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Junk Yard 3D Cars Surround Mod

By tjc02002

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

Almost a year ago I bought a Junk Yard pinball machine and have really found the rules and gameplay to be great. When i bought the machine the cars surround had some breakage that didnt really bother me enough to pay $60 for a new one. In considering that piece i thought it would look really cool if the cars above the 5 wrecking ball car targets were also 3 dimensional so i started this project. First I layed out the surround and sketched the 10 cars similar to the originals but in a way that made sense for a 3D version.

Then i extruded the various parts of the cars and skewed them a bit so they looked like they were piled on top of each other in a Junk Yard. I also took one of the cars on the top row and made it look like it was kind of falling in. At this point i probably had between 15-20 hours into 3D modeling this damn thing...

Then i had a buddy of mine 3D print it for me. I decided to make it out of a translucent blue plastic, knowing that the end result wont really be clear but have some translucency. Plus this is what he had already and i knew it was going to all get detail painted anyway. Here is the solid right out of the printer:

At this point its hard to see the detail because of the way the light hits it but i was actually very pleased with the result. Next step was to trim off the support material that was added during the printing process and mock it up in the machine. I also primed the surfaces i was planning on painting. Here's a couple of pics in my machine:


Also, here's a pic before i primed it. it shows the translucency of the solid and you can see the internal honeycomb structure that fills the solid cavities.

Im currently in the process of painting the cars and will post some more pics soon but i wanted to hear peoples feedback on it and i was also wondering if anyone would want to buy one. I would only really want to sell the solid right out of the printer and it would be about $60. You would have to possibly remove support material and drill the holes. You would definitely have to paint the entire thing. It would most likely come as seen in this picture:

Thank you for checking out my first pinball "mod". Hope you like it.

#2 6 years ago

Very nice!!!

#5 6 years ago

Thank you guys! Heres a pic from a lower perspective.

#6 6 years ago

looks good!!

#7 6 years ago

Started to add some color and decided to paint the tabs black.


#8 6 years ago

I love it, nice work!

#9 6 years ago

Very nice work on this Tom!

#10 6 years ago

Finished the majority of the painting although I might decide to paint the windows and stuff or paint black trim outlines around them. I also think I want to make the cars look a little grungy, maybe rub a little shoe polish on them? Heres a before/after for comparison.

image.jpg image-214.jpg image-352.jpg image-258.jpg
#11 6 years ago

That is awesome man! Nice freakin work!

#12 6 years ago

Thanks guys! I think it actually looks better in person. I'm very happy with how it's coming out.

#13 6 years ago

Amazing stuff. Makes JY look much better.

1 week later
#14 6 years ago

Looks fantastic. Are these going to be available for purchase soon?

#15 6 years ago

I don't even own this title, but I had to come in here to see it. Nice work!

#16 6 years ago
Quoted from tjc02002:

First I layed out the surround and sketched the 10 cars similar to the originals but in a way that made sense for a 3D version.

Then i extruded the various parts of the cars and skewed them a bit so they looked like they were piled on top of each other in a Junk Yard. I also took one of the cars on the top row and made it look like it was kind of falling in. At this point i probably had between 15-20 hours into 3D modeling this damn thing...

What software are you using there?

#17 6 years ago

Really nice work on this! It's cool how you were able to use the original drawings for the 3D versions. Not sure how much longer I'll keep my JY, but for those that plan on having them around this would be well worth the price - and fun to custom paint I bet.

#18 6 years ago

Would love to paint one of these up if and when you decide to make extras. Thanks for sharing such a cool piece of work.

Make a great New Year

#19 6 years ago

I and interested in it. pm sent

#20 6 years ago

Thanks for the nice comments guys. I used unigraphics to model it. Also I just bought a makerbot 3d printer so I now can and will be selling a few of these since people seem interested. I also made a couple of changes to the design so that it fits up a little better and the areas in between the cars is now hollow instead of filled. I should be able to make one tomorrow so I will give an update with pics.

#21 6 years ago

Here's a pic of the latest model tweaks I did. Slightly smaller tabs and hollows between the cars are the biggest changes. I am hoping my printer filament arrives today so I can make one!

#22 6 years ago

Very cool. Wish I had a JY now.
Try an ink wash to pop the details. Mix some black & brown ink, thin with water, brush on. Start light & build layers of wash. Dry brush highlights back in. Practice on some scrap plastic until you're comfortable.

#23 6 years ago

looks great.

For painting, I think the cars look to "clean". You want them to maybe be a little rusty. paint some chips and stuff in the paint. Then do a dark wash on it to highlight the detail.

if you take latex paint, mixed with some future floor wax. It will stick really well. Water it down good, brush on, let it settle in the low points and dab off the access with paper towel. Will give it some depth to the paint job. Or if you have a friend that paints mini's or model kits. have him give you some pointers. Love the look and fantastic work. Primo paint job will just make it even better.

You could even put little LED's in the taillights if you really wanted. Tho, there really wouldn't be active lights in junked cars. Still would look cool.

#24 6 years ago

Ok so after some messing around and losing a few prints I've finally figured out how to make the part without a hitch. Here's a pic of the final design printed in a "transparent" material. I'm gonna try to make one out of black material to see how that looks too.

#25 6 years ago

Looks very nice! How's the durability? That piece seems to get a lot hits.

#27 6 years ago
Quoted from t2:

Looks very nice! How's the durability? That piece seems to get a lot hits.

I am not sure about the durability yet but it feels like it will hold up. I'm going to mount it with rubber washers and try to break it before I sell any to be sure it's somewhat durable. Honestly that piece isn't really supposed to get hit much but the wrecking balls and chain break often and they end up getting mounted too high so the surround gets hit more. That's why mine was broken I think.

#28 6 years ago

Mounted it up last night and played a few games where I was trying to hit the wrecking ball hard. I didn't have rubber washers so I just mounted it without washers. The ball wasn't really hitting the part hard enough for me so I took off the glass and started smashing the wrecking ball against the 3d car surround. I flung the wrecking ball really hard at the part 15-20 times and this thing is durable. I honestly was hitting it so hard that I thought it would break and it didn't. I think mounting it with only the 2 outer screws helps it absorb shock but I flung it against the outer cars too and no breakage at all. I am confident now that it won't break. I also printed one in black and started masking the windows for paint on the translucent one. Here's a couple of pics.

image-222.jpg image-265.jpg image-381.jpg
#29 6 years ago

Nice mod

#30 6 years ago

nice. Looking forward to the paint job on this one.

#31 6 years ago

very nice work on the mod and welcome to the world of 3d printing and modding.

as for the strength of 3d prints, it is surprisingly strong, here is a photo of a 3d printed goldeneye sat dish that has 3 layered walls and 30% fill. I was able to park my car on top of it without causing any damage.


#32 6 years ago

Hey if they can print a full working adjustable wrench in space. I think it can handle some plastic cars.

#33 6 years ago

Cool stuff. Thanks guys.

So at this point I've decided that I can produce and sell these. So here goes:

What you will get:
1 - 3d printed 3d cars surround in a raw (as printed) state. (UNPAINTED)

YOU will have to:
1) Buy one
2) Remove some random support material on back of part(approx 10 min with needle nose pliers)
3) Clean up the surface imperfections(sandpaper or small blade, maybe 10-20 mins, most of it comes off easily)
4) Drill 2 holes to line up with your machine
5) Prime and paint part to your liking(countless hours)(also I want to disclose that the surface is not perfectly smooth so painting is a little harder than normal. See pic attached. After a couple of coats of paint it smooths out but 1 coat is probably not gonna cut it. That's why I recommend priming it first.)
6) Post a pic of your finished part!!

Cost: $70 US via paypal gift or add $5 if you don't want to do gift. This price INCLUDES shipping to the continental US!

I already have a few people on the list to buy one. You will have to tell me if you want translucent or black. Then I will make it and ship it as soon as I can. If nothing goes wrong it should be within a couple of days. If you message me I will put you on the list and when I'm ready I will contact you to make the sale.

Also as I paint my final one up I will post my progress and any recommendations I can think of. Thank you,



#34 6 years ago

Here is something that helps out if you buy this mod. It does a really nice job smoothing out 3D prints.

3d 001.JPG

#35 6 years ago

That picture is a bit zoomed in so it exaggerates the lines. You can't see them after a couple of coats of paint. Especially when installed in the machine, they are very minor.

#36 6 years ago

This is one of the best mods I've seen to date.

#37 6 years ago

If you are gonna prime them then put two coats of paint on them what does it matter if they are clear or black?!?

#38 6 years ago

With the black one I'm gonna hand paint the primer only on areas to be painted, then do coats of paint till it looks good. The translucent one is getting the windows masked and then I'm gonna do spray primer and paint. What's nice about the black one is that you won't have to paint the tabs or the tires. What's nice about the translucent one is that you could potentially add lighting to it and it might illuminate a little.

Of course this is what I plan on doing but you can do whatever you want. And just to be clear, if you buy one it comes completely UNpainted(no paint).

#39 6 years ago

Message sent I want one. Thanks for doing these Tony

#40 6 years ago

I have started painting my surround and I have a recommendation based on my experience. If you have the translucent one and you want to keep the windows unpainted, masking them off makes the painting much easier and it allows you to spray primer the whole part which also makes the painting easier. The plastic can actually be painted without primer but the primer helps soak up the paint so it doesn't run.

#41 6 years ago

Not a JY owner but that is just an awesome and innovative mod! hats off to you sir.

#42 6 years ago

Shipping in Italy?

#43 6 years ago

I can ship pretty much anywhere but you should contact me to work out the price. I've done canada for an extra $5 and Spain was an extra $10. That's usps first class which has no tracking and could take a few weeks. Any other options are gonna be way more money.

4 weeks later
#44 6 years ago

I've managed to ship a few of these out to people interested and I'm hoping people might post pictures of their cars surround after they paint it and mount it up. I still haven't finished the one for my machine, I'm about 50% done. One thing ive noticed while painting these things is that its best to paint the nooks and tight areas first then work out to the easier areas. That way you can cover up any paint marks unintentionally made.

I did have another pinsider, modfather, paint one of them for me as part of a deal and I'm thinking I will sell it if anyone is interested. The paint lines aren't perfect but it looks sweet when it's in the machine. Attached are the pics but feel free to ask me for more specific pics if you want. Also the pic of the machine turned on has some led spotlights added so it'll look a little darker if you don't add spotlights to yours. I'm looking for $125 shipped(USA) for it. It's all ready to mount up and look great. First person to say they want it and pay me will get it.

image-289.jpg image-482.jpg image-194.jpg image-915.jpg image-899.jpg
#45 6 years ago

Tom, I would like to purchase your mod. Can you add my name to the list? Thanks, Eric

#46 6 years ago

Bravo! Great work!!!

#47 6 years ago
Quoted from ericthehalfb:

Tom, I would like to purchase your mod. Can you add my name to the list? Thanks, Eric

Pm sent.

If anyone is interested in the painted one or the unfinished one please send me a PM. Thank you.


#48 6 years ago

It looks great in the machine. I know the painting isn't perfect, but it's really the best I can do considering the parameters. The surface is rough and kinda hard to paint . It was very time consuming, but rewarding looking at the final product. Set back in the machine , with all of the colors and blinky lights, I think it will blend in nicely and really pop with color and appeal. The 3D car surround really enhances the area where there was a thin plastic there. I painted the cars the same colors on the original plastic, except for the upper right car which should be white, I changed to pink for a retro look and feel. These cars look great and a huge upgrade in my opinion. I can paint more for anyone interested in this awesome mod. I am happy to help.

#49 6 years ago

Thanks again modfather for painting that one!

FYI: the painted one is sold pending payment.

#50 6 years ago

Painted one is sold!

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