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Jurassic Park (DATA EAST) club

By louknees

6 years ago

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Post #63 Data East / JP Ball Trough fix (#7) [Video] Posted by ChadH (6 years ago)

Post #98 Jurassic Park Ford Explorer [External Article] Posted by blondetall (6 years ago)

Post #138 Ball not entering gate at pop bumpers Posted by accidental (6 years ago)

Post #159 Creation Of Jurassic Park’s CGI Dinos [Article / Video] Posted by blondetall (6 years ago)

Post #162 Link to Loop Combo Scoop Mod Thread Posted by InfiniteLives (6 years ago)

Post #182 Link to CRT Mod Thead Posted by CraZyMuffin (6 years ago)

Post #209 Custom Apron Cards Posted by Pinballocks (5 years ago)

Post #322 Playfield Back Wood-Block acrylic mod Posted by smerff (5 years ago)

Post #357 Switch Matrix / Random No Target Scoring Bug Posted by ChadH (5 years ago)

Post #374 Link to Shaker Problem Thread Posted by aobrien5 (5 years ago)

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9 months later
#504 5 years ago

my machine is down too at the moment but i ordered the gate anyways Chad, your T Rex is so freaking awesome! I'll post new pics when my gate arrives

#528 5 years ago

i really need to get my game back up and running. Reading about it gets me all giddy then i cant play. ahhh

#532 5 years ago

Got my GoodToBeDad gate installed last night. Need to solder the wires on to get a better connection, just have them alligator clipped right now. Now if I could get this damn machine to recognize the balls in the trough and get the solenoid to fire the ball into the shooter lane...


#534 5 years ago

Yeah I have replaced it but it doesnt work, its like everything from the apron down isnt registering. My shooter lane switch doesnt activate either or the 3 targets on the left side. I've checked like every solder joint and reflowed a bunch of stuff, still nothing

1 month later
#580 5 years ago

picked up the jeep, pretty sweet the doors open. gonna throw some leds in the headlights at some point hopefully.

not sure exactly how i want to mount it and where.

#582 5 years ago

i used to have my raptor where i temporarily set the jeep, but i think that area might be the best/only area that makes sense to position him and still be able to get the glass on.

#589 5 years ago
Quoted from smoke:

InfiniteLives is your jeep the plastic one? I looked online at jeeps yesterday there are quit a few options/sizes to pick from....
I am thinking I want to try a gutted plastic one over the right lane, lighter being easier to rig up, yours looks like the right size to try that .
peace, B.

mines the one listed earlier from amazon link »

#628 5 years ago
Quoted from GRB1959:

I have a ROM question for JP.
Current ROM Versions On My JP
Game 4.04 (C5)
Display 4.00 (ROM 0)
Sound 4.23
ROM Versions Ordered
Game 5.13 (C5)
Display 5.10 (ROM 0)
Sound Newest Version (U7, U17, U21)
Does anyone have a change log for these ROM version updates? I checked the usual places (Action Pinball and John Wart's site 'That Pinball Place') for ROM version change logs and cannot find any type of change log for what was fixed/added in these newer ROM versions.

i dont have any answer for you but a question:
where did you order new rom versions from?

#637 5 years ago

nice teeth mod! hopefully you can get it to eat the balls more consistently

2 weeks later
#705 5 years ago

any help with my issues I listed here :
would be awesome!! Im pretty close to getting her back up and running but have a few things I cant seem to fix

#715 5 years ago

anyone know where to get this side art / blade art? In the Jurassic Park Mods thread it seems like it was made for Congo. The source the OP posted on it never responded to any attempt to see if they could make it still. i think it is awesome and would love to add it


#717 5 years ago

awesome thanks!

#736 5 years ago

Nice! I have mine all wired up but havent installed either. Been trying to finish getting my game up and running first lol. Hopefully I can get everything going today as I got another parts shipment in, should have all parts i need to finish it up

#737 5 years ago

I posted this in my tech thread but maybe someone here can help me too

So I got replacement switches and diodes for the bunker and control room.
This is how i wired them, according to the manual the band of the diode should be on the right, the switches I replaced were on the left... so not sure which is correct.

Now the control room switch registers points in game but doenst start game modes
The bunker switch seems to be activating the dino dna ramp stuff and going crazy when the game is on and auto firing
If the ball goes into the control room it doesnt fire out of the bunker until the ball search tries to find it.

Is this wired correctly?


#740 5 years ago
Quoted from dontfeed:

Check out this thread I started not too long ago. There's a few pics and diagrams that may help.
Also, do you have the remote diode board? If so, you don't need the diode on the Control Room switch.

i do not have the remote board, i will check your thread thanks!
my thread is here:

#748 5 years ago

Got my game going 100% again! now i can finish installing my jeep! Im going to clean and wax her tomorrow and hopefully wire in the lights on my jeep!

#752 5 years ago

If you put the wires on the wrong way on a coil you probably blew 1 or more transistors on the cpu. I think you need to replace Q45.

I had a similar issue and have a thread in the tech section, just got mine all back up and running this weekend

#755 5 years ago

do you have a DMM? You need to check your transistors as if you in fact wired a coil backwards it will almost without a doubt blown 1 or more. I would start at Q45. Use TIP102s to replace the TIP120s as they are more robust.

#757 5 years ago

Read this website for some good info:

You can force ground to the coil to see if it will fire by hooking it up to the ground lug in the cabinet by the prop rod and see if you are getting power to the coil. if so its wired correctly but you have a transistor most likely out on the board. also check your fuses if you havent.
I can take a picture of mine later today but im at work.

#759 5 years ago

visit that website i linked and it explains the l/r relay. it is a transistor on your board. you can short it to the ground on the cpu by i think cn8 connector that will jump it and tell you if its working.

are you testing everything in the diagnostics? if you do what i said and jump the coil to ground and it fires you have a board issue. if it does not fire you probably have a wiring issue.

i thought i had wiring issues forever and it was board related. cost me a lot of wasted time.

#773 5 years ago

Do you think they will ever Color DMD JP? It's got awesome dots IMO and would look amazing in color.

#784 5 years ago

Lets talk strategy

I have yet to finish all the modes and go into system failure. My Highscore is : 757,647,990

Do you guys go for modes and try to score during them or time them out to finish them all?

Do you just try and light tri-ball then get into chaos multi ball?

When do you try and hit your smart missile?

My strategy typically goes like this:

* Try and hit as many of the spitter targets to turn on "tri ball is ready" for ball 1 or so it automatically is available for ball 2 when it spots you the free targets after you drain.

* Start Stampede: Aim for the Power Shed so I can keep activating game modes
Try to get thru as many game modes but besides the Feed Trex I typically just try and access the power shed or rock the ramp to get Dino DNAs.

* Once Tri Ball is activated get into it. Hit one of the jackpots. Start spelling CHAOS. Here if I am about to drain down to 1 ball I hit Smart Missile and it will spell the rest of CHAOS and get me into 6 ball multiball. Try and clear this and get the jackpots.

When I am in game modes trying to hit the shots I typically drain from missing a shot so I just try and hit the Power Shed. I've never gotten thru them all and havent finished most of them so Im not sure if the points for completing them is worth the risk. You get 30 Mill for feeding T Rex so I try and complete that but the rest of the time im just focused on power shed to light control room and getting into Tri-Ball/CHAOS

Interested if I'm missing anything or if this is typically what people do

#788 5 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

Ignore the powershed if you're going for modes. Going through an inlane lights the control room temporarily

oh wow i didnt know that. I knew something else was lighting it cause sometimes I could get 2 modes without going in the shed. Nice. I will try this next game

#790 5 years ago

when shooting the dinosaur that comes across the screen net you anything? is it worth taking a hand off the flipper button? I don't think its worth many points

#802 5 years ago

They did a Color DMD for Popeye, surely they would sell way more of Jurassic Park!

2 weeks later
#842 5 years ago

Welcome back! Mine was down for awhile with some board issues, it is such a relief to get these bad boys back up and running!

1 month later
#936 5 years ago

finally got to system failure yesterday for the first time, and it was on ball 1! Oh man what a cool mode, love how the DMD goes out and the flippers die when the time expires, blew it the rest of the game and didnt even crack my high score board, still felt good tho

1 week later
#979 5 years ago
Quoted from ChadH:

If you own a Jurassic Park and an EPROM programmer and you would like to patch your own personal game then go here:
Instructions are provided for you to do this. Do not contact me to purchase ROMs as I cannot sell them.
There is a full list of changes available on the website as well.

Thank you so much for doing this Chad! Cant wait to check out the differences. Where can I make a donation to you for your efforts, just on the pinballcode website?

#1046 5 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

guys - any cheaper alternative to the egg replacement than this?

nope, thats the way to go

#1097 5 years ago

Installed the roms yesterday, pretty awesome! Thanks Chad. Besides the game changes, i love the last action hero preview!

3 weeks later
#1355 4 years ago

Just got one of those Polk subwoofers and hooked up JP and Batman Forever to it. OH MAN how sweet thr bass makes JP, especially when the cab shakes.

2 months later
1 week later
#1745 4 years ago

so once out of maybe 100 times T rex eats the ball, the ball somehow manages to fall and miss the subway ( i presume) and falls into the bottom of the cab. Anyone else have this issue ever? I think I may be missing a support bracket or something on the subway. I'll take some pics later and see if anyone can verify if i am or am not missing some hardware.

#1748 4 years ago

So I'm definitely missing the screw, I'll have to check the manual and see what it is. Is there any bracket with that screw/post. Thanks guys. And yeah, my subway has the plastic on top.


#1751 4 years ago
Quoted from GRB1959:

Hi IL,
This may help you out. As you can see the spacer is 3/4" and the screw is 1-1/4".

Thanks man!

#1774 4 years ago

So I got the screw and spacer in today but turns out my game doesn't have a place for the screw to screw in. It's bizarre bit it looks like a different mounting plate for it. Not sure how I can fix it now

#1779 4 years ago
Quoted from GRB1959:

Hi IL,
In the photo below there is a RED oval which circles the screw/spacer which is screwed into a metal mount that holds the plastic subway ramp in place. Please take a nice clear photo of this area on your game so that we can see this area on your game.
In post #1748 you took a photo, but it is out of focus and doesn't clearly show the area that the screw goes into. Are you saying that you don't have a metal threaded mounting point for your plastic subway ramp?

Yeah I do not have a metal threaded mounting point for the subway. Ill take a picture on my lunch break. I tried to upload one yesterday for that post from my phone but it kept failing to load it up.

#1781 4 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

Guessing you're mis-aligning the subway? Like Gordon said, it's hard to see from your photo, but the rest of the trex assembly looks exactly like everyone elses. Maybe there's something already screwed into it? It'll look like a little nub to the left of where the motor mounts. Or maybe it's somehow completely snapped off? That'd suck for sure.

i not sure but there is not a single place in any way I could move the subway were there is a spot to screw anything in. im guessing it snapped off. ill get a picture on my lunch break. I live really close to work and have an hour so hopefully i am mistaken but im pretty sure there is no spot to screw it in, also the screw size gordon provided are not long enough to touch any part of the mounting plate so that makes me feel like the spot has snapped off or was never there.

#1782 4 years ago

Here are the photos I grabbed with my phone. Sorry if they arent great, it was hard to get it to stay in focus. Anyways, I still am unaware of any place to mount this


#1786 4 years ago

Alright thanks, hopefully the post is inside the subway, ill check it out this evening. I am having some people over to play games after work, ill try figure it out before anyone shows up.

#1787 4 years ago

So there isn't anything in the subway. There is zero spots for the screw to go. I'll post pics tomorrow or later tonight

#1788 4 years ago

Here are some photos of the non existence of my screw post


#1793 4 years ago

Yeah total bummer. The ball dropping thru past the subway into the bottom of the cab happens maybe once every 200 times he eats it, its not a huge deal in the house, I could never put this game on location tho lol. I guess I will just live with it for now, looks like the part is $89 on Marcos. Thanks everyone for the input

edit: actually the one listed on marcos doesnt look to have the threaded post either lol

#1800 4 years ago
Quoted from Soapman:

That would be way better than a broken "can not get" subway.
Looks like Steve has them. $110

Steves part number is the same as Marcos and the picture doesnt show the bracket. Could just be an incorrect photo. If I decide to order one I will clarify from the vendor that it does indeed have a mounting location.

#1805 4 years ago

Have you checked the transistor on the solenoid driver board associated with the raptor pit?

#1811 4 years ago

according to the switch matrix white blue goes to: left coin, trough #6, Right return, not used, herrerasaurs-low, left turbo bumper, not used, not used.

going by this and the pictures show it near the pops, i would guess that wire goes to one of your pops, the left one. if it is connected to your left pop on one end, you need to find its other half and wire it back together. hopefully that will fix your issues.

#1814 4 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Thanks I soldered it on and it didn't help anything. This is SO weird.
Game has been perfect. I lift the table up, tweak my flipper and then put it down. When I put on the game the VUK is going off by itself and it shoots two balls out. The trigger for the gun actually makes the slingshots go off! It's like the game has become possessed out of nowhere. Egg shot goes off too.
Where do I begin here?

go into switch test mode and see if anything is on that should be, and also kinda shake or tap on the playfield and see if you can find a switch that might be finicky. i had a finicky switch on the ramp that was causing issues on things that it wasnt even tied to in the switch matrix and when i fixed that switch all my other issues went away.

also, there is a chance one or more of your transistors on your solenoid driver board is bad, you could test those and see if they need replaced

#1817 4 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

GENIUS! Did the switch test and after pressing on them all - two of them were registering as 5! I adjusted them and now it's perfect! Thanks! Holy SHIT pinball machines are sensitive - one wrong switch and the whole thing is haywire!

glad it was something easy

#1838 4 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

Yes! I swapped out the spoons and tweaked the switch gaps. Crazy active pops now. I love it!

what spoons did you swap them with? just new ones or different make/model? my pops are the least satisfying part of my JP

#1865 4 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

For me they are $450 with CA tax/ship. They wont do them till all the themes that are top sellers are finished first. DE requires people to literally butcher and cut the DMD panel to get a colorDMD to fit as well an external power supply. Most collectors cant do this mod to get the colorDMD to fit, hence why we will never see DE colorDMD or at least not any time soon.

the current hint on color dmds facebook page is a nod to a data east title imo

#1867 4 years ago
Quoted from ChadH:

You mean the picture of Data pointing East?

precisely, i think its time we take Jean-Luc-Picard's bet and get a colorDMD free

#1882 4 years ago
Quoted from Endprodukt:

Can someone tell me which callouts (if any) get used for drains in the original game?

"ohhh a raptor got him!"

"ohhh a trex got him!"

1 month later
#2077 4 years ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:


Did you get those blades from ? I've tried to contact them a few times over the course of a year trying to get an answer on a set they have but no avail.

1 month later
#2223 4 years ago
Quoted from sulakd:

Hoping someone has had this problem and can point me in the right direction. Sometimes after a multiball (maybe 1/3 times) the game does not register that all balls have drained. No matter how long I wait, the game does not "search" for a missing ball either. I opened the front door when it was doing this, and I noticed that of the six rolling switches in the trough, only 5 had balls on them. The sixth ball ends up in the space by the ejector coil so that it's ready to be launched into the shooter lane. If I hold down the sixth switch in the trough, the game ends properly, but still starts the next game saying "one ball missing." Chad's code is on the game.
Thanks for any help!

check and adjust the switch that registers when the ball is in the trough eject. that is a common problem. you can even sometimes slap the right side of the cab and make it register the switch at the one on location near me that is doing that.

#2248 4 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

Wow you just got it home now you're thinking of selling it? Back up for a sec

his name is fast ed, he only knows one speed! gogogo!

#2257 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

So you bought it just to flip?

sounds more like he saved it from not being played ever for years and now it will be on location for all to enjoy!

#2277 4 years ago
Quoted from jim5six:

Mine is early production SN 83073. The Smart "Missile" Insert on mine says Smart "Bomb" instead of missile. I've never seen one like yours. Mine also does not have that sticker. would love to find one but have been unsuccessful... My pop bumper caps are plain, clear and no speaker grill art. Also no EOS on the flippers, so Raptor pit can kill your flipper. There are a few other differences...

oh wow that sounds super lame about the raptor pit

1 month later
#2441 4 years ago

I prefer the scoop mod by loop combo, pinside accidental, it's just perfect

1 month later
#2509 4 years ago

I have the polk hooked up to mine and combined with the shaker its just such a great experience, I highly recommend it

1 month later
#2600 4 years ago

Thanks for all the help over the last two years and tips, mods, etc but yesterday I sold my JP.
Time to move on from the club but it was a blast while it lasted

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