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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#290 5 years ago

I'm heading over there tonight. I will take pics of what I can. Excited to see what JPop and others have to show!

#622 5 years ago
Quoted from jayhawkai:

Have you guys seen playfield layouts for MG and RAZA at least?

I found these pictures today. I don't know if they were ever posted before, so excuse me if they are old news. The resolution stinks because they were enlarged from much smaller pics. They both seem to be the same playfield.

RAZA-playfield.jpg RAZA-playfield-B&W.jpg
#627 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I'll say it again, he used a "production timeline" in our original packets to sell us. I want an update and schedule that he holds himself to. Period.
Who's doing the code, how are they getting built, and after all of this time, where is the $$$ coming from. Don't like it, I don't care, send me a check. I don't need a pin that bad.
A great experience is turning into total frustration.

Wow, you really made a 180 here. You have always been the guy defending JPop, and posting to the tune of "When it gets done it gets done. I have no worry about the timeline. " Interesting how the Expo really changed everything.

I was there and I played TWD, WOL, TBL, LL, etc. They were all amazing and drumming up a lot of excitement. (TBL is a work of art...) I went there hoping one of JPop's games would be finished. I think he really missed the boat this time. If he is not done by Expo next year, I think that he will literally be sunk.

#900 5 years ago

It is interesting to consider that if TBL wasn't at Expo, the current JPop owners would all be just fine. Thank God it was there and caused such a ruckus. It has given him a push to try to move forward.

I think the saddest thing about all of this is that if JPop brought his games in their current state to Expo, it would have been the other way around. Minds would have been blown and many of the other competitors would be saying a collective "Oh shit..." JPop could single-handedly elevate the state of pinball and his company overnight to a new level right now with a couple pictures and a video. If we all saw a nearly complete Magic Girl with all of the new design innovations owners keep hinting at, he would be the king of the hill. Instead everybody is angry and disappointed and trolls are fanning the flames.

He doesn't want people to steal his ideas. How quickly he forgets everything on a pinball playfield other than pins/nails driven into a piece of wood WAS innovation at one time or another. Playfield plastics, pop bumpers, drop targets, lights, lit inserts, rails, ramps, mini playfields, magnets, etc. were all invented by somebody. Even flippers !! Every idea in pinball gets re-used, but one new idea does not a great pinball machine make. Can you imagine if some asshole patented flippers, ramps or pop bumpers and didn't let other people use them?

At some point he has to show the game no matter what. It feels like he never wants to show anybody anything. He is in a bubble. I hate even voicing an opinion about this because I didn't buy a game. I just want him to get the credit and fanfare he deserves, rather than ugliness on a forum. From my point of view, 3+ years of dead silence is just deafening. We all want you to succeed JPop! Put up those pictures and videos and blow our fucking minds before somebody else beats you to it again!

#903 5 years ago
Quoted from pinball_customs:

I don't think so... this has been bubbling for a while. The empty cabs shown at Expo is what sent most over the edge

You're right that this has been building up. Still, I was at Expo and TBL was a showstopper. I don't think things would have boiled over so explosively without all of these other killer new games showing up all at once. Either way, I hope this all starts moving forward for those in on it.

#1064 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Apparently we all will in Dec., rug and all, and from what I've seen, the little of it, and also heard about, it's beyond WOW, way beyond!

This is very exciting. I absolutely can't wait to see this thing. Minds will be blown.

4 weeks later
#1284 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Well I'm in for MG too without the risk so im looking forward to it

What do you mean by "without the risk"?

#1304 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I'm getting an MG too and waiting to pay for that one!

Really? You are in line for MG but haven't paid anything for it yet?

#1319 5 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Can someone tell me price? Think I saw 27k. Is that right?

16K for MG and 11K for RAZA.

#1334 5 years ago
Quoted from RavellevaR:

Ok, I'm kind of confused, are people paid in full for these game or do you just have a deposit of like $1-$2k? $17k for MG seems RIDICULOUS especially if you're required to pay this far in advance... As for those with some skin in this, have you actually shelled out $17k for a game you've been waiting months for? Or are you $1-$2k in and waiting for the final product before paying in full? Jpop has done some fine things during his career but he's still just a man making pinball machines... What's the deal?

Yes, there are people who fully paid 17 thousand dollars for Magic Girl years ago, not months ago. There are other people also in line for Magic Girl who have NO money down on it at all.

1 week later
#1464 5 years ago

My prediction: MG is the one pin everybody will kick themselves for not buying. It will be unobtanium after it is finally released, and will sell out the instant the pictures of the game go up online. It is also the game that will humble him. JPop will have to finally build a machine in quantities, and he will hate building it. It will cost more than anticipated, and he will work with a manufacturing partner for future games. He won't build more MG's because of the costs and the effort involved. It will be a meticulously hand-made, cutting edge work of art.

MG is also THE game that he has to prove what he can do. He wants to blow the lid off of the pinball world with it, and I believe he will. It will have over a decade of ideas and innovations he has come up with since his last game with B/W. I can't buy this machine right now, so my jealous hat goes off to all of the MG owners! I wish I was in your shoes, you lucky bastards...

I absolutely can't wait to see this game.

#1470 5 years ago

Lolz. I guess I do look like JPop with that post. When I start selling some of my products on here shortly, you will see that I am not him. I've never met John, but I do live pretty close to Zidware. I would love to take a trip over there sometime.

Maybe it is crazy to say that about a 17K pinball machine, but I believe it. At the very least, it will create a lot of excitement for his future designs. I am also excited to see him create another original theme, because he has a gift for making beautiful games. Either way, another new game is good for pinball.

#1661 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I don't know why every boutique pin manufacturer takes the same page from the same playbook and goes dark with the "well, I can either spend all day answering your questions or I can work on the pin, what do you want?".

There are three simple reasons for this:

1) Skit-B and JPop are both one-man-shows.

2) They already have your money.

3) They know there are more people who are afraid to miss out on these pins than people who will get sick of everything and bail. (Although, I think that both of them are actually on the verge of losing even this battle.)

If it wasn't for Pinside, you buyers would have almost zero leverage to get much of anything from them. Keep posting until you get what you want and what you were promised. They got what they wanted from you long ago...

#1721 5 years ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

And who's idea was Ben Heck's Zombie Adventureland?

I don't know, but this picture sure looks cool.

BHZA picture.jpg
#1993 5 years ago
Quoted from notaflyingtoy:

"The Knave of Hearts has bestowed this premium card unto you. The secret code hidden below, with favor, is more valuable than you [really] know." Below the foil seal: "Premium Void If Peeled Before December 2014"

Looks like it is already on this page with some other AIW stuff, and a lot easier to read:


2 months later
#5009 4 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

Folks who are not in can add a lot to the subject. Vs the people who want to make those invested feel bad.

Who is making you "feel bad" in this thread?

#5201 4 years ago
Quoted from YKpinballer:

JPop is in this position because nobody can wrangle him.


#5224 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

No refunds available at this time. Sorry, that's the state of affairs right now
That could change as things develop

Quoted from iceman44:

Not that he won't, he can't in large numbers, one guy gets it and he has to do it for everybody and creates a run on a bank that is already broke enough.

Wait a minute...

Quoted from StevenP:

As for refunds, there IS a waitlist and for the most recent request he received, he processed it in a reasonable time, sending paperwork, then sending papers to the waitlister so he could get the new deposit and refund the original buyer.

Quoted from StevenP:

It's not vaporware and there is no cash crunch--far from it.

Quoted from StevenP:

no, there is NO cash crunch

So who is telling the truth here?

#5422 4 years ago

Last I heard, he said he was going to MGC.

#5430 4 years ago
Quoted from generica:

If he needs to be reminded that he still has a responsibility to the buyers of game number 1 and someone needs to coax him, or beg him, to finish it before designing more playfields, then we are truly lost.
What a bummer of a month to be a pinball hobbyist

At this point he has worked/is working on SIX games. Isn't it odd that he only seems to be able to finish games that nobody is paying for, like KISS?

#5432 4 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Don't get crazy now. Kiss wasn't anywhere near finished. It was foam core and hot glue just like that aiw mock up. If you would have tried to flip it, you would have destroyed it. It wasn't even a full model. Was supposed to have ramps on it.

You're right, it was foam core and very rough overall. However, he did bring it to a show and spent a lot of time on it. My point is that he never should have spent a second on it before other games were done. He just keeps working on other things. MG reveal promised in December, and still nothing.

#5535 4 years ago
Quoted from dkpinball:

GLM's synopsis is dead on.

Yup. I concur.

#5802 4 years ago

This whole situation has gone past the point of embarrassment. How John can just blissfully ignore 150 people who GAVE HIM OVER A MILLION DOLLARS and provided him with his own personal 3000 sqft dream pinball workshop complete with a CNC machine, 3D printer, large format printer, components, toys, parts, PC boards, computers, etc. all while not finishing a single game in 4 years just blows my goddamn mind. WTF is he even thinking at this point?

It is officially time for John to shit or get off the pot.

#5908 4 years ago
Quoted from boo32:

The slower pace of posts and decreased vitriol appears to show we have reached the final stage of grief over the loss of our money and faith in Zidware - acceptance.

Maybe, but there is now a private Facebook page for the owners. They no longer have to publicly communicate their frustrations to each other in front of everybody here. I am actually glad that they have that venue to talk in private without us all pouring fuel on the fire.

#5910 4 years ago

I went back and re-listened to this interview of JPop yesterday (which was posted on Pinside months ago) because I remember him saying some odd things in it. With a little hindsight mixed in, it seems to reveal what happened and why he is stuck 4 years later:

Part 1:

Part 2:

He basically thought the big suppliers (many of them Stern’s) would just make him backglasses, cabinets and playfields in small quantities, which means he never contacted them BEFORE he took people's money. It appears the project went sideways right from the get-go. He should have just given everybody’s money back and re-grouped. Instead he took deposits for other games to try to pull it all off by himself.

He said it took him 8 months to make his first playfield. If it took him 8 months to make the playfield, just imagine how long EACH part will take. How long will it take him to finalize the ramps, for example?

The other big problem is that he sees it a non-profit project rather than a business. (Sound familiar?) That is why John sits there taking forever without a care in the world. He looks at this as a gift to the world of pinball, not a company making products that people paid for. He expects those who come on board to work with him to do the same, yet he keeps billing Zidware as a company.

Here are some quotes if you don't want to listen to the nearly hour long interview:

“When I started (Zidware), I didn’t really give thought to everything that would need to be done, because you’re excited, and we’re going to do a game, and all of a sudden it’s like, Oh, there’s no cabinet! Oh there’s no, you know, power supply! Oh, how’s the playfield? Oh, where are these brackets going to come from? Oh, we can’t buy that part. And now you have to design a game, and then figure out how to get it engineered, build it, the platform, cabinet. How’s the artwork going to be done? How are you going to print it.”

“The pinball playfield for example, took us eight months, from start to finish to get it all engineered where the people that DO make pinballl playfields would have had me one back in two weeks.”

“We’re doing it to make pinball better, the community better, and so, it’s definitely not for personal gain.”

“We’re really trying to keep pinball strong in our little way, and try and have a business model that works.”

#5912 4 years ago

Here are some more quotes from the interview that I found to very interesting:

“It takes a long time to draw the games. It takes over a year to draw the games… We have to kind of keep the artist busy and keep him going while you finish up with other stuff.”

“I like to try and find the soul of the game, the Zen of the game early, ‘cause if you can’t find it in the sketches EARLY, you have to drop the theme and move on.”

“Many designers will just put down stuff on the playfield and put some ramps on it and they’re done.”

“It gets very complicated, um, especially if you’re detail oriented because you are going to go back and noodle all this stuff. So in my case it works against me, because things take longer. It’s just not, you know I, I, just can’t throw down two ramps without; Well, what do these ramps do? Where do they go? Are they, is it a metaphor? Is it part of the story? Yeah, so people don’t understand that. They’ll call me and they’ll say ‘Well, you know, this and that.’ and it’s like, well, it’s just, I CAN throw two ramps down, but it’s WRONG. It’s just not, you know, we can do more than that. It may take a little more time and people may not notice, but, you know, I know it’s not what it should be.“

“I think that’s where, um, I have the advantage is that I start, and I always get in arguments with other people in the community, but I start at the, at the concept level ‘up high’ and then I work it down. People really don’t care at the beginning if I have wonderfully designed brackets that are holding the inside of my cabinet together. They might care later when they lift the playfield up for something, but people are going to look at the game. They’re going to look at the backglass and the cabinet, and if there’s a topper or something, and how does this work together as a unit. That’s what people see first, and they make their decision in like ten seconds, you know. It’s cool or it’s not cool. So I can spend all day long underneath and have this beautiful laser cut bracketry and all of this. People don’t really care if that whole higher concept doesn’t kind of jive with them. They don’t see it.”

“So when I started at Bally, we just made whitewoods that shot well, and then they would put a theme on it, and they might say well, you need to move a couple letters, and sometimes they wouldn’t at all. They would um, the artist would come up with a name for the game that fit the number of lights that the designer had put down. Yeah, so, but today we can’t design that way. It, it all has to kind of work together and it’s very complicated, so for whatever reason my brain is able to sort all this out.”

“So on Magic Girl, I saw this game finished in my mind before I started.”

“You can’t afford to have ten people on staff making “Chicago” money. You know, Chicago’s an expensive town. So it’s been good and bad. The bad of it is it takes longer, some things you have to learn. The good thing is that you develop a good set of um, other vendors or partners to work with.”

“If you want to get above just kind of average or mediocre, you know, if you want to rise above, you, you know, you HAVE to redraw artwork. You HAVE to tweak colors. You HAVE to get people looking at stuff. You HAVE to spend time on it, details.”

“It takes longer. In the old days you had a time limit. You had to be in production in this day or you know, it’s like big trouble.”

#5914 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Holy shit those quotes ...
It's like a window straight into his mind when it comes to this thread.

Yeah. They explain so much. Some of the things he said were so revealing that I had to just get them written down for people to read.

#5972 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

He hasn't answered my calls or texts this past week, must be busy in production
Calling him again today.

Don't worry. He probably couldn't find his phone or computer buried beneath the stacks of new artwork revisions for AIW he had printed out on the owners' dime that nobody else is allowed to see that will never be used on the game.

2 weeks later
#7131 4 years ago
#7319 4 years ago
Quoted from GLModular:

Oh, and GLM still hasn't been paid. Going on two years here in a month or so!

The fact that he stole from you is the reason why every "I still think he is a nice guy over his head" comment is total bullshit. John Popadiuk is a thief. I just wrote out his name because I am sick of using an abbreviation that doesn't connect him with his actions. The thread title should change as well to "John Popadiuk and Zidware" instead of "JPOP" for the same reason.

GLM, please keep posting every week to let us know he hasn't yet paid you. You made the boards that run these games, and you need to get paid for your work. If you've ever run your own business, you know how horrible it is to ship product and not get paid for it. It can literally ruin you overnight.

1 week later
#7834 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

The playfield version is OK, but look at the cabinet version. That is straight up Toho Zilla. Point is, the cabinet version had a lot of time spent on it to get it there, and needs to be redone.

And don't forget that zombieyeti showed up on here because John stopped communicating with and paying him. So who is going to revise the artwork now?

I don't know you frolic, but I've read your posts on here and on the blogs for a while. I commend you for always sticking your neck out to get John Popadiuk to come clean and stick to his word. I am sure that the other owners appreciate it too. If I'm ever in the Toronto area, I will buy you a beer or whatever the hell you want. I really hope that you come out of this with something.

#7913 4 years ago
Quoted from Skins:

I don't think any are now but I'm quite sure there were some who hoped to catch lightning in a bottle (similarly as to how BBB appreciated) when they first jumped in way back when.

Everybody did. 13 Magic Girls designed and built by JPop? They would have been worth a FORTUNE. Rarer than rare. They would have arguably been the most desirable game ever made. That is why this whole project failed from the beginning. Magic Girl games were Golden Tickets and John was Willy Wonka. Nobody wanted to speak up and lose their spot. There is a price to pay for visiting the Wonka Factory and not following the rules...

1 week later
#8458 4 years ago

He posted a similar pic on the MG blog as well.

#8570 4 years ago
Quoted from GLModular:

Oh, and GLM still hasn't been paid. Going on two years here in a month or so!

Just wondering if John Popadiuk has paid you yet. I want to to keep bringing this up until John Popadiuk pays you. Apparently John Popadiuk has enough money to pay for making ramps, but you are not worth paying even though your boards are what run the games.

#8808 4 years ago
Quoted from GLModular:

New video up on FB.
Look at the innovative and high quality back box latch and skid pads...

This is NOT a new video. This is old. I remember watching this a while ago.

#8867 4 years ago

I just grabbed a couple shots from the Adobe video of the ramp assembly/thing. I've seen the game in person several times. Compared to any other pinball game I have ever seen, it is very tall and dominates the back half of the game. The main spiral ramp will require some major tooling and work to produce properly. I never saw it actually work.

Spiral-ramp.jpg Spiral-ramp-2.jpg
#9344 4 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Maybe I read this wrong but I thought he was offering RAZA buyers 1/2 value on their deposit twards Magic Girl Classic?

Yup. They only get half their money put towards the game. Otherwise it would say 2.

#9921 4 years ago

What burns the most is that John won't say he is sorry. He has never apologized. He seems to have no remorse.

John needs to just hand over the IP for every game to the owners. All of it. It isn't his. He never paid for it. This should have been his last letter to his customers:

"I am sorry for the mess I made. I can't fix this or make the games, so I am giving the games, the artwork, the cabinets, the parts, the drawings and all of the hardware back to the people who paid for everything. Please accept my apology for lying and not delivering what I promised."

Instead John is trying to force you sign a letter that says you won't sue him. I would never think that John could have made this situation worse, but he did.

#10092 4 years ago

I've got an even better quote from John from an article he wrote in 1997:


"The balancing act of commercial and amusement goals makes some pinball companies hallmarks of success and pushes others to die a bloody death and fall off the face of the Earth. The designer is the primary visionary in the creation of the well balanced game and through collaborative efforts with technicians, fabricators, and artists the balance is struck."

#10900 4 years ago
Quoted from StevenP:

AFAIK, that Kiss prototype can't be sold. it's not licensed, and would (in my general opinion) fall under the category of "fan art." Nevertheless, selling it would probably be a no-no.

Would spending time building a functioning KISS game complete with full artwork with your customers' money before you finished the other games that they paid for be a no-no too?

#11343 4 years ago


1 week later
#12785 4 years ago
Quoted from Crazybanana:

This is the thread that kills Pinside. Makes me want to look for a better place to chat pinball.

I've said this before to similar comments in these threads. Negativity on Pinside tends to be in threads like this one. Just drain the thread and stay in the remaining thousands of threads where people are talking pinball, having fun and enjoying the hobby.

This place is still a super helpful community made up of those who love to play pinball!

#13616 4 years ago
Quoted from Sparky347:

So has anyone else noticed that the playfield is a laminate. The playfield flexes as the ball rolls over it, like a sheet of Mylar.

Yup, it is a plastic/mylar overlay. It is also very easy to see in in this recent picture where the light is reflecting:
MG playfield.jpg
Maybe that is why the flipper strength is turned down.

#14283 4 years ago


#14333 4 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

My god will people ever learn to just move on and worry about what you CAN control?

Says the guy arguing with people on an internet forum...

Quoted from DreamTR:

superultramegaderp bright LED

Those things are fucking expensive, but worth it.

#14818 4 years ago
Quoted from jonnyo:

Debating the bones
Someone is surely to blame
space in the game room

Nice haiku.

Owners were swindled
Popadiuk betrayed us all
Sad day for pinball

#14888 4 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

The lighting 'Structure System' is not the LED boards under the playfield. He has this stage-lighting like rig that was a long metal pole that ran along the side of the playfield, up in the air, angled with the glass.

Here is the website:


#14948 4 years ago
Quoted from MXV:

he probably bought some used games to use as "reference"

He bought a Stern "The Pin" so he could look at their Spike system.

#15148 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

BHZA was going to have a lower PF with rotating "stages". 3 scenes on a circle so it's rotate 120 degrees per cycle. (Flipper and ball mech stay put, area with targets move)

I remember watching a video of you two working on this very early on. Since these projects were on lockdown from the beginning, the videos were the only way for us outsiders to get a glimpse of anything. Every once and a while somebody would post that you two were working on the game and I would watch the feed. Never, ever thought it would all end up like this.

#15378 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

That sounds great.
That could maybe work for ScatB, since he lives in a $32,000 house with $600 a year in taxes.
Unfortunately, Jpop lives in a $350,000 house with $10,000 a year taxes.
You ain't working part time and paying that mortgage.

I remember this quote very well when asked months ago about John's finances:

Quoted from wcbrandes:

Jpop is a kept man, lets not worry too much about the finances, he"s doing what he loves and i'm pretty sure the MG's will eventually be made

Now we're being told that there is no money and not to go after John.

#15471 4 years ago

$7500 a month salary
$2500 a month rent, expenses and utilities
x 2 years

Magic Girl = $16,000
x 13 machines

Really look at those numbers and let them sink in. There is being a bad businessman, and then there is fraud. NOBODY is this bad at math. I haven't even added in John's toys like his CNC machine, 3D printer, wide-format printer, vacuforming, computers, metal tools, parts, signs, prototyping, etc. You can't just pay yourself all of the money and expect to build a product.

The smoking gun is the unfinished games. Don't want to go into production? Never finish the games! Even John could finish a game after 4 fucking years. It became apparent from the NW pinball show that John had never even played the game complete with all of the parts hooked up and working at any point.

#15485 4 years ago
Quoted from Chippewa-Pin:

How in the world he couldn't have 1 MG prototype built in 3 years is unbelievable. The key is that he had no motivation to finish anything. How in the world he thought he could keep this charade up is unbelievable. He must have genuinely thought he was untouchable. I'm 'jpop the great' !! Just wow...

He was just waiting for an investor/didn't care about anybody's money. I remember him saying to me 3-4 months ago "Can you believe people are this mad about pinball?! It is supposed to be a fun game!"

#15500 4 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Where do you get TWO years? It's been like 4.

The original delivery timeline for Magic Girl around two years or less. That money was taken for those games. My point was that he had to have known that he could not build the games after he paid himself that high a salary.

1 week later
#15981 4 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

A game of passion shouldnt be compared with someone trying to make a living at it

I don't know about that. It shows that a man who's full-time profession is NOT pinball managed to complete and ship a custom run of 14 games with a TOTAL budget of under 80K in less time than John Popadiuk, who was working "14 hours a day, 7 days a week" on his projects with a million dollar budget. It is even more relevant because the board he designed to run Captain Nemo is the SAME BOARD that John is currently using in Magic Girl & RAZA.

#15998 4 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Building a pinball company is not just about building one or a handful of prototypes...

Building a pinball company is about building a selling games, whether its 1, 15 or 5000. If a company wants to sell a handful of prototypes, they can do just that! Your original comment was about it not being relevant. John was a one-man show trying to develop, build and sell a game. Antonio is a one-man show who developed, built and sold a game. Sounds relevant to me. We are seeing first hand that it can be done, and you have to start somewhere.

#16013 4 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

The relevancy didn't have to do with it being a one person attempt

It is relevant because they are both small companies building a small run of pinball machine. Manufacturing the pinball machine is the most difficult part, so it is great to compare how the two projects transpired. There were almost exactly the same amount of MG's originally sold as Captain Nemo's. I actually can't think of a more relevant comparison from any company.

#16016 4 years ago
Quoted from jlm33:

It is not exactly the same board. Antonio redesigned it for MG and RAZA according to Jpop's specifications.

Good to know. John told me it was the same board.

1 week later
#16156 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Has anyone talked to JPop recently? Has he indicated any remorse for his actions that anyone is able to relay or is he still the victim in his own eyes somehow?

Did you listen to the Spooky podcast with Zombie Yeti? Three days before he talked on the show, JPop actually contacted ZY again for a quote on some more artwork he wanted done.

I repeat: John Popadiuk contacted Zombie Yeti, who was not properly paid for his artwork by John, to get a quote on more artwork. Does that sound like a guy who is going to apologize or feel remorse?

2 weeks later
#16897 4 years ago

Then you are going to LOVE JPop's updated version of MG:


9 months later
#18775 3 years ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

So many ifs.
I never saw how the math could have worked, but it certainly wasn't going to add up by taking a large salary and renting production space with nothing to produce yet.
The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced he had to know he had screwed the pooch unless an angel investor materialized. By then it was too late for that to happen.


Announce RAZA when MG money is gone. Announce AIW when RAZA money is gone. Rinse and repeat.

Oh, yeah. Also make sure to tell everybody you keep the heat low to save money, whilst you buy yourself a fucking Range Rover with customer money. You know, for the love of pinball.

#18777 3 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Announce KISS (with scab artwork) when all the money is gone.....

Yeah, I forgot about that too. That entire machine was made of foamboard too if I remember correctly. Even the legs. It was sitting up on a high shelf in his shop and I wondered how the hell he got it up there until I looked at it closely.

#18784 3 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

I missed that one entirely. What an incompetent boob, no focus whatsoever. He figured he would just keep taking payments in forever.

And of course there was "Space-X" or whatever it was called. It was the simple EM-style game that he made and had art drawn for.

Don't forget about the MakerBot pinball machine too:


"we are making a new MakerBot pinball in secret"

2 months later
#18924 3 years ago


7 months later
#21191 2 years ago
Quoted from merccat:

In the predator case Tim is being considered preferential because nobody else got one and was he even a customer order?

Exactly. The 19 MG owners got their games. If none of them got their games and JPop sold one under the table to somebody else, (like Kevin allegedly did with Tim Fife) THEN Whysnow's argument would have merit.

Just think about it. If you buy a new refrigerator and the company who made it goes out of business, the banks aren't going to send out law enforcement and take everybody's fridge back. That's ridiculous.

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