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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#8 5 years ago

It's weird to have a public update on a NDA but whatever floats your boat.

#13 5 years ago

So NDA doesn't mean anything to you?

#15 5 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

sent me the site to go through is that what your talking about ice? Pdx are you in on this as well? Still need to pick up one of those jpop pins your holding for me!

Come on down
Hey I did get a van today!

#151 5 years ago

He's coming to Tacoma?!

1 month later
#191 5 years ago


4 weeks later
#215 5 years ago

I wish RAZA was completed but the weekly updates are holding me up pretty well.
Which I prefer to him pulling a finished date out his ass and missing it again and again and again (Jack).
Plus the payment schedule based on his progress rather than on timeline helps a ton too.
The work looks amazing and I really don't mind waiting for something amazing.

#220 5 years ago

Hope this helps
I get the same message on my phone
But I can comment using my computer

1 month later
#408 5 years ago
Quoted from ChrisVW:

Yes, I will agree with you there. My disappointments are purely related to business decisions, delays and communication failures. The game itself (that I have seen) is phenomenal, without question.

Have you ever tried calling him?

#495 5 years ago

Well since most of us haven't paid in full for RAZA there is still money to come in.

Got the pleasure to take the tour today.
Still very excited and staying in on the projects.
Wish the progress was further but I truly believe it will be worth it.

#565 5 years ago

I was going to update the blog but I can't post on Wordpress from my phone.
Flying home in 2 hours...
The tour was really cool

May not be for everyone with the long wait but when it gets completed it will be ballsy

#594 5 years ago

Kind of interesting
But my buddy Keith was in on RAZA and wanted a MG during the tour yesterday.
He had cash but jpop told him he could not take the cash yet but took down his name and said he would inform him when he could get a spot.

#597 5 years ago

Yeah I want to post on the wordpress thread but I can't with my iPhone (don't know why it just says 'user can not comment'

I will tomorrow when I have laptop access
The good and the bad

#653 5 years ago

Wow lot happened on that plane ride...

#655 5 years ago

Before the tour...

Expo Cabinets
There was a few people in the online world disappointed that john brought two cabinets to expo rather than a prototype of MG.

Are you one of those people?
But how close did you look at just the cabinet?

Comparing just cabinets in the pinball world, this might be the nicest cabinet made for a production game ever.
The design and space is huge and really rad with the LCD placement. There is a lot of custom stainless steel on that bad boy.
The mounted transformer in the cab is really big and beautiful.
The head design is retro yet modern, very neato design.
I'm glad he made an entirely new design versus the Williams cabs that I think all the other companies have followed more or less. This innovation takes time and money. It's this high level of craftsmanship that John is striving for throughout his entire game!
Hopefully John can continue his passion and be able to create pinball for us and everyone to enjoy. This cabinet is the Zidware cabinet that he plans to use on all three of his new games.

I know john is really proud of his new cabinets so it must have stung if he reads the online threads but the most vocally upset people haven't seen the cab in person! Ironic. Once people didn't see a playfeild in there they immediately dismissed the cabinet.
I have seen the cabinet, it is really awesome, IMO of course.

#656 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Has he even MADE a whitewood? Not a foamcore playfield, or a playfield with various things mocked up on it....but a flippable whitewood? I'm guessing he hasn't, which means he doesn't even know how to properly design a pinball machine. He seems to be just obsessed with the art. Art is meaningless if you don't even know how your game is going to physically play!

There is a WW for MG that showed sighs of lots plays, pf dimpling used rubbers
Three prototypes are near complete too

#657 5 years ago

Yes there is also a RAZA whitewood

#661 5 years ago

Maybe you should have taken the tour

#664 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I would probably have been murdered on sight lol
...and maybe you can just answer my question.


Two years you've been a negative nancy for no good reason but to be a dick.

#732 5 years ago
Quoted from JosiahCox:

If that all is what you "owners" are actually experiencing I am very sorry. Sorry that you are not being treated as people who have invested thousands of your hard earned money and deserve timely results but apparently as human piggy banks to fund an unsustainable production process that has no apparent end in sight.
Maybe you all have way more cash than I do and can take the loss but if I paid for anything over two years ago and still did not have said item, legal action would be taken. I get delays in production but this by all outside appearances looks like a situation of being promised one thing and then that thing drastically changing without any real recourse available to you.
If anything I said is incorrect, my apologies for misrepresenting the facts.
If not.......... I don't understand why any of you are still in. Honestly, no limited production pin, no matter how cool the artwork and mechs are, is worth what you are all being asked to put up with imo.
I honestly wish the best for all of you and Jpop and hope it somehow works out, I just won't be holding my breath.

I'm not happy the games are taking so long, but i believe they will be complete and worth the wait or else i would have tried to get out too.
Honestly i was worried before taking the tour, but I think the progress he's made since last year is really good.

#737 5 years ago
Quoted from JosiahCox:

pdx or anyone else who is in -
Can you shed any light on what you guys actually are entitled to with your deposits and if there was anything to protect your investment in the case that a game isn't produced? You gave John money and I am hoping that in return you all are entitled to legal recourse in case of non delivery which is why "no refunds" just doesn't jive for me.
How can he not refund your purchase of an item that was not delivered as promised? How long does he get to produce a final product? 2 years? 5 years? 10 years?
That's the whole part of this that has me scratching my head. If you can't go into detail because of a contract you signed I understand but to me, as a total outsider, it sounds like you are all hostage to a process you have no control over.
And for that matter - what does any preorder legally entitle you to? Just trying to wrap my head around this and the more I think about the more wrong it seems from a consumer point of view.

There was 100% refunds to a certain time (which has past) to obtain a refund your spot most be sold to another buyer. It's not ideal but it was the terms given in the beginning.
He's producing small runs of games not mass produced games where he can lose a dozen sales and be fine. I know the Magic Girl spot my friend and I bought together the customer was refunded in full. I also have a friend looking for a MG spot if anyone wants to bail I'll put you two in touch.

I would guess if the company does go under and has no money we would all be in the same boat.
I don't think that'll happen but that is worst case scenario. Extremely high risk Extremely high reward.

For reference the production BBB took five years to make and they had a dozen prototypes to look at.
If Magic girl is done in five years total id be happy in the end.

#741 5 years ago
Quoted from JosiahCox:

Thanks Pdx,
What you are saying makes total sense from the viewpoint of the manufacturer as he needs $$ to build games and I understand that those were the terms given and agreed upon in the beginning.
But what I can't understand how all of you buyers get lulled into accepting that no refunds date after he abandoned his stated time frame. I would imagine that the no refunds date was tied into the original timeline right? As John pushed out his production (not to mention the introduction of additional games) that no refunds date should have moved with the production no?
It seems crazy to me that John gets to tell you, the customer, that he can hold your money for as long as he wants with out producing a game and that you somehow lose your rights to refunds based on a date that no longer has any bearing on when you can expect your games.
This is the strangest version of pinball Stockholm syndrome I have ever seen.
The best advice cannot be, just hang in there because you might get a game eventually.
Or even worse, I'll just hang on because it's better than trying to sell my spot because no sane person would invest in this at this point.
You guys as consumers deserve a way to get out of this financially at this point imo. One that doesn't involve selling a game that don't exist to another person only to pass the risk to them.

If you offered to buy my spot plus $1000 i wouldn't sell.

#744 5 years ago

To be fair not all preorders are equal
it seems DP has the best system in place currently

#745 5 years ago

I would really be surprised if they had any cancelations yet though

#770 4 years ago

#771 4 years ago

Reposted from JPOP on the blogs

Morning, Up early today getting ready for a busy one at that. This email just came in and amazingly I think I got out a good response to Jim one of my owners at 3am. Reposted here, for no other reason as to repost, as he asked for some status and confidence. The photo above is using the Olloclip to grab Magic Girl as we complete the proto build. We will put in RGBs next week and I have many updates also.

Hi Jim,
The month before expo has been hectic and we have been working very
hard to get as much complete and then do a nice update reveal for owners.
The workshop was laid out nicely in all the areas, as I gave a tour, and people
who could not make it asked for a photo “tour” of sorts in the blogs. I will do this
during the week. Days fly by unfortunately.
People forget that i am doing this only for the community and to make a type of
narrow body pinball that is not being made today. Do I know everything or have
all the answers, absolutely not. Bit I know how to make pinball and that is what
we are all paying for. I had many people who visited, later call to say they will
cancel their Hobbit order (or did cancel) if I can get them a MG.
We did have a much more completed RAZA whitewood for expo, but we did not
take anything as I do not do a booth and I do not show whitewoods other than to
the owners. The MG protos are almost done. That is how I work as I like to show
my best. Taking 2 of the complete Raza cabinets, for my talk, was fine as they are
simply fantastic and spare no expense in detail or quality. These cabinets are far
better than anything we ever made at WMS. This same level of pinball is in the rest
of the design, artwork and play fields.
Obviously I hold my owners in the highest regard, and yes sometimes my words
come out not with the intent I have on the blog. That’s why I work hard and stay quiet, as I am focused on pinball making and not too chatty. I have learned the process is not as important as the final product, which must be solid. Also I can not make “all” owners happy in all what I do or share. It’s impossible as i remind people I am not curing cancer but making a game.
Also any owner can come anytime to visit me and see what are are doing. Our studio
is simply unlike anything else and we are organized and have plenty of room for
building games. As we are now. I have many owners who just “show up” and bang
at the door. No one is ever refused and I hide nothing as I love the feedback.
But I will say we are at a critical part of the journey and I have to work even harder
than I do now and get some hard dates inline. The games I have created are simply
my best work, and I am almost over the hump of blank sheet to complete pinball
platform in the Jpop style. It makes me happy, but unfortunately not everyone. So I
have a lot to prove still.
To make great pinball it takes a lot of hours. 7 days a week. I am always at the shop
as details abound. And actually the more I get “put to the fire” from owners the harder I want to work and not let anyone down. This is my 33rd year in pinball after starting at Bally in 1981, and creating Zidware, named after my kids, and making these custom games have been the hardest thing I have done and most rewarding. Both games MG and RAZA are stunning and full of innovation.
Also (sorry to ramble) this has definitely taken a lot longer then I ever planned, but
i did not know what I did not know, and can’t go back. The first year of starting
actually was planning and not really accomplishing much. So most of the work now
was done in the last 1.5-2 years which I am amazed at.
But there is much to do in the months ahead as I have to keep people onboard and
still wanting to support my work. The “Labowski” effect worked and I have to do the
same level of reveal. My team is simply great as a mix of new young artists and
designers, along with many industry vets like Rob Berry and Dave Zabriskie who
are doing music and sounds. I purposely keep that part quiet so they are not lured
away as I have spent the last 2 years directing them for my new pinball style. Pinball
unfortunately is a “cut-throat” business for those behind the curtain. I have been
threatened, stolen from and otherwise been hindered at many junctures from others
in the business. My lawyer and I are amazed. We have 4 beautiful patents to cover
new pinball lighting, cabinet design and interactive lcd play.
Magic Girl art (Raza too) is just not like anything ever. Very beautiful and detailed. I
went around expo and looked at my “competition” in boutique and was not impressed at all at any of it. Labowski was the only great game there.
I am pretty beat so this week was catch up week, do some nice updates, and we did
have 45 or so visitors to the studio which I was at much more than expo. The Big
Labowski showed us all a lot as people like to see this level of “reveal” as early as
possible, even though the game was basically functioning and has minimal code. And
yes I always ask folks to call anytime to talk about these projects.
It is early here 3am, I have a busy day ahead and much planning and photography to
do. Will call you today at some time and i always ask people if they want to get more
involved in helping me grow and sustain the business to get involved. You are more than welcome to repost to Pinside as this is where we are.

#778 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I just posted this to his blog:
Thanks for the updates, John. I do want to keep insisting for some answers to questions asked including an updated time line for the project. I appreciate your heart felt post, but I still have no idea what YEAR i might expect the game.
I’m sure I can speak for all of us when I say we all know you have the best of intentions, the quality of the work is beyond debate, but the transparency has been poor and questions have gone unanswered, and still are.
Not trying to be a ball buster. Just want some straight answers to some straight questions. Thanks.

On a different related note:
You know the worst experience I had with my WOZ order from JJP?

It was him telling me you’ll have your game by the end of the summer 2012, summer goes by, winter goes too. In the spring time 2013 I ask Jack, in person again, when is the game shipping? He answers end of summer. Summer comes and goes, winter as well. Spring time 2014 comes again I ask Jen this time she tells me next couple of months. I sell my game and Im leary of JJP. Im a patient person but I don’t like being brushed off with deadlines that are made up.

I’m glad JPOP respects us not to BS us.

Dates are nice but if they can’t realistically be meet why make them?

#782 4 years ago

Those dates weren't set by him, just my guess from what I saw.

I'm not trying to challenge you but merely saying what i didn't like about missed deadlines.

#783 4 years ago
Quoted from pinstor12:

To keep you in, obviously.

ironically thats why i sold WOZ pre-delivery

#784 4 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

Why couldnt they show magic girl at expo?

Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

Reposted from JPOP on the blogs
We did have a much more completed RAZA whitewood for expo, but we did not
take anything as I do not do a booth and I do not show whitewoods other than to
the owners. The MG protos are almost done.

#798 4 years ago
Quoted from slapshot:

So because Jersey Jack blew his deadline on your WOZ, Jpop shouldn't have to take any responsibility for a deadline, so you can have the satisfaction that he has not BS'd you?
Maybe, just maybe I am wrong.. but a timeline and schedule with appropriate communication concerning delays are essential for any project.
Just because Jersey Jack blew a deadline in the past for you, I really don't think your poor experience should set a new standard to how the rest of business in the world should work moving forward.

Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

On a different related note:

I'm just saying that's the main reason behind selling my order.
If John told me games done on x day after x day I would probably cancel too.
I've rationalize that and still am comfortable with Zidware...just relying my PERSONAL experience.
I also don't drink alcohol much at all, I'm not advocating that anyone do as I do or think like I think.

#885 4 years ago

Folic, I disagree with a few points.

Look at the last idea shown on the blog, lighting trick that hasn't been done before no way to patient it but will surely be duplicated in another pin after shown (note the blog shows the trick but not the true location) I'd bet a hefty dollar on it. There are several of these ideas sprinkled through out the games IMO. Some are complex toys others are simpler but really unique ideas, never before done but also probably impossible to patient.

When he started he sold all 124 spots of just the idea...
I really believe once MG is shown nobody will have a problem selling A RAZA spot.
Nobody likes digging a ditch, till the pool gets put in. Paraphrased JPOP quote.

Get off your computer!
As critical as you are, I would highly suggest you take a flight to Chicago and see for yourself.
Toronto isn't too far away and if you can pre order multiple NIB pins the flight costs shouldn't break your bank... If you go and are disappointed then I'll cover dinner for you plus a guest at Gilt in Chicago (that place was hands down best meal of my last trip) just pm me the bill.
Toronto looks close you could be gone less than 24 hours and be back no problem.

#886 4 years ago

Direct Rt airfare $224.00
Less than an hour in the air too
Leave in the am and you'd be home by the evening

#888 4 years ago

That quote was Toronto to chicago

#890 4 years ago

#891 4 years ago

My bad it's 1 hour 45min I didn't factor the time change

#893 4 years ago
Quoted from pinball_customs:

That doesn't make sense, I just checked Expedia.ca ... maybe the .ca and .com are offering two different prices? That would suck

What was your dates?
The $224 was Jan
For Nov it increased to about $380 total

#917 4 years ago

Fuck no

#1020 4 years ago

He's got a Mission

2 weeks later
#1125 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

This is a public forum, and I'm calling out bullshit behavior. Also, I know a couple of people personally who are being jerked around in this whole thing that have invested a significant amount of money with zero real results, and it pisses me off that my friends are getting hosed.

We'll be sending your award for humanity in the mail asap

#1138 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

But now that most of the pre-pay options have failed. Now they're more informed about risks and how not a single pre-pay game has been delivered yet. Well, except BoP 2.0 which is just a kit anyway.

Hmm both my WOZ and AMH were prepay and they actually exist.
Both took longer than original estimated too.

3 weeks later
#1534 4 years ago
Quoted from kapper:

Iceman I really applaud your loyalty to JP and I really hope that you get all of your games.
There are some real discouraging facts that you need to be aware of:
1.To date, this project has been a complete and utter failure. Timelines have been missed, communication to owners has been terrible, show presentations have been a failure.
2. I personally tried to get in touch no less than 5 times to get some basic questions answered to buy other peoples spots. Jon never called back. Never emailed back. He did nothing to help out his customers that wanted out.
3. It is hard to start a business and really does Jon have any real business sense? Truthfully, I don't think so. He's a wonderful artist, but his business skills are less than acceptable.
4. Now vendors are coming in and saying they had to stop supplying parts because Jon couldn't pay the bills. C'mon. Basic stuff but not surprising.
Please don't throw any more money at this. I hope I'm wrong but MAYBE MG gets made - I don't see a chance for any of the RAZA guys.
I really hope you get your games. I really do.
Hook em

1.) utter failure is nothing...there's multiple MG in existence
behind schedule yes, utter failure hell no that would be like saying JJP was an utter failure two years ago.
2.) I dunno about your case but John calls me back within 24 hours everytime if he doesn't pick up when I call. Perhaps he didn't care for your tone of questions?
3.) Long road with lots of work, salesman probably isn't his biggest priority at the moment.
4.) I agree with you this news is troubling at the surface. I'm curios to know more like what the scope of work GLM is referring to and if it will impact the production games or if Zidware decided to not use them and went with a different part supplier. Time will tell but I hope both parties can reach a positive outcome.

#1536 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

He has? He was a designer at B/W in the 90s...not even 10 years.

He has.
He actually started at Bally as a QA inspector.
Really cool story of how he got the job too.

1 week later
#1799 4 years ago

The amount of negativity, wrong information spoken as facts, and just plain bullshit is sickening.
DRAIN topic

Good luck ladies and gents

1 week later
#2727 4 years ago

Un-drained this topic recently.
Wow y'all been busy!

Another few weeks and we might be planning to murder the dude. Though I like the kidnapping into labor idea

Sorry to hear a few owners of the games are very unhappy at the moment.
I talked to John about this a few weeks ago in person and hopefully he tries to correct that.

Can't really defend his business practices but I'm still on board for some zidware games.

I have notice between all my visits that work is definitely being done and it's also being done to an extremely high level of quality. I don't think he just does the fun stuff, a lot of his process looks extremely tedious, such as the cabling on cad and documenting everything.

Just my 2 cents

#2750 4 years ago

I dunno about that one, last trip out i had the pleasure of meeting JPOP's patent lawyer. That dude is awesome, probably the coolest lawyer I've ever met. I doubt he's bleeding Zidware's bank accounts.

#2753 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Him running out of money is the nicest explanation for the stories of vendors not getting paid and refunds not being given out to those who ask. If he's sitting on cash and purposely stiffing people, that is a whole other issue.
If he's frugal AND has run out of cash, then that validates the concerns that the open-ended timeline is burning money, even if the lawyer is a pinhead doing it for fun, all those patents take time (which will cost money in a lot of ways).
Also doesn't address what will need to happen for John to defend the patents.

Vendor(s), believe it's just GLM at the moment saying he is owed money.
How much money? That's my question to GLM, if he wants to do the public route that fine but give us an amount.
Rather than try and have to defend his patent works before they're released he went the conservative approach and just didn't show them.
If you take the tour I'm sure he'll show you some neat stuff.

#2755 4 years ago

Okay I can't comment on that then

Do you believe all the cases are legitimate?
Cause I'm not even sure GLM's case is legitimate.

#2758 4 years ago

It's just odd way to go about posting is all...
You're upset and say you say you're owed money and post on a blog multiple times.
Great but don't tease let us know... Believe me if his posts held weight I would have inquired.

Note: I've used GLM products before and they helped me out. I'm not speaking about his products but rather his posts.

#2759 4 years ago

Funny the number I've seen is under 25 but you already knew that

#2763 4 years ago

So we guess fiction to facts now?
Wonder what his bank account looked like before he started?

I mean the rent on that building can't be too much
Especially since he's only had the expansion in for a few months

#2766 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I was not an original MG buyer, so I don't know what it feels like to have put my money at risk years ago only to see some people come in at the end and pick one up.
But I have to say, producing extra MGs may very well be the solution to avoid disaster here.
-Pays for BOM of all machines produced
-MGs hit the streets and the world gets to see them
-Boosts confidence of raza and alice buyers to see a game done and out the door.
Without that extra ~$400k from 25 MGs, where does the money come from to pay for production? There doesn't seem to be another way out of this.

Personally it wouldn't bother me at all if the number gets up to 50...but that's just me.
I don't speak for the other folks

#2768 4 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

I think it's more like 150-200. 50 only gets your R&D covered and that's being optimistic. The bulk of the cost is manufacturing the game.......Hence why Gary loves to say, "We are a pinball manufacturer". In the end that is where the costs are.

That's just ridiculous made up numbers bro.

#2804 4 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

Jjp and jpop never happening. Jacks building his own brand

Isn't he building Skit B's next game?

#2807 4 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

Understood. I was more responding to PDX who is clearly a cheerleader. It is very possible that JPOP would need to lower his price to get more buyers on board, which would require that he lower the price for everyone. How much of the $16,000 have buyers put down???? What a disaster.......

I'm not sorry about being excited for new evolationary pinball manufacturers, I thought A pinball forum of all place that would be acceptable...

Personally I don't feel my money's was poorly invested in Jpop, despite your expert posts in this thread. I can say this has been a bumpy ride but the plane is still in the sky.
I happily gave Spooky, dutch pinball and stern money this year...I have my arm chair critics of each company, Jpop included.
This project isn't for everyone hence the low production numbers...
I will say this my life was less stressful when this thread was drained.

#2834 4 years ago

Real late at night shouldn't have posted.
Sorry if you saw that.

Edit ah screw it, see two post down

#2835 4 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

Was told every picture of the back glass he tried to hide full view of the panel by covering different areas each time with the blue protector sheet? So at no time can u see all of it clearly but u can see all of it piece by piece... How stupid is that? He's still hiding it as a whole from the people paying, no ones going to steal the art work? It just shows where his mind set is.. Paranoia at the extra about something that's not even a patent restriction.
Banging head against wall imogi if I new how to link one

Again not accurate...

Oh and I thought RAZA ppl be happy...
That mean prototypes are being put together...

#2837 4 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

Was told every picture of the back glass he tried to hide full view of the panel by covering different areas each time with the blue protector sheet? So at no time can u see all of it clearly but u can see all of it piece by piece... How stupid is that? He's still hiding it as a whole from the people paying, no ones going to steal the art work? It just shows where his mind set is.. Paranoia at the extra about something that's not even a patent restriction.
Banging head against wall imogi if I new how to link one

Quoted from lllvjr:

Was in on two mg now just a piece of one, and refunded on raza #8 cause I had a feeling mg would get done and raza would be left holding the bag... But I'll be delightfully wrong if he gets there

Quoted from lllvjr:

After seeing inside what jack had to go through to get woz done I bailed. I Was raza #8
I feel bad for the group that still are waiting

I think you just proved his paranoia as valid…You've left the blog yet someone is leaking you information…and not really doing a good job to boot…This is why we can't have nice things, some jackass has to ruin it. Yeah the post was about the prototype back glass but if it had been a really cool new toy you still would have heard about it.

Note the blog thread he's referring to was made yesterday.

#2843 4 years ago

Shit I was cool as an Arnold Palmer after expo
but i did get to take a tour which is hugely different than the Expo speech

1 week later
#3228 4 years ago
Quoted from ChrisVW:

Ok the blog says 46 followers. So almost 2/3 of the supposed owners aren't there....

I've wondered how many are sold too.
But I do know of two guys (not including Bill) that are paid up to $6500 that never signed up for the blog.

#3276 4 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

Can't refund money he doesn't have

What makes you think he's broke?

I still owe money on my games.

#3450 4 years ago

50 has never been confirmed
He hasn't taken any money past the 19 games

The plan is make the 19 in one run.

#3543 4 years ago

Big updates on the blogs

#3654 4 years ago
Quoted from Coyote:

Especially considering the cost of artists. Getting a commission done is one thing - those prices are usually lower than the price for something to use for commercial purposes.

Unless an artist is paid per game versus hourly...

#3660 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Well and keep in mind he's not actually doing any of that work. It's easy to look at some sketches someone else has done, make comments, and then kick back and wait for revisions to appear so you can make some more comments.
Don't get me wrong, art direction is important, but at a certain stage you gotta back off and just let your artist draw. And then take care of other business.

Actually I'm pretty sure John does the sketches and Yeti comes in and redraws the images from Johns sketchs. At least On MG and RAZA.

1 week later
#3875 4 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

There is no possible way that MG, RAZA, or AIW will be so much better than the newer Sterns that you could even compare the difference between them to the difference between a rolls and a Toyota.

I disagree, the mechs and toys I've seen are better than what I've ever seen on any Stern.
This is why I'm excited about these project.
Not so much the limited quantities.

#3943 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Everyone should follow that sage example. Every pre-order has been a disaster and a headache. Jpop, Rick, Kevin, DP, whoever. Once they take your money the attitude is "you paid up, I have the cash, but I don't owe you shit, so just be happy to wait over there".
How about instead it's "hey, I have a stack of cash, and if you want it then show me a game".

AMH and BOP delivered and I was stoked to be in on that.
MG and TBL i hope will be the same

In fact Charlie said AMH would have never happened without pre orders...
Catch 22 bro

#3945 4 years ago

Read who I quoted

Quoted from Aurich:

Everyone should follow that sage example. Every pre-order has been a disaster and a headache. Jpop, Rick, Kevin, DP, whoever. Once they take your money the attitude is "you paid up, I have the cash, but I don't owe you shit, so just be happy to wait over there".
How about instead it's "hey, I have a stack of cash, and if you want it then show me a game".

#3953 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I don't consider the WOOLY thing a pre-order in the same sense. There is a finished game being demoed and they are looking for 100 orders to fund production. That is more the Spooky/AMH model.
I think that model can still work.
The one that is broken is the "I have an idea for a great pinball, can't tell you when you'll get it or what it will be exactly since it will likely change a shit ton over the next 3+ years, but please pay me now so I can make it and I'll let you know when I'm done".

Just like predator...

#3983 4 years ago

Pretty much my favorite animal

2 weeks later
#4197 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

There won't be any video of a working pinball machine tomorrow because it doesn't work Chris.
That's true Rob but based on these numbers I figure it breaks down like this:
4 years
Salary $300,000
Rent $100,000
Artwork $100,000 (who knows, that's all he's really done)
Labor $0 (He won't pay anybody)
Equip $50,000 (You know he paid for the best with our $$)
Parts $50,000 (Doubtful because there really isn't much of anything)
He's raised over $1,000,000, where did the rest of it go?

I know for a fact some of your numbers are way off

#4203 4 years ago

No everything is not A-ok.
But your numbers are off so I thought I'd chime in on that.

#4407 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

I read that as well, but why not provide those details?
Is the only solution for every owner to personally call Popaduik and talk for an hour to get the story? That's hardly a solution.

Why do you care so much?

#4411 4 years ago

Since you answered mine
I'll answer yours

I believe Ice was tld from Jpop what's going on and before he relays that info he's going to fact check it first. Hence the wait. That's what I'd do

#4430 4 years ago

First time I've used facebook
I blame you Kim

#4545 4 years ago

I'm very optimistic about MG and RAZA

#4893 4 years ago
Quoted from RomstarArkanoid:

Trouble is, to date everyone that has worked with John has had their relationship end in tears, frustration or anger. Everyone except the artist that is...
If you decide to try to help this project out, recognize that he will try to get what he can from you for free, you need to get paid in advance or on delivery.

Everyone but the artist is a pretty bold statement
He got Rob Berry and Dr Dave Zabriske back from his William days.

1 week later
#5067 4 years ago

Sucks to hear cointaker got left in the wind.
I do want them to release the Spinz flashers for sale they and Jpop developed.
I'd order about 20-30 of them.

#5255 4 years ago
Quoted from woodworker:

Wait a minute...

So who is telling the truth here?

It's quite possible both are...
The no refunds might be a new decision

#5434 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Wow, someone take him up on that, get your money and life back.

No thanks

#5510 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You'd be a moron to send John a single dime right now. So I think you're absolutely right, this isn't expanding the market, it's just adding to contracting it.

Wow...19 posts in the last 48 hours
Thanks I didn't hear you the other 200 times

#5832 4 years ago

Bad idea CT's on the owners FB page
He said there's still hope

#6035 4 years ago
Quoted from jayhawkai:

I can't believe he's blown you off after only a month or so.

I can

Edit Sorry Ice, I was poorly informed

#6102 4 years ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

One thing that makes no sense,
if it's a home use edition, hence must just have free play on,
why is the special insert so important and big?

It's a pop up ball saver
Like family guy or champion pub

It was originally designed for TOM but got cut in the productions run.

#6337 4 years ago
Quoted from GLModular:

Huh. Funny that the picture copyrights on that page are 2015, yet I don't see any access points to the "expanded space" that he supposedly has. Nor do the pictures match what was in the Adobe video. (IE, where are the three MG prototypes?).
I don't recall that when I was there could you see all the way to the back of the building like that.

The door is under the neon sign

#6397 4 years ago

He is

#6474 4 years ago
Quoted from ZidwarePR:

Want to see the marketing plan?


#6476 4 years ago
Quoted from ZidwarePR:

That's a good point. The idea was this: if Zidware want's to rise above, then it should release its games in a way that is more magical and special. Would a f%^king wizard show his game for the first time at some pinball expo? No way.


1 week later
#7484 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

I was always concerned about his shop space as well. I'd guess it was about 3k sq ft and half filled with junk (inspiration?) then he goes and DOUBLES it about a year ago? Why??? That's 6k sq ft for ONE MAN to wander around in doing god knows what each day.


His is 1,300 sq ft plus 250 sq ft office
Which is about the size I remember
For one shop and he added a second a year and a half ago ago
That sounds right to me

1 shop
48month x $1300 = 62400
2nd shop
18month x $1300 = 23400

Let's round up and say $90k rent so far
(Assuming he didn't get a deal)

#7485 4 years ago

Good thing you're a genius and not a land appraiser

#7486 4 years ago

No lies from me
The current situation is BAD.
Hopefully it gets turned around before everything is destroyed beyond repair.

#7643 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

I do not believe any of us really thought he would start providing two updates per week.
I did fall for Pinsider's playing MG and video will be coming soon thing though...

I played MG the last two days.
That wasn't a lie.

3 weeks later
#9039 4 years ago

I'm looking to buy a magic girl spot 50 cents on the $1
I'll write you a check today.

Pm me if serious.

EDIT offer retracted

#9041 4 years ago

Last I checked I didn't owe you a thing.
My offer is serious though.

#9048 4 years ago

Fair enough angry mob.
I retract my offer.

#9056 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Here comes the monkey stirring the pot with zero updates.

Oh the irony

#9059 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

You keep showing up here, telling us we don't know what's going on, but we're never told what the hell IS going on.
You are one of the only people Jpop will even take calls from. So fine, you've got inside dirt, or at least whatever the latest fantasy he is peddling to you. The proof is in the pudding, and 7 months ago you were talking "near complete" games, and last month you talked about playing it, then we saw it with paper ramps.
John has created this situation by gross mismanagement, fueled by people like yourself that tell him how incredible this all is and enabled his avoidance of REAL issues, like basic money and project management.
Now he's getting sued. Great for all of us

Short of him winning the lotto, it's actually a huge gamble I'm taking hence the 50 cents on the dollar offer. If I thought it was a sure thing my offer would have been higher. It might pay off it might not.

#10599 4 years ago
Quoted from Drano:

John didn't accept PayPal payments to the best of my knowledge. He tried at first but had problems.
I assume most payments were done by drafts, money orders, cheques etc...
I kept carbon copies of all payments sent and one was a wire transfer. I'd have to get my bank to dig it up and print a copy.

Quoted from Mr68:

He may have lost money on Predator but not a penny with Jpop.
His post here is a secondary attempt to manipulate himself into the private owners group. His first attempt failed in an embarrassing way

Quoted from Pinballs:

. I'm happy to email you my paypal receipts, and correspondence I've had with Jpop since 2011, and indeed the one I sent him 2 days ago asking for a refund or I sue. Two of my machines have been used by Martin Ayub to do reviews in pinballnews, as I don't live far away from him here in the UK. I'm sure Martin could vouch for me as bona fide. Yeah right, as if you're that important (I jest, I'm sure in your fantasy world you are).


#10820 4 years ago
image.jpg image-734.jpg
#10857 4 years ago
Quoted from jonnyo:

16k is about double what the current LE or JJP goes for. Without rarity, or the inclusion of a 1k/night hooker, and considering the taint of the Jpop pedigree, I don't see a market for this game.

199 is the hard max limit as it gives everyone a chance, if they want, from the other games to transfer.
If demand isn't there for all 199 they won't make them.
Could only make the original 19 if interest isn't there.

#10920 4 years ago

Since Zidware owes me the three games I've paid for.
I think I'll stay and try to help Pintasia get games to the paid customers.

#11160 4 years ago

MG is much further along than RAZA

All the toys for RAZA are not complete
The art, theme and direction of the pin needs major rework, Godzilla,Robbie the Robot, Mars etc will need to changed.

If Pintasia can pull off MG, RAZA will be next but in terms of getting a game to a production line MG is the clear choice. Because of John actions or lack of them there isn't a lot of time to get the ball rolling.

#11166 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballHelp:

I think the question everybody should be asking is:
"What are the exact terms of your deal with Zidware?"
"You appear to have most of the assets of that operation, and there are 100+ people who paid for what you have in your possession, that you owe an explanation to on how you got it?"

Zidware still owns the assets, Pintasia has the rights to use them and the IP.

#11168 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

The way you post and your recent posting history make it sound like you a a member of Pintasia.
Is this correct?
What involvement do you have on this project at this point?

Zero position with Pintasia
I'm just helping if I can.

#11289 4 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

To think that Skit-B got further than JPop just boggles the mind.
We've learned he had more than ample opportunities to be helped, but he just doesn't have the leadership quality to drive the project toward his goal once the staff grew to more than just him. As you said, a core competency like Business Acumen was just missing.
He just kept destroying his relationships because he couldn't be bothered to do the actual admin work of maintaining them (paying invoices, keeping records, putting everything on paper, etc...).

Skit B did get further but their game was a lot simpler
No magnets no toys etc...
Plus it does cut down on the overall costs if your mom does the art.

#11724 4 years ago

Rob Barry
Same as Totan

1 week later
#13197 4 years ago

No complaints on screen being blocked

#13400 4 years ago

It's coming tomorrow AM

#13901 4 years ago

What you saw here was a PROTOTYPE and still at concept stage.
Sorry it wasn't a polished gem.
Many changes will be made, be interesting to note the changes in the future.

Btw ramp was hit many times.
I watch a young gentleman hit it three times in a row.

#14053 4 years ago

Also note three weeks ago came was way further behind.

No ramps
No subway
No scoop

#14137 4 years ago


#14269 4 years ago
Quoted from Mocean:

Look, I get that you were pressed for time so the switches didn't go in, but the point is that John wasn't pressed for time prior to this. Worse, Jim is owed some 5-figure sum and in this opportunity for him to at least get some possible free press or future business, people see of his code in a situation in which it cannot be it's best.
To PDXMonkey's prior comment about (paraphrasing) "ball search being easy to code" and "magnets being hard to code" --that's totally backwards. Moreover acceleration and hold magnets are literally impossible to code for when many physical switches aren't in place.
I get that you did a lot for the machine to get it to the show, and I don't think there's any sane person who doesn't appreciate that, but you need to stop responding like the machine was built in three days and that there was only three days in which to build it, especially when responding to people who had either worked on it or invested in it literally /years/ ago. OMG, yes, a /million/ times better that the machine made it to the show in any form. Yes, I get that it was incomplete for any number of reasons, but you cannot reasonably expect people to not voice their displeasure at that situation.
If Jim says he had a prototype almost a year ago and asked for those switches to be installed a year ago, what really kept someone over in that palatial zidware facility from making that happen? Perhaps it points to the idea that the end game was a buy out and for someone else to just "finish it up" --not necessarily out of malice or greed-- but whatever the reason, clearly functional details like these weren't a high priority for some reason or another.
This whole situation is sad.

I never said that.
That was Markmon

#14573 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Nothing left to analyze if your project isn't going forward.
The proto should go back to Zidware asap for a multitude of reasons, including any possible appearance of impropriety.

Soon as Zidware floats the bill for STI.

#14589 4 years ago

Game isn't in my possession
I don't have it.

#14595 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

But you know who does.

So does Bill, Jpop, and several other owners too.

As bad as you want it to be it's not a conspiracy

Btw the one at the show was not one of the three.
Those three are still at Zidware as far as I know.

#14606 4 years ago
Quoted from YKpinballer:

In fact, I'm so sick of this priveledged behind the scenes crap. You've been doing this "I know something you don't know" thing for months. Now because you helped get the pin to the show, you have all these people patting you on the back and telling you what a superstar you are for helping out. Well you did know something we didn't know, for years. That the machines were a disaster and the whole thing was a scam. People counted on those who were allowed in the shop to be doing due diligence and have a real idea what was happening in there, and the damn games didn't even have ramps after 4 years. Yet you let everybody believe everything was going swimmingly. Well I'm at least going to have the balls to say you are as much a charlatan as John, and god knows what reason you had to keep the information to yourself but I'm guessing it's because you're so buddy buddy with that sociopath Popadiuk that you're going to look after yourself. You've already shown you're not looking out for anybody else.
I'll start trusting you and Brandes and whoever else is in your crew once they start talking instead of lurking off into the shadows and keeping silent.

Sorry the situation is stressing you out bro.

#14627 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

What the hell are you talking about? "Conspiracy theories"?
It is not a conspiracy theory that at least one of the MG prototypes is not in possession of Zidware.
It is not a conspiracy theory that you know who has one of the MG prototypes, but won't say who or why.
It is not a conspiracy theory that you said this in response to my statement that the MG proto should go back to Zidware:

It is not a conspiracy theory that Zidware didn't pay a dime to STI to get the MG Prototype to the NW show.
It is not a conspiracy theory that we were told that the MG prototype was on loan and still belonged to Zidware.
It is not a conspiracy theory to say that if the MG prototype is not returned to Zidware, it could possibly cause legal trouble for those in possession of it at some point.
Stop being so defensive. I know you did a lot to get MG to the show and I understand being disappointed and even pissed at this point, but don't go around making bold comments inferring that you or whoever has the MG proto isn't giving it back to Zidware until the transportation is paid for (unless that was part of the agreement that you had when Zidware agreed to let Pintasia borrow it).

You asking that game gets sent back means nothing.

Zidware hasn't asked yet neither has the court those on the other hand matter.

#14679 4 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

say what?? So now there are four not three prototypes? hmm, I do recall talk of more than three ramp sets being made, but this is the first I recall hearing there are four prototypes in varies stages of construction.

For the record
4 prototypes
2 whitewoods
1 mutant thing

Whitewoods have more features but less art.
Mutant thing has art but hardly anything else.

#14730 4 years ago

Such a shame that the WW's where so much further along in 2013-2014

#14737 4 years ago

Funny thing about those patents,
They're registered to John not Zidware. The lawyer worked for free too and filed them himself.
How does that work if Zidware is bankrupt?

#14744 4 years ago

No smugness,
I just looked up the patents

Quoted from brent149:The only difference in that video and the one from the recent expo appears to be artwork.

Look at ramp ball drops into a moving spinner.
The NW show one dropped to inlanes.
Magna save worked on WW so did the hare magnet

#15069 4 years ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

you gotta wonder where the prototypes are right now...

Waiting for STI to pick it up and be sent back to Zidware.

#15091 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

Certainly cause bankruptcy? Not the lawsuits... I would guess as long as Zidware is still hoping to deliver, and there was no contractual deadline (was there a delivery date in the contract/purchase agreement that was violated?), there will be little for a judge to rule a chapter 7 is warranted.
I don't even think a group of pre-orders could force an involuntary, b/c there is no lack of contract fulfillment if no dates were written or promised.
THere's a lot of angry pinsiders and pre-order "owners", but I haven't seen anything a judge could consider as a breach of contract, fraud or theft. Just a bad business guy, with too optimistic pre-orders that will not be fulfilled. If no refunds were offered in the contract - I also think that collections or judgments for refunds have no basis either.

The contracts do offer refunds which John has not honored.
I don't see anyway Zidware can avoid bankruptcy voluntary or involuntary in the next month.

Thanks for the work you put in NW show wouldn't have been possible without your help.

#15238 4 years ago

According to John he stopped drawing a salary in Nov 14.

Whether that's true or not that's what he said.

#15709 4 years ago

Anybody going to court tomorrow to watch?
I would if I was closer

2 weeks later
#16203 4 years ago

@Iceman or Mod team

Can you edit the title of the thread and spell Magic Girl, Zombie and Alice out versus the MG, RAZA and AIW?

The reason I ask is so Google picks this thread up.
Currently when you google "Magic Girl Pinball" this thread is pretty far from the top results.

#16245 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I'll also add - I thought as recently as a few months ago, that this could all STILL be saved by John showing Magic Girl to the world. I still believed everything I had been told that the game was 95% done, it just needed ramps. People had "played" it and told us it was near complete. I figured if the game was shown and wowed the world, new money could come in. Sell more Magic Girls, raise revenue.
But that wasn't the situation. So to imply all John needed was less criticism, and more silence, so people could be DUPED into sending him more money for vapor games is ridiculous.

Sorry, I fucked up there.

How did I come up with 95%?

I played the Whitewood which is more complete than the prototype. There's video proof of that.

My biggest mistake was I trusted what Jpop told me.

For that I apologize, but I would also like to point out John wasn't giving refunds past that date. I doubt my posts kept anyone from getting (or not getting) a refund.

#16584 4 years ago

Lol it's a pinbot

#16691 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

This update thread doesn't have much meaning at this point, if the argument is all about whether ZIdware is out of business, or is John still working on games. Everyone can place odds on bankruptcy, another angel investor, or what decade John might ship a game - but why go any further?
I'm going to get downposted before you even read the next sentence. But I don't see any grounds for a case, nor grounds for granting bankruptcy. Unless 3 creditors, who have firm terms in invoices that have been violated, that can be taken to a judge, or unless 3 pre-order buyers have invoice/purchase agreements that has terms that were broken, where's the claim?
The Judge Judy script doesn't look good for buyers:
Was there a contract? Yes.
Was there a deadline to perform on the contract? Yes
Could the deadline be moved? Yes
So a deadline was missed, and moved, but there was no explicit performance penalty? correct
So you are disappointed its taking longer than you want, but there was no agreement on timing... doesn't make it a crime
Is the product being worked on? Yes, well, it appears to be, but we haven't seen a fully completed one, just some partially done "Master prototype" and none shipped.
A simple yes or no please, is the product being designed and worked on? Yes
But you say your case is that there is fraud, b/c there is no product completed and deadlines were missed? Yes
Yet, you say there is a product, just not finished nor when you wanted it? Yes
Your opinion is that it will never be finished and delivered to you? Yes
Yet you saw something that was played, but obvious to all not done, but more finished than anything up to that point? Yes
Regardless of your satisfaction with how complete it is, Can you prove it will never be delivered? well, it hasn't been, he's been playing arts and crafts, with pictures, but no playable game.
Can you prove it will never be delivered? Well, this guy with a lot of money, paid to get it to a show, paid some overdue bills to get some parts put on the game before the show - but the game wasn't done, some stuff was missing, etc.
The game isn't what you consider finished, but they claim its still being designed and worked on? Yes
Was the product described with a list of features, that would be defined as finish and deliverable? No
So, your claim is based on confusion of what "completed" and "finished" means? Yes
But you say features, completed, or finished were not defined in the written contract or purchase agreement?, nor were the deadline dates firmly committed, with penalties of non-performance? No... well there were dates
Were those dates estimates, or performance dates with some defined features or penalties to fail to deliver? Not sure.
My reading of the documents, is date estimates were given for a "game" that had undefined, non-listed features - so the vague terms are just that... vague. I see no facts supporting fraud of there being no product, or not delivered as agreed, but a work in progress with some poorly defined attributes, deliverables and dates.
My judgment therefore, is that you agreed to buy a game, that would be designed and shipped to you at some point, but on terms that are so vague, that no terms have been violated - case dismissed.
I suggest in the future, you agree to better contract terms, with performance penalties on due dates missed, and clearly define "completed","finished", "due dates", consequences of missed due dates.

The breach of contract is the 90 days 75% refund.

3 weeks later
#17081 4 years ago

I heard the lawsuit is 25 ppl deep.
I don't think this will end well for the Popaduiks.

2 months later
#18122 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Mindless drivel and an exit.
Its time for me to drain this thread and this time for good. I’ve done this twice before but returned because I had a feeling of unsettled business here. Never say never I know, but this time it feels right for me.
I’m over this entire situation. Jpop is a sad, broken man who barring a miracle investor will be exiled from the only world he has ever known. His future is lawsuits, bankruptcy, public shame and obscurity.
Some of you think Jpop will show up at Expo this week. I strongly disagree. But if he were to appear I would calmly and quietly tell him how thoroughly disappointed I am in him. In the real world I've been in that exact situation before. So please spare me your keyboard comments.
And I wouldnt take away from the enjoyment of Expo to hunt him down either. Happenstance sure, I’ll talk to him. But like I said, I’m over everything. So don’t run up to me like a child at Expo and tell me if you see him.
And I hope I don’t witness anyone standing 10 feet away, pointing at him and repeatedly shouting "shame, shame, shame" as he walks by. How completely embarrassing that would be for those people in my view.
Life is all about lessons and here’s the only thing I’ve learned from this thread: I have a thin skin when it comes to personal attacks. I’m a bit surprised and disappointed in myself.
I hate it whenever I catch myself flashing my ego or bragging. Its a number one personal issue I'm self-critical of and unfortunately I've done it here in this thread. But some of the insulting and revisionist** comments from the peanut gallery caused me to react defensively and out they came. Thats not an excuse for my weak ego and bragging only an explanation.
Note to Iceman: Your bragging all over Pinside is legendary and boorish. Even when you think you’re being subtle about it. I'm not trying to pick a fight but wise up.
I hope some of you begin letting go of this situation and move along. We all have future battles including some failure and one day you’ll look back on John Popadiuk as simply a head shaking moment. Not for everyone but allowing this thread to begin its death spiral could be a good thing for many people.
Every one of us process life in different ways but burning the eternal flame of hate just isnt for me. I’ll let the attorney handle things from here and accept the courts decision with zero expectations.
I’ll hang here for an appropriate amount of time to read any response before disappearing. I've left myself open to criticism so fire away if needed.
Acknowledgment to Frolic. As fellow Popadiuk survivor with skin in the game, I’ve admired your steady hand in commenting and posting throughout this entire thread. Many of us should learn from your calm demeanor and style here.
**Revisionist Definition: To reevaluate and restate the past based on newly acquired standards**
- I think that definition is worth pointing out to so many judgmental people here.

Expo pre party


#18136 4 years ago

Concretehardt pictures pretty much summed it up

1 month later
#18412 3 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Didn't you guys host a genuine old-school Guns N' Roses no-show riot back in the day?

I was in Vancouver that night

2002 or 2003

4 months later
#18793 3 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

I just checked the USPTO Public PAIR case information for US 13/709,056 and Steven P is still acting as his attorney and JPop is still pursuing patents. He has now filed an appeal (filed 4/4/16) to try to overturn the examiner's rejections.
My best guess is that JPop is hoping to get his patent issued involving the display acting in coordination with the switches that are in close proximity to the display, so he could then sue Stern and JJP for infringement as a way to make money. For example, the ecto goggle might infringe that patent claim and JJP is also said to be using something like that in the Lawlor game.
StevenP might not be able to disengage at this time in the middle of the patent prosecution appeal.

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#18936 3 years ago

I heard he sold it but not sure if true or not

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#18962 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Has anybody seen or talked to the guy in the last year?
Is the old office gone? How can it not be?
Hard to believe nobody in the pinball community has bumped into this turd.

Zidware is gone but American Pinball is the new tenant...fishy???


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#19518 3 years ago

I dunno those cabinets sure look the same to me

#19522 3 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Art's clearly different. They appear more angled than a standard WMS cabinet, but perhaps they are modified to accept a standard piece of glass while still allowing room for the larger rear screen.

I see the small changes to the art, but in reference to the slope. The early picture was taken with the legs on versus AP picture without the legs.
(Just speculation)

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#20597 2 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I sure hope so! I would hate to try and find decent airfare on this short of notice let alone get the time off work.

Spirit flys super cheap between pdx and O'Hara.

Last time I booked was about $140 RT.

Airline sucks but it's cheap

#20604 2 years ago

ha yeah Spirit is rough but I still book em.
Pack light and try to upgrade your seat is my advice.

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#20905 2 years ago

Those pictures look like a much more refined game from NW show.

The PF is different with the bare wood showing.

Looks like some mechs were added and a few magnets disappeared.

Be interesting to see more

#21859 2 years ago
Quoted from forensicd:

Who did the music and sounds? Game sounds amazing!

Dr Dave...wrong

Rob Barry

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#23670 2 years ago

IMG_0295 (resized).JPGIMG_0298 (resized).JPG

[images fixed by moderator]

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#24272 11 months ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I think they were $16k.

Correct plus shipping

#24275 11 months ago


#24278 11 months ago
Quoted from HighVoltage:

No, knowing some have sold for $20K+, that's also what I would have at least asked and see what offers I got.
But you're right, given past selling prices, this does seem like dumping it.

Expensive game of hot potato.

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