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Jurassic Park (DATA EAST) club

By louknees

6 years ago

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#26 6 years ago
Quoted from carmour:

I'm pretty generous with my husband regarding the pinball purchases but even I wouldn't have gone for that
Does anyone know what the call out that happens right after the ball fires actually is? I hear "upper rex" every time and I know that can't be it.

If you make the skill shot and hit the dino on the DMD, the call out is "Thumpers ready." Thumpers being the jets/pop bumpers/thumpers. (They apparently used to be called thumper bumpers.) It means that since you got the skill shot, the score is increased for the hits in the jet. If you don't make the skill shot, you won't hear it or get the higher scores.

1 month later
2 months later
#156 6 years ago

LB45... I have both. They are sister games, meaning same company, same year, same sounds, same shaker, same smart missle. We've had JP 2 years and just got LAH this month, and to me playing LAH is more 'familiar' than similar. Meaning I know how to do the modes, how the bounty works, what the smart missle is... but layout-wise they are different. I actually think that my Frankenstein has a more similar layout to JP, but plays completely different than JP or LAH because of different rulesets, no shaker, no smart missle, no bounty, added kickback, etc. I think there is room for both in a decent size collection. We have 8 at our house and 3 at my parents, and it fits in just fine. I probably wouldnt pick those 2 as my only 2 pins, but it looks like you have enough in your collection to be fine.

5 months later
#309 5 years ago

Lookie what I got from my parents for Christmas...


2 months later
#380 5 years ago

Has anyone repainted their t-rex? If so, what kind of paint did you use? .

We've got ours apart now trying to fix the issue of not picking up the ball, and from the looks of the orange paint and stripes, he looks more like a tiger-rex. I'm thinking about trying to paint it more brown/green since I am years away on the waiting list for the new version.

#382 5 years ago

I got some little Testor jars at Michaels and a cheap little plastic dino to practice on, so I've got to get my painting skills up to par first anyway and didn't know if one kind of paint was better than the other.

I know I'm at the bottom of the list, and honestly at this point am tired of sinking money into my machine since it's a freaking diva that finds something new to mess up every time I want to play it. lol Maybe it will be 100% up and running by time you get to my name on the list so that I can afford to even get a new one.

1 week later
#384 5 years ago

Just got finished adding in my new banner and getting a few things set up for a teeny pin party on Saturday, so thought I would post some pics here since everyone else thinks I am crazy.

The 'armory' is the closet under the stairs, right across the hall from the room with these pins. The posters are in the hall across from the armory on the same wall as this room. My JP collection had to expand once I ran out of wall space with the 6' t rex decal, but the banner fits perfectly on a jut-out for a support beam that is over the pins.

I'm pretty excited about the kids that hopefully are coming being able to see the t rex eat the ball on the pin this time. We finally got it and the shaker motor working again, and the game runs 100% once it boots up, and only occasionally give trouble then. Yay!


#392 5 years ago

The armory is a door decal, from The door for the pin room has the laboratory one on it, and we've got the airlock one for my husband's theater if he'll ever put it up.

Look closely and you'll see that the Rex on the translite has a big googly eye too. They all glow in the dark and are in front of super brite LEDs, so when I play in the dark and the machine lights go off for the match sequence, the big eyes glow like crazy.

image.jpg image-413.jpg
#397 5 years ago
Quoted from accidental:

There are three yellow sets in stock now

Well now there are 2. I've been thinking about getting this for awhile now but didn't want to spend the money because my machine wasn't running for awhile. It's "mostly" running now and I can't get the posts to look right no matter what I do, so I think these will work nicely. Order placed.

3 weeks later
#479 5 years ago

I love the dock sign, very nice job.

I used to have the files but don't know where they went. If/when I can ever get my JP up and running to even install my Loop Combo mod, I'll have to make a dock sign. Priority one is getting the darn game to run though. lol

3 weeks later
#503 5 years ago

Man, I've got to get my machine working so I can get a gate. I also need an 8 foot tall version to put on my driveway.

1 month later
#660 5 years ago

It's alive!

After over a year of only playing mine maybe 20 times because of issues, we finally got it running. A second new power supply, new MPU, and new correct fuses and it is running like a champ. I finally got to install my loop mods, Jeep, and fix my light strips. (Look under the ptera wing for the LED strip.) I already had the dinos installed but think they still look pretty good.
Here's some updated shots of it.







#665 5 years ago

Yup, it's a standard callout as far as I know. I'm pretty sure it happens when you hit the right inlane or outlane, but I'm not positive as I've barely played mine in awhile and I don't know what ultimately triggers it.

#669 5 years ago
Quoted from RussMyers:

Blondetall and Smoke, where did you get your trees?

I got mine at Michaels craft store, train/miniature department. They always have a 40% off coupon on their phone app. You can also find lots on Amazon, but be careful of the bases since some are made to stick into things and impossible to secure in a pin. link »

#699 5 years ago

The control room mod looks low on mine because the bunker one is higher than normal. My posts/plastics have been broken/repaired multiple times before and after I got it, and there is a felt spacer under my bunker post to support the post against the plastic. So thats the main reason it looks wonky in the pic, but I did have to cut about 3/4ths an inch off the control room metal piece to get it to line up at all. At this point I am just glad I can turn it on and it boots up and/or doesnt blow up, so I am not too picky.

I had incandescent lights in my posts because I couldnt get LEDs to work reliably, but switched when I put in the scoop mods. I have many kinds of bulbs from many manufacturers, and just had to use what would work at the time since it is finicky. Mine still ghost, so I'll be buying non-ghosting on my next LED order, but for now have green in top and white on bottom to differentiate since it ghosts so much you cant otherwise tell easily.


#701 5 years ago

Honestly I'm afraid to touch the post brackets after having to re-glue all three of them multiple times. The lamps aren't tight on the posts, so they don't stay up if I pivot them. I'm going to work on them more if/when I order some non-ghosting LEDs, but for now I'm just playing it after having it be a paperweight for a year. And getting my butt kicked. I had two less-than-2-minute games tonight and gave up. lol

1 month later
#843 5 years ago

Husband replaced all three speakers in our JP with high quality car audio speakers then added an external powered sub. It's in a room in our basement with no windows, but Feed T Rex can rattle the sliding glass doors that are about 20 feet away if we turn the volume up about halfway. Highly recommended.

He originally did the alligator clip temporary method with just the sub to JP and a couple others we got subs for, but when he upgraded he hardwired everything in JP. He's going to hardwire the rest as well since it reduces feedback a bit and we never change up machines. Look for the Polk subs to go on sale around Thanksgiving on Amazon. I got ours for like $69.99 each shipped last year.

#852 5 years ago

I've been using E6000 on my jewelry stuff and tried it on my JP's broken/screwed up plastics and posts, and it worked really well. It's about $7 for a big tube on Amazon, just make sure you get the clear kind.

1 month later
#904 5 years ago

Question for you guys... when you're trying for the control room, do you often hit the triceratops target and immediately drain?

I'm going to have to take a pic and post it, but whoever had my machine before replaced that target with a larger yellowish colored one that is thicker/wider and doesn't have any give, so if you hit it your ball is basically kicked back at you full speed... usually straight between the flippers. I didn't even notice that my machine was different until a couple years later when I finally saw another JP at an expo and realized that I didn't have to be 'on guard' all the time. I thought about fixing it, but honestly it keeps me on my toes and I'm used to it now. My JP is one mean machine.

(I remember people were concerned about Predator having targets in about the same spot and saying it would be too hard, but that didn't worry me at all because I'm already used to that darn target.)

*Remembered that I had pics earlier in the thread and edited them for the target. You can't tell too much from these though.


#908 5 years ago

I think the main issue is that it's thicker (front to back) and doesn't have the give like the others do. If you push on it, it doesn't go backwards and is stationary, so it's like hitting a brick wall. lol I'm leaving it and playing it, and if anyone is ever near TN let me know and you can come try it out.

2 weeks later
#1013 5 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

P.S. On the topic of low quality samples .. what the hell is the voice saying when you shoot the raptor with the gun trigger when launching the ball? Operation something? It's unintelligible to me.

"Thumpers ready." Meaning that you've hit the raptor and that the thumpers ('DE speak' for pop bumpers) are ready for higher scores. If you miss the raptor, you don't get the callout or the bonus points.

We played a DESW at the Atlanta Expo this year that had the PinSound in it, and it sounded great. We've had to spend too much on boards to get our JP running this year, but the next big upgrade will be the PinSound in it. Currently husband has replaced the backbox speakers with high-end car stereo speakers and direct hooked up a powered sub, so it sounds really good until we can improve more.

#1015 5 years ago

Husband isn't around right now to verify, but I assume that you're right. Nothing was changed on the machine except the speakers themselves. He upgraded/subbed LAH and Frankenstein as well, but JP was the biggest difference in sound quality, I think mainly from the deep bass from the sub. "Feed T Rex" rocks.

#1057 5 years ago

If you can't find actual powerballs, I bought a 4 pack of the white Glo Balls when they were on sale last year and they work well. I've got one as the egg in JP, one in Gofers as a 'golf ball,' one in Frankenstein, and one in LAH as an 'eyeball.' The JP egg one gets decently dirty because of the subways, but I leave it for character, and the other 3 are super fast and interesting when mixed with regular balls in a multiball. Gofers is almost dangerous with it since it flies further up the ramp and hits back of the cabinet/glass most of the time. WHACK! lol

3 weeks later
#1292 5 years ago

Awesome, I think that may be my new mod for my Rexie since after boards and gates I'm broke. lol And I do have googly eyes on the translite and the 6' pink rex skeleton on the wall beside my JP.

1 week later
#1357 5 years ago

I'm no expert by any means, but all my two-stage flipper machines do that... light pressure activates the bottom flipper, hard pressure activates both at the same time. I love it. It means that you can just use the bottom flipper and not the top, which is especially useful for hitting the S hole for CHAOS. Or use the light pressure to cradle a ball on the lower right flipper then more pressure to keep using the top flipper during multiball.

I assume you could somehow stick the third switch onto the middle switch to bypass this if you really wanted to, maybe?

#1400 5 years ago

Husband was playing our JP last night, and all of a sudden we get the ball search happening and nothing will come out of the bunker. Pop the hood and the ring on the switch over the VUK has broken clean off. Ours looks way thicker/flatter than the wire one in the pic above from phollibone, so I guess I'll be getting out the manual later today to see if I can find the correct part. If anyone knows where to find one, please let me know.

3 months later
#1716 4 years ago

Piper, I applaud that fact that you're brave enough to even mess with your Rex. I'm afraid to touch mine after seeing horror stories about how they don't work again when people start messing with a perfectly working Rex for some reason. I've thought about repainting mine, but she's working so she's being left alone for now. Did you repaint your Rex's neck piece?

1 week later
#1763 4 years ago

I really like the worn look of the yellow area and overall do like it... but it is driving me slightly insane that the completely wrong dino is on it.

2 months later
#2208 4 years ago

Never believe that your JP is fixed, 100%, or bullet-proof. It will do its best to prove you wrong. Mine does on a regular basis.

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