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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#246 5 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

Wow, 21 people put $17k three years ago and he just increased it to 60 games!!!!
That sucks, still will be unobtainum but sucks for the initial 21

Breaks down to him spending 300% of budget really. Expected to take 1.5 years and require x whitewoods. It will end up taking 4.5 years and 3 (???) x whitewoods. You don't want our man thrown out on the street do ya? This approach will probably factor into his decision of how many RAZA's to make when that time arrives.

2 months later
2 weeks later
#1451 5 years ago
Quoted from Strange:

Let's hope this many is made at least. It's gonna suck down the line when someone wants one of these machines and has to pay through the butt cheek to get one.

I thought current pricing was already there.

#1481 5 years ago

Should have added this too, tats are a more robust solution. Sure he could remove it, but then it's really gonna look like crap.


#1637 5 years ago

Since when were aliens added into this thing - wtf??? This was supposed to be zombies pin. If John morphed the theme and didn't tell his buyers, while holding their money hostage, he must be crazier than I thought. I was a RAZA buyer for awhile but bailed because it seemed too risky and I didn't have the stomach for it. I would have gotten out due to theme change alone though. Seeing pics of that cabinet at Expo I was totally disappointed. I like alien themes just fine, but RAZA started as a pure zombie theme. Then Stern scooped JPOP by releasing their own zombie pin. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of TWD pin as designed. Were JPOP to do a zombie pin, I'd be interested, but only when its available though.

#2004 5 years ago

Got to admit a Pussycats is appealing. I like both themes, should be a slam dunk. Unfortunately does not look feasible with all the other delayed projects. Won't be sending in a deposit though...prepay model has fooled me three times, so must draw the line.

#2554 5 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Maybe this is common knowledge, but who is he "kept" by? If he's being supported by a wealthy spouse that would certainly change the financial dynamics of his projects.

Hope she signed up for a MG & RAZA. Then we know she won't let this slide too far.

1 week later
#2873 5 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

He hasn't been on the site since sep 30th (unless he's visiting without logging in to lurk privately)

As you don't have to log-in to view posts, why should he bother to if he can just read the comments anonymously?

1 week later
#2935 5 years ago

Looking forward to the evolution and renaming of this thread to .... Courtroom Chronicles of Zidware. Sadly, and in one way or another, this JPOP saga seems destined to become entangled by the US legal system, before the first pin sees the light of day from a Collector's gameroom. Sorry folks, but this situation is akin to Sysyphus pushing a large boulder uphill for eternity. Each transgression results in stopping the forward movement of the bolder and allows it to fall backwards and on top of its master. There is little recourse left to investors, and certainly no apparent good option to resolving.

2 weeks later
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#3615 5 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

It entails entrails?

.. I was taking liberties with similar sounding words that may end in a similar fate.

#3666 5 years ago

For me, the turning point was seeing raza was no longer about zombies and no communication from JPOP about that. With the theme changed and zidware holding onto your deposits is wrong. I'll stop short of calling this criminal behavior, but it is no longer the same product.

JPop needs to honor requests for a full refund now! I would not invest in a business where that kind of shenanigans takes place. The lynch mob might have lost its focus lately but for those with money on the line, you deserve your money back and some straight answers. There are a but a few tenants to successful business but don't f3ck with your customer's money ought to be rules 1, 2 and 3. As much as it pains me to say it, people should seriously consider pursuing legal recourse.

#3669 5 years ago
Quoted from Coyote:

..Did you have a seizure while typing? Or is this a reference to something way over my head? :d

Yes lost connection. But I was saying....

There is no way a company can take 4 year to develop a project, budgeted for one, and still be viable without spending a good chunk of the money already.. Prepare to wait anther four years at this rate. Mechanical model lacking, where's the programming or the newly developed operating system? In the meantime, additional costs will be incurred and vendors expect to be paid in a reasonable timeframe too. I can clearly see this is destined to end badly. For a lot of good people who took a risk, well ... this happened. Sorry.

#3672 5 years ago
Quoted from Fulltilt:

Uhhh....Day #1 It's not ALL about Zombies
- Zombies
- Mind eraser
- Go Go girls
- Retro bots
- Swirly
- Zombie bowling
- Flying saucers
- Gloo gun
- X Ray goggles
- 3 D glasses
- A lucky cat
- Tilt-a girl
- F86 Sabre jet
» YouTube video

bhza-flyer.jpg 113 KB

Right On, Right On. It was the whole package that created the magic. Seeing that artwork again creates a strong tingling in my legs and makes me wish someone was going to be making one using that concept. I'd buy when it was coming off the line. Oh well, back to reality. It is not going to happen.

#3812 4 years ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

Translites look good,
time to change the one on the game page on pinside?
RetroZombieTranslite.jpg 49 KB

What is with the different art on the cabinet head? Is one a newer design, or is one intended for each side?

#3815 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

He's had a lot of options created. Speaks back to the point of the amount of waste that is going on, since those options take an artist a significant amount of time.
I believe there are multiple cabinet side art options as well. This would all be fine and good if the games weren't so over schedule.

Yeah, but once JPOP finalizes the RAZA head artwork, and approves the RAZA cabinet art and has finally ok'd the RAZA translite .... and is double sure the hardware works together with the whole package, well ,,, oh hell you know he is going to need another round of changes on the artwork. A few tweaks, but it shouldn't take him much longer. Right?

but one day ... (in my best Gandolf sounding voice) IT WILL BE DONE !!!. and when it is, there will be much rejoicing, angels blowing trumpets and children playing in the streets. You want to know the best news? The one important take-away? come closer ... closer .. much closer .... closer still ...... don't be afraid my little ones .... press your nose right against the glass.... JPOP will then be freed up to use his mad mechanical design, electrical design and programming skills, to complete the balance of RAZA. And then he will don his manufacturer's cap, and can have them out in a jiffy. ... and maybe

Sorry guys, I don't see this happening. I feel like I am a witnessing a pyramid scheme. I don't have all the pieces of the puzzle, but something doesn't smell right. Usually when something doesn't smell right, it isn't. And even if it isn't, and you are picking up mixed signals, it is best just to stay away. So I say this smells funny!

..Money has flowed into projects X,Y and Z. RAZA project alone is currently 300%+ beyond schedule (four years vs one) and if you realistically add two years to complete design of this plus the other two games, there will be 500%+ overrun in schedule and design budget. I think it is safe to see the trend for the other two games is following right along the same trajectory so suppose everything is 500% over budget at the end of the day. Think about this guy is ready to start buying parts and building three different games. He doesn't want to use a dumb old factory or subcontract it out. He rather do it himself so that it will be done right. This kind of poor planning and execution doesn't work in the real world.

I'll admit it. I am drawn to this thread like a moth to the light. I embrace it and revel in its every nuance, outrage uttered, vile insult, trolling question, piece of real information. Package ingredients - gossip, rumors, back stabbing, bitch slapping, F&CKFEST!, innuendo and ever so subtle subterfuge.

Comments welcomed from following groups - Unaware, innocent, cool-aide drinkers, business analysts, armchair quarterbacks, praisers, posers, brown-nosers, butt-wipers, CIA, FBI, SPCA, SCUBA, NASA, pinheads, pinballers, PINSIDERS, investors, buyers, suppliers, uninterested parties, rabble-rousers, lurkers, wanna-be's, disinterested parties, scallywags, scoundrels, cut throats, saints, nitpickers, hombres ....

#3827 4 years ago
Quoted from Robotoes:

I'd drop acid with Jpop in a heartbeat.

Get started now. you're already wayyyyyyy behind.

4 weeks later
#4280 4 years ago

So to be clear ... JPOP is NOT working 24/7, aka around-the-clock on these games....and a few folks partied with JPOP at Yates's Lancaster in Lancashire and will be nursing one hell of a belter this morning.

1 week later
#4904 4 years ago
Quoted from fastpinball:

Nope. Still working out a game plan. But there has been no outright refusal. We spoke today. Will talk more over the weekend.
FAST Pinball

Aaron must be pretty difficult to work with if JPOP is having to mull it over.

#4929 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Whatever happens, I want the words "hope" and "faith" removed from the discussion. There needs to be tangible evidence and results.

I agree and pray that you are on the right track.

1 week later
#5264 4 years ago
Quoted from jayhawkai:

The Ben option: "OK customer, let's get this thing built!"
The JPop option: "OK, let's build this pin right after we remodel your house so that it complements the artwork of RAZA."

"... and I know the perfect place to start with the remodeling -- door hinges. Don't mind if I say so myself, but I know a few things about hinges", JPOP was overheard saying.

1 week later
#5855 4 years ago
Quoted from FatAussieBogan:

I'm behind on the last one thousand posts, what have I missed? Cliff notes anyone.

Last 1000 posts similar to first 5000. Four years elapsed, $1M +/- paid in, 3+ pins under design, no flipping whitewoods, little communication from JPOP except for broken promises, heavy criticism on Pinside and small-level threats. Tales follow of speculative bets made (nobody has admitted to this yet), cracked piggy banks, disappearing funds with little chance of a refund, broken dreams, family fortunes destroyed, comparisons to 5 stages of grief, lost dreams and the pre-order model is broken and possibly even beaten to death.

At least two parts vendors have been stiffed for 7k and 25k (likely). Multiple contractors / employees have not been paid for their labor and have each quit in disgust. Aside from choosing an architecture that requires specialized skills from a limited applicant pool, low offer wages are expected to bog down efforts to secure top talent, leading some to believe that John will eventually be wearing that hat himself. Stories abound of John constantly changing direction and being impossible to work for. Currently there are needs for a program manager, lead programmer, programming support and a sound designer.

Many armchair quarterbacks and business managers here to offer free advice (some of which is very good, and the rest, not so much) and a group of Owners has informally tried reaching out to John, offering to help organize his affairs, assess the pulse of where these pins stand and come up with a path going forward.

Major reveals of MG & RAZA are on the horizon. AIW has been pushed out a few weeks.

4 weeks later
#7587 4 years ago
Quoted from Razorbak86:

Too late. You're being sued already by John's imaginary attorney. Oh, wait. Scratch that. It looks like the imaginary attorney hasn't been paid.

I have hired a dozen lawyers over the years to help with simple matters. One thing I've noticed is that they expect to be paid for their services, usually with a good sized amount up front and they'll let you know when to deposit more as you proceed. If you don't pay, you still have the original problem to address but added to the load is a disgruntled attorney with all your personal info and with the full weight of the law behind them.

Given John's track record of not paying vendors, his refusal to refund money as promised and the steady flow of complaints, I don't believe he has the funds to hire an attorney. Adding to the fire - John's refusal to face facts or to provide an honest assessment to buyers, legal action sounds like the only recourse to recovering part of your funds back.

#7604 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

More tricks and obfuscation will just fan the flames.

If player in video is David Copperfield or Penn or Teller, I won't trust what my eyes see.

#7810 4 years ago

Only video I have seen on here recently was for Frozen. It wasn't flipping yet but appeared to be a real mockup. Time to ... Shutup and take my money, Frozen! Would this be considered a preorder or just a case of precipitation?

#7828 4 years ago

Regardless how badly the negotiations with JJP went, John's biggest failure after 4 years is that nothing has been finalized yet. Not one item on any of the 3+ design projects undertaken (MG playfield is not the last one). A tally of completed items from all games to date -

0 - cabinet designs
0 - cabinet hardware
0 - playfield designs
0 - game mockups
0 - shooting white woods
0 - software operating system
0 - game software v 1.0
0 - final game software

So how could anyone, including JJP, assign a realistic value to the projects in order to negotiate a deal? At what stage would any of them be considered complete? Taking over one of these projects would be a terrible decision, as it will undoubtedly become a money drain. However, taking over all projects along with their liabilities (which is the only feasible way to proceed to get John out of the picture), would rank as the worst decision anybody made in their lifetime. WHHHHOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHH!!!! is the sucking sound of the world's largest money pit starting to churn. Advice to potential suitors ..... RUN!!

#8220 4 years ago

The biggest thing that doesn't jive for me is the reporting by people visiting his shop. In a sea of negativity and concern over John's progress, it was a single ray of hope. Suggesting maybe things were ok after all, often claiming John had working whitewoods and reporting that he was close to going into production. Who would post such things and go on about how great things were coming along when they obviously weren't? Were they not able to see past John's sales pitch or were they just being malicious? Nobody reported any issues or concerns, and that is pure crap. When people are vouching for things and claiming everything was going to be worth the wait and that they were staying in, how could others dispute it? Everybody chalked it up to the notion that once it is done it will be great, without anyone ever seeing anything great, just some assemblies that showed well and nice artwork. While I feel John is 100% responsible for this epic fail, these cheerleaders allowed John's sham to continue unabated. In the end it didn't effect the outcome but probably delayed the showdown by a year, and that is unacceptable.

#8255 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

besides all the other nonsense about not delivering pins, I know making pinball machines is hard.
But this is disgraceful. The customers are the reason why these projects exist. John would be less zero if it wasn't for the people who backed him on these projects. They deserve to be treated with respect.

maybe that's what he meant by nda... non-disclosure means non-disclosure, and that applies to everybody equally - even John. rest assured, the harder I laugh and make jokes here, is really only to mask the pain and absurdity of the situation. No disrespect is directed at buyers. I was almost in on RAZA late in the game when the timetables had stretched, people were in the dark and a few were visiting the shop and letting us know how awesome things were. I considered scooping up a vacated spot (had I done that, maybe one of you would have got some money back ). Spoke to John a few times by phone, but based on all available info, decided he was way too disorganized and believed best case was a great game delivered in 10 years. Too much risk for the situation, but still feel lucky avoiding this one. Sorry it is going this way. Maybe we'll get to see some ramps in a few days guys, right?

#8267 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

John hasn't shown the ability to work with anyone. We're probably deluding ourselves with these "what ifs". Likely this will continue to play out the way it has been until a real legal action is taken or forced bankruptcy.
I suspect the games have too much work to go for someone else to want to pay to see them completed (investors) so likely a bankruptcy and whatever is in the shop gets sold out as memorabilia. The incomplete prototypes will probably disappear into the night before this all happens.

+1. Unless proven otherwise, this recent planning of options (which I consider as top notch btw) is akin to spending time arranging deck furniture on the Titanic right before ... oh you know what happens.

2 weeks later
#10044 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

now we know It's over for John. He's done. This guy is the last resort

This is funny, but it was actually over two years ago and JOHN HAS BEEN LYING TO EVERYONE for the past two years. Most third graders could spearhead this project better than JPop. They would know that if you plan to collect half the money on three projects and also expect it to cost the balance of monies to actually manufacture the pins, then all three pins would need to be fully designed before the deposit money was spent. Instead the money is gone and no pin is anywhere close to being production ready. Are we to believe John woke up one day recently, only to discover there was nothing left in the bank? This is BS, pure and simple. Two years ago John may have had half a million dollars left and he knew almost no progress had been made on any of the three pins. He was in trouble and had no way for this to end satisfactory. But instead of fessing up, he started lying to investors. Note - he had been lying to vendors for the first two years - almost from the start. Contracting for their products and services and then not paying invoices. Remember this is back when he had all the deposits.

Blah. blah, blah ... there were delays, patents had to be filed, games were almost done and would be revealed soon. Sh*t flew out of his mouth fast and furiously every time his lips moved. I am sorry but regardless of the deal being offered, this roast is done. Put a fork in it. Under this plan, John is still involved (because he has to complete design of MG as it is maybe 50% done and will require another few years). The other projects are probably about 10% done. Remember the example above using 3rd graders as the project manager, where all pins needed to be designed before the deposits ran out, well money is gone and pins are nowhere to be found. So you would have to be crazy to stay in a project that John is still involved with and in which you are dependent on John to "design real games now". Sheesh, John, you are a P.O.S..

Not knowing identity of "investor" (I don't care who it is, if pin is not designed, it cannot be built), this person better have a lot of specific pinball manufacturing experience, otherwise they are not qualified. Think about all the recent examples of manufacturing delays from people building first time pins. Furthermore, we have heard from ZombiYeti that he hasn't even been approached about signing onto the project. What the hell? His work is the only part of this sham that needed to be locked in before anyone considers moving forward.

So to anyone saying the choices they are being given now are horrible, you are right. You should have been given some choices two years ago. Instead John lied to you, again, again, again, again, again and again. That is inexcusable.

#10269 4 years ago
Quoted from pinball_customs:

Well then i guess the cat is out of the bag.
It figures it would take a Canadian to bail out a Canadian. man I hope this works, I really do... Here's hoping Bill calls Stern first thing Tuesday morning. Hey maybe Lyman can do the code! . And Stern can learn how to integrate an LCD display finally ... It's a win-win!

+1+ Hey, as long as Stern would be pausing their current efforts, in order to focus on completing these 3 designs, why not have them produce a 2nd version (or 3rd depending on perspective) of KISS. That would be pretty rad to have Stern develop a competitors design for same title as their current release. Develop JJP's KISS pin and maker it even better than the current KISS. Come on Stern, do it!

#10306 4 years ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

People who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it
Big Bang Bar. Gene designed nothing, had parts made . machine still took 3 years and a lot of favors, to pull it off
Wayne never had a factory when he took deposits for Medieval Madness remake. With no manufacturing experience, it took many years before the idea folded
JJP, had manufacturing experience, but no engineering or programming expertise, took 3 ½ years (he had been working on this a year before his announcement) to get the game rolling off the assembly line. Electronics not up to standard and found to not be able to handle pinball life
People need to look deeper, beyond the promise, before handing over the well earned $$$

If this rescue plan takes off and a single MG makes it through production and ships, I'll be draining this thread. I almost can't bare opening this thread .. all day, every day. But once production begins, the design chapter closes and a new nightmare begins ...called manufacturing.

#10340 4 years ago
Quoted from pinball_customs:

The investor is Bill Brandes -- aka. "wcbrandes", a respected member of the pinball community. ,,,Again, Bill has only had the keys for what... 2 days? And it's a long weekend. Give it time..

Wait, wcbrandes has time to sleep?

John "worked" 16 hour days / 365 days a year.

#10455 4 years ago

Once bankruptcy process concluded, the design and rights of said design transfer to the winning bidder. Pintasia's agreement would be worthless and they would lose production rights, correct? Same fate would apply to the sub-assemblies and patented parts too. This seems to be a major flaw in the current plan as explained so far, that needs to be addressed. Also don't see how Pintasia can legally enter into a licensing agreement with Zidware, a company they realize is technically insolvent and with many lurking claims.

#10469 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

At least skitB has not asked anyone to sign away their right to presscharges or sue, LOL. WTF kind of deal is that.

Probably only because Skit-B didn't think of it; Skit-B has big cahones as well.

#10552 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

--No one even knows if these pins will be any good, it's a pig in a poke.

Especially since what you see in two weeks is without software. You know, a minimal ... even premature programming. There will be no meaningful way to judge whether the game will be a pig in the poke.

1 week later
#13493 4 years ago
Quoted from joestro78:

Bill/PDX 2016! Heroes and pioneers whose names will go down in history along side the likes of Davy Crockett and Neal Armstrong!

I'd suggest renaming MG LE to MGHE "Magic Girl - Hero's Edition".

#13699 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

What's with the sys11 back box. Does that thing not fold?

Wow that would be a mess. But it has hinges, no? I mean that alone was to be an evolution to another dimension

#13705 4 years ago

Well I guess the good news is should Pintasia bring a programmer onboard now, he would have two years to produce the software. Game can ship with COMPLETE CODE.
Bill is beginning to capture my attention.

#13713 4 years ago

The beautifully contoured & colored plastics, side panels art, and lcd along the back are really impressive. Seems like a lots of attention to detail. But also makes me consider this to be setting a new bar for pinball design.

#14603 4 years ago

Smart move to pull the plug Bill. Way too much design remaining. Heck of an effort to organize a possible rescue, but it won't have paid off. Your quick evaluation and decision brings closure to the dream. Anybody left in the game who still expects to receive one of these games, may have dropped acid once too many times.

#14701 4 years ago

Had a dream this afternoon. I was standing in front of King Solomon along with a group of pinheads. Also present was the only shooting MG machine. Everybody had an opinion of how to dispose of the game and why they should be the sole owner. King Solomon rose and said,"let us divide the game into 199 pieces and return something to everyone". The people answered"ok". So the game was divided into unequal parts and distributed to the people. amen.

#15332 4 years ago

Seems to me...

John advertised a process and a product ... times three. It was a gamble that he would design great games but it was not intended in any way shape or form to be viewed a crowd funding project. He implied you would be getting a game, hey because if problems arose, you could always request a refund (this JPoP can really be a jack*SS sometimes). He pitched his products from concept through design phase and onto building and delivering them, while continuing to provide support after the sale. JPoP would have had to guess a price needed to manufacture each and added 100% for overhead, insurance and profit. Based on this crass assumption, at least half the sales price would be needed to manufacturer each game. So when the point came that the 50% money he collected for all three pins was spent, John raised his hand and declared a problem, or did he?

We presume that when John said he quit paying himself a salary in Nov '14, it signals the money was gone. Yet for the next seven months JPoP did not tell us the project was ruined and that there would no money to complete the design and still expect to build and deliver these pins. JPoP is a sleazeball for not raising his hand earlier, imho. Should we dig a little deeper? We might with find a trail of unpaid vendors. I mean come on John, pay people for what you contracted with them for. I think JPoP is a world class d*bag! So had John paid out the $200k probably owed, it would have meant he would have run out of money one year prior. So Zidware was probably insolvent by Nov 2013, and just now in June of 2015, Zidware admits there is not enough money to complete the machines. That is 19 Months too late! For the last 19 months John saw a dwindling bank balance, which if he had paid his vendors would have registered as $0.00, before bank fees.

JPoP has been defrauding 100% of all his investors for the past 19 months. He has been smearing sh*t all over your faces and laughing as he did it. He did not respect you. But is all that so bad, you wonder? Remember the guarantee policy mentioned earlier? It played a big part in John's scheme. If you needed your money back this is how much you could expect and under what circumstances. Deposits were supposed to be safe. Well based on the fact a number of people had been trying to get a refund from before Nov 2013, and JPOP was not refunding them John knew that if he paid 20 people their $8k each on average, he'd need $160k cash or maybe another year of cashflow. If so, this would mean that John was technically insolvent Nov 2012 *** 31 months Ago! Let me restate this new hypothesis - John f*ck*d up and his company Zidware was technically insolvent 31 months ago - Nov 2012, and he has been so brazen as to have ... BEEN LYING TO HIS INVESTORS ever since. Every utterance from John after Nov 2012, is considered by me to be 100% Bu!!$hi+.

John knew what his account balances were and what burn rate he could expect. Had he paid his vendors and refunded money to people when requested, based on his progress as of Nov 2012, he knew the game was over. What John chose to do thereafter imho, was to engage in a series of pathological lying up until June 2015. JPOP is a really big d-bag

If it is any consolation, am confident that John's lack of record keeping, alleged co-mingling of funds, probable lack of proper corporate and personal tax payments, questionable incorporation, multiple lawsuits etc, JPoP should be planning for a busy year. People, that is called - providing service after the sale. Way to go JPoP!

1 week later
#16011 4 years ago
Quoted from rommy:

He could even ramp back up.
Very surreal where this is all going.

Don't think JPOP even understands what ramping up means. With all the resources at his fingertips, John couldn't make a single pinball machine in four years, although claiming he knew how and had the experience. I just don't see John ramping up. Who would invest in such a venture?

1 week later
#16195 4 years ago
Quoted from jarjarisgod:

Mounting Jason Statham to the front would appear to be more effective.

Oh Schwing!!!schwing!!!.png

1 week later
#16746 4 years ago

Well tells us peons, please! Almost 17,000 posts into this thread, and I can't stop now.

#16778 4 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

To top it off, he's acting petty towards a customer who was in on both of his prepays? Really Jack? So glad I sold my Woz and didn't get in on TH preorder.


1 week later
#16994 4 years ago

Can someone dig out that screen shot of JPOP semimar where he starts a game about what other games haven't I produced? That one should be added to wiki page as it sums up everything you need to know.

2 months later
#17938 4 years ago

Roses are red and violets are blue
if you sent money to JPOP
you stepped in JPoo

The story is an old one, it's not even new.
been lied to ... been cheated,
no time to boo hoo

It cost a few grand, that's not really a lot
John Popadiuk lost his good name and
you have been JPOP'd.

1 month later
#18353 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

agreed.. I'd even settle for artist sketch chalk drawings
» YouTube video

I'll skip the artists sketch and wait for the mugshots. Who am I kidding? I'll enjoy cartoons of court sketches to fill the void.

2 months later
#18515 4 years ago

Hehe ... Thieving Scumbag. but isn't that two skills rolled into one category? Wish that when this search is rerun, category is renamed Lying Thieving Dirtbags.

#18523 4 years ago
Quoted from Coyote:

Wait.. He's only the Vice-President??

He was President, but then he had to demote himself because of poor performance reviews. His dog made a play and took over the helm.

2 weeks later
#18607 3 years ago

When the cabinet hinges are auctioned off, I hope to be the winning bidder.

2 weeks later
#18652 3 years ago

Reading Pinball Legends section of Pinball Blog and came across JPOP. Wish he could have put some of those skills to use building the games he was paid to deliver. But then, the whole thing was reallly nothing but a big F&CK!NG cherade. We were JPOP’s experiment and he had the balls to mindf&ck us all. John Popadiuk is a great big douchebag!


TPB. How did you get your job at Bally?

JPOP. I bought Roger Sharpe's book on Pinball.... and wrote Norm Clark a letter. He invited me for a factory tour...and at lunch I told him I was not returning home and he would have to hire me. And he did, on the spot! I had been working for a pinball jobber for a while, so I knew the ins and outs of pinball repair, construction, etc......so I was useful on day 1 at the Pinball Division. Bally became my family and I met then a host of great lifelong friends.


whew, that felt good.

1 month later
#18764 3 years ago

never underestimate the power of a new door to allow you to realize your true potential. and this one showed us real magic. duh

2 weeks later
#18830 3 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

depends on how shrewd his legal defense is. There are many shades of grey.

Haha .. Fifty Shades of JPOOP ...

2 months later
#18966 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Funny thing is even if he had $5 mill it would take him another 10 yrs to get a working production pin completed.

For a $5M infusion, JPOP would still not be able to build your games, on account of his high salary requirements and all. However he could sell his $40k house and afford to buy a $40k trailer and to settle in the French Riveria. Thus becoming France's "problem".

1 week later
#19012 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Bleep... You guys have like super powers spotting him

Probably using military grade kanedar to spot him sir.

2 weeks later
#19030 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Right. But he seemed to know ...

That's an oxymoron, but if JPOP passed on free food - it was probably by accident.

1 week later
#19088 3 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

There is sometimes only a small window for success.

Judging by how much money he stole, I'd say JPoP was an expert cat wrangler.

#19095 3 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

.... toil away on useless stuff, like hand coding html pages, while you claim you are working 7 x 14.

... and whacking off and surfing the net aren't work either. Gomer Pile would have summarized JPOP fiasco in this manner. "For shame, for shame, for shame".

#19198 3 years ago
Quoted from blue95:

WTF is a Bloomin' Onion? Never seen one in Australia.

Large onion, battered and deep fried - basically one LARGE onion ring. Substitute for french fries or chips and fun dish to share. It's good but not so healthy Best dish to share.

bloomingonion (resized).jpg

#19199 3 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

John already had a working board set, that wasn't the problem. He needed a mechanical engineer more than most things, ...

that might tie with begin programming, but it's definately in the top 5. That might be an interesting topic - Top 5 Things JPOP Did Wrong. I'd need to put my thinking cap on for that, and am sure it will be hard to pare the list.

#19216 3 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

Most failures share the top 5. This entire thread exposes these shortcomings as they were made clear over time.
1. Complete lack of responsibility & accountability - to paying customers, vendors (or any one, really)
2. Overestimated his ability
3. Misjudged and/or mismanaged /wasted : skills, time, cost, difficulty, critical path, financial projections, goodwill
4. too proud to accept help for list in item #3.
5. Horrible judgment & communication re: what customers wanted, would accept

All good choices but I would have to add acting dishonestly, deceitful and frudulently. But now we have to strike one off your list. This isn't going to be easy.

#19217 3 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

I don't think a single thing at Outback Steakhouse is Australian...

The boomerangs hanging on the wall come from AU, and if you see a didgeridoo, it is from there too. Can't think of much else. I haven't seen vegemite on their menu yet but wouldn't recommend ordering it anyways. Unless you enjoy eating food that stinks. Yuck!

#19227 3 years ago

One of these should fit the bill, err .... role of John

JPOP2 (resized).jpg

JPOP1 (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#19291 3 years ago
Quoted from mbaumle:

What do you think would happen if he DID actually (somehow) produce an actual game, and began delivering them? ...

JPOP is a CONman and a fraud. Having zero understanding of the process, John is not competent to build a pinball machine. Being a Pinsider, you should already be aware how important software is to a great game. John had no programmers onboard and he doesn't believe in paying for those services. If spotted at Expo, approach JPOP with caution. Considered dangerous for his abililty to spin webs and entrance his victims. JPOP is a toxic turd. He might appear in costume, but should be easy to spot.

jpop5 (resized).jpg
science (resized).jpg

#19633 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I believe what they are thinking is IF they can produce a MG, in whatever state it's in, and give the original owners a pinball machine then that is the first step to "making it right"

except they don't own the rights to MG, Bill Brandes does.

3 weeks later
#20172 3 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

The AP/Zidware marriage goes back as far as fall 2015 (first rumors of new investor and it fits the timeline)
All must have been OK up until the reveal of Houdini. But since then:
1) cabinets changed
2) patented position of LCD changed (they had mockups of it in BG and it looked like ass)
3) art changed
4) NOT USING ZIDWARE BOARDSET starting from scratch also no code. That's biggest red flag
5) hired Joe in time for Expo
Sure sounds like backpedaling to me. I'm telling ya, I believe they bought a pig in a poke and waited a year to open the bag.


1 month later
#20402 3 years ago

If you reorder these pins by release date, things look interesting. As most of the titles are about equal funwise, it would seem the quantities should be flat or rising. Other factors come into play such as pricing and roi, but it also looks like the market was contracting sharply.

WCS94: 8,743 units
TOM: 6,600 units
TOTAN: 3,128 units
Voltaire: 2,704 units
SWE1: 3,525 units

Quoted from toyotaboy:

Well let's see (keeping it simple)
Voltaire: 2,704 units
SWE1: 3,525 units
TOTAN: 3,128 units
TOM: 6,600 units
WCS94: 8,743 units
Assume his salary in the 90s was $50k/year, and his development time was 2 years a piece (since he worked there 10 years), divide that into 24,700 units.. His $500k salary over a 10 year period (half of what he stole in only 5 years to accomplish nothing versus finish 5 machines in 10).. If you figure the average machine in the 90s sold for $3k, that's 74 million dollars in net revenue.
74 million / 500k = $148 per machine.
Million dollars invested into zidware= (cannot divide by zero)
I'd say he's far past that point.

#20404 3 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Well let's see (keeping it simple)
...Assume his salary in the 90s was $50k/year, and his development time was 2 years a piece (since he worked there 10 years), divide that into 24,700 units.. His $500k salary over a 10 year period (half of what he stole in only 5 years to accomplish nothing versus finish 5 machines in 10).. If you figure the average machine in the 90s sold for $3k, that's 74 million dollars in net revenue.
74 million / 500k = $148 per machine.
Million dollars invested into zidware= (cannot divide by zero)
I'd say he's far past that point.

Wouldn't that be $1M invested / $1M salary = $1 ? So JPOP's lawyer could argue JPOP's theft should be limited to $1 per machine Maybe this is one of those logical arguments that isn't so logical.

#20413 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Wouldn't that be $1M invested / $1M salary = $1 ? So JPOP's lawyer could argue JPOP's theft should be limited to $1 per machine Maybe this is one of those logical arguments that isn't so logical.

EXCEPT if you are dividing dollars into dollars, which cancel each other out and you end up with a ratio of numbers and no units associated. In this case it is 1 and that can be converted into percent as 100.

Quoted from toyotaboy:

Well let's see (keeping it simple)
...Assume his salary in the 90s was $50k/year, and his development time was 2 years a piece (since he worked there 10 years), divide that into 24,700 units.. His $500k salary over a 10 year period (half of what he stole in only 5 years to accomplish nothing versus finish 5 machines in 10).. If you figure the average machine in the 90s sold for $3k, that's 74 million dollars in net revenue.
74 million / 500k = $148 per machine.
Million dollars invested into zidware= (cannot divide by zero)
I'd say he's far past that point.

I thnk what you meant to compare was his $500k salary / 24,500 units sold = $20 / pin for the cost. But that is not accurate either, because salary is only a part of cost. Also estimates of how much collateral damage was caused by his incomplete work, rework, required bailouts by fellow employees and missed deadlines is hard to put a number to. Better to focus on the hard costs.

You want to look at burdened cost - since benefits, insurance, taxes, overhead, retirement etc are essentially tied together with every hour of labor expended. I'll wager 2.5 times employee salary - or $1.25M was closer to the fully burdened costs to B/W ( a legitamate company and legal entity) . You would then want to convert this into todays dollars because you intend to make comparisons with today's dollars. Getting out the old inflation converter, I see the present day value of $1 in 1994 is $1.62 today x $1.25M = 2M in today's dollars, plus change.

Finally ... JPOP's employment at Bally Williams cost buyers $2M / 24.5k units = $82.65 for every JPOP pin sold. Also $82.65 labor / 3k $/pin (average cost per unit) shows JPOP was likely 2.65% of every sale. That is reasonable in my book.

Now back to your present day fiasco. $1M / 0 units produced approaches infinity, so yeah, that's a bad return on investment.

2 months later
#20549 3 years ago
Quoted from Fulltilt:

Seems like just yesterday writing those checks and feeling good about a Zombie pin.....
In retrospect it was totally my fault for giving him money past the "design" phase.

Your post is good, for many reasons. It eliminates any doubt JPOP was promoting he would be designing and building games for $10k, paid-in-full price according to said schedule. Once you approve the start of manufacturing, expect five months for it to be built. ... as long as you continued to shovel money into the JPOP train.

This same schedule reminded me of JPOP's ridiculous claim you could pay $1k and have the pleasure of building your own pinball machine with a game designer (who will be crashing a few nights at your pad [remember to check if designer has been eating his meals] while he helps you finish building your pinball machine. But if you chose NOT to spend $1k, your game would instead show up at your home already assembled). That was the easiest upgrade I was never tempted to order.

pasted_image (resized).png

1 week later
#20606 2 years ago
Quoted from c508:

concretehardt call Zane and find out if Illinois court rules allow you to video-conference or phone in for your deposition. Then you can save $$$ for your trip to be a witness if it goes to trial.
If you do fly, ALASKA is the way to go since Chicago is their eastern-most hub and they usually have good deals for that route (I fly to PDX from O'Hare more often than to SEA due to price difference, having friends in both places, and liking the drive between the two cities).
Anyway, the notices (at least according to the docket) went out two weeks ago (Jan. 17) and would have been certified mail so it would be weird for you not to get it (unless all of them went to the Plaintiff's attorney instead).

Quoted from rommy:

I have received no certified mail in this matter as of business yesterday.

So people being deposed in one week are still missing a certified request that was mailed two weeks ago? Wonder where the mail went, who signed for it and why the timeframe is so short it precludes people from being able to make reasonable travel plans?

1 week later
#20633 2 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

After everything we've been through, I'm highly suspect of this "mission accomplished" announcement of finished games, when no one has seen a playable one. These things are supposed to be going into boxes?

A game play video would have been the bomb, but some pics would have been sweet, too. There are only a low number of MG's to be made. I'll bet they could fit in a small corner of a warehouse and easily fit into one snapshot. Guess I am highly skeptical until some physical proof is offered.

#20659 2 years ago
Quoted from GRR:

Well heres the pics I've seen

What's the pricing card for? The games weren't supposed to be routed or it voided the warranty. Anybody feel like chiming in that the warranty is not worth the paper on which it is written?

#20661 2 years ago

To whom do you remit payment? Seems like it should be JPOP, but contractually it is probably the now defunct - Zidware. AP would prefer to see money paid into account they were joint signatory on, just to avoid any "funny stuff".

#20774 2 years ago

Can't see the collector value in this virtual pin. (harder to find a pic of one than the lockness monster or yetti/big foot). I'd buy JPOP's best 3 pins - TOM, TOTAN and CV and a GB to see ZY's art - for the same cost. Guess which option I'd choose 1000 out of 1000 times? I might offer $1k for one because of esthetics (beautiful art + what looks to be a 'pinball machine'). On second thought I'll pass, because there is no room to put it and would rather have 4 fun, working games. I really can't see these things selling for more than a Stern, in a few years. Of course, Stern's might be going for $15k by then.

#20790 2 years ago
Quoted from Jjsmooth:

Sad how lack of communication, lack of integrity, lack of perceived ability, and lack of common sense makes for a rare collectible.

Prices are rising quickly. Find a resale and prepare to pay premium, before they become even more collectible. Sheesh. Nobody is going to offer $5k for one of these by 2022.

#21318 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Wonder what someone will pay for a nice looking pin that is basically just s piece of art with lights? Lots of deep pockets in this hobby so im guessing a fair amount just so they can have the bragging rights and cool factor in their collection ...just like bbb that most never play unfortunately. Dont get me wrong id love to have these pins, but im in this hobby to play these toys like they were meant for not just to show off and look at. I have some nice high end expensive restored pins but i play the shit out of them and they are doing just fine.

Earlier in thread I suggested that based on artwork alone, this pin was worth $1k to me. However upon further thought, I concluded that I wouldn't waste precious space on a nonworking pin. So it's worth $0 for me.

#21403 2 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

The MG's should be complete and trouble-free. I'm sure any issues that arose during Beta Testing on location were promptly corrected.....

You must not be familiar with what's coming off the line. It has been rechristened - Fix-It Magic Girl!

#21438 2 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

As many of you know, Kaneda and I have become friends IRL. He has shared these photos with me and I'm sharing them with all of you.
If he sends me more stuff I'll add it here.

Precise reason we have not seen more game play videos, nobody wants to open theirs. I've seen one partial video and until someone can record a few quality games being played, or even a screen shot showing the version of software installed, have concluded it shoots like sh*t ... while looking fantastic!

#21878 2 years ago

I am really bothered by suppliers not being paid for MG, at the same time this game is being produced. Normally. they could file a lien or sue for payment. Fat chance collecting from J "deadbeat" POP though, so they won't. My concern increases whenever I read posts from applejuice explaining rules and strategy, knowing he was taken advantage of before, and feeling he is beginning to be taken advantage of by MG buyers now, who want their game coded further. This is only natural and not a potshot at them. Applejuice is a big boy and can make his own decisions, and I am not a MG buyer, so this doesn't directly concern me. But it still hurts and I feel badly for the vendors. Hoping it works out for everybody involved.

1 week later
#22988 2 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

post is going to hit 23000 soon. This is a huge read. Anyone looking to turn this into a book?

Mostly complete, yet there are more chapters to come. You'd need a competent editor to cut things down, but it could be published as a scientific paper or a business case study at your local university.

#23080 2 years ago
Quoted from Dooskie:

Yeah, the Edsel had great potential too.

I like to call it - a work in progress

pit3 (resized).jpg
pit2 (resized).jpg
pit1 (resized).jpg
pit4 (resized).jpg
pit5 (resized).jpg

#23174 2 years ago
Quoted from Fulltilt:

That's great... but what a waste having that screen down in the belly of the game behind a mountain of plastic. Placed in the traditional position would have been so much better in this game. Try to tell John that....

Hard to tell which is the worst feature of MG but I nominate magna save. Pretty much guaranteed to lose your ball when engaged. The magnet throws ball down the outlane, everytime. lame.

2 weeks later
#23271 2 years ago

If JPOP is so concerned for the welfare of MG owners that he is developing a manual, I wonder why Zidware doesn't have a working support number that offers them white glove service Maybe he could send a kit containing: 1 tube of lubricant and instructions to give yourself a happy ending?

2 months later
#23576 2 years ago

chin giblets

IMG_1411 (resized).JPG

1 month later
#23661 2 years ago
Quoted from blueberryjohnson:

Site relaunch #5,236. This time he is designing the future!

If JPOP is going back to the future, maybe he can design RAZA and AIW.

1 month later
#23697 2 years ago
Quoted from wizard_mode:

I hate to bother those scorned with questions, but since there is a topic devoted to it I will ask: Is there any hope on this earth that AIW or RAZA will be delivered? I think the answer is no, but...maybe?

Magic-8 ball says - you know the answer already, it's no. Oh well, John Popadeuce leaves a long trail wherever he shats.

2 months later
#23762 2 years ago
Quoted from pin2d:

THIS WEEK IN PINBALL **EXCLUSIVE interview with deeproot Pinball about JPop and many other topics:
Please do not copy and paste the whole interview in the thread as website views are my only way to track interest, and I want to see if spending this much time on one post is "worth it". Thanks.

Thanks for the timely and extensive interview. I am going to try pasting it into a doc and listening on my drive home.

Quoted from sd_tom:

if it makes you feel better, in Australia.. root is slang for f*ck.. so, imagine all the snickering this entire enterprise gets over there.

Great, now I can't stop thinking about Deepf&ck. Already snickering.

1 week later
#23796 2 years ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

Every time I see "PM me with offers", I want to respond "go f yourself."

I don't know, $1 sounds like a fair current bid. Maybe I'll offer $2 and see if it shakes free.

3 weeks later
#23830 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

And they're gonna nickname it "zizzle".

This Kia has more features than your cheap-ass Ferrari, plus it sits 2 comfortably. Wonder what Deeproot would charge for a Kia level build -maybe $10k?

3 months later
#23991 1 year ago

Way to go everybody that joined the suit and hung together. Based on comments from deeproot during the ordeal, I wasn't sure this win would be so decisive. getting paid will be icing on the cake, as the win is the win. Wishing some of you use recovered funds (once they appear) to purchase another pin, after all you were trying to buy a special pin. Treat yourself to an MaidenLE, AFMr, MMr, JJPOTCLE, Houdini or ACNC instead. Of course you must throw a big ass party, take lots of pics and post them here.

#24002 1 year ago

wcbrandes you are only involved with Magic Girl game, right? If so, that means all the other JPOP titles reverted to deeproot and those are not contested. So at least 4/5 titles can move forward unimpeded. Producing MG is a little more questionable. Could deeproot complete design and begin production of working MG games? Maybe, and if they are smart, they would present the 24? Original Owners and (10x)yourself a do-over game. Or has the timeframe expired, and the rights reverted back to yourself?

#24034 1 year ago
Quoted from unigroove:

is there a link to the official ruling of the court?


#24076 1 year ago
Quoted from Oldgoat:

I heard from a reliable source in law enforcement that my neighbor was into bestiality. Don't ask me to reveal the source

oldgoat is right, his neighbor is into bestiality - sex with your bff. Now if they were into beastiality - sex with animals - that would be sick. But zero benefit and credibility are afforded to those offering unsubstantiated rumors. You don't need a mound of proof, but at least list a source.

1 week later
#24128 1 year ago

Wine is fine, but liquor's quicker.

3 months later
#24212 1 year ago

******* WARNING -- LONG POST AHEAD *******


******* WARNING -- DIRECTOR's CUT *********

******* WARNING -- PG13 Mild Language ******

******* WARNING -- STRONG OPINIONS *******

{plot line} [I'm sensing a growing intensity in the level of anger and hostility directed towards JPOP lately, following the news that he would be attending Pinball Expo 2018 as a deeproot employee. I wonder what the impact would be if JPOP were to plan for and take the first thirty minutes of deeproot's seminar to address the issue head on? Would that be appropriate? or helpful? should it be a prerequisite? If ten in a room of 100 people (plus those who watch the archived podcast) healed a little bit from listening, enough to quit feeling the urge to strangle the man - that would be a small win and step in the right direction]

Where - Westin Chicago North Shore Ballroom

When - future (october 19th, 2018)

{director's notes} [JPOP should open up to the audience immediately by focusing remarks on his actions and the implosion of Zidware, rather than rambling about the early years. So many details ... so many scandals... Oh My! So many acid trips... so many shrooms ...

where have I heard that before. It's coming from inside my head.. my brain ... but it makes sense, right? and HE SHOULD TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for HIS ACTIONS and APOLOGIZE FOR THEM.]

beginning dream sequence ....
beginning dream sequence ....
beginning dream sequence ....

<stage notes> [a half-filled whisky bottle is tossed to the carpet. A lone man stands dressed in camo cargo pants, open collar shirt, jacket and a white Indiana jones hat. He wears a thick gold chain with medallion hanging from the neck, it reads 'Popalicious / o.g'. His face reveals three days of growth and the man's voice is gruff. He is wearing sandals and his breath is so bad, you don't know whether to offer him tic-tacs or toilet paper. His glasses are held together in the middle with a bandaid and one lens is cracked. His gold tooth shines, catching the light source when he smiles.]

I am JPOP and I founded a defunct company named Zidware. I presold 3 pinball machines, based on my reputation as the designer of 3 top 20 games and on my extensive background in pinball. I was actually developing 5 pinball machines and some web games when the money ran out and the house of cards fell. I took preorder money and mismanaged it badly.

<director notes> [historical reference - JPOP was founder of the Intentionally forGOTten Preorder ModelS or (IGOT_PMS). This was later shortened to Intentional MAnipulation of PreOrderS Model (IMA_POS). In 2012 the name was shortened again to preorder model. Occasionally it is referred to as the short CON ... if you haven't heard, the preorder model died in 2017.]

(soft laughter) I didn't understand how to run a company and didn't realize I didn't understand. (raises voice) Hell, I still don't know how to build a game. To this day I've never completed a single game. Some designs were so FUBAR they could never work, but that didn't stop me from pretending to be an expert in all requisite fields and giving it a go. I didn't know that I didn't know what I was talking about either. Some have said i didn't know shit. BUILDING PINBALLS IS HARD - who knew?

I marketed, sold and was paid to DESIGN and BUILD 3 GAMES and I LIED ABOUT THE REAL SITUATION and CONTINUED LYING and TAKING MONEY for THREE YEARS AFTER I KNEW THE COMPANY WAS INSOLVENT. THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO BUILD GAMES and PAY MY SALARY, one of these goals would have to go. yet I remained silent. I would like to spend the next ten minutes saying I AM SORRY to each and every person here that I screwed (allow 10 - 30 minutes).

Now that is the entire situation and I am truly sorry. I would like to ASK YOU TO CONSIDER FORGIVING ME THESE DISCRETIONS. I don't deserve your forgiveness, but know I have turned over a new leaf. I will be 100% open and transparent about the past. In fact, I will stay for one hour after this session to answer any and all questions you have about me or Zidware. Anything you want to know, no matter how personal or embarrassing, just ask. I'll be straight with you, it's my new leaf. From now on, I will do everything in my power to ensure your expectations are met or exceeded.

{stage notes} [man reaches down to retrieve retrieve the bottle and twists off the cap. He drinks half the remaining contents and slurs his words a bit. He returns the cap and tosses the bottle towards the audience <front row>]

I have been sued every which way to Sunday and have even sued my own customers, including some of you fine folks. Being honest, that was a new low for me. Sorry Recently I was ruled against in the courts - meaning I owe refunds to those defendants. I will be making those payments until everyone is paid back. For the others, deeproot has offered to credit your payments towards any of their pins. This is entirely their decision and it stems from their desire to try making things right for Zidware victims.

To all the designers, project managers, programmers, vendors and suppliers that were caught in the crossfire and are here today - I was a jerk and was wrong for jerking you off - by not paying when money was available and then slow paying you for services rendered. I know, I know, it's all a real big mess that I made myself. In order to pay the bills, I am now working for deeproot. I am here today as their employee and they've asked me to come and to discuss my new pinball design, since the machine is completed and three are sitting right here, you will be able to play them today and decide for yourself.

ending dream sequence ....
ending dream sequence ....
ending dream sequence ....

I guess that would help me if he were sincere. As it stands, I have no idea if he is repentant. He gave a written apology a long while back and that one wasn't effective or well received. How does he really feel about the situation? Does he accept the facts and did he learn anything? Without that - I don't want to be in the same room with the man. Until some form of apology is offered to Zidware customers and pinball community that is acceptable, JPOP and deeproot will be swimming against the tide.

#24223 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

I hope they run out of eggs and veggies hours before my seminar.
LTG : )

Dress in a full body wetsuit and hood. Everything that hits will magically melt away.

I'm no expert, but I did stay in a holiday inn express last night. I believe you gotta lube up anywhere you need to squeeze into that fatsuit too. Good luck.

#24230 1 year ago
Quoted from ultimategameroom:

Seems like potential for just about anything happening. Hopefully deep root has done some planning. I suggest a pope mobile like vehicle to keep a safe barrier between him and the attendees.if things get ugly they could simply drive him away.
[quoted image][quoted image]

While I'm busy shopping my screenplay to a community theatre, your pope mobile reference reminded me of a joke.

The Pope goes to New York. He is picked up at the airport by a limousine. He looks at the beautiful car and says to the driver, ''You know, I hardly ever get to drive. Would you please let me?''
The driver is understandably hesistant and says, ''I'm sorry, but I don't think I'm supposed to do that.''
But the pope persists, ''Please?''
The driver finally lets up. ''Oh, all right, I can't really say no to the pope.''
So the pope takes the wheel, and boy, is he a speed demon! He hits the gas and goes around 100 mph in a 45 zone. A policeman notices and pulls him over. The cop walks up and asks the pope to roll down the window. Startled and surprised, the young officer asks the pope to wait a minute. He goes back to his patrol car and radios the chief.
Cop: ''Chief, I have a problem.''
Chief: ''What sort of problem?''
Cop: ''Well, you see, I pulled over this guy for driving way over the speed limit but it's someone really important.''
Chief: ''Important like the mayor?''
Cop: ''No, no, much more important than that.''
Chief: ''Important like the governor?''
Cop: ''Wayyyyyy more important than that.''
Chief: ''Like the president?''
Cop: ''More.''
Chief: ''Who's more important than the president?''
Cop: ''I don't know, but he's got the pope DRIVING for him!''

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#24274 1 year ago

How much were Supreme's? I am thinking they were $11k but can't find real info. I would pick that up (if it dropped from $60k level) before considering buying a MG that was designed not to work.

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