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#921 4 years ago

Hey guys.

Just acquired my first pinball machine. A JP. After starting to follow Dead Flip (Jack Danger) on Twitch.tv, it rekindled my childhood interest in pinball. Had fond memories of JP.

Got a decent deal on it, but it does have a number of issues.

1) Right outlane drain post has been removed (resulting in ugly hole / minor damage). This needs to be reinstituted as the game is unfair without it, plus it looks better cosmetically. I'm considering adding the optional left post too (though I'd see how the game was impacted after adding the right hand one). I'm in the UK, so can someone advise me which of the posts from this retailer that I need?

http://www.pinballmania.co.uk/posts.htm I'm pretty sure one of them is the right one.

2) After shooting Bunker or Control Room, I am assuming that Bunker SHOULD always spit the ball back down to the middle / back of the left flipper as it does the plurality of the time. However, sometimes it will shoot it right at the end of the flipper or worse straight down the centre drain (I basically have to pre-cup the left flipper to make sure it doesn't drain). Is this a general thing with JP, or is it fixable?

3) The yellow circular bumpers (dunno name for them) on the left mid side of the machine often spit the ball directly down the centre drain. This happens SO OFTEN. It's ridiculous and feels like it really shouldn't happen. Is this just really bad design, or is something amiss? The removal of the right hand drain outpost, the Bunker's ball spitting behaviour and this make the game drastically unfair and often pretty infuriating. I've played rigged games (not just pinball) before, and it feels like someone has deliberately adjusted / modified the game to make it extremely unfair (to try to get people to spend more money). Pretty sure its previous home was a bar in Italy.

4) Multi-ball. It often forgets to spit out the final ball. Occasionally happens if I have 2-ball too, and get a second 2-ball. Sometimes the last ball drains and the machine thinks there is a ball in play, but it hasn't been spat. Thumping / rocking the machine or waiting occasionally gets it to spit it, sometimes I have to switch off.

5) The T-Rex is fine mechanically and in really good condition. However it lowers its head to eat phantom balls when the multi-ball fails (i.e. often). Obviously this is really bad as a ball strike could ruin it cosmetically and possibly mechanically as well.

I'm inclined to think that 4 & 5 could be influenced by game code as well as possible mechanical / electronic issues ... having read @ChadH 's code update thread and what he and others said about it, there does seem to be a lot of questionable behaviour of the machine.

Thanks for reading and any help guys!

P.S. 6) Are the white rubbers that a lot of people seem to prefer or think perform better preferential on JP?

#924 4 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

1. I believe it's this post: 02-3905 Mini Post. That's assuming it screws into the playfield itself, not a hole that goes all the way through into a T-nut or something. Instead of installing a post on the left, I suggest putting a small rubber on the top of the lane guide itself. There was talk about this somewhere in this thread.
2. It should shoot it to the flipper (trying to cradle it out of the bunker is a good way to play that). Make sure all the mechanisms in there are screwed down nice and tight. Any movement down there is what will cause the large range of area it shoots out to.
3. It's the nature of pop bumpers to throw the ball where you don't want it to. That's really what they were designed for. Unfortunately, that's down the middle a lot. Only way to fix this is to get better at nudging and trying to save the ball. Chad's code would increase the ball save, which would help, but that's about it.
4. Most likely a bad trough switch #7. This is the switch all the way to the right, mounted on the side of the trough. See here: » YouTube video
5. That could be a bad switch in the T-Rex saucer activating when it shouldn't be. Maybe it just needs to be adjusted, maybe it's bad.
6. White vs Black rubbers is pretty much preference. The white rubbers are a little more bouncy. I usually just use what I think looks better on the machine.

Thanks for the help.

Re: 1). I think it's screw in, so it will be that one. On closer inspection, there's a further problem. The previous post wasn't unscrewed. They snapped it off, so the screw (minus top part) is now embedded in the playfield. How on earth do I remove it?

2) Ok, will do.

3) 'Nudging' in this case would be really smacking the machine a lot of the time. Not sure I want to be doing that too much on a 22 year old machine ... plus it's in a carpeted area (so the legs won't move on the floor), so the machine would take a bigger hit than intended.

Re: ChadH's update, does anyone know the status of it? Maybe Monday's stream on DeadFlip would be a good time to ask as I'm sure Gary Stern will be around to answer GoT and general questions, and supposedly Stern want to make it 'official'.

5) I'm pretty sure it's not the switch. It seems to have something to do with it getting confused about how many balls are on the playfield (or not).

#926 4 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

1. Ouch. Search up removing broken post on here. I know it's been discussed (by vid1900 - maybe in his ultimate playfield restoration thread).
3. Don't be afraid to smack it. You aren't going to hurt it. If you smack too hard, you'll tilt, so smack a little less hard than that.
Don't count on Gary to answer anything about the code update. Chad has been completely silent about it for a reason. What that reason is, is only speculation.
5. The game is confused about the number of balls on the playfield because it thinks there are more or less in the trough than there really are. It's very common for all those trough switches to go bad. I deal with this same issue myself. Had both that #7 switch go bad as well as a couple of the other regular trough switches.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Re: the code update ... if there was a major impasse he could release it independently. It'd be very sad if he signed the code over and they sat on it, though

#929 4 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

Unfortunately, he couldn't release it independently. The code is copyrighted. It's probably just in lawyer limbo. Maybe because Stern likely has a Jurassic World game coming.

He can release whatever code he sees fit (or should be able to), unless he's signed it over. It's entirely at the discretion of others as to whether to do something with it or not, as long as he's not selling ROMs or machines with it.

The latter had occurred to me, but you'd think they'd benefit from an increase in interest around the old game.

I didn't find the info about removing the broken screw from the playfield. I think I'll have to get an engineer out anyway ... that's not really the sort of thing I want to do myself. Would much rather have someone who's done it many times already.

#933 4 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

It is a delicate process.
Stern owns the code. Chad can't modify it without their permission. See here for related information.


I'm not an expert on US software patent law, but I'm pretty sure Stern has absolutely no right or prerogative to interfere at all. This is code for a game that was released 22 years ago. At the time of its release the provision for software patents was 17 years. This was later amended to 20 years.

Whilst it's in the interests of all to keep relations cordial, were it to go sour, unless he's signed a legally binding contract, I don't think they could offer any kind of serious objection.

#935 4 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

RE: Software.
Not an expert on the legality of this, but my understanding would be that there would be legal issues if the intent was to distribute. Modifying it for your own personal use may be frowned upon, but is doable. But to distribute to the masses is where legal stuff comes in. Especially if there's any money to be traded, even if it is to cover only the cost of the chips.
And you're talking about patent. Patent and copyright are different things. Copyrights cover creative licenses. So would include any artwork, animation, sounds used in the game. An expired patent just means that you could use that technology to create your own original work.
I may be wrong, but that's how I see it.
*EDIT* Now if Chad was to create something similar to BoP 2.0, then he'd be able to do it. As long as he used all new artwork and sounds. But from what I've seen, he's just tweaking the rules, everything else is staying the same.

It's non-commercial and copyright isn't applicable since it's the game code he's modifying, to change the behaviour of the machine ... no new or modified imagery, sound or naming. Exactly, he's tweaking the rules.

#941 4 years ago
Quoted from dkpinball:

What's the consensus on if he were to not distribute any of the original code at all, but rather a file containing his own code that could be overlayed onto the freely available original code? You would be, in essence, modifying your own machine (which you are able to do to your heart's content) with instructions on how to do it. Since it would be rule changes, bug fixes, and pointers to sound calls and video that are already on the machine no IP or licensed or copyrighted material would be included with the patch, just a modification to the original code.
You can download the current code today and burn it to a rom without any legal problems. What would be the problem with downloading the code and changing X = 3 to X = 10 in the text file before you burn it to your EPROM before installing it in your machine?

This is how you would go about releasing it. So unless he's signed his code over to Stern and they now want to bury it for some reason, he can do this.

#949 4 years ago

@woody24 .. that proves absolutely nothing, and we'd surely have heard about such dastardly deeds. Stern (and all other pinball makers) seem totally fine with people making mods for their existing games ... why would they throw a tantrum over past games (that they may or may not hold the rights to). It would be totally against their interests and a potential PR disaster.

#951 4 years ago
Quoted from ChadH:

If you own a Jurassic Park and an EPROM programmer and you would like to patch your own personal game then go here:
Instructions are provided for you to do this. Do not contact me to purchase ROMs as I cannot sell them.
There is a full list of changes available on the website as well.

That was rather sudden but appreciated nevertheless. Just need to find someone with an EPROM programmer now. Would be interesting to hear from people who test the code.

Is the main thread for the code gone? Can't find it.

#953 4 years ago

K. It's slightly unclear from the patch notes, but I assume "None" on electric fence mode and "Feed T-Rex" mean that there's no longer a fixed time limit, not that the modes are gone.

Anyway, even if it's unlikely that I'll be playing the code soon, it's really helpful to read how the modes actually work now ...

#980 4 years ago

@ChadH have you thought about or are you able to add a ball save for the egg / mosquito? Much like the Raptor Pit, it will sometimes shoot the ball straight back between the flippers if it's hit with reasonable velocity.

@ anyone in UK ... anyone got a ROM burner?

#1012 4 years ago

Has anyone thought about getting a PinSound for their JP?

Both the mono output and ultra low quality samples really do the machine and Jurassic Park IP a disservice. It'd immediately improve sound, plus if enough people had one and were willing to contribute, there's obviously a huge number of high sample rate music, voice and sound effect clips that could be added easily from the movie(s) that could replace some of the stock sounds.

I'm really considering one, once I have the posts installed on playfield, trough switch fixed, LEDs installed and new ROM.

I feel like PinSound with new samples and ColorDMD support would improve Jurassic Park so, so much.

P.S. On the topic of low quality samples .. what the hell is the voice saying when you shoot the raptor with the gun trigger when launching the ball? Operation something? It's unintelligible to me.

#1014 4 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

"Thumpers ready." Meaning that you've hit the raptor and that the thumpers ('DE speak' for pop bumpers) are ready for higher scores.
We played a DESW at the Atlanta Expo this year that had the PinSound in it, and it sounded great. We've had to spend too much on boards to get our JP running this year, but the next big upgrade will be the PinSound in it. Currently husband has replaced the backbox speakers with high-end car stereo speakers and direct hooked up a powered sub, so it sounds really good until we can improve more.

LOL. I'd never have been able to discern that in a thousand years.

Be good if we could rustle up a few more potential adopters, then we could share the work of finding new samples. I assume you're using speakers at the same rated wattage and impedance? Also assume until you get a PinSound board you're still running monoaural?

#1023 4 years ago
Quoted from Slim64:

And how in the world do you make the trex shot with that post. Seems like it'd be near impossible.

I imagine it was a commercial machine and the operator added it to rig the game and keep play time short. That or someone assumed that there should be another post to 'match' the one on the left.

#1026 4 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

You can make a pretty pimped out JP at this point. Too bad it'll cost you almost $1,000 to do it.

Add another $400 to that once ColorDMD hopefully supports it

You'd expect with new code and all the mods available, value of the table won't be heading South any time soon.

#1053 4 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

guys - any cheaper alternative to the egg replacement than this?

Anyone know of a European distributor for these?

#1123 4 years ago

Installed the new ROMs. Even if my JP isn't really playable ATM due to needing new switches and boards, the new code is an immediate and obvious improvement. Immediate drains are no longer an issue, no Stampede every time to begin, no interminably long T-Rex diagnostic when you need to power cycle the machine ... really looking forward to everything being fixed so I can play for real. Thanks so much @ChadH - also donated.

Also got my Loop Combo Scoop Light Mods, cards and trees:


#1169 4 years ago

Switches for Bunker, Control Room & Power Shed are not detecting the ball when it goes into their respective pits at all at the moment. It started with Control Room failing a couple of times, but then spread to all 3. Would seem like a bit of a coincidence if all 3 failed at the same time ... before I replace the switches (which need replacing anyway), any idea what might be the underlying issue? (P.S. Nothing to do with new code - it happened before that).

#1171 4 years ago

Thanks. Getting new XPin Power Supply and Power Driver boards tomorrow or on Saturday so will be doing so anyway. I replaced a malfunctioning Rottendog DMD Controller in my Popeye with an XPin board a couple of days ago. So impressed with their boards ... will now be replacing all original / other replacement boards that I can on any machine I get with XPin ... PCB, layout and components are absolutely top notch. Wish I could replace all the boards .. I'd wager reliability would be a lot better.

4 months later
#1965 4 years ago
Quoted from Endprodukt:

I think I will almost DOUBLE the amount of sounds available in the game. Mainly because I add a huge variety of Dino-Sounds straight from the movies. Had to check out how they did those - sound design IS awesome

Have you parsed Lost World and JP3 for useful speech clips as well as dinosaur noises or sound effects? Malcolm and Hammond are in Lost World. Grant & Satler are in JP3.

#1966 4 years ago

Also, "Beyond Jurassic Park" - the 4th disc in the trilogy boxset - may be useful if you haven't viewed it.

#1970 4 years ago

My impression is that the T-Rex should roar first, then the klaxons should sound and voice over after a second or two. They should be a response to the T-Rex.

#1987 4 years ago
Quoted from Endprodukt:

I have good and bad news. Bad news: I will not make the plastics. Good news: Someone else will release JP plastics officially. Yay. Can't go into any detail but it will not take too long.

PBD or B&T A if it's in Germany?

#1996 4 years ago

If a plastic set is in the offing, hopefully that means repro playfields are now possible licensing wise. JP has to be the most beaten up modern machine out there on average (given that Funhouse PFs and bits are made) ... years and years of being trashed on route, and never any repro parts or pfs produced. Maybe Mirco could do a JP pf ...

#1998 4 years ago

I kind of doubt m/any of the actors in question would be divas about it. 2 are dead though, so perhaps estates would be difficult. Likenesses are not that close however .... some machines seem to have avoided personal image rights yet with closer likenesses.

2 weeks later
#2049 4 years ago
Quoted from Endprodukt:

If anyone cares:
I'm waiting on Pinsound to step in to fix something in the firmware before I can show off something. I'm pretty far with the mix and it is a lot of fun. (I think)
I really hope you guys will like it as much.

I'm looking forward to your mix and the new stereo speaker kits they will soon start selling ..

1 week later
#2083 3 years ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:



That is simultaneously both the worst and the best mod I've ever seen.

#2100 3 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

I think you'd surprise us all.
The only thing that's become available are clear protectors to go under your current plastic.

@Endprodukt (guy doing Pinsound mix for JP) said he had some good news re: plastics, which he'd share soon ... hope that means one of the German repro makers is going to do a run.

1 week later
#2130 3 years ago

Vote here if you'd like to see a Jurassic Park repro playfield produced by CPR in future:


Also post ideally.

1 week later
#2154 3 years ago

My first question was going to be about "Welcome to Jurassic Park", too. It's so iconic. Same with the "Ian, Freeze!" which didn't appear to be used.

But hearing the OST music is awesome, dinosaur sounds and helicopters swooping around. Though I didn't get that far into the video to see, I guess we'll now benefit from high fidelity "you didn't say the magic word!?!" (one of my favourite call outs for the machine, when you hit the scoop but it's not lit).

4 months later
#2591 3 years ago

Is it possible to replace the series of soldered mechanical switches in the ball trough with one of the WMS 6 ball optos? Surely this would make it much more reliable.

Can it be hacked like this?

It surprises me somewhat that no-one has designed and made up an off the shelf board to do just this ... JP and other DE games seem to have a bunch of issues with their trough switches, often ... and it's a total mess down there, compared with a couple of opto boards.

1 month later
#2740 3 years ago

Does ChadH's code have new animations? If not, surely it ought to work fine anyway.

But yeah, I can't imagine it being coloured without compatibility with v6.0 ... I don't think anyone that knows about it would ever use old code now.

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