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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#2087 5 years ago

Or how about, "John, I am flying out to your studio next week to pick up my refund, have it in cash,
or you are going out on a date with my friend........... Leroy."

#2149 5 years ago

I want a T-Shirt , who has one?

#2443 5 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Thanks for posting the video

what video, sorry if I missed it?

1 week later
#2715 5 years ago

Talking about the buyer's in a negative light here is in bad taste IMO, they had faith in a guy with 20+
year's reputation designing some of the top pinball machines of all time.
Without the pre-order buyer's/investor's , MG, Raza, etc would never of had a chance.
The buyer's should be applauded in their support, patience, and loyalty up to this point,
especially considering what has been shown and communicated (or not) lately.
Think how you would feel if you had as much as these buyer's have on the line...
Let's support them for once, and hope they get their well deserved games.

#2720 5 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

Did you pay JPOP a visit with a pair of scissors and threaten to cut off his long, lovely, locks of hair if he didn't give you your money back?

OK, I had to laugh at that, but it's still in bad taste, to tease/ridicule these buyer's/investor's.
What would you say now, IF JPOP would of revealed MG at expo with 2 fully working games
that would of blown TBL out of the water? You would be eating crow is what you would be doing, since you stated,
"I have been trying to wake you guys up for years, how stupid you are, etc.."
But now you come here, seeing that things are not really encouraging, just to ridicule for no reason
whatsoever to the buyer's, turn your rant toward's Jpop, where it is warranted.

#2724 5 years ago


#2730 5 years ago
Quoted from Multiball1:

I PLAYED A FEW GAMES OF MAGIC GIRL and really enjoyed the game. (It was not 100% done)

The LED screen was functioning, had tons of animation (certainly still has more to go), and it was fully interactive with gameplay.

Soundtrack and sounds were very appealing. I hate to take his new work and reference it by looking back 20 years but since it's the only comparable we all know, think along the lines of a TOM / TOTAN combo.

The playfield is far from a white wood. I believe the prototype I played had the final version of the playfield, although I'm sure anything is subject to change, but any of us would be thrilled to have this in our game without a single revision. The artwork is absolutely amazing. Colors are vibrant and really JPOP.

The backglass/translite is stunning and I believe it's been finalized. Artwork is also amazing and it beautifully compliments the playfield and cabinet art.

So, why did he just bring a empty cabinet to expo?, when he could of brought all this?
sounds like it would of been a big hit at expo.!!

#2733 5 years ago

Yes, and don't let us forget about ALL the other supply, vendor's who must be on the hook for $$$, time, etc...with JPop.
We hear from GLModular (god bless you), but god knows how many other's who are sitting
on the sidelines, hoping, waiting, and not speaking up..(you don't have too, we know your out there).
Like GLMod say's, let's hope a "real team" can get together on this.

#2736 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

No offense but what about this statement is any kind of "revelation" to anybody?

Because, what you are getting is a perspective from a vendor, that you never usually get to see..

#2742 5 years ago


#2746 5 years ago

Either way, I hope all the buyer's get their machines eventually.

1 week later
#3103 5 years ago

Are you wanting or did you ask for a refund ? Or are you gonna get with Ice?

#3119 5 years ago

Please, anyone who has a vested interest in this MG or RHZA saga, please send ICE a PM , if you want him to help you out.

#3137 5 years ago

I would suggest, if you do not have a vested interest in MG or RAZA, let's leave this thread open to those pinsider's who do.
We should not clog up this thread with anymore people just wanting to chime in with
suggestion's or what should/could of been done, let's leave it up to the people
who have money invested in these projects.

4 weeks later
#3954 4 years ago

Hope these will be built soon for the owners.....

3 weeks later
#4335 4 years ago

Great work ICE, Did you ask him if he had a fully working prototype? And we want to see a video of it ASAP.
And when is he expecting a production date? Or who might do the production?

Quoted from iceman44:

He's not moving at the pace everybody would like, which he fully acknowledges, but there is a ton of stuff to show and reveal that will be done by opening up the Blogs on each project to everybody so they can see for themselves, and him adding additional stuff to it.

When is the expected timeframe for this reveal?

Quoted from iceman44:

News flash, John has an accounting firm that handles all the tax issues and reporting. He does have the cash to build our pins with the remaining deposit money due. I told him to use me as a resource from that standpoint and he plans to take advantage of it.

How many people owe a remaining deposit? Most people have paid in full I thought.
Again, it's great you contacted him ICE, and will have weekly communication.

#4368 4 years ago
Quoted from Shrub_Light:

If everything is financially sound why the hell is he stiffing vendors and refusing refunds?

First thing that should to be addressed by Jpop.

#4583 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Daaaammmnnn! MG looks and sounds sweeeeet!

Can you or someone post a video here on it?
I cannot open the video on that blog site, thank you. Would love to see and hear it.

#4586 4 years ago
Quoted from ulmpharmd:

anyone know how to fix the "no plugin available to display this content" message when trying to view the animations? tried java and shockwave no luck....

I'm having the same issue....I think someone disabled the plugin?

#4597 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

If he could finally have a game with great code (easily the weakest point of any of his games, not his fault) the sky's the limit.

My guess, he isn't even remotely there code-wise yet. How long will that take? Who is doing it?
Even more, how is the warranty on part's or labor?
How many duplicates does he have of any parts?

#4838 4 years ago
Quoted from BrianMadden:

If a brand new machine that I had never seen before showed up at my door (assuming the hardware was hooked up), it would literally only take a few hours to have a game running on it. I don't mean just having flippers flipping and knocking a ball around--I'm talking an actual playable game. Players, shots, scoring, DMD and/or LCD with lots of real info, etc. Give another few hours and we can make some light shows, and another few hours and we can make some modes.

This is the guy for the job for the software/board-work..!!, Let's get a production team together.!!

#4841 4 years ago

Your two beautiful people on the Jpop Job. Thank you.!

1 week later
#5214 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Not that he won't, he can't in large numbers, one guy gets it and he has to do it for everybody and creates a run on a bank that is already broke enough.

How much is broke enough?

3 weeks later
#6478 4 years ago

I think if anyone can get this done it's Jack and Co., Jack know's he can kick out 20 boutique pins rather
quickly now.
He has the manufacturing facility,
He also knows where and how fast he can get part's manufactured (under his name, not jpop's) .,
He also has great programmer's on-board to help with code.
All Jpop has to have is the check to get it done...

2 weeks later
#7799 4 years ago

He should update something....

3 weeks later
#10096 4 years ago

Interesting idea Joe, hope that can work out...

#10113 4 years ago

Follow the money, and see what you find..

#11331 4 years ago

Great work pin-pimp..!!, And congrats on Bill for stepping up and getting things done very fast.
(and pin-pimp as well).
I just have a quick question, and I apologize if this has been asked earlier, as I haven't had time to read every last page...
Who will OWN the game after the Northwest show? Who owns it now? Where will it go after?
It seem's it was built on all the pre-order/vendor's dimes, so I guess all the pre-order/vendor people own a small piece equally?
My take, Is Bill will use it for the good of pinball, and use it as a prototype to make future pins?
Seem's like the right thing to do/try.??

#11370 4 years ago
Quoted from ChadH:

The show is only 10 days away. This means it needs to be packed up and shipped out no later than 8 days from now.
What are the chances that John actually lets his baby go?

The game is already on it's way to the show..., Zombieyeti is in the car with it., It's gone from Jpop..

#11375 4 years ago

Deeproot had NO money for the for see able future.....No reason to ask again. Was said before.

#11379 4 years ago
Quoted from BackFlipper:

My guess is that it is still the property of Zidware.

Isn't Zidware gone?

2 weeks later
#15364 4 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Because 'cost' as people think isn't their true cost? Megadealers work through driving costs down, not that they necessarily sell below costs.. simply their margins are better on a whole through efficiency due to consolidation and economies of scale.
This is a tangent that doesn't change the basic principle that yes.. as part of buying a product, you are funding the expenses of the company. Including all overhead, salaries, etc. Some where this delusion was born that by agreeing to buy a product, that money is somehow locked ONLY to physically constructing THAT product... not pay for the R&D, the employees, the overhead, etc that the business needs to fund, and actually bring that piece to market. Yes, sometimes companies set out on programs they know will never make their money back because they are either showpieces, ego-pieces, or simply loss leaders intended to draw people into other products... but that doesn't change the fundamental concept that companies are funded on an ongoing basis from margins on sales of goods or services.

Unbelivable BS, NO ONE bought into a company you RETARD, they bought into a PRODUCT ONLY..!! WHEN ONE PERSON SAID THEY
WOULD DELIVER A PINBALL for SAID MONEY$$$, that is the contract..NO MORE, NO LESS.

1 week later
#16086 4 years ago

Why is no one waiting out in front of his house, Jpop's and coming up to him.....Saying "Where is my money"?
And saying, "let me escort you to the bank to collect the money you took from me? just wondering ?

#16098 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

I once saw a scam artist put up billboards advertising a small casino he (best I could tell) never planned to actually open..

Same thing we are dealing here....

2 months later
#17539 4 years ago

So, I pay this guy $6500.00 for pin , he say's he can't deliver pin, and won't give me back my money.
I check flight to chicago, rountrip $550.00, hotel $130 a night.,
I promise you, I come back with my money...

#17541 4 years ago

Many people fly to Chicago, many people check into hotels...hahaha.

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