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#5268 9 months ago

Bringing another example back up to spec.. and some questions I hoped existing owners could help with

1) What is the setup where the knocker is located? I assume to the left of the speaker and mounted on cabinet bottom. Anyone willing to snap a photo?
2) Is the shaker motor usually pretty limp/lame in motor test? Mine just limps around in test
3) Do you have any noticeable audio volume difference between left and right speaker in test? Dunno if my speakers are done or if its maybe the volume pot, etc
4) For your trough switches, are the microswitches the type with just a blade on an arc, or the roller type? Manual shows rollers in the mechanical drawings, but mine are all blade types.. with some broken blades too
5) Anyone willing to look at how the switch wire for the trough is routed for the switch at the ball kicker in the trough? Mine is just routed to the left side of the coil bracket, but is already tight. I assume this can be a common failure point given the vibration... considering extended these wires to give some more play.
6) Source for the decals around the trex hole?
7) Trex side to side movement - how much range of motion is there usually? Mine is pretty lethargic side to side.. thinking I need to crack the gearbox and look for wear.

Anyone have a source for trough metal pieces? My deflector is broke, and the coil bracket is pretty worn.. but individual pieces don't seem to be available.

#5271 9 months ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

5) Trough coil wiring ….
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
Here's another knocker pic. The knocker in JP sounds anemic! The backbox might sound better.
[quoted image]

Thank you! Do other people have the support bracket back away from the pf edge like that?

1 week later
#5321 9 months ago
Quoted from chrisnack:

Got everything address in my JP except for the ball kicker into the shooter lane. I replaced the switch and now it’s seeing the ball fine but takes 2-4 attempts to eject the ball into the shooter lane.
I’ve tried adjusting everything but I’m guessing there is a simple fix I’m missing?
Appreciate any insight, last thing to have it working 100%!

Have you checked your actual trough itself? The bracket that makes the top part of the scoop the ball travels through often breaks

#5341 8 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

He also liked a little more upward flipper position than I'm typically comfortable with. I need to research what is "standard/default" for this pin regarding flipper position as I think I would like to set to that and then customize to my liking from there if needed.

data east is middle of flipper tip = alignment pin

2 months later
#6185 6 months ago

Hey folks, looking for some tips on getting T-Rex to more reliably pickup the ball.

Before T-Rex was eating the ball pretty reliably, but side to side was poor. I had the thing apart, cleaned and regreased the gearbox.. and side to side is pretty decent now. But T-Rex lately has gotten less reliable eating the ball. He tends to go down, teeth the ball and not get a full chomp and fails to grab it.

In test, the switches all activate as I think they should. And if I activate the jaw as soon as bottom switch activates and center switch is active, he eats the ball fine. Bottom switch is set to go off as t-rex is as low as I can make it. The center switch has virtually no adjustment play as the arm and throw is quite short.

In test it's fine... in game play he's inconsistent boot to boot. Sometimes I can see he is just a tad to the right from center like he's overshooting.. and I can reproduce it is harder for him to grab the ball in that position with test mode. But the amount he is different is so slight.. maybe 1/8" of an inch at the saucer. That's the only pattern I've been able to identify. The cam action seems fine.. but it's either slightly not far enough down, or slightly off center and he just teeths the ball.


Also, does anyone have a map of where the flashing #44 bulbs are in the backbox from factory?


#6196 6 months ago

anyone have a description or photo of how the wires to the coil operating the t-rex jaw are routed behind his head? Mine were pretty tight and show signs of previous work. There is a screw mounted zip tie to the left of the half moon plastic bracket.. and the wire is looping behind that bracket up to to the coil. The wire has to go somewhere when the t-rex is up, and not snag either, so it's a little bit important.

If you just tilt your t-rex down to the bite position, the wiring should be clear to see. The purple and black wires. Thx!

#6215 6 months ago

There are different thickness hole protectors out there. The latest cliffys I got was significantly thinner than the previous protectors on the game. The cliffys are “hyper thin” now. For jp it should impact play because they sit so flat and there aren’t really roll in shots.

Super slick PDFs and powerful flippers are going to bang more shots out than the protectors these days

1 week later
#6269 6 months ago
Quoted from poopedmypins:

How do you mount the (upper) trex switch without it getting mangled by the motor, yet still activating at the top? Seems like a fine line that I can’t get in

? The rotating plate+pin should pass by the switch for top and down... adjust the switch blade so it activates at the right time/position of the pin.

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