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Jurassic Park (DATA EAST) club

By louknees

6 years ago

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#1830 4 years ago

Hey guys.

I will be in the Jurassic Park Club very soon. Some of you might know me because of my Terminator 2, Indiana Jones and White Water reorchestration work that I did for the Pinsound-Board.

You might like to hear that I started working on Jurassic Park. I'm planing on replacing all the music with (fitting) parts of the OST, replace and add new speechsamples from either the movie and also professional voice-over artists, replace a whole lot of the FX and so on.

Since I want this in my game soon I hope to finish this rather sooner than later so please stay tuned.

#1832 4 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

Awesome news! Keep in mind that Chad's Jurassic Park code update makes use of several new callouts.

Yes I know, I will be using that one on my Pin.

Working on the music. Will watch the movie tonight with pen and paper and find all the quotes that I want for the game.

#1836 4 years ago

This will have as many Callouts from the movies as I feel are fitting to the situation/mode.

#1844 4 years ago

So I've cut all the samples from the movies. 73 Samples without all the announcer ones that are not in the Movie.

Now looking for someone to do those. Could actually be anyone who has the equiptment. I'd find someone over here but I'd rather have a native speaker.

#1855 4 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

Isn't the announcer John Arnold from the movie? There are various other game-specific quotes from other actors.

Doubt it. Doesn't sound like it in solo - there is that "Hold onto your butts" that's supposed to be John Arnold - It's not. Most of the movie quotes aren't from the movies either. Some are.

#1860 4 years ago

I don't have the machine yet - just replacing stuff and don't play much on Visual Pinball - I don't like it I don't know where it comes up but that line is there. Doesn't mean the code is using it but I'm pretty sure I heared it while playing?

#1875 4 years ago

Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm making really good progress with the Jurassic Park mix. I'm getting my boards next week and also the pin should arrive next week. Will have to do some repair as 3 coils don't work, guess it's just a transistor problem.

I have music fitting for all the modes related to the scenes in the movie. I don't use 3 minute tracks, rather loops like the original pins with 40-60 seconds of the faster parts from the OST.

Voice is almost done, except for the original voiceovers from the game itself (mission anouncements and some others). Maybe I'll do them as the originals sound like they're pitched heavily. We'll see. If someone wants to give it a try - feel free to do so.

It will take a couple of weeks until the release but this will not be as bad as my other mixes with MONTH of work.

#1880 4 years ago

Can someone tell me which callouts (if any) get used for drains in the original game?

#1888 4 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

John Arnold:
"All security systems are shutting down."
"Hold onto your butts."

The T-Rex quote is only for the match screen. Also "Oh no, it's T-Rex!" per the code update.

Cool. Thanks. Data east is making strange use of voice calls. Some are so random is almost annoying. "Those raptors are smart"...

#1890 4 years ago

I have to say that DE was far ahead when it comes to SFX. Williams was ok, Data East is just way better. Some of them are actually good enough to stay.

#1898 4 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

Does sound cool with all that's going on. Sounds like a lot of destruction. I agree about the voice coming up a bit. Also, what about using the warning tone from the movies when the electric fence is about to be turned on to electrocute Timmy?

Was thinking about that too but really liked the original jingle (which is in the background) and wanted to stay close to it. Adding more would lead to a mess because when this Jingle gets called by the CPU it will call for many many other sound effects at the same time. CHAOS.

#1899 4 years ago

Can someone tell me what the dude is saying when you make a skill shot? "Thumper ready" or whatever?

#1904 4 years ago
Quoted from ChadH:

"Thumper ready"... it means that Super Pops is lit for a limited time. I believe the Pop Bumpers are flashing until the Super Pops timer runs out. When Super Pops is active the Pop Bumpers are worth 100,000 and hitting all three is worth 1M.

Thanks Chad. Your work is amazing.
thanks for making jp a great game instead of a good one!

#1908 4 years ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

May be done ... But not available anywhere!?!

I whish he'd ship to Germany. Anyone feels like helping out?

#1929 4 years ago

I'm finally in the club. Need to refurbish the P/S Board because my 12v + is shitty. Videos with the pinsound board will follow.


#1934 4 years ago

Pre Owner made them. They're are decals! I can ask him for the files.

#1937 4 years ago
Quoted from Goalie:

Mine are similar


I'd say they are pretty much identical.

#1942 4 years ago

Guys.... wait for me. I asked the preowner if he'd share the files and you all can go to your favourite printing shop and get it done cheap with a little work.

#1943 4 years ago

Good news, we'll get the files.

#1944 4 years ago

Question: On the left inlane/outlane there is a small hole that looks like a metal post belongs there (like the right side). Pictures on IPDB don't have that post too but my new pinball protector seems to have hole to put something there. Just optional?

Second question: I have a second set of Slingshotplastics. Orange ones and blue ones. Why!?

Third question: T-Rex left/right movement stutters sometimes. Is it possible to clean the gears or are they is the enclosure inaccessible for cleaning?

#1948 4 years ago

Yeah I heard that these plastics go for crazy amouts of money. Screw that. It's plastic.

#1960 4 years ago


I think I will almost DOUBLE the amount of sounds available in the game. Mainly because I add a huge variety of Dino-Sounds straight from the movies. Had to check out how they did those - sound design IS awesome

#1967 4 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Have you parsed Lost World and JP3 for useful speech clips as well as dinosaur noises or sound effects? Malcolm and Hammond are in Lost World. Grant & Satler are in JP3.

The problem isn't all the speech samples I could get. The problem is that the game is not giving you too many "bound" events where you can actually put all of these samples.

Oh, btw:

Is anyone willing to scan three plastics for me? It's the gun-plastic in the shooter lane and the two plastics around the entrance to the bumpers. Please hit me up and I'll somehow compensate for your time.

#1971 4 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

My impression is that the T-Rex should roar first, then the klaxons should sound and voice over after a second or two. They should be a response to the T-Rex.

It's just an enhanced version of the original one. It works perfectly with the dmd animations and Gameplay.

#1973 4 years ago
Quoted from jim5six:

I am having a problem getting my JP playfield incline set. I have 30.5 inch legs all around and with the leg levelers on the front set as low as they can go (jam nuts removed and levelers bottomed out on leg) and the rear levelers set as high as they can go (just one turn of threads above leg material) I can only get 7 degrees of incline. I would like to find out if this is normal or maybe the front legs should be the shorter 28 inch variety? Yes, my floor is level, I checked that first. I am not trusting the built in levels, I am using something better. I am measuring directly on the playfield surface. Any help is appreciated.

Only 7°? That's pretty much all you want usually. You could get longer leg levelers if the short once are in there.

#1974 4 years ago
Quoted from GRB1959:

Definitely take Mark up on his offer as his JP plastic scans are the same scans that were used by Pinbits to create the JP plastic protector sets and they turned out very nice.

Got 'em.

Is anyone willing to make or share a scan of the "Raptors Danger" plastic and the Plastic that is riveted around the T-Rex? That would make it complete.

I'm planing on getting the set vectorized. This might get us somewhere...without promising anything at this point.

#1976 4 years ago

Awesome. Thanks!

#1978 4 years ago
Quoted from jim5six:

I like the play at 7 degrees, yes but it doesn't seem right that i am at the end of my adjust-ability at 7 degrees. Why do they show an 8 and a 9 degree on the apron if they are unreachable? I do have the long levelers in the back

Actually have the same problem. Back all the way out. Front all the way in. I think i have the short levellers though.

I totally forgot the gate. I don't have rivets or the tools. Anyone willing to get that plastic out and scan it?

#1981 4 years ago
Quoted from GRB1959:

Maybe these two will help.

Awesome Gord. thank you very much!

Okay. Only the gate left!

#1983 4 years ago
Quoted from jim5six:

Thanks Gord,
If I put shorter legs all around I would have the same results since that's lowering both front and back. Thank you however for the measurements. I like knowing how games came "factory".

My jp has the long legs.

#1984 4 years ago

I have good and bad news. Bad news: I will not make the plastics. Good news: Someone else will release JP plastics officially. Yay. Can't go into any detail but it will not take too long.

#1988 4 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

PBD or B&T A if it's in Germany?

As I said... no details yet. Sorry.

#1989 4 years ago

Reorchestration is at 400 files (instead of 222 originally) now. I actually did watch JP2 and 3 for you guys. You seriously owe me something. These movies are terrible and just gave me a handfull of useful samples.

If anyone wants to help out (you will need a pinsound board!) hit me up.


Scrolling through the left SFX it's mostly beep sounds, build ups, sweeps etc... until now I don't really see a reason replacing them with other beep sounds so they may as well stay.

#1997 4 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

If a plastic set is in the offing, hopefully that means repro playfields are now possible licensing wise. JP has to be the most beaten up modern machine out there on average (given that Funhouse PFs and bits are made) ... years and years of being trashed on route, and never any repro parts or pfs produced. Maybe Mirco could do a JP pf ...

Don't think it will happen. Look at all the actors and things from jp on the pf. You need licences for each one of them. Take a look at the plastics. They're neutral, except for the gate which has jurassic park written on them. Whole different story.

1 week later
#2046 4 years ago

If anyone cares:

I'm waiting on Pinsound to step in to fix something in the firmware before I can show off something. I'm pretty far with the mix and it is a lot of fun. (I think)

I really hope you guys will like it as much.

2 weeks later
#2129 4 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

@Endprodukt (guy doing Pinsound mix for JP) said he had some good news re: plastics, which he'd share soon ... hope that means one of the German repro makers is going to do a run.

Yes. Never said it's going to be a set or anything, though. I'd be surprised if they wouldn't do most of the plastics but we'll see that.

2 weeks later
#2150 4 years ago

First preview of my reorchestration....please excuse my bad playing!

#2153 4 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Any plans to use the "welcome to jurassic park" from the movie for the beginning of a game?
VERY VERY cool. Still so jelly of your side rails and lock down bar. Really digging the blade decals too.

Hey dude, thanks. Of course that line IS in there. You just heared one of 5 or 6 different options If you later want to only have that line, you simply delete all the other files in that folder.

Quoted from aobrien5:

Looks like one of the nicest JP's around, that's for sure. Sounds were awesome! Some of the music seems to be a little too soothing for the parts where it was used, but I know it's a work in progress. It's just soo jarring hearing all of that after being so used to the regular sounds.

Nah, it's not as nice in real life, believe me. The guy who did the decals didn't really care too much about doing it right. Most plastics have a crack.

About the music: It won't change. Why? Well... welcome to John Williams work for JP. I DID take the fastest pieces of the OST from the First movies. It's really really slow in general. I never had such problems finding good parts of the OST to use with the Pin, but this one wasn't as easy. There isn't that much soundtrack actually and the whole thing is rather slow. Also, I did try to use music for the pins modes that are actually connected to the movies - not an easy task. Also, I didn't use music from the others movies - this is a JP1 pin, the only JP that should atually exist as a movie.

#2155 4 years ago

All the original samples are in there. The original game has a very low count of voice samples. I tripled that with samples that fit the situation.

#2161 4 years ago

Feel free to replace everything as you whish.

#2163 4 years ago

Everyone who has a board can hit me up for the files. I will need a picture of your board + username. Would like some help for final touches.

1 week later
#2195 4 years ago
Quoted from TimeWarp1:

Having since gotten my JP and rebuilding the flippers I've been putting a ton of plays on this pin. I have the latest code v6.00 and I've noticed at the skill shot the raptor doesn't randomize his "return" pattern at all. The initial left to right pass is random but I've noticed the raptor always goes right to left without stopping. Anybody else notice this?

It stops rarely. It does happen though.

#2212 4 years ago
Quoted from Camvr2013:

Added the EGG!! Painted it using acrylic and then threw a few layers of clear coat on it to -hopefully- prevent flaking/chipping. Thanks for the direction on purchasing through Mezel!

Great job! Let is know if the clear holds up.

I'm waiting on some more voice samples. I think that i will redo a lot of the beep data east sounds they used through many machines...it's just a matter of what to use to replace beeps they are what they are.

1 week later
#2274 4 years ago


I have a "writers block" on my JP Reorchestration with some of the SFX that is so unbearable random - Slingshots for example. What would you guys imagine to be cool for slingshot sfx?

We allready have different "shots" and "explosions" for the bumpers. We have many many many dinosaurs. The only thing I can think off right now is different versions of the Raptor-Shout (not the high pitched but the rather low ones). Any suggestions?

#2289 4 years ago
Quoted from rooky79:

Hey guys,
Wondering if someone could help. I stumbled across somebody that has updated the ROMs to V.6 and someone working on new sounds/tunes.
Does anyone know if the V.6 ROMs will work with the new sound ROMs and if so does anyone know when it will all be released?
Then I don't have an EPROM burner so will anybody be making these chips for sale and where to buy them from

I doubt anyone is actually updating the music on the roms but with a pinsound board that you will need.

#2294 3 years ago
Quoted from rooky79:

Ah right a Pinsound board.
Sorry I'm a bit green with the workings of a pin's insides. what's one of those then?


It replaces the Soundboard.

#2300 3 years ago

Raptor is cool for slings. Just some sounds left.

1 week later
#2317 3 years ago
Quoted from outcida:

I have one for my GI and it makes a world of difference! Really nice dimming effects!

Jp has dimming effects? Thought the relay is just on and off?

1 week later
#2348 3 years ago

Good news.... I think some of you guys wan't some JP plastic sets if I remember correctly....


#2350 3 years ago
Quoted from ChadH:

Very nice! Can anyone vouch for the quality of these plastics? I have never ordered from this website.

I ordered and payed - you may want to wait a few days until you order then.

#2357 3 years ago

I will let you guys know!

#2365 3 years ago

Got my set today.

It is missing the upper right corner and comes with the orange slings.

First: These are NOT screen printed but I think they look really good. I wouldn't say perfect as you can't get the colors 100% right but I really really couldn't care less.


Please keep in mind I made that picture through the glass. I don't know why the dot in the lower left is red on the repro. The yellow looks far more off than it does in reality.

I'm a shitty photographer but here is a closeup of the Raptor plastic in the back so you can get an idea of the quality:


#2367 3 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

Thanks for sharing. How well does light shine through them?
It's disappointing that it's not a full set. I wonder why they left out the corner piece.

Me too. No logical reason to let it out. Maybe we can talk them into it before you guys overseas order.

Whish they'd put in the blue slingshots aswell. I didn't put them in yet so I can't say anything about the lightning but I feel like they are made solidly. I'll make a comparison.

#2368 3 years ago

Ok guys, have to be honest here... they don't look right with lights on.

I wanted them to be good. I had bad luck with prints made by Pinball Center and this is another one. They really should try and get this stuff right.

I really hope I can return the whole set as I took off the protective film of 4 plastics to show them to you

Original right sling: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mazg16k0t9t07lt/2016-06-25%2023.11.21.jpg?dl=0
Repro: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w2e1yre8zgnl1se/2016-06-25%2023.13.46.jpg?dl=0

The difference is much bigger in reality. Sorry guys.

#2370 3 years ago

I still think they're an option for stuff that isn't lit and if your plastics are a complete mess.

#2372 3 years ago
Quoted from BobC:

"Fudge"! I just checked and those plastics are already shipped. $200 to the USA...
I guess I'll refuse delivery / ask for a refund.
Unless somebody here wants them at a discount from me?
I've gotten speaker panels and decals from them and they were fine.
I didn't expect crappy plastics : (
From what I've read about making your own plastics, it would have just been a matter of touching up the scans using a computer. Bummer.

Graphics are good that they used. It's the way they're printed.

#2375 3 years ago

You didn't touch them do you have every right to return them. I hope they'll let me return them after removing some of the protective film.

#2380 3 years ago

They will take them back immediately. They said they've talked to the print factory and they said a thicker coat of the white layer could help. I think they'll just get darker - it's simply not the same as screened prints.

I'm just as disapointed as you. I asked if they are going to sell them as single plastics because I'd love to have the shooter lane plastic because mine is broken. Nope. Well...

#2382 3 years ago
Quoted from Bugsy:

Any ideas or recommendations for protecting the T-Rex saucer? Not the plastic saucer that is screwed in from the bottom, but the routed wood area around it. The left edge is starting to wear on mine. I was thinking about taping around it and spraying it with some triple thick to protect that area. Any thoughts, good or bad?

Clearcoat or mylar.

#2390 3 years ago
Quoted from BobC:

For what it's worth pinballcenter has Congo blades that would look good on JP
But then again they still want me to pay expensive shipping both ways ($43 each way) if I return their = missing 4 pieces, improperly printed / will not match originals, and bootleg JP plastics "set"...

I doubt they are bootleged. What makes you think that?

#2396 3 years ago
Quoted from BobC:

Stern owns the Data East rights, I doubt they would have approved crap-tastic plastics
Anyways, the box has arrived and I'll look at them and decide how to proceed

Judging by what is sold as "licensed" I don't think the copyright owners care too much about quality (wms and stern).

Also we have pretty strict copyright laws in Germany. Selling copyrighted material without license could pretty much mean closing your shop.

Also, i got offered to talk to Stern about a production run of plastics. As long as money flows, they don't care too much I'd say.

#2400 3 years ago
Quoted from BobC:

The Bally / Williams items made or approved by Planetary, the aftermarket parts for various brands of pins you can buy on Marco, or PBR Gottlieb products tend to be very good quality in my opinion. Not not to mention places like CPR, or the folks (I can't remember who is now the official people) who make repro B/W ramps tend to do outstanding jobs too. Maybe we just have a confusion about what licensed means?
I do believe Stern does care about quality. Folks can correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought some of the wait for the 6.0 JP ROMs was review / approval by Stern?

I had shitty licensed WMS apron decals, translites, plastics, cabinet decals, ramps and others.

Stern quality: Cabinet decals falling off, ghosting inserts, fixes by the community for stuff that simply fails to work, code... the list goes on.

#2404 3 years ago

Yeah. Stern owns the rights for data east.

4 months later
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