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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#1875 5 years ago

Queen's Card for AIW Anyone else have one of these? Not sure the December 2014 date is still accurate but my card remains intact.

#1991 5 years ago

"The Knave of Hearts has bestowed this premium card unto you. The secret code hidden below, with favor, is more valuable than you [really] know." Below the foil seal: "Premium Void If Peeled Before December 2014"

Quoted from ChadH:Too hard to read. What does it say?

2 months later
#4378 4 years ago

So I pulled off the seal on my Queens's Card. Unfortunately, the ink was coming of the the entire card and I couldn't decipher what "secret code" was printed under the seal. That'll keep it a secret If anyone ever figures out the purpose for these cards please let me know.

Yeah, Jpop was nice and timely when I corresponded with him a year or so ago. The fact that the guy was taking time to talk to me every time I contacted Zidware seemed odd. So an "intervention" is/was probably needed. Not sure why so many of you folks in on the games are taking John's "acknowledgement" of the problems as anything other than a stall tactic. I'm not saying that in a mean way.

Quoted from Baiter:Sounds like the only way owners will their games is to do what Iceman is doing... volunteer time to help relieve Jpop of everything that doesn't have to do with designing the games.
Possibly there will be a lot more of the deposit givers building their own machines than anyone realized...

Disclaimer: nothing but 100% respect for John, even with all that has transpired. I love Jpop games. Not in on a pre-order at this time.

#4433 4 years ago

Ok, though I'm a bit unclear as to how this will help Jpop.

#4515 4 years ago

Wait list? That's hilarious. The wait list is a moot point. Who in their right mind would put any money down on a yet to be delivered manufactured game at this point.

#4577 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

The artwork on MG is amazeballs.
Incredible stuff, really. Hope it sees the light of day!

Quoted from wcbrandes:

I'm hoping they both see the light of friggin day!

Quoted from jwo825:

The LCD animations, though, are incredible.


IF we consider today's public reveals a starting point, and there is actual PROGRESS shown over the course of the next few weeks / months, I can see there being an active Zidware wait list.

John Popadiuk +1

#4580 4 years ago

I think Magic Girl should be limited. Those people are more like patrons than buyers.

Quoted from rai:

Looks fantastic, I would rather see an unlimited production run, people can buy after they see and play them, similar to WoZ. Meaning people are not locked into a game many years in advance unless they want to be, then people that want to wait and see can also buy into the games, I believe they will be limited enough either way.
For example someone might rather have RAZA instead of MG or the other way around after they see how they look or play or the rules etc.. Rather than be locked into one 4-5 years in advance just because there was an artificially low number.
I don't even mind if there is a early buyer discount such as with WoZ where an early supporter who finances the project pays a much lower rate. But an open production run like WoZ could sell more games if they are great and people see them after they are made instead of losing sleep about if they will or won't get done.
A larger production run would help all, with Jpop selling more games, more mods potentially if they need any, and more community support or popular clubs. Let's say 12 guys have MG that can talk on Pinside, is that as good as 200 guys with IM or Tron or WoZ etc..

#4611 4 years ago

Thanks for everything you have done (and not done!!) iceman44. From the outside looking in it appears the ducks are starting to find their places.

Quoted from iceman44:The reason people go all "ga ga" for it after seeing this stuff is because it kicks ass and, well, people want it.
I believe John is open and willing to accept help and advice. He asked me if i wanted to provide any input on the design/layout aspects, I laughed, he's the genius there, I said i can help on the business side, which he admits is lacking and somewhat "moronic" because he simply can't do it all.
So we have gone from isolationist to hopefully more of an open forum and all hands on deck to help create a stable foundation business wise going forward so great games can go on for years!

Also thanks to Mr68. And I think I get you posting style...

Quoted from Mr68:This image got 1 "unsafe" tag and has ben hidden automatically, per your settings. un-hide$$$feel-still-4.jpg (Click image to enlarge) 1

Though who is Ben Hidden, and what is his contribution in all this?

#4647 4 years ago

"Printing presses" doesn't sound very boutique to me. Sounds like a shift away from John's vision.

If it's going to be about sound business practice and ROI then the MG and RAZA folks need to come to terms with opening up those runs.

#4671 4 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

If he can't get games out the door, his vision is totally irrelevant anyways.

Totally? Not totally.

I do agree to what I think you're inferring. Hopefully my point won't be lost: if anyone actually thinks that the only way to get these games out is to increase the amount of a single title getting made, then it should be the first one, Magic Girl. The "patrons" need to "fall on the sword." It seems self serving to say, "to get our 50 (or 250) boutique games made Jpop needs to change what he is doing on Alice and other future games." Especially if you don't think Zidware has a sound business plan, you change that plan now, not later.

#4714 4 years ago
Quoted from Shrub_Light:

So let me get this straight.
Feb. 4, 2014 we had a blog post of J Pop opening up a box of driver boards.
These boards were a revision to a board he had been testing since the summer of 2013.
It is now March of 2015 and we are still at square one for the hardware?
If so, how was there going to be a flipping MG back in December and Raza last month?
If the hardware and programming are still in early stages, how are the games, as StevenP states, 90% and 80% done?

I'm 100% behind Jpop and his vision. But some games need to be shown working quick-like.

Shrub is right and it doesn't take a very much scrutiny to find things that don't look so good. I just read. the. entire. thread. It's deja vu all over again x100. At very best things are VERY WAY behind schedule. At worse, maybe some games don't get made. Nobody wants that.

But, I don't believe anybody wants or would accept some watered down Zidware game. John's ideas and imagination are something special, that's why all the wonderment and appreciation.

I hope these games get made. I hope to some day have an Alice.


2 weeks later
#5368 4 years ago
Quoted from YKpinballer:

There was a hard lesson learned on Skit B, you can be sure people will be doing their due diligence on Jpop.

Yep, call it the "Skit-B Effect"

#5381 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

More and more I'm beginning to realize that my writing ability to convey a point is poor. Admittedly my frustration does spill over into my comments and that does leave me open.

It's just the frustration. Still a good chunk of road ahead for those awaiting games.

And the coffee!!

#5392 4 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

The fact that he has poured so much time and effort into AIW is just going to piss off the MG and RAZA people more.

I'm in for AIW and I'm not all that happy to see it.

There needs to be a working playable Magic Girl or RAZA game shown. Like yesterday. "Good for pinball," "health of the company," all that kind of stuff.

No more "candy for everyone" John. Some folks have paid for dinner and they aren't even seated at the table yet.

#5439 4 years ago

In a different thread, back in October, 2013, jpop posted:

Quoted from jpop:well I think there are a lot of new people in the hobby, which is now more like high priced art. Good in some cases but bad (for ops) in others. Very complicated but good for people wanting new stuff. When does Stern start buying out the competition and bring them into the fold? Jpop

#5465 4 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Maybe in the back of his mind, that's what he's hoping for ... A buyout of his designs and IP.
One would have to ask, why hasn't either (or any) of the two main pinball companies given him a job?
All the other old designers have jobs ... Ritchie, Gomez, Nordman, Freres, Lawler, Balcher, etc etc etc.
Maybe the guys in charge have all been JPOPPED once too often.
Sterns too clever to pay money for a company like this. They'd just wait till it falls over and make their own versions.
My money is on a Stern Predator pin in the next year or two. Nothing in common with the failed one ... Sterns own version. Why not? Proven market for it, and willing buyers with (hopefully) 4750 ready to spend on a new pin.
That's what I'd do anyway.

I think John was entertaining the idea back then. Hopefully folks are setting him straight. This particular fantasy requires a working prototype. Tic toc …

Would love to see a Stern Predator come out someday. Should be releasing right around the time we see that working Magic Girl.

#5467 4 years ago
Quoted from pinstor12:

blockquote cite="#2335454">Would love to see a Stern Predator come out someday. Should be releasing right around the time long before we see that working Magic Girl.
Your thinking is based on what facts about a working date for MG?

lol point taken. Fixed that

#5509 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I've pondered the "buy out".... but he's on the hook with a bunch of owners. Someone would have to buy him out with $1 million+ of debt on the books.
If he designed for Stern or JJP, he'd be getting a mid 5 figure income for coming up with the same designs.
The only way out of this is to ship completed machines, that or complete failure and someone buys the pieces afterwards for cents on the dollar and all of us get screwed.

I believe that last paragraph is the part John is in denial about. He should be 100% focused on Magic Girl at this time. If his pinball isn't linear then show a working Magic Girl AND a working RAZA.

IF the Magic Girl group get their games, then MAYBE next steps could be considered. Hoping for a report of actual progress from the MG owners group. I'm not expecting to hear it from Jpop. Also wonder if John believes he can attract new money to the projects.

#5519 4 years ago
Quoted from Linolium:

So, is John not going with Fast now?? I'm confused...

Nutty, isn't it? John doesn't accept outside help, but yet can't come up with an internal solution to getting the first games made.

#5522 4 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

He's got a working board design that runs his games just fine. There just won't be any shift to using FAST instead if Aaron is not involved.

Now I'm confused. I understand no Fast boards. What games are running?

#5557 4 years ago
Quoted from jazzmaster:

I guess posting here is one way to get his attention..... from the blog:
I have had a bunch of folks message me about items from this blog appearing on public forums like “Pinside”. These items are not meant to be distributed but for the owners here only. The items / ideas / designs and illustrations on this blog are protected by United States ©Copyright and need to be kept as “trade secrets” until public viewing is ready.
If you are the person or know the person, please stop immediately as great harm is being done. Jpop"
So much for the "opening of the gates" policy.

Gosh, Jpop, not so much "candy for everyone" eh? But that really doesn't matter.

John, I love you dude. It is possible you are doing more harm than good. A flipping Magic Girl prototype would do wonders for everyone. Please consider. See you in Wonderland.


#5628 4 years ago

@ GLModular

Thanks for making some of the details public. Tough situation you are in.

#5807 4 years ago

But at what time in development are foam core and Carolina board replaced with a functioning wood playfield?

#5859 4 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Last 1000 posts similar to first 5000. Four years elapsed, $1M +/- paid in, 3+ pins under design, no flipping whitewoods, little communication from JPOP except for broken promises, heavy criticism on Pinside and small-level threats. Tales follow of speculative bets made (nobody has admitted to this yet), cracked piggy banks, disappearing funds with little chance of a refund, broken dreams, family fortunes destroyed, comparisons to 5 stages of grief, lost dreams and the pre-order model is broken and possibly even beaten to death.
At least two parts vendors have been stiffed for 7k and 25k (likely). Multiple contractors / employees have not been paid for their labor and have each quit in disgust. Aside from choosing an architecture that requires specialized skills from a limited applicant pool, low offer wages are expected to bog down efforts to secure top talent, leading some to believe that John will eventually be wearing that hat himself. Stories abound of John constantly changing direction and being impossible to work for. Currently there are needs for a program manager, lead programmer, programming support and a sound designer.

When you put it that way it sounds like there may be a problem.

Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Major reveals of MG & RAZA are on the horizon. AIW has been pushed out a few weeks.

… if only you weren't being sarcastic.

At this point it is hard for me to believe any Zidware machine released would be worth the journey those who prepaid have been on.

Anyone in the MG owners group able to share any positive news?

#5875 4 years ago

Yeah, the Whizzer is cool but wasn't the video made a while back? John does mention that he is putting together a new video so that would be a good thing.

#5882 4 years ago

I am sure games will be made. At least a few Magic Girls will be put together in some playable form someday. No idea when and no idea about software. The realist in me doesn't have much hope for anything else. But the idealist in me can't help but to cheer for Jpop to prove me wrong


#6052 4 years ago

Truly sad. Jpop just lost another great supporter (Doug (iceman)).

If Stern or JJP are interested they would be waiting for the opportune time to try to acquire the assets with minimum risk and cost. Honestly can't imagine Stern would be interested. Though I don't know.


#6086 4 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

For those who previously tried or actually did some work for him, and those of us who know them, this is not a surprise at all. It was clear it would be an up hill battle.
I still hope someday he wakes up and realizes he needs help and actually accepts it, but no way I would put money on that happening. Seems there will always be the next person who thinks they can fix the situation, and maybe someday that will happen. I hope so for those who have money riding on it.

Agreed, though I feel Zidware has burned too many bridges and now is in the process of cementing a poor reputation to it's name. John's running out of "the next person."

The sadness for me is it seems these games only get made if Jpop steps out of the way. I hope I'm wrong

1 week later
#6516 4 years ago
Quoted from ZidwarePR:

Anyone want to see the marketing ideas that were put together for these pins?

Yes, please! I would love to see some of the concepts.

#6518 4 years ago
Quoted from ZidwarePR:

I won't be sharing anything, yet. I just had to jump in here and get people to not email Wired. I really have nothing else to say you guys don't already know. I hope the pins come out one day. Peace.

Really poor form on that one.

#6521 4 years ago
Quoted from ZidwarePR:

PM me and I'll share a little. But again, these were ideas suggested, nothing bought off on.

No, share it here. You already trolled your offer previously…

Quoted from ZidwarePR:Want to see the marketing plan?
… and again to me today. I am not sure you have a firm grasp of the concept of public relations.

#6525 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

This account is Kaneda - ZidwarePR. Duplicate account. Not a rep of Zidware. Ignore him. Ban will be issued on both this and his other account when I get to my cpu.

Oh my gosh! Will this be a perma-ban?

#6527 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Can someone confirm this WIRED reference. This is the first time it appeared in this thread.

Also, as asshat-ish as this may sound, is it possible that Kaneda did do some type of work to get the Wired thing set-up?

#6546 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Assuming this is all true, this is the thinking behind this? Screw the pinball expo people, screw the peons who paid for it, forget managing a business in crisis, forget repairing his reputation in an EXTREMELY niche market. Some mainstream press is all we need.

Doesn't seem too bright. If you are looking for a way to cover refunds, maybe bringing in new customers is alright. But at the expense of further angering existing customers and alienating even more people within the pinball community?

In defense of Kaneda (oh yeah, I'm going there), he claims he put together a number of marketing ideas, and this is one that was "bought" - though Kaneda's input was done as a favor, no compensation. This should trash any reputation I may have, but I believe him.

#6549 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Before it became obvious who the ZidwarePR account really was I just assumed it was a troll. Coming into the thread and asking people if they wanted to see the marketing plan? Really? I was just waiting for someone to bite so he could post a picture of an empty box or something.

I was hoping for something, anything to get a laugh. At least it lightened the mood a bit.

Quoted from RobT:

Kaneda and JPop. What a pair!!

Not sure who is tarnishing who's reputation

#6562 4 years ago
Quoted from notaflyingtoy:

Doesn't seem too bright. If you are looking for a way to cover refunds, maybe bringing in new customers is alright. But at the expense of further angering existing customers and alienating even more people within the pinball community?

Quoted from frolic:

There is one way out of this: Finish games and deliver them to customers. Not sell more vaporware and find a new supply of vaporware customers.
A year ago I was ready to buy a MG if they came available, and would have bought an Alice. I'd be the kind of golden customer every company dreams about, and certainly the kind of customer John needs.
MY corn flakes are the one he's going to piss in, and then look for new customers somewhere else? This is complete idiocy.

You believe there is only one way out of this, and delivering games is certainly the goal. But you know as well as anybody all the obstacles that stand in the way. Though I am unclear how taking my sentence out of context helps anything. IF [Zidware] is looking for a way to cover refunds, MAYBE bringing in new customers is alright [to cover refunds for those wanting them].

I only offered that as a possible solution to one of the many obstacles facing the projects. Did not intend to make anyone's situation more upsetting. My apologies if I did.

#6566 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

My frustration was not aimed at you, nor was I trying to quote you out of context. So I apologize if it seemed like I was attacking you or trying to misquote you. You didn't create this shit show.

This whole ordeal, along with the Skit-B fiasco and all the normal Pinside angst, can really crank up the frustration level. I will certainly try to make sure not to add anymore shit to the show.

#6568 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Hi guys, I’m only temporarily back in this thread and will most likely drain myself again later. I would have been back sooner but I had to ask the moderators to instruct me on how to undo my drain. I also wanted to see how this would play out.
Prior to draining myself in this thread you may remember I posted how I was done with Jpop/Zidware. Later on I reversed course and (inappropriately) posted how I was staying in with Jpop.
In between those two postings I received a private message. The first message you will read was titled "WISH YOU HAD BEEN MORE PATIENT" with a smiley face as the message. This was in response to my first comment of being done and dropping out on Jpop.
It’s almost as if he's gloating that I'm going to miss out on something.
My response to him as you read further was: *"Did you read my last post. "*. The post I was referring to was the second one where I said I had changed my mind and was staying in on Jpop. You can follow the conversation from there by reading the screen shot.
FYI: I had a moderator verify and was told this: *“Deep root is indeed in San Antonio, TX and does not match IP’s with Kaneda”*
There’s a lot of smart people on Pinside and I’m wondering everybody’s thoughts or any detective work that can be done.
We on the owners group are stumped. The guy goes from gloating to pissy and threatening in short order. And angry at Jpop. It could be nothing at all but I find it bizarre and intriguing.

Image loading is disabled in your settings. un-hideDeeproot -Weird.png (Click image to enlarge)

Deeproot -Weird.png 503 KB

That be nutty for sure. No idea on the detective work.

But hey man don't pull out of this thread. I have really appreciated your point of view even when I don't agree. Hard to not let the shit show take us for a ride.

#6733 4 years ago
Quoted from Strange:

When it comes to making PinGames JPOP doesn't fuck around!

Actually, Jpop has been fucking around a lot these past couple of years.

CV is pretty awesome. Can't agree it's the greatest pinball ever made.

#6904 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:
I'm thinking that almost none of the current owners would agree to this unless it is shown that JPop has some type of investor that will basically be taking over the project.
Majority of owners are already behind this idea should it happen.

But is Jpop behind this idea? Would he ever be?

John seems to not be able to accept help, yet is waiting for someone to magically swoop in to save the day.

#6958 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

He already is and has spoken about it for a long time now.

John Popadiuk lives in a magical world. - I mean that in the worst way.

Thanks for the response.

Well I know John has spoken previously implying that Stern should help out. So I am going to guess the real reason for that KISS machine he designed was to try to impress someone at Stern? Is there even a chance Stern would touch any of this?

There appears to be two distinct issues. Zidware money issues (vendors and refunds) and making Jpop games. Is there a single solution for both?

1 month later
#9736 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

This cloak & dagger crap has been going on Pinside all year. The Anonymous Group, etc.... why all the drama with pinball?
How much better would it have gone today with an actual press release from the investor, like any normal investment.

But it's not a normal investment!!

It's not even a real investment!

The best deal going is pennies on the dollar through BK court. Any other "offer" or "investment" is a SHAM!!!

If someone has any stake (monies) in this and hasn't contacted an attorney yet, they would be more delusional than Jpop.

#9874 4 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

There has already been information posted in this thread about attorney Zane D Smith in Chicago. Multiple people have contacted him and this seems to be the single most consolidated legal effort currently. His full contact information was posted earlier in this thread, but his office phone number is 312-245-0031. If you should choose to contact an attorney, that is where I would start. Not sure it ultimately makes sense to proceed with anything, but there could be some economies if everyone pursuing this direction went through the same place.
Just a thought.

Yes, if someone did not have an attorney the one named in Chicago may be a good place to start. Laws vary by state and country, so speaking to an attorney in your jurisdiction may be advisable. The law is vast, so speaking with an attorney specializing in areas related to your case would be wise. Civil law has many limits for how long you have to file a claim based on your case so DO NOT WAIT TO TAKE ACTION.

#10547 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I guess I choose to trust what Bill tells me at this point and based on my conversations with John and all of the other evidence!

Conversations with John are NOT evidence of anything. Believing John Popadiuk might be considered evidence of something unhealthy.

Civil law has many limitations as to how long you have to file a claim. DO NOT WAIT IF YOU HAVE NOT YET FILED A CLAIM.

Filing a claim now may only net pennies on the dollar, but is presently the best move. Thinking this present "deal" will happen is a moot point as the court will undo any transfer of assets.

#11004 4 years ago

I applaud Bill for putting this together as quickly as he has and hope Pintasia manages to exceed goals and expectations.

I do wonder what the court's views might be regarding the transferring of assets from an apparently insolvent John Popadiuk / Zidware to newly formed Pintasia.

#11132 4 years ago

.nam siht ot netsiL.

Quoted from labnip:Plan & Future:
Thanks. I might have missed the post about that.
I didn't go in on the original purchase plan, but have wanted to buy a MG if it became complete, originally planned as maybe being a 2nd owner of one.
Seeing recently that more could be available, now have interest as potentially a 1st owner.
Hence the question about multiple versions of contracts going out to customers.
Benchmarking Situation:
Drawing from experience spending most of the last 26 years in the game industry (building games & game companies), there was a lot about Jpop that didn't put checks in all the boxes to get across the finish line.
But, now with a second chance, fresh blood and a new coming together by vendors (very key), there's some potential for a win.
Legal Weakness in future team:
Aside from: people, process, policy, tools & governance to execute successfully, the next largest risk appears to be unwinding the legal & financial train wreck that is jpop. The language written in the 1st contract sent out by jpop is just horrific. If written by the current law firm that is in place with the new team, then that is likely to be a giant show stopper if they are still involved. I'm embarrassed for them to even associate their name with that language.
a.) If required by client(s) to be written by the law firm, then it shows lack of experience at the law firm in counseling clients in effective legal agreements.
b.) If both proposed & written by the law firm, then it shows lack of experience at the law firm by blinding tossing in far over-reaching language.
c.) If written by someone else, another firm, Jpop himself, other... then shows a lack of governance by new team.
In all cases, it gives a glimmer of future legal & contractual screw-ups that will be happening across all parties: business entities, vendors, customers, employees, contractors, licensees. And because that is one of the major pillars to enable the success of this initiative, one could propose that something needs to change already.
Having written, negotiated & delivered contracts up to $4B+ in size, $250m in global game team budgets, managing 500+ game related vendors in parallel, and delivering 150+ game related projects per year, blablabla... this 1 (one) pin getting complete should not be this problematic with effective planning, risk management & staffing. Just a thought

#11391 4 years ago

The problem with waiting to take some kind of civil action is that the law has limits as to how long one has to file. DO NOT WAIT TO TAKE ACTION.

2 weeks later
#14751 4 years ago

Pintasia won't be going forward with a plan to produce Magic Girl?!?!!!!11!1!LOLZ

Now they'll never get their own thread.

2 months later
#17255 4 years ago

If John Popadiuk had only concentrated on Magic Girl he wouldn't have been able to pull in as much money. 19 people in at ?16k? Would barely be enough to produce a production ready (coded) prototype on an existing platform, let alone a complete redesign from the hinges air vents up.

Hindsight makes it easy to see where others maybe could have done things different, but let's not forget it is not the folks who threw money at Jpop who are to be blamed, nor those who had suspicions but didn't publicly say anything, even if maybe both of those were mistakes. All of this goes back to John Popadiuk. And John Popadiuk is ultimately responsible for all of this mess.

#17258 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

It was DOA from the beginning. A boneheaded idea from the kind of bone heads.
My point above though was he DID have money from us RAZA and AIW people, and even WITH all that money could not finish MG, let alone the other games.

Agreed 100%. And not even just the deposit monies. Add in all the people who helped or offered help on their own dime. Or gave Zidware a break on goods or services in good faith to move the projects forward. Or picked up the tap for a meal.

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