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John Popadiuk update thread……MAGIC GIRL, RAZA, AIW…..

By iceman44

5 years ago

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#4365 5 years ago

Ice, I deeply respect your opinion, and I really hope your positive thoughts come to fruition. I really like John's games, and I am sickened at all the anguish that has gone on because of what has transpired with lack of communication.
I hope everyone gets their games, and vendors get paid. The last few years looked very positive with all the new boutique pinball manufacturers. It is just so sad to see what has played out with predator, TBL, JJP, and John's creations.
The reality is, everyone is finding out creating a pinball machine is incredibly hard, and expensive. I can't help but think that some of these boutique pinball mfrs are not going to make it. I truly hope John is one of the lucky ones. I'm sorry to be negative, but unless there is a huge resurgence of pinball in the world, there is only so much of the pie to go around, and the effort and cost, will mean a few of these efforts will be one and gone, or none at all.

Sorry if I threw any cold water in anyones faces. I have no horse in this race, but if I did, I'd have a pretty good knot in my stomach, wondering if my money was wasted. I have to work hard for my money just like everyone else.
Good luck guys n' gals. Hope you get your games, and they are awesome !

#4543 5 years ago

Wow, this thread is sad. its amazing that when these games were announced, the accolades and joyful comments were all over. Now, it's frustration, and angry pitchfork time. Boy, there was a lot of good intentions for a lot of these boutique makers that really turned south. (No offense for those boys south of the mason-Dixon line).
Definitely not making this thread, (and a few others) a hippie love fest. I feel like I'm watching a Saturday afternoon cowboy movie, and the boys are headed to the jail to "take care" of the cattle rustler. Trouble is, there doesn't seem to be any Sherrif to single handedly calm the troops down.
I hope Jpop can talk a good talk.( if he shows up to talk)

1 week later
#4994 5 years ago

Wow, Chill folks. It's pinball.. a game, for fun !
All right now, shake hands.
Anyone ?

4 weeks later
#6664 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I have to agree that if he does make the games even if it's 3-4 more years that's better than the alternative of never getting built.

You guys will have the patience of Job if you can wait 3-4 more years on top of the original 3. That's what, 7 years of having your money invested. Yikes!
If Jpop has run out of money, and the word is out that he's in a bind, who in his rightful mind is going to invest in title #4, 5 etc, to ensure he has the money going forward for those next 3 or 4 years to finish title 1, 2, 3?
This looks really bad for those invested. I sure hope jpop gets his act together and comes up with a quick solution for everyone, because I cant see the waiting game working, but hey, I don't know all the facts so it's all speculation. Good luck to all.

1 week later
#7144 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Jersey Jack visited him just a couple of weeks ago. Not sure what all transpired but the net result was NO deal.

That is too bad. The JJP quality and JPOP design could have been a real winner. Looks like JPOP wants his cake and eat it too, instead of knowing when to call it quits, and to know when it's time to walk away. Maybe pride is getting in the way.

#7151 4 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I posted this in the private facebook group:
I spent 90 min on the phone with John today and I must say I went from total despair to somewhat hopeful! I still think these games can be built, John is working on a few things and I felt good about our conversation. I told him the same thing everyone else has been telling him Communicate with your owners & show your work to all.... Now is the worst possible time to cut off communication! I think he gets it but we shall see.

I think if he spent 90 minutes posting information on forums he'd be much better off, than spending 90 minutes with one person. I'm glad you feel hopeful, but it seems like a boat load of people have already given him the same advise, and he hasn't followed through. I hope I'm proven wrong, but so far the odds are in my favor.

1 week later
#7718 4 years ago
Quoted from desertT1:

Wasn't that a $1k upcharge? I find it hard to believe that 2 people can travel round trip, get lodging, and eat on $1k and have much left to pocket for the effort.

That should have been a red flag back then. Seems like he didn't do the math on that either. I remember getting all excited about magic girl, because I am an amateur magician. I called jpop and got his voicemail. He called back and my wife took the call. She told me how many he was making and the price, and I never called him back. #1 reason was the price. #2 reason was the number of games he was making. I couldn't figure how he could make a go of it.
If he dropped the price to $8k and was an unlimited number I'd be in. There is a greater incentive to make a good pin, and improve it later, like with software, if you have an unlimited run. I'm probably in the minority here, on my thinking.
Oh yeah, and based upon his track record now, I wouldn't believe anything he said. I would want to see before I buy. He's definitely lost credibility.

#7725 4 years ago
Quoted from Purpledrilmonkey:

I read thru the last few pages of updates...
I feel asleep!!

Wake up, it's a real nightmare.

#7822 4 years ago

I just had a look at the latest video of The Hobbit being played at Allentown. Wow. Very impressed.
Someone needs to get John to cut a deal with Jack of JJP, so they can get Keith and Ted to do their magic on the codes and rules for JPops machines.
It would be stellar.
This train wreck needs to get back on the rails! 'Times a wasten'

#7824 4 years ago
Quoted from txstargazer3:

I think Jack will have his hands full with WOZ still selling, The Hobbit going into production soon and Lawlor's game following. That doesn't even allow for Game #4 that is likely in the planning stage. Remember, Jack doesn't have an operation the size of Stern's - yet.

Yeah, I agree, but it would be nice if it could happen, at least for those that bought in. The way it is going, they just won't have great code, and no matter how pretty the game is, without great code, it won't make it a great game.

#7829 4 years ago
Quoted from roffels:

The "bail out" theory sounded implausible, but in an optimistic world, would convincing a manufacturer to ship around 100-150 games to "existing customers" in exchange for 3 really great designs really be asking all that much? I could imagine Jersey Jack selling quite a few more of these in exchange.
Again, in an ideal world. It's too bad that didn't work out.

Considering John has already been "paid" by getting his salary for several years, I think he should just cut his losses and run, and make a deal with Jack that has his customers best interest at heart. He probably wants "more" which is breaking any kind of deal with JJP. He probably wants his cake and eat it too. I'm guessing greed is getting in the way, but this is just a guess.

#7830 4 years ago

I would suspect Jack would want to keep his existing vendors for a lot of the parts, like cabinets. That may not be acceptable for John, who seems to have a no compromise approach to things. That from a financial standpoint, probably wouldn't work for Jack. He's already had tons of problems with vendors, so adding more complications wouldn't probably make it palatable for him. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation.

#7839 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

It's mostly therapy for me at this point. Gotta get things off my chest, all I can do about any of this. I am not hopeful I'll see my game, and the money is gone.

Yeah, but you have the guts to call him on it. Good for you. It's ridiculous what some of these guys are doing to good honest pinheads. It just puts a bad stain on a good hobby with good people. I just hope people don't get disheartened about it. Some people don't use the brains god gave them, and their hearts are not focused on the right thing. It's a shame really. People give up their integrity for some of the silliest things. A game for goodness sake.

#7876 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

I have no idea what if any of these rumors are true. I just know, speaking for myself, if I were in the same position and wanted to salvage some bit of my reputation and wanted to show my face around expos again, I wouldn't take a dime from any deal until all the owners had been made whole
(I'll add unpaid vendors to this as well, since they helped get the games to where they are).
So any deal I constructed, that would be job 1. When that part of the puzzle is solved, then I'd negotiate what I get from it.

The only problem is at $125 per machine, and lets say they sell 1000 of each machine, That is $375,000. That won't pay for the prepaid money already sent to John. I doubt JJP or Stern would give free games, to those that have already paid John, so that means people would get some money back, but not all, and would still have to buy the machine from JJP or Stern, that they already paid John. Whatever way you look at it, John has screwed people.

#7977 4 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Don't look at it as a missed opportunity. You dodged a bullet, plain and simple.
I wouldn't wish the "privilege" of trying to save JPop on my worst enemy.

From a spectators perspective, I agree. Do you want to be associated in any way with someone, who seems hell bent on self destruction. He strikes me as an individual that needs to be knocked out to save him from drowning, otherwise he will take out the lifeguard because of his thrashing about. Only get into the water, if you are willing and able to knock him out. You could otherwise end up getting drowned. IMHO

#8031 4 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I read Chris (cointaker) post on the blog and then snapped a screen shot of the post and emailed it to JPOP and told him he needed to get his ass onto the blog and talk to his owners and address questions. John emailed me back within 5 min and said "Ok!!"
The Blog post that Chris made deserves answers!

Ok, even if the machines do get made, who is going to be on the other end of the line to fix whatever warranty issues these have? Geez john can't even communicate to his customers, before he gets them out the door! Scary! Someone almost needs to throw a hand grenade in to get his attention. WOW.

#8035 4 years ago

I like what is written on JPops webpage below that video of the white wood.
You may notice the game music, sfx, effects are all “powerful”. That has been the guiding force in all of the design. Most powerful pinball made and a powerful score, effects, art, voice and pinball majesty. "Unquote"

The only thing I am sure of is that JPop has made a 'powerful' sad situation, and a lot of 'powerfully' frustrated customers. Whatever powerful magic John had, years ago, is long gone.

1 week later
#8515 4 years ago

The really ironic thing about this, is that JPOP is pulling some serious 'misdirection' with this ramp business, on the "magic girl" pin. Being an Amateur magician, I think this is very fitting. Sad, but fitting.
Between Magic Girl, and Theatre of Magic, it looks like with this misdirection, John really is starting to become a real amateur magician.

#8516 4 years ago

The only problem with pulling misdirection, is its supposed to cover what the other hand is doing, and it looks like most people have seen what John is doing, or in this case, not doing.

1 week later
#9118 4 years ago

I fear, now that it looks like one person is taking the legal route, others will follow suit in short order, then the proverbial run on the bank will happen. It's like a sled going downhill. Those first feet are slow, but then the momentum kicks in, and wow it goes fast.
Good luck to those involved.

#9178 4 years ago

Wow....This is crazy.

#9181 4 years ago

Ok, we've gone back in time...its April 1st and it's an April fools joke.

#9227 4 years ago

So...how much did jpop receive for deposits so far?
How much has jpop paid himself each year, considering there is no funds left, for those that want to sue !
I mean there are three unfinished pinball machines, vendors that have not been paid, there was no programmer on staff, so no salary there. The shop was some money, but holy cow, no money?
Either he paid himself a really nice salary, or he has money left, but is lying again, to prevent people from getting cash out. My guess he's crying wolf again.
I don't have a horse in this race, but I don't trust any of this.

#9380 4 years ago

$10k by Christmas....no never mind
$12k by Christmas....no never mind
$16k by Christmas.....no never mind
$16k (maybe) ...in 4 long years.


#9381 4 years ago

What blows my mind is, his is $16k for a pin that might not even play well. It could stink. There is no know top coder to work on this like Keith Johnson, so 199 people may be paying premium dollar without even knowing if it's going to be any good.
Hell you can get two JJP LE pinballs for that money.

#9402 4 years ago

So, for collectors, there is a $16k LE edition. Before there was a handful being made. For a collector this is great.
Now, there is 199 being made, plus a standard Magic girl is being produced with the same functionality and quality between $10k and $12k.
What on earth difference could there be to warrant between $4-$6k difference? Same functionality, so just cosmetics?
There is also an 'unlimited' number of standards being made. That would obviously kill some of the valuation of a $16k magic girl.

#9786 4 years ago

no character at all.

#10062 4 years ago

People have a hard time spending $8000 for an LE pin from JJP or Stern. I can't fathom 199 people buying a $16k pin, unless they felt with the original number of MG orders, and if the original other JPOP pin orders get transferred to MG, they would have the 199.
However, I think if I didn't want an MG pin, but felt forced to buy it, every time I would look at it, it would leave a bad memory. A $10k pin maybe.

#10069 4 years ago

The problem is, when others have LE's at 8K, and MG LE is at 16K, is it really worth it? The 'standard' MG is even more money (10-12K) than the competitions' LE prices.
If I was in on RAZA, I would rather 'eat' the costs of a loss, rather than throw more money into a MG pinball, that doesn't have the value, and be remembered of it, every time I look at it. Better to lose the money and forget about it. I can't help think about another train wreck,,the movie, the Bridge over the River Quai. At the end of the movie when the train gets derailed, the Doctor says "Madness..Madness"
This thing is the exact same thing. From start to finish. Madness.

#10071 4 years ago
Quoted from Slash:

How could he even possibly entertain a desire to consult on this thing for $$ if it went forward? If the man had even a shred of integrity or decency he would offer his services for free as a small token gesture of his desire to right a wrong and acknowledge the abomination of a situation HE created. What a despicable individual!

The fact that he was trying to sell others MG or RAZA machines two months before the latest announcement, shows that he has zero integrity. It doesn't seem to be in his vocabulary. That is why, I don't trust anything he says or does. I don't believe the money is all used up. I don't trust anything that he says verbally or writes. ZERO trust. Trust has to be earned, and he hasn't got anything in that trust bank account. His real bank account probably does have money though.

#10084 4 years ago
Quoted from LyonsRonnie1:

I remember when John first announced Magic Girl, and was talking and responding to people on the newsgroups back in the day... everybody kind of felt bad for him because he's pretty much the only major guy that Stern never hired (I think), or at least the only guy who wanted a job, that Stern didn't hire. When he announced he was just going to do it himself, the two reactions were "Yeah! Good luck! Go get 'em John! That'll show 'em!" and "Damn, I can't believe 11 people just bought that within 2 hours for 16K".
Now here we are several years later. Essentially Gary Stern called it way back in 1999 by not hiring him when Williams closed.
So yet another way Gary's redeemed himself.

Sometimes people's reputations precede themselves. In this case those in the Industry knew things about JPOP already, that pinheads did not. Now the customers know about his "character" or lack thereof. It would seem his career in this Industry is pretty much over. I wouldn't buy anything from him, just because of what he has done to people here.

#10188 4 years ago

This is one big mess. I applaud Bill for trying to get the train back on the tracks. Unfortunately, putting a big locomotive back on the track requires some big cranes, and know-how. So far, people haven't seen the crane, and don't believe Bill has the know-how. All they see is the mess, and the locomotive on its side beside the tracks. They also see the train engineer who made this mess and injured the passengers that were on board, and see the Engineer trying to get away without any recourse.

Maybe people need to see the crane (JJP or Stern) and ensure that people who are injured get bandaged up. Now, the Engineer, that's a tough one. People aren't going to want to see him walk into the sunset, without a scratch, without some accountability.

I hope something gets worked out for all on board.

#10395 4 years ago

I just looked at the very first few posts on this thread. There is ice and Bill right up front with very positive posts. I have to give them two thumbs up for being very positive people and now are fighting hard to make this happen. Kudos to you guys for what you are doing. I don't have a horse in this race, but I admire your positive force for good here. Keep it up guys. That is why I love this hobby. Good people trying to do good things.

#10706 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Not sure exactly what work he would do if it's already a flipping prototype - at this point it should be all software, shouldn't it?

He just manufactured the mold to make the ramps. I suspect once he gets the plastic ramps it might be playable. I just wonder if this thing could fall off the rails again. I am no pinball designer, but I would think a certain amount of tweaking is done on the playfield. Since this pin prototype hasn't had ramps yet, will it play well? Remains to be seen I guess. The other part of this, is the code. WOZ was a very pretty machine, but the first games off the line with weak code, were 'ok' but not really fun. Fast forward a year, and the code was awesome and the game fantastic. The difference was everyone knew that Keith was going to make it a great game. A lot of guys stuck with WOZ (me included) because Keith Johnson was there. With the first reveal of MG, it might look great, but a big unknown is the code.
A Ferrari is a very sleek and pretty car, but if it's got a fiat engine in it, it's a pretty looking dog.
For the price point, the code (engine) better be top notch.

#10808 4 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I'm curious, since some people have said they don't want any part of MG at 16k with 199 of those, and don't want a stripped down 10k version, is there anybody in the group that IS willing to go for the 16k version of MG?
Not talking about the current paid up MG people, the RAZA and AIW folks?
Maybe after all the dust settles there will actually only be 50 or so 16k MG's made if Bill can pull it off.
How about the resale market and product support?
How much of the pinball market is automatically removed as a buyer now and in the future for resale just because Jpop did it?

If the code and game is fantastic, maybe some people will jump on the $10k model. I for one, am out on the $16k model. I could be in for a 10k model, but the code would have to be good, and the game has to be fun to play.

#10969 4 years ago

Good luck to you Bill. Kudos for trying to make a difference, and put some faith back in people, and ultimately the hobby. I'm on the sidelines cheering.

#11136 4 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Seems like the right way to do this is for someone to:
- Step in, and buy Zidware's assets outright
- Pay off the vendors owed
- Refund all the preorders
- Finish MG
- Build it and sell it.
Who's up for that?

An expert would need to determine what the assets/ip were worth, but anyone buying it would probably stop there. A normal investor wouldn't reimburse vendors or refund customers. They would jump to - build it and sell it. A normal investor would leave JPOP to take care of the liabilities.
I guess the question I have is, (an unlikely to be answered), is what is the license fee JPOP is getting from the new producers, for each pin made.
If the new producers get enough traction (here is hoping) to make this, in bulk, at a decent price, will the license fees be enough to reimburse those that sue John, to get a decent return?
Time will tell. Good luck to those looking for restitution from John, and to Bill and his team.

#11478 4 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Running the business (even poorly) or building other products with revenue they took in on promises of future deliverables is not illegal. Stupid and destined to fail.. yes. Illegal? No
JPOP can argue he is part of an elite handful of people in the world with the experience to do this kind of work - with a resume including the industry greats. He's doing this full time... do you think a judge wouldn't agree he couldn't pay himself an elite salary?
You'd have a pretty high standard to cross to paint his actions as criminal or not inline with the corporation's interests.

True enough, but paying oneself a very high salary, and selling games that you know won't get into people's hands, is not only 100% wrong, no matter who's moral compass you are looking at, it's fraudulent.

#11498 4 years ago
Quoted from bounoun:

Is it ? I am being serious. Lets say I start a legit company. I ask money for a game that will be delivered in 2 years. Lets assume I raise 2 million. I get a big office, pay myself a reasonable salary (80k a year) and hire a bunch of expensive programmers. 1 year later the game has completely failed and there is 0 money left. Was is left to show is a few million lines of codes and an alpha state game.
Did I scam people or just had a poor business plan to start with ? What would be criminal of failing a business ? I am not trying to defend JPOP in anyway, but wasn't this mess a failure from the start ?

Yes, I am being serious. I did not say anything in my post about criminal. I stated wrong and fraudulent. From what we have heard here, john was trying to sell pins, he knew full well he was not going to fulfill. That my friend is 100% wrong. 'Character' is what we in the civil world Judge (rightly or wrongly) people. I would go as far to say, that is one of the few standards we have left. Once we start questioning poor 'character', say goodbye to society, and say hello to chaos. A quick look in the dictionary, indicates that character refers to integrity and honesty. There is quite a bit of evidence lately that would indicate that not much 'character' has been shown. If society says stealing things (taking something, but not providing the goods paid for) is not wrong, I would say that is a problem. John may not have started out that way, and he may be a terrible businessman, which he has admitted to, but his behaviors in the tail end of this fiasco, is very telling. I am all about forgiveness, and if I had lost thousands, I would be very upset, but I would end up forgiving John, if he was remorseful. People can change. So can John, but at this point in time, I would not trust him. I would feel sorry for him. He would have to earn back trust. Lots of people are fraudulent, dishonest, and are not in jail. What the judicial system is willing to go after people for, and what is truth, is totally different. That's a whole different subject, I won't get into here. Forgiveness is a big deal. The faster people here forgive John, they will be happier for it. Holding onto grudges will only affect the person who holds onto that grudge. that's my 2 cents. It won't be easy to forgive either. It's like building pinball machines...it's hard.

#11858 4 years ago

Somebody should make a t-shirt: "I read the whole Pinside JPOP update thread and survived it"

#11861 4 years ago
Quoted from Honch:

The worst part is, I really did.

Me too, that's why I feel this way!

#11863 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

wasted 24 hours, and wish I didn't.

I feel like damaged goods now.

#11866 4 years ago

Ok, that's just messed up.

#11944 4 years ago

If you made a movie about all this, everyone would say it's too far fetched, and someone must have been on drugs when they wrote the script.
There is some serious craziness in this whooooole mess.

#11946 4 years ago

zombiyetti - You hang in there and don't sweat all this. If there is one bright silver lining in this whole thing, it's discovering you. The one smart and good thing John did in this whole mess, was bring you on board so we could enjoy your drawings and art. It's pure eye candy. If JJP or Stern does not hire you, they are losing out on a real find. Have fun on the trip and enjoy the show.

#12162 4 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Another question nobody has asked:
Of the list of "Cars a pin can fit inside" how many get scratched off that list with this tall cabinet?
My guess is a lot, since it's the folded down height that is the killer.

Not only that, MG most likely will not fit a standard pin cardboard box, that Stern or JJP has.
That will add some cost to get a custom box made. That might not be much, but it's an added cost to be considered, along with all the others.

#12234 4 years ago
Quoted from NYP:

I think it's going to be difficult to get an honest opinion of the game after the NW show. You know there's going to people who are going to say the game sucks just because they have their agenda or sour grapes. Many will give the usual patent answers about it not being worth $10-16K, the layout sucks, no flow, weak flippers, unfinished code etc etc, when in fact they probably never even played it or went to the show. I hope Bill keeps that in mind. I think he should consider taking an informal anonymous poll from people after they play it. It should also be said that obviously the code will be incomplete.

Maybe as a prerequisite to playing the game, he should get anyone that does play it, to fill out a quick survey form, while the playing experience is still on their minds. He could even ask the question about if the would consider buying one, and if so, they could leave a name and email for him to pass on more information.

#12241 4 years ago

That dunk tank won't work. John would never get wet. People would be throwing balls at his head instead of the target.

#12315 4 years ago

I watched the Adobe Inspire video through Zombiyeti's website. What a great video, and it takes you to JPOPs studio/workshop. There is a separate video about the collaboration of the two. Fascinating. I think if I had seen that video before I would have been lining up to order a pin. I'm glad I'm only seeing it now. Fantastic artwork.

#12720 4 years ago

Guys, yesterday was a pretty messy day for posts on this thread. Some personal attacks and lots of depressing posts. I did not lose thousands in this mess, but I get it. I can't imagine how some people who lost money feel about all this. Most people on Pinside are good people. Even good people have bad days, and sometimes bad weeks. it's times like this, people need to get things off their chest, and vent.
I hope those that lost money, know that most of us feel for you all, and hope that it doesn't ruin your love for the game, and you remember the good times you have had in this hobby, and even some of the positive posts here.
Whatever happens in the coming weeks, "this too shall pass" and maybe, just maybe, we all have learned some lessons because of this.

#12904 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

Things we did were assembly, testing and tweaking final part fitting, a lot of little adjustments to connector placements or such - minor stuff - with a lot of small step testing.

So...after all the tweaking and adjusting, did you get to play it, even at 2 am?
If so, what are your thoughts of the game?

#12905 4 years ago

Looks like boo32 and I are thinking alike. Dangerous!

#12956 4 years ago
Quoted from TOK:

You should steal it and head to Mexico. This tale needs more twists and turns!

What? More turns? If you took this story to Hollywood for a script, they'd throw it out, saying no-one would believe it, and you want more???

#12957 4 years ago

double post. Sorry, thought I was Dutch for a second.

#12959 4 years ago

More twists and turns?
I don't think so. I already have whiplash and a bad back!

#13442 4 years ago

Way to go ICE. That's the ticket.

#13490 4 years ago

I agree with Frolic. You won't hear the call outs and music with all the other background noise. You also don't know how well the pin will hold up. If it breaks in the first hour, you are dead in the water.

#13509 4 years ago

Nice photos. I would love to play it, just once.

#14028 4 years ago

Guys, I think everyone needs to step, back and take a breather. There is probably a lot of people that are disappointed that the showing of MG did not go well, especially those with money in the game. There is still a lot of pent up frustration on both sides of the camp.
I don't have any skin in the game, and I don't think either side is wrong. Just differing opinions. I also think this is a very complicated mess, with no clear solution. Time will sort this mess out. People have to decide in their hearts what they feel is the right thing to do, and they should not be judged for it. They have to live with the consequences, one way or the other. At the end of the day, a lot of people may be disappointed with whatever way this turns. I just hope people forgive and forget, and not be disolussioned. There are still a lot of good people on both sides. This is turning nasty, and no-one is going to win, in that situation. Take a breather boys. You will be better for it. Sleep on it before you hit that send button.

#14687 4 years ago

Wow, I had held out some hope that this whole mess could be averted, and Bill was going to pull some real magic out of his hat, not the kind of Magic that John was dishing out.
I feel so bad for those that had money invested. Maybe not having these pins is the best idea anyway. A lot of people would have had a real bad feeling every time they saw one, or played one.
Just a real sad experience for the whole hobby. Skit B and John P....this whole mess should R.I.P.
I hope everyone with money invested, can forget about this, and have fun still, when they play the silver ball.

#15085 4 years ago

As soon as I read about John hoping for a millionaire coming in to save the day, I pictured President Nixon when he was leaving the White House for the last time.
He went up the helicopter steps, turned around with a big smile and flashed the v for victory fingers in the air.
Everyone was like "really?" Victory?
John seems to be doing the same thing.....wow.

#15100 4 years ago

Ok, I probably don't have the right to say disparaging things about the U.S.
In fact I love being neighbors to the US, my son has married a gal from L.A. And lives in Phoenix, so consider my comments as coming from a "brother in law"- not really in the family but close enough.
Something is terribly wrong with the US judicial system, if someone can rob another's wallet and end up in jail, and all the lawyers, or lawyer wannabes on Pinside, keep saying..nope can't touch John, he's free to go. Maybe I'm too naive.
(Running outside now, to get the garden hose, to douse the flames, that are surely coming)

1 month later
#16602 4 years ago

What difference does it matter now? It's done. It's over. Let sleeping dogs lie.
It doesn't matter if it was $5000 or $95,000.
It was his money to use, and he used it. He's not accountable to anyone for it. I say good for Bill for trying.

#16826 4 years ago

Theres nothing to see here folks, just move along.

2 months later
#17687 4 years ago

I had a hard time staying awake listening to this. Not engaging at all. John's answers were weak and went off on different subjects. I felt sorry for John after listening to this. It definitely made me feel, like he's grasping at straws here. I am not sympathetic at all to John's situation. Until he has made restitution, he can ramble on all he wants. He's dead to this community, at least from my perspective. He doesn't know when to quit either. That is another reason not to trust what he says or does. The investor part of me says, "Run away from this, Run fast and hard".
Still feel for those caught up in his deceitful web of lies and "unreality".

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