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#1036 4 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

Anyone else completely obsessed with this pin as much as I am? heh. No. Okay.
Just the perfect storm of what I grew up with. I could see myself obsessed with a different pin if that's all that I had to play at out local arcade.
But had been thinking that since my Shop job is pretty much done, I kinda want to shop out another one (another JP that is), but only push it even further. Like High End Pin further. Like strip the whole playfield front and back. Polish, tumble, replace everything. Make it as new as possible.
Now that I have my one to play, thought it'd be fun to restore another one and take my time.
And I'm guessing this is how the pinball addition starts.

I'll let you shop mine out High End Pin-style, if you're really itchin' for such a task.

#1099 4 years ago

The last two times I have heard the CHAOS mode callout, I have used the smart missile. After all of the balls drain, I see the dinosaur walking across the DMD that you shoot...then it says something about a victory mode and shooting the ramp. That mode has a countdown that usually gets to about 10 seconds left before it finally kicks out a ball for me to shoot with the gun/plunger. I've never had any issues with the game not recognizing that there are no balls in play, other than these two instances. Before installing the new code, I only got to Chaos mode a few times, but none ever had this odd sequence after I had drained all of the balls during Chaos mode. Any idea what's going on here?

#1161 4 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

Hmm, are your trough switches registering reliably? Are all other multi-ball modes working correctly, registering drained balls and returning them when ball saver is still on?

Everything else works fine. Other multiball events don't have any issues.

7 months later
#2258 3 years ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

sounds more like he saved it from not being played ever for years and now it will be on location for all to enjoy!

More pins on location in Indiana is always a good thing.

1 month later
#2397 3 years ago

Trying to fix a reset issue that has come up and I read over the causes outlined in the JP resetting section here:


Before I read through that, it seemed like one of the grounding braids in the back box was coming loose and instantly causing my reset issue. Looking closer at the wingnut that is holding the grounding braid, I see that the metal tab it is connected to floats--it isn't secured to the bottom of the back box. Is that how it's supposed to be? The pictures are of the wingnut/grounding braid/metal tab connection on both sides.

I haven't had this issue before and it doesn't seem to happen during multiball, which was one instance where the site linked above mentioned. Usually, I can play one full game and it resets at "Welcome to Jurassic Park" at the start of game #2.



1 month later
#2522 3 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

It has treble. It just also has bass. Something the old ones didn't have. So I have 1 source of treble, and 3 sources of bass. So the voices just sound more muffled compared to what it used to sound like.

The LAH I just got has muffled sounds with what looks like OEM speakers compared to my JP that has a Pinball Pro speaker installed under the playfield. My Demolition Man (Pyramid speaker under the playfield) and JP have noticeably better sound (the sounds are "fuller" for lack of a better term) than any of my other games, including Metallica that has an amplifier installed in it...but I assume that was paired with a sub woofer before I owned it. Not sure if any of this is relevant since I don't know much about speakers, but maybe some of it is useful information. I'm thinking of upgrading my LAH sound, but not sure if the Pinball Pro would give me the same results as what is going on with JP.

1 month later
#2619 3 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

One of these days I'll write up the definitive t-rex guide. It's kind of my area of expertise
If you lift the pf and look at the t-rex mech, you'll see there are 2 switches that are activated in the up/down motion of the t-rex. One for up and one for down. That's where to start.
Though maybe go into t-rex diagnostics first and drive the t-rex up and down to see if the switches register. If, for example, up never registers, that's the culprit.
It's probably likely to be the up switch as I think it would fail diagnostics and stay up if that switch was registering and down wasn't.

Probably a dumb question (more of a sanity check) about adjusting your T-Rex. I've bent the two metal "teeth" on the lower jaw as shown in your video and I've got it to the point where in a game it will pick up the ball by trapping it between the upper and lower "teeth" but not actually get it all the way into its mouth. It can carry the ball pinched between the upper and lower "teeth" to its fully upright position, but the ball doesn't go in T-Rex's mouth. Does that mean I need to bend the lower teeth even more?

2 weeks later
#2673 3 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Does that turn it off for that boot. Or forever ? Thx!

Just that time. Gotta do it every time you turn on the game.

3 weeks later
#2811 3 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

I did the code with Chad. He programmed, I more or less consulted.
All of the "new" animation was animation that was in the game that was just not used for whatever reason. The upcoming attractions code in particular was disabled at some point when DE was revising the ROMs. Chad simply reactivated it.
We did "change" the animation by replacing some of the numbers on Raptor Rampage, for instance, although from what I know of Color DMD, it would not affect how it works.
No matter what, I did just contact them and inquire about doing JP

Going back to this post, so the data(? probably the wrong term for it) required for a hobbyist to attempt a ColorDMD conversion of JP are only possessed by the ColorDMD people? I was talking with my brother-in-law about the ColorDMD in my Metallica and said the hobbyists are clamoring for someone to get it working on JP. He, being a huge fan of the game and possessing software data tinkering know-how (sorry, I'm not on his level to properly explain his credentials), said he'd like to take a shot at it.

#2813 3 years ago

Hold your applause until he has pictures of it working and installed!

#2815 3 years ago
Quoted from Darscot:

This would be great, I'm software engineer myself and offered to colorize JP probably over a year ago. Was told they already had too many active projects. I hope he has better luck.

Hmm...well, he's probably not going to contact them. I think we were assuming there was a way to do it using a more "open-source" way. I guess if that were possible, it would've already been done (which it has, to an extent).

What I don't understand in my bit of forum searching on the topic:
Why is there not a more concise, newbie-friendly package as opposed to just a diy kit that kinda fits and sorta does the job?
What do they (ColorDMD) have that makes them the bottleneck in the process? Technology? Licensing?

Not trying to ruffle feathers, I'm just trying to understand why it all begins and ends with them saying they aren't taking on more projects. I mean, they had time for Popeye (yes it's Bally so that's easier), but no time to allow a someone to take a crack at JP?

#2820 3 years ago
Quoted from Bugsy:

Nope, I'm sending money now. Isn't that how the pinball buying aspect goes? Hear a vague idea, throw money at it and hope for the best.

I'm in bizznazz! I'm rich! Send money today, buy buy, buy--now, now, now!

3 months later
#3087 2 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

OK, so here is a very basic mock up of what I envision. Id like the electric fence to be incorporated in the back of the machine and have it trail off equally on both side, with different dinosaurs behind it on each side. Id like the field to be represented from the stampede mode, so the log, and the gallimimus. I am literally coming off the flu and have no time to work this out any further, but wanted to put in some more wish list stuff lol. Dont judge.

This fence look makes sense because the gate is on the playfield. It kinda connects the theme with the fence leading to the gate and then the other side could also be more fence with a different dino, landscaping, or other point of interest beyond the fence. Actually since it would be the left side it could be the Timmy on the fence scene.

1 week later
#3134 2 years ago
Quoted from C65Mustang:

OK I got my east dock sign together and installed. What do you guys think about it? Thanks again to RussMyers for making these files!

You should look into the acrylic sign cover type things that go in front of your condom'd scoop lights. Not sure who made them, but they look good if you're into extra signage. Might be hard to see, but this is the only picture I have handy at the moment. They're above each scoop.

Found who does them LoopCombo:

20170223_165655 (resized).jpg

5 months later
#3617 2 years ago
Quoted from Bond_Gadget_007:

So what is consensus on JP software ver? Are most owners running latest jailbrake Hack from some dude in his garage or Official Data East drop by the real company? Curious if hack helps or screws re-sale value.

Shots fired chadh

The "dude in his garage" made Data East's Star Wars and Jurassic Park way better games to play. Baywatch too, I believe.

9 months later
#4409 1 year ago
Quoted from radfordian3505:

put 2 mods on my jurrasic park so far and I'm very happy with them especially the velociraptor on raptor kickback

I recommend at least saving up for the 3-D printed gate. Either static or moving doors, but anything other than a flat plastic. Instantly makes that area pop. There was something else in that picture that could be changed out too...but you'd have to ^^^ take that up with whomever that might be ^^^.

#4411 1 year ago
Quoted from radfordian3505:

nice i havnt seen these before. what store sells papo toys


#4413 1 year ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

That's pretty cryptic for anyone not in the know. Please don't start flare-up in that other thread...

Think of all the early solid state pins you could buy!

...unrelated, I still need to get ColorDMD for this game...

1 month later
#4453 1 year ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Most important is to check Full functionality of the trex. A broken motor can set you back easily usd 100. There are two motors, for up down and 1 for left right. And original plastics are also rare. There are repro’s made however. But than some color differences can be expected.
For the rest just the usual as with other pins.

To add on to this, if the left/right motor is weak or failing, it can be disabled and not affect game play. On mine, it seemed that T-Rex would move a bit slow to the left or right sometimes and not be ready to eat the ball. At that point, it makes sense to forget the side to side movement in favor of always being ready to pick up the ball.

#4466 1 year ago
Quoted from Wiggy:

Speaking of flipper rebuilds.. Is there any kits out there for all 3 flippers? Or do I need to order a kit for the lower ones and loose parts for the upper right?
What should one replace then, everything but the coil?

While rebuilding things, you might rebuild the VUK (just below the upper right flipper) since unloved JP's can have a problem with the up kicker not getting the ball enough oomph to fire the ball up and keep things going. Originally, mine would sometimes take a few kicks before the ball was sent on its way. Nary a problem with it since the rebuild.

9 months later
#5811 7 months ago

Installed the trough opto board and it all seems to work fine except the far left LED isn't lighting. In test mode, all six balls are recognized and if I back that final ball up with my finger, the test will count back to five balls, then back to six balls as I let the ball go back into its resting spot. In game, it loses count of the balls during multiball. I've soldered and resoldered the connections and tried adjusting the opto for that ball, so what's the fix here?

Hmm...nevermind, I guess. I fixed it by loosening the screw next to it by two turns. NICE.

#5813 7 months ago

Several hours later and I'm still messing with mounting this board to get it so every light is lit. In game, the shaker is rattling the mount loose since I don't have a drill to widen the hole and I broke one of the small screws off inside the hole where it mounts to. All because the mounting holes don't line up...

#5859 7 months ago
Quoted from woody24:

Ive been disappointed in my scores this last year. Current high score on the machine is just over 600m. But just a few weeks after I got the game, and before I understood the rules, I set a 1.6 billion score. HAD ZERO idea how I even got that, and even thought it was an error and a switch was vibrating and giving me tons of points. After recounting the sounds I heard and the mode I knew I was in, it was confirmed here on the board that it was most likely indeed a genuine score.
Turned out I hit every shot I needed in Tri-ball pretty much instantly. I had no idea. That included the Jackpot, the CHAOS shots and the TRex with all 6 balls still on the table. I've never been able to do it since.

I'm still trying to break 500 million. My main hang-up is that I can't collect the tri-ball jackpots. When I actually do, then I can't hit the CHAOS shots.

#5872 7 months ago

Nice to see my strategy with the smart missile is in line with everyone else. Now I just have to be clutch with my shots.

1 week later
#6019 6 months ago

I'm not sure if it's possible, but an electric fence mod would be best if it ran the course of the ramp, starting in the back and running up the left side. It would have to be thinner and likely a bit shorter than the one posted above.

#6030 6 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

You thinking something like this? You could definitely follow the contour of the ramp between where the line changes on the plastic at both ends. I don't really know much about how to execute the lighting, but I'd be willing to help and/or take on the fence design to follow the contour. In my mind, it would affix to the front lip of the plastic ramp. First step would be to remove the ramp and trace the curve - not sure how fun that is to do (I'd probably build a cardboard template and trace onto it with the ramp installed).
[quoted image]

That would work, but would it be better for sight lines to have it along the outside of that ramp? I like your drawing just for it being longer. One section doesn't give much of a fenced-in appearance.

#6045 6 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Tantrum:

Okay, after looking more closely, the fence would definitely have to be affixed to the inside of the ramp due to spacing constraints, and it could run to between the two portions of the ramp where the lip waves/elevates.
Big question is if I or someone else designs it and is able to produce it, is anyone going to be willing to pay for it? For this type of item, I would assume a selling price of at or above $100.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Only concern I have is if it will clutter everything up in that area--any way to remove the "Shoot T-Rex" box by combining it's signage and light alert into the fence as well? I see it as almost a single red alert light at the top of a fence post near the current "Shoot T-Rex" box area. I always thought that box was something that could be removed and the space repurposed.

#6061 6 months ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

An argument could be made for a side-blade art with fencing to give the fencing effect and have it be outside the ramp. A die cut decal could also potentially go along the back board to carry on the visual.
As someone who (seldom) sells a rather expensive mod and doesn't do it as a main source of income (i.e. I don't HAVE to sell any), I would say people are willing to pay what a mod is worth. For me it's all about making what I want, and then sometimes making it available for others at a price that makes it worth it to me. If no one wants to buy, I don't really care.
Pinball is an expensive hobby, and high quality, well-integrated mods can reasonably command high prices.
As a 3D printing hobbyist, I've come to love it as a means of designing and making things into reality, but I wonder if the nature of the fencing, with its thin posts would be better served being made from metal. As thin as I'd want the posts to be to look right, I'm wondering if strikes from an airball would take them out pretty easily. Perhaps even thin metal fencing would have that issue.

Kinda like Walking Dead's fence mod?

#6163 6 months ago

Women see color better than men. It's probably dark green.

#6206 6 months ago

Another under-appreciated item is to replace the coil sleeves on the coils for both slingshot assemblies. It adds an extra bit of action to that area which makes the game play a bit faster.

2 months later
#6746 4 months ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

That price is quite low IMHO. Hard to find a fully working, good condition DE JP for that.

Can't answer until I have played it.

One is listed in Ohio for $2,600 here in the market. I see most people asking upper 3's and they don't even have a 3D printed gate or new T-Rex! They say it has MODS, but they're talking a papo raptor and some LED's. Neat. I could be a seller if that trend continues. On the bright side for us, maybe this will lead to an additional stream of useful mods that work on this JP as well.

#6759 4 months ago

Not feeling the Zen pinball animations on the new Stern. If you were born after the movie came out, then maybe that's up your alley.

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