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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#9091 4 years ago

I haven't followed this entire thread but there seems to be little recently to suggest propose possible solutions.

I wonder if there's an opportunity in exploring having Farsight Studio's buy rights to produce Pinball Arcade versions of these games, maybe as an Non-Season extra purchase.

That would provide potential income enough to complete one machine a prototype. Then maybe some portion of sales could be part of the deal and could provide the funding needed to complete the customer's physical machines.

It would seem the exclusivity of the games lost in scenario would be better than the possibility of losing everything.

It would be complicated, but his current games on Pinball Arcade are some of the best. I know I'd enjoy seeing these digital.

#10932 4 years ago

As an outsider that shot of the nearly curated shop struck a chord as something someone would do as a last gesture before doing something horrible.

I hope that those close and know him well and can decide if that's normal behavior or not. I hope that they are careful and wary of the pressure of what an event like this can do to a person.

I don't intend to disavow anyone of their rightful anger and frustration, just thought it would be a horrible thing to have that kind of outcome for all parties.

I don't think anyone knows why or what actually happened, but even if most or all of its true, I wouldn't be ok with pushing someone to their limit and hope nobody's in that situation. Ultimately we can't change what happened, but we can set into motion other things that are far more regrettable.

Sorry to bomb this post with that but couldn't not say anything when I've known people to miss or not respond to similar signs and regret it when it was too late.

#12406 4 years ago
Quoted from BC_Gambit:

a GREAT unlicensed pin would be a nice everygreen earner.

I agree, IMO Sterns machines are geared to a very narrow group of people, and that market has to be saturated and there's very little in these to generate any new interest.

There are solid 'themes' that don't require licensing that are universal and full of potential. Monsters, robots, and sex sell, they don't need to be Godzilla, Transformers, or Playboy to earn be big, but probably gain some audience from those affiliations, but is it really more than the cost lost to licensing?

I love and owned a Ford Mustang but no amount of love was ever put into the design of that machine. It has none of the spirit or attitude or plays into the fantasy of owning that car invokes. That's why Zombie's art stands out. He's channeling the spirit and emotion beyond the likeness or the general theme or idea.

Sorry, thread hijack hopefully averted, by bringing it back to Zombie.

Owners and fans alike, continue your stages of grief. I believe we were somewhere in the anger/bargaining stage...

#12823 4 years ago

Maybe a better solution for boutique pinball is the DeAgostini model approach.


I'm only half joking. I'd actually love to build a pinball machine month to month with all of the parts coming by mail one at a time. At least then you get something material each month.

Maybe that's something to consider for any future sales of these machines. Start everyone off with a flat pack screened up cab, then the back box, mechanically populated playfield, plastics and toys, then the finally plug and play boards and electronics.

Sadly probably not the least bit practical or cost effective.

#12966 4 years ago

There seems to be some qualified and careful legal advice presented here. Hopefully everyone's doing their best due diligence and as a group ends with a largely agreeable opinion.

For the rest of us a bit of much needed levity:

"I may just be a small town pizza lawyer, but I declare that this much bacon on a pepperoni pizza is perfectly legal." - Little Ceasar's Pizza commercial.

#13076 4 years ago
Quoted from LyonsRonnie1:

"He still would have failed art school, his artwork was terrible" LOL

made my day!

#13247 4 years ago
Quoted from Skins:

Tell me the owl is a joke

Marketing Strategy, it is the PNW afterall, "Put a bird on it."

#13279 4 years ago
Quoted from ChrisVW:

I am broadcasting all of our seminars live on Twitch.TV.

Thanks for sharing, as someone who wished for seminars at Pin-a-go-go, this will more than make up for it. Thanks for the notice!

#13504 4 years ago

NWPinallers will have a great chance to put their hands on a legendary notoriously famous super rare pin tomorrow. I wonder if that will be the only time it ever sees the light of day.

I can almost imagine the stories:

Its 2065 and an old pinballer and his grandson are hovering over their bubble sealed collection of original, not 3D printed, pins. "Were you there in 2015 gpa, at the Pacific Northwest show, you know the one...?" the little boy asks.

"You mean the one with "Magic Girl?"... he said as he chuckled a bit.

"Yeah! That's the one! What was it like?" the younger pinhead asks excitedly.

"Well..." the old man pauses, arching back on his rocket boot heals a bit, taking in the moment. "I was... well...I was...."

The younger pinhead leans in to catch the precise moment in the story he's been waiting for and can hardly contain himself.

The old man squints a bit, "I'll tell you this. I was not impressed, not one bit." he said bluntly.

Deflated the young pin slumped to the ground, pouting with disappointment. The old man leaned in and smirking a bit.

"There, there, little pin. That there is just a taste of what we all felt, right up until that crazy Leprechaun haired sumbitch Popaduce appeared out of a puff of smoke right there from the spiral ramp, shooting purple rainbows all over the place, drenching every last soul in candies printed with the letter "S", each piece like they were born with their names right on their heads. He then called up a great whirlwind magnet of pre-order money storms pulling change and dollar bills from everyone's pockets all while shrieking like an methed up owl.

We thought we were all gonners, right up until the ghost of ol' Python Angelo appeared riding a monster roller coaster right off the back glass of a cyclone. Ol' Python was pissed. He swooped in and threw down great big pair of red clown shoes. They landed right on the ground in front of that money sucking bastard, and made him put them on and walk backwards out of existence, taking the game and all future mention of JP out of the history books. Then old python went back to his time machine Roller Coaster to kill Stephen Spielberg and Arnold Schwarzenegger before the movies Predator and Gremlins were made."

The young boy was in shock. Eyes glazed in amazement. "Really?!! Was that really what happened?" he asked.

The old man winked, then let out a long sad sigh. "No. Sorry little pin. We just looked at it. We looked and went home and that was that."

Now crushed with a new level of disappointment, he looks up at his gpaw and asks "Why? Why would you say all of that only to let me down AGAIN." I...I...just don't understand" he sniffles in confusion.

The old man beaming with a sinister pride looks down at the little pin and says, "Cuz. Now you know how we all felt, and maybe then you'll learn your lesson and never trust a man who says making pinball is easy."

Then both hop into their hover limo and fly away from their family Stern Museum and Pinball Factory"

Then end.... or is it!

I guess we'll all know tomorrow.

For all involved, here's hoping for a different story. Good night.

#13776 4 years ago
Quoted from Sparky347:

If nothing else comes from this, Stern and JJP should take notice that there can be a market for non-licenced themes

I agree, watching the twitch feed and hearing stories from many of those artists is great stuff and sorely missed in today's new machines. I think that's in large part what drove the success of Woah Nellie.

#13931 4 years ago

Can anyone from the show speak to the overall response/interest? For example, was there much of a line to play, maybe compared to the new JJ or Stern machines, or maybe non-at all. The #of views of the video's seem to be in proportion to this thread and pinsiders.

From what I've seen, which is largely the videos posted here, it doesn't seem like a horrible or bad pin but it also doesn't seem to be great one either. If you didn't know it was a JPOP game and know what some had spent and possibly lost in the making, I'd say its probably looks to be a decent game.

If I factor in that its a JPOP game not knowing any of this history, comparing to his other games, I would personally say its not his best design and derivative . It maybe could be his best if none of the other things had happened, but since he's unlikely and unable to realize more, it seems it won't surpass the others.

I will say as an artist, the visuals, lighting and color palet aside, are superior to his other games, which were high on my overall list and says a lot about Zombie.

The sound and video would be innovative 4-5 years ago, but today they show the limits of time and resources. After watching the Hobbit panel on Twitch last night, JJ is clearly beginning to really take advantage of what a license can offer and bring these components into a truly modern game. They are doing more to integrate both the sound and video into the play events. Thats a real boon for the player and JJ. There are millions of dollars of movie production time put into those elements, and being able to pick from them like a kings buffet, makes it very hard for original content to get to this point. In my opinion non-licensed themes will simply not compete any longer. JJ as we speak is headed to a convention for licensing, a clear sign of the direction to come.

In terms of play field design and elements, the video's make it hard to tell, but so many complex ramps seems to be visually confusing. However as someone who has vacuum formed a fair amount of plastic, they were very impressive and cudos' for those pulls and finishing, especially if there a decent loss rate. I would imagine it would be easy to lose 50% in finishing, given my own techniques and abilities.

Understand this is just my best attempt at an objective opinion based on some cellphone youtube videos and without the real personal aspect of investing significant money and time.

It will be interesting to see the Pintasia response and decision. I don't think there's more or less than I expected going into this and would imagine Bill and his team knew and had this in mind when they decided to pull it out of the ditch and put it back on the road.

Here's hoping for everyone we can get it realized for everyone.

#14043 4 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

I don't think I saw more than four or five people at a time (including me when I was out there) around the machine all day

Thanks. I would have hoped for more but at least there was some interest.

#14047 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

John Popaduik is a dillhole

So much to compare to the One True King of Ooo and his shakedown of the Candy Kingdom in Gold Stars. Adventure Time is high on my own list for a custom pin, that's for sure.

4 weeks later
#16234 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Updated thread title, don't know if it works

Maybe replace "update" with "swindle"... actually that might fall under defamation, you might add Lawsuit update if there's room.

#16254 4 years ago
Quoted from fastpinball:

I need to get something out... or I need to get out. Like to Mexico

To paraphrase, 'Because the Mexicos is a place where you are the most out, when you are being the wrong.' Why does every JP quote sound like it came from the pink Teen Titan? There are not enough dots to draw a line between rational and those thoughts. Its a wonder anything happened at all.

#16555 4 years ago

After reading that site blog and seeing the updates I'm dumbstruck at my own frustration, and I'm not even a buyer.

If I were a millipede, I would not have enough middle fingers for JPOP at this point. This must be a profane insult to the buyers who have tried for years to get info or even refunds. I can't imagine what kind of reptile would try to disservice the numerous efforts made to help and to get clear communications with this new posture of pseudo updates.

In my opinion, a responsible human being would be ashamed and conciliatory to everyone involved, including the community at large.

Sorry but I had really hoped this would just die a sad death, but somehow it actually gets worse.

This, in my opinion, only points to him ensuring anyone who has a claim, won't have any grounds, and this will dissolve into a failed business due to some 'fact' not yet shared, but no fault of his own. This seems to be the text book actions/definition of a sociopath.
--" a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience."

I don't really get upset by anything, but this is just gross.... unbelievable!

#16606 4 years ago

I don't see any reason for Bill to share what or how he spent his estimated investment. I can imagine most of it wasn't payment to Jpop. Likely he spent time and resources to look at books, consult with MFG and supplier partners, and had his team doing legwork to see what the real situation looked like and what was possible. All of those things would have a cost. Maybe if those people were on his staff it can be more easily absorbed, it would still be time and effort not spent on something more profitable. Add to that travel of numerous people and it adds up quickly. I never thought that 100k seemed high when I put those things into the picture.

In my opinion he went in both as a hobbyist and business man, if anything he looked in spite of good or prudent business sense because of his own passion for the games.

Either way, it was his money to spend. I think some may worry that its money Jpop is burning up now instead of paying refunds. Still that wouldn't be Bill's fault or within his control, so not clear why he should justify any of it. I think there was skepticism that he might take advantage of the situation, however none of that came to any fruition or was really justified.

In the end, he made it possible for everyone here to see the game, play it if you were at NW, and finally get some real insight into the reality if the games can ever be completed. I personally appreciate that. I sure don't have the resources to do so, and not sure my passion would justify making the investment it would take to support that. Either way it was private business/personal investment and he should have the right to keep it that way. I just don't see how he owes anything to anyone in this case.

Maybe that helps. That's my take.

#16617 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

The guy that CNC'd them is a pinside user. I think he machined them for a bargain of $500 if I remember right (I believe there was a toolpath created to laser cut them as well). Still, even setup charge to run a few ramps on a vacuum former, and cutting them out, I'm sure it was probably less than $1k all said and done. But like others have said, who knows how much cost was involved in transporting, paying people to fix last minute things, paying lawyers, accountants, etc.

That was a deal, probably less than actual machine time alone. Before it even went to C&C there's CAD drawing, tooling estimates. The vacuum form complexity made me think there would be a significant amount of loss, so likely they pulled quite a few more than the ones that went into the machine. Trimming those curves would be a nightmare, and likely took time to make a pattern to cut out as well.

#16649 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

We started as a custom shop (low runs)

Basically it only takes one new sucker a month to keep him fat and happy, and he can ponzy spend to the next sucker to keep it all going. What a leach. I wonder how much of this his family or children see. Anyone know how old his children are?

And that new company, is all built on the undelivered games currently in the pipeline. How is that legal?

#16748 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Zidware is "considering" filing for BK

I really read this as Zidware is having a fling with Burger King. That seems much more plausible. I mean you have that big silent type mascot, flame broiled profits, and lots of greasy bad taste left on all of your customers, seems like a match made in heaven.

#16903 4 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

JPopeye is awesome - I hope the DMD is in color

Its available with any color you want as long as you want purple.

#16973 4 years ago

All of the search engines today use your history and bookmarks to help return better results. There are ways to get a 'pure' search, however something to keep in mind. A non-pinside member may not get the same results.

1 week later
#17048 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

That's why I think there's a chance he'd try and book a seminar.

I hope the organizers have enough sense to turn him away if that happens. It would only turn into conflict and that kind of drama doesn't belong at a family friendly event IMO.

2 months later
#18288 4 years ago

This thread needs its own Drunk History episode or a version of it in podcast form.

4 months later
#18706 4 years ago

Maybe this thread should be moved to the basement, it just dawned on me having it in boutique implies there's a company behind this effort and in some ways validates it as part of the category. Since its no longer about making machines or any that any machines will be made, its really not deserving of remaining.

Maybe that's some justice to strip it of even its slimmest of reality and begin to bury it in the hole where it belongs.

#18712 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Not sure how it benefits anyone other than John to hide this thread, especially when he is still trying to get money out of people.

Understand and agree, its a shame, would be nice to strip all legitimacy remaining from the very idea of what he's doing. I guess keeping it here does more against what he's still trying to do than moving would ultimately.

5 months later
#19207 3 years ago
Quoted from Compy:

So for anyone wanting to do a bit more detective work, feel free to apply for any one of the jobs listed at American Pinball Inc.


That's creepy. Pinball as a business today requires a considerable amount of passion. Its not really financially a good investment. The market is fairly saturated. Most pinball start-ups begin with those roles, because they grow up from passionate people who want to birth something into the world.

Someone also mentioned their plan was to be in Chicago to use the same suppliers. We can already see that Stern's stripping them of almost their entire capacity and creating delays. JJ claims they were unfriendly and not cost effective, so he went his own route. It would seem that separate from JPOP, maybe not the right amount of effort to research and prepare went into that new company.

An empty warehouse, adds for designers, that just all feels like another intentional scam gearing up to look legit. If that company is legit, its going to have to battle that right out of the box, and not realistically something that can be overcome because of JPOP.

5 months later
#21917 3 years ago
Quoted from vdojaq:

I am going to ask you a very specific yes or no question. Yes or no are the only 2 possible answers. Do you believe that I am calling him Special K specifically to demean special needs children?

I think its clear that its a term that has complex derogatory origins. I think comparing him to a crispy cereal or a drug that produces emotional and sensory katonic state seems unlikely.

For those defending it a 'special' as 'unique'. That still has a dotted line and clear intent to mean mentally challenged. Pretending that's not the case just isn't mature. Special K is slang for 'Special Kid, specifically to those in Special education programs, which includes those with behavioral, learning, or disciplinary problems' when used in a derogatory manner. When discussing cereal or drugs, the other meanings are easily applied.

#21935 3 years ago

Interesting enough, I wonder why there isn't any discussion of how surprising this was. I don't see it as redemption for JP but will say it seemed like everyone had written this off to a much more bitter end.

I wonder if we'll be surprised later to see the rest of the games created. Also curious to see if this means anything to those who didn't pay in full. I imagine some may be out almost the full cost and stopped because of the lack of communication or response.

1 week later
#22976 3 years ago
Quoted from Dooskie:

2. The pinball community, overall, seems to be forgiving. If JPop were to somehow make good on the other two games that he took money for, and deliver them, and was somehow able to make good with his vendors, then just went back to what he was good at, which is designing pinball machines (and obviously not trying to run a pinball company), would the pinball community accept him back with open (but wary) arms, or has he done so much damage to so many people that he is blackballed within the industry forever?

I doubt anyone who has a Magic Girl now feels anything other than closure. It certainly isn't the game they were promised, and won't ever be, but at least for them its over. They can move on.

IMO JPOP seems to remain unapologetic or show any humility for his wrong doing, and by any standard still has a debt to the MG owners for failing them so catastrophically and ending it, for them at least, on such a sour note.

That said, his future seems entirely in his own hands, but if I were a betting man, I'd say there won't be a turnaround, he hasn't shown any evidence of doing anything to make right his wrong doings, only meet some bare minimum that protects him and his family from the ravages of lawsuits and bankruptcy.

Any potential employer would have to see that history and the absolutely massive burns he put on all parties involved as toxic, even resolving his financial responsibilities to them won't hid his behavioral and ego problems.

Back to the sidelines to see if this trainwreck has a second act. Good luck RAZA and AIW owners.

8 months later
#23768 2 years ago
Quoted from Boat:

Very interesting, to me, IMO, the interview/article pretty much says that deeproot had to hire Jpop because all of the other well known designers were scooped up by other companies (stern, jjp etc)

In the turning tide, companies are rightfully and publically abandoning staff that commit harm to women but I guess we haven't gotten to the point where theft measures up to harassment. Or more specifically that there's another company willfully ignorant to the impact of the supporting this kind of person. Won't they be surprised when they realize it does matter and they've hung their hook on this peg anyway. Its not as if they didn't have other examples and documentation to refer to and make a good decision. But hey, they know better than the customers. But probably don't know better than the people who won't be customers. Namely me and probably others here as well.

In a more grim analogy, how different is it from this line of thinking: "but these are really qualified Nazi's, you just can't get this kind of experience.... I know they ... you know did some things...but the attention to detail...how can you pass that up, and we'll be giving almost functional wooden legs to all previous amputees... so all good there. Right!"

3 weeks later
#23805 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I believe that’s a Joe Quesada sketch

That's what I was thinking and hoping Marvel requests a take down.

4 weeks later
#23879 2 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Barry Oursler, Dennis Nordman, and Jon Norris join deeproot.

Looks like David Theil too.

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