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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#11722 4 years ago

Wow this is really impressive work Jim! Thanks for sharing. The lighting is very nice and the screen complements the gameplay well. Its really the programming that makes the game come alive.

Did you work on the music and animations too?

1 year later
#20647 2 years ago

See post 20332

Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

I wonder who coded it?

#20649 2 years ago

Until we hear otherwise,that's the current state of the software on MG.

Quoted from Fintan_Stack:

I don't think that is correct. Jim was the original programmer before the shit hit the fan. As far as I know, he has had nothing to do with it since.

#21035 2 years ago

You can tell you are very passionate concerning your work on MG even though your were stiffed what you were owed.
I hope someway you will be made whole for all your hard work. Nice of you to continue to help the owners. At least they will see the fruits of your labor.

Quoted from applejuice:

Because it is now pretty clear the game are shipping with my code (not all paid for), here is some info from posts i made a a few years back. This info is provided for owners and to answer the 'box of lights' question. If owners want to contact me directly, i *MAY* look to expand what each of these sections should do in a rules document for them.
For the code that i created for magic girl, there are the following features coded.
• base game play
• ball save
• bonus
• skillshot
• jets
• upper lanes
• up post
• magic letters
• lion saw
• newton ball
• owl target
• potion letters
• magic shop/scoop
• loops
• center spinner
• center lock
• centre targets
• spiral ramp
• wand ramps
• lock
• multiball
• jackpots
• quick multiball
• telsa subway
• mini magnet playfield
• jinx motor
• attract
• service mode with tests, audits, settings, coin door open
All the above had sounds, animation, graphics and rules
The following is a a Shot map (from left to right) from memory.
• Jinx Wheel - Left Outlane
• Lion saw
• Newton chamber (captive ball)
• Left Loop (Wizard Lane)
• Potion Spinner
• Left Ramp (Swirl Ramp)
• Owl Target (captive ball)
• Kings Chamber (Centre)
• Levitate Feature (Lightning Flashers)
• Magic Shoppe (Scoop)
• Hare/Million Target
• Kings/Queens Bonus X - Top lanes
• Right Loop
• Magnetic Jet Bumper (Hare)
• Tesla Subway
• Mystery/Coin target
• Shooter Lane
• Magna Save - Right Outlane
You *SHOULD* be able to see modes and features working for any of these modes if you select 'arcade' at game start, not 'novice play'. Novice play was something john wanted which was a more basic 'all targets the same' type game for kids etc.
Finally, here is the playfield prototype that i had back in may 2014.

#21380 2 years ago

Why is everyone ass-uming the game doesn't work? Do you really think JPOP/AP would put 19 games in boxes and ship/allow pickup of the games if they didn't work? Aside from the software needing completion, the game should work right our of the box.

#21395 2 years ago

Where did you hear the Applejuice and Zombiyetti are getting machines? This is what we hope, but nobody stated that yet...

Quoted from Mr68:

I would further speculate that Pintasia probably agreed to let this happen in negotiations. Maybe that's why they got Apple and Zombie Yetti's Magic Girl machines.
Again, I'm talking out of my ass here and welcome correction.

#21586 2 years ago

I would think all of these questions were asked when the game was picked up.

* whats the phone number for support
* what is the duration of support
* what if I need parts, etc who will provide them?
* how do I update the software?
etc, etc, etc

If the game was truly non-functioning, I'd take it back and make him fix it. Unfortunately, If you had the game shipped, that could be a problem...

Quoted from Nibbles:

Isn't there some consumer protection law, or something along those lines, that can hold John accountable for misrepresenting the product that was delivered? While the game was shipped, it is no where near complete and seems like a bait and switch.

#21617 2 years ago

At this point though, Jim would really NEED the game in order to get everything sorted out. You can only do so much in the virtual environment. Best thing would be to continuing leaning on JPOP to make it right.

Quoted from HighVoltage:

That seems good, the less of your unpaid work that's on there, the better the motivation for others to somehow get you paid in full and finish things off.
I think all the owners should harass John about the code, suggesting you get your machine and $$$, so you can properly update what you have and do refinements / bug fixes.
If that doesn't seem likely, I'd think it'd be warranted to have a kickstarter / gofundme / whatever to cover what you should have got. It looks like the machine's value is at least somewhat appreciated, so maybe owners would be willing to give $ 500 - $ 1000 each to turn that into a real game.

#21640 2 years ago

I really don't understand this one. Why would anyone set the game to 2 ball and single player? Can you change it?

Quoted from InfiniteLives:

2 ball, 1 player game. What a trip.
Thanks he who is not to be named for giving us some first hand info.

#21647 2 years ago

That would be my first call to the support line.... how the heck can the service menu be locked? You have to at least be able to test the lamps, switches, solenoids, balls per game, etc. Wow, what a disservice to the owners.

Quoted from InfiniteLives:

code is locked, not options to change it apparently according to the limited knowledge shared at this

#21683 2 years ago

ok then this was all just misinformation? It's not a 1 player, 2 ball game unless you are playing Novice? I just find it hard to believe nobody else is offering information on the game except Kaneda. Oh well, I guess they don't want to.

Quoted from DutchTommy:

Just had some fresh news from the mg owner.. this below is what he wrote..
I'll get some gameplay video up later today. I did notice that you can select between Novice/Arcade/Wizard modes...I feel like I've only been playing "Novice"...going to select "Arcade" later today and see it that turns any more mechs on.
So it appears to be that the code isn't locked??

#21700 2 years ago

Oh quite right, I'm just trying to determine the current state of the game - ie. if Jpop loaded older software or modified your work.
I find it hard to believe he could modify your work, but I know if it was me, I'd just want to know what others had in their game.

Quoted from applejuice:

Erm, well i think i've given quite a lot of help already to.
If you want me to go on about why novice play was written and why its 2 ball then i will, but the its best just to remove it altogether. If i do an update that will be the first thing done.

#21704 2 years ago

Easier than that, just hit the service mode from the coin door and see the versions and options.
If you can get into service mode, you'd know right away.

Quoted from Compy:

Should be pretty easy to determine what the games have. Pull the drive out of the machine and make an image, send it out to myself or Applejuice and we'd be able to tell you pretty quickly.

#21831 2 years ago

The levitate feature sounds interesting. It doesn't appear the top magnet is hooked up on the kings chamber, so that's a shame. You've added some very innovative and interesting things to the game Jim. Very cool to hear the explanation behind them.

1 week later
#22728 2 years ago

Wow that was a great write up. The power toggle on the back of the game I believe should be always ON and you should start up the game from the computer which will give power to the rest of the game. Is there a button that you push to turn on the computer near the front of the cab? Unless its not wired like that which would be really strange to have to go to the back of the game to turn it on.

#22732 2 years ago

The arduino controls the RGB lamps.

Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

I was curious about that myself... why the heck do you need an arduino if you have a full fledged PC running the game?
Also, I hope the arduino never dies unless you have the sketch that it's running to program to a new unit.

#22910 2 years ago

I noticed someone bought a prototype magic girl. What's the difference between prototype and the 19 others? I assume he specifically wanted the prototype for some reason.

#22928 2 years ago

I'd like to see Riot Pinballs AIW with Scott Gullicks artwork.

Quoted from JoeinNJ:

Time to take a break from all the MG talk, who'd like to see AIW a Riot Pinball design(not to drag Riot into a JPop conversation)with Zombie Yeti's AIW art work?

#22947 2 years ago

There were 12 deponents in that document. Guess they missed one in the emailing.

#22985 2 years ago

What does AP have to do with RAZA and AIW? Answer = nothing. Everyone should certainly direct anger and resolution at JPOP. He is 100 percent liable for those games. You have to realize MG would never have been built without an agreement with AP. I hope people continue to sue him until he returns deposits no matter what that does to his financial situation. Then I'd like to see the IRS take a crack at him.

I am very interested to see how APs HOUDINI game turns out. Looking forward to hearing about out it at TPF.

Quoted from hank527:

Yep, the only way it works is if they give us a credit on one of the games they are releasing.
I either support them with a credit and them trying to do right by all of us shafted by Jpoop, or I make it a mission to not support them in any way.

#23018 2 years ago

The lighting and music is well done and the call outs are nicely placed. Hope somehow you can get all of the mechs working. The upper playfield will be way more fun if the ball can stay up there and do something besides immediately zip along the ramp back to the return. It might require some fabrications, but it would worth it.

It's a bummer you can't see 1/2 of the screen with all of the plastic pieces in front. Can you use a shorter LCD panel in 16x9 to show the entire screen? There are some beautiful images, I especially like the start bursts over the images, so creative.

Nice to see another glimpse of gameplay, hopefully Martin has a nice write up to go along with the video.

All in all, very excited for you to have your game. Enjoy!

#23037 2 years ago

I'm hoping Applejuice is the closer if he gets a loner game. he has the hardware and software experience to make this machine better.

Quoted from sd_tom:

I just don't know how these are going to get finished.
1) You have to have access to a machine that someone is willing to have 'the closer' to crawl all over their precious pinball artifact.
2) you have to have someone with electrical and software skills that has 1-3 months spare time on their hands to go visit said machine, aka 'the closer'. This could be conservative as some of these things may never work but take a long time to come to that conclusion.
3) unless 'the closer' is retired or unemployed, will probably want to get paid. These kinds of skills are worth $100/hr -$150/hr. So $16k- $50k ish on the low side... Without "for the love of pinball's discounts"*. Plus 'the closer' needs access to the source code which may or may not be included with the game and applejuice would have to volunteer it if he is not 'the closer'. *FLOP Discounts may not apply because the person doesn't get their own game out of the project.
4) this fixes one game. Given we see that each game might be a tad different, 'the closer' may have to travel and be paid to troubleshoot any that want to be fixed.
This seems less likely to happen and more wishful thinking in my opinion anyway.

#23040 2 years ago

See post 22441

Quoted from sd_tom:

My read is that he wants his 11k back-pay and a machine.. which I agree with 100%. I can see someone coughing up $11k, but who's going to cough up a machine? And, if the project is more than 2-3 weeks, like he said from the beginning.. this is his livelihood - if it's a real effort to finish, he's still going to want to be paid going forward (forgive me if i'm putting words in your mouth applejuice)

1 week later
#23217 2 years ago

This should be moved to the American Pinball Houdini thread.

Quoted from HighProtein:

I just got this flyer with my last pinball life order...

1 month later
#23387 2 years ago

Its much easier to make a deal with a CM for 16-20 games than 125 games and that was when AP was looking to get into pinball. What does JPOP have to offer? AP has a team now and designer, why would they need him? Unless he comes up with CASH to finance the production run, you won't see AP working with JPOP again.

Quoted from pinlink:

I heard JPOP is focusing his efforts on RAZA now. Trying to get a RAZA complete enough to have AP produce it. I'm sure it is just to keep the lawsuits at bay, but then again he did (sort of) deliver a MG. What are the chances we actually see JPOP "complete" a RAZA?

6 months later
#23723 1 year ago

I guess Applejuice never got a loaner Magic Girl to work on the coding? That's too bad. It would have been a bit of a happier ending if he at least got to play the game for a few months after all the work he put into it.

#23725 1 year ago

Well, I agree. The code will never get finished if he doesn't get a game (or loan of a game) to work with.
There was a UK owner that said he was going to loan him the game a while back. Guess that never happened.

Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Nobody is allowed to play Magic Girl, ever.
It's kind of like a guilded prison without bars.
I really thought these would hold/gain value but at this point I'm starting to doubt it. Nobody wants these things, they are simply ridiculous. I'd say the odds of them ever getting "finished" are extremely remote at this point.

#23731 1 year ago


Read about the .8 update and the loaner he was waiting for.....

Quoted from sd_tom:

My understanding is that applejuice wasn't interested in a loaner. He is owed money and a game of his own per his agreement. He wants to be made whole or not interested. Which is understandable, it's a business deal not 'for the love of pinball'

#23732 1 year ago

You're absolutely right, but there are some mechs that were never coded because he wasn't paid. He's trying to complete what he can so the owners would have a bit more of an incomplete game. Some of the coding was already done and never sent, while more has recently been coded.

Quoted from Mr68:

How do you code for ball traps, missing toys/mechs and no shooter lane groove?

9 months later
#24193 11 months ago

Seriously, leave JPOP at home. It will be a better seminar without him and people may actually take you serious.

2 months later
#24281 8 months ago

Unfortunately the Magic Girl games currently available have features that don't work and no software support.
Too bad because this game could be so much better (or at least work properly) if Jim was paid to complete the work.

#24283 8 months ago

Well thats good to hear there is someone working on it. It would suck to have a game that doesn't work.

Quoted from jwilson:

Jim was approached by the current owners and was offered pay to complete the software but he demanded a game as well, then stopped responding. So, they have someone else working on it.

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