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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#10426 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

I strongly encourage "ignore" for Pinballs, Sadsack and Major. Their pinside accounts are clearly new and used as anonymous trolls in this thread - not sure why, but they clearly don't seem to be ones with skin in the game. After you ignore, go back and read the posts from 10100 without the drivel - and it will change the tone of the conversation, to a more useful way to interpret the real feel of the posts.

Yes, my account is new. So what? Yours was at one time too. I haven't trolled anything, just given thumbs ups and thumbs down as I see things. Calling someone a troll who hasn't posted a word and telling people to put them on ignore... nice welcome to Pinside, thanks. Keep up your little bubble and watch for the next pre-pay fiasco.

#10470 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

My point is you are sounding pretty pissed and calling out Pintasia, when you don't have any $ in this. Sure, we as a community, hate to see all this happen, and fellow collectors get hosed - but I'm trying to understand why you are addressing them, when you aren't part of their letter request.

Quoted from iceman44:

Come on we can't have that, it makes too much sense.
+1 for the "reasonable person roster"
I think we all need to see the License Agreement and the financial accounting of where our money went.
We can stipulate to that, what else?

So, people who don't have money in and don't agree with you guys are bad. People who don't have money in and agree with you are candidates for a "reasonable person roster." People who don't say anything but agree/disagree through the thumbs-up/down are trolls. Anything more I should know? Maybe a definition for hypocricy?

#10490 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

It seems odd you only created the account, to only be active (11 months late), on this thread only. To me, even if its just up/down votes, is trolling. <b>Obviously you'll vote down any thing I post here from now on, regardless of whether you agree with the thought or not.</b>

That's called projection. You and iceman44 are automatically downvoting whatever I reply. I've only downvoted what I disagree with. Keep in mind that I was quiet until you called me a troll using your own definition. I'm new here but that doesn't mean you or iceman can bully me. I've had terrorists threaten me to my face, I'm hardly going to worry about upsetting you.

When iceman was going to straighten this all out, come hell or high water, he was going to try and bully John and got shut down. Now, he sees an out that he can afford and gets him the pins he wants, so he thinks he can bully any dissent into shutting up. Not going to happen.

#10496 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

You aren't part of the process so what you say doesn't really matter at the end of the day now does it.
Dissent away. Not sure what you'd like to see or have accomplished here?
The owners will decide whether or not they want to give Bill a chance and whether or not its in our best interests. Simple as that.

I wasn't saying anything, now was I? However, I might have something to say later that helps someone else make a better decision. That would sure matter to them, wouldn't it? You aren't, nor is anybody else, going to bully me into shutting up. Downvote all you please. Ignore if you please. Your loss in the future, not mine. Keep addressing me like you are and I will keep responding. Stop attacking and I will go back to lurking on this and other threads until I have something I think is worth saying.

#10529 4 years ago

I will say this. Bill seems to be a successful, wealthy guy. Successful, wealthy guys don't become successful and wealthy by throwing away money "for the good of" anything. That's how many lottery winners end up in financial trouble. Wealthy guys usually become that way from hard work and using money to make money. I'm sure Bill plans on eventually showing a profit on this move, even if it's not much of one. Nothing wrong with that, just be up front with how it's going to happen. The means may be a deal-breaker for people who currently don't have enough information to make an informed decision. They should look at the pig outside the poke.

Putting out the terms of the licensing agreement, firming up the final prices for the RAZA and AiW pins, and getting credible financials from John (i.e. tax returns and personal/company bank statements) would go a long way towards calming the waters. As others have said.

#10770 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

I apologize for my rant on major, pinballs and sad sack. Major, I know you are a victim in this. Besides, regardless on being $ at risk or just a pinsiders, as a group, we deserve justice as a community. Emotions got the best of me yesterday - and I posted poorly , venting behind the keyboard.
Also, Major, thank you for your service, I do feel bad about my comments, and want to be on everyone's side looking for some positive outcome.
Thanks for reading - I truly am sorry.

No worries, apology accepted of course. Emotions are high and opinions will differ. Like everyone here, I would love to see a positive outcome for all the true victims of John Popadiuk's fraud. Also, I understand that reputations are built with time and it's easy to assume trollishness from someone new because that's the internet. We're cool on my end.

Thank you for the classy response.

#10898 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I'd take a playabe real game like Stern LE or AMH over a feature rich but not real game any day wouldn't you? Its been 4 years and he still is not at the prototype stage yet.

So you're saying there is a working prototype, right now... this very minute? Otherwise he is correct, not you. So which is it? If there is not a working prototype right this second, your credibility is nil. You should also show your work and prove it if you claim there is one.

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