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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#520 5 years ago
Quoted from NYP:

no problem I'll call you,

how about some answers?

I'm sorry, the phone number you are trying to reach is no longer in service....

#539 5 years ago
Quoted from NYP:

What I don't like is going back on your word and saying your building a certain amount of games and then 3 years later changing it.

Considering you are an owner and finding out the number was upped; I would say effectively communicating fundamental changes to his owners would be high on your list too

#554 5 years ago
Quoted from boo32:

Was there a time when he was trying to build with b/w style parts? I thought his intention from the beginning was to design all new parts.

It was supposed to be/is B/W parts.

#561 5 years ago
Quoted from ChrisVW:

I think we all might need to be more active and bit more critical on the "courtesy blog".

Until you get the "user can't comment" notice.

JPop needs reigned in.

#726 5 years ago
Quoted from ChrisVW:

I forgot about that...yeah that was ugly then it had to turn into an apology-fest to get things back on track. At one point slapshot confronted him about giving a date or revising the timeline schedule and that got ugly too. A few days later we got a "I need to work on that" and the timeline never materialized either. It's definitely an eggshell situation because we all have a lot of skin in the game and if you say the wrong thing...

I always ask myself if in my professional life, would my customers accept me behaving in a similar manner. If the answer is no, then I expect the same when I am a customer. Acting petulant and aggressive when confronted with uncomfortable questions is a typical response to someone wanting to deflect attention from the issue. The only way it comes to a head is to be firm and consistent with the request of a status/timeline/state of the company address. Shrinking into the shadows when he growls only empowers him. The time to reign in this project is now while it can be salvaged. Not in another year when it's still not done. Listen, John dictated how the professional relationship would proceed when he introduced legally drafted contracts and NDA's. The owners aren't the only ones that have to play by the rules. If I was an owner I would demand the following:

1. Timeline on completion of all three games.
2. Percentage of completion of a fully functioning, ready to go to production prototype.
3. No more artwork revisions. Cleanup what you have and stick to it.
4. A list of items/components hindering progress and where he is at in resolving it.
5. How he plans on assembling the games.
6. Code and dots % completion.
5. Pictures of everything! None of this blurred picture bullshit.
6. Project funding percentage remaining to complete. (you will need a judge to get this one I'm sure)
7. No more projects/side ventures until completion of projects already funded by customers.

I know John won't comply with these demands but if/when the shit hits the fan, you need documentation that you requested it or John could say you knew everything. Send it certified and give a reasonable time frame to receive a written response. The time is now to yank this train back on the tracks. Im pulling for you guys.

#821 5 years ago

It's great he replied in a rational and apologetic manner. Even better is the fact he is acknowledging errors. That's great. Now he needs to lay out a plan on how he intends to get this project(s) back on schedule. What things may have to be scrapped/altered in order to meet the remaining cash constraints and adhere to a schedule. Compromises will have to be made. The elephant in the room is remaining capital. If I was an owner, I would have serious concerns whether there is enough money to build the games. JPop has been clear that most everything has been custom. Custom costs money. I would want to know where the project(s) funding stands to complete. It may come down to JPop needing additional funds from existing buyers or more buyers. Either way, that has to be ferreted out of JPop. Schedules are great but funding is paramount to ensuring this project gets completed.

#948 5 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

And its been gut wrenching for those of us that have been in since the beginning. This is disposable income but trust me, when/if we get our games, we will have earned them.

And you deserve it when it comes to fruition. I wish I had the intestinal fortitude to stick it out like you guys. I hope it's everything and more than you hoped for!

#1002 5 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

I'm sure it was simply a fun diversion.
Everybody that was cool, loved KISS in their youth.
Kids painted their vans, drew on their notebooks, painted their faces for Halloween.
Jpop got to crank off for a few weeks of childhood fantasy.

I agree everyone needs to be able to decompress from time to time. I don't have skin in the game but if I did, the question that begs to be asked was how was it funded? Not john's time but there was obviously artists time involved. As pretty as it is, I can't imagine it was a quick sketch either. When there has been additions to mg production numbers because of costs, every nickel counts in my book. That would be my issue if I was an owner of his games.

1 month later
#1414 5 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Looking at any pinball machine as an investment is just wrong. It's only become this way because people have made LOTS of money over the past few years. And in general, the depreciation on a pinball machine is nowhere near the depreciation of a car, furniture, a TV, jewelry, etc. But at the end of the day, it's a toy meant to entertain. If anyone buys an MG and expects to see it go up from 17K, I think that person is setting themselves up to be disappointed. Rare or not, the main thing going against all new pinball machines now is simple: nothing will remain hot forever as newer and newer pins will come out each year and push the innovation forward. TRON LE is a good example of this inevitable dip, or market adjustment if you will. And it's just like stock. If Tron goes from 6.5K to 10K that's a nice jump. But 10K still brings in A LOT more interest than 17K. If MG goes up, the potential buyer pool shrinks smaller and smaller. It's that simple.
Now I've compared pinball collecting to car collecting many times and I'll do it again. There is a market for super high end pins, just like super high end cars. I definitely think we're going to see pins that sell NIB for 20K soon. JJP started to show us what a 9K pin should look like, Lebowski is there too, but I think when MG is revealed people will see just where that extra $$$ went. You're going to see art like nothing else out there. You're going to see toys like never before. You're going to just see an overall package that places it a level above the rest. And while some will complain and say there's NO WAY a pin should cost that much or could ever be worth that much, I disagree. Labor, love, details and innovation cost a price. Anyone can make a Honda Civic faster than a Ferrari, but Ferrari's are special because of the total package. JPOP wants to make Pinball's first Ferrari. That's an awesome thing to witness, no?

For a person that keeps prattling that the hobby isn't about money/investments, your posts sure do see to be centric to that theme. Here's an idea, leave what the hobby is to each individual to decide. Now kindly head on back to your village. It's late and they are getting worried.

#1419 5 years ago
Quoted from Strange:

I believe Taylor Swift said it best when she said:
"'Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate"

do-no-reuse-taylor-swift-the-bea... 19 KB

Better yet, can us grown ups stop using the word "hater". Good god.

1 week later
#1555 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

This is where I think most people are in agreement, including myself.
As for the comments made by GL I'd like to know the FACTS of what he meant so we aren't speculating about it. And then I will call John myself and get his side of the story.
Let's get to the bottom of it.

I love ya Ice. Your emotional roller coaster on these preorders have, at the very least, been entertaining. Mr. Esquire demanding facts? For shame.

1 week later
#2044 5 years ago
Quoted from rai:

You want to buy me out?

Guess that depends on how bad you want out.

#2054 5 years ago

John and reality have parted ways some time ago and are not currently on speaking terms.

He is clearly oblivious to the fact that the walls are crumbling around him

#2081 5 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

IMHO All we can do is wait some more...

That is exactly what he is hoping for. He has been cut slack for so long, he feels he can get away with it. Pull the band-aide off and let the healing begin. Something I live by is 100% of nothing is still nothing. An owner will eventually hit his limit and will force the debacle in one direction or another. Time will tell which direction that is.

#2315 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinballfantexas:

Wanna see some MG and AIW head ove there and check it out.

Thanks for the link.

Quoted from toyotaboy:

Jesus, that's more of the games and artwork I've ever seen, and he's allowing that to be public?

Exactly my thoughts as well. Why not show us this stuff. It would help his cause immensely.
Suprised to see he is diverting resources to aiw to the level of having a foam core cabinet with art while two pins are treading water.

#2551 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Really sad/bummed to hear you say this Ben. More player interaction is always good and IMHO if you are thinking as upper flippers ONLY for the 1-2 shots they are mainly used for then you are missing the beauty of upper/extra flippers. They add a whole additional dynamic to a game for redirecting ball movement, richocheting to other shots or even using them as a new path (i.e. Stern ST under the flipper shot). More flippers can add a whole new level of fun player interaction to a game. The more I can interact with the ball, the better.

Agreed. Tron wouldn't be tron without that third flipper. Quora shot is so satisfying/frustrating.

#2655 5 years ago

From john's Twitter feed. Seems like he embraces the similarities from topps to his artwork.


1 week later
#2890 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Obviously he just rolls along. Not a care in the world.

And why do you think he would go about things any differently. We know he lurks here. He has read comments from buyers like yourself (a lawyer nonetheless) advising that everyone doesn't have much recourse. JPop is banking on your apathy. Calling your bluff so to speak. As I said before, sooner rather than latter, an owner will get fed up and force this dying on the vine project in one direction or another. It is my sincere hope that direction is completion.

1 week later
#3307 5 years ago

The "oh shit the natives are restless, need to show them something" is a big red flag. Do enough to quiet the murmurs. Having people beg him to do the right thing is another red flag. He can't or won't see the ship is sinking. So he trots out a "working" proto; so what? He needs to demonstrate he has the ability in manpower and financial power to carry it to production. These misdirections and diversionary practices are insulting. He's worried about his rep and legacy? lmao. F that. Boohoo, poor john. Poor misunderstood genius. No one understands how hard he's trying. Cry me a river. He's messing with people's money. Screw your secret society bullshit. You care about your customers? Then come clean NOW. Not at your pace through your filter. Lay it all on the line. What a load of crap.

#3364 5 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

That's the rumor

I like StevenP's posts and find what he says generally insightfull and in alignment on how I feel about things here on pinside. However, if true, that's unfortunate that he didn't disclose that before painting the rosey picture he did. It just seems disingenuous.

It seems to me there is a very small circle of owners that are close to JPop that are privy to way more information the the remaining owners. That's unfortunate.

Now we need JPop's CPA to post here and we will have a full picture of the company. LOL

***EDIT: it appears the poster I quoted stated he mistyped. My appologies for jumping the gun. ***

#3389 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

It's all he has to do. And be honest about it and he doesn't strike me as a scamming liar, far from it.

I don't believe anyone thinks john is a scammer or liar; just in over his head. People react differently when the walls are closing in. Some people put blinders on and block it out hoping it will go away. Some people think they can work harder to muscle through it.
A savy entrepreneur knows when the odds are in surmountable. Hopefully John is savy enough to identify if he can succeed still with what he has and what remains to be done. Hopefully there is enough in the bank to bring these beauties to fruition. As the saying goes, " the road to hell is paved with good intentions."

#3401 5 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I know he's not got the overhead of Stern or JJP with dozens of employees and whatnot that cost lots of money.
But lest say if the costs to develop an entire platform, hardware, software interface and develop two games just thinking of MG and RAZA at the moment let's say a total of 175 games.
50+125 = 175 games.
If it takes him 4-5 years and whateve salaries and equipment, CAD computers and 3D printers, vendors etc..
Let's say $800k R&D and equipment, vendors etc.. plus overhead (for 4 years let's call that $400k-$500k) $1.2M-1.3M
That's $7K per pin with and average selling price per pin of $12K
So he should have excess money to pay for the actual parts and assembly of the pins let's say $4K with leftover $1k profit per machine or money held back to deal with warranty and code fixes or cost run overs.
So it looks fine if my numbers are correct, but if the R&D and overhead are more than that, the remainder to build the pins get smaller.

What about his facility rent, utilities, payroll taxes, insurance etc...
I rent a a flex space with offices and a small warehouse outside DC and rent is nearly $6k a month. Assume best case scenario his rent is $3k, that's $36k a year. How long has he been in his new place? 3 years? That's over $100k in rent alone.

#3409 5 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Here's a place a few doors down from his place, $89k to buy
Here's another one not far away, $1.16/sq ft monthly rental ($1600 for 1400 square feet, looks very similiar to JPOP's place)

Wow. Commercial property is way cheap there. I assumed as suburb or Chicago would be on par with a suburb of DC. Guess not. Maybe I should invest in commercial property in streamwood. I stand corrected.

#3425 4 years ago
Quoted from vex:

reality lesson #1, to stay in business you pay yourself last.

Correction. If you can't afford to pay yourself, you can't afford to be in business.

I learned that lesson the hard way.

Ask the sba why most small businesses fail. The overwhelming answer is being undercapitalized. A close second is underestimating the cost to produce a good or commodity.

#3446 4 years ago

Because it flies in the face of the crowd who have the mantra that pinball isn't an investment.

#3518 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinballmike217:

I don't smoke pot so there's no need for me comment on the issue. It doesn't affect me either way and I'm not going to try and tell other people what they should or should not do with their lives.
I will clarify my original post and say that the there is nothing wrong with commenting if your not a JPop buyer. It's just very sad to see the negativity that has been posted towards JPop here lately. John is a pioneer and a visionary in the pinball world. I for one greatly appreciate his efforts. Yes, he's having a tough time but that's when people should rally with support and offer him help rather than start a bash fest. The armchair quarterbacks who are bashing John have no clue of what it takes to start and run a business so I'll say it again: If you can do better then go out and show us how it's done.

I have 3 framed pictures of myself and John on my walls. I have paid $$$ to buy collectable items associated with JPop. Suffice it to say I think very highly of his pinball ability and contributions to the world of pinball. Having said that, no one is above reproach. Not even John.

He's on the hook for a shit load of money. That money isn't corporate money. It's everyday working peoples hard earned greenbacks. That trumps a zealous fan's ramblings. Why is it we have to "do" something for pinball to be concerned for or fellow pinhead. In the end, your right. John has done more for pinball than all of us combined. Let's hope that his final contribution isn't the death of boutique pinball.

1 month later
#4228 4 years ago

So the recourse other than legal action is to let Jpop run around pretend playing pinball designer on whatever money is left; if there still is any left? Clearly reasoning, veiled and overt threats haven't swayed jpop. He isn't leaving much recourse to the owners.

#4506 4 years ago
Quoted from StevenP:

This is entirely BS and borderline slander. Watch it dude. Seriously. I speak from knowledge; you babble from ignorance.

Quoted from StevenP:

Yeah, I know. I did the law school thing. It's a fine line that can be crossed easily. And adding a few wishy-washy words is not necessarily a valid defense.

Quoted from StevenP:

Not gonna argue with this and let it speak for itself. Fact: I have been a practicing lawyer for a long time now, admitted to 2 state bars, 2 federal courts, and an admin body. Curious to hear what YOUR legal credentials are--or are you just another "forum legal expert"? [For the sake of argument, we'll stipulate that Canadian law counts here as well.]

Lawyers get a bad wrap sometimes. I rely on several lawyers heavily in my personal and professional life and find their knowledge invaluable to me. Perhaps a portion of that ill will stems from some lawyers using their intimate knowledge of the law to bully and scare people. At any rate, food for thought. Carry on counselor.

#4568 4 years ago

He should have done this long ago. The thought to pops to mind is, polished and professional. The LCD animations look great, the sfx sounds professional and not just neighbors lending their voice but real voice talent. I so wish I could believe these will be built in a timely manner. I would for sure want to be in on his games if I knew he could get them to market. I'm still skeptical but a huge thumbs up to what JPop has created thus far.

1 week later
#5141 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Haven't heard podcast but YES. That's how he feels.
I told him to embrace it, and better worry about when the time comes that people just don't give a shit to even complain.
His biggest downfall besides the control and paranoia complex
Still a really good guy. He needs to LISTEN to the criticism and not surround himself with just yes men

He may be an adult but he sure isn't acting like one. Sack up for Christ sake. Boohoo, they're being mean to me. Shit I hate finding this stuff out about a guy I thought enough of to hang his picture and autograph on the wall of my gameroom. Be a man John.

#5143 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Spot on. I'm having to be the dick right now because many people are "being a little too nice".
I just want questions answered and then communicated to everybody. Bring out all the BS to light. If he thinks its in his best interest to try and hide all of it he's nuts. I told him that last time I talked to him.
I'll say it again, he has provide a clear "FINANCIAL PICTURE", of where things stand, who needs to get paid, who owes what, etc...PERIOD.
I've offered up all kinds of help to him, we shall see. What's done is done, need to figure out a way forward if there is one, and we can't do that if we don't know the financial situation.
He also needs to GIVE UP control of the accounting/financials to someone else, in a more fiduciary and transparent role.
Maybe he doesn't understand that? Who is going to drop another dime into a black hole? Not any customers or vendors I know of.

Keep up the good fight, brother.

#5216 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Not that he won't, he can't in large numbers, one guy gets it and he has to do it for everybody and creates a run on a bank that is already broke enough.
He needs to get production going on MG and he knows it, asap, that brings in other interest and money and should allow people to get out if they want to.
All we can do now is hang in there.

Well as hard is it must have been for him to acknowledge that, I have to respect that he was forthcoming. That is a much better approach than ignoring the problem. Good for you to be able to make headway on that front Ice.

#5218 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

30 more MG pins at 17k, if he can get it

If he can demonstrate he can get it made, I think he can. Hell I'm still tempted. Maybe if John signs a personal guarantee, then I'd be down.

#5222 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

getting pin made, guaranteed.

There you go. That route will get traction. In light of skitb, I can't imagine anyone putting money in on something unsecured.

With John protected by the LLC, he has no skin in the game other than his time and if true, unpaid salary. These manufacturers need skin in the game. Why shouldn't they, you guys do.

#5231 4 years ago
Quoted from woodworker:

Wait a minute...

So who is telling the truth here?

Considering how much ice believed in this project , I'm sure it wasn't easy for him to come to that conclusion. I have no doubt if there was any glimmer that would have given him reason to believe otherwise he would have never said the things you quoted. I'm not saying stevenp is wrong. I'm saying if he took john's answers at face value and ice dug deeper then one could understand the dichotomy between the dueling lawyers, lol.

#5569 4 years ago
Quoted from jazzmaster:

These items are not meant to be distributed but for the owners here only. The items / ideas / designs and illustrations on this blog are protected by United States ©Copyright and need to be kept as “trade secrets”

He means business. His ip lawyer is an active member here.

Jpop has gall. I'll give him that much.

Nothing like punching an already cantankerous group of owners in the nose.

2 weeks later
#6540 4 years ago

Once again, kaneda making it about "him". I am challenged to recall coming across someone more narcissistic.

#6550 4 years ago

John doesn't need pr. He needs a pm. Wtf does he need pr for. The games are sold for pete's sake. Build the damn games and he will get all the good pr he can handle. Smoke and mirrors.

#6575 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

I appreciate that but I'm approaching burn out. The last few days I've made some stupid mistakes here and on the the owners group. This shit is taking a toll on my personal life.
But thank you for the kind thought.

Yeah man, I echo the other posters comments. I don't always agree with what you say but you're passionate, have a vested interest and your heart is in the right place. Your perspective is always a good counterpoint. Don't undersell that.

Quoted from Mr68:

Kaneda is merely a sycophant.

That's the nicest thing anyone has said about him.

#6620 4 years ago
Quoted from Skins:

Once again, kaneda making it about "him". I am challenged to recall coming across someone more narcissistic.

So, what, like 3 pages after my post of mostly kaneda talk. Exactly what he craves. Unbelievable.

#6638 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

I checked this Strange guy's IP address and can surprisingly confirm he is not kaneda.
I make this post in jest of course with no offense meant to either Strange or kaneda.

Thank god. I don't think I could stomach having see you apologize to him twice in one day.

1 week later
#7076 4 years ago

What a poorly constructed message to his owners. Talk about stream of consciousness. It seems the prospect of a legal entanglement rattled mr. Pop into sending out that sloppy reply. I have to wonder if his legal advisor slash guru perused that wandering cop-out of an excuse.

News flash jpop, pinside is your customer base. A-hole.

#7213 4 years ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

Hello all - I'm the artist on JPOPs 'recent' machines - I haven't heard for him in a few weeks and started doing some diggin which led me here - can someone summarize what is going on? thanks in advance!


Have you been paid? It seems that leads a lot of vendors to post here.

That is if this is really who he says it is and not a spoofed account.

#7228 4 years ago
Quoted from turbo20lbs:

"Zombie Yeti Studios - Illustration & Design for people who pay!"
That's straight from the FB page for Zombie Yeti Studios. I'm guessing that's all that needs to be said in relation to Jpop.

Yeah that was my suspicion. The wheels are coming off fast if he is now shutting out his inner circle. That babbling diatribe yesterday was just him laying the groundwork of a defense for the impending shitstorm he knows is on the horizon.

#7247 4 years ago
Quoted from Sjsilver:

Hey StevenP,
First of all, thank you for coming back to the thread. It is really nice to hear from someone who John choses to actually talk to.
Second, thank you for your assurances that you would not be any part of his threats.
Can you confirm that you were not his "advisor …(snip)... as a “very good” friend and legal guru since day one." that he referenced copying on that last letter?
If you were who he was referencing, it would make many people feel a lot better that his threats are completely empty. If you weren't, do you know who this "Legal Guru" is?
I seriously am not going on a witch-hunt here, I am just trying to get definitive proof of whether John's threats of legal retaliation are completely empty or not. For all I know, he could still have a lifelong friend who is willing to give him pro-bono help in suing his critics and customers. After all, you don't have to have any strong legal footing to sue anyone in this country, and make them deal with the pain and expense of defending themselves. Arron from Fast Pinball has stated that such threats have moderated his public opinions on this, so I know that I am not alone in picking up those threats.
If he is using his relationship with you to add credibility to his threats of legal retaliation in an attempt to silence his critics, I would love for you to clear the air about that.
Again, thank you for coming back to the thread. And I apologize if I was wrong in assuming he was referencing you in that last paragraph.

I put zero, I mean zero stock in his chicken shit threats of litigation. By doing so, he opens himself (and his books) up in court to **prove** his claim. It would be the all time most imbecilic move on his part. I truly believe he's twiddling his thumbs until someone forces his hand. I think he knows he's painted himself in a corner.

#7252 4 years ago

In America you can sue for any reason. It was an idle threat or he's a flippin moron because any discovery in litigation will expose his house of cards and he knows it. It takes awhile to rile me up but cowards who hide behind the law to scare, threaten and bully people need to be kicked in the dick. Jpop, you're a coward.

#7253 4 years ago
Quoted from Sjsilver:

I agree, however, we are talking about someone who has proven to be a renaissance master at the art of imbecilic moves, especially when they are driven by his ego. It seems very clear to me that he is completely prepared to burn everything to the ground if he doesn't get to keep doing things his way, and I can totally see him trying to take down those who he thinks are really to blame in the process. Not that he has the legal logic or funds to do so, but real world constraints seem to have very little effect in the logic in Popadiuktopia.

Then let him start with me. I'm no easy win and definitely not intimidated by legal threats or a courtroom. Coward.

#7268 4 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Thats what everyone says, yet no information reveals. Sorry man, you may the artist, but there is a lot of people who said they same thing.

Pretty sure he is referring to his own personal issue with John not the project as a whole.

#7381 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

And it's not going to be a slouch in the art department either.

I hope so. I would have owned amh but couldn't get past the art package. I believe in what they're doing and want to support them. Hopefully you're right and the art package is much improved on game #2.

#7389 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I know this isn't a Spooky thread, but I don't like how they got kinda casually tossed under the bus here. Who has built a game and who hasn't?

Who, exactly, are you referring to? I wasn't throwing them under the bus if you were referring to me.

#7395 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

No no, that silly post from the new guy here:

Like doing a game for Spooky is getting sat down in the corner or something.

Oh, thank you for clarifying. The last thing I want to do is come off as bagging on spooky. Much respect to them.

#7450 4 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:


Agreed. A pinhead with a critical eye controlling the art on a bad assed liscence. Zero worries on that front.

#7683 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

You can't refund money that doesn't exist.
John's gambit was take pre-orders, make a bunch of pretty art and patents, and get bought out/hired before he actually had to produce anything.
Didn't work. And now any investor has to deal with 500-600k of unfunded liabilities (building games owed) on top of however much labor it would take to actually finish them.

#7759 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

they'd increase in value, creating MORE wealth for their owners who could in turn buy more games. At worst they'd keep their value, allowing buyers to get something different in the future if they wished.

You're going to cause the, "pinball isn't an investment"group to shit themselves with talk like that.

#7886 4 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

If it is an investment it looks like the risk/reward sword just cut down the JPoopers. Is it only allowed to be an investment if it increases in value?

Considering that was a reply to a comment by someonelse made about the financial value of the machines, perhaps you should ask them.

#7889 4 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

I have no doubt that some jumped on JPOP as an investment. And therefore they shouldn't be incredulous that it went south. Investments often do. Pissed, sure. Who wouldn't be?

As stated before, ask the poster that made the comment about the pins value. Perhaps we should move back on topic, yes?

#7895 4 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

I have no question to whatever poster you keep referring to. I responded to your post, which implied that people that didn't consider pins investments were incontinent. Now, feel free to have the last word, but let it go already.

I appreciate the last word, thank you. I made no claim either way if they have investment value. Why you kept trying to engage me in banter about it with questions in two consecutive post about what I thought of the investments is befuddling at best. Ben stated he hoped they appreciated and created wealth, IE investment. I made a simple statement saying the "pins aren't investments crowd" wouldn't like talk like that. For whatever reason, you were trying to turn my post into more than it was or you are just having a hard time keeping up. Either way, thanks again for the last word. Back on topic.

See below:

Quoted from benheck:

Yup I took that photo on a road trip to Pinball at the Zoo, 2013.
I have no interest in John failing. If his games were shipped and great, they'd increase in value, creating MORE wealth for their owners who could in turn buy more games. At worst they'd keep their value, allowing buyers to get something different in the future if they wished.

Quoted from Skins:

You're going to cause the, "pinball isn't an investment"group to shit themselves with talk like that.

#7898 4 years ago

I don't think any are now but I'm quite sure there were some who hoped to catch lightning in a bottle (similarly as to how BBB appreciated) when they first jumped in way back when.

#7901 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Yeah but BBB was $4500...the fact that it shot up took years (and sheer "luck"). Plus it was a game that was designed already & had many parts made. When you're starting at $17,000 & nothing about the game even exists beyond a title...that's waaay more of a gamble.

I agree with that. No arguments there. I still believe a group justified the price tag by juxtaposing it to BBB.

#7910 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Pinball machines aren't "investments" in the traditional sense of the word, but their ability to hold value very well, and in some cases appreciate beyond the purchase price, has been a HUGE factor in the hobby's strength these last 5 years.

No argument from me. There is however a contingent that feel all nib games have to go down since they are "used".

#7914 4 years ago
Quoted from nintendo:

Everyone has their own perspective on pin values because of what they've read/saw/experienced. The games from Stern seem to go down in value with exception to a few machines (Tron, LOTR). Recent NIB pins from Stern now are being sold hundreds below what they were worth (ST, TWD). While old Williams/Bally games from the 90's continue to increase in value. There's really no concrete rule here and it really depends on the demand of a particular pin at any given time. Who knows, maybe ST and TWD will increase in value in the next 5 years? We'll never know with 100% certainty. But I think Ben's dead on:

No disagreements there. I'm not sure exactly how my comments are being misinterpreted but I agree with ben's assessment.

#8239 4 years ago

LOL @ Taylor giving jpop hell in the comments section of that FB post.


#8386 4 years ago
Quoted from Ronnie1114:

Its only up from here.

What a crock of shite.

#8453 4 years ago
Quoted from zaphod:

Two words: rabbit hole.

One word: Grift.

#8474 4 years ago
Quoted from CoinTaker:

John Popaduik was too busy to review his open invoices before expo. He made me feel like a ass for asking to get his account up to date. As he was very busy getting ready for expo. Well I did not want to be at fault for him not having the game ready for show. ( you know it would take 15 minutes to review the invoices that have been sent to him several times)
Now 7 months later, I am the jerk for giving him my money and support for 4 plus years and wanting answers and paid.
Pretty messed up if he has been paying himself without paying for ordered parts.
Congrats to Ben Heck and Spooky for showing how it's done! The sad thing is what John told me as why Ben was no longer part of the project. Looking forward to Ben's next game! Way to go Ben!

Sorry to hear that and thank you for posting here what's going on. Here's to hoping you're made whole.

#8558 4 years ago

Whysnow hasn't signed the nda. I highly doubt john lets him step foot inside. I hope he does have a chance to though. I just find it unlikely.

1 week later
#9062 4 years ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

Short of him winning the lotto, it's actually a huge gamble

Unbelievable. Were you of this opinion a month, hell, a week ago? Seems very disingenuous. Where's the other Oregonian with his, "only up from here" mantra.

#9072 4 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

To whom are you referring?

My mistake. He's from Washington but has a ducks avatar. Sorry for the confusion.

Quoted from Ronnie1114:

I am not physically involved, but I know one of the people making parts. Its only up from here.

#9113 4 years ago
Quoted from pinsnob:

It is just one lawsuit. JPOP could most-likely offer to make the guy "whole" and the suit could go away quickly.

And this may well be the litmus test. Logic dictates he gives the guy his money. If he doesn't, then the financial questions have been answered. Now a run of these would do him in regardless. This is where the rubber meets the road on jpop's future.

#9119 4 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

If one guy gets his money, won't many others also go the same route to get their money as well?

Yep. That's why I also said this:

Quoted from Skins:

Now a run of these would do him in regardless.

#9171 4 years ago

That's not a solution. That's an insult.

Sorry guys.

#9205 4 years ago

Wow. The gull it takes to put out a "presser" like that is unfathomable.

Couple thoughts:

1. It looks like MG wasn't done, ramps or no ramps. That letter states they need to build a prototype.
2. Did john recieve compensation for the rights? Is he receiving compensation for staying on as an advisor?
3. Why the dog and pony show with the ramp molds if for no other reason to deceive and carry on the ruse.
4. Screw the strong arm tactics of make up your mind now and take it or leave it attitude.
5. Screw telling people not to talk to attorney's; whether that be the licensee's or a owner's own representation. I would do all correspondence by mail. At this point, no one on this project is trustworthy IMO.
6. Shame on all the JPop apologist that came here with their BS cryptic posts about how things were on track. What you guys did was shameful.
7. Screw JPop and the horse he rode in on.
8. I'm sorry sorry for all you owners. I wish there was something us as a community could do. You have our support. F JPop.

#9211 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

And the new agreement must be signed by June 1, 2015. Whatever.

I missed that. How G.D. manipulative and premeditated can one get. Intentionally release this the Friday before the holiday weekend. Essentially giving someone 4 business days to get it before an attorney. It's intentional and horrific. If this new group is one of us, shame on you for structuring it to go down this way.

#9833 4 years ago
Quoted from turbo20lbs:

Yeah blame pinside, like John. Idiot.

I understand you don't agree with him but how about not attacking him personally.

#10254 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

I really suggest people google this guy. There's some pretty amusing results.

Is this the same guy?


Excerpt: "Patti’s other client this week is tall, dark and handsome Bill Brandes, a 45-year-old Canadian hotel executive who has flown into Los Angeles from Canada just to meet with Patti. Although he’s charming, Bill is also an ageist. He wants children and a large family, and as such, has no interest in dating a woman even close to his own age because “her eggs are dried up.” Bills wants to fly his date on a private plane to Vancouver Island where he will pamper her at his resort. But, can Patti find an age appropriate woman he will accept?"

I'm not judging or mocking in any way but holy hell. This whole jpop fiasco is crazy and getting crazier by the day.

#10466 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

My point is you are sounding pretty pissed and calling out Pintasia, when you don't have any $ in this. Sure, we as a community, hate to see all this happen, and fellow collectors get hosed - but I'm trying to understand why you are addressing them, when you aren't part of their letter request.

I get you are in a crappy situation and I feel for you. I abhor however, the "skin in the game" crap. Go to your owners Facebook group if you don't want commentary. Better yet, tell pintasia not to put his presser here. Non owners of predator were shouted down too. Nothing bad comes of open discussion and critiquing. Trolling obviously has no place here.

#10478 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Open discussion is great, smart ass BS from some isn't.

No it isn't. Nor is the troll witch hunt. If it is the best deal, it will weather the critiquing. Trying to silence a dissenting voice stinks of fear that one won't "vote" the way you want. Enough with the junior high troll name calling. Ignore them and correct wrong statements when required.

#11005 4 years ago


I'm curious why you chose to save MG over RAZA? Both are near prototype ready, yes?

#11063 4 years ago
Quoted from Skins:

I'm curious why you chose to save MG over RAZA? Both are near prototype ready, yes?

The quote below is the reason for my above quoted question to bill:

Quoted from rai:

While I applaud Bill and all the guys involved, I also see this delema. RAZA owners paid the lions share of money to John (I'm assuming $800K) and they are getting the short straw. *GETTING the short straw* there was no discussion or vote, the majority investors are paying to save the minority investors.
Not saying MG buyers deserve to get stiffed, but someone is getting stiffed in this plan and it's not MG buyers who wanted a MG priced at $16k and that's the only plan on the table.

I'm having trouble understanding why 19 trumps the 199, whatever the exact amount is. Even if every MG owner is paid in full and even if every RAZA owner is only paid in up to $4,000, the RAZA owners have funded double what MG has. I'm really scratching my head on why mg over RAZA. If this is being done for the good of pinball, why not serve the greatest number affected? I have to guess that there is close to half to a third of the money left to be collected on RAZA. Why not get RAZA running with a production plan. I'm sure those outstanding balances will be gladly sent in. Something just doesn't make sense as to why RAZA is being converted to mg and not the other way around.

#11078 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballHelp:

You have the prototype and the IP rights now do you not?
Can you elaborate on what your arrangement was to acquire that?
You appear to be the only pre-order customer that has actually gotten something from Zidware, and we're all curious what that cost and what the terms of that deal are?

I have heard this question asked directly of Bill several times here as of late. He has yet to answer it. In my experience, there are very few reasons why a direct question isn't answered directly. The lion's share of those reasons aren't to the benefit of the person asking the question.

#11083 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Obviously they are building MG to be showable next week. RAZA has never been that close. There's never been reports of people "playing" RAZA... ever. So it has to be MG first. Just pragmatic to do that. To paraphrase Ben.... slap the ramps on, get something to show people.
So the second part of the equation is how to handle RAZA buyers.... all 124 of them.
Can enough time be bought, can MGs be produced and start making money, to put out the fires?
Things are not going to get any less exciting around here.

I swear I just read somewhere that RAZA is near prototype ready. If I'm wrong, my apologies.

#11089 4 years ago
Quoted from taz:

It's not from what I've seen on the RAZA owner's site. I don't recall seeing a working mech of any kind yet, or the full ramps even in paper. I could be wrong given this roller coaster and the long passage of time between updates. There's a lot of stuff there, and some potentially cool mechs, but I think it will require some time to polish it up.

Fair enough. I must be mistaken.

#11193 4 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

in regards to the open book....could you open and turn to the page that describes your deal with Jpop regarding Pintasia obtaining the rights to the game and share with Zidware investors what it says?

It is clear Bill does not intend on answering that deliberate, to the point question.

#11194 4 years ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

MG is much further along than RAZA
All the toys for RAZA are not complete
The art, theme and direction of the pin needs major rework, Godzilla,Robbie the Robot, Mars etc will need to changed.
If Pintasia can pull off MG, RAZA will be next but in terms of getting a game to a production line MG is the clear choice. Because of John actions or lack of them there isn't a lot of time to get the ball rolling.

I appreciate the candor.

#11247 4 years ago
Quoted from jwo825:

In case no one is paying attention, the FBI just closed their investigation into the Predator affair and told those that got scammed there to pack sand. They found no criminal activity. Think about that before you decide if you want to throw any more money at this train wreck.

I may have read that thread wrong but it's my understanding the local PD handed it over to the fbi and closed their case. As far as I know, Kevin isn't out of the woods just yet.

#11428 4 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Guy's we licensed the games and have borrowed the one MG to finish the damn thing that he seemingly could not finish himself.

At what terms?

#11565 4 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Thanks Avatar won't engage with this stuff, however will have sunk over 100k in resources to get this thing finished and too the NW show. I said it's everyone's who have lost to Zidware...or donate to Vegas for all to see I don't mind, not my decision. This is worst case scenario, best is we get produced and filter profits back to help get everyone whole and a machine that Zidware should have gotten to us in the first place. Not looking for accolades just giving something back to what has made me happy most my life...pinball. Appreciate all those brothers who have stepped up as well we have some amazing people in this community and it wont be over shadowed by the few who have given it a black eye. All we can do is our best.

Bill, I'm curious what is eating up that $100k? I ask only because we have been told the prototype was flipping. I know the ramps were a cost. I'm sure transport to the show adds in. Is some of that seed money going to vendors?

I appreciate how you have taken everything in stride. As you can guess, many are skeptical of everything associated with this project. I sincerely hope you are successful.

#11573 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

it seems Wc and group at Pintasia have bought a license to build games.

Well that's a big void of disclosure there. What was the deal? I don't think many would be happy if they found out a sizable payment went to John in consideration for the license. Is that why bill is unwilling to disclose the terms?

#11586 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Well crap, I was hoping someone like you could make more sense out of it.
But Bill isn't listed as an owner of Pintasia? Is this accurate?

Well it is weird in its format and how the languages are mingled together.
Who knows. At this point, nothing surprises me about this whole mess.

#11705 4 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

You keep beating this horse... go back to this post

The tradeoff for John here is Pintasia works to relieve the pressure of the guys seeking games and someone putting up the up front money to keep the project moving. Pintasia puts up money, John gets a stay of execution. That's whats in it for John and why he would be motivated to license the game's work for no up front money. The upside for Pintasia is... trying to get the game made, and maybe, just maybe, an avenue to help people recover some of their losses.

Im not sure the few times constitutes beating a horse but whatever. If it was excessive my oppologies.

As for your pintasia quote, I fail to see how that answers whether John was paid from pintasia to use the license. I understand why you would infer what you have. If that's the case no one has said as much. If that's truly the answer to the license agreement, it seems like a simple reply to a simple question.

#11821 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

People are acting like these NEW people took $1M of our money and ran their business into the ground.
So far they haven't asked me for anything, other than a bit of time. Talk about spinning your wheels.
If there was a round of crowd funding happening, then their background and character could be put under the microscope. Right now it makes no sense to scream bloody murder about it other than for the sake of drama alone.

I agree but man if a fraction of that rambling Rico stuff is true; I would expect my pin to be cod.

#12153 4 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

No money was given to John are you nuts. It's MY money why would I want to piss more away. The outline was given on the owners thread they can divulge if they like. It basically was just enough to keep lights on and get the information needed into the machines....nut shell

Well it was asked of you at least a dozen times. Thank your for the nut shell synopsis. That at least puts to bed that $100k wasn't going to john.

#12172 4 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

sure I will hire more people to sit around and answer questions for you all day There were phone numbers given out to all owners and I believe I have contacted every last vendor that I know. Its ok it's just my money don't stress about it too much balls

Answer or don't. That's your call. Just don't feign exasperation when people fill in the blanks.

Remind me again, you're hoping to sell standards to the masses yes? Perhaps you may want to retain kaneda from zidware for your pr.

Ps, it's your money?!? I don't think I have seen you say that before?

#12771 4 years ago
Quoted from Crazybanana:

Is it possible to delete my Pinside account? Just wondering

Just don't bother logging in, delete the bookmark and don't visit pinside again. Problem solved.

#12780 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

I picture him shirtless on an episode of COPS.


Ice is good people. I look forward to running into (or stumbling) him for a beer at expo.

#13008 4 years ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

Thanks - dislexic keyboard to blame?

Purchased as well.

#13138 4 years ago
Quoted from chessiv:

I don't disagree that good intentions probably turned into intentional fraud. But I think we would both agree his stupidity led him to what may be criminal. My point was he didn't have criminal intent initially.

What does his original intent matter? So you're saying someone who signed up for aiw right at the end would be ok being screwed since jpop didn't initially have criminal intent? Put another way: A guy doesn't plan on cheating on his wife but he goes out with the boys, gets drunk and cheats. Is he less a cheater because when he left to go to the bar he didn't intend on cheating and more importantly; he was drunk?

#13167 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Yes, clearly he is less of a cheater.
Just like murder without premeditation.

I hear what youre saying but for some reason i dont think the wife would see the difference between the two.

#13224 4 years ago

Tell me the owl is a joke. Looks like a happy meal toy glued down.

No offense to the guys that burned the midnight oil to get it to this stage but wow. That game looks sooo incomplete. Not off to a good start imo.

#13269 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

Well since I spent 24 hours Mon and Tues - yeah, it is kind of offensive.

Offensive, lmao. I acknowledged the efforts of the volunteers. I will reiterate it again. What the volunteers have done is commendable. Having said that, there are lots of eyes on this project. By design in fact. Many of those eyes belonging to potential buyers. If you think just because a handful of guys worked hard to get the game presentable buys a game being peddled for $16k a break; you're sorely mistaken.

So what? We should lie and say it looks great? Gotcha.

#13278 4 years ago

lol at the idea of this game being made or broken by our comments. If the game is good, it will weather the storm. Pussy footing around got us here. Sack up and take the heat for petes sake.

I dig the apron though. Very cool.

#13281 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

I appreciate the nod to the volunteers. Opinions on Value, color, looks, game play, features will be all over the place. $16k buys a lot of other pins - many thought 1 pin might be worth $16k - I didn't bite on that offer, no pin is worth that to me. Some would not pay a dime for an EM, some restored ones go for $4k - that's what makes a market. The game will speak for itself and folks will love it or trash it or be, meh. Doesn't matter how much time or volunteer effort, I agree.

I respect that reply.
Kudos to you and what you have done for this project.

#14363 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

As for the "thread closure" request it came from a MOD so the focus could go to Bill and Pintasia and more "positive"
I had to make the request to "put it on the record"
I did. And then they decided it wasn't a good idea.

Seriously? I don't think it's hard to guess which one.

#14519 4 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

I doubt if Bill will post any more info here. He must feel every time he opens his mouth he gets the equivalent of an extended
prostate exam.
He'll probably just talk in the private "owners" group and avoid us rubberneckers and armchair QB's... those guys in the group have actually lost real money so it seems fair to me.

That's perfectly fine. Let's just be sure he doesn't use pinside to sell standard mg's that his plan relies on to give mg/raza/aiw their zidware credits.

4 weeks later
#16334 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Nah, had to scare them too seeing how Jack views things. They may not have voiced it but that response scared me.

There were quite a few, "you tell 'em, Jack" posts if memory serves. I remember thinking how can people be so willing to cult follow when I was reading their approving posts.

1 week later
#16639 4 years ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

Email I received:
Thanks for the email. We started as a custom shop (low runs) and taking from my original works from the 90s and moving forward with new ideas, custom features and great hand drawn artwork. So the base price is about 9.5k and up and we setup a pre-order basis. It all takes a lot of time.
John Popadiuk

No way! Someone needs to have an in person, man to man moron talk with this a-hole. If he's really phishing for new victims he has evolved from moron to crook in my eyes.

**edit: after re-reading that, he is very coy in how he words things. He doesn't say he's accepting money. He could say he was simply explaining the costs and how he does things.

#16651 4 years ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

How much are the pins and how do I buy one?

If that's the case then he intentionally gives a answer/no answer. He's trying to sell the guy without overtly saying anything concrete. Very, very despicable and clearly shows intent. Some were guessing he was starting up the blog activity as some legal defense. I'm not so sure in light of his phishing for buyers. I think his intent maybe more nefarious than that.

#16790 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Seems like he is just mad at himself and decided to take it out on one of his customers.
Siding with JPop is baffling. Banning one of your own customers and largest supporters for years is mind blowing. Not sure what to say.

Agreed. It seems like he's coming unhinged a tad bit.

#16824 4 years ago
Quoted from Cornelius:

Hey, thanks for dissing my "simplistic" response, lowepg, but perhaps you're too busy huffing and puffing to get my point: THIS ISNT THE THREAD TO COMPLAIN ABOUT JJP. If any lawyers DO end up sifting through this pile of crap, it's going to be even harder to find the important parts as it is.
I'm not defending Jack's opinion, but he's certainly right about one thing: this is pinball. Instead of joining forces to make our hobby better than ever, we're sitting here bickering with our fellow pinheads.

Quoted from Cornelius:

Did Jack's OPINION take any money out of your wallet?

Quoted from Cornelius:

Well then, pitchforks at the ready!

Quoted from Cornelius:

You suffer from hardheaded-ness.
As Geddy Lee once sang, "if you choose not to decide / you still have made a choice"

Quoted from Cornelius:

:btw Nothing I love better than some backseat moderation

1 month later
#17242 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

That is going to come pouring out in discovery in the lawsuit fast.

It shouldn't be hard. His lawyer keeps great records you know.

His point by point defense he has built in his dreamland to counter the points raised here is unbelievably astounding. The more he says, the more clear it becomes that save for dreaming up pinball ideas, he is a blathering idiot.

#17344 4 years ago
Quoted from JoeinNJ:

I have been a quiet, honest, hardworking guy for my whole life until now.

Wait,what? LOL. Freudian slip?

#17348 4 years ago

I guess, while being insulting to the affected people, the take away is the moron is blabbering in public; going on record. Keep talking shithead. Hang yourself with your own words.

1 month later
#18078 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Well lets see, if the IRS is getting 350k, judging by that you must have grossed at least 400.

I'm assuming Ice has his business set up as a LLC and that tax burden is both his business's and his personal liability. If not he is a baller and a braggart.

7 months later
#18905 3 years ago
Quoted from jackofdiamonds:

This whole what is he up to now shit is creepy.Lets hear about the court case.

I don't see anything creepy in wanting to know "what he is up to", i.e. Did he funnel any remaining money he obsconded with into another venture. Is he working a 9-5? Did he sell the protos and pocket the money? Etc,ect. All valid, non-creepy questions for the swindled to have imo.

4 months later
#20100 3 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Yeah, nothing in there about "playing" the game(s).
There's plenty of light-up boxes, there needs to be a playing game.

No. They asked for anyone to vouche it was real. Chris said he was able to look at it but not flip it. lile I said, shit show. These guys seem to be swimming in the deep end of the pool.

#20128 3 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Are you doing Kaneda's podcast ice? I will def tune in for that one!

I'll only listen if ice promises to drink before recording it. Drunk ice > sober ice

#20131 3 years ago
Quoted from Captive_Ball:

Saw this today while on the HSA pinball restoration site (http://www.hsapinball.com/HSA_PINBALL/Home.html).
(25) playfields made for Magic Girl.

Good find. I wonder how many playfields were in the first batch in January? 25 + ?

#20155 3 years ago
Quoted from hardware:

Did something happen after expo that I missed where AP stated there is a delay of delivery of MG due to rights?

Yes, in the seminar they stated there was legal aspects they had to work through that they hoped would be resolved.

#20157 3 years ago

No worries. They really spoke to it briefly, almost in passing near the end. Hopefully the audio will get posted on pinball news soon.

#20161 3 years ago
Quoted from SimonBaird:

The fact that they showed Houdini in Vegas in the old Zidware cabinet and then pulled it for expo, would lead me to believe that these legal issues only came apparent when inside got word of what was happening. Now it might seem strange not to have done a thorough check on JPOP in relation to Zidware rights, if they were actually purchasing Zidware and its IP from John. However the fact that they most likely new nothing of Bill or Zidware legal history, backs up their claim that John is merely a "consultant/designer".

Bill posted this in September 22:

Quoted from wcbrandes:

Lawyers of his trying to contact me, when finally replied they said nothing was moving forward disregard all their calls to get back to them. I'm assuming they knew I still carry the rights to the titles.

The pinball news report and pictures of Houdini was 5 days after on the 27th of September:

They clearly knew there was an issue, yet still showed it in Vegas. They knew of the legal issues then. They obviously knew there might be an issue prior to that considering they reached out to Bill beforehand. If what Bill says is true in the quote above (I have zero doubt it's true btw), i.e., "they said nothing was moving forward", then they willingly lied to Chris at cointaker when they told him in the Facebook post the 24/25 of September he would get his Magic Girl at expo.

The missing information is what transpired during the time after the 27th until expo week. The switch at expo (not bringing the Houdini shown in Vegas) and bringing Joe on the Monday before expo clearly points to the fact they were forced to change direction from some outside force.

#20164 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

This really is some confusing shit (shocker I know).
If AP really is nothing more than a contractor hired by Zidware to build MG (similar to Stern assembling MMr for CGC/PPS), then where does Bill come into the picture? If Bill/Pintasia actually owns the rights to MG, would he/they have a say in whether American Pinball can build the pin?
One of the obvious questions raised is where is Zidware getting the cash to pay AP to build MG? Does Bill still have cash involved in this, with more to spend to get MG built through AP?
To think that this is all happening while the lawsuits against JPop/Zidware are still pending...

From what I have discerned or been told (take it with a grain of salt). Please correct me if I'm wrong.
1. Bill, under pintasia holds the rights to all Zidware assets. That raises the question how pintasia hold the assets sans the liabilities. I'm not a lawyer so who knows.
2. Zidware assets were exchanged in consideration for capital given by Bill/pintasia to try and save the Zidware projects. Rumored in excess of $100,000
3. Where the cash was coming from to build the games by ap is coming from ap. When asked in the seminar how they could build them when jpop admitted there wasn't any money left to produce the games, the answer was a barter system. Assumed to be Houdini game development for AP MG production.

1 week later
#20304 3 years ago
Quoted from sd_tom:

Cornelius just got a permanent all forums eject in another thread, so won't be hearing anymore from him.


#20307 3 years ago
Quoted from merccat:

They boy seems sencere but has some anger issues. The sad thing is he'll probably just rant somewhere else about how all the horrible people on ponside beat him up LOL.

Anger? Try stability issues. His frenetic energy is unsettling.

3 months later
#21386 2 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Cointaker would have been in a better position if they tried to sell the game in the box, unopened. But since they opened it, showed photos of it open, but then seem to be holding back showing it in an unflattering light, it becomes suspect.

Kaneda said cointaker asked him not to podcast about the state it was in until Cointaker could speak with John about the issues. It still doesn't paint a pretty picture for the state mg is in or Cointaker for that matter.

#22160 2 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

It is my understanding that the extra flipper button on the left is there since the hole was put into the cabinet by mistake, so, it is not supposed to be wired.

Please forgive me; but that made me chuckle.

#22195 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

Sadly it will be a few days yet.
Although my MG was picked up on 22nd, Jpop neglected to supply the paperwork (invoice etc) needed by US and UK Customs to ship the machine to UK (despite us checking this 10 times with him beforehand). I have chased with numerous emails, but no reply from Jpop. Scott did reply and follow-up with Jpop- still no reply from Jpop.
So today (2 days later) I phoned AP and s/w Dhaval Vasani himself. He said John was out for lunch (it was lunchtime there) but he would remind him later today, also stating it was John's responsibility to handle Zidware paperwork etc, which of course it is. I had a polite chat with Dhaval for 10 minutes, reiterating my concern about getting MG, and also took the opportunity to thank him and AP for manufacturing MG.
My MG is therefore in limbo, unable to be exported to UK currently, and we had to cancel the weekend flight slot to UK
I really don't understand what Jpop is playing at, but I have his mobile/cell number now, and will ensure I regularly text, phone and email him and AP, and perhaps more too, later... It is wholly unacceptable, Jpop, to treat customers like this, and you really should (like an errant child) be ashamed of yourself. Jpop is also, of course, ensuring that he will never again be supported by competent people like AP, and hence is digging his own commercial grave (as if he hadn't already, of course!). But remember WITH CRYSTAL CLARITY, Jpop, things can always get worse... Like an involuntary bankruptcy filing run by Keith, for example.
So send me my paperwork please, old chap.

I'm curious how you would handle paperwork/shipping on a used game? I ask because there are many trustworthy pinsiders in the Chicago area that could take delivery of your game then provide paperwork you need for shipping as a "used" game. It seems there has to be a way to circumvent that asshat jpop.

#22829 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

to clarify, my contribution was a suggestion to others that are owed games or payment (RAZA, AiW, Vendors) to work now to force bankruptcy. I said the courts should be the ones to sort this out. I have been asked not to comment any further on this so I wont.

Again my contribution to this thread is just to point out the facts and discuss possible outcomes (we are on a pinball forum afterall and talking pinball). Jpop got over 100 people to give him money first (over multiple years on multiple games), then convinced Pintasia to bail him out but a failed attempt at teh NW showing, and finally AP to get MG made. If he can work his magic on these people then what stops him from finding another? At the same time he now has plenty of additional info to show any investor that he is capable of making a game that will sell for over 30k on the secondary market. Reality is that Jpop appears to be in a difficult situation currently, has made comment that he was willing to put out these half baked MGs just to stave off ongoing legal matters. From these simple facts it seems the easiest path to least resistance for Jpop to try and generate revenue would be to make more MGs. If I were in his shoes I would be hunting out an investor, making a deal with Pintasia to get back my license (assuming this is even the case), and slowly churning out MGs piecemill to make more money. Keep in mind the other fact is that the # made/being made has continued to grow over the years and it seems nobody has a real clue on how many truly exist at this time or will in the future. Only time will tell. Heck, none of us could have predicted this 6 year adventure and I think we will all see some more twists and turns as it continuees to unfold.
Fot those owners of MG, I am happy for you. You went though hell and more in this wait, along with likely thinking it was all gone multiple times. I am happy for you! genuinely happy that you got something!
Please dont misinterpret my thoughts that others owed should be looking at legal proceedings/action or my guess that more MGs will still be coming (either with help or without help to jpop) as something against MG owners. As I have said, a few MG owners are good friends. However, I also have a few good friends that are owed Raza and AiW or money for helping MG along the way, and I want to see ALL of them made whole and done so fairly for all where you all come out on top, and not just a few people that got lucky at the right time and ultimately due to more of Jpops blundering antics.
Lets be honest, wouldn't the best thing for ALL hobbyists in this mess be for Jpop to figure out a way to make MGs that actually work, RaZa out the door, and AiW pre-order whole? I think the best possible way for that to happen is for Jpop to leverage the seconday flip of MG and generate the revenue. Think about it this way, if Jpop had opted to make 40 MG and they each sold for 33k, that would have been $1,320,000. That would have been enough to refund nearly 100% of all MG, RAZA, and AiW customers plus pay the vendors.
as a reminder for everyone >> here is what a 33k MG looks like.

Machine - For Sale
Magic GirlNew!New in box (NIB) “Magic girl for sale ... game number 12 new in box magic girl. Buyer handles pick up of game.”
14 hours ago Milton, MA 33,000 (OBO)

i.e. we can all understand your concern that legal actions may happen or that other MGs could be made.

Dude your a nice guy when you're not going off on these agenda driven witch hunts. It is very transparent and obvious. Just stop already with making up rumors and purporting them as fact. It reflects poorly on you. Seriously.

#22843 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I have not made up anything

You state things as fact. You say you heard a rumor so it must be true. That is disingenuous. You say you don't have an agenda; then give me a reason why your voice is the loudest one in here since the mg got released into the wild.

1 month later
#23278 2 years ago

Yikes. The author of that article needs a copy editor.

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