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Jurassic Park (Stern 2019) Owners Club. Welcome! To Jurassic park.....

By Scribbles

2 years ago

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#368 2 years ago
Quoted from sk8ball:

No prob! To answer a couple rules you guys seem unclear about...
Mini wiz mode King of the Island is at the Spinosaurus paddock. Capturing the T-Rex is not a mini wiz but boosts timers for 2X scoring, Ball save during multiballs, all modes.
Paddock capture difficulty- The green and yellow paddocks require you to only hit the "Set Trap" targets to light capture while the orange and red paddocks require setting the trap AND hitting the helipad to light capture. If you visit the Spitter paddock as your 2nd paddock you must hit the helipad before capture. It's a tough paddock but the reward perk is 2x super spinner. A regular super spinner is 2X lit spinner value so you can stack the spitter perk with 2x playfield and super spinner and max spinner for 8X lit spinner value (roughly 2 mil a spin)
The carnivores have special abilities. The ability of the spitter is to freeze rescues for 5 seconds when it comes within one space of a rescue. This is why a couple of the rescue shots you guys hit didn't award a rescue. You will know when the rescue light turns solid that that victim is temporarily incapacitated.
Other carnivore traits include:
T-rex- super speed
Spinosaurus- can jump from left side to right and vice-versa
Raptor- two raptors are active at once in the paddock, both must be captured
Compys- can't be slowed
Pteranodon- can fly directly to rescue shots
2X playfield scoring is lit via supply drop collect
Escape target is lit via roll-over in the pop area

Quoted from sk8ball:

No prob! To answer a couple rules you guys seem unclear about...
Mini wiz mode King of the Island is at the Spinosaurus paddock. Capturing the T-Rex is not a mini wiz but boosts timers for 2X scoring, Ball save during multiballs, all modes.
Paddock capture difficulty- The green and yellow paddocks require you to only hit the "Set Trap" targets to light capture while the orange and red paddocks require setting the trap AND hitting the helipad to light capture. If you visit the Spitter paddock as your 2nd paddock you must hit the helipad before capture. It's a tough paddock but the reward perk is 2x super spinner. A regular super spinner is 2X lit spinner value so you can stack the spitter perk with 2x playfield and super spinner and max spinner for 8X lit spinner value (roughly 2 mil a spin)
The carnivores have special abilities. The ability of the spitter is to freeze rescues for 5 seconds when it comes within one space of a rescue. This is why a couple of the rescue shots you guys hit didn't award a rescue. You will know when the rescue light turns solid that that victim is temporarily incapacitated.
Other carnivore traits include:
T-rex- super speed
Spinosaurus- can jump from left side to right and vice-versa
Raptor- two raptors are active at once in the paddock, both must be captured
Compys- can't be slowed
Pteranodon- can fly directly to rescue shots
2X playfield scoring is lit via supply drop collect
Escape target is lit via roll-over in the pop area

Quoted from sk8ball:

No prob! To answer a couple rules you guys seem unclear about...
Mini wiz mode King of the Island is at the Spinosaurus paddock. Capturing the T-Rex is not a mini wiz but boosts timers for 2X scoring, Ball save during multiballs, all modes.
Paddock capture difficulty- The green and yellow paddocks require you to only hit the "Set Trap" targets to light capture while the orange and red paddocks require setting the trap AND hitting the helipad to light capture. If you visit the Spitter paddock as your 2nd paddock you must hit the helipad before capture. It's a tough paddock but the reward perk is 2x super spinner. A regular super spinner is 2X lit spinner value so you can stack the spitter perk with 2x playfield and super spinner and max spinner for 8X lit spinner value (roughly 2 mil a spin)
The carnivores have special abilities. The ability of the spitter is to freeze rescues for 5 seconds when it comes within one space of a rescue. This is why a couple of the rescue shots you guys hit didn't award a rescue. You will know when the rescue light turns solid that that victim is temporarily incapacitated.
Other carnivore traits include:
T-rex- super speed
Spinosaurus- can jump from left side to right and vice-versa
Raptor- two raptors are active at once in the paddock, both must be captured
Compys- can't be slowed
Pteranodon- can fly directly to rescue shots
2X playfield scoring is lit via supply drop collect
Escape target is lit via roll-over in the pop area

Can someone designate this as a Key Post for easy reference to this information?

#605 2 years ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

That sucks man!!! Why isn’t there a massive thread trashing Stern the way they do to JJP? Clearly its not just a JJP issue but maybe an industry wide issue.
I would be pretty pissed that really sucks!!!! Hopefully that gets fixed for you!

If Stern just blows off people who contact them about chipping on their playfields, then they would deserve the same criticism. I don't know if that's the case with them or not. I have a JP2 on order, and I hope I don't have to find out. Playfields should not chip or show these types of issues in less than a year. They just shouldn't. I know from my experience how JJP responded to my contacts with them about chipping on my POTC. Silence.

I called JJP to ask for advice on how to secure/repair my chipping. Nothing more than that. Just asking for advice. Their response? "We'll get back to you." 2 weeks later I call again. "We'll get back to you". Repeat that same cycle a couple more times. And all I was asking for was advice on how best to lay the chip back down. That's all I requested on each call and they wouldn't even get back to me about it. With my machine out of the 30 day warranty I knew advice was all I really could ask for. Did I think they should have offered more of a resolution than what I was asking for? Absolutely yes if they wanted to maintain a good customer relationship. But I left it for them to choose what, if anything else, they would do. They chose to do nothing more than sell an unpopulated playfield AND charge shipping for it. They made their choice, so I'm making mine and not buying from them again. Their product has a very important component that has issues which call into question how the playfield will last long term and they're unresponsive about it. That's not the type of company I'll purchase from again.

I think it's that dismissing/ignoring of the customer that has been the most disappointing (and yet also enlightening) thing about the whole issue with JJP. Now on Pinside I see the issue popping up with some Stern machines. I'm hoping I don't run into this same situation with JP2 or, if it does happen, maybe Stern will have some better assistance. Fingers crossed (but not holding my breath).

#631 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinchild:

Not only is JJP standing behind there product they have gone way above what they had to do.
Example: my WOZ is 2nd owner and made in 2015?
Any issue I ever have the send replacement parts and help with installation questions Free.
My Hobbit which is a route purchase and 28,000 games played same thing. I told JJP hey to be fair I'm not original owner and it's high plays?
There response "we want to take care of all of our customers ". They shipped parts needed no charge.
Wonka same thing and got back to me crazy fast.
Now I'm just a regular collector with no pull in the pinball world.
So in closing You either work for Stern?
Or are making things up?
Perhaps your miss informed?
Anyway there you have it

Glad you’ve had a good experience with them on mechanical parts issues, but that doesn’t mean others haven’t had a good experience with them on issues with playfields on new machines. Two different very types of issues and two very different types of service responses by the same company. Shouldn’t be that hard to believe.

Now, moving back on to Jurassic Park. Did anyone see in a stream last week where Keith Elwin commented in the chat about a secret skill shot? I couldn’t tell if he was kidding or not. It would be cool if there were some undisclosed scoring shots like that in the game though.

#903 2 years ago
Quoted from davijc02:

At times I do think some additional lighting could help.
Go get you some pinstadiums!
Anti-pinstadium comments should appear in 3...2...1

Yep, I like to play with the lights dimmed to nearly off and from what I’ve seen in pics and streams the center of the playfield looks pretty dark. I’m going to wait until I get my machine to decide but I’m guessing I’ll be getting a Pinstadium set for it. Anyone have initial thoughts on how it is playing it in low light?

1 month later
#1900 2 years ago

Playing tonight I had an instance where the right ramp was lit for both the "A" and the extra ball shots. I made the shot and only got credit for the "A" and had to hit it again for the extra ball instead of getting awarded both for the first shot. Any thoughts on whether or not that's by design or if it's a bug? I hope it's a bug. At my (limited) ability level I need double awards as often as I can get them

#1931 2 years ago

Is there a timer on the LCD screen for the 2x multiplier? I see one for T-Rex and one for Pteranodon, but I don't see one when the big 2x multiplier insert by the raptor pen is lit to show how much time is left on it. Maybe I'm just missing it?

#1933 2 years ago

Anyone have preferred strategies on playing? I've been focusing on getting a paddock started and then trying to bring a T-Rex event or a multiball into it. Is it better to just focus on the T-Rex events and multiballs? I haven't found a way to get the most out of Pteranodon with it all either.

#2012 2 years ago

Does updating the code on a Stern game wipe out previous high scores? Do I need to save settings and re-load them for the update?

#2040 2 years ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

It was so damn fast I saw nothing....I was hitting my flipper buttons, looking at the screen, trying to see where I could select, but it was too quick. This needs to change. I noticed nothing.

It's really, really fast so you pretty much have to memorize which rewards are at #1 through #6 and have an idea in advance which one you want to choose. The bottom line of text on the screen says which reward you're currently selecting. It seems to always start at #1, so if for example you want to select Abort at #6 you have to press really quickly to get to it (and don't overshoot your selection because there isn't time to cycle back through them). You have to hit the action button to scroll through the choices, and whatever reward it's on when the timer hits zero is the one you're shooting for. An extra second or two on the timer would be really nice.

#2042 2 years ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

So do the flippers scroll and action button select?? Or the other way around?? And what's a monkey flip? its entirely possible I skipped the selection process. But , if it's that fast, a future update needs to slow it down just a bit..... some of us are old bastards for God's sake

The action button scrolls and there is no press to select. Whatever award has been scrolled to when it's ready to fire is the one selected. I feel the same way about the timer definitely needs to be upped to 5 seconds instead of 3.

#2044 2 years ago

I just had an unexpected result. Just played a game and had a decently long Chaos multiball. I double drained to end both the multiball and that ball in play (of course), and when the LCD showed the scoring for the modes it said I got over 250 million for Amber Slings and 9 million for the Chaos multiball. I have no idea how that Amber Sling score happened, but I was pretty happy about the score.

#2045 2 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Wow, I really do not like this update. There’s a new sound like a vacuum cleaner coming on, and it’s everywhere. It’s horrible. Did I screw up my update, or are other people hearing this sound too?
The lighting effects and new smart missile awards are nice, but I wish I could roll back to the old release for now.

I think the sound you're hearing is the system cooling fan in the backbox. I think someone on Pinside sells a replacement fan that's quieter. It's always been there but maybe you didn't notice it before for some reason?

#2048 2 years ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Hmmm. Ok, I tried to press flippers to scroll through the selections, so that's most likely my issue.
Regarding the noise, I havnt noticed it, BUT, I suppose I'll turn it back on and play some more ti verify

That's very nice of you to sacrifice your time like that

#2060 2 years ago
Quoted from Scribble:

You are not the only Scribble that has issues with the smart missile screen. Is it possible to double flip to skip the award select screen? I've hit the middle button and hear what seems to be a selection changing but I don't see anything changing on the LCD. Does anyone have a picture of what the award select looks like?

The last row of text on the screen is what changes. I think I recall it doesn’t pop up right away. I think there’s an initial screen and then the countdown screen comes on, and it’s the last row on the countdown screen.

#2066 2 years ago
Quoted from sk8ball:

How would that work during multiball?

Any chance we can get you to hint at how the game chooses which smart missile award it’s going to give out for #3 & #4? Great game! It’s been a blast to play and the new lights, sounds, and features in the code update are great!!!

#2072 2 years ago
Quoted from hawkmoon77:

I don't think I've ever gotten smart missile during multi-ball. I'll let you know when I get good enough for that to happen! It does seem like that'd be an even harder shot with the other balls being even more obstacles in the way. And wouldn't it be pretty much impossible if two balls were locked up behind that post and released at the same time? I wouldn't mind getting a smart missile after multi-ball though.

I got smart missile during Chaos multiball a few times last night. There was no way I was going to move my hand to the action button during that. I could theoretically see being able to do it if it happened while you only had 2 balls going and the other ball was cradled or somewhere up the playfield, but given my (limited) ability that’ll remain theory for awhile. A couple times I did end up with two balls behind the post. Didn’t impact my usual result though. I still missed

#2125 2 years ago
Quoted from sebseb12:

the right boom (helicopter) is difficult, even by correctly tapping the ball, whether with the launcher or the left beater.
Does anyone have a solution?
thank you

Probably it’s 2 separate issues. For the flipper, try reducing the flipper power setting.

There are several possible things to adjust for the auto launcher. First thing I’d check on the launcher is if the both sides of the fork are touching the ball when it’s sitting in the shooting lane. If only one side is touching, it could cause the ball to be a bit off line going to the ramp.

#2155 2 years ago

Anyone found the secret skill shots? I think there are three of them? One is going immediately to the "C" lane but I haven't found the others.

#2220 2 years ago
Quoted from Aflacjack:

Made the billion point club as well. The code is awesome. Love this game and Keith Elwin designs are so much fun. Also had an interesting place for a ball to stick.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks like the truck ate some bad ball bearings

#2265 2 years ago

Anyone know what targets are included in the Amber Targets scoring? Is it all standup targets, or something else?

#2290 2 years ago

I’m thinking it might be nice if there were call outs announcing what you get in a supply drop. Amber events get announced, and if not for that I wouldn’t know I got them. Supply drops get announced, but a lot of times I can’t look up at the screen to see what it was.

#2323 2 years ago
Quoted from jdroc:

Surprised there's been no mention of the Museum Mayhem T-Rex mode in here. Just finished watching the Dead Flip rules overview with KME and that mode looks like it is going to be an absolute blast between the speed at which the raptors move and the "t-rex throw award" animations.
Question: does the t-rex throw award cause the t-rex to throw the ball if you have throw turned on (any why wouldn't you?!)? In both throw awards in the stream, the ball is dropped onto the left wireform. This would be a great mode to have every throw be a playfield throw - it would fit the animation so perfectly!

Dang it! I watched the first 45 minutes of it last night to see the walk through on rules. They made it to Museum Mayhem when they started playing? I’ll have to finish watching it this weekend. That was a great walkthrough with the glass off. I learned a couple things I hadn’t realized before like how the supply drop adds to the 2x timer if the 2x timer was already lit when you get the supply drop. Thought is was interesting too when he said the Raptor Tower Combo is going to be important because they’re incorporating it into something for a future code version.

#2328 2 years ago
Quoted from jdroc:

Kind of, they used the debug menu to turn it on at game start. Watch the last 15 minutes or so of the stream to see it.
Also looking forward to the 4th part of the super skill shot...O loop? Helipad? Spitter spinner? Helipad makes the most sense to me for the flow - other ideas?

Yep, I forgot they mentioned an addition to the skill shot. That was neat to hear it’s on the way. It’ll be fun to see which shot it is. I’d like the helipad the best. I hope it isn’t the amber target. That would be a tough one for me.

Also, was it just me or did King of the Island MB look really tough? I hadn’t seen it before the video last night. I’m getting closer and closer to it when I play though. Last night I did finally get 1 round of all jackpot shots and the super in T-Rex MB. Missed hitting the “C” shot first though so they were all 1x.

#2341 2 years ago

I have no flipper maintenance experience and I just had a problem pop up on my lower right flipper. While playing, I put the flipper up to catch a ball coming down the playfield toward it. When the ball hit the flipper, the flipper gave way just a little bit backward (maybe 1/8 inch bounceback). Immediately after that the flipper had WAY less power than it did before. I tested both flippers during game play and the left one stays solid when its up and a ball coming down the playfield hits it, but the right one now has a bit of give backward when that happens on it and it's still way underpowered. Seems like something mechanical came loose or gave way on it. Anyone have any ideas on what to check?

#2352 2 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Yep, I replaced all 3 coil stops on mine, and it’s playing much better. I had 2 broken stops within a few weeks.

Quoted from evh347:

Maybe broken spring flipper return? (#7). I’ve had that behavior you described on two of my games before exactly as you described. Easy fix. Either replace them or get out some needle pliers and get creative with bending them back into place.
Or buy a replacement...
https://www.pinballlife.com/segastern-flipper-extension-spring.html[quoted image]

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check these out.

#2353 2 years ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check these out.

This looks like the problem. Coil stop rivet is blown out.

33FE5AC9-731E-468B-8D51-E2E795279675 (resized).jpeg
#2356 2 years ago
Quoted from DrJoe:

Oh and be sure to remove the broken nub that will be inside the coil sleeve before putting a new coil stop on.

So that’s where it went! I checked in my cabinet for it and couldn’t find it I figured it had to be somewhere. Thank you.

#2440 2 years ago
Quoted from jdroc:

Where should the ball be delivered when rolling out from the control room/"C" area? I watched a clip of last week's Dead Flip stream with Keith and on theirs, it rolls down to the left flipper, about 2/3 of the way down and you can bump to send it to the right flipper.
Mine was hitting the flare at the end of the metal guide and getting bumped out and going SDTM just about every time so i bent it back but that original flare/bend looked very intentional but it's obviously not supposed to just drop down the middle.
Curious where others have the ball delivered on both a shot that goes all the way back to the target and on a non-clean shot that only makes it halfway

I haven’t had any SDTM issues from the control lane. Depends on how hard the shot in and bounce out is but usually comes back to the flipper. When released from the post mine is also coming to the flipper.

#2556 2 years ago
Quoted from ssdobbins:

Code V0.91 - Anyone have MBs that stop mid-stream. Seems like when I'm in TREX and then hit CHAOS it plays till there's two/three balls left and then stops. Flippers dead. Balls drain. Bonus awarded. Next ball. Is this a bug?

Sounds like what happens when there's a bad optical sensor in the ball trough. Might want to check those sensors to see if that's what's causing it.

#2577 2 years ago
Quoted from jacksparrow0112:

For those better players out there than me (so literally everyone on this site)...Is the control room shot able to be hit with some regularity (if at all) from anything other than by trapping up first? For me, any time the ball has any speed coming down the right inlane I can never hit that shot. Closest I come is having the ball rattle around the control room opening. Is it a matter of practice, or can that shot only be made from a trap-up?

Have you tried lowering flipper power? I had the same trouble hitting it when I first got it but then lowered the flipper power and it was much more makable for me.

#2580 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

I saw last night that the default settings for the lower right flipper is set lower than left or upper right.

Yep, I think that default was changed in a code update.

#2582 2 years ago
Quoted from jdroc:

Did you turn it down further from the new lower default in .91 code? I also have trouble hitting the control room shot off anything but a trap but I assumed it was because I'm just not that good...

I think I’ve left it at the new default. I think that new default was even lower than where I’d initially lowered it. I was thinking if the person having the problem hadn’t updated code they might want to try lowering flipper power. Could be something else too though. It’s definitely a tough shot to hit on the fly. I figured if the ball misses low (like hitting the sling) if I flip late when the ball is at the end of the flipper then there’s a spot somewhere further up the flipper to make the shot. I think it’s a small spot though

1 week later
#2764 2 years ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

As far as I could tell (with three balls) you're stick in that mode. I kept working on more raptor and Chaos MBs until my game was over.
Hoping they do something amazing for this mode.

My dream Thanksgiving weekend next week is a bunch of food to eat and new Jurassic Park code to explore for 4 days.

1 week later
#2927 2 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

From Keith over on Tilt in regards to the Bonus Champ bug:
"Whole high score system getting an overhaul so no it wasn’t fixed."

I wonder if they'd add a couple high score of the day spots for people to enter initials. My kids like that on POTC. Gives them a chance to enter their names... sometimes

#2949 2 years ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Just about to ask this too. So adjust guide to left flipper, not left sling. Boom boom out the side ! That’s been the killer drain for me so far

On mine it depends a bit on the speed of the ball coming back out of the helipad as it hits the rubber. If it’s moving fast enough the bounce off the rubber will carry it to the left sling. However, I’ve learned to nudge forward every time the ball is about to hit that rubber and that’s really helped it go to the left flipper instead of the sling.

#2966 2 years ago
Quoted from yancy:

Yup, and I agree with your hunch. When it happens on mine it’s always a lightning fast shot. I adjusted the loop entry switch to need only the slightest push, but it’s still not 100%. Wish it was an opto like the make switch further up the loop.
Pretty frustrating, because that’s not an easy shot to begin with.

Someone posted this a few days ago. I'm going to try it out in case the problem is with the opto further up the loop not registering the shot after it's activated the rollover switch.


#2990 2 years ago
Quoted from KnockerPTSD:

I dont have a JP yet so I cant say for sure but I had the same issue on my Maiden loops. Put a piece of electrical tape around the optos covering the bottom half of the beam and you should be good to go. Narrowing the beam means the ball can break it long enough at high speeds to register properly. Hope this helps.

Did this last night and it worked great. Thanks!

#3116 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

It definitely mattered. When I powered the game up with the LE code, it was no longer on free play, and all high scores were reset to default HOWEVER, I downloaded the .96 PRO code, and installed that, and all my settings and high scores returned!!! Happy day!!

Even though the settings are supposed to save automatically in the code update, I always save them separately first to a USB right before doing the update. That way if something unexpected happens I still have them to reload.

1 week later
#3228 1 year ago
Quoted from JediMcMuffin:

I actually don’t seem to have too many issues hitting the spinner shot, what I am finding is it not getting registered all the time. It seems the spinner is the only sensor and many of my shots make it past without actually spinning it. Has anyone had to adjust it? If so how?

I noticed something similar. I might be wrong, but before one of the recent code updates I think every turn of the spinner would register the lane as being hit and clear the lit arrow. Then after an update it seemed like it changed and now a weak shot from the upper part of left flipper that goes past the spinner but maybe only spins it a couple times no longer counts as a shot to clear a lit arrow on that lane.

#3272 1 year ago
Quoted from ectobar:

This seems like an interesting rule add. I'm guessing it's used via the center button. Feel like the strat will be to try and save it for T-Rex or Spiny[quoted image]

Nice! That’ll be fun to try. Definitely would be good to save for those two. Especially Spiny to try to get KOTI MB.

#3361 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

No doubt brother. I like how Trex is flinging around in the modes without stopping flow
Plus, like control center, I need a quick pause for a swig of beer

Got it. Will work on Trex now to see museum
Clearing paddocks ain’t easy to get to Visitor!
Feels like TWD to me. Drove me nuts until I finally beat it.

Museum Mayhem is fun. Animation of T-Rex tossing a raptor is fun to watch. Somehow for me it seems like when I just focus on running the T-Rex modes I end up getting farther in the paddocks and running Chaos MB more often than I do when I'm trying specifically for either of those things. When I'm working on hitting the truck I seem to hit more of the shots along the way that qualify them.

#3390 1 year ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

When the game was first released I played a few quick games and came away just meh. Found one yesterday and put about 15 games on it. Gotta say this game is a blast to play. Have no clue really what to do. Multiballs seem to happen randomly. So many shots from all the flippers. The one I was playing had a weak left flipper but still found most of the shots satisfying. The first 4 or 5 games I sucked big time but started to click after that. Averaged around 100 mil per game. Had one 400 mil game and got Raptor Tri-ball champ but no high score. Last game was my best and got high score #4 with 448 mil.
I'm going to go back and play it today and have a few questions. What area should I attack/shoot for first? Can multiballs be stacked? And during multiballs, after hitting the jackpots and super jackpots do you have to clear the chaos letters? And is the shot right of the truck and left of the ramp doable? The only way I hit the target was from the bumpers or was it designed that way?
Thanks guys. Super jealous of you owners Great game!

This is a good website for reviewing the rules.


Multiballs aren't stackable (except for a very, very unlikely way to stack T-Rex and Raptor multiballs). Each MB has different rules. The missile shot between the truck & ramp is doable but extremely tight.

#3429 1 year ago
Quoted from kevindrives:

How do you know when coil stops break? Do they start feeling sluggish then give out?
My right flipper feels like it lost some power and is sluggish. I’ve never experienced a broken coil stop before.

Yep, when mine went the flipper was suddenly sluggish and way underpowered. It also caused the flipper to give a little bit backward when a ball came down the playfield and hit it vs. normal operation of the flipper holding firmly in place when the ball hits and bounces off.

1 week later
#3511 1 year ago
Quoted from spidey:

Anybody else having trouble getting the truck to flip around for lighting TREX letters? I find it fun getting through the paddocks but then realize I need to get all the TREX modes completed, which leads to chopping wood of hitting the newton ball over and over and over. The vast majority of shots do not send it all the way around. It has to be just an a absolutely perfect hit, and always from the left flipper.

The truck should turn easier than that. On mine and the couple others I’ve played most any hit from either flipper makes it move a fair amount and it’s not too tough to make it go the whole way around.

#3519 1 year ago
Quoted from paragon07:

Perfect solution, was thinking the same.

Ha! Yep I had the same thought too, only I was thinking of getting the Amazon USB extension cable (9 ft. long) so I could run it all the way through the bottom of the back box and cabinet to the coin door.

#3533 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Well, the first 3 should light. It may not be instant, but definitely before the ball is released. I've never thought to myself "man, I really need more time to see which shots are lit" I can play some more this evening, and pay closer attention to the timing. Just from memory, my first set of rescues light before the talking is done and well before the ball is released. I'd guess your machine is behaving normally.

When you let the entire animation play I think you have a decent amount of time before ball release to see which ones are lit. If, however, you’re like me and sometimes hit both flippers to get on with it then you have a shorter time before the ball is released to see which ones are lit. I’d like it better if they lit sooner. I think there are a couple spots though where the rescues do light instantly or at least a lot sooner for some reason.

#3576 1 year ago

I just accidentally discovered a nice cheat "O" lane jackpot during T-Rex multiball... unless Keith Elwin is reading this and thinks it's something that needs to be coded out of the game. Then it definitely never happened... I aimed for the "O" lane and missed up the right ramp instead. Just after that shot I sent another ball coming to the right flipper through the spinner. The right ramp shot exited past the right orbit entrance opto and just after that the ball through the spinner lane crossed the 2nd opto for the right orbit, so it gave me a jackpot. Might have to try that more often on days I'm not finding the O lane very well (which is most days).

#3597 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

I'll definitely give it try then. I believe EaglePin has posted about this as well. I think?

Yep, I like tinkering with it. I think it’s worth fiddling with it at least a bit & I think there’s still a ton of speed and flow when dialing it back a bit. Worst that happens is you try some lower settings and don’t like it and go back to your current settings.

Very different experience from my JJPOTC. On that one I found power settings I stayed at very early on. With JP2 it seems like there are more pros & cons for both higher and lower settings and I’m still messing with it a bit 3 months & 1200 plays into it. I think I’m getting pretty close to leaving them alone for awhile now though. I love this game.

#3607 1 year ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Went back to the game and sure enough the post was loose again, put loctite on and screwed it back in. But damage has been done :/[quoted image]

That stinks. Posts seem to come loose on this game a lot. I check pretty frequently because the posts at the ramp entrances and a few others on mine have already needed re-tightening a couple times. I should probably get some blue Loctite for them.

#3635 1 year ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

Not a JP owner but I just recieved an awesome JP poster signed by Keith Elwin from Stern. Im going to frame this and hang it in the Pin Room.
Story is I ordered shooter rods for my SW and DP. Instead of DP shooter Rod they sent me a topper(without charging me). I let them know about the mixup and they sent me this as thanks. Pretty happy about it![quoted image]

Nice!!!! LOL, now you have me hoping they mix up an order for me someday so I can correct it and get something like that

#3646 1 year ago
Quoted from northvibe:

I was informed that our route JP pro has a "weak" lower right flipper. I haven't inspected it yet, but the upper flipper flips great, so curious if anyone has tips before I go. I am hoping the coil stop didn't snap off and is just causing it to be funky, although that would be the easier fix...

First guess would be the coil stop.

#3702 1 year ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

Got rid of the factory rubber... Oh man, the new Titans are so amazing... Should have changed everything when I got the machine...[quoted image]

Just curious, is there a different bounciness off the posts & slings or is it more about reducing the ball trails?

#3703 1 year ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

Got rid of the factory rubber... Oh man, the new Titans are so amazing... Should have changed everything when I got the machine...[quoted image]

Any chance you can post a pic of how that color looks on the machine when you put them on. Looks like it should be a good color with it.

#3708 1 year ago
Quoted from heyitsjoebob:

After playing my Premium a lot this evening, I think I want to try and remove the magnets on the T-Rex ramp posts.
Way too many of my perfect shots get pulled into those posts, sometimes causing me to miss out on the T-Rex multiball.

While you're at it, can you figure out a way to take the magnet out of the post between the right ramp and the O lane too? If hitting that post scored points I'd have billions every game.

#3713 1 year ago
Quoted from Yesh23:

After less 90 days and 50 plays on my JP pro with a build date of Aug 22nd. I’ll reach out to Stern tomorrow but first playfield issue with them. I don’t know what to expect.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Was the post loose? Any loose posts on the playfield can/will do that, and on mine that post as well as the ramp posts need frequent checking for tightness.

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#3824 1 year ago
Quoted from MrSmiley:

Quick question, at what pitch are your JPs set up? Also the control room return should the ball hit the tip of the left flipper or the center?
I have mine at about 6,5° and leveled nicely but the control room return barely makes the tip of the left flipper.

I’m at 6.8 or 6.9. When the post is holding the ball in the control room and releases it I can hold the left flipper up and it just barely is able to settle onto the flipper and cradle for the next shot. When it comes faster out of the C lane after hitting the target I can usually hit it with the end of the left flipper.

#3825 1 year ago
Quoted from kevindrives:

And this makes the game at home great for friends and parties. Most of my friends don't play as much as I do, so for them, this will be a great addition of something to challenge each other with.
And, the coders will know that all their work will be used and enjoyed more.
I love everything about this.

I couldn’t agree more. I love the design and play of this game, and now getting a chance to play Escape Nublar without being good enough to get there myself very often is going to be awesome.

#3843 1 year ago
Quoted from pb456:

Getting a new JP Pro very soon - going to put it on location.
Could I get any insight as to what might need extra tightening or perhaps loc-tite (blue) to keep it working?
I saw a post about the kinetic ball assembly earlier under the jeep that messed up. I'll be sure to check that out, but any others?
Thanks in advance!

The ramp entry posts and the left front post at the entrance to the raptor pen have a tendency to come loose on mine and need retightening. I need to do blue loctite on them. My post guarding the upper right flipper hasn’t come loose yet but it’s another to think about.

#3896 1 year ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

Has anyone else noticed that DNA combos have disappeared in 0.98 code?

Yep, DNA combos definitely seem to be MIA.

#3899 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Guess I'll hold off on my code update. Surely they'll correct this asap

Yep, I’d guess they’ll fix it quick. Interesting that this got removed from JP2 and the back door callout got deleted from the Elvira update. Code is going missing in updates this week

I really like playing Escape Nublar Challenge in the new code. Might still be worth installing to play that even with the missing DNAs.

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#4018 1 year ago
Quoted from J-Freeze:

I hit Trex, right ramp, tower, and then the "O" shot and good things happened.
(First try too!)

Nice! I played a couple games last night. Had a shot at it once when I made the first three shots and noticed the lane lit up, but then the post came up for smart missile so I didn’t get to try to finish it off. Doh!!!

3 weeks later
#4296 1 year ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

AAAARRRGH!! 600 games, clearcoat is damaged at the upper flippers post.
The post was never loose, because i always checked it!
What can i do now? I payed over 9.000$ here in the EU.
How much will i loose if i want to resell it?
Build date = Dec. 17. 2019
Will i get a replaced, unpopulated PF?
And what can i do to minimize further damage? airgun, PVC washers?
[quoted image]

If you can get Minwax Polycrylic Clear Gloss finish or a product similar to it then I would say try that. I had a very similar issue in the shooter lane of a different machine where just the clear chipped a little bit (no damage to wood underneath). I used the Minwax Polycrylic Clear Gloss and it blended in and fixed it really well.

amazon.com link »

#4304 1 year ago

My shaker motor developed a squeak tonight. Suddenly it started sounding like an old see-saw that needs oil. Anyone had this happen or know what to look at? I did the shaker motor test to confirm where the squeak is coming from and it's definitely coming from the shaker motor as it starts to slow down after firing.

#4306 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Ohhhh, my.... that would drive me absolutely nuts!! But I can't help laughing! The sound running through my brain now

Lol, yep it's like nails on a chalkboard - both literally and figuratively.

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#4376 1 year ago
Quoted from Coolpinballdino:

Anyone know which other coil might be compatible with a 22-1080 coil for the flipper. My left flipper became pretty weak and I don't have the same exact coil on hand thanks.

Before you replace the coil, have you checked the coil stop to make sure that isn’t the problem? It’s been a somewhat frequent issue causing weak flippers.

#4402 1 year ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

I've had a pteranodon attack over 350mil.

I still haven't figured out how to make the most out of Pteranodon. Do you build the carryover multiplier with switch hits (spinner is good) and completely avoid hitting the right ramp while it's running, do that a few times and cash in? Or is there something else to build the jackpot? I try to do that but I can't seem to avoid accidentally going up the right ramp when I'm doing it

#4404 1 year ago
Quoted from davijc02:

I have a pro and I’ve seen some people mentioning having problems with the loops.
When you hit the right loop is the up post supposed to always come up or just sometimes. At times mine will come up while others it doesn’t. Just wondering if I need to adjust the switch or if this is normal.

It comes up if the truck is facing to the right when you hit the loop.

#4410 1 year ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

Today i found two more clear coat chippings at the guide of the left orbit and the tower shot...
Would it be so hard for stern to put a washer there? Already send the photos to my distributor.
Im not amused.

You might want to check the screws under your apron also. Just like the ball guide at the left orbit, the apron screws can be tightened too much and cut into the playfield also.

It would definitely be nice for them to put some fabric or rubber washers at all ball guide and apron screws. Here are a couple posts I made about what I did at the apron and then at the left orbit guide.



#4412 1 year ago
Quoted from metallik:

Those red shots in TRex MB are like crack, I can't help but focus only on them, and usually screw up the whole MB. But, when I finally get 'em, 200M+ totals!

LOL. Yep I feel the same. Probably 50% of the time T-Rex MB is activated I don't get to play because I'm greedy and trying to juice up the jackpot on the gold arrow shots and drain without starting MB. Then the other 50% of the time when I manage to get it started I get too greedy trying to go in order on the jackpots. Super fun trying for it all though!!!

#4421 1 year ago
Quoted from Saucerboy:

I am having an issue with the ball jumping as it transfers from the right inlane to the right flipper. I have posted a very short slo motion video of the issue here:

This is my first pin and I'm learning about setup. This jump leads to inconsistent shots from right flipper. The left flipper transfers smoothly but the right is very different and i dont think it is designed to be like that.
thanks for any help

Because of the gap between the ball guide and the flipper, when the ball is going slow to the flipper then it will fall a bit before reaching the flipper and hop some. Is the same thing happening when you release the ball from the top of the inlane? I've had hopping issues on my left flipper. I unscrewed the ball guide and was able to push them just a fraction of an inch higher and retighten. After that, when a ball comes down the full inlane there isn't any hop. However, when the ball is held at the left post and releases (similar location on the left as your finger in your video) there is still some hop because of the slow speed of the ball and the gap between the flipper and the guide. So bottom line for mine now is I don't have hop on balls coming down the full lane but there is still some hop when released from the post, and it doesn't seem like that part is avoidable because of the slower speed of the ball not getting it across the gap. If it's happening from the top of the inlane then see if you can nudge the guide up slightly. Good luck!

#4433 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

I did the same the other day and wow.. plays so much better. Best. Pin. Ever.

Finding the sweet spot between pitch and flipper power is huge on this machine. A bit tough to do since changing flipper power can help in finding one shot at the expense of losing a bit on another, but when you find a good balanced setup it's such a rush. This game is crazy fun to play.

#4435 1 year ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

so you dont use the standard factory flipper strength? I checked it in the settings, and those are already set on different strengths (255/235), so i trusted those. i set the game on 7°, is it worth to play around with those factors? My main problem is the Helipad ramp, since its so much needed when getting deeper into the game, sometimes i need 6 tries.
I have the game now for 2 weeks and i feel like im not making any more progress. pteranodon paddock at best, no visitor center for me.
i have days, i can shoot combos like crazy and the next day i'm even not hitting the t-trex ramp most of the time i only get one extraball from 6 rescues, i have to learn the code better too, but it seems to be hard to get more extraballs. (fossils, t-rex, smart missile)
i was not able to dial in my loop, so that the O shot feeds O shot again by holding up upper flipper. I read EaglePin's posts about it, but the ball goes down too low, and barely can reach the tip of the upper flipper. the only idea would be to bend the lane guide... that could cause trouble, because i also have to make that shot the other way around.

Trying very small changes to both pitch and flipper strength can make a big difference on shots. Check that your game is level left to right also. Maybe try 6.9 or 6.8 degrees pitch to see if that helps the ball hit the flipper from the orbit exit. For the helipad maybe try lowering the flipper strength a little and also check to see that the ball does not bounce too much as it rolls off of the left ball guide and onto the flipper. It's best if the ball rolls smoothly down the front of every flipper. It definitely takes some time experimenting with very small changes to pitch and flipper strength, and not every machine will be the exact same so it's best to just try to find what works best on your machine. Good luck!

#4447 1 year ago
Quoted from Insanity_Falls:

But it DOES always bounce off the corner of that rubber regardless of any of those factors, correct? This area where the rubber protrudes out past the lane guide is intentional? If so then cool beans, just want to make sure that's how it was designed.[quoted image]

Yes the bounce off the rubber is by design.

#4486 1 year ago
Quoted from hocuslocus:

Do u get the nerdy award champion only by draining out the right outlane a whole bunch?
is it possible to get 12 million?

I think the Nedry value builds with hits to the 2x target and then is awarded if you drain down the outline on the right. So depending on how many times you hit the 2x and drain out the right side I'd think you could get that amount.

#4557 1 year ago
Quoted from Dr-pin:

Thanks for the pep-talk. I´m going to check the pitch today, maybe a tad bit floaty, but the bubble on the right is dead on centre.
Dont get me wrong, i think the game is there, it´s just so darned tight. Maybe it should have been a widebody?

Mine machine (and I'd guess many others also) took a lot of fine tuning in pitch, coil power, and lane guide adjustments to get it shooting smooth. I think the design of the machine and the shots is great. And the use of the shots in the code is also great. But it took time making very small adjustments to get all the shots flowing really great, and it's amazing how smooth it is once you dial it in. I think the three biggest factors to play with are:
1) Pitch - don't trust the bubble, use the PinGuy mobile app or something else and get it up to 6.8-7.0.
2) Flipper coil power
3) Ball guides feeding the flippers - if the ball isn't coming off the ball guide so it rolls smoothly down the face of the flipper then adjust the ball guide.

You'll have to be patient and continue to tweak the pitch and flipper strength. My experience is that very, very small changes in pitch and flipper strength can make a big difference, but they sometimes both need to be adjusted together. If you change pitch a little bit, you might need to change flipper strength somewhere also. If you change flipper strength a little bit, you might need to change pitch a little bit also. For example, you might have everything smooth except the "S" shot, and then you make an adjustment that gets the "S" shot good but it makes the "A" shot a bit clunky. So then you make another adjustment to pitch and/or flipper power that makes them both smooth. Eventually you'll land on a setting that gets all shots flowing on your machine. I'm not a great player and I can feed the ball through all the shots smoothly on mine, and it feels amazing when it happens. Good luck!

#4559 1 year ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Is it possible to stack MB? Which ones and how to do?

Multiballs can't be stacked. I think there is (or maybe was?) ONE way to stack two multiballs with a very specific and probably accidental shot, but I forget which two they were and what shot was required to do it.

#4576 1 year ago
Quoted from SheriffBarclay:

Anybody else get a significant number of rattle rejects on the watchtower shot? It very often goes up the u turn, rattles around, and falls out.

See posts above. 1) Check that the ball transitions off the ball guide to hug the face of the flipper as it rolls down (so there isn't any hop away from the face of the flipper after it transitions from the ball guide). If there's hop then nudge the end of the ball guide out so ball will transition smoothly. 2) Play with adjustments to pitch and flipper strength until you get the shot dialed in.

#4619 1 year ago
Quoted from ectobar:

Almost, but you don't need to play RMB first. You're starting RMB with the Smart Missle while simultaneously completing T-REX.
Get T-RE
Qualify Smart Missle
Shoot left ramp.
Hit center button 4 times to select Start RMB
Shoot pops stand-up target while glancing the captive ball along the way

After 2100 games played the T-Rex/Raptor MB stack happened for me last night by accident! It was pretty fun to have it happen. I wasn't even thinking about it when I chose Raptor MB for the smart missile award. I took the shot and it bricked off the truck and ramp post but it came back fast right at the flipper so I tried to send it straight back that direction. It turned into a clean shot at the amber target that probably just barely beat the grace period and both MBs started up. Now I probably only have to wait another 2100 games for it to happen again

#4632 1 year ago
Quoted from pintechev:

If Keith wanted flat screws there he would have specified them. I don’t think that’s the issue.

I checked and the screw on mine is close enough to the ball guide that the ball doesn't touch it as it rolls by. I'm guessing they didn't use flat screws because it's supposed to be close enough to the ball guide that it won't get hit. Bummer that it seems some were installed a bit too far away from the guide where it's getting hit by the ball.

#4633 1 year ago

Had another fun shot on my machine today. Got an Escape ball save from a center drain. Ball was coming to the center drain and I tried a left-right flip to catch a piece of it. It spun off the end of the left flipper as it went past, then immediately spun hard off the tip of the right flipper as it continued past that one toward the drain. Then it hit the apron area and it had so much spin on it that it shot like a rocket far enough up the outlane to cross the rollover switch to trigger the lit Escape lane before rolling back down to the drain.

#4675 1 year ago
Quoted from snaroff:

eaglepin I'm curious, did you actually check with someone on the Stern design team? Keith?
Ever since busterfriendly mentioned this, I'm more annoyed by it.

Sorry, when I said by design I meant mine arrived that way so that's the way it came from the factory on mine. I have no idea if they're assembling it the way Keith intended.

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#4783 1 year ago

Watched online streams last night of Iron Maiden and I learned that machine has a light that flashes by the upper right flipper to indicate that combos are active. Anyone know if Keith put something like that on Jurassic Park also? I haven't noticed one but I might have missed it. Seems like it would be nice to have something like that on a flasher or some other insert if isn't already there.

1 week later
#4857 1 year ago
Quoted from kingfishtr:

I am not very technical yet. Do I put a small piece of tape over both optos on that t-Rex ramp or just one? I am assuming there are two optos on that ramp. I really don’t know.

Quoted from Jodester:

Any pics of that fix?

Here's a link to a post with a pic of mine when I did it. First pic is the orbit opto, second pic is the left ramp opto. I only put it on the left side of the ramp, but you can try both to see if it makes it better. Just make sure you don't cover it up to the point where no light is getting through and the switch is registering continually.


#4859 1 year ago
Quoted from ectobar:

I have gotten there and it absolutely ends.
The first time I got there I was on ball 2 (EBs on) and thought damn, this is going to be a hell of a game. I had heard about the game ending but it was still surprising.
While there is another super wiz mode (WDRTE) you only get to play it if you complete all the mini wiz modes along the way.
I would say I could get to the VC every game if I took the short route but I'm generally trying to go for broke and capture all the super predators along the way.
I would say my average game I play most of the paddocks, the 3 main Control room modes and a couple Rex modes. Museum Meyham and Invalid Frenzy are the modes I see the least aside from Nublar.
I've only been to Nublar twice FWIW. The second time I was on my way to the WDRTE. Had SCR and VC complete but beefed Museum.

Wow! Nice!!! How do you go after the set trap targets consistently without draining? I usually try to go at the left target with the left flipper while the truck is pointed left, but sometimes the ball bounces off it to the right side of the truck, rolls off the guide on the side of the right ramp and goes SDTM. Same thing happens sometimes when I try going at the right side target from the right flipper with the truck pointing right. Between drains from hitting those targets & the truck and from the slings throwing it straight to the outlines I can usually only get to the last paddock before Visitors Center.

3 weeks later
#5081 1 year ago
Quoted from gblack:

Did anyone else catch the co-op / team play in the TMNT stream? What are the chances JP could get those modes to share progression?

That would be nice to have. Seems like it would be fun to have those options in most games.

#5104 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

I thought it went in order Feed, Chase, Encounter, Rampage?

I'm not sure, but I think competition/tournament have a set order to them. Here's what it says on the Tiltforums Rulesheet: "On default settings, Feed T-Rex is always played as the first mode of the game, and the other three modes cycle with shots to the truck. On Competition Install settings, the first available mode will not necessarily be Feed T-Rex, and the Feed T-Rex mode will not start immediately on spelling completion at the captive ball."

#5113 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

is there anything on the screen that tells you how many of the encounters you have completed or played?

There doesn't seem to be anything on the screen. I just played to take a look and didn't see anything. I thought maybe it could be one of the pieces of information you get when you hold a flipper up to get game information but it wasn't in there either. Would be nice to have some place to show how many T-Rex modes have been started.

#5121 1 year ago
Quoted from weaverj:

yeah, eyeballing them, they look like that. thanks; gl.

And if anyone finds post sleeves that don't bounce directly to the outlines let me know

#5135 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

What's the consensus on the plastic washers on the T-Rex ramp flap. Keep them or toss them?
I'm getting quiet a few rejects on clean shots, and I'm getting about 50% shots not registering to go into the T-Rex mouth.
In the adjustment instructions, it says that the T-Rex jaw should just barely touch the ramp. Mine seems to hit it pretty solidly even though I've raised it as high as it can go.
I'm getting pretty frustrated with this. I've been trying to get this game working smoothly for months, and it just doesn't seem to play right.

For mine, I took the spacers on the ramp cover off but then I seemed to get a lot more clean shot rejects from the ball hopping up and hitting the cover so I put them back on and it worked better for me with them on. I think some people have left them off and been good with it that way though. It seems to me as though dialing it in is a combination of a few variables and changing one can have an effect on the others, so like you said it can be a bit frustrating dialing it all in. Assuming everything else with the T-Rex is okay (no screws loose/missing, mouth opto working correctly, and jaw opening to touch the ramp) it seems like the main factors are pitch, flipper power, the ramp cover spacers on or off, and doing a fix to the ramp entrance opto (tape fix or Stern opto cover part installed) so it still registers when the ball hops up. I wish I could point out one main thing to check but it seems like it can be a combination of factors.

What's happening on the rejects? Does it seem like the ball is going into the mouth to a position where it should be held by the T-Rex and then rolling back out? Doing slow motion video on it helped me diagnose mine. When T-Rex was ready to hit I used my phone camera to record the shot so I could see how the ball was hitting it. That's how I confirmed that the ball was entering the mouth but not being held, and in my case it was the ramp entrance opto not being triggered to fire the magnet. Seems like some people have also had issues with the mouth opto, so if yours is being caught initially and then released it could be because the mouth opto isn't registering a ball there and the magnet turns off after the initial catch. Hang in there. It's frustrating now but it'll be worth it once you get it resolved and dialed in so it catches consistently

#5147 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

I did remove the 4 nuts and move it up.
Can someone who has successfully done fixed this, explain how much the jaw is touching the ramp. As in, does it lightly rest against it, or does the jaw open and whack the ramp?

On mine I don't think it's so low that it whacks it but it's not resting above the ramp either. Front of the lower jaw is just sitting on the ramp when the mouth opens. Here's a post I made describing how I went about adjusting mine:


#5166 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Took some slow-mo vids of me taking shots at the T-Rex.

I've also noticed I've been getting a surprising amount of failed shots to the ramp when the T-Rex head it out of the way. Seems to either rattle at the opening, and not make it all the way up and roll back down for a guaranteed SDTM.
I have my game set at 6.5 degrees, and I've also replaced my coil stops. I also have the ramp opto fix from Stern installed.
Not sure what else to do here.

Great videos! I'm probably putting way too much thought into this, but here's my take on the shots from the videos:
1) Video 1, shot 1 - seems to hit the right edge of the ramp just before going into the mouth and then hops more up and hits the front part of the roof of the mouth vs. going into the mouth. Mouth seems to close after the entrance opto is crossed on the way out and then opens up again when the mouth opto says no ball there.

2) Video 1, shot 2 - rattler

3) Video 1, shot 3 - hits right side of mouth and again seems to hop up and not really make it much past the front part of the mouth opening. Again seems like the mouth closes when the entrance opto is crossed on the way out and re-opens when the mouth opto says no ball there.

4) Video 2, shot 1 - looks like a clean shot but with normal speed video it's hard to tell for sure if it goes into the mouth or hops up to hit the front part of the roof of the mouth. Seems like it went in but wasn't caught though. And again the mouth closes when the entrance opto is crossed on the way out. This one is very similar to the missed catches I was having on mine before I put tape over the lower half of the opto opening.

5) Video 2, shot 2 - again a solid shot but again seems to hop more straight up and hit the front part of the roof of the mouth vs. going into the mouth. I think this one's again iffy as to whether or not it should have been caught. I still occasionally have some shots like this that hop up and aren't caught.

6) Video 2, shot 3 - ball doesn't hop up when entering the mouth and rolls nicely in and is caught.

So, my look at it is that you seem to be getting some hop up into the front part of the roof of the mouth on some shots that aren't being caught. I'd think those misses would be due to one or two (or a combination of both) things: 1) the ball isn't catchable because it's hopping up and hitting the front part of the roof of the mouth, or 2) those ball is catchable but your entrance optos aren't triggering. If the issue is the hop then it might be corrected by adjusting pitch and/or flipper power. If it's the opto I'd think it might be corrected by aligning them or test adding tape to the bottom of the opto opening to see if it helps.

To me everything else looks like it's setting up the right way for it to work. Jaw seems to be resting nicely on the ramp when it's open. Still frustrating for you I know, but with these videos it seems like there's a couple things to try adjusting in order to get it dialed in. Hope it helps.

#5168 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

What do you mean by misaligned? Can you share a photo of yours?
Also, should the T-Rex by shaking around like mine is when it gets hit?
Can anyone else confirm if theirs shakes like this, or is more sturdy?

I just went back and looked at my old videos from when I was dialing mine in. Mine is aligned the same way as yours (mouth slightly toward the left side of the ramp) and the T-Rex is jostled the same way when it's hit. I don't think it's supposed to be so rigid that it doesn't bounce a bit when it's hit. For me doing the tape fix on the opto and changing pitch and flipper power got it working consistently. I'd recommend trying more pitch. I use the Pinguy app and mine is measuring 6.8 with right flipper power at 235. Could also be worth trying to use the software adjustments to line up the head so it comes more straight down the ramp if the other tweaks aren't working for you. I haven't adjusted any of those settings so I don't know much about them.

#5187 1 year ago

I hope I'm wrong about how this topper descriptions sounds, because the description sounds like the special mode would be game code. That would be such B.S. JJP's poor service turned me off of EVER buying again from them. So now Stern seems to be going toward a model of sneaking in post-purchase surprises like the UV on Stranger Things and now paying extra for an additional mode on JP2. I'm not liking that trend. They should be upfront about the additional cost of features and options that are or will be available when they release the machine. Doing things this way is just a way of jerking a customer around.

I've been thinking about getting a new machine and Elvira has been at the top of my list, but now I'll hold off awhile to see what Stern is up to before I buy another one from them. I'd rather not support a company that's going to start adding surprise extra $$$ features to all the machines they sell.

#5189 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

eaglepin prodoshi lounge thank you all for trying to help me out here.
Took some photos and hopefully this gives you guys more to comment on. The Stern ramp fox seems to be installed properly, but you guys tell me.
Also, I raised the T-Rex assembly behind the backboard. Maybe that is why it wobbles so much? Where do you guys have yours set?
And is the upper flipper aligned right. Definitely doesn't line up with the hole, but other pics I've seen, it looks off too.
Thank you all again! Really hoping to get this game working so I can enjoy it.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

1) I haven’t put the Stern opto part on yet. I’m still rolllin’ with the tape fix. Hopefully someone who’s put it on can comment on yours.

2) I don’t think you had any issue at all with wobble on yours. Your videos looked the same as mine for that. I just took pictures of my screw positions. First pic is the right side screws. 2nd pic circled in yellow is the upper left screw. Lower left is blocked by wires so I couldn’t get a pic of it.

3) Your upper flipper is in the same spot mine is in, and it’s correct. For that flipper, the hole is supposed to line up with the top of the bat. Yours looks perfectly lined up with the yellow top edge of the flipper bat. Here’s a link to a post by Keith Elwin confirming flipper alignment with the holes:


Hope this helps.

F074B693-A202-4609-BAF1-BBFE46C23C29 (resized).jpeg12C3BC71-8FED-4446-BE91-D43F56400D20 (resized).jpeg
#5192 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

You're an awesome dude! Appreciate all the pics and help.
Any chance you could post a pic of your two.lower flippers, so I can see how they are lined up.

Yep, here’s a pic of my flippers. They’re a little low since they aren’t lined up center to the guide holes, but the shots have been dialed in pretty well for me so I’ve left them there.

FD8AB293-564D-4C83-A9BE-76A6C38001C4 (resized).jpeg
#5208 1 year ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

I don’t see an issue showing off a new product even if it doesn’t interest everyone.

Difference is showing off the new product vs. posting an advertisement for your business. The product had clearly already been shown off in post #5172, which was a copy/paste from the Stern shop picture and description of the product letting people know what it was and that it's available. If you were truly only interested in showing off a new product then you would have done something similar.

But you posted it without the descriptive text and with the picture plastered with your business e-mail and phone number all over it, which is clearly intended as an advertisement of your business.

So your response saying you were just showing off a new product seems at best a misleading half-truth and at worst, well.... At least own up to what your real intent was, which was to advertise yourself as selling the product.

#5225 1 year ago
Quoted from yancy:

Charging for the mode separately will bring out even more pitchforks than including it with a topper. People are quick to say "I'm done buying Sterns!" but I really would be if they start selling modes a la carte. I don't care if they sell a bunch of cosmetic chotchkies, I'm in it for the gameplay.

I agree. They can sell whatever goods they want, but until now it seemed understood that all buyers of a machine got all code that was produced to work on their version of the machine. Selling additional code (whether or not it's packaged with a topper or something else) seems to represent a change in that fundamental understanding. I don't like it. I really have been just about to take the plunge on an Elvira and that will now wait until I see if this is their new model going forward. It'll be interesting to see if they have a "surprise additional $$$ feature" baked into TMNT, because I'm not supporting a company that operates like that.

#5259 1 year ago
Quoted from Andy_Chapman:

Hey EaglePin, I'm also getting rejects on launching from the Helicopter half pipe ramp (probably 1 out of 8 rejects). Rejects appear to be from a miss aligned shot causing a rattle and loss of power on entry. You mention "both sides of the fork"? above, could you elaborate on this for a noob!
I see at the end of my shooter lane that there is a thin piece of metal that runs on the inside right that bends away towards the end of the lane. Should this be flush with the side, or should there be another one on the left side to balance this out and make the ball travel straight?

1) See the pic I just took below. The forks of the auto launcher are the two metal pieces the ball is resting on with the manual plunger tip resting just behind and not touching the ball. I’d suggest taking slo motion video of the ball as it’s traveling from the auto launcher so you can get an idea of where it might be going wonky down the path. A lot of people have posted about having a similar problem and resolved it by shimming a washer under one of the metal prongs that make up the start of the metal piece the ball transitions onto on its way to the ramp. If you search for “washer fix” in this thread or the other JP thread I think you’ll probably find info on it. But I’d do video first to get an idea of what’s going on.

2) Here are side and top view pictures of what that area looks like on mine.

8D43B3C6-1C3F-4950-B02B-13B02A5CEBA2 (resized).jpeg22245CDC-33AA-400E-B578-45DC61C56F2D (resized).jpegC3C6ED48-F17B-4A23-9B15-73F46E0C89D2 (resized).jpeg
#5265 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

And if I'm in position 66 in the vertical test, and I press the interlock, this happens...

Yeah, I don’t think you want to do that When the vertical test starts the first thing that happens is the head moves side to side to check its home position. So I think when you pulled the interlock while the test was already teed up in the menu and the head was low it started its normal side to side check but was blocked because it was low. I’m not positive about it but that seems like what was happening there.

#5275 1 year ago
Quoted from zaki:

Anyone know how to align the third flipper? When I look at it it's not lined up with the post making the loop shop difficult. I looked under the play field and it looks like the piece of rubber the flipper hits is blocking it from going back all the way, but I wonder if it's safe to remove that?

The alignment hole is designed to be even with the front yellow surface of the flipper, so the flipper is not lined up directly with the post. It’s that way so balls coming around the orbit will hit the post so they don’t go SDTM. Here’s a link to a post by Keith Elwin confirming it.


See my picture with the alignment hole circled in blue. I’m not sure what rubber piece you’re referring to under the playfield. Is it the piece I circled in yellow in the other pic I’ve attached? If so, I don’t think you should remove it.

If you’re having trouble with the shots from the upper flipper, here are a couple other things to try if your flipper is already aligned with the alignment hole properly:
- let the ball roll down from the orbit and check to see does it roll smoothly down the face of the flipper or when it transitions from the metal ball guide to the flipper does it instead hop away a bit from the face of the flipper? If there’s hop then try removing the plastic covering the ball guide and nudge the end of the ball guide out a bit
- try adjusting pitch and/or flipper power. Small changes to those can make a big difference in dialing in the shots.

Hope this helps.

D5E8DCF1-8D58-496C-8E5E-4ACDB9623C89 (resized).jpeg94560C2F-4D71-4C85-B435-5F0FEDB3298F (resized).jpeg
#5287 1 year ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

It seems like it’s bouncing off the ball guide, maybe that’s just the way it’s designed.

No, it should be smooth coming off the right ramp onto the orbit ball guide. I recall other people posting about having this issue and if I remember correctly I think the fix was just to loosen the wire form and adjust its alignment a bit so the ball transitions smoothly.

#5315 1 year ago
Quoted from kingfishtr:

Really? I thought it was supposed to line up perfectly at the flipper tip with the tiny whole(circle) in the playfield... am I wrong?
[quoted image]

That alignment is correct for the lower flippers but the upper flipper alignment hole is designed differently as MrMikeman said. Here's a link to the post from Keith Elwin explaining it:


#5316 1 year ago
Quoted from KC_Green:

Joined the club! Happy(ish) to be here. Purchased our JP Premium in May. I am absolutely happy AND disappointed in our purchase. Both? Yes.
The Good: We LOVE the game. The shots, ramps, moving T-Rex head, story, sounds, just awesome. JP is a hit for kids and adults. So glad we found one during the pandemic. This pin, along with our DI LE were our first pins (got them on the same day). A great match for our house.
The Bad: The T-Rex head stopped moving after 2 weeks. Locked in a down position and would not move up/down making the game unplayable. Eventually, I was able to disable the T-Rex, loosen the head upwards and prop it in place making the game playable without T-Rex movement.
The Ugly: Stern response has been...disappointing. I could be spoiled by the nearly instantaneous responses I received from Jersey Jack (they diagnosed issues immediately; sent pics/instructions; very supportive). It took Stern 10 days just to tell me to re-install update and change SD Card. It didn't work. It has been down nearly 3 weeks and we still don't have the parts. And they're not sure if it is the board or motor causing issue. I had to get the distributor involved just to get a response on sending parts!
Is this normal? Maybe the pandemic is making it tougher for Stern? It takes 3-6 days to get a response from Stern, with little to no direction, and still don't really have a clear path to repair. I know I'm a small customer, but wow.
Bottom line, we love the game. I really hope changing the motor just fixes it, we move on, and maybe Stern is just short-staffed right now... [quoted image][quoted image]

Did you check under the skin of the T-Rex to see if any screws were loose or missing? I think in the past people have posted about T-Rex issues where missing or loose screws were the issue. Just an idea to maybe check if you haven't already. Hope it gets resolved for you soon.

#5323 1 year ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Played again tonight and T-Rex isn't catching again.
Looks like the jaw drops and hit the ramp initially, then after a few seconds, it closes and reopens slightly to the left.
Also, the jaw occasionally stays half open, so that the ball gets lodged under it.
Can anyone identify the problem from this video? Best to watch it in slow-mo.

The first time the mouth closes (at the 17 second mark), had you been cradling the flipper in the up position? If so, the game might have gone into the Game Status screen and the T-Rex mouth does close when that happens. I just double checked it on mine to make sure. If you activate a T-Rex mode and then cradle the ball the mouth closes when the status screen comes on and then it immediately reopens when you lower the flipper again.

To me, that first miss at the 24 second mark looks like a good shot that should be caught but maybe the ramp opto didn't trigger for the magnet to catch it. Have you done the software test of the left ramp optos? Here's a link to a post about the test and how it works.


Definitely worth checking it out. This test should give you an idea as to whether or not the ball is hopping over the entrance ramp opto, which would mean the magnet in the mouth isn't being turned on to catch the ball.

As for the two quick open and closes of the mouth I don't know what would cause that and I don't think I've seen it happen on mine. I've had one time where the ball got stuck under the chin like that but it's only happened once on mine and I think (like in your video) it was after a missed catch.

#5419 1 year ago
Quoted from pin2d:

Hi all, sorry if this has been covered previously...I'm curious about the feed from the Raptor pit area, the "C" shot, the Control Room shot. The end of the ball guide on mine bumps it so it goes closer to down the middle, just curious if it is supposed to play like this or go to the left flipper?
[quoted image]

Before looking to adjust the ball guide, I'd get the pitch and flipper power dialed in to get all the shots in the game smooth. Also of course make sure it's level right to left. Then if after all that is set and it's still going down the middle maybe look to adjust the ball guide.

Pitch, right to left level, and right flipper power all seem to combine to have an impact on how it comes out of that lane. Even at its best setup you'll still get some occasionally going down the middle due to the speed of a shot and the spin on the ball. Mine did the same as yours for awhile but now it comes out pretty nicely to the flipper most of the time with only occasional center drains. I'd start with adjusting pitch up/down a bit to see if it helps.

#5422 1 year ago
Quoted from yancy:

Mine goes to the left flipper consistently. I can either flip it on the fly, or what I usually do, dead bounce over to the right and trap up.
Is that a sharp bend near the bottom of your ball guide? If so, might explain the bad feed.

Yeah, after Yancy's post I looked closer at mine. My guide has the same vertical line at the end but the metal doesn't come out from under the plastic at all. Might just be the angle of the picture but that one seems like the tip of it could be coming out from under the plastic.

1 week later
#5579 1 year ago
Quoted from ectobar:

"Extra Ball(s)
Five Extra Balls can be collected in this game, through the following methods:
Collecting 6 Rescues lights it at the right ramp
Successfully capturing the T-Rex instantly awards an Extra Ball
Smart Missile might instantly award an Extra Ball
Completing Fossil Set 2 instantly awards an Extra Ball
The fifth Super Supply Drop is an Extra Ball
Collect lit EB at the R ramp (light on sign above R ramp). If EB’s set to points, they score 15M (which can be doubled)."

After reading your post I realized that I don't think replays have awarded extra balls on my machine. I just scrolled through the menu settings and saw it's set to "Auto (Factory Default)". I just changed it to "Dynamic" but won't have a chance to play it for awhile this evening. Will the Dynamic setting award a ball?

1 week later
#5647 1 year ago
Quoted from yancy:

Almost certainly. Still a couple bugs that I assume KME & team would like to fix.

INLANE POST NOT STAYING UP FOR SMART MISSILE WHEN T-REX MB STARTS!!!! I mean, um, not that it's been irritating me lately or anything... you know, fix it or not, whatever... I don't care... BUT FIX IT!!!

#5650 1 year ago
Quoted from gblack:

A couple bugs and hopefully they bring shared progress co-op! One can hope!

That would be great! Co-op should be on all games.

Do any pinball machines have something similar to an arcade game "continue" button where you can start your next game at the spot you progressed to in the game that just ended? Maybe with a 10-second window to push the button to continue? My STTNG has a "To Be Continued" button that I think is supposed to work like that but I haven't figured out how it's supposed to work. Seems like having a co-op and/or continue function on a game would be great to give a player like me a chance to make it through and see everything in the game.

#5703 1 year ago

How is the "Fixed" setting designed to work in awarding Replay? Mine had been set on that since I got it and I was never awarded replays. I finally set it to dynamic about a week ago and it started awarding replays.

1 week later
#5836 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

- Smart Missile - fixed an issue where the Left Inlane Up Post would not be held up for Smart Missile when the T-Rex was attempting to catch a ball


#5837 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

- Game Restart - added callouts when starting a new game through Start Button Hold

Uh-oh. I guess I'm going to be hearing a lot of those callouts

#5860 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

New game code:
- Combos - Added combo indicator (red flasher above 2x target) that pulses while combo is active

Quoted from EaglePin:

Watched online streams last night of Iron Maiden and I learned that machine has a light that flashes by the upper right flipper to indicate that combos are active. Anyone know if Keith put something like that on Jurassic Park also? I haven't noticed one but I might have missed it. Seems like it would be nice to have something like that on a flasher or some other insert if isn't already there.

I really like having the combo indicator light in the new code. Now I just need to memorize more of them and get better at shooting them Thank you sk8ball! Another fun code update with this, the reset callouts, and the DNA extra ball (and of course the T-Rex smart missile fix). Still loving this game!

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#6005 1 year ago
Quoted from JonCBrand:

I have IMDN figured I should have Mr Elwins other game
I buy from company down south. He is my fav source for NIB
Clear might be great since its had a year to cure, or could be bad guess I will find out.
I'll check the flipper post deal.

You might also want to check alignment of the optos for the left orbit and the T-Rex ramp entrance. There were some issues with the left orbit opto not registering balls at high speed. For the T-Rex entrance opto, balls hopping up slightly weren't triggering it sometimes.

And even if the post at the 3rd flipper isn't loose right now you might want to check to see that there's a nut under the playfield holding it tight. If I recall correctly early production machines didn't have a nut under it. If you don't have one then you might want to add one, because even with a nut it will likely work its way loose once in awhile and without one it will likely happen a lot more frequently. If that post is loose it could cause chipping on the playfield at the base of the post.

Also, might be worth adding some small fabric washers under the apron and at the end of the ball guide at the entrance to the left orbit. If the bottom edges of the apron or the ball guide are resting on the playfield they will likely dig into the playfield and scrape it. Here are a couple posts I made showing what I did:



1 week later
#6139 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Damn TREX roadblocked me yet again last night. This happens 100% of the time I make it to Museum Mayhem. So frustrating as it blocks me from progressing through the game and to possibly get to Escape Nebular. I know I can play that wizard mode with the flipper code but I want to play it the first time by earning it. Other TREX modes I can get past with the head not allowing me to catch the ball as the mode will time out but not this one.
Sometimes the head goes down on the left, sometimes the right and sometimes in the middle to where it is supposed to go. All the game adjustments make no difference.
[quoted image]

Wow, amazing score! Bummer to have such a great game blocked by the T-Rex. Hope they get it straightened out for you.

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#6207 1 year ago
Quoted from finnflash:

My spinner shot seems like it hits something everytime I shoot it. It makes it past the gate, bounces around and drops into the pops. Seems like it should go all the way around the loop to the upper flipper.
How is this shot intended to work?

Is it happening with shots to the spinner from both flippers or just one? On mine weak shots can fall into the pops but decent shots go into the orbit. I do recall that as I tinkered with dialing in pitch and flipper strength on the machine there were times I had trouble getting shots from the left flipper to go cleanly through into the orbit. Maybe first try getting slow motion recording of some spinner shots and also take the glass off and roll the ball through there by hand to see what's going on with yours? And then if nothing seems out of whack after doing that maybe try adjusting pitch and/or flipper power to see if it changes? Just a couple ideas.

#6265 1 year ago
Quoted from sk8ball:

Prototype had a spring gate. Ball kept getting stuck under it so removed for convenience, yes spot on.

I'm still loving this game!!! *cough maybeco-opandteamupplaycomingsometime? cough*

Whoa, that was the weirdest cough I've ever had

#6278 1 year ago
Quoted from sk8ball:

Yeah, weird... I have that same cough

Woooo Hooooooooo!!!!! You rock sk8ball!!!!

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#6445 1 year ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

Rescue as many workers as possible. Rescues get you smart missiles. Abort smart missiles until you're at the harder dinos, then use clear paddock. You should be able to set up the start of a paddock with a smart missile shot with minimal effort.
Don't collect pterandon until it's at a very high level (the multiplier holds over until you collect) but try to start it as often as possible.
Feed TRex can be worth very good points if you make sure you hit the jackpots in order (left to right) before collecting super you can even hit the left shot again to boost it higher.

Do smart missiles stack? In other words, if I abort using a smart missile early and then get enough rescues to earn another smart missile would I now have 2 smart missiles to use or just one? I was thinking they don't stack and you could only ever have one in your pocket even if you had been aborting and then earned another one, so I've been using one (and missing) early in the game and then saving the next one until a harder paddock.

I finally cleared the T-Rex paddock a couple nights ago with a smart missile shot. I'd been trying to do that for a long time and it was pretty fun when it happened!

#6446 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

I'll just add to the above a bit. Some games you want to stack a MB with a mode to really blow up the score (like GOT and the Lanister-Greyjoy stack) while others it's better to play modes outside of MB. In JP I feel it's better across the board to play modes by themselves and MB on their own when possible. The MB's in this game require precision shots to get to any worthwhile scoring ops plus when in MB it makes completing Paddocks harder (at least for me). That Heli Pad shot while in MB always kills me plus the faster dinos seem to always get to the workers before I can trap up and effectively shoot the more precise shots like the raptor tower, C, O and helipad shots. Scoring really comes with methodical shots and focusing on completing each thing you start. Each side mode (TREX, Control Room, pterandon, etc) can be very valuable if played well but can be real hard to do when to much is going on.
For instance, I pulled this one off last night using the focus on one thing at a time strategy Still no Escape Nebular though as my Dino keeps blocking shots. Turned it off and kids got POed at me so turned it back on until I get a replacement... I was super excited about that score, then a friend of mine sent me just his Pterandon score and I realized I still have a way to go to take him down if we ever get to play in leagues again... I'm sure some of you may recognize his initials. [quoted image][quoted image]

Those scores are just... wow!

#6462 1 year ago
Quoted from tdiddy:

I'm sure this has been covered, but as the ball travels out of the right loop to the upper right flipper, should that transition be smooth to the lower flippers or bounce off the post in front of the upper flipper

It should go down the face of the upper flipper and bounce off the post. On mine I know when it's time to adjust the end of the ball guide that feeds the upper flipper when the ball starts hopping away from the face of the flipper instead of rolling down it & bouncing off the post and the raptor tower shot will become more difficult to hit because of that hop. If you take the plastic off that's above the end of the ball guide you can unscrew the end post of the ball guide a bit, use pliers to push out the end of the ball guide, and retighten the screw. I end up doing that about once every 3-4 weeks because the ball guide doesn't seem to want to stay pushed out and gradually goes back to it's old spot.

#6472 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

So, how does the mode work? I must admit, I'm not much of a deep rules type of guy and play more for the sheer fun of it, and JP has sooo much going on at once. I have no idea how P.A. works.

Step 1, hit right ramp until it starts
Step 2, switch hits build the jackpot multiplier. Every 12 switch hits builds the mulitplier. Every rotation of the spinner counts as a switch hit, so you can build the multiplier quickly with a good rip through the spinner
Step 3, jackpot doesn't collect until you hit the right ramp while PA is running. The multiplier you built when PA ends carries over to the next PA, so you can keep building it each time you run it as long as you don't hit the right ramp to collect.
Step 4, when you've built the multiplier up and are ready to collect during PA, hit the right ramp. Then it all starts over.

#6478 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

So, the multiplier will carry over from ball to ball, but the jackpot value won't? If so, is the strategy to start PA as often as possible, rip the spinner. Repeat? Then, finally on 3rd ball, start PA, and hit right ramp again to collect? Will PA mode time out if the ball stays in play?

It's not ball to ball carryover, it's PA mode to PA mode carryover. PA mode does have a timer which is on screen while it's running. But you can start PA mode again on the same ball with 4 more ramp shots, so you can play PA multiple times on one ball.

The multiplier from the last PA mode will carry over to the next time you start it, but the jackpot will reset. So if you've played PA and built the multiplier to where you want to collect the jackpot the next time you play it, then the next time you start PA you'll still want to hit switches to build the jackpot before collecting at the right ramp, and the multiplier that's been built up will apply to whatever the jackpot is at that time.

#6486 1 year ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Proud Daddy here, my 12 year old son just broke a billion on JP and got to the visitor center...he's going to pass his old man as pinball champ of the house very soon. lol

That’s awesome! Once in awhile I try to nudge my 12 and 11 year olds to play a bit more, but they always gravitate back to the online video games. Maybe someday they’ll catch the pinball bug.

#6498 1 year ago
Quoted from Manny65:

I thought it carried over between balls as well. I'm not able to test it atm, though the rules say "When the mode times out (or if you drain), the multiplier carries over to the next Pteranodon Attack", so if it carries over if you drain doesn't that imply when you start PA on the next ball?? Now you have me scratching my head, trying to remember ....

Yep, the multiplier from the last PA carries over even if you drain. What I meant by ball to ball vs. PA to PA was that if you run a couple PAs on a ball and build it, and then drain, the 1st PA on the next ball doesn't start the multiplier at zero. It carries over from the last PA regardless of whether or not you drain in between. I didn't word it very well though. I'm loving all this strategy & scoring discussion and learning a lot from all this!

#6538 1 year ago
Quoted from Powerhouse47:

Just got my Pro! Any thoughts on where I should level the bubble? I have 2 boys 8-12 years old. Want to keep it not too fast.

My thoughts: tinker with it to adjust the pitch and flipper power settings until you find a setup that you like for making the various shots. It doesn't matter what those pitch and flipper power settings are because every machine is sitting on a different floor surface and people's preferences will vary. It only matters that the shots are makable on your machine with a setup that you're happy with.

#6582 1 year ago
Quoted from Markharris2000:

Yup. I took a look and can easily tweak the blade to put some space between the time the first set and the second set make contact.
Related topic: mechanical contacts seem like a big step backward versus the opto-set used on other machines. Still a bit surprising, but then again the much lower cost must be driving that choice. An opto set like Williams A-20207 (including LED, Detector, molded plastics, a few resistors, the PCB, connectors, leaf spring and screws) probably costs $2.50 all in for a volume production line. The machanical blade approach and two screws are probably 30-cents or so. To get an idea of their costing structure, I multiple their COST by 10X to get an idea of what the retail price would have to be increased to pay for the parts.

There are flipper optos on my STTNG and blades on my other two games. I'm not sure, but I've heard people mention the mechanical blades are a bit more consistent and reliable. I know on my optos they occasionally start to lose power flipping if they need to be cleaned, so I'd think that could impact a game on route. Also I think the blades can be adjusted to preference a bit more.

#6583 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

All this flipper talk reminded me, my wife is convinced that pushing the flippers harder equals stronger flips. Hence, the reason I play better than her. I can "flip stronger" than her. Bless her heart. I can't convince her otherwise.

Ha! And all this flipper talk is just reminding me it's been too long since I've made pancakes for breakfast

#6604 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballmlb:

Thank you. I'll check when I get home tonight and report back.

Here's a link to an entry in the other forum on how to adjust the control room post, along with a picture of where it's done under the playfield.


1 week later
#6699 1 year ago
Quoted from tyson171:

Mind sharing your flipper power settings and pitch? I know every game is different, just curious if your settings might be a better starting point? Also where on the play field do you measure pitch? Right above the slings? I tried multiple pitch measurements, and my pitch seems to raise as I go up the play field. 7.2 below the jeep, 6.8 near the lower flippers. Just curious where most pitch settings are taken.
Also for leveling, do you use an app, or level on the play field? I also noticed my auto plunge success rate changes drastically depending on how i have things leveled. My machine is on carpet, only my second machine, and this things seems super sensitive to pitch/level. I kind of just want to start over, and figure out the best way to get this game level/pitched.
Also not a very good player, lol so its hard to tune/adjust a game when 90% of it is my skill level.

I use the PinGuy app on iPhone. I've landed at 6.8 on my JP2. On mine it's measuring the same 6.8 with the bottom of the phone resting between the flippers and also up by the truck. On my POTC it measures 6.5 by the flippers and 7.3 up by the chest lock. I'm guessing that's just a variance that can happen with a wood playfield sometimes.

I've been all over the place on flipper power from day 1. Early on I had to set a lot lower flipper power to be able to hit the shots, but then I realized the ball was hopping away from the face of the flipper as it transferred from the guide to both the upper flipper and left flipper. Adjusting those guides so the ball rolls smoothly down the face of the flippers made a huge difference and I needed to increase power again to make the shots.

So now I'm at 253 (left), 235 (right) and 233 (upper). I've had my pitch and power settings there for several months now and it's been pretty consistent for me. Now when the raptor tower & left orbit start to get clunky I know I need to re-adjust that guide above the upper flipper again, and then those shots return to being smoother. It took me about 6 or 7 months of tinkering with the pitch and power every couple weeks before I landed where I am now. Most shots would be consistent but one might be tough to get. Then I'd change it to dial in that shot and a different shot would get more difficult. It's definitely a process to find what settings work best for your machine, but you'll get it. And if it's like mine you'll know immediately when you finally find it. Suddenly it just seemed right for all the shots. It's a journey, but the destination is worth it!

#6746 1 year ago
Quoted from Killermarmot:

Haven't seen it addressed but I think one of the targets (the one on the right furthest in) inside my raptor pen might be slightly misaligned and blocking some shots into the pen, can anyone confirm if this is in the right place overlapping the rail inside the pen?
[quoted image]

Yep yours definitely looks off. Target should be behind the black outline. Here’s mine.

8D9CDB9B-C6C2-46C5-BF82-699AB823ADE3 (resized).jpeg
#6750 1 year ago

Oooh this game just keeps me coming back for more. Was one shot away from my best game ever. Had over 1bil points, 25 rescues, 20 rescue streak, visited 6 paddocks, and had two fossils. Hit the third shot to get Visitors Center lit and then drained. Gotta go for it again tomorrow!

#6805 1 year ago

Playing yesterday had a funny (but fun!) smart missile sequence. It was my first smart missile of the game. I selected +5 Rescues. I hit the smart missile target. The ball came out to the upper flipper and I hit the tower ramp, and another smart missile activated. This time I chose extra ball and I hit it again. So I got two smart missile shots back to back, but I didn’t think they were supposed to stack. Not sure what caused me to get the 2nd one.

#6814 1 year ago
Quoted from shaub:

Dont rescues light smart missile? so your +5 smart missile probably pushed you into the next smart missile award.

Yep that makes sense, thanks! So choosing +5 rescues seems like a decent option for the first smart missile, because if you hit it you get a 2-fer.

#6815 1 year ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

You can also get the same effect with the 'Clear paddock' award.
Rescues awarded pushes you over the next threshold.

Nice! So maybe +5 for the first one and then Clear Paddock for the next one. Gets you a 3-fer!!! Awesome!

#6816 1 year ago
Quoted from Manny65:

Just had a fun game, I had Chaos MB and Invalid Frenzy (smart missile) at the same time, don't know how many add-a-ball's I got but it was a lot - MB seemed to go forever. I find JP brutal if you brick a shot but when you're in the curve, man this game is sweet!!!

Wow, score must have blown up on that one!

#6832 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

I was generally using my smart missile for complete chaos. Sounds like I need to change up that strategy.

Complete Chaos probably isn't a bad choice either though. It gives you a full spelling of Chaos so if you're already at the O shot it takes you all the way around so you'll only have to hit O and S to have spelled it twice, and spelling it twice unlocks a Control Room mode. Lots of good choices available in this game to go after it different ways.

#6834 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

so, it spots you one full spelling of chaos, regardless of how many letters you've already hit? Mine doesn't seem to do that. Maybe I'm mistaken. I thought it just lit the remaining letters. I'm still on 1.0 code though.

This is what it says on the Tiltforums rules sheet: "Complete CHAOS - Awards five CHAOS letters, wrapping back to where your current lit letter was if spelling CHAOS doesn’t light the MB. This does not necessarily immediately start Chaos MB if it lights it; the ball still has to hit the target again".

If I'm remembering correctly, I think the initial code didn't do that. I think if you were on the O and you hit Complete Chaos with a smart missile it just took you through the S to qualify multiball, but then a code update at some point made it so you wrap around to get 5 letters from it. I just read though the readme files for the Code updates and couldn't find which update it was in though.

#6927 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Well, how about that! Now I wish I had some mylar on hand. Can it be bought locally from any of the box stores? I'd like to try it on mine even though I think mine clears the screw.

Pinball life sells sheets of it that you can cut to whatever size you want:


#6932 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Personally, I just use clear adhesive vinyl: amazon.com link »
If you want to use the same, but don't want to buy a $20 roll, PM me and I'll send you a piece as large as a #10 envelope for $2 (or I'll even cut exact shapes required since I have a vinyl cutter).
I've used the PBL "Mylar" before, and it seems like similar material but it doesn't lay down as smoothly as what is in my link above (e.g. splotchy/foggy appearance comparatively).

Bummer about your experience with it. It’s worked great for me. Clear as day and went on smooth in my JP2 shooter lane.

239F443A-688D-4FBD-ADA3-1A7F5B0F6E12 (resized).jpeg
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#7063 1 year ago
Quoted from dimthedaylights:

Is the wire supposed to pas through this connector? If anyone has a pic that would be great!
[quoted image]

Mine looks like yours.

C870F457-829C-4281-8E3F-6613ED96C431 (resized).jpeg
#7126 1 year ago
Quoted from cait001:

anyone had issues where the right orbit shot (the "O" shot) has the ball rattle around in the top/right area, and then come into the pops? Seems to do that for me more than looping around smoothly.
I imagine the answer is already in the thread somewhere.

Have you tried taking the glass off and rolling it through there by hand to check out what might be causing the rattle? Might be the easiest way to figure out what spot is causing it if you haven't already tried it.

#7147 1 year ago
Quoted from Parkshow30:

Is there a way to cancel a control room mode at the selection? Tonight I was one shot away from Museum Mayhem on ball 3 and I accidentally hit the lit control room. Control room modes lock you out of progress towards T Rex modes so I would have wanted to cancel it. Luckily I was able to get through it and got to play Museum Mayhem but drained before I could kill the second raptor and get to the victory multiball from completing it. Thinking if I was in a tournament and I almost had museum mayhem lit I wouldn’t want to chance it.

I don't think you can cancel it. I'm pretty sure once it's started you have to select one and play it.

#7148 1 year ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

Can someone tell me what I'm missing here? I got my game with alternate game software installed. I want to revert it to stock. When I download the Stern zip file and unzip it, I get two files.