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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#6769 4 years ago
Quoted from NYP:

That's really not a fair statement, all games at that time were being closed out including Safecracker, M.M, C.C etc....

Well MM sold out. I had to pay close to $3500 (people thought I was nuts). I did get CV and NGG for $1800 and $2100 however... those were the days. Still have them all also.

MB and then CC never went on closeout. I bought MB at full price and both had such small runs that a closeout was never needed.

I agree CV was pretty painful when it was first released... having to wait through endless animations and constant ball hangups were NOT fun. In fact Williams had to put out an "official" kit of clear plastics to eliminate the PF problems. So JPop didn't quite do his job here...

But then the home roms arrived and it did indeed become a keeper. We all thanked CS profusely after that

2 weeks later
#7912 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Maybe an invite for some back door action?

lol...! Even MY twisted mind didn't go there.

3 weeks later
#11713 4 years ago
Quoted from PINTASIA:

If the pinball community can't appreciate a good samaritan and would rather see Zidware crash and burn with all their customers receiving zero in bankruptcy, maybe that is what should happen, then everyone can look back and understand what Bill was actually trying to save them from. And yes, should Bill and Pintasia drop this, everyone can count on John Popadiuk to control and make the games from that point forward! Right now, Bill is calling the shots and John has been removed from the scene. Take your pick...
Bottom line is this, the only reason Zidware customers are trying to sue or put Zidware in bankruptcy is because they think there is money to be had. Maybe sometimes people just need to find out the hard way...and no, this is not Bill writing this post. It is someone at Pintasia who has seen the hard work that Bill and Sabrina has put into this project and feels that they don't deserve this type of treatment by ignorant people posting on Pinside.

If you are going to post this potentially eye rolling "good Samaritan" stuff then you need to do it under your real name. This cloak and dagger stuff got old and childish a long time ago. You defend "Pintasia" under the name Pintasia (claiming you are from the entity) but won't say who you are? Ridiculous.

You just spent an inordinately long time disputing these accusations but you do it behind a screen name? This just gives the accusations more weight.

Don't begrudge some of the people for trying to seek *some* kind of monetary solution for this mess... have you seen the kind of money people (apparently foolishly) sent this character?

#11825 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Ok, thank you for your crack sleuthing. I will consider myself warned.

I wouldn't be TOO snarky to the guy. Don't you wish you were warned before you sent these last multiple thousands to JP?

Plus it looks like he was right with his Sabrina "inquiry"... however that will affect anything.

#12022 4 years ago
Quoted from gambit3113:

That tinfoil hat website with no known author and lack of legitimate news source isn't exactly Woodward and Berstein level authority.

After Predator I don't think you can begrudge people for at least TRYING to do some "due diligence".

Nobody ever did in Predator and we know what happened with that.

Even Bill who hired her doesn't seem to know who her last few employers were.

The question of her involvement may or may not be important but at least now some are
trying to protect themselves.

I'm sure Bill would understand this and even encourage due diligence after all the money people have apparently lost.

#12034 4 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

By people do you mean non customers who have no money on the line? If some of you are trying to run Bill off your doing a great job of it! Those of us who have been scammed by JPOP have already lost our money IMHO Bill is our last hope of getting something more than nothing. As an "owner" I feel I have nothing to lose and everything to gain if Bill can pull this off.
Just to recap... the money is already lost, JPOP pissed it down the drain! Without Bill its game over (no pun intended)

I understand your situation. But I don't see people attacking him personally... he seems known as a good guy. If a question about a business associate "runs him off" then... well I don't know what to say. After Predator people are worried and if clear answers aren't offered some people will keep asking. It's inevitable.

I'm happy to see him take a stab at it and I hope he'll take the questions in stride and answer what he can.

Showing off the thing at a show may be fun but if there is no money to build any more of them I'm not sure what the point is. Either people that have already paid will be asked to pay more or there is hope to find new customers to find some funding. In either case, after JP's performance... people will expect questions to be answered to feel secure in sending cash.

JP's behavior during all this may have poisoned the well to the point that even the Pope stepping in would be viewed with suspicion. Sad it's come to this.

#12036 4 years ago
Quoted from pinsnob:

Yup. I think there would be a lot more interest from manufacturers and others if Bill can get a MG prototype built and take it to a show. Don't think he has asked for money to do that.

This would be great but do you expect them to build a bunch of machines essentially for almost nothing to satisfy the people that have already given their money to JP? And then hope to make enough money from new sales of the machine to not just offset this cost... but then to even make a profit?

I wonder if they even have to honor the customers here if they buy rights to making the machine?

I would hope so but who knows? But personally I wish Bill and all you guys the best. Should be an exciting show... to say the least

#12042 4 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Guys my own stupidity got me into this mess with JPOP, I believed in him and he lied to me. I know we all try to watch out for each other and I appriciate that! Let's see how this plays out with Bill, I will be heading to the Nwest show next week to see & play MG... I hope to see some of you there.

I'm envious of you man... at least have a great time there. There are indeed some things more important than cash... like your health. Especially your mental health after enduring all this.
Frankly I'm impressed with how well everybody here has handled this.
Hang in there and give us the full scoop when you return.

#12043 4 years ago
Quoted from danczaz:

FB deleted...
image.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

Wow. Now THIS he does with amazing speed and competence.

#12184 4 years ago
Quoted from scott_freeman:

Are you the playfield prankster?

If so... apply "troll insta-ban". Repeat procedure as necessary.

#12188 4 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

What's a "playfield prankster"?

He's a mucho annoying troll that was banned to the graveyard of 'ole RGP. Over there he has an audience of about 12 people

#12246 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

The account has been on pinside for .... 12 hours.

lol that's him. His first post was to call BH an alcoholic. Still desperate for attention.

Moderators: can you dump him for the sixth time now?

#12249 4 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Yeah if I were one of the victims in this whole thing my first instinct would definitely be "spend more money."

I dunno... it's 1/40th the amount that he has lost (20k).

Even if you never got a penny back... knowing this last outlay helped put the offending party out in the street would be well worth it (for me anyway)

1 week later
#13374 4 years ago

I'm just trying to imagine what it will be like waiting for the ball to return from the wiggle ramps... every time you hit the single ramp entrance it will have to come shimmying back one side or the other. You'd think this would make for slow gameplay. Seems like form won out over function here.

#13554 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

It's flawed thinking but human nature to view life and judge others from their own personal situation. If they can't afford a $16000 game then nobody can or should. Or there must be only a very few buyers and they must be stupid.
There are a lot of wealthy people, even in the pinball world, who will think differently than you.

No it's just most are too polite to point out that it's people simply speculating and hoping for a big payout..."wow only 19 made - it'll be worth 40k a month after they are delivered!". Everybody gets it - even if they don't say it.

Personally I admire speculators and risk takers but since the risk usually fails (hence the name) you have to suck it up and go on to the next risk. Whining about it won't get the risk capitol back.

But maybe you're right - maybe some people actually think the pretty but shallow "JPop experience" is worth sixteen thousand dollars for the gameplay alone.

#13556 4 years ago
Quoted from PinB:

New extended video just uploaded that shows longer gameplay:
» YouTube video

Well it's a good thing those ramps got made in time... really integral to the gameplay

#13563 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

That's the past. I'm talking about the new the Pintasia deal people are negatively commenting about.
Oh, and I disagree about people being polite here. Lol.

Ha! - kudos for having your sense of humor intact after all this. Always nice to see.

#13567 4 years ago

I was under the impression that without magnets, diverter assemblies, etc that the ball would simply always go down the one wiggle ramp. Are both ramps essentially non-functional in this "build"?? I wanted to see the wiggle return dammit

#13569 4 years ago
Quoted from GLModular:

The ramp can be hit and made. The flippers ARE strong. Those are the LEAST of the issues you guys should be concerned about.

I have simple needs for this video lol... neither of the things you mentioned seem to be happening and it seems surprising considering the "volunteers" obvious emotions towards the project. Maybe it will happen during the actual show.

#13572 4 years ago
Quoted from Robotoes:

Just so many callouts to his old games. WCS shooter lane skill shot, Genie Lamp turned upside down on the L orbit, sounds like TOM mixed with TOTAN.
It's confounding and strange to watch this after all that has transpired.
Very floaty, plus you add in those annoying rollovers in the center...guh, sorry but, art aside, it looks pretty bad.

Yup... has the semi-Arabic lilt to the music from TOTAN plus the "dramatic" (or at least the odd accent) of the woman in TOM.

Maybe not a bad thing but a little off putting if you are used to hearing the older titles I suppose.

#13586 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Every time I see this sorry excuse trotted out at a show I just shake my head.
First of all, if your game is so badly designed that normal strength flippers that can make the shots as they're meant to are going to break your game over the course of a weekend then the game is badly done. I get that it's a prototype, never the less, this is pinball. You're hurtling a 1 1/16" steel ball around inside it, it's gotta deal with that fact, or it's useless.
Secondly, this is your one chance to wow people. So really? Turn the flippers down and don't bother to level and pitch the pin for the video you know everyone is going to scrutinize? It makes no sense.
Risk chipping a plastic guys, this is your moment to show the game. You're not going to get another like this. Set the pitch right, turn the flippers up right, and let it play or not, as the case may be. Otherwise all this effort to get it there was wasted.

Yeah I was going to say the same thing. Go for broke... literally. It will already be underwhelming having just one ramp shot with one return but if nobody can even hit that??? The video didn't exactly amp up the excitement.

#13652 4 years ago

What's up with the exposed and PF blocking magnets under the end of each ramp exit? If this is an outlane saver like TOM why wouldn't you put them below the PF again and out of sight?

#13662 4 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

All I can say is WOW!
While the 4 year (or longer) drama has not disappeared, and Money/Buyers is an issue, from reading just a few months ago that there
was "nothing ready" to seeing this is impressive.
Imagine you are seeing this "unveiled" for the very first time....would you buy one for $5K-$9K?....
I would think that this would be a Great Seller, and A damn fun game!
Sooooo.........Whats next?

Sadly... probably nothing. If the money is all gone then a new entity (with actual money) would have to step in to build them from scratch. At a more reasonable price. Plus the first 20 or so would need to be done for almost nothing to make the original "investors" whole. And that's after hiring a programmer to make sure the entire thing works and that there is some actual gameplay hidden in there.

Be a hell of a white knight to step in to this situation.

How's the LED biz going btw? Been a while...

#13665 4 years ago

I think everybody will be overwhelmed just seeing actual "pinball art" for the first time in 15 years. It's not the usual Stern photoshop-mashup kinda deal. Reminds me of the late 90's WMS days.

It makes you realize you don't get to see this kind of art anywhere except on pins and at the comic book shop (if there are any anymore)...

Personally I'd like to see it on everything

#13674 4 years ago
Quoted from BloodyCactus:

wow, ball hangs up just from shooting it can only hit the spinner.. those glaring raw red pimples in the middle of the pf..
Guess this qualifies it as not being Vapourware anymore lol

You gotta love the way the video abruptly cuts out when the ball even approaches the flippers... quit being a TEASE!! lol At least show some footage of the ball being smacked around.

And if those are really rollovers in the center of the PF... man they look like they stick up a hell of a lot. Aren't these gonna disrupt more than a few shots when you actually play the thing? Are these potential impediments seriously needed?

#13683 4 years ago
Quoted from nwpinball:

Just spent about 15 minutes at the NW Pinball & Arcade Show staring at it... super impressive design and style, visually it's blowing me away. Many cool ideas going on--the height and layers of the ramps, unique placement of the video screen, killer artwork and I really like the lighting. I really hope someone is able to complete this project and produce the games, because this is the kind of next step we need to move pinball ahead.

So nobody is actually playing it... just looking at it? You didn't mention any "gameplay" impressions. And I think CV has the same screen placement 19 years earlier.

#13688 4 years ago
Quoted from jrivelli:

I think it's still processing to hd but here's another » YouTube video

Thanks James... best looking video yet.

#13702 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Hmm, it's not a big deal I guess, but when I see stuff like the "Charge the coils" text being obscured by the ramps it irritates me. I'm playing pinball, I need to be able to read things easily and quickly. This is something that the move from DMD to LCD is going to have to watch out for.

I think Jeremy does great work. But come one, first time in 15 years? It's not like it's the first hand drawn game to appear in that time period. Hell, even Stern is shipping their second such game in the past couple years right now. So let's not overdo that aspect of it.

I was drawing a blank after WMS closed their doors. I know there is TSPP and the Melon's as examples but if there are many more they must not have made much of an impression or I missed it.

#13708 4 years ago
Quoted from Pincrawler:

Metallica has hand drawn art.
Kiss as well.
Sure would like to see a ramp shot.

Ahhh there ya go. Early Alzheimer's and all that..

#13718 4 years ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

I'm glad people can finally see it at least. While Im not egotistical enough to call it the second coming - I'm not going to knock anyone's wind out for the sake of semantics
Had it arrived on time (2012) the impact might have been greater but at least it's not another 4 color process?


Yeah I think what I meant was new ORIGINAL fantasy/comic-style art. Not art based on TV cartoons that we are already overly familiar with. Not X-Men where we've seen the characters done to death. Not Melon's as it seems a familiar but bad Hee Haw joke.

I know companies think people MUST be already familiar with a product for it to sell (and they're probably right) but I miss the old days of WMS where we didn't KNOW what little characters and oddities we would find in the artwork UNTIL we actually saw it. You didn't know what little gems were hidden on NGG's PF or MM's (insert example) until you saw it... I liked looking through the busy artwork to find all the detail, inside jokes, etc.

Admittedly if you know JPops other games you'll see a lot of references but it's that "not knowing" exactly what you'll find in the art that I find intriguing and -not usual for current pinball- (maybe that's better than the 15 year remark)

Ok didn't mean to derail the discussion here...

#13743 4 years ago
Quoted from jonnyo:

» YouTube video

FINALLY - the ramp shot (sorta)! Second time was the charm... I like the first comment "oops the ramp broke!"

Thanks for the vid

#13767 4 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Yeah ... They should notice that there is a market of 16 people and only 183 more are needed to make it happen.
Stern sell 1000s. Not dozens.

Yeah but to be fair this was 16K to "speculate" that a small number of "collectable" machines would get made. Not quite the same thing... apples and oranges and all that.

But with pins barely hanging on I guess every title will have to be a familiar, flavor of the month kind of thing. Oh well...

#13968 4 years ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

What you saw here was a PROTOTYPE and still at concept stage.
Sorry it wasn't a polished gem.
Many changes will be made, be interesting to note the changes in the future.
Btw ramp was hit many times.
I watch a young gentleman hit it three times in a row.

I'm glad you took it to the show. Kudos for your efforts.

As far as the single ramp shot goes... I'm amazed *anyone* could hit it as it seems to have some awful rotating "impediment"
almost directly in front of the entrance. I know these things are supposed to add a random element to the gameplay but I never liked the lamp either in TOTAN. I assume some people must like smacking the ball into these things but it just seems like a lazy way to put more junk on the PF...

If it had another ramp shot maybe this would be ok but that impediment, magical as it must be, is a turn off (IMHO)

#14066 4 years ago
Quoted from dgpinball:

I have no problem with opinion, but having read every post in this thread for the last few weeks since things really went south, I've been drawn to the inevitable conclusion that there is a contingent on here that truly is mean spirited and enjoy raining on others parades, obviously the minority, but a very vocal one that there is really no pleasing or pacifying.

Welcome to the internet... where everyone is a critic AND and expert.

If this was the only thread one went to on PS I agree it looks like RGP's negative days. But it's to be expected as everybody here lost a boatload of money. I say let 'em vent... they earned it.

What bugs me is that people post the EXACT same message each day with slightly different wording... as if repeating it makes it more convincing somehow.

It doesn't.

I think we need an informal pact that everybody says their piece maybe TWICE and then has to come up with a new angle. Changing a few words doesn't count

#14092 4 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

Some of the most vocal and opinionated constant complainers in here lost no money and never preordered. As someone that does have money in the game, I feel it would be nice for those folks to ease up and move along.

I agree. I think everybody has their bullet points memorized by now.

#14153 4 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

I don't get it...at what point is this game worth $16K?
What exactly are people looking for? A pinball machine that can play a game, grill a burger, and then fly to the moon?
Maybe I'm just completely out of touch, but this notion of creating ultra-rare, super-duper-crazy-insane special, machines is weird. Whatever happened to pressing start and justing playing games?

Well one guy did write him and say "at that price the damn thing better give me a blowj*b while I play"!

To JPop's credit he then installed the vacuum attachment we've been hearing about. Who says he doesn't listen to critics?

Also only 19 games = worth maybe 40k each in a year? = attracts speculators.

#14198 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

here you go...
and this is not the only person to have email evidence of Jpop attempting to collect more money when he was already in discussions of selling IP

Actually this really IS the only unsubstantiated claim and could be complete BS designed to give you even more drama to rant about...

The guy that wrote it probably hoped a whole bunch of people would then run with it... unfortunately he only got you.

It may or may not be true but this little second-hand note *proves* absolutely nothing.

#14203 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Actually RotorDave is a WELL respected pinhead worldwide and if he says something is true then it is. It is as good as fact even if he was nice enough to redact the pinsiders real name.
I personally know another pinhead whom has an email from Jpop ~6weeks ago telling him that a RAZA spot was available and sent him info for payment. I also am not going to reveal the persons name as it if obvious that some of the supporters here will go to great lengths.

Has nothing to do with "RotorDave" and you know it. It was just an anonymous letter sent to him. Might have been to just stir things up.
That's what people do btw.

I think with your inherent lack of credibility (sorry dude that's the truth) I will simply ignore your second piece of "evidence".

If a "real" person DID send this message then let them stand up and say it. Who would it hurt if Joe XX says Zidware wanted their money just recently?? Still probably wouldn't prove anything but you guys are the ones screaming about "no secrets".

If "no secrets" is good for the Bill deal then it should also be good for any accusations. Real simple.

#14205 4 years ago
Quoted from rommy:

You are wrong . Ask RotorDave. Or even better , contact John Popadiuk now and ask to sign up for AIW . We have evidence he is still attempting to victimize additional pinheads. We have ZERO evidence he has stopped. He has not even claimed to have stopped taking in money , that is just unsubstantiated rumor with no evidence. All evidence points to him continuing the scam.

I'm not "wrong" at all. Without any actual real people saying this there really no "proof". Personally I think it's quite possible but I get tired of reading these rants with no actual names, evidence, etc...

"No secrets" remember...?

#14208 4 years ago
Quoted from YKpinballer:

Presumably RD has seen the emails directly from jpop. If not they are available according to the emailer. Either way,
What about this whole situation and jpops actions make this unbelievable for you? You are tired of "rants with no proof" and yet the allegations are all proving true time and time again. Number one reason to believe it is that jpop already sunk the project himself, nobody has to lie to go after him.

I never said it was "unbelievable" at all. Quite the opposite if you actually read what I wrote.

At least you admit they are allegations... THAT was my only point. Ranters shouldn't say there is "evidence" until real, verifiable people
can prove it. You want proof in the Bill deal - then provide it when it goes the other way. I think what I'm saying is simple to understand and I'm the last guy to support JP.

Besides like you say... he's proven himself to be a bit of scumbag (can I say that here?) and took all your money. Why argue about THIS
point? Seems par for the course.

#14214 4 years ago
Quoted from TOK:

Call JPOP and have a check ready for $16,000. Don't miss out!

Well that WOULD clear up whether he's still taking orders Just make sure you stop the check in a couple hours.

#14217 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

how are personal attacks like this tolerated?
when I got the boot for much less...

Not a personal attack at all. In fact I didn't want to embarrass you any further about your behavior in the Pred thread so I kept it simple but accurate. Shouting people down, repeatedly LOUDLY stating "the license is a done deal people! what's your problem?"... etc... even when they were questioning the web wipe - this stuff might JUST affect your credibility.

So to see you now over here ranting yet again just rubs me the wrong way. I suppose I should have simply put you on "ignore" as you remind me of the RGP-style posters that I wanted to get away from. I've never used the ignore and didn't want to but realize that may have been the way to go.

Live and learn.

#14224 4 years ago
Quoted from Razorbak86:

It's not really fair to compare WhySnow 1.0 (early Skit-B thread) to WhySnow 2.0 (current Popadiuk thread). This is the updated model.
Joking aside, people often learn and grow from their experiences, and I think WhySnow will be the first to admit that.

I should have hit "ignore" a while back. That's my fault.

I just see him back to ranting as usual and if you describe his recent behavior... it's the "low road". Not sure why accurately describing someone's behavior is a bad thing. I didn't drag up any of the posts... that's what I meant by embarrassing someone.

But then to cry "Mommy" to the mods... lol

OK I hit ignore... sorry to anybody and PS that was bothered.

#14382 4 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

It does not.

It is not blocked off. The mech is from the top with a small post. It is not a big playfield mech that moves the ball like the genie lamp. It's not even attached to the playfield. It's more like a spinner. The ball should be able to spin the mech and move up the ramp no problem.

Well that explains why it seems to be halfway into the ramp entrance lane. I suppose when tweaked it would just spin nicely as the ball makes it's way up the ramp.

Looks like they didn't have time to adjust it before the show as most people had some issues making that ramp... still the toy makes a *little* more sense now Thanks for the in-person explanation.

#14385 4 years ago
Quoted from NYP:

Hey what's with the pointy leg bolts ?

Man if those things really are an off the shelf part (maybe from a bike shop?) I'm gonna slap some of those on the machines people tend to play when they stop by. It should stop my friends from trying to show me a death save on my beloved toy

#14513 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

I don't think the finger pointing is really doing much but making people feel better. That said, PDXMonkey is pretty quiet now.
Anyway, I want to hear about next steps. What's the plan now? Is Pintasia still going to try and get MG made? Some actual news would be nice.

I doubt if Bill will post any more info here. He must feel every time he opens his mouth he gets the equivalent of an extended
prostate exam.

He'll probably just talk in the private "owners" group and avoid us rubberneckers and armchair QB's... those guys in the group have actually lost real money so it seems fair to me.

#14525 4 years ago
Quoted from YKpinballer:

That is a strange way to try to sell 199 machines. .

After the mixed (to put it politely) reception to the machine at the show... I think that ship has sailed.

#14902 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballBulbs:

I'm not sure how we got dragged into this I personally don't have the game or know who has it. My information about the virtual pinball is stuff I heard at the show, just like the videos I posted of gameplay, from the show. Sorry, literally just gave any information I had. Kinda sucks it instantly turned on me into somehow having the game.
In case people super care, I currently have a Medieval Madness and SlugFest. No magic girl.....

Got bored of the TOTAN I guess?

But yeah - people are looking for somebody to blame now. People imagine the game being moved at night from one "safe house" to the next... nobody wants to see anybody actually profit from this mess and that's understandable.

Plus I think it was your partner's comments about knowing where the game was that set people on edge.

In any case... I need more bulbs so I'll be in touch

#15143 4 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

To all of those who are in on Zidware machines; I sure hope youknowwho does not try to take legal action/ COuNtersue you for violating an NDA.

Yeah... THAT'S what they should worry about

#15330 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

They changed the law, EVERY citizen has to buy health insurance if their employer does not provide it.

His wife is self-employed too.

There's a million exemptions from having to pay... that's what has made the program so contentious. Everyone agrees you need portable health insurance (not tied to your job - in case you lose it) but resent the fact that a lot of people DON'T have to pay. Including members of Congress, people that claim poverty, etc...

But let's not go there. Nobody cared if he was drawing a salary back when they thought he might actually produce something.

#15358 4 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

How do car dealers sell vehicles below cost yet seem to expand their dealerships? See: Penske mega-dealers for the best example of this.

Because it's not really below cost... they get all kinds of incentives and kickbacks from the manufacturer. That's why it's almost hopeless to *really* know what a dealership has invested in a car for sale.

And I don't think this applies to a tiny one man operation... at all?

#15924 4 years ago

Sooo...nobody knows where the prototype ended up? Back with JP?

8 months later
#18713 3 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

If you search "zidware inc", it now lists it as his home address:
It also says $220,000 in yearly revenue and 4 employees, and his business title is now "Advertising Promotional Products and Services"

That probably means he makes those big cardboard arrows that guys flip on the streetcorners to get your attention. Finally found his calling.
And he might be able to complete some of these also...

1 month later
#18841 3 years ago
Quoted from Lowrent:

Another money-stealing fiasco...
Take a look at this cringe-inducing video : » YouTube video

You gotta love that. I like on the web page where they say right at the very end... the most IMPORTANT thing... govt clearance to even be able to sell the thing... was somehow overlooked. So even without the theft (or scam) they STILL wouldn't be shipping anything.

Sounds like Predator for sure... we overlooked the license!

1 week later
#18859 3 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Any updates from anyone on what JPop is up to these days? Has he gone out and acquired a job of some kind by chance?
It's hard to imagine he is just managing the litigation (or whatever) with no income unless he had more deposit money left over than he led anyone to believe.

Hopefully his new work mantra has to be repeated ad infinitum each day: "do you want fries with that?"

#18861 3 years ago
Quoted from doughslingers:

Robots are going to be doing that soon with new wage increase. Fast food has no choice but to let you push the color button to order fries now like getting your own drink. I remember the good days when a real person messed up our order.

I hear ya. Problem with keeping the wages low is then the worker applies and gets food stamps, housing assistance, etc to make ends meet. So the taxpayers end up paying while the companies maintain their profit margin.

You're right though - robots are the future. Companies love 'em. No downtime, overtime pay, health benefits... the rub is if they take away too many jobs... who'll have $$ to buy the companies stuff?

#18863 3 years ago

Oh that's cool - you're one of the last and probably the most famous drive in movie theater. I remember your posts about the drive in a while back ago. Glad you're still in business.
Sadly you're a little far out for me as I'm up near DC. I'd love for my two kids to be able to have the drive in experience. I barely got very many of those myself growing up.

2 months later
#18972 3 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Yeah you did... That's what happens when you pay for a product.

Yup. Part of the package. Who would have thought it would end up being the ENTIRE package though...?

Hope he invested some of it well so he has something to live on... said nobody ever.

#18973 3 years ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

You're lost.
I can't even engage you in this bs argument.

Well you know what he MEANS... the "creator" has to have something to pay bills, feed himself, whatever... but it's built into the final price of the product. With no product at all ever being produced the whole equation goes to hell. Speaking of going to hell... hey Popadiuk!

4 weeks later
#19103 3 years ago
Quoted from Blackjacker:

Fuck. 8 years of study down the drain.


4 months later
#20531 2 years ago

Well I see Kim's name in there.

Also never knew "zilch" could be someone's last name. Learn something new every day...

1 month later
#20693 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballrockstar:

Oh...well i figured: he writes code,works at AP as coder for the houdini project and all Magic Girls are standing there needing code?makes sense?
Since i get downvoted on that;
Is that a bad thing if Rosh would be involved in the magic girl code?
He is real smart and good at it?
It's not like one has turned to the dark side working on magic girl code?
My Minion pinball code is a fart compared to Rosh's homebrew pin code.
I recently collided with Rosh but i really like what he creates.
Did you see the dice counting system on Casino?
We aren't on speaking terms anymore but he writes mean code and i hope he's involved.

You got downvoted for stating something that was not true. And stating it confidently as if if it were true.

Don't worry - you're hardly the only one over here that makes an educated guess and then states it as fact. You have plenty of company

#20941 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

In case someone missed the link earlier. Beautiful game, no question.

Is it though? With all that pink and purple "magic" it looks like it's meant for your pre-teen daughters room. To go right next to her stuffed pink unicorn.

They should have one in each Justice store in the malls across America.

Maybe it's just me but the color choices make me a little queasy... especially the added aqua green in the PF and the oversaturated translite.

#20950 2 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Yea your right pinball should never hit that 70's pop culture kinda coloring and the art also looks a bit boring.

Well I do find the animal art kinda boring as somehow I already have examples right here with rabbits, hats and jester's. His earlier stuff ya know?

And pink and purple represents the 70's?... um ok.

#20955 2 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Don't kid yourselves.
As long as this thing is playable, and has at least a basic rule set that uses all switches and features, it will be VERY valuable.
If the code is "open" somebody will finish it. Why wouldn't they? This is the same hobby where people manually colorize images frame-by-frame for little to no profit, and reverse engineer machine language on games like Data East Star Wars.
Long-term resale wise, 16k MG will blow away a 15k BB66LE.

Yeah I believe it. And I'm happy for every person that gets one as they PAID for this thing with blood, sweat and anxiety. To go from thinking their money was down the toilet to now this... gotta feel sweet.

#20960 2 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Im sitting looking at all my pop art from the 60's and 70's looks pretty colorful

Yeah I can find you some girlie pink and purple art from EVERY era if you like it so much

#20970 2 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

If its worth as much as these please do pm me if you want to send to my residence!

I never liked Warhol but his most valuable pieces weren't pink and purple (to stay on point).

I get the feeling you don't like MY personal reaction to the color scheme of that "game" (if it plays)

My reaction to it was not designed to offend you btw... but it is what it is.

When I bought CV NIB on closeout I didn't love that scheme either. In fact it still looks like an eyesore in my home... but at $1700 new you couldn't pass it up.

#20989 2 years ago

You can tell that MG is more meant to be looked at than actually played. Look at the deformed rabbits placed RIGHT next to each flipper at the inlane. Just when you need to see the ball returning to the flipper to judge it's speed, etc... there's a huge rabbit decoration blocking the player's view. There's a reason you don't put a hunk of plastic right before the ball returns to the flipper.

And so MANY delicate unsupported plastics littered all over the PF. Looks kinda neat but lets hope this thing doesn't generate any airballs or you're going to need some backup plastic sets. Maybe it will use the low power coils he used on CV.

That's if it plays at all... I didn't realize out of 4 or 5 "gameplay" videos there was NO gameplay. Vintage Jpop indeed.

For some reason he seems to want us to know his slingshots work though... in fact they KEEP working long after the ball is gone lol

Maybe I missed the point of that?

#21871 2 years ago
Quoted from BD_Designs:

Fair enough. Whether it's bashing or light banter, I still stand by the fact that if it was anyone else who provided this info, commentary, video, etc., no one would have anything negative to say about that person like folks have about Kaneda. He's just the messenger and people are still shooting at him...
I mean, they won't even allow his videos to be posted (which is totally relevant to this thread and on-topic) and I certainly didn't find them to be self-promoting. He was honest and upfront about the game and kept the focus there. Like I said, professional.

That's because you apparently don't know the HISTORY of this character and the forum. It has nothing to do with these new videos. There's a reason he's been blocked from every pinball/arcade forum...not just this one.

I know like most people here you just want to POST for posting sake but there is a reason they have this policy towards the guy (or anybody that behaved as he had). The site's founder tried to explain it earlier but hey... let's just keep endlessly posting about the same issue.

Personally it bores me...as it did a year ago.

#22077 2 years ago

Most of the gimmicks we've seen in his other games but there IS one innovation... if you can call it that.

By placing that rather cheesy looking plastic "magic lamp" (ala TOTAN) at the base of the ramp it nicely deflects failed ramp shots from coming straight back down and draining between the flippers. At first I though it was just an unwanted impediment to making the ramp shot but after seeing it in action I can understand it's purpose.

I'd say with completed code this might get sold around what his WMS games went for... with inflation that would be under 6k.

#22140 2 years ago

Hey Jpop did a joke! He has an "inspected by L.Christmas" sticker on it.

Us old WMS guys saw a lot of his stickers back in the day... or maybe he just had the most memorable name

Wonder where he is now?

#22217 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

Jpop finally emailed me documents after I threatened him with Chicago PD. What a guy.

Apparently only threatening legal action makes this guy do *anything*. Finish anything (if you can call this "finished"), produce anything, politely respond to someone, etc.

Too bad he can't be threatened into manning up and offering an actual apology to those he screwed. Real class act.

#22219 2 years ago
Quoted from doughslingers:

I had rabbit 004 I wonder who got mine. I felt lucky to get a partial refund but ne er dud the full amount. So glad to guys are getting yours but that money I need to reopen the drive in movie theatre and on March10 this will start the 4th season of the new digital format vs 35mm used for decades. Please send me some pics of the lucky person if possible.

Glad you survived the switchover. I know it spelled doom for many others in your position. Has it been four years already?

#22258 2 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

The value is going to skyrocket. Congrats to the patient owners.

"Patient" huh? I don't think they had much choice. The congrats probably should go to those that instigated legal action...

Without the legal stick waved over his head I suspect the owners would have had to have "endless" patience.

#22768 2 years ago
Quoted from fattrain:

I'll just beat everyone to the punch...
It's mine. Let the shit show begin
ebay.com link »

You scumbag!! How dare you.

#23021 2 years ago

Wonder if whoever he got to do the music and callouts also got ripped off and never paid?

#23048 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

Magic Girl 'First Look Review' is up at PN. Amazing that Martin only reviewed it yesterday
The full review will follow later...

No offense but this needs a "full review"? Why not "you bang the ball around but nothing does (or even can) happen"?


Happy for you that you got your machine though - heck even a couple months ago I was certain all that money had burned up into magic smoke. Color me...gobsmacked. (always wanted to use that word)

3 months later
#23586 2 years ago

That "machine" (and I use the word lightly) has had the shortest 15 minutes of fame I can remember.

So at least there is SOME justice in the world.

5 months later
#23817 1 year ago

You gotta love how he dubs himself "enigmatic"... lol I would have gone with "larcenous".

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