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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#4719 4 years ago

When JPop sold some P-ROC and other PDB boards of Gerry's on the other forum, I'm the one who bought them. I can assure you that they work just fine.

What can't be done with the p-roc+PDB boards? We have seen lots of alpha numeric, dmd, and full-color games out there built on the platform. I'd say a pretty good number of games have been made and some (admittedly few) have been sold, but I'd include CCC and BoP2 in the list of titles that prove the P-roc as tried and true.

Since we know there's no technical hardware limitations that really justify not using a p-roc based boardset (and it would be dubious at best for anyone to imply otherwise), the reason not to go with PinballControllers has to be either financial, political, personal, personnel (ie, no one to code in Python (pyprocgame), C++ (libpinproc) or C# (netprocgame)), or some combination of these factors. Since you guys are talking about using MPF, seems a lack of available developers was clearly a factor.

I read Eric's post as: there absolutely is more of a story here, and some of us wish we knew it. You can sure add me to the curious list!

Quoted from fastpinball:

My point was that John has looked at all options and is continuing to do so. If he wanted to use proc he could have years ago.
But you seem to have insight on this decision and can probably speak to it better than I.
FAST Pinball

#4753 4 years ago

The future is entirely speculation. The past is as close as we can get to something that's "factual" in any given moment.

In truth any of us discussing either the past or the future is probably not terribly productive. That said, I'm pretty sure that's not what the internet is all about

#4865 4 years ago

I think it's awesome that everyone is looking out for Brian and Aaron/Fast, but there's a few things worth noting:

1. People do a lot of work for free for the love of the product and the enjoyment of the process. I've been coding Buffy for "free" (payment in parts) and along the way I've coded the HD VGA fork of pyprocgame, the hardware accelerated rewrite of the hd vga framework, the graphical OSC client, Visual Pinball support for pyprocgame, and SkeletonGame. I'm not saying they shouldn't look out for their best interests, but there's a bigger picture here.

2. You can't underestimate the value of not getting paid. Something going wrong? You have the option to walk. It's great.

3. MPF will mature a LOT by partnering with JPop. Whether that partnership or MPF survive that process is anyone's guess, but nothing matures a platform faster than having users with non-standard demands, particularly for a game that's planning to be sold to customers. There's a big difference between a personal project game, a game that we expect others to use/play, those we expect to be on par with a commercial game, and then a crazy ambitious project (like a Jpop title).

Just my 2 cents.

#4869 4 years ago
Quoted from SadSack:

**Content of post removed by mod**

I wish I could thumbs up the moderators

#4877 4 years ago

This really isn't required. You can do a lot of software development without the physical machine and then gain access when things are mostly in place (eg, using the keyboard for switch events, or the OSC client, or even visual pinball). The problems here are many, but I think access to the machine is only one piece of the puzzle.

That said, I /think/ I read a quote from Lyman Sheats that was something like "for every playfield there's one great game waiting to be coded, and 500 terrible ones" --giving people a platform to code a game is one thing, and making a fun game with that platform is another. Perhaps the most overlooked benefit of rapid development of the type MPF aims to deliver is that it could make scrapping a crap game and starting over a bit faster

1 week later
#5241 4 years ago

Crazy idea here, BUT...

At this price point he could convert the game to a P3 title. It's $4k on top of the P3 and the majority of the "usual stuff" would be done already. The programming platform is rich and I'd guess that there would possibly be support from miultimorphic just to get a third title on the platform. We've seen plenty of video of traditional style machines running on the platform, but I haven't actually tried to overlay the playfield art on an image of the P3 to see how it fits. I know that, at this point, the P3 isn't available either, but I highly doubt waiting for the release would slow down MG any further.

Then every buyer at $14k would get three titles, LL-GG (a Nordman title), CCR, AND MG (a JPop).

#5424 4 years ago

I'd finish his pyprocgame code (for P-ROC) for a free Magic Girl and AIW.

Not even a joke.

#5508 4 years ago

I believe he has video assets to show on that screen. From what others are saying I do not think any of that is integrated into any sort of game code at this time.

Quoted from Aurich:

Has to be to fit the LCD screen. Which apparently he's going to show "in a week" if you believe it. Which means there's been a whole other giant time sink working on the screen for this non-existant third game.
At this point all I can conclude is he's running out of money and is trying to attract new buyers for AIW, or set up a situation for someone to buy him out or something.
Putting this much effort into game 3 when game 1 hasn't even been shown working yet is psychotic.

#5708 4 years ago
Quoted from s1500:

A couple years ago I saw a 'jpop' on Multimorphic's forums. Not 100% sure if it was him though, as anyone could have signed up with the name jpop.

That is him. I bought his old p-roc and PDBs based on an ad he posted there.


#5727 4 years ago
Quoted from taylor34:

Entry level programmers out of college are now making 65k to 70k out here in the midwest, it's really escalated the past few years.

My students make about the same at graduation, though the upper end is higher (and should be for the greater Boston area).

There are programmers (and skilled ones at that) who will work in a barter situation, largely for the "fun of it", fwiw. The trouble is that everything coming to light surey taints the idea that it would be as fun as one might hope.

#5732 4 years ago

The FAST board is still not for sale yet. MPF is incomplete. What's the rush?

MPF uses pyGame for video. As someone who (co-?)wrote the original HD VGA fork of pyprocgame using Pygame (and recently re-wrote the new hardware accelerated version) allow me to assure you that doing this:


In Pygame would be rather difficult without some very beefy computer driving the game. There are ways to do FMV in another process (via udp or similar) controlling the graphics and we've seen quite a few variants of this on the pinballcontrollers forums over the years. So, if you want to make good on John's goals for this game, you're not likely to do it easily/soon with fast+MPF.

There's also potentially no need to order new boards if there are enough QPC boards for every machine. Others have stated that the QPC board has been made to run pyprocgame so I assume that means they ported Libpinproc. Since MPF leverages Libpinproc for p-roc support (Brian, do not crucify me for oversimplifying) then the QPC can probably run pyprocgame code OR MPF code.

There's certainly a way to get this done. Flushing what has been done already is almost certainly not the way.

Quoted from frolic:

Maybe we should tell him just to ship us the cabinets and populated playfield and call it a day and we go with FAST/Mission on our own or something. Just to get this thing done. What a nightmare.
This cannot run on indefinitely, there will be a wall that will be hit at some point.

#5738 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Here's the smell test for future pre-orders:
Are you paying them to BUILD a game, or DEVELOP one?
(I'll let you guess which choice is the bad one)

Wait, paying some one to develop one isn't bad if you know that Stern or JJP is going to do the build

#5749 4 years ago

Sure. Knowing literally nothing about the contents of the code beyond the fact that it is supposedly far along and written for PyProcgame and needs a separate "graphics engine" (something else to let cool high resolution video/effects happen on the screen). My guess would be either Flash or Unity, since both are mentioned in the job description. Given that the screenshots show mostly 2D graphics and Unity2D is a relatively recent development, my guess is that thing might be Flash, but it could just as easily be a custom OpenGL, SDL, Allegro, whatever graphics engine. I don't think it's PyGame given my experiences with it, but I could be very wrong if the frame rate is low and the updates take place mostly in small regions.

Anyway, you asked for English:

The software can be finished by someone without changing the current hardware (QPC) or the current software platform (PyProcGame). You could probably run some MPF derived game on the QPC hardware if you were so inclined.

As for finishing the game for PyProcGame, I can name about 5+ people who can do it. They all hang out on the pinballcontrollers forum. I'm one of them.

#5778 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Speaking of which, who is doing the sound work on these games?
Sound effects on Alien is going to be of great importance.

Rob Berry, according to the blog.


1 week later
#6119 4 years ago

I don't want to speak to the specifics of this speculation, and at the risk of delving off-topic, but the reality is that we (the pinball community) lack a real standard pinball development platform and language on which our games are coded. PyProcGame might be as close as we get, as it is the most widely used, but that disregards other established/working low-level approaches like FreeWPC, the Parallax/Heckboard, and probably others.

You and I both know all too well that there's a lack of solutions that enable full motion video of the type that JPop wants to do on this pin (see my prior post linking to areas of the website that show some very pretty HD video content).

Until we, as a pinball programming community, start working together and stop being down on whatever the next/last guy/gal is doing, we're all cursed to be working in little independent little circles and should be resigned to being pretty much being useless as replacements for the next/last guy. Certainly this problem isn't unique to pinball, but we really should all work together and rally around /something/.

Sorry if this sentiment is out of place here.

Quoted from rosh:

Based on jpop's history, it would not surprise me if by now he has conned a new developer into working for him. And also based on history, he is likely starting from scratch, since Jpop probably has a new vision for the software, and a lot of developers never like what the last guy did (or it was not in the language, they like or it is was not documented, etc.), and want to do it their way, which is another big downside of switching developers mid project, yet again). [..]

#6136 4 years ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

If I had the choice I'd take braces every time.

Sure, and I agree, but if you're letting that be your deciding factor in choosing a language, that's like choosing a sledge hammer over a ball peen because you dislike the color of the handle. Both have their place and their time when appropriate.

There's so much more to Python than the way whitespace is handled. The language includes so much that it should also include an alternate compiler just so people who get hung up on this issue can still get to really appreciate all that the language offers.

#6383 4 years ago
Quoted from Warbleboopie:

I went ahead and emailed my resume, credentials, a nice one-page introduction and additional information to Jpop. I've heard what you all have to say, but I am the best programmer that I know. If Jpop decides to let me work with him on the project, I will drive this to completion I guarantee it.

It sounds like you're headed into this with your eyes (mostly) open, which is key. Someone I greatly respect once told me, "you're not getting robbed if someone is trying to steal something you're giving away for free." That quote doesn't work perfectly here, but I think the gist applies.

I don't know that letting the pinside masses know about this is necessarily the best idea for any number of reasons (this thread is a pretty volatile place that's rarely supportive), but I wish you the best of luck.

1 month later
#8763 4 years ago

Lockbar receiver may interfere with high/odd placement of the plunger (he holds up the lockdown bar, but there's no receiver).

I also am surprised that he doesn't intend to make a custom piece of lexan to fill the gap between the extended length of the cabinet and where the standard length glass stops. It looks like (but who can tell from these pictures) that you could put I highly ornate (lazer etched, perhaps) piece of plexi that has a glass lip along one edge and put it either at the head or down at the apron and not obscure the view of anything. Then folks could get their standard glass, invisiglass, etc. and it might even look cool..? I can't think how you'd deal with the seam where the glass and lexan meets without it looking visually off though...

I'm sure people will feel the need to respond that there's no machine so it's pointless to be so pragmatic about this. I hear that. fair enough, but at least we have something constructive to discuss for a change.

#8778 4 years ago

Just thought it was an interesting topic to discus irrespective of the game ever getting completed. That is, if you had this as a design challenge, what would you do?

But, that's fine. I'm sure there's another meme you can reply to this with

#9253 4 years ago

It's not going to be hard to convince these buyers (who have been strung along for four years now), to consider extending for another four years with the promise of not losing their money and getting their games made. Asking new potential buyers who have seen this unravel to sign on will be very tricky. Four years is a long time. It all obviously depends on who the licensee is.

I wonder what this means for the folks who have developed software and hardware components, if the new licensee has their own hardware platforms they are experienced with and probably able to manufacture in bulk for cost savings.

All very interesting.

#10541 4 years ago

I hope there's a "the real story of MG" panel at expo this year...

#10866 4 years ago

There are a lot of assets that would go for big bucks at auction... That Kiss prototype is probably worth a pretty penny...

#11958 4 years ago

Jim is Applejuice. Orange cloud is his company.

What I heard from Jim, as he also posted here, he was doing dev for john for two years, unpaid toward the end and stopped after 3 months of non payment. I really feel for him for needing to remain quiet this long. That NDA sure looks scary.


Quoted from boo32:

Orange Cloud took over software from applesauce?

#12095 4 years ago

People keep asking "why didn't we see this year's ago?" and seem to be missing the point that it seems not that much has changed over the last six months or so on the development end. Two things:

1. Building a prototype of a game is certainly hard, but ultimately very much an achievable goal. Just walk around the P-ROC area of Expo and you'll see lots of evidence to that fact. What usually stops people is lack of funds, time, or expertise. For the prototype phase John had access to a surplus of each.

2. Manufacturing and ultimately shipping machines in any significant quantity is apparently Very hard, if not borderline impossible. Stern, JJP, Spooky.. If you require flippers I don't know that we can count DayOne . Unless you roll up your sleeves to get it done like Spooky did, or have an amazing relationship with Stern or JJP I don't know how you get it done without being Very creative. That creativity would have to require a lot of funds, flexibility, and strong relationships in the industry. I think by the time it got to this point, these were resources in short supply.

#13090 4 years ago

ZY: your work is amazing!

Want to do all the lcd display art for our Buffy the Vampire Slayer pin? At least we're up front about not paying and never shipping a machine to a customer

#13205 4 years ago

The display does look too red/purple compared to the source images.

Is that a reflection from colored lamps on the playfield or is that monitor connected via VGA and the cable is loose (or the RGB color balance adjusted)?

#13646 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

Apple - I did go through all the service menus - and kudos, that's some awesome work. True also that there are coded switches and features that may or not make final production. (similar example is the lamps for the IJ backbox jackpots that were coded and not used). I think there is code for the drain post on ToM, but the mech was pulled from production games.

I'm as hopeful as the next guy, but "Final production" ? Let's take it one day at a time, shall we?

Seriously, you're responding to Jim/Applejuice: the guy who wrote the code for well over a year (two, I think), has not been payed for the final Three Months of that work, and telling him what's what based on a day or two of effort to assemble the thing? Reign it in there, cowboy

#13703 4 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

We just got updated code over nited from JPOP... Installing now

I'll bet that this "updated code" is just an updated yaml to increase the flipper strength... Unless there was a Third developer silo also working on code...

#13823 4 years ago

You know what also burns me on this? The unpaid vendors are having their work on display, yet in almost every case the vendors are not being given a fair chance to shine.

- Jim's code has been nerfed with weak flippers and single ball play
- ZombieYeti's gorgeous art is being bombarded with super bright purple and blue LEDs that are distorting how things look (in pictures at least)
- the awesomely bright GLM boards and cointaker LEDs have been set in colors most don't like, and are producing insane glare on the lcd display and the playfield art

Look, it's bad enough these guys didn't get paid in full, but the fact that now, when their work should at least be generating some free publicity, they aren't able to shine as they should? Well, that's a real shame.

#14263 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

Last monday, we indeed skipped putting switches on ramps, we didn't do the tiger saw mechs for the software, there was no time left to put the switches and magnets on the ramps, literally - I did the metal plate connecting the ramps, we did the drill press on the holes in the steel and I matched the two semi-circles as best we could to avoid ball traps - you'll notice in the pics that the lip of both ramps and the inside walls of the ramp were not perfectly aligned. The 1 ball setting was to keep the queue moving at at show - JJP does the same thing.
So some error messages will be easy to attach switches, others like the magnet popper/repeller and the magna flippers in the mini PF will still need the proto mech completed and tested. So the code is there - but some simple stuff isn't / wasn't simply b/c the game had to go to Tacoma, in the morning, and we quit at 230am Wed, pdx went and switched vans (b/c of the long drive and mileage limits) after 230am and the game left with him at 9am.

Look, I get that you were pressed for time so the switches didn't go in, but the point is that John wasn't pressed for time prior to this. Worse, Jim is owed some 5-figure sum and in this opportunity for him to at least get some possible free press or future business, people see of his code in a situation in which it cannot be it's best.

To Markmon's prior comment about (paraphrasing) "ball search being easy to code" and "magnets being hard to code" --that's totally backwards. Moreover acceleration and hold magnets are literally impossible to code for when many physical switches aren't in place.

I get that you did a lot for the machine to get it to the show, and I don't think there's any sane person who doesn't appreciate that, but you need to stop responding like the machine was built in three days and that there was only three days in which to build it, especially when responding to people who had either worked on it or invested in it literally /years/ ago. OMG, yes, a /million/ times better that the machine made it to the show in any form. Yes, I get that it was incomplete for any number of reasons, but you cannot reasonably expect people to not voice their displeasure at that situation.

If Jim says he had a prototype almost a year ago and asked for those switches to be installed a year ago, what really kept someone over in that palatial zidware facility from making that happen? Perhaps it points to the idea that the end game was a buy out and for someone else to just "finish it up" --not necessarily out of malice or greed-- but whatever the reason, clearly functional details like these weren't a high priority for some reason or another.

This whole situation is sad.

#14275 4 years ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

I never said that.
That was Markmon

Corrected the post. Entirely my mistake. Sorry!!

#14370 4 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

are you a developer?

I wrote the code for Buffy. I co-wrote the original HD VGA PyProcGame fork, and most recently the SkeletonGame+PyProcGameHD fork. Pinbot 2.0 among other games run on top of my extensions to that framework... I wrote the GUI OSC client for PyProcGame, which a bunch of folks use. I took over maintaining the Visual Pinball-PyProcGame bridge. You can find all of this on GitHub. So... yes? I guess I am.

Quoted from markmon:

are you a developer?
Your statement above you are indicating they a ball search is more difficult to code than coding magnets? That's crazy. The p-roc framework already has a built in ball search timer. All you need to do is add the coils to fire. Even if none of this were present it's easy to add timer and have switch events reset the timer (a bit simplified but you should get the point).

Have you used the ball search mode? It's far more than a timer, and in all honesty, I recently re-wrote that code in two different ways and I still don't really like either.. I'm going to stick by my statement. Ball search is unpleasant.

Magnets, on the other hand, are very difficult to code. Especially if the magnet is suppose to send the ball somewhere specific. There will be tricky pulse timings and tons of trial and error. In addition, long term holds on magnets will need to be carefuly tuned so that the coil doesn't burn up.

True; there's trial and error in getting the pulse timing right (or pulse/patter for holds or effects), but I rarely think of "guess and check" as "difficult" --just tedious. There's no intellectual challenge in that. I think I got our magnet working in Buffy in about 20 minutes or so, but even still I don't love how it plays, so there's some truth to your sentiment that it needs to be tuned. Oh, and putting a fuse in line will save that coil from burning up

Of course I haven't read through the code so I can't say the state of it. It may be that these features are coded but disabled by flags in the code and lack of switches and magnets.

It wouldn't have to be disabled --without the physical switches present, the events would never fire to trigger said magnets.

#14446 4 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

Not really. For example, do you care if the game has Zidware flipper mechs or Bally filler mechs?

As long as they aren't Zizzle mechs...

As vid said, most people /should/ care and what they should want is a standard mech so they know they can easily and inexpensively source rebuild kits.

The playfield owl, on the other hand, seems to not be something people want to be able to source easily and inexpensively.

#14450 4 years ago

Send him a PM!

I'd recommend he starts a new thread anyway.

Quoted from pinballrockstar:

Bill, any news on anything?
I am tired of reading everyones opinion..but one has to come back here everytime for news..
Next thing you are reading JPOOP and JFLOP bullshit over here,real cool guys..can we get over that now?
It's Always nice to hear from you,as it is kind of our only hope,could everybody just stop posting and wait for Bill to post something? or pintasia?

#14631 4 years ago
Quoted from rosh:

say what?? So now there are four not three prototypes? hmm, I do recall talk of more than three ramp sets being made, but this is the first I recall hearing there are four prototypes in varies stages of construction.

Holy hell. This actually makes some sense. Jim had one, right? But it had no playfield art. No way anyone stripped everything off of it (and I'm sure keeping an original whitewood would have some appeal from a "lookie here" perspective). Perhaps the one everyone saw was actually the whitewood jim had, with art applied via sticker print (hence the ripples) and the other three are still there but far less along?

Hey, how about one of you insiders actually tell us what the deal is so we can stop speculating? I mean, what's the benefit of keeping it a secret anymore? Inquiring minds and what not...

#14697 4 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

As for why someone has the game, it was for analysis of the software task to complete it.

Are you a developer?

#14753 4 years ago

I have a bunch of experience getting PyProcGame based games running on Visual Pinball (the updated VPROC bridge here:
https://github.com/mjocean/proc-visual-pinball makes that easier than the original version that Gerry and destruk authored). I've managed to rework VP playfields and get the software running for Buffy, Second Sortie, ES:Aftershock, and several other P-ROC projects that haven't gotten as far yet.

If it's over at Farsight (of the Pinball Arcade), awesome thought, but last I checked their platform doesn't have a mechanism to run pyprocgame based games, let alone the custom display engine or the intermediate communication layer between the pyprocgame based game and said display engine.

If it's with the Fast/MPF guys, I really don't know what to say. I just hope it's not there, for their sake. It's rapidly becoming a cursed object like some kind of monkey idol.

Anyone who has the authority and assets to make this happen who is interested in porting this game to VP should feel free to me PM me when the time comes to get the software working. But, hey, you guys are developers -- I'm sure you've got this all figured out

Quoted from PinballBulbs:

It's my understanding if a virtual table got made it would be part of visual pinball in general so everyone would have it free, like all of the other tables on there. Nothing specific to our mini virtual pins. They just run visual pinball (if installed) and no real way to have some sort of exclusive for magic girl. Plus drm sucks so if I were personally doing the virtual pin for magic girl it would be free. I have no skills in that so non issue anyways.

#14768 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Once again John, open you mouth and start explaining, you can't possibly do any more damage to your legal situation.

IANAL, but...

Quoted from iceman44:

you can't possibly do any more damage to your legal situation.

I respectfully disagree.

#14801 4 years ago

Okay, team Oregon who secretly has the machine for some vague Visual Pinball plans, let's throw it all on the table. Here's my thinking based on the obfuscated posts thus far:

You plan to make a Visual Pinball recreation of Magic Girl.

To make a VP recreation, you need lots of scans/pictures of the playfields and plastics, right? So right now you're taking the machine apart, taking pictures/scans, to acquire that data. Must be fun...

Maybe you're taking measurements for distances so you can get virtual placement "just right" (let's pretend that you are, because that means you actually think you might recreate this game)?

You're probably also looting the software side for assets...? Game code, animations, audio/sfx..?

No wonder you're doing this in secrecy. If you have John's blessing to do this, that's crazy. If you don't? That's crazy too.

#14808 4 years ago
Quoted from Sparky347:

Or it's as simple as Bill and Pdx had to rent a truck to get the proto to the show and the pinballbulbs guys had a big ass trailer, which if they sold either Flintstones or No Fear at the show, had a vacant seat to get MG out of the building. There's always that too...

That makes sense. Occam's razor, right?

And yet, that's not at all what they've said. Multiple posts hinting about them trying to make a VP recreation which, as I posted, justifies them in an asset raid for the "greater good" --and by hinting and not making any explicit statements, they aren't admitting that they're doing so and probably trying to shield themselves from an inevitable backlash from others finding out about the asset raid ... not to mention giving some protection when they fail to succeed since porting this game to VP would be fairly hard.

#14820 4 years ago
Quoted from ecurtz:

John has digital originals of all of the art and layout so obviously there would be no need to scan or measure anything to make a virtual version with his cooperation.

Excellent point.

So if they need the machine for virtualization purposes, I suppose this implies it is being done without his cooperation or knowledge.

#14949 4 years ago
Quoted from woodworker:

He bought a Stern "The Pin" so he could look at their Spike system.

Now we finally know who bought the only The Pin ever sold

4 months later
#18092 4 years ago

Back on track.

The purpose of jpop's letters to the mayor are finally known and were clearly fruitful. Trying to address the lack of coders in the area who are able to help him:


So, after a few years this might go into effect, then a few more years for students to graduate..? Ha. Take that haters! No timeline indeed.

3 weeks later
#18326 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

He does, in his mind. That rich guy is going to buy his million dollar art any day now

That dude already has his own pin. I own one. And while I might be curious to see what jpop brought to a Pennybags Family pin...

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