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Post #63 Data East / JP Ball Trough fix (#7) [Video] Posted by ChadH (7 years ago)

Post #98 Jurassic Park Ford Explorer [External Article] Posted by blondetall (7 years ago)

Post #138 Ball not entering gate at pop bumpers Posted by accidental (6 years ago)

Post #159 Creation Of Jurassic Park’s CGI Dinos [Article / Video] Posted by blondetall (6 years ago)

Post #162 Link to Loop Combo Scoop Mod Thread Posted by InfiniteLives (6 years ago)

Post #182 Link to CRT Mod Thead Posted by CraZyMuffin (6 years ago)

Post #209 Custom Apron Cards Posted by Pinballocks (6 years ago)

Post #322 Playfield Back Wood-Block acrylic mod Posted by smerff (6 years ago)

Post #357 Switch Matrix / Random No Target Scoring Bug Posted by ChadH (6 years ago)

Post #374 Link to Shaker Problem Thread Posted by aobrien5 (6 years ago)

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#63 7 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

My current theory is that the switch button itself (not the arm) is gummed up and providing too much resistance for a slow rolling ball to depress it.

Good theory. Replace the switch.

See similar switch issue here:

3 weeks later
#93 7 years ago

There is no Date/Time setting in JP.

#96 7 years ago

That's the date the rom was released.

5 months later
#173 6 years ago
Quoted from rviguet:

I am adding a 12V LED strip to my Jurassic Park while I have it apart for a shop job. I would like to find a connector with 12V that I can make a patch cable to go between so I can tap into the 12V, but leave it easily reversible. Does anyone have a suggestion of a connector that carries 12V and would be easy to make a short patch cable for? The fewer the number of connections, the easier it would be to make the patch cable. I spent some time looking through the schematics, but nothing really jumped off the page as a good candidate.

Doesn't get much easier than this:

Also, completely reversible.

2 weeks later
#183 6 years ago

Anyone here going to Pinball Life Open House tomorrow? If so, check out the Jurassic Park there. It is running my code update. (Not available for distribution yet.)

1 month later
#213 6 years ago

Do you know what this world needs? A better replacement for the Gate that goes on the ramp!

There is so much room for improvement here.

Has anyone come up with a better alternative?


#248 6 years ago

The Mantis ones are much nicer as they have 4 screws per bracket.

2 weeks later
#281 6 years ago
Quoted from rviguet:

When I first got my JP it would say "T-Rex got'em" after the match sequence. There was some discussion on RGP about what settings made it say that, and I don't recall anyone ever posting a solution to making this happen. After I changed my batteries a few years back, it stopped saying "T-Rex got'em" and would just say "How about another tour of the park". Despite me having written down the settings, I was never able to get it set to say "T-Rex got'em" after the match sequence.
I was putting everything together today after having torn down my machine to shop it, and I gave it some service credits (despite it being on free play) when I was in diagnostics. Now it is back to saying "T-Rex got'em" after the match sequence. Apparently that is the phrase to let you know it still has credits after a game has finished.
I thought I would post this in case others were as baffled as I was trying to figure this out.

When a match is not achieved, if there is no credits (or game is on Free Play) then game will play descending notes sound effect. If there are credits then game will play “Ohh, T-Rex got him” sound call.

#283 6 years ago

Thanks oopsallberrys! You said it better than I just said it... by quoting me.

1 week later
#303 6 years ago
Quoted from Renouart:

the rod itself is plastic

That's odd. I've never seen a plastic rod. Always metal.

#305 6 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

This is the autolaunch solenoid vs a standard shooter. Narrow plastic tip is correct.

Oh, duh! Nevermind...

1 month later
#325 6 years ago
Quoted from smerff:

I recently saw someone post that they had replaced the black wood at the back of the machine with acrylic so I decided to do the same. Looks great. Let me know if you need any tips about doing this as its easy to crack the acrylic.

If someone were to cut acrylic just like that for JP, then I'd be interested in buying one.

#330 6 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

A new/old issue I thought to ask for help on;
My JP is working quite good, except 2 issues:
1. It seems to have a problem with the VUK on putting balls into play in multiball.
I get tri-ball, and it sometimes spit all balls out, sometimes jsut two balls.
When those two balls drain, it does not realize it hasnt kicked out the last ball lying in the VUK. I have to open the door and manually push the VUK-coil up for the ball to come into play. We are having a tournament next friday and I really want to have this fixed until them.
Anyone with the same problem/ some experience on this issue?
JP does not have optos, so I really dont know what is the problem. And the ball is always lying in the VUK, it just seems that it doesnt understand that theres a ball in the VUK, which it is supposed to kick into the plunger lane.
2. Last thing which was new and happened this evening, the autoplunger suddenly did not manage to kick the ball out from the plunger lane. It was if it did not have enough strengt, and it kicked the ball like 10-20 cms up, and then it fell down again and so it went on. After 10-15 tries it managed to get the ball out of the plunger lane but with poor strength. any idea/similar experience?

Here is the possible solution for #1:

2 weeks later
#357 6 years ago
Quoted from acebathound:

I haven't read through this whole thread, but just wondering if anyone's had their Jurassic Park randomly freak out during a game and start scoring all crazy points and flipping through different modes on the DMD and it doesn't stop until the ball drains. Keeps repeating stuff like DINO DINO DINO DINO DINO DNA DINO DINO. The first time it happened I thought it was part of the game like I hit some Jackpot.. and later realized it was a bug Once the ball drains everything goes back to normal. I had read somewhere that this may be a ramp switch sticking and possibly some bug in the game code.. but thought I'd ask if anyone else had that happen before I dig into my own JP. It's really the only thing that's kept me from enjoying the game.

Oh wow! I am so glad you brought this up.

I know EXACTLY what is happening!

Congratulations... you found a bug in the code! But it's not a bug that anyone would ever see in a perfectly functioning game.

I came across this while working on the code update.

Here is the switch matrix for Jurassic Park:


The one I have highlighted is "Not Used". It would be Switch 28. But there is nothing hooked to this in the matrix. So a perfectly functioning game would never have this switch activate. The only way this switch would activate is if there is a problem in the switch matrix. Most likely a diode issue somewhere in ROW 4 or COLUMN 4.

As you can see, there are other "Not Used" switches (switch 8, 30, 51, 54, and 62). But if something were to trigger those, nothing would ever happen. Why? Because the code tells it to basically ignore those switches. But why does triggering Switch 28 cause the game to freak out? Because the code actually tells the game to go to an illogical place in the program when that switch is activated. So the game basically freaks out until the ball drains.

I am so glad this is happening to you. Why? Because I came across this exact bug while working on the JP code update... I figured no one would ever see this so I forgot about it. But now that you guys are mentioning that you have seen this actually happen in your game, I am going to update it so it will never happen and it will ignore Switch 28 always... just like it ignores all the other unused switches.

So what should you do in the meantime? Look closely at all the diodes on all the switches in ROW 4 and COLUMN 4. Somewhere in there you will probably find a problem such as a bad diode or a short.

2 months later
#499 6 years ago


Looking good.

#505 6 years ago
Quoted from GoodToBeDad:

Hey, Chad. Your game looks great! I really like the T-Rex. Did you have any trouble installing the gate?

No troubles at all.

Quoted from InfiniteLives:

Chad, your T Rex is so freaking awesome!

This is the T-Rex being made by Winteriscoming. Yes... it is awesome! Read more about it here:

#510 6 years ago

Here is a video of GoodToBeDad's ramp Gate mod... but being controlled by a PIG 2.

Why control it with a PIG 2??? I mentioned this in another thread but I'll paste it here:

The problem with the lamps on the JP gate are that they are off all the time. The only time they ever come on is to flash with Bone Busting mode and with Victory mode. Other than that, they are off. Even in attract mode, they stay off.

Here's where the PIG 2 comes in. The PIG 2 is highly customizable. One of the functions it can do is "invert" an output. This means that when something is on, it is inverted to be off... and when something is off, it is inverted to be on.

This is PERFECT for the JP gate lamps. Now, instead of the lamps always being off, they are on... and when the Bone Busting or Victory mode are played, they flash off and on (instead of on and off, but same result).

And this is just using one of the INs and one of the OUTs of the PIG 2. There are three more INs and three more OUTs plus two servo controllers (perfect for controlling a movable gate door?) for other mods.

#513 6 years ago
Quoted from Daniml:

What, no back lit banner? Slacker!

Challenge accepted. Lit banner and back plastic.


1 month later
#552 5 years ago
Quoted from smerff:

Does anyone know where to get one of these?

This is a custom toy. Was not mass produced.


1 week later
#569 5 years ago
Quoted from Darscot:

I think it lights when the mode is on then flashes as soon as the ball lands there, I cant remember exactly I'll have to check when I get home, but it does whatever the red light does.

The lamp on top of the T-Rex box will only ever flash or be off... or be part of the playfield light show. I don't think there is ever a time where it is lit solid.

It will flash during Feed T-Rex mode, and it will flash when Tri-Ball is ready, and it will flash after the CHAOS part of multiball when you are supposed to shoot the T-Rex.

By the way, this lamp is tied to the T-Rex insert on the map portion of the center of the playfield. That insert and the T-Rex box will always light together.

The idea of putting a bright LED under the T-Rex saucer is a great one. I need to do this too!

#598 5 years ago
Quoted from GRB1959:

I am confused though as the single lamp tests do not test the left/right in-lane lamps which are for the 'Lite Dock' and 'Lite ADV. X' inserts.
These two inserts seem to be lit all the time. Am I missing something here or is this normal?

This is normal. These two lamps are part of the GI... they are not part of the lamp matrix. Will always be on whenever the GI is on.

#614 5 years ago
Quoted from GRB1959:

On page 27 of the JP manual it lists where switch #59 resides (near the right ramp entrance and entrance to the Raptor Pit). I checked both on top and below the playfield in this general area and cannot find the T-Rex Trough switch.

Switch 59 would be underneath the playfield inside the plastic trough that leads away from the T-Rex.

#617 5 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

Do you know off hand if that switch even does anything?
The scoring would be based off of the saucer in front of the t-rex, the game would know the ball was picked up based on the saucer, and it knows to eject the ball from the subway based on the VUK switch... an eaten ball doesn't roll over the control room switch in the subway, right?

Looks like the only thing that switch really does is score 250,000 points. Nothing more.

1 week later
#691 5 years ago
Quoted from GRB1959:

I checked out Cointaker and there are many different types of LED's so I am not sure which ones would work the best with your JP light scoop mod. I am thinking the 555 YELLOW and 555 GREEN super LED's shown in the URL below would be a good fit with your YELLOW version of the icons. Can we split a set up and get two YELLOW icons and one BLUE (for the bunker)?

My recommendation is Cool White and let the natural colors of the Scoop Mod shine through. That's how I did it.

2 weeks later
#793 5 years ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

when shooting the dinosaur that comes across the screen net you anything? is it worth taking a hand off the flipper button? I don't think its worth many points

Successfully shooting the dinosaur is worth 3 million and activates Super Pops. That is how it scores in version 5.x.

2 weeks later
#824 5 years ago
Quoted from smoke:

you sure about that?

Adjustment 33 - Coils Pulse

Normal, Hard, or Soft

Hard increases strength by 12.5%. Soft decreases strength by 12.5%

2 weeks later
#869 5 years ago
Quoted from JeffA:

Anyone else ever have music from Chaos stay on after the five extra balls have drained (so only one is left in play and Chaos is over)? This has happened to me multiple times. The only way it stops is when the last ball drains. Just curious if this is a known bug.

I believe this is by design. Star Wars and Tales From The Crypt also do this. I am not familiar with any other Data East game. Star Wars plays the Throne Room song after you get Tri-ball double jackpot and keeps playing it after multiball ends and up until you drain. Tales From The Crypt plays its Double Jackpot song after you achieve it during multiball and up until you drain. I think this is their way of saying "hey! this guy is awesome! he achieved awesomeness during multiball!"

2 weeks later
#876 5 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

Think I discovered a bug. I don't believe this was due to a faulty switch, because the game played like normal after the a drain.
But I know I did some things at coincidental times, and I think it confused the game. Part of it was Mr. DNA, and also getting tri-ball I think. But every single light on the playfield was flashing, and it kept acting like I was RAPIDLY firing shots up the ramp. It kept counting down the ramp shots, then would tell me EXTRA BALL IS LIT. It probably said extra ball 10 times in about 20-30 seconds. I hit the extra ball, and it only gave me 1.
But it was weird. After the drain, everything back to normal. The ramp switches weren't activated. So I think it was a bug. But boy it was a crazy bug. Machine went haywire.

Here is what happened:

3 weeks later
#950 5 years ago

If you own a Jurassic Park and an EPROM programmer and you would like to patch your own personal game then go here:


Instructions are provided for you to do this. Do not contact me to purchase ROMs as I cannot sell them.

There is a full list of changes available on the website as well.

#952 5 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Is the main thread for the code gone? Can't find it.

Best to just discuss it here.

#954 5 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

K. It's slightly unclear from the patch notes, but I assume "None" on electric fence mode and "Feed T-Rex" mean that there's no longer a fixed time limit, not that the modes are gone.

This just means that there are no changes to the rules in those two modes. Same timer and scoring as always.

#982 5 years ago

No adjustments have been made to the attract mode light show. Any lamps that didn't light in older versions will behave the same in the patched version.

Best way to test your lamps is via the lamp test in the Diagnostics.

#992 5 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

Is anyone else having trouble with the T-Rex diagnostics not being skipped when holding the trigger button?

It will not work until you have played at least one full game. I should note that in the change log.

#1017 5 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

Anyone else completely obsessed with this pin as much as I am? heh. No. Okay.

It is a great time to be a Jurassic Park owner. Lots of new excitement with all these mods around this game.

#1040 5 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

I know the game inside and out.


The amount of knowledge Dan has about JP amazed me. His insight into the rules helped me immensely. Dan and I talked about most every aspect of the JP ruleset down to the minor details. Bouncing rule change ideas back and forth. I knew that if a change I made was approved by Dan then it was a good change. Many times I'd offer up a suggestion like "what if I change x to y" and often he'd come back with "how about it be y+z instead?" Dan was my reality check and ultimately the patch is as good as it is thanks to his guidance.

You can also thank his son for the fact that Shoot Again now flashes with the 10 second Ball Save at the start of each ball.

#1050 5 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

Is the egg captive ball supposed to be ceramic? I never knew that.

No. But it looks way better when it is.

I actually prefer an older, used, and slightly discolored ceramic one... looks even more like an egg.

#1078 5 years ago
Quoted from RussMyers:

thanks known in a more material fashion as well, but:


#1079 5 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

Do you have plans to do any other Data East games? If so Hook would be my official vote. That game is pretty broken... left ramp is basically the only shot worth going for in the whole game. Pirate's extra ball is so easy it's stupid. Skull award shots are backwards from what you would expect. Callouts are kind of annoying (random voice plays every time you hit an inlane switch for example and service menu is really irritating). Don't really know of any bugs though but those are just a few areas that could use improvement.

Need to get my hands in a Hook. Know anyone near me with one who is willing to lend?

#1114 5 years ago
Quoted from stangbat:

I've been able to get it to work coming out of diagnostics without playing a game first. I'll hold down the trigger before exiting, keep it held down until the game goes past the version info screens and into attract mode. T-Rex never moves.

You just have to have one game in your audit. Then it should work anytime thereafter.

Basically, the very first time you turn on the game after putting in the new ROM, it will not work. Play one game and then every time you turn on the game it should allow you to skip diagnostics if you hold down the trigger while the game is showing the version numbers... you have to keep holding it down until you get to the attract mode.

In fact, you only REALLY have to be holding it down the moment the game goes from showing the version info to showing attract mode. This means you can reach down with your right hand, turn on the game, then bring your right hand up to the trigger and hold it until attract mode starts.

#1117 5 years ago
Quoted from stangbat:

Ahh, I misunderstood your previous comment. I thought you meant it only worked after you had played one game each time the game was booted. I didn't realize it was after one game was on the books it works every time.

Yep. I've updated the guide on my website to clarify this functionality.

1 week later
#1217 5 years ago

Thanks to fellow Pinsider PBFan there is now available a nicely formatted and printer friendly version of the Jurassic Park (and Tales From The Crypt) Change Log on my web site. You can find the link at the bottom of the Guide page for Jurassic Park.


#1258 5 years ago

You've updated your game with the new 6.00 code and you are loving it?... then go update your rating!


1 week later
#1343 5 years ago
Quoted from NFK:

@goatdan: You are out.

Does this mean I am out too?

#1403 5 years ago
Quoted from NFK:

Another thing I noticed is that the raptor ball save isn't active in super egg mania at all. Is this on purpose to punish a missed shot cause the raptor is so close to the egg? It makes me want to play the mode less.

I think raptor pit ball save is not active for any multiball. Including Raptor 2-Ball. This is how the game has always been.

1 week later
#1460 5 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

Is this the intended support installation? Maybe I'll add a nylon panhead screw atop there to add some padding and dampen the rattling. Or, I'll deform the ramp ever so slightly to force a more positive contact with the support.

Mine has this. But it also has a screw in the top of it. I assume it's there for extra support. Maybe put a screw in it so it will press solidly against it and not rattle.

#1491 5 years ago
Quoted from phollibone:

I believe it's got 5.0.1 Edenecho

That's a known bug in 5.01. It is fixed in 5.13.

But really... you want 6.00. Read about it here: www.pinballcode.com

#1495 5 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

Superbright Red LED under the T-Rex saucer in a new socket, tied into the topside red T-Rex indicator lamp. I LOVE-LOVE this addition. Plainly evident when T-Rex shot is lit.

I still need to do this to mine!

1 week later
#1511 5 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

I just realized today that the raptor makes a sound everytime you press the flipper (I believe it's a raptor - some dino sound plays each time). It's starting to get on my nerves. Anyway to turn that off?

Your game should not do that. Is your game scoring points every time you flip? I am guessing you have a switch being incorrectly activated every time you flip. Check for a switch that need to be adjusted.

What version of the code are you running?

#1513 5 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

5.01. You know what? You're right - it is scoring everytime!! haha. Didn't even realize that. Based on this do you know what switch might be the best to start with...?

Go into switch test mode and hit the flippers and see what switch gets triggered.

Oh, and get v.6.00! www.pinballcode.com

#1515 5 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

"Spitter #3" top is the culprit.....after pressing the left flipper it says spitter #3 top after it says left flipper. Same with right (spitter #3 top). Any idea where that is? Maybe the kickout? How would I fix that?
Says green yellow white orange #27 below spitter #3...
EDIT - so I found the switch - it's the top red drop target of the three. No idea though how to fix it....

You need to adjust that switch. It needs to be spread apart slightly. Right now it is basically almost closed and when your machine vibrates from the flippers it is being activated. You should see the switch there behind the red target.

#1520 5 years ago

Updated display ROM is required.

#1522 5 years ago

The text is changed on a bunch of things like the Mr DNA awards. Also the scoring along the bottom of Raptor Rampage animation was tweaked. Minor stuff but it adds up. The CPU tells the video rom what to display but all the video data is stored in the video rom.

1 month later
#1614 5 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

The old code did it via the boat dock...it's only new for the "video" kill.

In the new code, it's actually a little better with the Boat Dock.

Lit Boat Dock

Original: Before first Tri-Ball, the lit Boat Dock shot will only collect one dinosaur species target even though physically hitting the same target would collect the whole group (for those that are in a group). After the first Tri-Ball, the lit Boat Dock will only collect one dinosaur species target.

Update: Before first Tri-Ball, the lit Boat Dock shot will collect the entire group of the dinosaur species targets to match the behavior had a ball hit the same target. After the first Tri-Ball, the lit Boat Dock will only collect one dinosaur species target.

Quoted from Slim64:

I believe the egg shot spotting the targets is new as well

Yep. Every time you get the Egg bonus you will also collect a dinosaur species.

1 shot to collect 5M and Species Target.
2 more shots to collect 10M and Species Target (or extra ball if the extra ball percentage achieved is low).
3 more shots to collect 15M and Species Target.
4 more shots to start Super Egg Mania.
4 more shots to collect 15M and Species Target.
4 more shots to collect 15M and Species Target.
4 more shots to collect 15M and Species Target.
4 more shots to start Super Egg Mania.
4 more shots to collect 15M and Species Target.
4 more shots to collect 15M and Species Target.
4 more shots to collect 15M and Species Target.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the new code can be found in the Guide on this website:

1 week later
#1634 5 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

I think you need the sound ROM re-burned too.

Sounds ROMs were untouched in v.6.00. Only the CPU and the DISPLAY ROM need to be patched.

#1637 5 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

Are you sure "spitter mode" was not used prior to 6.00? I used to hear it all the time with the old code.

Wasn't used in 5.13. Instead it would just play the sound of a spitter dinosaur at the start of the mode.

#1657 5 years ago

I suspect the problem lies with your TRex trough switch. Look closely at it.

1 week later
#1680 5 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Looks like Ill have my new software soon. USPS said out for delivery, then nothing for 3 days. Finally filed a report, and then it was magically in chicago for some reason. Now it is back at my local post office...hopefully making it to my house today or this week.
Cant wait to try the new code out!

Any luck yet?

3 weeks later
#1762 5 years ago

Looks great!

1 week later
#1826 5 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Spitter mode and Stampede - anyone else feel like these modes are a waste or am I doing it wrong? Seems very similar, just hitting random targets which likely result in drains.

For Spitter you want to hit the three red targets in the left side. For Stampede you can hit any target but your best shot is to put the ball into the pops.

#1847 5 years ago

I foresee a world where we have a Jurassic Park with:

1) Updated code (done!)
2) Updated T-Rex model (done!)
3) Updated ramp gate (done!)
4) Updated sound (in progress)
5) Color DMD (maybe? hopefully?)

Wow... a JP with all those things would be amazing!

#1866 5 years ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

the current hint on color dmds facebook page is a nod to a data east title imo

You mean the picture of Data pointing East?

#1877 5 years ago
Quoted from dendoc:

Anyone using the Chad code upgrade have problems with Tri-ball? Mine starts fine, plays well, but when last ball drains it still thinks there is a ball available, so does a ball search and finally launches another ball. Not sure if it's just my machine.

Time to repost this link.


#1891 5 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

For me they are $450 with CA tax/ship. They wont do them till all the themes that are top sellers are finished first. DE requires people to literally butcher and cut the DMD panel to get a colorDMD to fit as well an external power supply. Most collectors cant do this mod to get the colorDMD to fit, hence why we will never see DE colorDMD or at least not any time soon.

Dang, you picked the wrong week to make this prediction.

Gun N' Roses is confirmed as the next release.

#1903 5 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

Thumper ready, yep. Happens when you taze the raptor in the skill shot or during play.

"Thumper ready"... it means that Super Pops is lit for a limited time. I believe the Pop Bumpers are flashing until the Super Pops timer runs out. When Super Pops is active the Pop Bumpers are worth 100,000 and hitting all three is worth 1M.

#1906 5 years ago
Quoted from Endprodukt:

Thanks Chad. Your work is amazing.
thanks for making jp a great game instead of a good one!

Thanks! I'm looking forward to the results of your audio update.

#1953 5 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

I'd you're going with an LCD, I'd recommend going with DMD Extender or SmartDMD since they are cheaper and allow for custom color palettes.
I've had DMD Extender in my JP for a while now.
Also RGB LED panels are now available that fit exactly in place of the DMD without requiring alteration. There are a few threads here talking about them and a few people selling solutions.

But ColorDMD just released Guns N' Roses... which, surely, opens the flood gates for other Data East.

#1957 5 years ago

I am wondering how the physicality of Guns N Roses compares to that of JP in relation to adding a ColorDMD. Anyone know?

2 weeks later
#2015 5 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

There is a bug in the "limit extra ball" setting. If you adjust the extra ball limit below three (the factory setting) the game will appear to award you additional extra balls though they will not actually be added to the count. I played a game that was set to two EB max and got a third extra ball that had no effect. I adjusted the game back to the factory setting since this isn't fair.

If I recall correctly, if you've reached the extra ball limit and then you go to collect another, instead of getting an extra ball, the game will give you 10 Million.

So.. for example... if your game is set to a maximum of 2 extra balls and while you are playing.. you lite Extra Ball via the mode. You collect it. Now later on you pass the Replay award (and your award is set to Extra Ball). At this point you've collected 2 extra balls which is the limit. But then later in your game you pass the "20 ramp shots threshold" which will lite the Extra Ball lamp. Now when you make the Dock shot to collect it, instead of giving you an extra ball, you are awarded 10 Million.

The limit doesn't prevent Extra Ball from being lit... but it will prevent you from going over the limit and gives 10M in its place.

I think this is how it's always been and isn't new behavior in 6.00.

If someone want to test this... please do.

#2019 5 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

I'm not sure that's exactly the issue here. My friend was playing, so I wasn't exactly paying attention to all that he was doing, but knew that the Extra ball sound seemed out of place. He was having a good game I remember, and he had already gotten the lit extra ball, and the replay extra ball. He's never been a good enough, and accurate enough shot to do the ramp that many times. I tried to find an explanation to it, but couldn't see where that Extra ball came from. But, I'm not 100% sure, he may have gotten that extra ball. Or we may have forgotten how many he should have had, since I know he got the lit extra ball, and the replay value extra ball on the same ball.
Not saying there is a bug, and maybe it should have been a legit extra ball, but just know there's been at least one time I couldn't explain where the extra ball tone came from.

Could have been the Egg shot. That will lite extra ball on the third hit if extra ball percentage achieved is low.

2 weeks later
#2104 5 years ago
Quoted from daley:

So how many people have installed the Version 6 roms? What are your thoughts?

Read all the details here:

#2118 5 years ago
Quoted from jim5six:

I believe its the "Danger" light that flashes during ball save time.

I think you are correct. The Danger light right under the Raptor Pit.

#2128 5 years ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

Just to go back a little on the unofficial 6.0 Roms
Thank you so much Chad without you this would not have been possible! I guess all the others enjoying your work is great, but it wasn't mentioned so thank you for your effort!
Job more than well done!

My pleasure.

1 month later
#2225 4 years ago
Quoted from sulakd:

Hoping someone has had this problem and can point me in the right direction. Sometimes after a multiball (maybe 1/3 times) the game does not register that all balls have drained. No matter how long I wait, the game does not "search" for a missing ball either. I opened the front door when it was doing this, and I noticed that of the six rolling switches in the trough, only 5 had balls on them. The sixth ball ends up in the space by the ejector coil so that it's ready to be launched into the shooter lane. If I hold down the sixth switch in the trough, the game ends properly, but still starts the next game saying "one ball missing." Chad's code is on the game.
Thanks for any help!

#2254 4 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Haha not now that you ruined it. Will be at Legendary Games in a few weeks for everyone to enjoy. Thanks Ed, see you soon.

Make sure you put v.6.00 on there!

#2260 4 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

So, I'm guessing it's pretty possible. Someone loan CHAD a WWFRR!

This is true. It's all about getting my hands on a game.

#2262 4 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

I'm happy to loan mine out.

Thanks! I'll keep this in mind. Looks like you are about three hours away... I am hoping to find one closer when the time comes to try to avoid having to travel such a distance.

#2265 4 years ago
Quoted from NFK:

Hook needs it really bad too.^^

The Hook in my basement agrees with you. Borrowing it from a friend.

#2281 4 years ago
Quoted from jim5six:

Also no EOS on the flippers, so Raptor pit can kill your flipper.

I believe this Solution 3 will fix this for you since I think it removes the EOS from the equation:

#2302 4 years ago

You need to play at least one full game first.

#2308 4 years ago

Love it!

1 week later
#2342 4 years ago
Quoted from outcida:

I'll take some pics tonight. Pictures probably won't do it justice but it gives a deep rich yellow to inserts and pops.

Interesting. I'll have to try this.

#2349 4 years ago
Quoted from Endprodukt:

Good news.... I think some of you guys wan't some JP plastic sets if I remember correctly....

Very nice! Can anyone vouch for the quality of these plastics? I have never ordered from this website.

#2369 4 years ago
Quoted from Endprodukt:

Ok guys, have to be honest here... they don't look right with lights on.

Well... that's sucks. Let us know how the return works out.

Hopefully CPR will release a set soon!

1 month later
#2490 4 years ago
Quoted from Slim64:

Sounds like the sound board is booting/rebooting when it makes the noise like that.

Definitely. The sound board has a power issue and is constantly rebooting. That roar is the roar that is played every time the board boots up.

2 weeks later
#2527 4 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

Looks like your control room lights are flip-flopped. The top light doesn't light for the indicator to start the mode.

I believe you are correct. I think the only time the top lamps of the scoops are supposed to light is during System Boot mode.

1 week later
#2560 4 years ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

I had a rottendog in mine when I got it ... However had issues with my colordmd with that board . Changed to X-Pin and was completely compatible!

I've learned that it always best to spend the extra money and get the X-Pin instead of the Rottendog.

4 weeks later
#2601 4 years ago
Quoted from jim5six:

Yes all players will get the same first mode lit. Since the rest can be changed via pop bumpers i think its the right thing to do so all players are on an equal playing field at the beginning of the game.


3 weeks later
#2674 4 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Is there a setting in Chad new rom that turns off the T rex start up test ?

The other guys answered it... but everything you ever wanted to know is here:

T-Rex Diagnostics

Original: Always runs at bootup or after a reset.

Update: Holding down gun trigger at boot up or reset will skip T-Rex Diagnostics. You must have at least one full game played in your audits for this ability to become active. You only really have to be holding the trigger down the moment the game goes from showing the version info to showing attract mode. This means you can reach down with your right hand, turn on the game, then bring your right hand up to the trigger and hold it until attract mode starts.

1 week later
#2751 4 years ago

Here is a list of all the changes for those who may have missed it...


1 month later
#2912 4 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

MY JP needs to go under the knife soon. I dont want to tear it up, but it is starting to suffer.
Things on the agenda:
Replace bridge rectifiers
Replace batteries and or install NVRAM
Re-install mod plugs (right now power is low so the dmd cuts out if mods are plugged in)
Install badass Trex head
Re-install JP jeep that fell off when I moved a year ago (lol)
Fix loop combo sign
Clean/Wax machine

Sounds like a fun winter project!

I recommend NVRAM. It's cheap these days and you never have to worry or think about it again.

#2920 4 years ago
Quoted from Bugsy:

Upon further playing of my game last night, it seems that tri-ball was not lit automatically on ball 3. I vaguely remember adjusting that in the settings, to make it a bit more difficult. So maybe it is a setting where you can turn that off.

You must be running v.6.00.

"Auto-Collecting Dinosaur Species Targets

Dinosaur Species stand-up targets would auto-collect between balls guaranteeing Tri-Ball lit by third ball. This has been removed. If the player still wants them to auto-collect, then they can switch Adjustment 7 from the default of Moderate to Easy or Extra Easy. Note: One Dinosaur Species target will now also be collected with every Egg shot and successful Dino Shootout along with the usual hitting the targets with the ball."

All the goodness of v.6.00 is listed here:

I would love to see v.6.00 played in a PAPA tournament!

2 months later
#3090 4 years ago
Quoted from JP1993:

My "1st time pinball buying" experience continues--thanks in advance to the forum for helping to educate me on the science and duct-tape karma that comes with owning one of these toys (which I am enjoying).
So, my JP flashed a message about batteries on the DMD that my son quickly dismissed because he was fired up to take on dad in a game.
I did a bit of research and found out that pinball machines have batteries (who knew! - again I am a newbie). So the next day I figured out how to open up the back box, located the batteries and replaced them. When I turned the power back on the DMD displayed "open the door" which I did and then closed it - but am having an issue.
When the game powers up, the DMD initially displays the design version info (which is normal), but then the DMD goes blank (nothing on the screen). The machine mechanically goes through normal start- Tex Rex moves and does diagnostics, etc. but the DMD displays nothing at all (normally displays the "please wait - performing diagnosis message"). But I get nothing. The T-Rex does physically go through the diagnostics - just no message on the DMD (remains blank). After the T-Rex physically completes the diagnostics cycle, the game looks like it's ready to play (sound /lights all work on the playfield -but a still a blank DMD) When I press the "start" button it says "Hurry restart the system!" If I leave it alone long enough eventually the DMD displays one of the audit screens.
Didn't think replacing the batteries would have so whacked out the game. Any thoughts/pointers on how to get it back in order would be appreciated - thx!

I'm not sure why your display is now blank... maybe, with the power turned off, you could try to reseat (unplug and plug back in) all the cables related to the display.

By removing the batteries, this also reset its memory to default. And by default, the game wants you to enter coins first before you can hit Start. Once you have the display functioning, you can go into the Adjustments and set it back to Free Play.

#3118 4 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

Am I correct that CPR's raptor pit plastic is altered from stock around the hole where the amber block's bulb wiring is routed? I've removed my plastics before and recall having to desolder some bulbs to get that one off. If it's a change, it's probably for the better because you would be able to remove the plastic without messing with unwiring the bulbs.

It appears that you are correct. This is a very welcome change as far as I am concerned. It will make future removal of this plastic much easier. You cannot see this part of the plastic anyways since it is behind the stand-up amber toy.

2 weeks later
#3172 4 years ago
Quoted from Time:

Its a bummer ColorDMD doesn't make a JP LED display yet. They do for Apollo 13 though, sort of wondering if I could drop in my DMD from that game and order a LED display for Apollo. Anyone know if 128 x 32 Sega display is direct replacement on our JPs?

If your DMD is dead and you need a new one... I'd say order a ColorDMD as the replacement. I think the DE Star Wars one will work just fine in a JP. Won't be colorized, but you can choose among the various mono color choices for now.

#3173 4 years ago

Does anyone have a spare ball guide that goes on the right side of the Raptor Pit? I have circled it in red. If so, please PM me.

JP-RP (resized).JPG

#3176 4 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

Broken tab? I ended up getting mine re-welded. But had a shoddy job done. Still works and looks fine. But I had to grind and polish their work down.

Yep. Broken tab.

#3201 4 years ago
Quoted from outcida:

Feels good to know you got it working doesn't it?

Agreed, I get almost as much satisfaction out of fixing a broken game as I do playing a good game.

1 month later
#3248 3 years ago
Quoted from pin2d:

Hi all, I'm sure this is covered somewhere in this thread but I couldn't find it - I'm looking for instructions on how/where to install ChadH's ROM. Any help would be appreciated - thanks!

The CPU ROM can be found on the MPU board in the backbox at location C5.
The DISPLAY ROM can be found behind the DMD display in the backbox at location ROM0.

Turn off power to game when changing ROMs.
Be very careful when removing the old ROMs and inserting the new ROMs.
Make sure the ROMs are oriented correctly and make sure all the legs are correctly aligned with the sockets when inserting.
Installing new ROMs in your game will erase any high scores or game customizations. Be prepared to change any settings (such as enabling JP Adjustment 30 - Free Play) after you replace the ROMs.

3 weeks later
#3298 3 years ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

I would get random freezing/looping

It's possible that your looping was related to a bug in the game... which is fixed in my 6.00 patch.

Original: Switch 28 is unused. But there is a bug in the code where if this switch is ever triggered due to a physical fault in the switch matrix then the game would go into a bugged loop until the ball drains.

Update: Switch 28 is now ignored by the code.

If it's not that then most freezes/reboot type of issues would be a problem with the 5 Volt part of the power supply.

2 weeks later
#3341 3 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Any idea why the back glass glare is so bad?? I mean every JP I see is brutal! Why is that? I don't have that problem with any other machine. I'm hoping that adding some extra lighting to the back side ( when dinosaurs ruled the earth ) will help but even with the game turned off, it has a HORRIBLE reflection on the playfield.

Remove 50% of the bulbs behind the translite. You don't need them all. Trust me.

1 month later
#3515 3 years ago

Friday Fun Fact:

When the T-Rex eats the ball, there is a 15% chance he will burp afterwards.

#3528 3 years ago
Quoted from BigMorty:

Just upgraded to 6.0 code, really loving it! Thanks meloyelo51 for the help! Just donated to Chad for the great work!
I have noticed that prior to shooting any ball that if I press right flipper button I score 1 million or so and often it says Power She'd on display. Is this a code bug or my machine being wacky?

Definitely sounds like a switch matrix issue. Go into switch test mode and test them.

#3542 3 years ago
Quoted from Meloyelo51:

Yes, I have 6 balls installed and no switch errors. 1,2, or 3 ball play doesn't do it...everything else works fine its just a hiccup at the end of that 1 mode. I haven't had to spell CHAOS to start it...just shoot both jackpots, then spell chaos to light the t-rex 50M shot.

This might help...

3 months later
#3850 3 years ago
Quoted from Billc479:

Jenniebear -
My machine does close to the same thing after a game, but on mine, the sound continues, then after it ends, the display comes back, and the machine is ready to go. The DMD seems to be off for an excruciating long time, but it is probably not that long. I have noticed that if I start a game while the DMD is blank, the game will start after the DMD reappears.
It might be an issue with the game roms, Chad's updates would probably fix it, but I haven't gone that route. I just live with it for now.
Next time the DMD blanks, let it sit for a minute and see if it comes back on its own and report back. Others may have better ideas.

I’m guessing you have old ROMs. If so, this is a known issue. You should update and this issue will go away.

1 week later
#3866 3 years ago
Quoted from prowlerman99:

Has anyone seen this on their JP? I have been working on restoring this game for a bit and noticed right away I have two controlled lamps that are factory wired to the lower GI string, see pics The Lite Dock in the left in-lane and Lite Adv X on the right in-lane lamps are on all the time. I also found that neither of these lamps are identified in the manual under Lamp Matrix Chart. Is this normal or did someone at the factory screw up? From the under playfield pic it's the blue insert on the left and the clear insert on the right. Both have the typical yellow/white GI wires.

Normal and correct.

1 week later
#3896 3 years ago
Quoted from Jenniebear:

Ns2973 - I had the same problem about two pages back. Got some new roms from Matt's and it is now fixed.

Yep. Get v.6.00 in there while you are at it!

2 weeks later
#3970 3 years ago
Quoted from Bhieken:

So I have to ask , how many of you have properly working end of stroke switches ? When I got my machine the switches we're broken. So I bypassed them until I could get new ones ( along with a full flipper rebuild ) I have brand new switches, I adjust them properly, flippers work great , then die right in the middle of a game. I lift the playfield , adjust , flippers work great again then die again within 10 games. I have never had so much trouble adjusting leaf switches. If you close them too much they work but the Raptor pushes the flipper down as if you just had the wires jumpered together. I guess I don't have a problem adjusting them but I have a problem keeping them in adjustment. Does anyone else have this problem ?

Check out this document:

#3977 3 years ago
Quoted from Bhieken:

I have read this and I was thinking about doing the board modification if I can't get the eos switches right.

I did the board modification and it’s been great ever since. One less thing to worry about.

Also, check those fuse holders on that board while you are at it. Those are known to become weak and need to be replaced. In fact, check them regardless.

#3993 3 years ago
Quoted from jercode:

Had JP for about 4 years now, every once in a while (maybe 5 times total), I've gotten into a particular mode. The game starts flashing everything and keeps repeating "dino dino dino dino". As far as I can tell, I haven't done anything particular to get it as it's happened immediately on the first ball or all the way into the third as it happened tonight.
Does anyone have any idea what it is and how to activate it? I'll post a video after my 2 days waiting period is up if this doesn't get solved.

Are you running CPU v. 6.00 ?

#3996 3 years ago

There is a known (rarely seen) bug in versions older than 6.00. I suspect this is your issue.

Switch 28

Original: Switch 28 is unused. But there is a bug in the code where if this switch is ever triggered due to a physical fault in the switch matrix then the game would go into a bugged loop until the ball drains.

Update: Switch 28 is now ignored by the code.

I recommend either looking into a problem with your switch matrix and/or upgrading to v.6.00.

If you need somewhere to purchase v.6.00, then I highly recommend Pinside member Meloyelo51

Everything you need to know about v.6.00 can be found here:

#3999 3 years ago
Quoted from jercode:

It's possible, the only thing is that when it triggers, say in the first ball, it continues until the end of the game not just the end of the ball. Another characteristic is that the Mr. DNA mode comes up every time you shoot the 'C' or the 'A' hole not just after hitting the ramps in a row.

Either way, v.6.00 is highly recommended. Lots of good fixes and updates in there.

#4008 3 years ago
Quoted from jercode:

Here's a video to the 'Dino' issue
» YouTube video

Yep. Looks exactly like the Phantom Switch 28 issue I mentioned earlier.

#4035 3 years ago
Quoted from Rensh:

I noted that on the outlanes these two lights are always on. I see also they have no diodes where all other sockets do have diodes. Anyone has a picture how it looks with them? Thanks.

This is normal and correct. Connected to the GI.

#4049 3 years ago
Quoted from comment23:

Here's my video on flame polishing (using the Jurassic Park ramp)

Excellent! Thanks for sharing.

#4106 3 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Any one else notice how hot this game is lately? Seems like in the last 2 years the price has gone way up and the demand has as well.

Code update. New amazing T-Rex replacement. New gate replacement with doors that open with the game play. ColorDMD. Great theme that remains relevant. These all add up and have helped give the game a new life.

JP in 2018 is very different than JP in 2014 and earlier.

#4113 3 years ago
Quoted from comment23:

There's quite a shock to what happens in this video.

For those faint of heart... do not skip to the 7 minute and 45 second mark of this video. Repeat... do not skip to the 7 minute and 45 second mark of this video.

1 week later
#4186 3 years ago

Make sure the fuse holders on the flipper board are all strong. These old Data East games had an issue with weak fuse holders. Press on them, they should be nice and strong. If they bend at all, then replace them. The weak ones often won’t pass full current.

1 month later
#4314 3 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Joined the club last week. Finally can see the ball when playing. Here's before and after.

What the...!?!?!?!

1 week later
#4340 3 years ago
Quoted from altan:

Tech / Behavior question. There is a spotlight on the back of the "shoot the t-rex box". This is the box that is in front of the T-Rex and has a lamp matrix lamp on the top and a flasher on the back.
There is a spotlight there too... but mine doesn't work. I suspect it is GI? However, the Jurassic Park manual doesn't seem to admit that this light exists. At least on page 36 "Lamp Bulb Park Numbers".
... Altan

Yep, it's GI.

#4342 3 years ago
Quoted from pacman11:

Is there a way to turn the t-Rex off and on?

Adjustment 45 (TREX Move Left - Right)
Adjustment 46 (TREX Eat Balls)

1 week later
#4351 3 years ago
Quoted from t2:

New JP owner. How do I know if I have the latested update rom from chad? How would I get it if I don't have it? Thanks.

Look for V.6.00 when you boot up. If it’s not that then you don’t have the latest.

#4356 3 years ago
Quoted from SpecialK-33:

Tech question...I made the score leader board last night but couldn't get my initials to register with my flippers for some reason. I am running the newer code...does that have something to do with it? Flippers obviously work fine when playing.


3 weeks later
#4390 3 years ago

No rubber on mine.

Livin’ dangerously!

#4394 3 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

Do you know if yours is one that's normally made to hold a rubber?

It is.

4 months later
#4521 2 years ago
Quoted from Coz:

I just picked up a JP with the newer 6.0 code. I would really like to get a colordmd, will it still work with the new code?

Works perfectly with v.6.00.

#4522 2 years ago
Quoted from newovad:

Okay, hive mind, help me out.
I recently replaced fuse clips on my flipper board when my left flipper died. I had a bunch that were weak and not holding together anymore.
After replacing clips, left flipper still doesn't work. All connections seem good and I'm comparing everything to the right flipper. After flipping 8 or 9 times on the right, left flipper comes back to life.
I've played about 20 games since and the left flipper has gone dead mid-game a few times only to be resurrected by furious flipping on the right. Should I resolder my clips or are we looking at a different problem? Help point me in the correct direction on a fix. Thanks.

Check out this document:

2 weeks later
#4569 2 years ago
Quoted from kcZ:

This seems like a good place for this too...
Old vs new
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I really need those guides. Let me know if you are going to sell them. Mine right side one is broken.

4 weeks later
#4634 2 years ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

Yeah just turn off attract mode easy peasy.

Yep, Adjustment 49. Set it to OFF.

1 year later
#7202 1 year ago
Quoted from Turdbol:

The bigger problem (amongst many) is that now I have this music sound (T-Rex Stomp) that comes on at the beginning and will NOT STOP. It repeats, UNTIL - I hit the start game button - once that happens, it joyfully reminds me that I am "missing 6 balls" even though they are there, and then the sound goes away. The attract music plays just fine once the cycle has been completed, but if I reboot the machine, here comes the sound again.

I recommend going into the Diagnostics and doing a switch test. Eject all the balls and check all switches. Then put the balls back in and check all switches.

#7216 1 year ago
Quoted from Turdbol:

Here's a video I took of the switch/coil tests.

Switch test is saying your Left Scoop is active. It should not be. Focus on that area.

1 month later
#7330 1 year ago
Quoted from peteyhugs:

I pulled the batteries while the machined was powered off. Is it difficult to set it back to Free Play?

Adjustment 30 is Free Play

1 month later
#7526 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Welp, all that messing with the rex and it must have been that same fuse, or who knows what. But it's working now. So I guess that means my game is 100% operational. Man, been a long process. Need to get some AR glass, every other game I have has it and this is horrible. Boy does a shiny playfield and new everything make the game look nice![quoted image]

Great. Now get the v.6.00 code update on there!

1 month later
#7741 11 months ago
Quoted from jurassicpark93:

I have the last official update, not the 6.0 but 5.. people say that it is much easier, so I have no excuses

Do yourself a favor... put 6.00 in there. You will never look back.

#7751 11 months ago
Quoted from jurassicpark93:

I just took the time to read, the update seems to get more points compared to the original gameplay.. A bit dissapointing to me, I understand now how people get scores that high! but the bugs and adjustments are really attractive, I will think about this.

If you read closely, you'll notice that most of the scoring increases were to balance out all the various mode scoring with each other and make them more attractive for completing.

For example, Feed T-Rex grants 30M with one shot to the T-Rex. (And that did not change with code update.) But then you had Bone Busting which takes 3 shots to the Ramp and only scores 20M. Bone Busting award was increased to 30M to balance it out with Feed T-Rex.

Mosquito was Captive Ball is worth 5M, 6M, 7M, etc... so lets say you have a decent run and you hit it 3 times. You only score 18M total. But with the new scoring of Captive Ball is worth 10M, 11M, 12M, etc, now with those 3 hits you score 33M. Now it's better balanced with T-Rex.

Basically, the modes were all tweaked in a way where "if you do good, you will get around 30M"... that was the balancing goal with mode scoring.

4 weeks later
#7912 10 months ago
Quoted from Phesson:

My friend has a JP and is complaining at the start of a ball, the skill shot is intermittently skipped. Has anyone experienced this kind of problem?

Does this only happen during Extra Ball and does he have the original ROMs in there? If yes to both of those then this is normal.

#7914 10 months ago
Quoted from Phesson:

Thanks Chad. He says he thinks it’s original and hasen’t noticed but will check.

That (and a whole lot more) is fixed with this update:

#7915 10 months ago
Quoted from Crafty:

Ok I'm getting lost.... It is definitely the coils then and I would suggest it's all of them in no particular order that I can ascertain.....
It's definitely the thunking sounds as they fire off during Gameplay and immediately after the last ball then silence...

A video of this happening would help a lot with us being able to diagnose.

4 weeks later
#7983 9 months ago
Quoted from 03whtlightning:

At this point, I’m going to replace the switches. If that doesn’t fix it, then I am really lost.

Sometimes a switch's behavior is dependent on another switches in the same ROW or COLUMN. Meaning... there can be another switch causing the issue. Make sure you do switch testing with the various other switches all in the same position as when the suspected bad switch is not working.

For example... if your game is having trouble detecting a switch... and normally, there are 5 balls in the trough at that moment of the issue... then when testing, don't remove all balls, instead, put those 5 balls in the trough when testing the problematic switch. Hope that makes sense.

#7991 9 months ago
Quoted from skivaly21:

Well, we’ll, well...would you look at that!
Thank you!!
[quoted image]

Nice! Easy fix. Now enjoy the new code.

1 month later
#8191 7 months ago
Quoted from robnotto:

Yes I have replaced both the ramp enter switch and ball trough left.

I would closely inspect all switches/diodes in the same row as the Ramp Enter switch.

#8195 7 months ago
Quoted from DaveTheTrain:

Also is it normal that the backbox is missing lots of bulbs? It doesn't appear dark at all so wondered if it was just the preference of previous owner?

I often remove some bulbs from the back box. Helps reduce glare on playfield glass.

2 months later
#8427 4 months ago
Quoted from DaveTheTrain:

Can someone explain feeding T Rex in normal gameplay?
If you feed him the first second or third times you get a point value on the dmd but no points are awarded except for the final and fourth feed.
I'm on the custom rom

From here:

T-REX Bounty

Original: Starts at 7.5M. Increases by 500,000 per T-Rex saucer shot. Also increases by 100,000 per ramp shot. DOES NOT reset between games. Collects/resets when player makes four T-Rex saucer shots in one game (or in one ball if Adjustment 44 “T-Rex In Memory” is set to No). Tournament mode: The letters in T-REX reset at the beginning of each ball and the T-REX Bounty also resets to 7.5M.

Update: Starts at 12.5M. Increases by 2.5M per T-Rex saucer shot. Also increases by 1M per ramp shot. DOES reset between games. Collects/resets when player makes four T-Rex saucer shots in one game (or in one ball if Adjustment 44 “T-Rex In Memory” is set to No). Tournament mode: The letters in T-REX reset at the beginning of each ball and the T-REX Bounty also resets to 12.5M.

#8436 4 months ago
Quoted from zaza:

There it is ...
[quoted image]

Very nice!

Can you update these pictures and embed a description of what this is for future people coming across this?

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