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Judge dredd rom L1 ??(solved)

By stuartr7

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

Hi Guys,
Has anyone ever come across the following issue
I have Judge dredd with the deadworld disc mod and I have replaced all of the optos

Judge dredd L7 rom seems to work fine 2 virtual lock the 3rd ball is diverted to the ramp and mutliball starts 3 balls shot on to the playfield and the crane takes the ball of the planet.

I then install Judge dredd L1 rom and every ball is a virtual lock no ball is diverted to the planet it spins and then after the 3rd virtual lock it shoots out the extra balls for multiball, the only time it looks at the planet if it is looking for missing balls.

What version of the Judge dredd rom do I need that diverts all balls to the planet ??

Thanks again for your endless paitence and knowledge of these things

#3 7 years ago

I have an early production game and the L1 rom works fine for me since my switches are in the physical and matrix locations it is expecting. One way to determine if you have an early production game is the location of the opto on the left ramp. Mine is about 2 inches from the ramp entry while later production machines have it toward the top of the ramp. As long as you don't have an early production pin, you would need the rom sold by pinbits to make yours lock the balls on the planet ring.

#4 7 years ago

I'm not 100% positive, but I'm pretty sure that L1 SHOULD be mostly working for you, but will give you a credit dot since it will look for a switch that you don't have (assuming you have a normal production game). It should still divert happily (I think ).

I'd say step one is to make sure that your switch/optos are all working correctly...especially the ones on the ramp that will trigger the diverter. I know you said the diverter is working fine with L7 ROMs, but check anyway. L7 might be automatically tripping the diverter after the second virtual lock, not depending on the switches only...so it could be a "compensation" thing built-in. I'm really not sure on this, but it sounds possible!

Step two would be make sure you don't have any trough issues (divots and/or opto problems). You will have to do these two steps anyway (as well as planet/crane alignment, ball drop perfect, etc) to make the "mod" work right, so might as well do them now.

THEN contact the good folks at Pinbits and get ahold of L1AT. Or of course you could start with L1AT and that might solve it all, including the phantom credit dot that L1 causes on production machines. But be warned, if you have any opto or trough problems, the mod will cause wackiness to happen. I have a feeling that your problem is more than just the ROM, but who knows.

Good luck and keep us informed.

3 weeks later
#5 7 years ago

Thanks guys,
I just got the right rom L1 AT and it works perfectly!

Another win for pinside!!!

4 years later
#6 2 years ago

Caution with L1AT COMBINED WITH Color DMD display upgrade: L1AT works as close to perfectly as could be expected with deadworld divot ring Color of your preference. This is taking into consideration all the opto issues you've probably read up on that you might need to fix, so anticipate issues initially that can be corrected.

Advice from my unfortunate experience is that with L1AT (bundled with deadworld mod) and installing a fantastically awesome Color DMD display and following the associated jumper changes instructed by the Color DMD instructions will place you into immediate frequent left and right poppers firing and the ball trough firing infinite balls when start is pressed. Reverting back to original display panel solved my mechanical problems, and I did try this twice with the same result. Right now, I advise to pick either one but not both. Each are worth the price and equally cool in their own right. Depends if you are an electronics or mechanical junkie.

Anyone know if any of the other EPROMS will support both the deadworld mod and Color DMD and still be fair in multiplayer mode? (Free play or pay is irrelevant to me). Yes, all my optos work perfectly before and after unless I'm missing something in the test menus that I almost have memorized. Tested optos more than twice. I think it's in the EPROM programming in L1AT and the change in plugs with the DMD from J604 to J116. (DMD instructions instruct to remove the J604 cable entirely from the machine and plug the Color board into J116). The DMD board works great with this change, but the mechanical gets all screwy. I'm aware the DMD was last tested in the L7 rom chip and not necessarily functioning with this L1AT chip. I just want to have my cake and eat it too I guess. I'm open to suggestions other than just picking one or the other. Please advise. I'm pretty desperate to get the color back, because it really is worth the $400 price tag in this game if you plan to keep it.

#7 2 years ago

ColorDMD and the Deadworld mod are 100 percent compatible. You may have a failing 12V power supply.

Check the voltage at TP1 with/without the ColorDMD connected. Should only see around 0.5V change and remain over 12V.

If you're seeing a large voltage drop or voltage falling below 12V, your unregulated 12V supply on the power driver board is not operating properly and the bridge and/or cap may need to be replaced.

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