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#4785 1 year ago

I got all crafty and painted my own, same colors as the logo on the side of the cabinet, so nothing fancy. Then my topper is about 1" too tall to fit under my basement ceiling

2 weeks later
#4840 1 year ago

That vpinball table is why I ended up buying the real machine A great recreation

1 month later
#5016 11 months ago

I used this kit as my order qty and sizes


I have the 2 rubbers on the left side above and below the pop bumpers to go, and I have 2 rubbers left from what I ordered so it's really close. Not sure if they are both 1.25" but that's what I have left with when I swapped what was existing.

1 week later
#5054 11 months ago
Quoted from Geteos:

Well that JP I picked up has a problem with the T rex. It does the chomp but doesn’t move side to side or lower it’s head to eat the ball. I can hear the motors working and what sounds like gears grinding. Is there an easy way to access the gearboxes for this guy?

There is many things that could be the cause. Many threads as well, definitely try testing the switches first before assuming it's a gearbox

Here is one discussion

#5057 11 months ago

Mine had the lack of side to side issue. You can go into the tests menu and try and move the head using the flipper buttons. My problem ended up being a bad relay like mentioned in that thread I linked.

Also the gearbox may end up being bad but a new one is 199usd so worth looking at loose connections etc first Imo. Also keep in mind the motor pulses so not the smoothest running to start with.

#5145 11 months ago
Quoted from koops:

He just shipped an order I put at the start of December (tspp kit).
Check your local parts distributors they may already have some in stock, otherwise just put in an order and wait.

Sweet that means my 2 sets JP and STTNG that I ordered December 5th should be coming soon. In all fairness he told me they would take a long time, but they are worth it to me

#5172 11 months ago

The reason the up/down works but not the side to side, is because there is 2 separate motors to control side to side and up/down

What you have pictured is a relay, which allows the changing direction of the side to side motor. I always think easy as that's my skill level, try reseating the connections to the motor itself. Or the plug pictured

1 week later
#5280 10 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Gizzard:

Has anyone got a link to a list of the bulb types and number of bulbs to do an LED conversion for JP?

Check the key posts at the top of the page, there is a list saved there

Quoted from pduffy:

Just had the code in my JP updated to 6.0 and now TREX is not going up/down to pick up ball. Anyone know why? It works fine in test mode which makes it odd.
Any help appreciated.

Is the T-Rex set to eat balls in the new code by default? I can't remember, but check the adjustments if it turned on

1 week later
#5364 10 months ago

I'm not at home to check this, but to me in the last picture the metal guide is bent incorrectly. That looks to be altering the ball trajectory and causing sdtm drains. When the ball comes around it should be tight against that rail, and direct the ball so it can be hit with the upper flipper. Really the rail should be following the same as the playfield black line below it

1 week later
#5492 9 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Well, no it isn’t. Those two sockets are stapled to the underside and have metal leads connecting them, not to mention very difficult to get to. Going to have to do it from the topside.[quoted image]

I just changed those light this past weekend, I had the large plastic over the captive ball removed anyway, then unscrewed the back screw of the metal guide rail on the right side of the raptor pit. from there a easy rotation and my wife's smaller fingers to change those lights

2 weeks later
#5662 9 months ago


Just thinking with your pinsound headphones output you could add a bluetooth adapter, then send the sound to a another source in your basement (IE speakers in the ceiling). If you want an even more immersive way to play

3 weeks later
#5854 8 months ago

Another place you can buy some other cabinet reproduction decals is from:


Although I have to say the solid decal across the bar is pretty sweet looking

#5911 8 months ago

So what is wrong with the repop ones for $150?? Just curious as I have an original already

#6014 8 months ago
Quoted from weasel671:

I'm looking for someone to either make or sell me an East Dock sign mod for my JP. timspinballmods.com doesn't seem to have them anymore.

I want to say mr_tantrum makes/sells those now

#6047 8 months ago

Does someone have an extra ramp they are willing to sell? Can be scratched, have broken pieces etc. Pm me please if you do

#6112 8 months ago

I think geteos is going to need a Pinside store soon

1 week later
#6201 7 months ago

I had JP for a few months before I installed Cliffy's. I don't notice any bounce backs or the metal catching the balls etc, all 3 fit flush to the playfield as expected. I did have significant wear previously and probably got quite a few balls into the scoops because of the wear. I saw the same complaints before putting the protectors on, so always had that comparison in the back of my mind when first Installed.

2 weeks later
#6304 7 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Almost there! Missing a few parts, gotta get that Marco order in today.[quoted image]

Don't forget to take the protective masking off BOTH sides of those new plastics you have there.

Lookin good!!

#6389 7 months ago

Whichever version or all that come to be built, I am a fan of the hidden bulb lighting the decal from below. Just looks more complete Imo.

#6440 7 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

So close I can taste it. I'm gonna let that ramp sit a while.. I used some plastic "adhesive" made by "weld-on" that is supposed to melt the plastic and bond it permanently. Then I am going to back it up with some fillable/instant cure super glue (its a two part system with a dry granular powder that you put in place and then just drop some super glue on it). It is either that or epoxy.. not 100% sure. Maybe even just some hot glue.. those hemostats are so awesome, thanks Marco. Wish I had another pair.
I don't think that part of the ramp gets hit hard, I think the diverter does most of the work. Hopefully it's a solid fix. I tried to see if someone would make the ramp but the guy who is making ramps in small batches doesn't have an oven big enough to do it. I assume there isn't a huge demand so paying a vacuum form shop to do it is probably crazy expensive based on my investigation in to cyclone ramps back in the day.
[quoted image][quoted image]

If you used weld-on 3,4 or 16 (thicker) that should hold well. You can also back it up with a UV cured adhesive, I tried one from Home Depot that actually worked quite well for a ramp for another guy.

Speaking of JP ramps I will be looking at building a mold and pulling parts for sale. Won't get a chance to work on the mold until Mid July and hopefully parts by fall. I was looking for a damaged ramp to use as a basis for a mold, but since I can't find one I am going to use my good one a the basis of the mold. Fingers crossed I won't break mine I have a vacuum former at work that will fit the JP ramp and subway nicely.

That said if anyone has a damaged/cracked/broken ramp they are willing to let go for the sake of building new ramps send me a PM

#6477 6 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

I already have one, but wanted to let everyone know this is a great mod. I realize there are already LEDs above the scoops to direct you to a required shot, but having the scoops glow red makes it much more apparent (not to mention it's just cool having the scoops glow red).

Are these lights tied into the lights above the hole and flash at the sametime, or are they just tied into the GI?

#6483 6 months ago

I know when I got my JP the Trex would only turn 1 way, it was a bad relay in my case. There has been discussion to which one it is, but it's on bottom side of playfield.

3 weeks later
#6658 6 months ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

JP and not JW?
They can go start their own Stern club, then! No way Stern puts out a better JP than what we've got in the DE version.

I have the same opinion about a potential Stern release, however I have some $$ set aside and space for 1 more pin if I'm wrong

#6673 6 months ago
Quoted from onemoresean:

PM me if you have a scoop mod set you want to sell, thanks.[quoted image]

Something wrong with buying straight from the guy that makes them?


They are a great addition, and I can't see many people removing them once they are on. Heck I got them sent to me from New Zealand, faster than Marco can send me a shipment

1 week later
#6728 5 months ago

Actually it's Friday

But maybe some of your family has small hands to get into those tight spaces to to help diagnose the repair I know i get my wife to help me out

3 weeks later
#6825 5 months ago
Quoted from Davi:

Looking for measurement help. What is the X-Y size of airball protector at the green standup target?[quoted image]

x = 13mm
y = 35mm

4 months later
#7219 19 days ago


Okay with things being fixed along the way, what all is not working right now? The way I understand it there a 6 balls missing error and you say there is wires dangling near there, from a missing through switch? Is that all the issues now?

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