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6 years ago

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Post #63 Data East / JP Ball Trough fix (#7) [Video] Posted by ChadH (6 years ago)

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#300 5 years ago

They will work fine, unless you have a ball screaming back to the flipper off of the raptor pit, then the flipper will drop and not re-flip unless you fix the EOS switch.

#304 5 years ago

This is the autolaunch solenoid vs a standard shooter. Narrow plastic tip is correct.

9 months later
#972 4 years ago

I'm really impressed with the JP and TFTC rewrites. Perhaps a little more communication from now on would ease some speculation on progress. Maybe just a post that says "still here" every 4 or 5 months or something. I left it a long time ago figuring it was dead, good thing the thread was bumped again or I would have no idea. Otherwise your work is nothing short of spectacular, and hope you continue on with it. I'll be installing both of these updates in our games, that's for sure.

#989 4 years ago

Burning code now!

#991 4 years ago

Is anyone else having trouble with the T-Rex diagnostics not being skipped when holding the trigger button?

#1003 4 years ago

I like the touch he added when the ball kicks out of the bunker scoop. The corresponding CHAOS letter for that scoop (C) will flash before the ball is kicked out. Much like the lightning bolt flashers in Addams Family. Very nice!

#1027 4 years ago
Quoted from Slim64:

His right wire form is different than mine as well. Always wished I could add a rubber stop, so it doesn't shoot out the side and over the sling plastic.

I have this problem. Does anyone have a solution?

#1033 4 years ago

Awesome idea. I'll have to give that a go.

#1048 4 years ago

Is the egg captive ball supposed to be ceramic? I never knew that.

#1074 4 years ago

Do you have plans to do any other Data East games? If so Hook would be my official vote. That game is pretty broken... left ramp is basically the only shot worth going for in the whole game. Pirate's extra ball is so easy it's stupid. Skull award shots are backwards from what you would expect. Callouts are kind of annoying (random voice plays every time you hit an inlane switch for example and service menu is really irritating). Don't really know of any bugs though but those are just a few areas that could use improvement.

#1084 4 years ago
Quoted from ChadH:

Need to get my hands in a Hook. Know anyone near me with one who is willing to lend?

Might want to put up a WTB ad and see if anyone local is willing to lend for the time being. Who knows, if you end up doing something great with it they may change their mind about selling.

#1092 4 years ago

CPU ROM goes in position 4C on driver board.


Display ROM goes in position 0 on display driver board.


Orient the ROM with the notch in the same position as the old one, very important!

3 weeks later
#1318 4 years ago
Quoted from ChadH:

Need to get my hands in a Hook. Know anyone near me with one who is willing to lend?

If you find a Hook, the service menu has several issues...

#1320 4 years ago

Maybe the flipper PCB?

1 week later
#1376 4 years ago

I installed a SmartDMD and modified winteriscoming's palette. I basically made the yellow and red a little less saturated and added a subtle sandstone color to the white. This ties all the warm colors together while still being light enough to be used for highlights. I got the idea from the engraved Jurassic Park logo on the playfield. The camera does not pick this up but it shows in the last photo.


#1381 4 years ago

Yep, replace that switch between the two scoops.

#1384 4 years ago

Before you go buying stuff it may just be out of adjustment. See if the ball is depressing the switch low enough to click. Use a ball, not your fingers. Go into switch test as well.

#1395 4 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

I was going to put a colorDMD in mine. But this seems like a much better idea since they will prob never color JP. How difficult was it to set this up with smartDMD?


Relatively easy.

#1402 4 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

Crash, this uses just 5V/12V vs high voltage like the DMD, right? I was thinking of going this route when the HV leg of my power supply went bad. I chose the more direct route of replacing the supply for ~$100. DMD was fine.
I really like the color pallet you picked. Looks great!

Correct, no high voltage at all involved. It will work if your high voltage power supply is out. Where did you find a board that cheap? Is it a Rottendog?

2 months later
#1615 4 years ago

I have scans of a lot of plastics, PM me for link.

#1617 4 years ago

PM sent.

#1636 4 years ago

Are you sure "spitter mode" was not used prior to 6.00? I used to hear it all the time with the old code.

#1647 4 years ago

Shot with my Sony camera at 60fps. Running Chad's code update. Turned out nice! Watch the whole thing, interesting ending.

#1650 4 years ago

Yeah I hit the smart missile button a fraction of a second too late. Extra ball was lit!

#1669 4 years ago

I had this issue on another game, the solution was to reseat the 12v power connector on the sound board. The speakers were cutting out independently so I figured the amps were shutting down due to a poor 12v connection. That's just a temporary fix though, the connector and header pins would ultimately need to be replaced.

3 weeks later
2 weeks later
#1819 4 years ago

Very interesting! Maybe the new speakers have a high pass filter?

#1821 4 years ago

Interesting, by weak do you mean not very active or just active but sluggish? Cleaning the switch contacts and adjusting the gap won't affect the solenoid power, just make them more active.

#1831 4 years ago

Awesome news! Keep in mind that Chad's Jurassic Park code update makes use of several new callouts.

#1840 4 years ago

I also heard Williams spoons work very well. Which is nice considering you only need to stock one type of part for Williams, Data East, and Sega.

#1845 4 years ago

Isn't the announcer John Arnold from the movie? There are various other game-specific quotes from other actors.

#1852 4 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Geez, even more! Not sure I NEED that GI maestro though for $115....
Updated Code: $0 (thanks chad)
Trex - $400
Updated Gate - $80/$280 depending on which you go with
Updated Sound - $99 for FF speakers, $340 for PS board
Color DMD (maybe) - $399
Wow, if you pick up a decent example of JP for $2500, add all these mods, you're potantially sitting on a $4018....and I was just taking a stab at the price, lol. Almost spot on! $1518 worth of mods...wow. This hobby man....really sucks you dry if you let it, ha.

Don't forget LED OCD and all LEDs.

#1854 4 years ago

It's the standard solid state era flipper size.

#1861 4 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

"Hold onto your butts" should be when system boot starts. Where does it play now? Dont think Ive heard it!

I know it's at least used when you drain.

#1885 4 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

Isn't there a "Shutting Down" also for a drain?

John Arnold:
"All security systems are shutting down."
"Hold onto your butts."

Quoted from InfiniteLives:

"ohhh a raptor got him!"
"ohhh a trex got him!"

The T-Rex quote is only for the match screen. Also "Oh no, it's T-Rex!" per the code update.

#1887 4 years ago

Yes that's the match quote.

#1889 4 years ago

"Oh, a raptor got him." was also added by Chad when you drain.

#1897 4 years ago

You need a PinSound board.

#1900 4 years ago

Thumper ready, yep. Happens when you taze the raptor in the skill shot or during play.

#1902 4 years ago

If by "clunk" you mean satisfying shots then my top shots for the clunk factor are the T-Rex, raptor pit, control room, and boat dock. With the T-Rex and control room shots if you have strong flippers the ball really plunks in there, with the raptor you often get a lot of rattle-outs from bricked shots, and the boat dock is satisfying especially if you ride the ball guide perfectly.

#1949 4 years ago

Yeah I just make my own.

1 week later
#1992 4 years ago

These are GI lamps, so no diodes.

#1994 4 years ago

Baywatch also does this, and I'm sure others do too.

1 week later
#2005 4 years ago

There is a bug in the "limit extra ball" setting. If you adjust the extra ball limit below three (the factory setting) the game will appear to award you additional extra balls though they will not actually be added to the count. I played a game that was set to two EB max and got a third extra ball that had no effect. I adjusted the game back to the factory setting since this isn't fair.

#2010 4 years ago

Chad's v6.00.

#2013 4 years ago

Figured he would see it here. To be honest it's not a big deal, just don't change the factory EB limit if you're running v6.00 on location.

#2020 4 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

I'm not sure that's exactly the issue here. My friend was playing, so I wasn't exactly paying attention to all that he was doing, but knew that the Extra ball sound seemed out of place. He was having a good game I remember, and he had already gotten the lit extra ball, and the replay extra ball. He's never been a good enough, and accurate enough shot to do the ramp that many times. I tried to find an explanation to it, but couldn't see where that Extra ball came from. But, I'm not 100% sure, he may have gotten that extra ball. Or we may have forgotten how many he should have had, since I know he got the lit extra ball, and the replay value extra ball on the same ball.
Not saying there is a bug, and maybe it should have been a legit extra ball, but just know there's been at least one time I couldn't explain where the extra ball tone came from.

This is a separate discussion, we're talking about what happens when you are "awarded" an extra ball beyond the extra ball limit set in the adjustments. I have never noticed any extra balls out of place though. I was assuming this was a bug that was present in the original code that wasn't seen/fixed in v6.00 but I didn't realize the player gets points instead of the additional EB. That makes complete sense as I didn't notice my score had changed. Still, I don't want to mislead good players so I set it back to 3 on this particular game. Evidently I've never gotten 4 extra balls which is why I recently noticed it after bringing the limit down a peg.

#2036 4 years ago

It's needed to operate the backbox coffin lock.


#2038 4 years ago

Dang it I meant to say the allen nuts holding the backbox lock in.

#2040 4 years ago

I just had the strangest thing happen! I was playing raptor two-ball with smart missile, tri-ball, control room, and Mr. DNA lit. I used the smart missile right when the second ball drained. This starts tri-ball, super egg mania, and Mr. DNA. However, all of these modes started stepping all over each other. First of all Mr. DNA appears on screen briefly with the super egg mania music playing, then the screen goes back to SEM. I last shot the ball into the control room scoop when I used the smart missile. The ball does not eject from the bunker and tri-ball does not start until I blindly select a Mr. DNA award. Then everything else starts as normal, but there's more.

Multiball starts with the SEM music playing and "tri-ball ready" on the display. And eventually SEM doesn't end until I end multiball, meaning I could have simply went for the egg as long as I had 3 balls in play! I got a (shaky) video that shows what was going on. I just think the same routine that ends multiball also ends super egg mania and other modes so instead of ending via the timer, it ends via draining the balls. Never seen anything like this and I'm not saying it's because of Chad's code, I'm sure it's just a race condition I timed just right. I was almost getting into system failure/switch 28 territory, that was friggin' nuts!!

#2053 4 years ago

Incandescents are awesome for GI. They fade, no hotspots, they have excellent side spread, they don't flicker, they don't break like LEDs, they're cheap, and require no modification to your game to get things looking good. I just wish the sockets were removable from the bottom.

#2065 4 years ago
Quoted from hawk370:

I have an ad in the marketplace for them.

Maybe talk about it there?

#2080 4 years ago


1 week later
#2109 4 years ago


1 month later
#2182 4 years ago

Correct, the band of the diode will point towards the hot side of the coil. But please don't power up until you're absolutely sure.

1 week later
#2215 4 years ago

Your lower left flipper needs to be aligned.

#2218 4 years ago


#2246 4 years ago

Wow you just got it home now you're thinking of selling it? Back up for a sec, the problem can easily be fixed. Display doesn't work now? Check all connectors going between display and power supply/CPU board. Something must have rattled loose.

#2267 4 years ago

Close-up video of four balls on JP! Sexy T-Rex ball-eating action! Watch at 1080p 60fps.

1 year later
#3818 2 years ago
Quoted from indianchief:

Hay Tim:
Put me down for a sigh also. Relay a nice addition.


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