 days ago
Quoted from libtech:

Any make it up to Canada yet?

Toronto distributor is supposed to get them in in the next 24hrs

#283 63 days ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

[quoted image]

Open scene of Jurassic Park?
"Shoot her! Shooooooooot herrrrrrr!!"

#427 60 days ago

I was just watching the short video Stern released today. At one point in the background you can see the premium backglass lighting goes dim, cuts out, comes back on. Is the backboard lighting tied into gameplay like the older games or did they just happen to be booting up or playing around in the menu?

#592 58 days ago
Quoted from swampfire:

You could also use the clear plastic fender washers. [edit: beat me by 4 seconds ]

I cant figure out why Stern didnt use clear chexx style. They may have even gotten away with it longer.

#633 57 days ago
Quoted from Pinchild:

Perhaps your miss informed?

20190826_102445 (resized).jpg

#749 56 days ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

their turn around time is weeks since they're in the U.K.

They also have some hefty duty fees. Not thier fault of course. Just worth noting.

#868 55 days ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

*rolls up sleeves*
*takes deep breath*
*reminds self that this an internet forum and exhales*
Where to meander in my thoughts here?
Let me start by saying that in my short time as a (freelance/paylance) pinball art-guy, that I can assure everyone of one thing about pinball... schedules are NOT meant to cater to the artist. It's a box with lights and mechs. The art is window dressing, I've heard.... I know this, and relearn this on every project (and the ones that get away *insert very fresh sting here*). So to understand the uphill battle that goes on based on time alone, is revelatory and I wish non-art-folk could understand and appreciate the torment we subject ourselves to because we ARE TRYING to make lemonade. So #1, time dictates everything.
Because of this base factor, not everyone is cut out to do pinball in the illustration world. Schedules rule the world and you have to be flexible. As such- I personally connected Johnny and Greg at Stern because Johnny is an immense talent and quick on his feet. He's done the licensor grind for years, as I have, and knows how to dance when the spotlight hits. So #2, you're wrong. Johnny did an amazing job that was done to the licensor's wishes... and it all kicks ass.
If you notice a tone in my textual-internet-voice, it's because I'm in the trenches now and seeing what Johnny did for his FIRST pin is only a sign of great things in the future. And the best part is he isn't burnt out or beaten down yet by dissenting voices on internet forums. Let's keep it that way. So #3, if you don't like it remember that it took a ton of effort aimed at you liking it and don't kill the creatives working against an impossible task of pleasing an unrealistic schedule, a group of licensor/actor/management wanting to put their own mark on the process, and the sheer will to live of the artist
I'm not discounting personal preference or taste - I know folks hate my stuff all the time (and god-willing, will in the future another time or two) - but use some constructive words. (Is it the composition? The colors? What specificially, in art terms, is bad? etc)
And remember, pinball games are about designers anyway, not the artists... we can go draw d*cks anywhere for cash
*falls back asleep at computer with pen in hand*

Maybe you should stop setting the bar so high for other artists

#948 53 days ago
Quoted from Lounge:

Linky no workie workie.

Linky worky finey.

#999 52 days ago
Quoted from rockfantasyman:

in for premium ! October 5TH is our launch party at Rock Fantasy in Middletown NY[quoted image]

Only two Canadian launch parties and one of them is in Saskatchewan? Because Saskatchewan is such a booming hub?
Nothing going on in Vancouver or Toronto though? Very odd choice. No offence Saskatchewan.

#1005 52 days ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

We need a much more realistic T-Rex Head to replace this Dollar Store factory toy (with led inside or course).

Why does a TRex need LEDs though? I dont feel like Keith's games need much modding. I modded the hell out of my Metallica which is pretty much your standard layout. Maiden is so unique I never felt it needed much extra. I feel the same way about JP. He games speak for themselves. Toys arent necessary. That being said I'll probably grab a pro and still swap out the 2d dinos for 3d toys just so they kind of match the TRex better. I cant wait to play this with a well incorporated shaker motor.

#1006 52 days ago
Quoted from pingod:

You can only have the launch party, if you have the game at your location.
No one else is getting it in time for the Launch around me either.

They had it at the Toronto CNE Aug 16-18. They are around.

#1088 50 days ago

I got to play about 10 games tonight.
Gameplay seems like it will be amazing once the code is done and I figure out how to chain shots and what to shoot for without looking around too much. I definitely didnt know enough about what I was doing this time around. The Truck moves much more easily and smoothly than I expected. The smart missile shot isnt as bad I as thought it would be and the O shot is just as hard as everyone says it is (I think I only hit it maybe 3 times). The raptor pit seems useless with current code. Its risky and boring at this point with little visible reward. I went in optimistic as a Maiden owner and lover. I was not disappointed. So many satisfying shots.

The bad takeaways....
-As mentioned the current raptor pit is a risky bore
-The machine I was playing on had SIGNIFICANT pooling around the left sling star post.
-The plunger spring was only strong enough to make the upper wireform maybe 1/3 of the time. (So I just used the lockdown button)
-maybe I'm too impatient but the time between players (even when pushing flippers) seems too lengthy.
-lastly, something that never bothered me until seeing it in person...the translite font. I never held issue with the unique font style chosen...until you see that the font on the front and sides of the cabinet AND the font in the lcd display are all the classic Jurassic Park colours and fonts making the translite font seem oddly out of place. We were commenting that it looked more like Jumanji than Jurassic Park.
I still really want one. I'm concerned about the pooling issues but i cant afford one for a few months anyway so hopefully that issue is sorted out by then.
Silly side note. They should put in a flipper code to activate an Easter egg T-rex/Deadpool clip. (Clearly I was also playing Deadpool)

#1122 49 days ago
Quoted from swampfire:

I’m not sure how I feel about this mod yet. It’s not mounted, just wedged in place currently. I feel bad that I had to cut his tail off to make him fit. You can upvote this post if you like it, and downvotes won’t hurt my feelings at all. Curious what folks think.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I think it might look better cut off at the hind legs. Just my opinion.

#1135 48 days ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

With and without Pinstadium lighting. 1 set is in a dark room, the other set is with overhead light on above machine.[quoted image][quoted image]

Your pictures just show me that I can save a few hundred dollars by buying a $1 lightbulb and i wont have reflected dots everywhere.
Kidding aside, Phillip's Hue lighting is cheap and I can choose whatever colours i feel like. I can even control it by voice.

#1140 48 days ago
Quoted from Dantesmark:

Did u look at the comparison?
Stock jp is dark as shit.

Looking at a lineup of Deadpool pro, Afm (90s), Star Trek pro, Black Knight pro, Jurassic Park pro and White Water, Black Knight is easily the darkest of all of them. JP wasnt that bad and this was a dimly lit bar. Any modern game is still brighter than incandescents. I dont play in the dark when im home anyway.

#1352 42 days ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Well I have to say waiting for the first couple runs of production to get all the kinks worked out may be the way to go from here on out. Add 'pooling' to the long list of manufacturer defects.
Questions to ask when buying a used Stern machine...
Transformers-"Does your machine have wrinkled decals?"
AC/DC Premium-"Is your window clear or is it hazy?"
Metallica/Aerosmith-"Is your cabinet splitting or cracked?"
Ghostbusters-"Do you have ghosted inserts?"
Star Trek-"How deep are your craters on the playfield?"
Star Wars/Deadpool-"How bad is your playfield planking?"
Jurassic Park-"Do you have pooling and has it started to chip yet?"
Oy Vey!

Metallica (from Ghostbusters timeline) can also suffer from ghosted inserts

#1376 41 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

whats the story with collecting the higher level dinos... I found I would get the trap set, hit more capture shots.. but often still failed to complete the capture. Is there a timer where the capture shots must be completed, or maybe 'regress' and require more? Or is it simply I needed more capture shots? I haven't noticed the game giving feedback on how many I need.. am I just missing it?
Do you prioritize a particular path on the map.. and spent time aiming the truck, or just roll with it?

I THINK you need to then shoot the helicopter to finish the capture but I've only played about 10 games

#1479 37 days ago

Jaws - Jurrasic Park
Grandpa - Munsters
Furry Hats - Guardians
Donut - Star Wars (formerly Cinnabun)
Toys - Aerosmith
Shark - Batman66
Harold - Ghostbusters
Dudes - WWE
Politico - Game of Thrones
Dinner Time - Walking Dead
Bill - Star Trek
Biscuit - Mustang
Grinder - AC/DC
Star - Kiss
Not sure what Marlin turned out to be and I heard Maiden may have been Egypt

#1480 37 days ago

I dont get the acdc or gotg ones. The rest make sense once you know the title

#1483 37 days ago
Quoted from pinmister:

All of the code words have a slight correlation but not seeing it for Donut-Star Wars, Jaws-Jurassic and Biscuit-Mustang?

Donut (formally cinnabon) - star wars (leia's hair)
Jaws- jurrasic park (giant moving trex jaw)
Biscuit - mustang (sea biscuit. Both are horses)

#1532 36 days ago
Quoted from Durzel:

How did Bally Williams manage to "diamond plate" (aka clearcoat) playfields with art under starposts back in the 90s without these issues?

Good old fashioned toxic chemicals.
Cant make a good clear coat without those sweet, sweet hazardous materials of the 80s and 90s

#1554 35 days ago

Jurassic park short film released today by universal studios.

1 week later
#1686 29 days ago
Quoted from Manic:

I haven't noticed other CC'ed products (like cars for instance) refusing to set or harden... and then flaking off.

You been throwing pinball at those cars? I bet is causes some issues with the finish.

#1689 29 days ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

Driving on the freeway at speeds around 80mph should cause the clear to chip when rocks and other debris hit the front...I would think

Not disagreeing on your point, just the example, road pebbles arent usually on par with a 1" metal sphere. Older cars were made of tougher stuff back then as well in my opinion. Like most products. Things just arent built to last anymore. That's the world. Not saying I like it.

#1694 28 days ago
Quoted from Gotfrogs:

I just got my machine today and the fan is loud when it comes one. It only comes one ever once in a while.

Vireland or pinmonk? (Same guy) sells a great little kit. Easy swap. Much quieter. Fair price.

#1708 28 days ago
Quoted from PoppyCock:

sorry man not bashing the pro, it has its place and is good as a cheaper model and great on location. And its great as a test model for stern thats just a fact.

Nah, you're not.bashing the pro at all...? Take your opium rants elsewhere.

Holy crap?!?!?! 35% forum rating?!?!?Obviously you just come here to be a troll.

1 week later
#1853 21 days ago
Quoted from Budman:

SDTM has a new show that reviews JP2. A lot of your questions are addressed there.

I still prefer to think of it as JP3. Especially sandwiched between BK3 and Elvira3. (I know they dont use those acronyms either but they should)

#1855 21 days ago

Then people can start clamoring for HS3 and Afm3

#1941 15 days ago

For those who may not have heard of Project Pinball, they are currently raffling off a JP premium. 200 tickets. Almost halfway sold out. Proceeds go toward the best cause. Kids. Check it out.
(You can actually choose any Stern premium currently available)

#1963 14 days ago

There are numerous threads on the subject but imo Titans feel the most like rubber if you want to add colour to a machine or are sick of rubber leaving black crud in your game. Super bands feel both bouncier and grippy-er at the same time somehow. They seem to be more prevalent in the wild however, so they may be more durable. Titans hold up pretty well. I would rank there durability below rubber though. They dont wear down over times leaving debris. They just start to snap one day(slings mainly). I'd say Titan sleeves and general playfield rings will last a decade. The flippers and slings however need to be changed after a couple thousand games.

#2103 9 days ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Yes, but it's still slowly indenting the lane.
Also, can anyone with an LE confirm if I'm missing a bolt and nut on the helicopter blade?[quoted image]

Just a guess that you are not and it is weighted to always return to the same position.

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