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Jurassic Park (DATA EAST) club

By louknees

6 years ago

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#116 6 years ago

I just joined the club last week. I've wanted one since I played one at my first job in the break room 21 years ago. I bought a project machine on ebay a few weeks ago. Playfield is in great shape. Cab is not bad. A little fading and a few scuff marks. Flippers don't work (one is fried). I've already fixed a few minor problems. These are some of the other problems that still need to be addressed. The coil that shoots the ball into the shooter lane doesn't work. T-Rex works but his mouth doesn't close when picking up the ball. No sound at all and a loud buzzing coming from the speakers. I've already diagnosed all the problems above except the sound issue and I have parts on the way. Any one have any ideas on what could be causing the buzzing and the no sound issue? All my voltages check out on the sound board. I can't wait to play this thing already. 21 years of waiting and it's killing me to have to keep waiting when that Rex is just staring at me.

1 year later
#570 5 years ago

Make sure you get the clear saucer if you want to put a color LED under it otherwise it's going to be tinted yellow. I put red leds under the saucer and in the bunker, control room and the computer. Looks like lava under the playfield.

4 weeks later
2 months later
#903 5 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

Has anyone added a light to light the inside of the scoops? Was thinking that it would be cool to add a light connected to the regular scoop light, to light up the inside of the hole. But taking a close look at it, I don't see an easy way to get a good shot of light inside of it, unless I were to drill a hole through the subway metal.
Was just wondering how people do it on other games?

I installed a red comet light strip inside the scoops.

I centered it between the scoops mounted high up in the subway. It's mounted on the wall closest to the player facing away from you. I don't have any pictures with it out but here is the end result. It came out nice.

I also installed a red strip in the subway on the power shed.

5 months later
1 month later
2 months later
#2315 4 years ago
Quoted from comment23:

Any using an LED OCD board in their JP? I saw that they make a DE version.

I have one for my GI and it makes a world of difference! Really nice dimming effects!

#2339 4 years ago

It might sound crazy but I use Pink LEDs on all my yellow inserts. Looks Awesome!!!

I did the same thing with the pop bumpers.

#2341 4 years ago

I'll take some pics tonight. Pictures probably won't do it justice but it gives a deep rich yellow to inserts and pops.

1 month later
#2450 4 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

My goal was to get a RED glowing from all below playfield openings - i.e., like LAVA.

Like this?


#2451 4 years ago

My T.I.L.T. Mods board also allows you to hook up your scoop lighting so you can make the scoop you are supposed to be shooting for flash. Check it out in this video. I could put together a kit for this if I have enough interested parties.

#2453 4 years ago

No drilling or permanent modifications involved. I used LED strips.

1 month later
#2525 4 years ago

If you already have the scoop lights like lpeters82 you can just add the T.I.L.T. mods board to make them flash when you are supposed to hit the scoop.

#2528 4 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

Looks like your control room lights are flip-flopped. The top light doesn't light for the indicator to start the mode.

Quoted from ChadH:

I believe you are correct. I think the only time the top lamps of the scoops are supposed to light is during System Boot mode.

Thanks guys. I always wondered why that scoop was the only one that was backwards. Somebody before me must have wired them that way. It's easy enough to flip them around. Swapping them won't effect the way the mod works for everyone's information. The Scoop lighting will be triggered when the solid light under the green one comes on.

#2536 4 years ago

No drilling required with my Smart Scoop mod. Comes with LED strips, control boards, all cables and detailed instructions with lots of photos. Everything is completely reversible.

#2538 4 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Got a website? Ill check it out, but kits are usually over priced.

This is not just a kit that gives you something you can easily do yourself. If you hook up a flex LED strip to the bulb that indicates the scoop should be hit, your scoop will light and stay on solid.

This mod uses that same connection but allows your flex LED strip to flash giving you a better indication that you should be aiming for that shot. Aiming for the flashing shot is pretty common in pinball.

If you're interested in purchasing send me a PM as I don't currently have a website.

Watch video below to see them in action.

#2540 4 years ago

Yeah I changed my avatar. Same guy that made the interactive gate. I also have another cool mod coming soon for JP. Here's a hint, opening scene...

#2543 4 years ago

I guess I should of gave a tougher hint...

Cliffy's are on all my scoops. It's just hard to see in that video. I waited until I did a complete tear down when I shopped it before putting it on.

2 months later
#2786 3 years ago
Quoted from jorro:

how much is it?

Still working out the final bill of materials but it will be between $150 and $175. Trying hard to keep it at $150.

#2787 3 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Wow dude, you are nuts. Where do you plan to mount that? Above the raptor kick back?
Gonna take a guess and say thats gonna cost like $250 at least.

I plan to have it mount in the back right corner.

You're way off... Will be between $150 and $175. I designed it so there is way less labor than the gate mod so I could keep the price down.

I will also have a static version with the raptor and the light but no movement. This version will be much cheaper.

Per your request in the other thread I will also make a smaller version that will mount above the raptor pit.

Thanks for all the positive comments guys! It makes the hard work worth it.

20161025_223035 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#2805 3 years ago

Moving Raptor Crate mod in action.

Static Raptor Crate mod in action.

Both available for sale on

#2824 3 years ago

Raptor Crate mod now also available in smaller version so it can mount above raptor kickback without blocking the view of the mosquito amber.

20161119_142707 (resized).jpg

#2828 3 years ago
Quoted from GRB1959:

Hi Tim,
Does this new smaller raptor version move or light up when the raptor pit (Danger Lamp) is active? BTW, it is a really nice looking JP mod.

No it doesn't. I figured since I already made a larger one that has a moving raptor and lights up and one that has a stationary raptor and lights up that the small version would come without lights. I can easily add lights that would flash everytime the raptor kickback is hit if you guys think it would make the mod better. It just takes more time and parts and adds a bit more cost. If I get enough interest I can add the lights.

#2830 3 years ago

By the way it can also mount straight on using the same mounting point. You can decide what angle you want it before you tighten the mounting nut down.

20161119_142551 (resized).jpg

#2834 3 years ago

(November 25th-28th)
- 10% Off all Orders *USE COUPON CODE: "BF10OFF"

- Free shipping on orders over $50

- Free T.I.L.T. Mods Basic Board F2S ($10.99 value) included with any order over $150 You don't need to add it to your cart. It will be included with your shipment.

- Don't forget to sign up for the Pinball Points Program to start saving money.

2 months later
#2978 3 years ago

I was recently able to significantly lower my BOM cost on the Functioning JP Gate by redesigning the 3D parts so I can make them in house along with some other improvements that lower labor hours slightly. Due to this I will now be able to offer the function gate mod for $240 which includes free shipping.

Also because of some recent requests I will offer a static version of the gate mod that has the flickering torch lights. This version will be $110.

You can purchase either of these on

1 month later
#3186 3 years ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Question for the group. I have recently been noticing that I'm almost blinded with flashing lights when playing JP. Is that normal? Have you done anything to try to correct this?

or install an LED OCD board. If I remember right it allows you to turn down the brightness on the flashers. I was also able to create some cool dimming effects.

#3200 3 years ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Did my first board repair yesterday on JP. I finally solved some lights that were not working by replacing a transformer and resistor.

Feels good to know you got it working doesn't it?

2 months later
#3311 3 years ago

I have one on my machine. It's a nice topper. Shorter than the original if you have height clearance issues. Quality is good and it lights up nicely.

1 month later
#3408 3 years ago
Quoted from mbott1701:

Installed mirror blades in my game.
Side note: I ordered them from Pinball Side Mirrors. I ordered their "extreme mirrored black," as I thought it would look good with darker mirrors. From what I can tell they sent me regular mirrored ones. PSM's customer service is lacking and they were very slow to reply to my inquiries and I never got a satisfactory answer about the wrong style being sent. Just something to consider if you decide to ordered from them.
Anyway, the blades still look pretty good in game, I think, so I'm moving on.
Here are some pics...

Nice Gate!

3 months later
#3753 3 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Who do I gotta pay $15 to around here who wants to make dock signs with their 3D printer?

I guess I'll take your $15... lol

I didn't think there was much demand for them. If there is, I can certainly make one.

#3757 3 years ago

Do you guys want a static sign or would you prefer one that has the arrow spin slowly (on a motor) like in the movie where Dennis spins it after he ran it over. I don't really like static mods and am always looking for ways to make things pop.

#3781 3 years ago

First shot at the East Dock Sign. The arrow can be rotated by hand right now.

20171026_202431 (resized).jpg

Printed it in black as that is the filament that's currently in my printer. I have some white filament on order. Thoughts comments appreciated.

Decals will be redone in Photoshop. These are just some I found online.

1 week later
#3792 2 years ago

Almost there. This one is printed in white and is using a new mounting location. There is plenty of clearance between the sign and the side of the cab. Art work is finished on the decals and it came out quite nice. This sample was just printed on regular paper and glued on to prove concept. I'll be checking into having them vinyl printed.

I need to shorten the mounting bracket a bit so it doesn't hang over the plastic.
20171102_225830 (resized).jpg
20171102_230124 (resized).jpg
20171102_225818 (resized).jpg

#3793 2 years ago

I really need to update my gate... I still have the prototype in mine.

1 week later
#3821 2 years ago

Finally got the decals worked out. They are high gloss and came out really nice.

East Dock Signs are now available on my website.

20171112_160833 (resized).jpg
20171112_161111 (resized).jpg
20171112_161041 (resized).jpg
20171112_161220 (resized).jpg

20171112_161316 (resized).jpg

#3842 2 years ago
Quoted from GRB1959:

Below is a photo of the 'East Dock' sign mod by Pinsider outcida. It is a nice little add-on sign for JP.

Thanks for posting a picture Gord. I really need to update my camera. Your pictures are so clear.

#3843 2 years ago
Quoted from C65Mustang:

Does the arrow move? Can you turn it to what ever direction you would like? When the shaker motor turns on does it make the arrow move a little?

You can turn the arrow by hand and it will stay where you pointed it. It won't move when the shaker goes off. I figured most people would want to have it point toward the actual East Dock shot. I could have made it flop around with the shaker but when I asked for feedback no one mentioned that.

4 months later
#4352 2 years ago

I'm out of the club for now guys. I'm sure I'll buy another JP at some point in the future. I have some mods you may be interested in.

Winteriscoming T-Rex #3 (brand new never installed) - $400

JP Topper made by Tilttopper (hardly ever used, comes with power tap) - $220

JP alternate translite - $80

EnerGI Maestro - GI LED Smoother for Data East pinball machines - $100

#4358 2 years ago

Updated the list to show whats left.

Quoted from outcida:

I'm out of the club for now guys. I'm sure I'll buy another JP at some point in the future. I have some mods you may be interested in.

JP Topper made by Tilttopper (hardly ever used, comes with power tap) - $220

EnerGI Maestro - GI LED Smoother for Data East pinball machines - $100

#4369 2 years ago

Everything is sold except the Alternate Topper. Lowering the price to $200.

JP Topper made by Tilttopper (hardly ever used, comes with power tap) - $200

2 weeks later
#4388 2 years ago
Quoted from newmanoconnor:

outcida is the topper still available, if so Im interested

Sorry it sold. I forgot to update the post.

9 months later
#4979 1 year ago

Hey guys! I am in the process of clearing out my mod parts inventory so once parts are gone I will be discontinuing mods and closing out the business. I am focusing on a new business venture and between that, my 9-5 and family, the mod business is just too much and something has to give. I'd like to sincerely thank all of you that have supported me! JP was always one of my favorite games and I'm glad I was able to help make it better for some of you.

I am currently working on 1 last batch of 10 functioning gate mods. Static gates have been discontinued. Smart Scoop Lights have been discontinued. I have a a few static raptor crates and small raptor crates left and will make one last run of moving raptor crates. I have some dock signs and t-rex scoop lights.

#4986 1 year ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

Not sure I would personally do it, but any considerations for making available the files for those with 3D printers? Maybe set up a patreon page where people cab donate to get access?
Also, perhaps someone like mezelmods would manufacture them and give you a cut? If you've got a proven product, there's probably a path forward where you can still earn from it, and make it available, even if you don't want to be directly involved in production.

There is so much more to the mod than just the 3D files.

If enough demand is there in the future, I may consider making another run but for now I need to focus on my new business.

3 weeks later
#5231 1 year ago

If anyone wants to save $10 on a functional gate mod let me know. I have 2 of them without the spot light lamp (I ran out of inventory). It will have the connection and splitter so all you have to do is add your own spot. $229.99 shipping included for US. Almost out of everything else.

Here's what's left:
6 - functioning gate mods (2 without spots)
1 - static raptor
2 - moving raptors
2 - small raptor crates (no led)
1 - small raptor crate (with led)
8 - east dock signs
3 - t-rex lamps

Get em before they are gone for good...

1 year later
#7567 6 months ago

What's up my JP peeps! I'm gone for a minute and I see people are making all kinds of versions of my gate. I always have people reaching out to see if I'm still making them but I've been swamped with my Escape Room business I opened plus the full time job. I actually got on here to see if there was any interest in a short run of gates as I'm on quarantine just like everyone else and have some time on my hands. I think I have all the parts to make some static ones but would need some significant interest to make the functioning version as I have to order more PCBs.

#7576 6 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

He’s alive! We all miss you, and you can tell by the chatter how awesome your mods are. I would be in for upgrading from my static gate to the animated version.
Sort of begs the question if an existing non animated gate can be converted to an animated one. Would be great if I could buy the parts from you to do it so that my current one doesn’t go to waste. However, if not I’m still in for a complete replacement.

Thanks for the kind words. Technically it could be upgraded but it would take some doing and I don't have instructions on how do an upgrade. It might be easier to buy a new one and you could always sell your static one. Sounds like there might be some interest on the 2nd hand market.

#7577 6 months ago
Quoted from Inferno:

Timing is everything. Functioning gate? I'll take 2 just to have a reserve. Seriously - if you are doing a limited run and they are not all spoken for - I don't want to be called a hoarder and shamed out of existence.

Hey it's just a gate mod for a non-essential toy, not toilet paper. You should be good! Hoard away.

#7580 6 months ago

As I was going through my inventory I found a bunch of parts to make more of the East Dock signs. Any interest in those? Same price as before. $19.99.

#7584 6 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

the ones with the moving sign or static?

The arrow on mine can move by hand but it is not controlled. There's only 1 guy that made his move that I'm aware of and he only made it for his game, not to sell.

#7586 6 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Pic? I can almost guarantee there is interest. People love your mods.

Here's a pic.

20171112_160806 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#7617 6 months ago

Just wanted to give a quick update. I received enough interest to make another run of the JP gates. I'll be making static and functioning gates. If you already contacted me you are on the list and I will will reach out to you when they are done. If anyone else is interested let me know and I'll add you to the list. I've also been getting some requests for the Raptor crates. If you are interested in the functioning or static version of these also let me know as I'm starting an interest list to see if I will make another run of these as well.

1 week later
#7644 6 months ago

Just wanted to let people know that I will have some of the functioning gates ready to ship in the next day or two. To those that contacted me, I'll reach out to you in the order that you contacted me to collect payment and get your shipping information.

2 weeks later
#7689 5 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

My working gate mod is installed and operational! The mod is really cool, and one of the best addons to a DE JP, IMO.
The one thing I changed is the background. While the jeeps rolling in made perfect sense, I just wanted something a little more surprising. The image I posted here is full size (2.5" wide x 3" tall) if you want to download and print, or you can PM me and I'll send you a photo quality printed one with gloss vinyl overlay for $5 ($6 if international).
Thanks to Tim for the cool mod, and putting up with me bugging him so much about it!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That's AWESOME! Love the T-Rex!!!

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