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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#5120 4 years ago

I've been reading this thread for months hoping it would eventually turn around but it's starting to look pretty bad.

I think the main thing that killed it is the prepay model... it rarely works, in any industry much less the pinball industry. It takes away all the initiative for someone to work hard or meet deadlines if they've already been paid in advance. It must be really hard to bust your ass for 3 years, AFTER you've been paid for it.

Ultimately it shows what a great job Spooky and Stern have done. Spooky just knocked that shit out, and Ben was working with Jpop in the beginning, the same could have happened there. With Jpop's pedigree they could have been churning out games every 6 months or so and the stuff would have been creative as hell. Spooky still has tons of great stuff coming down the road I'm sure, but imagine if all those machines were being designed by Jpop! It'd be on another level.

It seems like many times when a boutique starts out (plus JJP, which isn't boutique) it's in response to perceived or publicly stated complains about the way Stern does business... they're presented as the alternative, and ultimately it just makes Stern look like the better alternative. I've really got a lot of respect for Stern for doing things the old way, here's a machine, send us the money and you'll have it in a week.

Hopefully guys like Spooky doing such a great job will kind of show the way for others to follow along down that path and get boutique games designed, built, and shipped in a timely matter. Not every boutique is going to have a brilliant mind like Ben Heck helping them make it happen, though.

I don't think Jpop set out to scam people, but people have been locked up for less, i'm surprised he has let this go on so long, it's eventually going to get to a point where people are trying to get criminal charges pressed against him...

#5123 4 years ago

I definately think it's spill over from the Predator stuff... basically in the last day Kevin admitted that there's license problems, which confirms everybody's worst suspicions... and since the Jpop thing is a similar issue (game way past deadline, everybody's money is hanging out there) it's kind of deflating a bunch of people's hopes that either one of these dudes ever gets their stuff together.

I hope they do, though, I don't think either guy set out to scam but they're both fully in scam territory right now.

#5170 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

How many games has Stern put out since MG was announced? 10?! I'd rather have 10 games I can actually PLAY than Jpop's loopy daydreams.

12 games built if you count MM remake and Whoa Nellie...

#5221 4 years ago

That's really cool that he's talking with iceman about the details. It's a shame he doesn't have a business partner that's good with the financials that could help him navigate this, it's not rocket science but when you've never ran a business I can see where it would be daunting to creative types.

He needs to get that first one banged out, and he needs to be really open about what's going on, people will still support him if they can see clear progress being made and an end goal within sight. When you just clam up or even worse outright lie about what's going on it really alienates your clients... and the saddest part is, almost all of the clients are massive Popadiuk fans or they wouldn't have gotten in, in the first place!

1 week later
#5851 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

I would say Steve Ritchie probably has the most hit titles under his belt (hence the title "king"), followed by Pat Lawlor.

You can make a very strong case for Steve Ritchie being the most creative designer of all time, simply because of the number of 'firsts' his games have had... first flash lamps, first lane change, first wireforms, first two level playfield, first SS multiball, first magna save, etc.

he changed Midway's "Combat" to "Mortal Kombat" then did the voices for "Fatality" and all that stuff. Everybody knows all this but lets not get crazy and forget about how great Steve Ritchie is.

#5954 4 years ago

They'll prob. sell out within a couple weeks. The price is low enough rich people will buy it just for the hell of it.

1 week later
#6748 4 years ago

To be honest, when Jpop announced he was doing Magic Girl, I thought it was a brilliant idea. I was happy for him that they all sold out, immediately, then I wondered, will he be able to turn a profit on that?

I assumed that he would make a minor profit, but maybe on his second game, which would probably be 7 or 8 months later, that he'd make more and slowly build a pinball company.

How in the world he hasn't been able to even hand build some of these machines yet just blows my mind. There are 365 days in a year, he's went to work 1500 days or so since he took everybody's money and still hasn't delivered the first guy his game?

The craziest part, in my mind, is that this isn't somebody like Kevin who's just a loser with no talent... this is a guy who HAS talent, demonstrable talent.

You've got 4 hurdles you need to jump to pull this off.

1 . design a fun machine
2. source parts
3. physically assemble the machine
4. code the software

The hardest would be the 1st... he has that ability, so one of the biggest hurdles he's accomplished. The software is another HUGE hurdle, but you could hire someone to do that, or at least get a flipping game done. I would imagine there's people cable of it right here on pinside that may even donate their services to get it accomplished.

The second hurdle, sourcing parts, he seems to have also accomplished. He had playfields made, he had cabinets made, he had all kinds of strange gizmos built, he had a gentleman make him hundreds of custom PCB's. So that didn't prove to be an issue.

The other hurdle is physically building the game, which is THE EASIEST PART but yet he hasn't been able to pull it off!

So he can design the game which is very hard, he can source all the parts which is very hard, he could have hired a software guy but screwed it up, and has stumbled trying to build the games which is the easiest part of the whole damn thing.

Just so strange. So sad to see such a well respected designer lose his entire reputation over this.

#6906 4 years ago

I can't see him ever doing that, he'd just file bankruptcy... Unlike the Kev situation I don't think he's done anything that he could be prosecuted for... so ultimately he'll file bankruptcy and then start blaming everybody else for it.

#6945 4 years ago
Quoted from txstargazer3:

I cannot believe that someone with significant money to invest in a pinball project would willingly take on all the extra baggage associated with Jpop and these games. What is the attraction? There appears to be little in the way of must-have assets that are fully or largely developed. Why take on these entanglements rather than investing in a comparatively clean slate company like Heighway or Spooky? They may not be perfect, but you would surely be less encumbered by past sins.

I think this is the main thing... MG and RAZA do look like they would be fantastic games, but what is the upside for any other manufacturer to purchase these 'designs' ? They all have great designers already who could create other designs with no baggage. There's three or four guys at Stern who are basically more talented than JPOP in the design of machines and have stronger track records. There's two big-shots at JJP who are more talented than JPOP.

Have Steve Ritchie design a 16 THOUSAND dollar pinball machine and it'll eat MG's lunch. Let Pat Lawlor design a 16 thousand dollar machine and see what you get.

Not to insult JPOP's talent, he's very talented... but lets put this in perspective... he's not creating anything that's a genius idea that the other companies can't get near. Stern/JJP/Spooky/Heighway are all making some damn fine machines right now.

Bailing Jpop out would be charity work, there's no money to be made doing it. Even an unknown company would be better off coming up with a new title with no baggage and no debt.

#7032 4 years ago

It doesn't necessarily mean anything... he obviously doesn't do a good job of doing things on time, like... oh... pay taxes... deliver pinball machines... give daily updates...

He may have the money and just didn't pay them because he was busy making magic or something.

#7145 4 years ago
Quoted from chessiv:

More than ever I think a deal with stern is his best, and possibly only, option. I know some of you don't agree but I don't see any other way his machines get built. Spooky pinball as a long shot possibility but not likely.

If Stern bails him out, they deserve a congressional medal of honor because they sure as hell won't make any profit out of it...

#7195 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I'm not an artist or a genius nor claim to be, but I think given 5-6 month of 70 hrs of work a week, the time since Expo. I could probably build a shooting pinball machine with ramps and magnet tricks. Basically he's talking about what would be equivalent to a year of 'normal work' When people say they work 36-40 hrs a week, they call that a full time job, so someone working 70 hrs a week is basically working 2 full time jobs.
Now, true my game would not be anything special, but it would be playable. Now take that time and add the 2 years prior John had to lay the groundwork. (if you believe he's working 2 full time jobs, that's 5 years of possible time by a master pinabll builder with 30+ years in the industry, you would expect to see a playable game or three by now).
I'm not saying Ben made it look easy, but Ben destroyed all the "building pinball is hard" excuse doesn't fly. I know it's hard, but John, you are the one that wanted to do it, and you are the one with 30+ years in the industry. If Ben can do it in half the time, I don't know what's keeping John from making his pins.

The ironic thing too, is that Ben was onboard for awhile! Literally.... So not only can we say "Ben could have built it"... literally, he could have been the one building RAZA at least! He left, built another one, and is now building ANOTHER one.

#7487 4 years ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

Good thing you're a genius and not a land appraiser

You're getting thumbed down for this, but it's pretty funny, Ben's got a good sense of humor, i'll bet he can appreciate it

#7509 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Plus sitting on a million bucks you're "pre-earned" doesn't cause one to work very hard.

This is by far the biggest thing for me... once John has already been paid for the machines, the only thing keeping him focused on actually delivering them is moral integrity... which we all know can waver at times unfortunately.

1 week later
#8144 4 years ago

Great quotes from John:
Jan 17, 2015:
Currently still on track to show a fully built Zombie Adventureland game in February.

Jan 14, 2015:
As we continue to add more information, photos and videos to the reveal site for MG, we have the run of cabinets being made and will begin production setup on March 3.

Dec 17, 2014:
I am awaiting, should have been here the 7th, the final engineering cabinet sample from the wood shop. They have all the material in place too build the current run of 20 Magic Girl™ cabinets. Off the phone today, it should be here by Monday next week and then we will begin our final checks.

Oct 23, 2014:
At this stage I have set a date of December 17th to have a nice complete reveal on Magic Girl. We will have a magic rug, although not a custom one.

I have brought in a new project manager (with pinball experience) also, he starts today and we will go thru orientation and keep us on track.

Oct 21, 2014:
The MG protos are almost done. That is how I work as I like to show my best.

Honestly I've been of the whole 'civil case not criminal case' mindset this whole time, but when you illustrate it like that, there's a possibility this crossed over into criminal territory. He clearly was misstating things to mislead people.

#8236 4 years ago

To slightly change the subject, is anybody else really not that into the lighting on these games? It's all colored LED's for GI when I think you'd get a lot more light out of white LED's for GI at least in some places.

Some folks have been showing the KISS machine he did, in some of the KISS threads, and it's the same thing, there's so much colored LED's that it makes all the artwork lose it's contrast.

Probably easy to fix, but I was just wondering if people prefer that look over a more traditional way of lighting it...

#8670 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

In Hiltons defense, it would have been difficult for himself and John. Just having a random Pinsider show up and ask questions.
Now, that's not to say Stern or JJP might accommodate someone, but it's not a given that a random person would/should be given access to a company's workshop. And especially John with his NDA. I doubt he'd let Hilton look around.
It should / has to be an owner.

That's true in John's case... but in reality, actually I think Stern or JJP would absolutely show some random person the company's workshop. Happens all the time, actually! Not sure how open Stern would be to it unscheduled, but I'd bet money if you stopped by JJP you could have the run of the place, may even get a tour from Jack. He's done that tons of times.

John though probably not, lol...

#8751 4 years ago

Maybe John's just a genius comedian, and he's pulling this big video stunt because all of the machines have actually already been shipped!!!

Kind of like how everybody thought Scoregasm was a April Fool's joke.

#8841 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

According to GLM, there was a push for an Expo 2013 reveal of Magic Girl. So he was "close" then, and then.... 2 years pass?

He probably ran into a problem (software? ramps?) and then moved onto Paper Kiss Pinball Machine, (PKPM), then different art for RAZA, then came up with the idea for Alice in Wonderland, then started designing his EM machine, etc.

He certainly should have finished Magic Girl, even if he didn't have anything done for the other two machines at all, it would give him at least an ounce of credibility and people wouldn't be calling for his head.

#8998 4 years ago
Quoted from Strohz:

I recall Dennis Nordman commenting in a White Water thread on why the ball hits the glass:

I guess Jpop should have paid more attention back then

Not really.... he's in the same early stage of production Nordman's talking about.

#9004 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You don't get to be in the "early stage of production" for 3+ years.

Jpop does!

#9007 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I think you got your comments backwards, but yes, I would agree, John seemed to be holding tightly to the idea that if the games go out perfect, everything else will be forgiven.
Problem is, he has failed at getting the games out, period.

The other thing is, even his most strenuous supporters can't possibly see this game as 'perfect' or so far above the bar (anymore) that it justifies all the time and expense. I'll give him that his themes are better than WOZ but is the build quality any better? Is the complexity of the game more than the complexity of WOZ? if it is, it's negligible.

He expects people to still be happy to pay that much, and wait that long, for a game that has no demonstrable advantage over a high end game like WOZ, and we have no idea about whether or not it's even as fun as WWE.

#9020 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I think you must have gotten the last of it Rai
The interesting part of this suit is that in addition to Zidware, it appears that John AND his wife were named as defendants individually.
Based on his organizational skills its not hard to imagine that Zidware, Inc. has not followed the appropriate corporate formalities, thus potentially making them personally liable.

Iceman, do you think it's possible that he just added John and his wife as a nuisance thing?

#9027 4 years ago

Another question: Zidware also does some apps, does anybody know if those are actually producing any income, or just a joke? If there's any income there that could be an asset.

#9032 4 years ago

This is so f%^king sad, because John let it happen. The guy has tons of talent and is about to lose his entire f%^king reputation. Piss off hundreds of customers. Waste hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Just so much avoidable b.s.

#9038 4 years ago

Yeah... unfortunately this is the kind of shit you need lawyers for! They do serve a purpose, you know

#9353 4 years ago

Quote: They have acquired the licenses for these games not motivated by profit"

The biggest red flag in the entire letter from Jpop is where he says the new company isn't motivated by profit.

That line right there, is all you need to know. I realize that may just be John's interpretation of his talks with them, and I realize that this new group is likely composed of members right here in this thread, but "not motivated by profit" is a death knell.

#9361 4 years ago

I'm not a lawyer, but the way the 'offer' is worded, pressuring you to sign or else may in itself be criminal to the right law attorney.

#9682 4 years ago

Jack is not the investor

#9689 4 years ago
Quoted from shakethatmachine:

How late is The Hobbit again?

late as shit. It will be built, though... even you would admit that.

#9697 4 years ago

It seems almost impossible to me Terry would do something that crazy.

#9700 4 years ago

Jack confirmed he's not the mystery investor, but wishes the mystery investor luck. So we're down to Roger and Terry.... or someone else we're not smart enough to think of yet

#10072 4 years ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

NOOOOO! I had NOTHING to do with the website!
As for the rest - I can't disclose at the moment - but according to what one person told me I was allegedly making per machine/art/concept I made a fraction of that number. But keep in mind i came in THINKING it was unfunded and a shoestring budget - so i was fine with it.
I did get a bit for KISS - but literally the sketches to ink to color was a rush. I did the playfield, ink & color in about 2 days. So it was minimal (again, thinking I was pitching in to help the cause)
My biggest weakness is I work too fast... followed by being far too trusting

Not sure how many people you've been in touch with, but your work is fantastic, you had nothing to do with this negative nonsense, and I'd like to see you one day doing pinball work for some reputable companies. Maybe Stern, Jack, Spooky, somebody could use a great artist. Good luck.

#10077 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

I don't think you could sell 200 units of "Elvira and the Muppets Fight Jaws" with Iron Maiden soundtrack at 16k, let alone this tainted mess.

You could try, Ben

#10079 4 years ago
Quoted from movingpictures:

Oh JPOP ... I'll never forget the pitch from his expo seminar this year:
"The custom nature of this limited run means I can work directly with the customer. For example, I can draw your dog and put your dog on the game"

He was saying that kind of stuff when he first announced Magic Girl... I think that was the first time I started thinking something didn't seem right.

#10082 4 years ago

I remember when John first announced Magic Girl, and was talking and responding to people on the newsgroups back in the day... everybody kind of felt bad for him because he's pretty much the only major guy that Stern never hired (I think), or at least the only guy who wanted a job, that Stern didn't hire. When he announced he was just going to do it himself, the two reactions were "Yeah! Good luck! Go get 'em John! That'll show 'em!" and "Damn, I can't believe 11 people just bought that within 2 hours for 16K".

Now here we are several years later. Essentially Gary Stern called it way back in 1999 by not hiring him when Williams closed.

So yet another way Gary's redeemed himself.

#10090 4 years ago

Reading some of Jpop's posts from rec.games.pinball on the newsgroups is fascinating. Check this beauty out from January 2011, when he was ruminating on Jack's at the time recently announced Wizard of Oz pinball machine.


and software....JJ will need the best coders + EEs on this....again
everyone thinks making
a pinball is easy....but as we all see today...you can spend a lot of
time to end up with a
crummy game....it is an art + science....

at Zizzle we spent a lot of time on hardware and had a large group
on it....and maybe 15 in engineering and QA....we tested...tested and
system...5" square pcb...was almost good enough to run a 70s
SS....that project
took 12 months....at 7 days a week in 3 offices....also had to be

hopefully the JJ team has something flipping by now...after 6 months??
I know I would...


John Popadiuk

#10128 4 years ago
Quoted from RandyV:

Man -- just when it couldn't get any weirder.
I feel for those of you who have lost money in this. The new licensee thing is like watching someone try to convince a person with a gambling problem to lay down just one more big bet because they know it'll hit big and save you.

The perfect analogy was the gentleman a few pages ago who posted the picture of Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown.

#12307 4 years ago
Quoted from zombieyeti:

I appreciate that. But between you and I (don't share with other pinsiders) - I'm just a geeky guy who's lucky to get to draw rad stuff for people (who pay). I'm fortunate - and grateful.
I like people here - even the ones who hate everything they're fun! I'll try not to stay too far away if I can.
And I'll consider doing some pinball prints... Got some ideas even - will run them by you guys when I have time

Zombie Yeti, may I suggest an idea to you? There are several pinball machines that are beloved by collectors that have lackluster backglasses or translites. An artist of your caliber could likely draw custom backglasses that would really improve the look of the game and would probably sell very well. People even like to just hang that stuff on their wall. Might be something to think about!

#12408 4 years ago

I've met people before who had a fatalistic personality, it's like they want to fail to prove that it was destined to happen no matter what. That sounds ridiculous, but I've met many people like that, they like to talk about how bad they have it. Don't know if Jpop is like that but you get the idea from him that he had already decided quite a while ago that he wasn't going to make this work.

What's so crazy about it is, this could have turned into a profitable business if ran differently. Lots of mistakes, some of them so bad they seem intentional. Tons of competent people offering to help do things for years, but still it fails. Has a nearly complete prototype for years and refuses to show it to people.

It's literally like he went out of his way to make sure this didn't get done. EVEN KEVIN built 1 machine! ... and he had it ready in about a year, didn't he?

You can't just say John's a loser , that's why the game didn't get made... he had to go out of his way to make sure it didn't accidentally get done. What's that all about? By putting that much effort into making sure it didn't go 'well', he basically put that much effort in screwing customers.

#12879 4 years ago
Quoted from jrivelli:

It's a shame the game is on the fence of being produced. Looks so nice visually!


Except John forgot the color Green. "green" it's a pretty cool color, he forgot to use it.

#12939 4 years ago
Quoted from jrivelli:

Not everyone game needs to be a rainbow of color. That's a bit overly critical. In that case he also forgot my favorite color "chartreuse"

It's completely purple, though.... that's all I'm saying. I think it's a little too far into purple, just my personal preference.... nothing wrong with purple, but when the entire playfield and all the lights are purple, or blue, or red, it kind of needs to move back towards white light

#13043 4 years ago

"He still would have failed art school, his artwork was terrible" LOL

#13068 4 years ago

Is anybody else's "new posts" button not working right since we rolled up over 13k? I think we broke it!!!!

#13295 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Someone could eat a bag of Skittles and vomit on the game in protest - thing is we'd never know it'd happened.

You'd see all the green ones!

#13298 4 years ago

Jpop's called Ben a drunk to many people, i can see where Ben probably doesn't have an unbiased view of this entire project....

1 week later
#15086 4 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

That vid is exactly how I pictured the police work going down with Pred (and probably with JPonzi)... Literally, like having your car stolen, knowing 100% who did it, reporting it, but when they find your 'stolen' car in their driveway they can't charge them because the didn't find the car with the 'thief' physically in the drivers seat at the time. 'Murrica!

I pulled out of my driveway once, (1 lane road) and got behind a guy driving 4 miles per hour. After about 10 minutes, we got to the red light, and he stopped half a block in front of it. I could tell the guy was obviously inebriated, so I called the police. Got them on the line (the police office is about a quarter mile from this red light), and told them what was going on. "O.K., we're trying to intercept the car". So I drove behind the guy for another mile after he started moving, swerving all over the place. Eventually he started speeding. we're on a 4 lane road going through neighborhoods, he's driving on the left lane, even up on the sidewalk at one point. Could have killed all kinds of people... every few minutes, he stops the car right in the middle of the road. The whole time I'm driving behind him (at legal speeds) talking to the operator.

We drive all the way across town, took probably 20 minutes. The guy eventually pulls into a McDonalds, and parks backwards in the drivethrough, turns the car off. The operator informed me that a police officer had finally 'caught up' with us (this is a city of a million people), and had seen the guy park the car, but since he wasn't driving it anymore, he went ahead and cleared the call out. So she informed me that I could watch him for awhile to see if he left again, then call them back.

That was the last time I tried to be a good citizen

#15105 4 years ago
Quoted from Hitch9:

Something is terribly wrong with the US judicial system,

you don't know the half of it, brother

#15132 4 years ago

I had a 'friend' about 15 years ago who did all kinds of horrible internet mail fraud stuff. Would sell things then never ship them, etc. big ticket items. Probably 20-30k worth of stuff. Eventually he got busted, a bunch of people got together and it went to trial, he lost, and served about 3 months in a halfway house. So he got out every day for work, church, all kinds of stuff. Basically he just had to be in a certain building by 8p.m. Doors weren't even locked. He never paid any of the 'restitution'.

#15749 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

If what Kevin did wasn't criminal, no way John's actions were.
The King Solomon reference about "splitting the prototype" isn't entirely appropriate. Unlike a baby, it could be auctioned off into cash, and those dollars divided by number of buyers.

Doesn't that happen in divorce a lot? Judge orders the house sold and proceeds split, etc...

2 weeks later
#16160 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Designing a part takes X amount of time.
Drawing patent diagrams (so your buddy StevenP can be an enabler by filing it for you at very low cost) takes X more amount of time.
This is time wasted because NOBODY CARES. Even if you have a good idea (which John didn't) people will just engineer their way around it. Patenting something early on makes sense, but who actually thinks the highest volume days of pinball are in the future?
But remember John was paranoid (and needed money) Maybe he hoped Stern would steal one of his ideas (that he stole from old EM's) and he'd get a windfall!

Ben somebody mentioned the idea that maybe he was patenting things personally, so that he could charge 'zidware' to use the patents in the game... as a harebrained scheme to get more money siphoned to him...

either way the whole thing was stupid. Like you said almost any patent can be worked around...

#16161 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

has anyone looked at his pinballinventor page lately? He's working so hard he doesn't have time for spellcheck:
Wonder how well the machine was packed up bnefore they shipped it from the northwest back to chicago?

The whole thing about the piece of glass just blows my mind. He made the cab a weird size, and then keeps calling the glass 'custom' because it's slightly longer.

Anybody who's had EM's or even widebodies has probably had glass cut before, it's not really that big of a deal but he acts like it was some crazy custom part that was a big problem.

#16162 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Not even some of the most pathetic Facebook users I know would bother to make a big deal out of glass fitting in a window for their home...you design the window you want and order glass and it comes.
Jeez, talk about JPop victory lapping silly stuff.

Exactly! It's mind numbing. You can get glass cut at the hardware store...

3 months later
#18157 4 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

There isn't any way he could possibly show up. If he does, he's completely out of touch with reality.

The predator dude showed up at the Winston Salem auction two months ago.

#18164 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

C'mon, you can't ban someone just for being an idiot.
That would be like if someone banned Pete Rose from the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Or removing Hulk Hogan from of all things, "wrasslin' " history because he talked trash about his daughter's boyfriend 10 years ago in a sex tape.

1 year later
#21864 2 years ago

To be honest, i'm amazed that American Pinball was able to pull this off, and I think they deserve a ton of credit and respect for it. It's not perfect, I'm sure there's tons of issues with each machine both from major design flaws to workmanship problems while they were constructed... but the bottom line is, they produced what nobody thought they would be able to, and made at least some effort to make John's problem 'right' with the customers.

Still tons of problems, other machines, etc. but i'm amazed they were able to pull this off, or even willing to. I hope their first proper game under their name benefits from some of the respect they deserve for pulling off this project.

#21870 2 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Please lets be clear on this. This is not an American Pinball product. This is a Zidware / Popaduik machine 100%. AP only produced the parts per Zidware design. And for whatever reasons AP is now distancing themselves from Zidware/Popaduik.
Anything found good or bad about this machine is the sole responsibility of Zidware and Jpop.

So you give the credit for finishing the game to John? I don't. AP got involved, and the game happened. They deserve all the credit and none of the blame, in my opinion.

Of course they're distancing themselves, they got involved with him not knowing what they were getting into fully... and then made the best of it, and delivered the game. They just proved their integrity with this, in my opinion. No other manufacturer would touch this mess with a 10 foot pole, but they stood behind what they said they would do and delivered. Quickly.

2 weeks later
#23136 2 years ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

Steve Ritchie and other designers will be at the Texas Pinball Festival. You should seek them out and discuss this. It could be an enlightening conversation.

Can we get a gofund me going so we can hire somebody to film Ritchie's response to this? O.K., Thanx

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