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JP - Improved T-REX - Work in Progress on 3D Printed Version

By winteriscoming

10 years ago

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#1 10 years ago


Current Status: 9/19/2018: Work has begun on creating a 3D printed t-rex so that I can scale up production and offer them to those who haven't been able to get one yet. I don't have an ETA.

Price is $400 shipped (in the US only). I am currently only shipping within the US. Payment by mailed check or money order is preferred.

There is no longer an interest list. I will post when a batch is up for sale and you can PM to claim one at that time.
Your current t-rex needs to have a good Jaw Frame with the two metal tabs in the front. This is the metal that makes up the jaw and the existing plastic is riveted to it.
New Jaw Frames can be purchased at Marco Specialties:
*Note that the new t-rex requires you to drill out the rivet from the existing jaw. You may want to purchase a new jaw if the idea of drilling isn't appealing to you.

You also need to have a good condition Jaw Link. It needs to be free from repairs that make it thicker and it needs to have the tab at the top that hooks into the jaw.
New Jaw Links can be purchased from Marco or Pinball Life (probably some other retailers, too):
*Note that the jaw link requires a few extra parts including a roll pin and spring if you were trying to make a completely new one.

Installation video:

Additional information not covered in the video at this time:
1. If you order the new Jaw from Marco Specialties, towards the front, behind the two tabs, you may need to bend the front edges of the sides out to keep the ball from getting stuck in the jaw when the t-rex picks it up.
2. Make sure the back of the t-rex is not making contact with the dino collar (the U-shaped peice behind the t-rex). That piece is held on by 3 screws that are accessible when the t-rex is bent down. You may need to adjust the position or bend the tabs a little to get the collar moved back. Some have even notched the holes to get it to move back. I'm sorry if you run into this issue. It was something I had accommodated for in the final sculpture to work on my machine, but likely due to some variation in the playfields, still seems to be an issue for some people.

Post showing an impact test with a hammer:

Post showing text of warranty information:

10/25 Update: 4 finished t-rexes are available. PM your email address to me if interested. Please also read over this post.

10/12 Update: The interest list is being eliminated in favor of selling on a first-come first-served basis as batches become available. While I am phasing out the interest list, I have been in touch with those who are still on the list and had claim to a t-rex in Run 1.

6/5 Update: I have reached out to the first 15 people on the wait list to confirm they are still interested and gave an ETA on when I think theirs will be ready for shipping.

5/29 Update: The new molds were successfully made and the first production run has begun.

5/23 Update: The pilot period is over. Changes were incorporated into the sculpture and new molds are being made.

2/18 Update: New video of the latest version with several successful pickups in a row. It's still a prototype at this point. It will be on display at the Louisville Arcade Expo in March for further testing before finalizing.

1/16 Update: A couple of prototype versions have been sent to members of the pilot group for testing before the final version will be produced.

Here's a vid of a finished t-rex (prototype) (12/13):

Before and AfterBefore and After

Here's a pic of the latest progress as of 12/2/2014:

Everything below the line is from the original post:

In an effort to improve the look of the T-REX in my JP, I've come up with the idea of making an improved skin out of silicone that will stretch over the original.

The first task was to make a cast of the original. Then I need to build what the new skin will look like, make a mold of it, and cast it in silicone and see if it works.

The idea is that the replacement skin will just fit1 over the existing T-REX, requiring no changes to it.

Attached is a pic of an initial mock-up to see if a better T-REX can even be sculpted on top of the old. I think it can, but the original doesn't provide an easy platform for doing this with its squat and wide nose. I'm extending the nose out a bit, and hope this won't cause issues with picking up the ball. It will be a soft material, so if it gets pushed into the playfield when picking up, it will hopefully at least compress enough to allow the ball to be picked up normally.

I'll post progress updates.


#2 10 years ago

Nice!!! T-Rex could certainly use an upgrade. I'll be following this thread.

#3 10 years ago

Agreed!!! I've been re-discovering my JP more and more lately

#4 10 years ago

Looks great, very nice idea! If you need a lil more influence:

Quoted from ChadH:

Nice!!! T-Rex could certainly use an upgrade. I'll be following this thread.
Exciting times in store for JP owners with this also in the works:

Yes, ...very exciting days. =]

#5 10 years ago

I am continually blown away at the creativity and talent pinsiders have.

#6 10 years ago

Mmm...appears my JP might be receiving yet another mod in the future...

#7 10 years ago

A minor update. Still working on getting the overall shape of the head. I want it to read T-REX more than the original, but also look as much like the movie version as possible. The profile can be made to look ok, but the front view is going to be a challenge, because the bottom jaw needs to be much narrower even than the original T-REX that's underneath, so that's not going to happen... I'm hoping it will still look good from the front.

So far I'm mostly just working on the side that is shown in the photo, so I'll post different angles when I get further along.


#8 10 years ago

Do you think it's possible to add teeth?

#9 10 years ago
Quoted from NFK:

Do you think it's possible to add teeth?

Yeah, I'll be adding teeth for sure! I don't think they'll be an issue. It will all be made out of silicone, so the ball should just be able to push through the teeth when eaten.

#10 10 years ago

Nice work, new mod coming

#11 10 years ago

Nice work....I see one in my future!!!

#12 10 years ago

Wow! I do not own a JP any more but this would be a must have mod if I did. Like your avatar by the way. Almost finished the first book.

#13 10 years ago

This looks interesting. The idea of a mechanical dinosaur was genius by Data East, but executed poorly in design appearance. I always thought it look like a goofy Brontosaurus , and not a vicious T-REX

#15 10 years ago

Thanks to all for the compliments so far.

A few more pics of progress. I've roughed out the other side of the head and I'm working to balance out both sides. Any details seen at this stage are just for reference as I'll end up changing the overall shape until it's just right, then details will be added in.

I'm encouraged that the front view looks enough like a T-REX to keep going with this project.

IMG_20131013_192508.jpgIMG_20131013_192508.jpg IMG_20131013_192528.jpgIMG_20131013_192528.jpg IMG_20131013_192546.jpgIMG_20131013_192546.jpg
#16 10 years ago

Loving it!

#17 10 years ago

Looks already awesome. Thx for sharing!

#18 10 years ago

Much nicer than the rubbers I put on my head!

#19 10 years ago

Very cool project!

3D dino.gif3D dino.gif
#20 10 years ago

Excellent work. Your new T-Rex looks way more sinister and dangerous. Love it.

#21 10 years ago


Now we just need a new dinosaur for the lwjp egg

#22 10 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Now we just need a new dinosaur for the lwjp egg

If I ever get one, I'll get right to work on that!

#23 10 years ago

That looks great! Excellent job so far!

3 weeks later
#24 10 years ago

Any update here?

#25 10 years ago

Next T-Rex improvement is to get the damn mechanism to work reliably.... Great work there, I love working in 3d with moulds and clay, that was my favorite medium in art school.

#26 10 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Any update here?

I'm hoping I get to work on it more tonight.

#27 10 years ago

I'm experimenting with scales. Not sure yet if this is the way I'll end up doing them.

#28 10 years ago

That's looking pretty good. Maybe make the scales a little bigger so they'd be easier to see...

#29 10 years ago

But... but... where are the feathers?

#30 10 years ago

Looks awesome

#31 10 years ago

Simply wicked work! Keep it up!!

#32 10 years ago

Looks good let me know when you got one for sale I'd be interested

#33 10 years ago

I'm working out a method for scales that I like a lot better. You'll see them particularly in the center of the picture.

#34 10 years ago

Looking goood!

#35 10 years ago

Looking good dibs on first one you sell please

#36 10 years ago

Very nice! Hope you proceed to produce these, I'd like to upgrade mine to something a little more scary!!

#37 10 years ago
Quoted from Schabs81:

Looking good dibs on first one you sell please

Quoted from vegemite_nick:

Very nice! Hope you proceed to produce these, I'd like to upgrade mine to something a little more scary!!

Let me get further into it before I make any promises. I like the idea of making extras to sell, but I have no idea at this point if it's even going to work out or if the process to make extras takes way more time than I'd be able to recoup in sales.

#38 10 years ago

Np understandable I'll just keep watching your work here and if ya do just send me an pm

#39 10 years ago

Very Cool I'm excited to see how this turns out

#40 10 years ago

nice, can't wait to see what the final result will be.

#41 10 years ago

if it ends up working properly you could always sell the molds......someone will reproduce these I'm sure.

#42 10 years ago

Looks fantastic! I would also like to purchase the mod if you elect to sell it (thus put me down for one).

Excellent job!

#43 10 years ago

Finished up some more scales. It's going to take a bit to fill it out, and I'm thinking I might try a less detailed mock-up, make a mold of it and see if the overall idea works before finishing this one. If it doesn't work, I'll have to change my approach, which will likely require a different sculpture.

#44 10 years ago

VERY nice!

#45 10 years ago

Man, this just makes me want a JP that much more.

#46 10 years ago

The silicone won't work in the game tho. Looks great, but there is no way he'll be able to pick up the ball anymore. the nose extends too far out. Visually it looks great but just won't work.

#47 10 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

The silicone won't work in the game tho. Looks great, but there is no way he'll be able to pick up the ball anymore. the nose extends too far out. Visually it looks great but just won't work.

I did mention this in my original post and hope to accommodate for it. I'm aware it is extending out more, but if solid silicone won't work, it doesn't have to be solid out in front of the nose. It can be hollow and would compress when the T-REX eats the ball. We'll see.

#48 10 years ago

But Grandpa said all the dinosaurs were girls...

#49 10 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

But Grandpa said all the dinosaurs were girls...

Life found a way!

#50 10 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

I'm thinking I might try a less detailed mock-up, make a mold of it and see if the overall idea works before finishing this one.

That sounds like a very wise move, no point in trying to nail the details when you might have to rethink some basic approaches after real world testing.

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