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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#1019 4 years ago

So with all these posts, the one thing I've never heard discussed is anything about the software and the new system. I have no doubt whatever Jpop does as a designer/artist will look awesome; I think TOTAN and TOM are some of the best looking games ever! However, I'm really concerned about the software and rules, as you don't have to look any further than any Stern or JJP thread to see that good software can make or break a machine. Just look at past threads for WOZ, ACDC, Star Trek, Avengers, etc. and those companies have arguably the two most talented software coders in the industry working full-time on the games.

So if Jpop is still getting his cabinet and white wood together, how far along can that be? Has anything been mentioned with his new willingness to share information? If so, I'd love to hear about who is doing it and progress to date. CCC, AMH, WOOLY, Predator and TBL show amazing talent is out there, but look how long those guys have been working on them. Even if his design was "finalized" tomorrow, I can't see the software being done for a long time. Thoughts from anyone in the know?

4 months later
#4706 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Does anyone know what is the hardware John has running now in the game?

When I visited I was told he was using the Quetzal pinball controller (a modified version of the NEMO hardware) developed by Antonio in Spain. I've never heard him announce an actual programmer, but know someone was working on the menu system as far back as two expos ago. Whether it went anywhere or was scrapped remains a mystery to me.

2 weeks later
#5474 4 years ago

Actually there were rumors way back in this thread he was working on a Tesla pin and a Pussy Cat Bowling based on websites someone had found. I saved the image for that one as I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it. But that's the first of I've heard mention of a bible game so no telling how many things he's actually juggling

4 weeks later
#7288 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

So if he's not working on art, and he's not getting a pinball flipping or working on code, what IS it he's doing everyday?

Anyone else notice that zombieyeti hadn't heard from him in a few weeks, yet within a couple hours of posting on this board John's magically been in contact. I guess that answers that...

#7294 4 years ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

The good news is he's paying attention? Actually I think someone here tipped him off that I posted tbh. But it got results - right?

True! I also want to add your artwork is truly amazing, and echo how incredibly talented I think you are. I have zero interest in the Alice in Wonderland as a theme, but the artwork he showed was so awesome I probably would have bought one anyway if they were actually available!

#7582 4 years ago

Interestingly, from his LinkedIn account he was mainly a teacher. First as the Director of a tehnology based collaborative exploring socially rich ideas in mobile learning, game design and education technologies for kids. Then an Adjunct Faculty for Columbia College Chicago teaching Toy Design as part of the BFA in Product Design discipline.

Before that he worked as the creative director at Zizzle Electronics, best known here for the cheap home Pinball machines.

I found it interesting he lists himself currently as Vice President of product Development for Zidware. Does that mean his wife--the only other "potential employee" is President?

#7585 4 years ago

I figured it might be for when the lawsuits come, well he's just the designer

#7779 4 years ago

For those not following the Skit-B debacle, I thought this was an interesting read someone posted:


There sure are a lot of interesting parallels in it.

1 week later
#8643 4 years ago

lachied said:
If buyers can get the parts from him somehow and drop a Proc into it I can start coding for it. I won't write the software for JPop but I'll do it to help those that have dropped the money so they can have some kind of game. ONLY after they get the hardware though.

Yeah, but do you have any art samples you can provide as I hear those qualifications are much more important as a programmer or project manager

Very cool project, nice to know some options might exist someday. Thanks for the positive post!!!

#8956 4 years ago
Quoted from boo32:

New video on the pinball inventor facebook page showing that they have to have custom glass because the regular glass is about three inches too short for his new cabinets.

I recall Dennis Nordman commenting in a White Water thread on why the ball hits the glass:

Quoted from DennisNordman:

The story about not putting glass on until production is not true. We would NEVER let a game get all the way to production without testing it with the glass in place. Besides that, it's too noisy without the glass and it's easier to tune the sounds and music with the glass on.

I guess Jpop should have paid more attention back then

#9005 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You don't get to be in the "early stage of production" for 3+ years.

And, if you re-read Nordman's quote he said they would never let a game get that far without testing the basic stuff like having the glass installed and shooter working; it was a design feature. So I found it ironic that a guy who teaches pinball school didn't also think to try it with the glass on at least once before his planned "rug reveal" last December.

#10240 4 years ago

John has done such a piss-poor job of record keeping that although he has had my money for years, I'm apparently not even on any of his lists. I haven't received a single email being discussed here from John/Zidware/Pintasia, and that's despite numerous correspondence with Popadiuk in the past year trying to get status updates, blog access, refunds, etc. That would certainly explain why he would never give me a straight answer on my actual machine number or how many were being produced, and instead sent me photos of his dog.

After all this, I have no faith in this project anymore and it sounds like all the new contract does is cost me more money for something that's nothing like what I signed up for in the first place. Unless the new company believes they can sell enough of their product to issue refunds to those that are done with this train wreck, then I feel the project is underfunded or dead anyway.

#10243 4 years ago
Quoted from pinball_customs:

Again, Bill has only had the keys for what... 2 days? And it's a long weekend. Give it time..

According to his Linked in page, Bill Brandes lists himself as President of Pintasia Designs Inc for over two months (since April 2015). I think he's had a lot more than 2 days to get his plan together. So far, I'm not impressed.

#10685 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

And yes, John has no business sense whatsoever. The guy makes his customers sign NDAs to buy a game featuring Ben Heck with whom he doesn't have a contract or legal agreement for compensation for use of likeness.

If that's true, then it is even more like Predator with fraud from the start as many of us were sold on a license that was never even secured! For the record, I never liked the fact that you disappeared from the project and my enthusiasm started to go down hill after that. Your webcast participation was a big part of the reason I got in on it in the first place and I love the Element 14 stuff you do.

Interestingly, when I inquired why you were no longer part of the artwork, I was given the explanation you had defected and could no longer be trusted to keep all the amazing secrets he was busy patenting. He was clearly concerned about it given your internet celebrity status, but never mentioned you weren't really on board from the get go. As you said, you certainly chose wisely!

#12497 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

9. I didn't / couldn't take any pics b/c none of the art, parts, designs, etc. belong to John/Zidware any more - all the IP is owned by Pintasia.

Interesting, did John actually tell you this? If it was just a straight up licensing agreement as Pintasia has been saying, wouldn't John still control it? Plus, there has been far more photos/videos released in the past two weeks than two years so seems like Pintasia--if they now own the IP--likely would have been supportive of that if it helps generate excitement for the product.

1 week later
#14183 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Yes. Work on the machine continues. It is presently on its way or most probably already arrived at another volunteers location. It did not go with Bill and these ridiculous conspiracy theories really need to end.

Whoa, when was this announced? They've been claiming for weeks that it was being borrowed only for the show and would be returned.

I guess the conspiracy theorists and script writers I've been chuckling at for weeks:

Quoted from YKpinballer:

It is already headed to NW so it will be very close to Brandes' home of Vancouver. Maybe he'll just take his boat down to the show and... you know... boat back. With some cargo. :p

Quoted from TOK:

You should steal it and head to Mexico. This tale needs more twists and turns!

Quoted from emkay:

still think the mexico tangent is a good next move & would totally volunteer to be the carjacker. at the end of every colossal failure (in my experience), somebody always says something along the lines of, "there should be a book/movie/etc written about this..." this isn't over until there's a Made-for-TV/after-school special.

might not have been as far fetched after all

#15315 4 years ago
Quoted from jetspeedb:

The FTC took action on a kickstarter campaign that failed to deliver or issue refunds this week. Maybe people should file a complaint here ? Dont see how it could hurt. https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#crnt&panel1-1

Thanks for the link. I went ahead and filed a complaint tonight, took less than 5 minutes. Based on the news that the FTC actually went after a kick-starter board game that was 1/10th of this amount, maybe enough complaints will get some attention on him too. If you've been victimized here, why not give it a try?

On another note, while I was searching for his address this website came up: www.nanoschool.org
[apparently taken down after posting]

Anyone else know he is currently the Director of the NanoSchool of Chicago? He's apparently also lead developer on a handful of iPad Games that are in the app store? As he's not a programmer, I wonder who actually wrote those? No wonder he was only working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week on pinball...he's got his director duties and iPad apps to fit in in between!

#15318 4 years ago

JPG attachments refuse to come through anymore. Gives me upload id error now and won't process them. Only happened since the new server tweaks...

1 week later
#15951 4 years ago
Quoted from Northernhuskie2:

You have the address, check the cook county tax records, the address is not in their names.

Not sure where this new poster is getting his "facts," but a quick check as he suggests would show he is wrong. The tax records do list that property as belonging to J&M Popadiuk. Interestingly, they had been delinquent in paying 2014 taxes but suddenly paid it and the back penalties right before the Pintasia announcement was made. I wouldn't be surprised if John received cash to cover that as part of the licensing deal just like his office rent.

#15994 4 years ago

Second mortgage? From what I hear he makes that much in a year

#16040 4 years ago

Unfortunately he wasn't taking Paypal so conned a lot of us sent him a check instead. And here I was thinking I was helping save him the fees...

But that's awesome news, thanks for sharing.

#16128 4 years ago
Quoted from PEN:

Wait....I'm confused. Who were the mechanical engineers on Jdrops games again?

Kudos to PEN...just when I thought I'd seen them all that's a new one. I've been keeping track of the affectionate nicknames since this mess started and it's been a while since any were added:

Con Ponzidouche

Whatever you call him, posting like these are shipping and everything is normal is just delusional!

2 weeks later
#16812 4 years ago
Quoted from NYP:

I would like to do this if anyone can provide any info on how it's done? I would like to get everyone who got screwed by JPOP to take more steps to get things filed,reported and get the proper authorities involved. The more info we provide here the easier it is for more people to jump in.

I filed a complaint about a month ago, but never heard anything back. You can use this link and follow the steps. I choose Scams and Ripoffs-Other: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#crnt&panel1-1

They will want the business contact info. When I ordered a machine was:

John A. Popadiuk, Jr.
39 Sangra Court
Streamwood, IL 60107

He has since changed phone numbers and email addresses, but the most current seems to be: http://www.pinballinventor.org/

It only took about 5 minutes from what I recall, and maybe if they get enough of them they'll do some checking into it.

1 year later
#19697 2 years ago

Interesting that Aimtron's website says, "Aimtron currently has direct ownership of a mirror manufacturing facility in Gujarat, India. SIR (Special Investment Region), as well as partnerships with PCB suppliers in Shenzhen, China. We understand the importance of global sourcing options and offer these services at our Client's request." If manufactured overseas, perhaps the BOM could be lowered enough to absorb the costs given the original high prices?

#19704 2 years ago

I just noticed there is an article on Pinball News about this announcement: http://www.pinballnews.com/news/americanpinball.html

In it they say, "We have known for a couple of months how 25 near-complete Magic Girl games had been built and were sitting in the American Pinball warehouse. These, it was suggested to us, were to go to the litigants in the legal action, although on what terms they would be offered was not clear."

Interesting read...

4 weeks later
#20250 2 years ago

They did! There's an interesting documentary called Atari: Game Over about it: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3715406/

If you don't mind the quality, you can find it on Youtube.

1 week later
#20327 2 years ago
Quoted from c508:

Though I am not willing to drop the cash for the docs I referenced in post #20256, I will get this one! I will post info when available (may take a day or two for the court to send it).

If you were willing, maybe folks would chip in so you could order the whole set of documents and post them? I know I would PayPal you a few $ to read the behind the scenes of this mess...

2 months later
#20551 2 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

I agree, in Jpop's world, he is still ok per the Timeline paragraph in Exhibit 1 - minimum 14 months, but no maximum deadline, just the vague "reasonable amount of time".

Actually, his contract stipulated, "The purchaser may terminate or otherwise cancel their order at any time, prior to actual shipment or transfer of possession of the finished pinball machine to the Purchaser..." So if he somehow feels he is still meeting the contract in a reasonable amount of time, then he needs to honor refund requests per the contract. Otherwise he needs to declare bankruptcy, end this charade, and face some repercussions like Kevin is going through the accounting.

And while a lot here seem to think Jpop would have kept better records, I'm not so sure. I never was on any of his lists despite making multiple payments, and he never could tell me which machine/number I would even be receiving if they were ever made. I think he's screwed if Zane can get down to that level of scrutiny with him as well...

5 months later
#23594 2 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

a paper certificate with our game number on it

Funny, I've never seen one of those before! I just got an orange piece of paper with a sticky label and a t-shirt. What did you do to score one of those?

#23599 2 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

Actually, now that I think about it, I did get a cancelled check.

That cracked me up. Don't forget the autographed signature on the back!

1 year later
#24252 11 months ago

Funny, like his pinball machines that t-shirt isn't even finished

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