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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#226 5 years ago
Quoted from pinball_customs:

Seriously though, is there no one on the RAZA waiting list? I'm trying to get a refund but it's pending a replacement buyer.

Umm.. are you implying that he can't afford to give you a refund until someone else shows up to pay you or is this a policy thing? The first would make me question a few things if I was in on this.

#249 5 years ago


Someone who is running a business, needs to understand this lest.. well.. runs out of money

1 month later
#302 5 years ago

Especially if you're trying to sell your spot

#435 5 years ago

With the 9k smaug edition.. Maybe we've discovered some new Moore's law of pinball. If you attempt to raise the bar in pinball prices, you are destined not to finish anything until everyone else catches up.

So, when the next manufactuter reaches 10k, that's when JPOP stuff will be ready. So expect 1.5-2 years

#591 5 years ago

Maybe you owners should get together with your own group and start pressuring him collectively
. I.e., manage him a bit.

#712 5 years ago

Can understand the eggshells... but at the same time he can't just take your money cause he's pissed off. So, at worse he could kick you out by refunding your money. Maybe as you guys get fired up, this becomes more an acceptable risk of a result if it came to that?

#718 5 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

There's no refunds...

I get that.. I was responding to the people that said in the past, when they've confronted JPOP he freaked out and so people are hesitant to ruffle his feathers again. Was just suggesting that the consequences of pissing him off couldn't be that bad.. it's not like he can legally take your money, and kick you out with no product. If he wanted to kick you out, he'd have to give you your money back is all.

#797 5 years ago

Looks like he respects what dutch pinball could pull off... Maybe he should think about getting their help.. They're pretty busy though and would require him to give up some control which doesn't seem like he's ready to do.

#842 5 years ago

and he's spelling lebowski correctly now !

#879 5 years ago

Couldnt you read the jpop TBL line though as "don't show it till you've got real product" which is more of the same ? I.e., shouldn't of even shown the cabinets / translite? Wondering if there would be more/less outrage if he had done nothing this year at expo?

#882 5 years ago

Yeah I think I agree

#902 5 years ago

I think though having a contrast of "some guys" that announced a game 1 year ago and have a product of that quality (6months before shipping) might still be considered a tipping point for "enough's enough". Think JJP also suffered a bit from compare/contrast with TBL and you get people being more vocal. Just my opinion anyway. Whatever it takes to improve the status quo is good

#996 5 years ago

Yeah another point about the kiss thing is that they wouldn't want just 150 to be made.. Theyd want unlimited. So, I am not sure why Jpop even pursued it as it wouldn't fit his boutique model.. Let alone why he spent all that energy on a mockup.

2 weeks later
#1082 5 years ago

Reading that article.. about him being the "steve jobs" of pinball. um ok, whatever.. but let's continue the analogy... where is his Steve Wozniak.. i.e., the engineer half of what he started. It could of been Ben Heck, but it didn't work out for whatever reason. Without that counter balance.. well, we see what happens.

3 weeks later
#1442 5 years ago

I've been in on day one, and it is my first non-Stern preorder and I'm pretty much fine.. They haven't done anything wrong with TBL that would make me concerned it's going to be years before I get it. BOP2.0 has had some missteps true.. but.. TBL has prototype games they dumped in front of the public 6 months before shipping. quite happy.

#1469 5 years ago
Quoted from woodworker:

My prediction: MG is the one pin everybody will kick themselves for not buying. It will be unobtanium after it is finally released, and will sell out the instant the pictures of the game go up online. It is also the game that will humble him. JPop will have to finally build a machine in quantities, and he will hate building it. It will cost more than anticipated, and he will work with a manufacturing partner for future games. He won't build more MG's because of the costs and the effort involved. It will be a meticulously hand-made, cutting edge work of art.
MG is also THE game that he has to prove what he can do. He wants to blow the lid off of the pinball world with it, and I believe he will. It will have over a decade of ideas and innovations he has come up with since his last game with B/W. I can't buy this machine right now, so my jealous hat goes off to all of the MG owners! I wish I was in your shoes, you lucky bastards...
I absolutely can't wait to see this game.

At $17k? No I would never kick myself for not buying 17k pinball machine. I dunno guys.. He's whiffed the ball a few times now. Hopefully he's seen the light and I'll be happy to be surprised

#1485 5 years ago

anything about whether he's still committed to a functioning MG reveal end of year?

#1489 5 years ago

nice.. this should be good for a few pages.

#1494 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

How many "parts" can there be delivered? There aren't any pins yet.

Given that GLM designs and makes boards.. (I have his fliptronics replacement boards for instance, http://www.greatlakesmodular.com/ ) I think you could imagine custom boards , even in small quantity would be annoying if someone didn't pay you for design, etc. pure speculation of what's being accused of here of course.

#1497 5 years ago

he said "As a general rule of owning and operating a business, I stop supplying customers who don't pay their invoices." -> that's not slow, that's not at all. but ok

but agree.. given the impressions that JPOP is "the artist" / absent minded professor... It is actually not surprising at all that paying bills is somewhere on the low priority list for him. However, as a vendor trying to work with someone like that, one could decide it's not worth selling to someone you have to hound all the time to get paid.

#1515 5 years ago

If you go to the comment before the bill paying comment, I think defaulting to "not paid at all" is a reasonable leap though iceman44. It was when he was pressed about this comment below that he brought up not getting paid. GLM at least makes good stuff, and has a good reputation for actually delivering things.

Quoted from GLModular:

If Zidware was a public company, I'd be shorting the stock right now.

Anyways, even in positive light... if is only that JPOP is a flake about paying his bills, he probably shouldn't be running a company handling tens of thousands of dollars in pre-payments by himself; but I don't think anyone is disagreeing with him needing some business help at this point.

#1521 5 years ago
#1567 5 years ago

first i've heard of a date as well.. where did that even come from? Is that confirmed? If so, it's exciting to see a real date out there. If he said "end of year" then I would vote no reveal before end of year.

#1624 5 years ago

Who's got the cojones on AIW here at this point and give him additional funds? Iceman?? your sobering thread was a few hours ago..

#1629 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

As I sit here drinking a beer(s) before the show, yes, I already put a deposit down on AIW months ago!
And it bought me a ticket to MG, I did say Jpop's were the only pre orders I have left. Well there is Alien too
Sack is right, I'd venture to say the whole company is riding on these reveals. Gut says John comes through. Because I'm a positive thinker!

but would you write JPOP a check for $1k more for AIW right now like some people are claiming they are getting letters for? (or is this the first ask of money for AIW?)

#1665 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I don't think Jpop is capable of letting someone help him to be honest. Everyone I know who's tried has bailed because he's impossible.

I know of one person that offered to work on some stuff for him years ago and they had some tentative agreement and after some very loose terms and visiting the workshop a few times.. couldn't ever get a sense of organization, no formal terms locked down ($ for work), felt he couldn't risk his livelihood on such loosey-goosey-ness so went back to doing his day job.

He still hopes JPOP succeeds as he too was impressed by the workshop / JPOP "the artist". This was years ago, and second hand, and past performance is no guarantee of future results.*

*sometimes they are at least a good hint

#1797 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Serious question, does anyone know of a single other industry that operates like all these pinball companies? This is so f'd up.

If we are just talking about slipped schedules and things costing more than expected.. sure .. it happens all the time in engineering; the "Unknown Unknowns". Especially SW development. We are a consulting firm and we use a diagram like this when we first meet a client because we want to be up front that any estimate (schedule or cost) at the beginning is not to be taken literally. We don't always win contracts though because we are up front about it.... vs.. everyone else pretending slips and overruns don't happen.

Diagram from microsoft. Says there is lots of uncertainty at beginning of a project that slowly resolves itself as you go forward

Communications, Disorganization - on top of the above, that's pinball

#1822 5 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I just spoke with a real MG owner, and he doesn't have a clue what is happening. He's completely in the dark.
If there is something going on this week, I guess the game will be shown to a few people at the shop, but this is not much of a reveal.

Looks like not even all the MG owners invited.

When does the public get to see?

#1921 5 years ago

As a TBL pre-order person, I can say I've walked a bit in you all's shoes now (I can't imagine 3+ years of it). sorry guys that it doesn't look like MG reveal is adding up to a lot so far I, as everyone else, really wish they could see it.. and sure seems important to get the visuals out so people can get excited about this again / helps people get their refunds if they want to.

#1951 5 years ago
Quoted from Mr_Freshie:

I needed some reassurance from someone that knew how JPop operated.

I think one thing, good, is that "how he operates" is a lot more public now than it was just 6 months ago. You have to have an iron will for that..

#2050 5 years ago

Is there anyone out there that has gotten to the point they would rather him throw in the towel and refund whatever is left of money to everyone? Or is that too far? I.e., would rather let him proceed to conclusion, with the risks as they are?

#2059 5 years ago
Quoted from Linolium:

Bummer. Well the offer still stands if he needs it.

He seems like someone hard to work for though.. unless you're very comfortable with uncertainty. I.e., the uncertainty that you see with all the pre-order-ers here.. so that seems mirrored with anyone who works for/with him as well.

#2120 5 years ago

knowing what we've learned over the last 4 years.. is there a huge question why he isn't working somewhere else right now? His personality/perfectionist/disorganization might be well known behind the scenes and hence why job offers don't fly at him all the time.

Quoted from frolic:

John seems to care about his stature amongst pinball designers, I can't understand how he can be oblivious to a thread of over 2,000 posts on pinside ripping him apart.
I guess you can write it off as "haters" but there are a ton of disappointed customers here.

#2151 5 years ago

If you want scorched earth, I hear Phil might be available. Have to laugh or cry at all these shenanigans.

#2256 5 years ago


#2473 5 years ago

How are you going to see the DMD with that whole platform there? Is it clear now?

#2545 5 years ago

Interesting to see if 30 more people would be willing to roll the dice at this point, at this price point.

1 week later
#2699 5 years ago

Sort of not surprising why he isn't working at JJP or stern (may not be his choice)

#2703 5 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

He's got too much baggage to work for either of them. Do u think he would go back to someone telling him hurry up, or stop changing things?

Maybe he'll pick up some humility after all this? Though he's booked himself up for the next decade so maybe he will just be ready for retirement after all this

1 week later
#3132 5 years ago

Maybe he skipped ahead to the Phil part of the TBL effect? so sorry for you guys

1 week later
#3624 5 years ago

the bottom paragraph on the alice page:

The final vision for the backglass will take some time for me to go thru, which I will. We have designed in a cool topper and so much playfield gadgetry it will be great. One of the questions I get all the time is "how can you work on more than one game at a time". Well this has never been attempted before in pinball. In our case all the games have benefited from each other. Magic Girl was partially re-drawn and re-colored after we brough on a new artist for Zombie Adventureland. Alice has benefited as I have found my "pinball groove" again after not designing for over a decade. So it's just flowing now like a gusher, all the creativity. Also as a pinball team we have really honed in the process. At this stage I think we will reach our "Million Lines of Ink" challenge I set for myself, and to work as hard as I can for my owners. Jpop

The alice stuff looks pretty good though.. all of the 3 games seem a bit too "busy" to me but the alice stuff I like better for some reason? Maybe cause the theme itself is so psychedelic?

#3629 5 years ago
Quoted from SadSack:

My lord, no mention of any move toward production. This guy truly has lost it.

Well, this is the product page for the Alice game; I wouldn't of even expected the blurb that I quoted to be on that page let alone even more comments like that. Just interesting that he felt he needed to at least say something on the game 3 page / trying to cut off a bunch of hate mail for updating the alice page? Isn't that a positive step; he's aware of the optics of it?

1 week later
#3928 4 years ago

2 weeks later
#4086 4 years ago

Investor probably doesn't like the extremely low runs of games either that was at least some of the appeal.

#4154 4 years ago

Is he doing RGB lights? It would be a shame if he's taking so long that the game will be dated by the time it comes out given the innovation thats happening elsewhere. It wasn't there when he started but is happening.

#4499 4 years ago

Ignoring Robby the robot, godzilla, mars attacks but yeah he can pull them out and move on if there's problems.

#4552 4 years ago

There is a link from blog with more meat http://pinballinventor.org/games/magicgirl/preview/33/index.html

Dissapointed hat the "geometry and toys" link just links back to hand drawn art. I only care about the cool mechs.. Seems a bit light on that or is there a link I'm missing?

#4688 4 years ago

Way back at the beginning i got the impression jpop was using proc for some period of time (I don't know how long or if it was more than a curiosity).. Wonder if Gerry is on the list of vendors not paid or not.. Or whether some of the the bad blood between proc and fast is related. Plus you have GLM complaining about not getting paid.. Seems like there's been a lot of churn here already. DP is going with PROC so there's going to be at least 83 commercial machines with that (plus bop2.0 units.. So technically proc is in the club of made it to commercial)

#4736 4 years ago

Interesting, puts some context around

Lots of irony to go around if this is all true given jpops secrecy / worried about everyone stealing his ideas.

#4738 4 years ago

I knew that one was out there but I couldn't find it. I hope nemo guy got paid for reverse engineering the board and respinning it.. But prob not.. John seems to seek out volunteer work whenever possible. File that under penny wise / pound foolish.

#4792 4 years ago

Queue thread in a year where Aaron is on list of people who tried to work with him.

Seriously though, proc vs fast aside, the group of Facebook people need to get real serious with Jpop about his kind of behavior / mindset. I don't know how you legally make jpop pick a path and stick with it, and pay people, etc. This isn't going to work if he just blows off the project manager cause jpops still the boss, etc.. Are you guys cooking up any strategies where he can actually be over ruled on something? Like an executive board or shares or something.

#4835 4 years ago

I guess I still don't see the path to any real leverage on Jpop to not be the boss anymore... I.e.what happens when the first thing he disagrees with like paying somebody for their work comes up.. Is he really going to let go? His personality seems like this is impossible?

Are you going to hold lawsuit over his head or what? I

#4882 4 years ago

Both on and off topic.. And NSFW.. Dang you can't tilt you tube links!

#4886 4 years ago

I should of mentioned its 11 min

Quoted from fastpinball:

OMG! What did I just see? I was half watching while writing code and I thought multiple YouTube videos were running together. Wow.
FAST Pinball

#4910 4 years ago

Ok so if JPOP turns Aarons positive energy and optimism into another "never work with him again" story (I.e., history repeating itself for the nth time) ; you guys should prob just try to get whats left of your money back at that point.. How many spirits crushed is it worth?

The fact that Jpop may entertain this idea means one of two things. First that he's so far behind that he's been outright lying about progress.. You just can't be that oblivious as to your own progress. Or 2.. He's going to scrap what's there, probably crush one more persons spirits (nemo guy) and change directions again. Why would anyone want to support a person like this in the future / beyond the ones that are stuck .. Youve got no other choice.. More for people on AIW and beyond.

#5037 4 years ago

Neither are professionals, thats what it boils down to. One is an eccentric kook and the other one is a naive guy in a basement.

Unfortunately pinballs are a complex engineering and manufacturing task that shouldn't be left to non professionals. Hindsight 20/20 I know.

#5043 4 years ago

I guess what im sating is that I'm not sure Charlie or Ben would get butthurt by being called professionals I could be wrong though

#5064 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

This is the only conclusion.

I think there's still hope that there is a big pile of cash because JPOP has the kook factor that breaks the norm.. I.e., the Scrooge McDuck angle i personally feel is still viable. The first story of not paying a helper on MG I heard when BHZA was announced. So either he was out of money way back then, OR this is just his MO. The whole putting the translate away at expo cause people got cameras out was the biggest flag for me that the guy has some serious issues.

#5090 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Yep, all his problems are caused by other people.

Reminds me of quote: "The common denominator in all your failed relationships is you". Its supposed to be a joke

I dont think stern or other boogy men give a shit what john is doing.. Any slights against him are in his head.. He's probably confusing intent to harm him with lack of accommodation/patience

#5122 4 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

So far I've seen little evidence that customers are refraining from pre-orders.
The biggest indicator with JPop is that he has yet to show a single playable prototype, whereas we have seen games from almost everyone else....WOOLY, TBL, Predator, AMH, Full Throttle, even early P3 prototypes. A single fully playable MG prototype would be the only significant next step, not art, not cabinets, and not backglasses... game play.

Most/all of your list started after JPOP kicked off MG as well.. Salt meet wounds, sorry.

I am a little confused.. Why did this thread turn especially south today; spillover from predator or more? Iceman, it looks like you missed one maybe two phone calls with JPOP and ready to throw in towel? and FAST has gone quiet too. Is the trip out there on hold already?

#5138 4 years ago
Quoted from RomstarArkanoid:

I find this interesting, since John tried to have some of the boards he was using duplicated to cut the people out who made them.

I have found in my life on multiple occasions that peoples own view of how others may/are behave themselves is often a direct reflection of what they are capable of.. I.e. we presume everyone else operates the same way we do.. So people that mistrust everyone around them may not be the most trustworthy people.

#5343 4 years ago
Quoted from StevenP:

If you're implying I'm getting paid by Zidware, you are 100% wrong. I just want to clarify this. I volunteered to help John a few years ago with some patent stuff, and have done so along with some other legal assistance (e.g. a trademark filing or 2, the lease for his workshop). And I'm doing this pro bono. Not charging John a penny for my services.

Oh.. Ok. This makes a lot more sense now.. Why you're the one guy that's worked with him that didn't run away. John expects everyone else to work like this as well..

#5614 4 years ago

Its sad how quickly he responded to aiw leaks vs .. Well every thing else.

#5785 4 years ago
Quoted from jlm33:

Can Antonio Ortuno - the QPC System designer, if I am correct - work on the software as well? (after finishing Nemo's code, of course !)

He also lives in Spain right?.. That makes it tough for him.. Esp if john isn't going to ship him a game.

4 weeks later
#7534 4 years ago

What is the DP downfall he's talking about? I wouldn't even think he'd be aware of phil gate, nor was/is it their downfall. Does he mean his own downfall from a company like DP (and spooky ) showing up after he started and have a lot more to show? Or is he meaning DP in a different sense.. You know, parlance of our times and all

4 weeks later
#9384 4 years ago

Feel for everyone involved. As someone who was pretty close to BHZA purchase, I feel pretty lucky today (I still have TBL delivery to get through). Hopefully your wives are understanding about losing that kind money

Is anyone considering any of these ways to stay in?

#9741 4 years ago

Think you missed a few points

#10556 4 years ago

Make the first test the machine showing up at this NW show without John. That would show they're really in charge.. Get one of his babies across the country without him. Pintasia can say he's just a consultant all they want but john is prob incapable of just being a consultant. Even if it goes through I'd expect it to fall apart with John anyway.

#10573 4 years ago
Quoted from slapshot:

I doubt John would show his face at that pinball show

You're giving John credit for being self aware. I wouldn't.

#10574 4 years ago
Quoted from Perspex:

The next guy to come along with a new pin/company better get used to being held under a microscope!

I have been feeling fortunate with my TBL pre order that philgate is in the past. If this (and predator) had blown up prior to philgate, I'm not sure DP (or anyone else with a misstep going forward) would of gotten the chance to recover. The pinball world is different than it was in January that's for sure.

#10962 4 years ago
Quoted from shakethatmachine:

Before we all get wrapped up in any new shiny things that are going on this game over the next couple of weeks, let's remember exactly where the *business* end of this is at.
RAZA owners who do not want a MG, or a MG Pro are still left 99% out in the cold; no game, no refund. OK, MAYBE a game in 4 or more years according to the contract Pintasia wants us to sign. Another phrase for *maybe* in a contract is *if we feel like it, but we certainly never have to*. Also, let's remember if we do sign the contract on this thin hope of a RAZA we also are signing the rider that states we can not sue Zidware.
Pintasia is not covering any of the Zidware liabilities. Zidware will therefore be sued by any RAZA owner who is hoping to recover even $10 of their loss. There are a considerable number of us and we are not happy.
I'm all for getting MG made, but not at the expense of RAZA owners. Remember, our payments funded MG to this point. We have a lot of skin in the game. Again, remember, many of us do not want any form of a MG. It's not what we signed up for. Still, the fact remains (super clear shiny ramps or not), we are out in the cold.
All this leads back to Zidware getting sued.

Plus the trail of unpaid vendors.. Another liability

#11835 4 years ago

Maybe we all took the "Lebowski" reveal to mean the pinball machine reveal vs a story that was about to unfold, a story about a fella named John. There was a lot about the Dude that didn't make a whole lot of sense to me

#13067 4 years ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

Which version? I should compile and share sometime. What a flustercluck that one became.

So question for you.. What was the deal with all the IP (Godzilla, martian, Robby robot) in RAZA? Going from blatant to "nice try" - Godzilla with 4 arms? And how did it go from zombies to... Whatever it is. Over time, johns vision (johns lack of vision)? Seems like an interesting story there.

#13203 4 years ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

EDIT - OK so I don't want to spoil... await proper reveal later today perhaps?

It was spoiled 6-36 months ago, you're safe.

#13481 4 years ago

#14618 4 years ago

One thing pintasia efforts did was get john comfortable enough to send the email saying there was no money left and was basically done vs non stop "soon" bs. So good for closure / legal efforts. Without them trying, it would of prob gone on like it was or worse gotten more money from people.

#15538 4 years ago

I dunno.. I think he really is just that dumb. Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity as they say.

#15769 4 years ago
Quoted from YKpinballer:

Because they weren't offered to the public to make the maximum profit, which indicates it was a back-room deal as a favor to friends. With no concern for the value it has to his creditors. After he declared himself insolvent. Yes, it is a conspiracy when people "conspire" behind closed doors to make deals that benefit each other during an effective bankruptcy. Yes, it will be up to the courts, but that doesn't take away the fact that the jackals have been looting the place behind closed doors. While being praised as saviors. Laughable.

I think you are misunderstanding.. my read is that the prototypes were also pre ordered from John years ago; not just now in a back room deal.

3 weeks later
#16490 4 years ago

Maybe he thinks MG and RAZA are still Bill's problem.. Perhaps he's stopped reading email, voice mail, the internet, snail mail to ensure no negative vibes enter his creative process. Maybe this emoticon can be the jpop / just put your head phones on and shut out reality.. It'll be fine

#16572 4 years ago
Quoted from ChadH:

Maybe John is updating his blog for his customers that don't follow Pinside and who have no clue what is really happening.

OK but even those people got the email that said he couldn't continue / pintasia was taking over. Who would of read that and still think no problem?

Side question: was the pintasia giving up ever sent to everybody or could someone still be under an illusion the ship is righting?

1 month later
#17358 4 years ago

Anyone read Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance? Think John is caught up in romantic quality vs classic quality. Sorry for all you guys.. It's f**king unbelievable he can write notes like that to you guys that have lost upwards of 12-30k with him.

#17391 4 years ago

Did anyone else jump to the thought of wondering if the guys nuts were going to fit back out of the hole after getting swollen from the beating? Or just me.. Or did I watch it too long.

#17399 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Then you're bound to hear someone screaming "WHERE'S THE FUCKING MONEY, SHITHEAD!" and it won't be coming from the Lebowski machine.

sorry.. couldn't resist


3 weeks later
#17661 4 years ago
Quoted from pinlink:

"You're kinda in the moment, and people are kinda happy you're doing something...and ... and ... and... you know sending you..you know their hard earned money and you're investing it in building up the company, and you know trying to do it as best you can in a... in a... you know a proper.. you know a proper fashion and so its umm yeah it's really hard to explain. It's definitely like a wave. And umm yeah so I don't know."

I chose to read this and all the other quotes people are pasting here in Jeff Bridges voice as the dude. Goes down easier.

9 months later
#18993 3 years ago

Like that he was calling out DP for their "downfall" .. my TBL is late (on a boat headed here this week), but I sure as hell did better than his own customers.

3 weeks later
#19047 3 years ago
Quoted from rai:

He's funny at the least (clueless)
Price, quality, speed pick two. Apparently he could not deliver any of those let alone two.

That's not quite true, he delivered price.

1 week later
#19200 3 years ago

Since we are OT on fake Australian cuisine for a moment; I spent a month living in Melbourne Australia last year. And here's what I learned about their cuisine:
- in general, where we excessively sweeten/Sugar things.. they are heavy handed with salt
- they are very serious about coffee and chocolate. They don't even know what drip coffee is.. either espresso or dehydrated for them, there is no middle ground.
- bar food standard is chicken parmesan.. or cause Aussies must abbreviate everything it's just 'parma' ; and they put ham on theirs.
- their 24hr 'drunk' food is kabobs
- they don't know what Mexican food is, extremely rare and sucky.
- due to a lot of immigration from Malaysia, they have top notch Asian food. Including a dish that is another staple there but haven't found one here: Laksa .. excellent
- the entire population of Australia is 21 million ish. Population of Los Angeles is 18million ish. Nobody lives in he middle/a handful of dense cities makes up the continent. It also means stuff is expensive there cause not as much economy of scale.

Alright , sorry for OT. My only 2 cents was having a friend of mine from college also get tempted to work for him for software until talk of setting up a contract for work (he has kids mouths to feed) made JPOP not return his calls.

#19205 3 years ago

Maybe this is an elaborate charade to offer the opportunity for JPOP to apply for the "Creative Pinball Game Designer" position and be told he's not qualified.

3 weeks later
#19286 3 years ago

So who's going to torch the game out in the parking lot asking for your money ? You know, not unlike some kind of nihilist.

#19297 3 years ago
Quoted from desertT1:

You have the rights to his 3 designs? Interesting. Not that it leads to anything, but if that's the case, then what's the next defense argument?

That will be the defense (by JPOP). He plays the victim so expect there to eventually be a "oh, I would of finished them bit mean old bill swindled me out of the rights" or some similar garbage.

#19503 3 years ago
Quoted from mrgone:

Doesn't jpop owe him a lot of money also?

Yep. The web of people f'ed over by JPOP is a lot larger than people who bought MG games. Maybe they figure making these 26 MG games will make us forget about RAZA, AIW, pintasia, and vendors that were screwed?

Or maybe jPop hasn't told American pinball about all these other debts have owes and they don't know the line is a lot longer.

Big cluster.. I guess it will be interesting October

3 weeks later
#20179 3 years ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

if the moons align

They didn't

1 week later
#20303 3 years ago

Cornelius just got a permanent all forums eject in another thread, so won't be hearing anymore from him.

3 months later
#20657 2 years ago

Was everyone paid in full on MG? Seems like with RAZA and AIW everyone gave up paying more at different times / likely poor accounting on John's part.

#20771 2 years ago

not sure if I like this or the Kevin thread posts of today better..

nah I'm sure, Kevin thread. Given all the vendors and Raza and other people still being left in the breeze here.. can't really get excited by this outcome. It's tainted no matter what.

#20796 2 years ago
Quoted from ChrisVW:

Who are you referring to?

Second that.. the vendors and Raza being left in the wind is an issue. However the people that swooped in at the end aren't getting a dime more from MG buyers.. though yes, the details of the John and American pinball's arrangement isn't public .

#20810 2 years ago
Quoted from QuickSilverShelby:

THEN, after I loaded the game into my vehicle I would turn to johnny and tell him to go f#ck himself.

Pfft.. a real message would be lighting it on fire and burning it directly in front of him in the parking lot. I could only imagine John trying to process that lol.

#20863 2 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

I'm having a hard time deciding which drama thread deserves most of my attention these days....this one, the SkitB/Kulek one, or now the Dutch Pinball one.

139rxc (resized).jpg

#21020 2 years ago
Quoted from wizard_mode:

Why was he banned?

He had duplicate accounts.

#21271 2 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

A person , whom i believe is "the one who shall remain nameless" is reporting that the game (one that was delivered, not necessarily to him) doesn't work. Via facebook post.
Grain of salt included.

He had a podcast this am as well. Synopsis.. he is 'hearing' (he doesn't have it yet) that it is basically the proto game from NW show replicated 18 more times. Doesn't really work.

#21297 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Kind of begs the question doesn't it. Wtf was Jpop really doing for all these years?
Yeti did the art. I would have expected more out of the self proclaimed "hardest working man in pinball"
That farce is at the top of his greatest hits of lies

You're forgetting the hinges and those spike leg bolts. I'm sure that's 100% JPOP

#21431 2 years ago
Quoted from vdojaq:

Yep, I will give him due credit for the Dog..........but the guy is a BRONY!!!

We're spending time on a pinball forum.. a niche thing that is dead for 99.999% of population. Who are we to judge?

#21541 2 years ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

any gameplay videos yet from the "one whose name may not be spoken"

There may be some Facebook photos, and there confirmed there's no shooter playfield groove. Looks like about 7h ago something popped up, that is not video but another media format that shant be named.

#21553 2 years ago

The media format that shant be named by the person that shant be named is pretty honest assessment of game. Seems like it is absolutely stuck in 'novice' mode. Sounds like some stuff not wired up which might be the reason (I.e., the novice mode is at least stable with missing shit where maybe the arcade software would be noticeably f'd up with the stuff missing?).

I'm not sure this game it going to be the salve for you guys caught up in this or Raza or AIW.

#21564 2 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Are you able (and willing) to provide the latest version of your code to Kaneda to see if it will update and play?

If I were him, not a chance for a few reasons:
1) loses leverage on getting what's owed to him
2) given that it's not known the state of the game hardware, could damage the game
3) the installation could go poorly and 'brick' the game.

#21606 2 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

Isn't there some consumer protection law, or something along those lines, that can hold John accountable for misrepresenting the product that was delivered? While the game was shipped, it is no where near complete and seems like a bait and switch.

The written warranty excludes that the software is free from defects per unnamed source

#21654 2 years ago

There is now some you tube video and realization that you might be able to get out of novice mode after all by unnamed source.

Personally I'd have a fire extinguisher handy since John may not have realized this either

#21766 2 years ago

Best part of unnamed Facebook feed is his brothers comments

#21822 2 years ago

Given the amount of plastics all over the real game, having trouble following the shot map.

Can you confirm the biggest two 'doesnt works' / confusing things he pointed out:
- the central assembly at the top of the ramp. Lightning flippers on your map right(item 16)?.. is there a piece of hardware missing that you can tell?

- Jesus caveman thing. Looks like that might be the Levitate feature on your map but it's blank.

Quoted from applejuice:

Another positive post from me for the buyers. I have started to expand the rules and features a little after going back through the code and rules documents i have in my archive. This page is based on what i created for the game.
It is also linked from the main page, after the shot info. This is a work in progress so please don't jump on me right now if its not all populated. I am working through a lot of files to refresh my memory and also i run a company which has orders, so i am doing this in between my normal day job.
Also, i REALLY hope this post doesn't get lost on here and we get more videos of 'no idea what this does... what's this for...' or i end up having to repeat myself over and over and over
Please also remember i am not a support help desk for all things wrong with zidware or john's construction. I have no link to AP or Zidware. I act on behalf of my own software and hardware company ONLY...
I hope the above is useful

#21832 2 years ago

Thanks for filling us in. Hopefully the one guy that's been public checks out your site and determines one way or the other if any of these things work in the final product.

Quoted from applejuice:

I did say above regarding this new information page. "This is a work in progress so please don't jump on me right now if its not all populated. I am working through a lot of files to refresh my memory and also i run a company which has orders, so i am doing this in between my normal day job."
However, let me clarify the 'central mechanism'. It is 2 mechanisms really. The upper playfield is the power playfield and is accessed as described:
16) Power Playfield (Magnetic Flippers)
Named the power playfield by me as reference and hat tipping to tz, it is a magna flip playfield that is qualified by successive right loop shots that light the word POWER. See the playfield image to upper rhs. Once qualified a left ramp shot should divert the ball to the upper playfield instead of up to the left or right exit ramps. Once on the playfield jackpots are scored and advanced by the rear targets
The top magnet is part of the kings chamber and this was one on the mechs i never saw completed. The idea was that the 3rd ball for multiball would be fired upwards from the lower popper and caught by this magnet at multiball start before being released along with the other 2 locked balls on the ramps. This is one of the features that i wanted to check details on as the code will most likely need work here, though there is code in place based on my best guesses. I didn't have the upper magnet part ever sent to me on my prototype.
The 'jesus caveman thing' as you put it is feature 12) Levitate Feature (Lightning Flashers) which is an open core magnet that sucks the ball up into it for a timed amount after a certain amount of shot to the target below. The ball should float at the top of the magnet. I haven't had time to add this to my site docs yet.

#21853 2 years ago

Huh now there's a wanted ad for MG linked to this thread. This hobby...

#21856 2 years ago
Quoted from c508:

I don't think JPOP does either.

He may have never gotten it out of novice mode

#22117 2 years ago

Anticipating #3 where we learn if the switch is wired!

Really appreciate him doing this. I feel guilty now about the amount of TBL videos I've taken.

#22129 2 years ago

The middle assembly seems like it should do something.. I mean, the coil on the underside is a part they wouldn't need to populate at all if it wasn't going to work ever.

It seems lamer and lamer though that JPOP is silent while apple juice's huge generosity is the only way it seems to figure this game out.. despite him being shorted 11k and a game.

#22157 2 years ago

Sounds like you are about caught up already

#22163 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I am interested in whether or not there are actually magnets hooked up to that upper playfield.

So bizzare if none of this works but it's all wired up (and they paid for the BOM for these disabled pieces)... While simultaneously stiffing applejuice. You need both, otherwise might as well save BOM costs as well.

#22179 2 years ago

Per podcast I got the sense they were more frenemies.

#22231 2 years ago

New YouTube up from Chris. Thanks again.
He's having a good time making videos at least

#22252 2 years ago

Kings chamber is labeled here:

It is behind the big central spinner, technically I guess same area where he was placing the ball to get shot up.

Quoted from rawbars:

I mean he didn't know where the kings chamber was. I know nothing about this pin. But wouldn't it be the box like thing with the bearded dude on it? And maybe it isn't, but at least throw the ball around a little and find out.

#22269 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

Is there a manual? Will hopefully contain the schematics.

That seems extremely unlikely.. this game was put out under duress of lawsuits and not finished. Producing a manual, schematic, seems unlikely. Although, they did have to build cabling harnesses so there should be something at least in AP or JPOPs possession.

#22679 2 years ago
Quoted from CNKay:

can cure yourself of that narcissistic disorder.

He's in marketing like he said; it's too late for him

1 week later
#23036 2 years ago

I just don't know how these are going to get finished.

1) You have to have access to a machine that someone is willing to have 'the closer' to crawl all over their precious pinball artifact.

2) you have to have someone with electrical and software skills that has 1-3 months spare time on their hands to go visit said machine, aka 'the closer'. This could be conservative as some of these things may never work but take a long time to come to that conclusion.

3) unless 'the closer' is retired, will probably want to get paid. These kinds of skills are worth $100/hr -$150/hr. So $16k- $50k ish on the low side... Without "for the love of pinball's discounts"*. Plus 'the closer' needs access to the source code which may or may not be included with the game and applejuice would have to volunteer it if he is not 'the closer'. *FLOP Discounts may not apply because the person doesn't get their own game out of the project.

4) this fixes one game. Given we see that each game might be a tad different, 'the closer' may have to travel and be paid to troubleshoot any that want to be fixed.

This seems less likely to happen and more wishful thinking in my opinion anyway.

#23039 2 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I'm hoping Applejuice is the closer if he gets a loner game. he has the hardware and software experience to make this machine better.

My read is that he wants his 11k back-pay and a machine.. which I agree with 100%. I can see someone coughing up $11k, but who's going to cough up a machine? And, if the project is more than 2-3 weeks, like he said from the beginning.. this is his livelihood - if it's a real effort to finish, he's still going to want to be paid going forward (forgive me if i'm putting words in your mouth applejuice)

#23041 2 years ago

Link to that post: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/jpop-update-thread%e2%80%a6%e2%80%a6%e2%80%a6%e2%80%a6%e2%80%a6mg-raza-and-aiw%e2%80%a6/page/449#post-3622521

So there's a loaner game and a non specific offer to pay the bills. Applejuice seems to specifically want his OWN game, as promised to him.

#23070 2 years ago

Wow talking about MGR(emakes) already eh? "better than the original!" Is a low bar though

#23171 2 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

support page seems to be slowly getting updated..
You can now download the full manual (home version only available right now)
Or you can download the warning sticker sheet, including inspected by Lloyd Christmas, or the FBI warning
Most of the wiring diagrams

I dunno.. to me this is starting to look more and more sinister.. like he really is just trying to put up a front to either deflect legal cases against him and/or start the ponzi scheme again?

I do like he explains his part numbering system.. whoever is keeping track of his use of using Z on everything, there's a few more here:
http://www.zidware.com/inventor/partnumbers.html (and BTW, ignore the picture example cause that's just using the inferior Williams part numbering systems)

2 weeks later
#23265 2 years ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

LOL - under about - he is now a "development studio" not a manufacturer

Reminds me about the one time I was interviewing someone where he used the phrase 'freelance work' (with no actual projects to note) to cover a period of unemployment.

5 months later
#23687 2 years ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

New to this thread. So this guy JPOP who helped design I think cirqus volt duped mad people out of money? Wow. I need to read full story on this. I think Houdini looks cool. I want it to succeed. I like the theme, I just don't know about new companies. JJP seems to be chugging along ok.

Saga cliff notes:

Whoever runs this site, it's out of date now.. lot of events since 2015 to write down and will serve to keep the link fresh on google searches

#23689 2 years ago
Quoted from NYP:

Looks pretty up to date, what do you think is missing?

Someone already updated it since yesterday.. when I looked earlier it stopped at Sept 2015 / Nate's interview / pintasia.

1 month later
#23729 2 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

There was a UK owner that said he was going to loan him the game a while back. Guess that never happened.

My understanding is that applejuice wasn't interested in a loaner. He is owed money and a game of his own per his agreement. He wants to be made whole or not interested. Which is understandable, it's a business deal not 'for the love of pinball'

4 weeks later
#23757 2 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

Wow, thanks for taking the time to do this. Answers a lot of questions and raises a few. I did not know about the AppleJuice details. The offering of games valued around $5K is strange without details of what is considered a "game". Sure they call them masterpieces, but it could be a bagatelle or non-functioning MG. So having people make that decision without more information is tough.
Only time will tell what they do, everything else is just guessing.
“Every family needs a pinball, every pinball needs a family”.
“5 days of deeproot”

I hate marketing talk.

if it makes you feel better, in Australia.. root is slang for f*ck.. so, imagine all the snickering this entire enterprise gets over there.

1 month later
#23889 1 year ago
Quoted from QuickSilverShelby:

I can't believe that Oursler, Nordman, Norris and Theil would join ranks with such a failure and thief like Popaduce. Talk about taking your stellar reputations and tarnishing them.

They were unemployed otherwise.. you think they have much of a pension from their previous jobs? They need to eat.

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